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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: the new centerpiece of orlando sports has been delayed. that has an impact on the future of orlando city. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. the new stadium will not be ready until next year. brett connolly has more on the surprise announcement. brett: this is so disappointing
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the team says construction delays are the problem. the stadium will open its doors for the start of the 2017 season. the entire upcoming year will be played at the citrus bowl. orlando health to -- orlando city hoped to welcome their fans into the new home but we' ll have to wait another year. the new complex will have seats from within 25,000. steel will begin to go up at the stadium site within a month. it will be been -- built at church street and parramore avenue. less than a mile from the citrus bowl. the new stadium was scheduled to host the national championships for women college saw -- women' s college soccer. they will need to find a new home for that event. michelle: let' s talk about our other big story. all everyone can talk about is just how cold it is. we are a far cry from where we were this morning.
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let' s get to amy sweezey, she has your weather. amy: good afternoon jason, i did that a few minutes ago. 59 to -- 59 in orlando. it is gray and gloomy outside. i got a little bit of a breeze. it is kind of cool for january. the biggest reason is because it is so great, look at the satellite picture. these clouds have been streaming in all morning long. this will continue through the day and we will stay mostly cloudy. we started off cool again, well below average. 41 daytona beach and the villages. 45 in orlando and we dropped to 46 in melbourne. we are climbing and we will continue to climb through the day we will make it to the low-to-mid 60' s in most spots. look what happens this evening, even though we have some clouds, that cool air will drop as to the 50'
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late-night hours, we will talk more about when the 70' s return and our next best chance for rain in a few minutes. michelle: governor rick scott rolled into orlando on a bus this morning launching his statewide job creation to her. jason: alex villareal was there for the start of the million miles for a million jobs bus tour. just a day after his state of the state speech. >> texas used to be number one state for job creation. i call the governor of texas once a month now and remind him that we are winning. >> governor scott kicked off his million miles for a million jobs bus tour this morning in orlando. >> we have a lot to brag about. one million jobs in five years, we are growing this economy. >> the nine city tour is drumming up support for scott' s plan to cut $1 billion in taxes, mostly for businesses. >> we have five other facilities
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>> the company the governor visited, victory tailgate. in 2008. >> we manufacture and sell everything in the united states. the consumer. >> this is a selling room -- sewing room where the corn hole bags are put together. they plan to add another 100 jobs this year. not meet their pledges? when it comes to governor scott' s proposal for a $200 million incentive fund to attract businesses to florida, i ask what happens to state money if a business is not followthrough? >> we are guaranteed the money because we do not give out the money until the job is created. >> in orlando, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. jason:
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substitute teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor is back in jail. sarah moore was charged with evidence tampering. that is on top of the 10 counts of sexual battery she already faces. the mother of five bonded out of osceola county jail last week. she went to a verizon store yesterday and asked a clerk how to remotely delete information from her phone. she reportedly told the clerk that she was in trouble with police. the clerk later called officers and reported the incident. police say the victim is a friend of moore' s children. the last time she was in court, she denied the allegations, telling the judge yet never been in trouble before. michelle: a suspect arrested during an fbi raid will not go -- go before a judge. john qcif was arrested in december on a child pornography charge and he faces -- john kusiv was arrested in december
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and he aces -- and will face a judge. jason: the men who agents -- the man who agents say overstayed his visa will face a judge. i' m e is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. -- hameed ray hayes -- hamid rehaif is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. michelle: a daytona beach man is accused of forcing his girlfriend to have sex. biting and hitting her when she refused. antonio rivera is charged with sexual battery. the victim told investigators that rivera accused her of cheating on him, pushed her down and threatened to kill her. rivera forced her to have sex with him two days earlier. hitting her and biting her when she refused. jason: testimony in a
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a woman testified that amber wright leeward -- leeward --lured seath jackson into a home. bargo was called to the witness stand but refused to testify. the family of the sanford store owner murdered three weeks ago justice. the community gathered to pray for joshua hur last night. they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. detectives have spoken with one before his death. michelle: at hp is -- s hp
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is investigating a dunnellon woman' s death. -- bunnell woman' s death. charges are now pending. we have information on a murder investigation. police have released a new photo that they believe is being driven by a person who killed lawrence pigskin --pipkin junior. the picture was taken as the car was leaving the complex right after the murder. if you recognize the vehicle, call crime line. jason: deputies in orange county need your help to find a woman who is f and mute. they are looking for --deaf and mute. luisa reyes , authorities say she has a diminished mental capacity. she was wearing a white shirt, black pants.
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two people are in jail and one in the hospital after a robbery at a gas station in cocoa. this was at the chevron at south cocoa boulevard. investigators say a 31-year-old walked in with a gun and asked for money. the store owner pulled out a gun and shot him. the other burglar sped away in the car. dan billow spoke to that store owner. you can hear what he had to say coming up wesh 2 on wesh 2 first at 4. -- on wesh 2 first at 4. michelle: burglary suspects were caught up at amber road and state road 436. they were caught outside a home a short time later. we were there as deputies called those suspects away. deputies towed away a white car
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we investigated underage thinking around ucf. jason: more students are trying to pass off fake ids. >> you did not have a sip tonight? >> i swear. ? >> so why the have an id that says you are 21 -- so why do you have an id that says you are 21? jason: police say the ids is on the rise. many students do not realize it is a felony for possessing one. police say the operation has focused on three off-campus bars. michelle: the day is here, tonight may be your shot at winning the largest powerball payout ever. jason: someone could take home $1.5 billion tonight. if you want the cash, you would
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the odds of winning are one in 292.2 million. >> we are averaging about $556 a second here in florida. that is a lot. jason: those powerball numbers will be drawn in tallahassee tonight at 10:59. you have seen those memes on facebook. people are talking about sharing the cash. we did the real math. if you get the lump sum and pay the taxes, you get $500 million. michelle: i love how everyone is doing the math because the odds are so low. everyone has the dream. jason: we are all hoping. president obama is hitting the road after his final state of the union. michelle: a full recap of the
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jason: the latest on those 10 navy sailors detained by iran. why the vp is denying they apologized about the incident.
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polio vaccination center in pakistan. this happened just as teams were headed to local neighborhoods for immunization campaign. it killed 12 police officers a soldier and a civilian. the local police chief says the attack was targeted at a police patrol center next to the facility. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. late breaking in turkey, four suspects have been detained in the connection with the suicide bombing in istanbul yesterday. germany has said a team of investigators to look into the blast that killed 10 germans in turkey' isis is behind the attack. jason: president obama is in the -- in nebraska, talking about the positions he laid out in his final state of the union. michelle: he is facing backlash
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nbc' s chris clackum has more on the reaction to the president' s address. >> no surprise that when president obama in his state of the union bragged about his handling of the economy. >> anyone claiming that america' s economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> republicans pounced. >> so many people in america are working harder than they have before and their income has declined. >> when he claimed success on everything else, the republicans claimed failure. there is also criticism the day after the state of the union of the republican who gave the gop response. >> there is more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth. >> south carolina governor nikki haley especially upset many of -- conservatives with this line.
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the siren call of the most angriest voices. mr. truck -- mr. trump has contributed to irresponsible talk. >> and coulter tweeted trump should deport nikki haley. coming to her defense was jeb bush who tweeted, proud of my friend nikki haley for delivering a positive and uplifting response. chris clackum, nbc news. jason: attorney general loretta lynch will be discussing the obama administration' s work to reform the criminal justice system that the president spoke of last night. she will be visiting a boston jail where she will meet with several program leaders that help people return to society. she will discuss criminal justice and reentry services at harvard law school. michelle: more tension between south and north korea with warning shots fired this morning. south korea has confirmed a
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south korea fired 20 machine gun shots. none of those hit the jerome. it went back safely into north -- hit the drone. jason: 10 american sailors are heading back to the u.s. after being released from iran. the pentagon says those sailors were released in good condition by the revolutionary guard after they were held on farsi island for a day. they accident we into iranian waters in the purging -- persian gulf because of a mechanical error. joe biden denounced a rumor saying that america apologized to iran. michelle: they found -- have found a shipwreck off the coast of australia. experts think it is likely made of steel and iron and dates back to the turn of the 19th century. flight 370 took off march 8, 2014 and disappeared with all of its passengers and crew members
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crew members were trying to find damage from that flight but instead found a sunken ship. jason: incredible video from oklahoma of a crash that ended a police chase. they chased a pickup truck at more than 100 miles per hour. they bumped the truck, causing the driver to rack. he kept pushing the gas, trying to run them over. -- driver to crash. he kept pushing the gas, trying to run them over. they were able to overpower the suspect and arrest him. let' s turn to the weather. some parts of the country are slammed with winter weather. this is footage from northeast ohio where they are accepting -- snow. once the snow stops, the cold temperature snips -- steps in. dipping below zero. michelle: we were cold for our morning commute. not to be
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from buffalo, the driver needed a little extra time to scrape off the ice. the car was parked along lake erie where waves crash into it all night long. the freezing temperatures left the car coated in inches of icicles. amy: a few of my meteorology friends this morning on social media were looking at pictures asking if it was real. it is real. jason: and your car is done . sorry to that driver. amy: it will fall in like three months. we had our own bout of called weather here. -- cold weather here. look at the numbers, we dropped to 37 in ocala. we did not have a freeze today. we had a little bit of frost. 45 was our low in orlando. 41 in daytona beach. it was still a little bit cooler than average but we will see
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climbing a bit over the next few days and we will be warmer than average as we get to the weekend. we are still sitting in the upper 50' s and lower 60' s. all of the clouds have had a pretty slow climb with temperatures. 54 in ocala. 59 orlando, 62 melbourne and not only cloud cover and wind coming in, that cooler air out of the north is keeping us on the cool side. we will keep those clouds streaming in through the day. we will not see a whole lot of son. i expect the rain to stay well to the south of us. no significant rain until friday. as we get to tomorrow, there is a surge of high pressure that will build in and that is going to gradually start bringing our temperatures up. tomorrow morning lows and tomorrow afternoon highs will be a little bit warmer than where we are today. we are creeping up. we are headed to 66 in orlando. 67 in melbourne.
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those winds continue out of the north. it will not be super breezy, but enough of a breeze that we will certainly keep things cooler than normal. overnight tonight, here are the temperatures for tomorrow morning. close to where we were in some spots, the clouds will stream in overnight. that will help keep the temperatures from dropping. i am not expecting any freezes tomorrow. no frost advisory is in effect. 47 in orlando, 50 melbourne and 37 tomorrow in ocala. during the day, our temperatures will recover. i put cool in close, it looks to be cooler than average. it will not be cold get afternoon. we will approach 70 degrees. look at friday, i am expecting some showers and storms on friday. a warm front will approach early in the day to bring scattered showers. a cold front later in the day will lead to showers and even a
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orlando is about to become the u.s. that does not have an nfl team. angeles is finally getting football back. l.a. that next season. they will play in the l.a. built in inglewood. to los angeles. if they decline, the oakland raiders get the chance.
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is asking people to michelle: coming up on wesh 2 fire when men tried to rob him. refuses to give into thieves. michelle: the opening of the city soccer stadium delayed until 2017. we ask why construction take so long. jason: it is a baby goat season at a virginia farm and they need some help taking care of them. michelle: they are looking for goat snuggle her' s. --snugglers. the folks
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county are expecting 90 goats. they must be kept warm. the farm says no experience necessary for volunteers. jason: is great. they will bring those goats out and let them snuggle with you there. amy: i have nothing to say. michelle: they keep you warm. amy: i have a great comforter at home that does that. we have lots of clouds, dry tomorrow and a little warmer a chance for rain on friday.
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