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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we are in this subdivision. there are a number of a county sheriff investigators as well as divers on the scene. we are not going to show you the body in the st. johns river. according to the public information office, it was around 2:7 that a man, was on a private fishing dock and saw a body in the water and called 911. that brought all sorts of resources out here. it also brought out the water and dive team to get the body back to shore. has been made. but i did speak with a neighbor who said he knows the man who called 911. he tells me, there have been a man missing out here for about the past five days. i cannot at this point share sheriff'
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sheriff' s office did release a missing persons report. that person or if it is in fact him. at this onlookers are here in this subdivision, wanting to know what is going on, wanting to know the latest facts in this case. we will bring you the latest when we get it. once again, we are in the private dock where the medical examiner is on the scene. we will bring you the latest as we get it. i am live in volusia county. angela: a storm system moves through, dumping rain and bringing some pretty powerful wind gusts. crews capture this video, driving through casselberry. >> and in brevard county a squall line hit mims, bringing more of the same for residents there. more than 10-thousand people were left in the dark, but much of the service has been restored. angela: and as is the case typically when the roads are wet, a crash stalls traffic on the fairbanks curve, a semi for
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lanes of i-4, near the minnesota avenue overpass in winter park, traffic quickly backed up to maitland boulevard. >> the line of storms moved through quickly, for a brief moment the heavy rain made things wild, creating massive amount of pooling on i-4 east. angela: wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live to explain how the i-4 ultimate work area contributed to the mess, and the pledge from road builders to prevent a repeat. >> we know how significant concrete barriers are. i want to show you exactly how they are designed. look at the bottom, see those two lengthy slots. those are there for a specific purpose. those are designed into the barriers so that in heavy weather, the rain on the roadway can drain off and not cause a hazard for drivers. but today we had a significant
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because some dirt being used for a road construction project was blocking the drain. no question, we had a brief period of pounding blinding rain. heavy rain in a short period can lead to standing water, water cars can often handle if they take it easy. but on i-4 east near par, a significant puddle stalled one car. made others take evasive action. >> we had a significant amount of rain, and combine that with the work zone conditions that we have out there, temporary barrier wall, new temporary lanes. all that combined for a perfect storm if you will and added that flooding across i-4. it appeared it was a simple matter of dirt piled up behind the barriers, blocking any drainage built into those barriers. a problem they scrambled to fix, david parks, able to >> able to alleviate the drainage, or alleviate the flooding rather, by cutting a little temporary ditch that immediately got the water off the roadway. reporter: parks admits this will be a lesson learned as we look at more than 5 more years of a work, and who knows how many
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>> we' re going to look at what we can do, what worked here, and apply it across the entire project, and add additional drainage to areas where we have dirt stockpiled ready for additional roadways. reporter: a road ranger blocked lanes while the drainage was improved, and the stalled driver was helped on his way. this storm stretched from marion county to brevard, but thankfully, we didn' t get any reports of significant property damage, but we did have some power outages, at the worst of it before noon seminole county had 5500 people out, ouc had just over 9000 people without power. almost all of that power has been restored, and if it has not, in the next hour or so it will be. >> eric, the sun is out, and you
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meteorologist: if you don' t like it, just wait a couple of minutes to right now, it is gorgeous. we have a skycam with blue skies from this particular vantage point, we don' t even have a cloud on the scope jury to show you the entire peninsula, dealing with rain in palm beach county. palm beach county dealt with tornado warnings throughout the course of the day. as the rain and clouds cleared out, it was benign. for a while it was nasty. we had 40-50 miles per hour wind gusts. 74 in orlando, 73 in the villages, 75 in melbourne. as look at the sunset, this a few clouds overhead. we will drop to 68 degrees by 8:00, with winds working down. but we are still in a warm
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your full neighborhood -- weather forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, up next. angela: before the storms came through here they ripped through the west. rescue crews in sarasota county responded to a roof collapse at a strip mall. a large area of the roof was twisted and laying on cars in the parking lot. we haven' t heard about any injuries, but fire crews think it was caused by straight-line winds. angela: you can always get up to date weather information no matter where you' re at, download the free wesh 2 first alert weather apps to your smart phone or tablet. just search for wesh in the app store or google play. meredith: orange county deputies say the man stabbed to death while trying to break into a winter park apartment broke into the same apartment last month. the incident happened at the oak reserve apartments on aloma avenue, that' s where wesh 2' s bob kealing is live, bob? >>deputies say the people who were in the apartment are cooperating with investigators. >> apparently they also know the person who was inside the apartment. early on, investigators wanted people in the complex to know
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other suspects. >>the deceased individual is the one who was breaking in. reporter: orange county deputies say they received a 911 call around 6:30 this morning that someone was trying to break in to an apartment here at the oak reserve complex. when they arrived, the unidentified suspect was laying dead of apparent stab wounds. neighbors were not immediately aware the person killed is the suspected bad guy. >> nearby it was scary. s a man on the loose. he could come here. he could come anywhere. reporter: while still sorting out what happened, investigators were quick to try to calm residents fears. >> the most important thing here is there' s not a killer on the loose. we want people to realize this is an incident that happened, all the parties are cooperating. reporter: that word did bring a sense of relief to those standing just beyond the crime tape on a stormy friday morning. >> i wouldn' t want anybody to be killed but i' m glad he' s not running around breaking in to other apartments. reporter: deputies say the
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people who were in the apartment at the time of the break in two women and a man. and according to investigators the burglary suspect killed today was charged with breaking in to the same apartment one month ago. already, deputies are calling this a justifiable homicide. we are told they are looking into the possibility that the person killed had some sort of romantic involvement at one point would -- with one of the people inside. angela: so far no word from the 12 crew members after two marine helicopters collided off the hawaiian island of oahu. right now rescuers are searching choppy waters for any sign of the crew members, the choppers were on a nighttime training mission. debris has been spotted in the water. officials say they found an empty life raft this morning, but no one was on board. meredith: another tough day on wall street today as trading troubles that started again in china spread all the way around
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s jim payne is here with more on another crazy day for stocks. jim: at one point today the dow jones industrial average was down over 500-points. investors swooped in and took advantage of those low prices cutting today' s losses. the dow is down 391 points, the s&p and nasdaq, down 2.5% of their total value. energy company stock is suffering as the price of oil think below $30 a barrel today. it is now trading at its lower level since 2003. intel dropped 9%. this could be the worst first two weeks of a year ever for wall street. >> funeral services held in italy for the florida woman, ashley olsen, that was there. she was an american artist.
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dead in her apartment on saturday. her boyfriend had been arrested. she moved to italy a few years ago to be closer to her father in florence. a man arrested in the battery of a officer was found not guilty. we showed you this scuffle last august. orlando officer was attempting to arrest him in the paramore neighborhood. there was a video that revealed he was trying to fight him for being on city property. they found johnson not guilty of battering the officer, but johnson still faces a trial in allegedly spitting the eye of a corrections officer. meredith: a driver arrested for hitting a bicyclist in volusia county and leaving the scene. more charges are pending. he allegedly hit a man driving
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he was arrested six miles away off of airport road. police need your help to track down three new robbers. we have video of the crime. it happened at a liquor store last friday night. the thieves burst and does after 10:30. at one point, one leaps over the counter, and then the trio takes off. employees were shaken up but not hurts. if you have information, you are asked to call crime line. you could be eligible for a reward. the case of a man accused of murdering his wife and children. >> plus, a spacewalk scare. international repairs on the space station were brought to a halt today. >> i was excited and nervous at the same time. >> private jets? >> no, i did not know anything at that point.
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are now hearing from one
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>> the incitement continues to build as a couple comes to claim their third of the jackpot. we are at melbourne beach where matt grant is. we are still waiting for the winner there. >> just to give you an idea, i talked to a lot of people today. there is a lot of excitement in this tiny town of just over 3000 people to give you an idea of how small this is, this is the only traffic light in melbourne beach. a lot of people are wondering who won their share of the one point $8 billion jackpot. -- $1.6 billion jackpot. the winner has 60 days to claim the lump sum cash option, which
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it is a lot of dough. everyone is speculating on who the winner is, because no one has claimed. >> the mail lady just came by today, and she heard it was an employee at publix. >> yesterday, we had the cable man here. >> now you' re winning powerball number, good luck to you. reporter: staying anonymous will not be easy. their name it , age, and city becomes public record once they cash in. >> that is so funny, so-and-so told so-and-so. a timothy couple has one of those winning jackpot tickets.
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jackson walker explains, they decided to tell the world about their amazing luck on the today show. reporter: john and lisa robinson say they are america' s newest millionaires. they decided to go on the today show first it was their lawyers idea. i think the american public wants to hear from them. they want to let the public know that they are the winners. reporter: wednesday night, he said he purchased or bank tickets, but it was lisa who stayed up for the highly anticipated drawing. >> once again, once again, running down the highway, john, john, you have to check these numbers. >> i checked the numbers four times. i said i will believe it in the morning. reporter: what is it like to be carrying around a ticket worth
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>> i am nervous, because everybody knows. reporter: the next step is to take it to the officials. the winner must bring the ticket in person, along with identification. jessica walker, wesh 2 news. angela: we are also waiting to hear who has the third winning ticket. that was purchased in chino hills, california. that is near los angeles. what lucky people. we had quite a bit of a morning here. now things cleared out nicely. meteorologist: just a couple of hours, the storm system has moved out. the paddling on the roadways, that is a thing of the past. what we have got for you this hour, here is daytona beach. that breeze feels wonderful. if you' re making friday evening plans outdoors, definitely want to be outdoors.
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out of the southwest, 15 mile per hour winds. 15, 17 miles per hour, depending where you are. as the height of the storm, we saw higher in orlando and daytona beach, and into the 50 mile per hour range in ormond beach. we also saw plenty of rainfall. rain. near palm better than one inch of rain. this hour, it has all changed. watch the visible satellite as the clouds work on out, toward the atlantic. that cold front is able to push on through. this brings colder air with it. it acts like a broom on the
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moisture it makes for a wonderful friday night. temperatures will be nice and comfortable this evening. 51 in ocala, 53 in the villages, same thing and webster, and into lake county. 55 over in claremont. 55 depending on how far to the east you go. we are dropping off to 56 now, same thing in deland. flagler county is in the 50' s. 54 daytona beach, 57 in titusville, 58 in melbourne. that is front number one. tomorrow, front number two. there is not going to be a lot weather-wise. a nice, quiet set up.
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it will be back above average. here is futurecast. 7:30, great this evening. but we are developing fog and clouds through the overnight. one or two sprinkles, but generally, we will have a nice and dry scenario. moderate risk of recurrence planned. as we go into sunday, everything changes. another storm system moves into central florida, and we cool down as we get you into next week. we will talk about the next storm system when i see you in a half hour. angela: a new mosquito virus which could impact your baby. the places you should not travel
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. this sinkhole opened up in seattle. the whole is been filled with about 250 cubic yards of concrete. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the ground to open up in the first place. angela: three people have been
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deadly attacks in indonesia. seven people were killed including several of the attackers. today residents and foreign ambassadors held a vigil at the site of the attack. isis has already claimed responsibility, police say they retrieved an isis flag from the home of one of the attackers. the u.s. embassy is warning americans that more incidents like this are possible. security has been increased at airports in indonesia. angela: a travel alert for pregnant women. the cdc is sending out a warning about a mosquito borne disease, called the zika virus. they' re urging women not to travel to places where its spreading, including brazil and the caribbean. the virus attacks unborn babies, officials say they' ve already had more than 3- thousand cases of babies born in brazil with abnormally small heads and brains. medical experts are working to create a vaccine for the virus. >> to collate is preparing a big push to win customers back. next month, the company will release stepped-up ads and begin a direct outreach to its
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chipotle shares are down more than 30% since the first case of e. coli was reported in october. angela: a walk in space at the international space station, cut short, after water appears in an astronaut' s helmet. two astronauts were in the final stages of the walk to replace a broken electronic box at the iss. that' s when american timothy kopra reported a small water bubble inside his helmet. it followed by a film of water. the two men were told to go inside, but by then, they had already finished the repair that restored full power to the station. and check this out. this is a picture of a rare january hurricane from the iss, hurricane alex is at category one strength and is headed near portugal. this is the first january hurricane in the atlantic ocean since 1938. angela: let' s take a live look at traffic. some people are headed
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this is near condor road. you can see the slowdowns. no crashes at this point.
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4:00, in high definition. angela: after almost two weeks of detective work, investigators have solved the rest of a mims man. stroll with his granddaughter. >> what is your name sir? reporter: buchanan describes himself as mentally disabled. he was on a home when he struck a 67 euros man in the face. the victim later died. this all started as nothing more than an early evening stroll. the victim and his granddaughters were walking their dogs. they got about this far on their street, and ran into the suspect. in front of the home, investigators say he accused the victim of touching his truck. the two argue, and the nine-year-old granddaughter heard a loud pop, and saw
4:27 pm
the grandfather was on the ground in the little girl called for help, refusing to leave her grandfathers by. neighbors came running. >> we went to check on our neighbor and found out he was laying on the ground, unconscious, but he was making some very bad noises. he died two day later. investigators spent 10 days looking into the case before charging him with manslaughter. no one saw him hit the victim, but detectives say they can prove that he did. neighbors are still in shock over it all. >> this neighborhood is a most like a family. neighbors say they briefly sold the victim walking with his granddaughters, and never saw him argue with anybody. angela: at 5:00, we will take a closer look what he got a manslaughter charge rather than a murder charge. there is a vigil to remember along the barton.
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wooded area earlier this week. the jacksonville sheriff' s office told the crowd that he wished he had more answers as to why or how the boy died. his mother and her boyfriend are now charged with child neglect. a homicide investigation underway after a man' s body is found on a trail. deputies say a cup it -- couple discovered the body in the southeastern version of the county. the victim is a black man with a tattoo on his right bicep. they are now working with the medical examiner to determine how he died. a deltona man, accused of killing his family, will not go on trial as scheduled next tuesday wesh 2' s claire metz reports, a judge has granted a state' s motion to delay the trial because of the recent u.s. supreme court ruling that florida' s death penalty scheme is unconstitutional. reporter: the judge didn' t put a time frame on his order to continue the trial but the state asked for 60 days and that' s the motion that was granted as they wait to see what action
4:29 pm
ruling. >> prosecutors say luis toledo murdered his wife yessenia suarez and her two children, thalia and michael, in late october of 2013, after he confronted her about an alleged affair. the victims bodies have never been found if convicted of the murders, the state is asking for the death penalty which defense attorneys argue, cannot be applied right now. judge raul zambrano heard from both sides yesterday and today released his decision, saying though it' s likely the florida legislature and or the florida supreme court will remedy the matter soon, there is a high danger now that the rules would be changing in the middle of the trial if this court were to go forward with it as scheduled. judge zambrano went on to say, when human life hangs in the balance a rush to judgment is unwise. the toledo trial was set to begin with jury selection tuesday in st. augustine, where it was moved because of local pre-trial publicity. the judge did consider empaneling two separate juries one to address guilt, another
4:30 pm
state or defense thought that was a good idea. the delay no doubt will be hardest on loved ones of the victims who say they have been waiting a long time for justice, the wait goes on. in volusia county, claire metz/wesh 2 news. angela: the u.s.supreme court ruled that florida' s procedures in imposing the death penalty are improper, including the fact that the jury' s recommendation of life or death can be overruled by a judge. angela: an arrest is made in an august murder out of polk county. 54-year-old alfred jenkins was arrested last night on first degree murder charges. he' s accused of killing 60-year-old terry yelvington last august as he was walking to his car in lake alfred. neighbors reported hearing several gunshots, and found yelvington dead in the grass next to his garage. the polk county sheriff says the shooting appears to be completely random. angela: we' re waiting to find out when two suspected murderers will be heading back to central florida. andrew joseph and jonathan alcegaire were both caught in miami. deputies say the suspects killed three people last week inside a lakeland home.
4:31 pm
the face. deputies say they' re still looking for at least two other suspects. meredith: three people were injured in a crash that involved an orange county sheriff' s deputy. it happened along americana boulevard and john young parkway around 7 last night. fhp tells us the deputy was responding to a burglary call at the time. the cruiser rear-ended one car pushing it into another, the deputy and two other people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. angela: an amtrak train that left from sanford was involved in a deadly crash in jacksonville. troopers say the train hit an suv that was stopped on the tracks yesterday. the driver of the car died at the hospital. none of the 157 passengers on the train were hurt. the amtrak train was heading to northern virginia. meredith: backstreet boy nick carter is now out of jail, this is video from when carter walked out of jail after bonding out. we told you yesterday how he was arrested in key west after a bar fight. carter is accused of head-butting an employee and choking the bouncer. he told the cameras he was trying to enjoy his vacation
4:32 pm
out. angela: a new development in a deadly plane crash that killed the owner of a local attraction. machine gun america co-founder dan shalloway was killed in this crash in lake worth back in october.he was flying a plane when he crashed into a mobile home, killing a 21-year-old woman who was sleeping. now, the woman' s father is suing shalloway' s estate, citing wrongful death, personal injury and property damage. shalloway' s family hasn' t responded. meredith: it' s a war of words among the gop presidential contenders. they didn' t just go after each other in last night' s republican debate but also went after the democratic candidates. s steve nannes breaks it down in our commitment 2016 coverage. reporter: at times, a got downright nasty. >> i am not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. reporter: donald trump and ted
4:33 pm
personal attacks, or issues and new york values. they were armed and ready, and they were not the only ones. >> that is political calculation. >> no, you already had your chance, you blew it. reporter: donald trump focused his efforts on iowa, where there is a dead heat between him and ted cruz. he says he does not want anything less than first place. >> we have a great relationship with the evangelicals and with everybody in iowa. i really want to win. ted cruz is sticking around in north carolina, he thinks his campaign can be competitive there. reporter: a former front-runner, jeb bush, received an endorsement from lindsey graham. marco is going after him in a new ad three >> jeb bush is
4:34 pm
>> if you are the candidate, you cannot play the role of a victim, i won' t do it and he should not either. angela: the democrats will also meet to debate in south carolina. nbc' s lester holt will moderate the event with andrea mitchell on sunday night. you can catch the debate right here, on wesh 2. the florida senate has but the finishing touches on legislature to help people with disabilities become independent. it is a top legislative priority of andrew gardner. it passed in senate today. it would require an agreement among certain state agencies to approve hiring of employees with unique abilities. >> they deserve to have a job. that bill that came out of here today really sets the tone were agencies will have to report to us what their policies are going to be in hiring individuals with
4:35 pm
angela: it would also establish a state program to recognize those who hire people with unique abilities. when it should school start for your teenager? last night in a meeting, the district conducted a survey. right now, all high schools in the district ring the bell before 7-30 a.m.. they are trying to figure out if there' s enough support, and enough money, to change that. >> it is a national conversation. many school districts across the country have been grappling with a similar discussion. angela: a new start time could end up costing the district. one plan requires about 48 angela: hundreds of flocked to his funeral.
4:36 pm
criminals were put away forever. his legacy will live on forever because he has trained and been a mentor to hundreds of attorneys in brevard and seminole county. we all follow his guidelines. angela: he was also a decorated vietnam veteran. he was 70 years old. the actor best known for bringing grizzly adams to the small screen just died. dan haggerty lost his battle with cancer today. the life and times of grizzly adams ran from 1977 to 1978 three he rescued and cared for a grizzly bear named then. he was 74 years old. some attraction closures at disney' s hollywood studios that you need to know about. we have been trying to sort through some trash troubles. meteorologist: we are also tracking clearing skies across central florida.
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with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. angela: s trash two weeks. they changed the garbage collection process and the trickle-down is still being felt. monday is a holiday, will cruise still be working? >> possibly just to catch up after a rough role across the country. people have had garbage out on their weeks for curbs. at least one issue, a truck reached out to grab a trashcan and pulled up a street light instead. crews will be out on regular garbage and recycling collection
4:39 pm
people are reminded to have their cards out by 6:00 a.m., with three feet of clearance all around the can, and make sure the arrows on the lid are pointed toward the street, not your house. this stops workers from having to get out of the vehicle when collecting trash. if there are issues, go to their website or give them a call. meredith: tomorrow, officials will be holding a black bear awareness meeting in apopka. the police department , florida fish and wildlife, and central florida zoo will be teaching people what to do if they encounter a bear. they will discuss ways also to keep bears out of local neighborhoods. it will take place at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow at the apopka amphitheater. lights, motors, action extreme stunt show is closing at disney' s hollywood studios.
4:40 pm
to make way for the park' s star wars and toy story themed lands. we have also heard of the mickey year shaped water tower is coming down, but disney has not confirmed that. central florida is known for its attractions, . meredith: brett connolly shows us the events coming up. >> ladies and edelman, orlando. reporter: the circus has arrived. ringling brothers comes in may. the animals will officially retire at a conservation the center in florida. bagpipes, killed, archery, and whiskey tasting for the annual scottish high land gains. authentic cuisine is on the menu, and you can soak up traditional songs.
4:41 pm
different games, check out the electroniccon. they have flight simulators and the latest in videogame design. and to honor the late david bowie, they are showing "labyrinth," and "the man who came to earth." angela: i am super excited that the circus is here. i hope the weather will be nice area joining us is eric. meteorologist: by the time we wake up on sunday morning it all changes. showers, and storms. here is the bouncing skycam in downtown orlando. the fountain is on, the sun is sparkling, it is beautiful. enjoy a friday night outside, no complaints. at least in the
4:42 pm
winds out of the west, a little dusty but not bad. 75 in kissimmee, 72 in ocala. first solar doppler radar , palm beach, and miami-dade counties have showers. but these are all exiting out to the atlantic. the cold front is now across south florida. there will be a nasty line of storms eventually. but now we are setting the stage for evening. over time we will see more and more clouds roll in. 64 degrees, flagler beach a little cooler. here is what we are looking at, about 61 at 11:00, and then we start to work clouds. there is even potential to see
4:43 pm
51 in bellevue, feels great tonight. 55 and astatula. 35 in harmony. 57 in lake wales, 57 in orlando, 56 in sanford, 53 norman beach. about 57 in rockeledge. not the kind of night that you have to have a jacket handy. there will be a little fog we are back to above average range. this is a beach day in january, 79 orlando, 75 daytona beach, 76 in melbourne. here is futurecast. we start out nice and clear. through time tomorrow, a model day showing a few sprinkles, a
4:44 pm
5:00 a.m. sunday, that is the next round of storms coming in from the gulf of mexico. this is 8:00 sunday morning, down for, thunderstorms, and the best chance for severe weather we will have to watch as this next storm system gets its act together and works through central florida. tomorrow, a sprinkle possible. upper 70' s, lower 80' s. chilling down and clearing out, it will be a great afternoon. monday, tuesday, wednesday jacket weather returns as weather is in the 30' s and 40' s. angela: a special message and visit for a group of first graders.
4:45 pm
angela: a very cruel trick to play on your mother. one california mother -- son told his mother he was one of the winners of the powerball jackpot. workers at a health care and
4:46 pm
hearing a coworker one part of that price. he said -- he sent his mother a picture of what he said was the winning ticket. the owner had purchased $18,000 worth of tickets, and offered sympathy for that employee. >> the sun played a joke. i want her to know i would be willing to center on an all paid vacation here he is not a nice joke. angela: she is getting a nice vacation, but i hope that kid gets and lots of trouble for that. meredith: he is in the doghouse, for sure. angela: that is your mom. that is mean. minnesota vikings kicker will not forget this unexpected male.
4:47 pm
he played last sunday' s game against the seattle seahawks, but he chipped the shots. he got a whole lot of letters from first-graders, and he decided to think the first-graders. >> they fit -- see things for what they are. these children have a quality of understanding what i was going through, and were very empathetic to me. that is what led them, along with their teachers guidance, to write their notes. it is heartwarming. angela: he said that those letters certainly helped cheer him up. meredith: we have to remember it is just a game. angela: news at 5:00 is straight ahead. >> stormy weather blows through midday today, and as quickly as it struck it was gone. we will look at the trouble the squall line cause. we are live at the drowning in st. johns county. how counties were alerted, and
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this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. angela: we begin with breaking news at 5:00. new information and a rape case at disney springs. jim: video in the newsroom shows the suspected rapist with his accuser. matt lupoli joins us in the breaking news center with more. matt: that video is among 100,000 pages of documents we are going through now. this is from the night in july. this shows suspect hector herrera. he is wearing a black shirt going through security. he was a disney employee at the time but was there as a guest. we will jump inside the infrared camera, it makes it look like different clothing. investigators say that is herrera and the victim in each other' s arms. her face is covered to protect
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in the early morning hours of
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