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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking. this is west two news at 6:00 -- this is west two news at 6:00 -- this is wesh 2 news at 6:00. >> you don' t realize how much power and impact that a tornado has until you until you see this. adrian: right now at 6:00, lives and property lost. an overnight severe weather outbreak in florida spawns tornadoes. one of them being blamed for two deaths. in central florida, we watched as people clean up from storm damage. the wind was strong enough to bring down an iconic local sign that held up to hurricanes. tonight it appears central florida escaped the worst of these storms. good evening. i' m adrian whitsett. all day, we'
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of the powerful storm to our southwest. in manatee county, a couple died when a tornado tore through their home. their four grandkids, and another adult, were injured. there' s also significant damage in nearby sarasota county. wesh 2' central florida' s damage, first hand. >> this is the stuff we were watching out for and dodging. chris: high winds and pounding rain. while many slept before sunrise on sunday morning, strong storms that brought at least one confirmed tornado to southwest florida, rolled into central florida bringing only some of the same elements. in brevard county, strong winds brought down this huge sign that has survived several hurricanes. but sunday morning' s storms ripped it from its bolts and screws. >> i can' t imagine the kind of wind that could have taken that down. chris: janet leitch says she noticed the roaring winds but happy there wasn' t any other major damage.
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>> i slept through everything. chris: and after the storms left, this is what they left behind. debris right in the middle of the road, including tree branches. not to mention power outages for many in central florida. crews in brevard county are working quickly now to restore power to the more than 1,000 customers who lost electricity for several hours. overall, it seems like central florida was spared. just more than 2 hours to the southwest, a tornado is being blamed for killing at least 2 people in sarasota county. for residents here, being thankful is an understatement as el nino continues to help brew severe weather across the state. >> to the families that are hurt with that tornado and stuff, we pray for you all and pray god will give you a speedy recovery. chris: in brevard county, chris hush, wesh 2 news. adrian: utility workers spent the day trying to restore power to thousands who lost it here in central florida. off silver star road in orlando,
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fountaineblueu drive. you can see ouc workers arrived to try to restore power. at one time, 3300 ouc customers lost power. duke energy reported 1200 outages earlier today in our area. florida power and light had scattered outages across volusia and brevard counties. as the storms approached, the national weather service reported an outage of its noaa weather radio that serves volusia, lake, orange, seminole, polk and osceola counties. we' ve learned phone lines that carry the audio and control lines to the transmitter failed sometime around 3:00 a.m, verizon and at&t are working to restore the phone lines. you can stay ahead of severe weather anytime by downloading the wesh 2 first alert weather app. you' ll get alerts sent to your smart phone. just search for wesh in the app store. those storms moved out as fast as they moved in. first alert meteorologist eric burris joins us with the changes on the way.
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be. just like that, the storm has moved out. take a look at the satellite. we' re watching clouds moving into florida. for us, a cold front to the south. it leaves us with a wonderful and to the weekend. 57 ocala. 59 melbourne. 56 daytona beach. readings in the middle 50' s by 8:00. 51 in orlando and jackets required. monday morning, it is even chillier. i will break that down when i see you in just minutes. adrian: tonight, the investigation is just beginning into this huge fire at a leesburg business.
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miles, coming from lake county citrus sales. we brought you the story as it was breaking last night at 10 and 11. today, we went back to the scene. you can see just how much damage there is from this fire. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live. matt, firefighters say they stopped the flames from reaching fuel. matt: they did. firefighters tell us keeping the flames from spreading to a tank holding thousands of gallons of gas on this property was a top priority. as you can see, the building that did burn looks to be a total loss. take a look at the flames that tore through this building last night. this is video wesh 2 viewers shared with us. the fire started about 8:00 here at what was the lake county citrus sakes warehouse. dozens of firefighters worked to get this fire under control. thankfully no one was hurt. the building itself was about five thousand square feet but it had been vacant for years, according to people who live nearby. flames shot several feet into
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they did not spread to the huge fuel tank on the same property. non-ethanol fuel is sold here. the tank holds fifteen thousand gallons of it. s glad the fire didn' t spread to that tank. he called 911 when he saw the fire on his walk to work. >> it had everybody worried last light. i live just down the street there. control last night so that' s good. matt: back live now, some people who live nearby tell us the building had fallen into disrepair in recent years. leesburg fire department officials say they don' t know what started the fire yet and that the state fire marshal will investigate and determine the cause. live in leesburg, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: the man accused of firing the bullet that hit an orange county delivery driver will stay in jail for now. jai brown returned to court today.
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tuesday to decide whether brown will be granted bond. brown stands accused of shooting 21-year-old christopher peck, who was working near the esplinade apartments at rio grande and americana boulevard, last week. at last check, peck was in serious condition in the hospital. investigators hope surveillance video will lead them to the robbers, who held up a local liquor store. you can see one of the suspects pull a gun out of his waistband while going inside a&m discount beverage, on clay street, last night in kissimmee. sheriff' s deputies say once inside, the guys jumped the counter and demanded money from the clerk. here' s a closer look at their pictures. they got away with cash. deputies don' t know why a dog bit a child, causing serious injuries to the three-year-old. investigators say the child was playing with toy trucks on the floor of the home in east palatka, in putnam county, this morning. that' s when the dog went after the child, injuring his head and ear. the boy was airlifted to the
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the dog has been quarantined. covering orange county, orlando police are looking for clues in the double shooting we brought to you as breaking news last night. police say one person took a bullet to the shoulder on lanette street around 8:00 p.m. the other was grazed in the head. both people were conscious and alert when they were taken to a hospital. they' re expected to survive. orlando police tell us they have no information on the shooter. a maitland family is concerned about a man who wandered away from home more than a day go. john noss' parents say he' s on the autism spectrum. noss was last seen at home near tuscarora trail and ponca trail in maitland. he was wearing a gold ' life is good' t-shirt with black basketball shorts and black new balance tennis shoes. three americans released by iran are in germany right now, where they' re to be checked out at a u.s. military hospital. nbc news shot video of a vehicle convoy that appears to be the one with the released americans
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there are reports that washington post reporter jason rezaian is among those being released. >> it' s spectacular news. can' just hope he' s no word on how long the three will remain in germany or when they might return to the u.s. geneva earlier today aboard a swiss air force plane. new tonight, a spacex rocket is california for a historic mission. the falcon 9 rocket lifted off from vandenberg air force base around 1:45 pm our time. it is carrying the jason 3 satellite which was designed to carry out a record two decades of sea level measurements. while the launch was a success spacex didn' t quite stick the landing. ceo elon musk tweeted out this picture.
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while trying to land on a barge. in two weeks, presidential candidates will take to the stage at the iowa caucuses. but tonight in south carolina, the democratic debate is sure to be a heated one. this is a live look at the debate hall, where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will come face to face one more time in less than 3 hours. brian moore has more from washington. brian: in the battleground state of south carolina, the stage is set for the last democratic debate showdown of this preprimary season, and hillary clinton is in attack mode. >> senator sanders has, for years, voted many times on behalf of the nra gun lobby position. brian: and she says he was for protecting gun sellers and makers from liability before he was against it. >> he flipflopped last night, said he would sign on to a bill. brian: tonight' s debate takes place a short walk from the charleston church where nine
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june. but sanders says clinton' s taking off her gloves because of a very different issue. poll numbers have sanders gaining in iowa and leading in new hampshire. >> secretary clinton and her, uh, campaign, understand that they' re losing ground. brian: and sanders promises to hit clinton on issues ranging from health care to >> a corrupt campaign finance system where people like secretary clinton can raise millions of dollars through super pacs. those are kind of the issues they don' t want to discuss. brian: for the third candidate on the stage, former maryland governor martin o' malley, a much simpler mission, get a word in edgewise as sanders and clinton go after each other. clinton and sanders both agree on one thing. both predict a spirited debate. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. adrian: you can see that debate live here on wesh 2. it begins tonight at 9:00 followed by wesh 2 news at 11. rescuers have expanded the
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marines whos helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. the u.s. coast guard says the search has widened 8 miles out to sea along the island of oahu. no mayday call was received by officials the night of the apparent crash, just word that something had gone wrong. crews have been finding debris, consistent with what they say were the type of helicopters used in the training mission on thursday. the coastguard is staying optimistic, continuing to call the search a "rescue" mission. and out-of-control car crashes into a local fire station. -- an out-of-control car crashes into a local fire station. coming up, why fellow firefighters felt the need to help out today. plus, cubs on a local cul de
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from our factory to you.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. adrian: new at 6, bear cubs in a local cul de sac. they' re creating a spectacle in a neighborhood near apopka. one of our crews got video this afternoon of the mother bear and two cubs, up in a tree in the hunt club neighborhood.
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while we were there, the mother bear was awoken by her two cubs who then began nursing while she stood up in the tree. neighbors couldn' t resist coming out to watch but say their awe is mixed with some fear. >> my kids love to play and run up and down the street and you can' t really play when there' s bears. >> it' s just so freaky to see them always wandering around cause you never know what' s gonna happen. adrian: the homeowner' s association president notified police of the bears' presence when they were first spotted saturday night. but for now, the advice is to leave the bears alone and see if they wander down the tree on their own later tonight. garbage trucks will be rolling on martin luther king day tomorrow in orange county. crews will be out on regular garbage and recycling collection for people who are supposed to we' s trash troubles for weeks now. collection process at the beginning of the year, and the
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felt. if you have any questions, orange county says go to their website or give them a call. we have a link to how you can contact them on the trash story on covering volusia county, firefighters felt the need to help their comrades after a car crashed into their fire station. the crash yesterday left damage to daytona beach fire station number three, at university boulevard and halifax avenue. after the car was removed, daytona fire union decided to pitch in. off-duty personnel removed debris and replanted landscaping destroyed in the crash. florida is ranked among the worst states when it comes to that' s according to insurance on average people in the sunshine state see $51 in
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is $169. michigan was ranked last in the study. will know what it' s like to drive here in florida. -- we all know what it' s like to drive here in florida. eric: some crazy drivers here. the good news is there is nothing crazy in the world of weather. the sun is setting in downtown orlando. we' re watching some clouds. -clouds. high thin clouds. 57 winter park. 56 lake mary. upper 50'
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you can see that band of clouds as it works through central florida. we got a lot of rainfall. 2.5 inches of rain. tonight, cold air is moving in. it' s not going to be a bottom out night. we are into the 40' s through 11:00. melbourne temperatures will be milder. clear skies for the most part. we clabes go away. we get into that cool reading. it is chilly tonight. into the 40' s lake county.
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40 davenport. lower 40' s from orlando. upper and middle 40' s for the space coast. tomorrow, northerly wind. a bright day. temperatures climbing into the upper 50' s and lower 60' s. we will be running well below that average high. looking good on futurecast through the day. this is friday. our next storm system. we could be talking about storms. for now, the model consensus thunderstorms.
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beautiful with high temperatures s. adrian: the nfl' s final four field will be set before day' end, and one more team has punched its ticket to a league championship game. pat has that story, next in sports. and catching up with one of central florida' s own. wakefield preparing now for a
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pat: next week' s league championship games will be set before this day has ended. hard to imagine that either or both of today' s games could be as white-knuckle compelling as the packers' date with arizona last night, and it seemed fairly clear early on in today' s first game that the panthers and seahawks would keep our knuckles completely flesh-colored. to be clear early on it seemed that way. because the panthers stormed out of the locker room and onto the scoreboard. a quick touchdown on a 4 play drive to begin the game and then moments later russell wilson is picked by luke keek-lee. a pick six and quick 14-0 lead. and the cats kept their feet on the gas and by time cam newton connected with greg olson for a great touchdown catch midway through the second, it was a 31-0 carolina lead. but wilson and the birds scored
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pulling to within 7, but ran out of time when their late onside kick failed. and carolina now 16-1 on the season will host arizona in the nfc title game next sunday afternoon. the other afc thing is going on. they have just begun the third period. pittsburgh is leading denver 10-9. and no one is soon to forget how last night's packers-cardinals game ended. just great stuff when aaron rodgers found jeff janis on a hail mary from 41 yards out on the final play of regulation a score that would send this game to overtime. that' s when larry fitzgerald took over a touchdown on the shovel pass from carson palmer. a winning score set up by the first play from scrimmage in overtime. >> carson made a great play. he was open and found him and larry did a great job running
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we have been saving that pass for about 18 weeks and it was finally the right time to use it. we can' t be prouder of our guys. pat: the diamond players celebrity golf event down at keene' s point has ended. the players in the field have gone their separate ways, and for at least one of them, that trek was a short one. a great thrill to see timmy wakefield this week still calls brevard county home. he can hit the golf ball a mile, and he could throw a knuckleball better than most. we met him back in the early 90' s when he had just come up with the pirates. an eau gallie grad who played college ball at florida tech could not have known then that his big league career would span 19 years 17 with the red sox. 200 career wins third winningest pitcher in in team history and s hall of fame awaiting this summer. >> i' m excited and i' and i' m honored to be mentioned with the class not only that i' m going in with, but to be with a
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s going to be a great moment for me and for my family. i' and be part of that whole
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adrian: a little chillier
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