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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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amy: woodhead around of strong storms on yesterday. now we have several days of wyatt. the cool air started pouring in during the day yesterday. we are going to keep dropping. we will slowly climb once we get sunshine today. we have low 60' s for afternoon highs. it' s 42 in palm coast. oia has dropped to 45 degrees. we will keep dropping with clear skies, but also with the wind. we have a breeze from 10 to 15 miles per hour. that makes it feel even colder. we are dealing with wind chills feel like 39. the windchill in daytona beach
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temperatures will climb, only to the upper 50' s. it will be 60 today in the villages. it will be 62 in longwood. it will be 63 and palm bay. let' s see what' s happening out on the roads. ted: most of the roadwork is wrapping up. that is good news. the right side is looking into downtown orlando. there are no delays. this is in between 436. there are no delays there. you might want to slow down a bit to give the cruise a break. it' s going to take you from this rest area, only 15 minutes. brett: tight race in iowa for the democrats.
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michelle: the biggest search online was bernie sanders. tracy potts has a recap. >> president obama has letter country out of the great recession. >> clear differences on gun control. >> i have a d-record from the nra. >> he has voted with the gun lobby numerous times. t want to see the don' t want to see us start over again. -- i don' money. >> i am the only candidate i will not raise taxes on the middle class. >> bernie sanders and martin malley brought up her ties to
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would. >> clinton calls vladimir putin they agree on going after isis and dealing with climate change. it' s just two weeks before iowa. michelle: donald trump was mentioned a few times, but not as often as hillary clinton was in the republican debate. brett: part of the deal, five americans are waking up as free men today. they flew to switzerland and then to germany. they went to a military hospital. the five include a marine, reporter, and a minister. >> we are united in welcoming
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brett: a group of iranians in texas are also walking free as part of the deal. the nuclear deal means iran will start to sell oil on the global market. this will help repair their economy which is penn badly damaged by a decade of sanctions. they want to add 1.5 million girls a day by the end of the year. michelle: firefighters are looking to find what happened to make this catch fire. this is on 14th street. firefighters rushed to the scene to keep it from spreading to the fuel tanks. a witness says the building has been vacant for years and has fallen into disrepair. it faced several code violations before the fire. >> it was in such bad shape. any high winds would have been
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there would be metal all over the place. michelle: no one was injured in the fire. brett: investigators hope video who held up a liquor store. you can see one of the suspects polygon out of his waistband. here is a closer look jews. -- those jews. -- those features. crooks broke into the wrong house on harwood street. here for. the homeowner did not. thieves search the house and hurt. michelle: government officials
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the fbi director will take part in a flag ceremony. the attorney general will speak at the king day breakfast. several events and service projects will honor dr. king' s legacy. brett: his former fraternity at a luncheon for what would of been his 87th birthday. it' s all about recognizing the dream through nonviolent social change. >> it' s the three isms talked about. these are issues that have not got away. we still have in florida people who were trying to undo the many things that he accomplished, particular with voting rights. brett: there are listing of all of the service projects and you
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michelle: parts of florida will be picking up the pieces after a round of severe storms. one sister went across -- twister but across seven miles. jasmine: no part of florida spared. tornadoes made their mark on two different towns. this home in manatee county got leveled into grandparents killed during --. a confirmed ef2 tornado was in the siesta key. it ripped off russians of the at a condo complex. peruvians dealt with another tornado, and ef1. >> i thought it was a train outside. it' s like it was on top of the house. jasmine: strong winds were
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for the peach wave outlet in cocoa beach. it survived several hurricanes, but not this. the limbs and other debris came down. cleaning up debris is not the only issue. more than 200,000 people lost power. some are still without. michelle: we' re going to continue to follow this story. we are dealing with cooler temperatures. brett: the wind, there is still wind bringing a lot of debris around the neighborhood. amy: it will still be breezy, but not as gusty as yesterday. it was very windy. it was downright blustery as well. the wind is a little calm her today. temperatures are in the lower 60'
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we will be much cooler than the average. it' s much cooler to start us morning. it' s 39 in dunnellon. we are at 44 in lake marion. it' s 47 in julio. one of the colder spots, it' s not as cold as we will be tomorrow. it' s 45 in-flight would beach. it' s also making it feel colder. the art dealing with the windchill today. we will top out in the low 60' s, lots of sunshine today and tomorrow despite the cool air. that will help make it feel
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we have more clouds and rain by the end of the week. let' s get a traffic up day. ted: we are looking at i-4. you can see on the right, that is down. construction has wrapped up in downtown and there are no delays. looking for a good, stretch from the turnpike to colonial. brett: detectives are searching for answers after a traffic stop takes a deadly turn. scratching their heads. brett: the days of listening to
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ut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. michelle: to crooks are on the run after they broke into the
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the suspects broke into a home on harwood street afternoon night. they were searching for something that left after realizing the family did not know what they are talking about. brett: there will be events rustic country that will honor martin luther king' s legacy. several parades will be held in central florida. amy: democratic candidates to stage last night. the debate focused on health care and gun control. martin o' malley called the gun issue personal. medicare for all. we are waiting for the release of dash cam video that will show a south florida deputy shooting a man during a traffic stop. brett: he shot henry and it in the back while he was running away. the deputy had no choice but to shoot. in two a
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the door came open and the individual came out of vehicle with what appeared to be a firearm. brett: his name has not yet been released. michelle: trash will be up in orange county. we have been tracking orange county trash couples for weeks. they change the collection process at the beginning of the year and it still being felt. if you have any questions, you can go to their website. brett: a seaworld dalton has died. the 33-year-old dolphin passed away. they have not given a cause. the published lifespan for dolphins is up to 18 years. she far exceeded that.
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airlines are showing improvement when it comes to reaching destinations on time. on-time average for all airlines in november increased compared to 2014. hawaiian airlines is ranked number one. brett: apple is hitting the off switch on the free itunes radio. it will become part of apple music, which you have to pay for. without the ads. beats one will be the only free radio service left from apple. four teams are still in the mix the super bowl. michelle: the broncos filled the last spot with their win over the steelers. the panthers punched their ticket by holding back an attempt by seattle. new england goes to denver on
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host arizona later that night. the winners meet in the super bowl 50. brett: that is going to be a cold game in denver. amy: it' s kind of cold here today. all that blustery wind coming in. some of the guests were even stronger after the storms than during. that wind was really blustery. now it' s drawing in a cold air. i know a lot of kids don' t have school today. some are heading to school. temperatures are in the upper 30' s and mid 40' s. sunrise does not happen until 7:19 a.m. we have been dropping since midnight. we are now in the mid 40' s.
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look how these lows stack up to our averages. we are well below average in melbourne. tomorrow, it' colder than this. t have as much wind and the temperatures will be able to drop more. s 37 in ocala. sanford is 46. palm coast has dropped to 42. winter haven is 46. northwest at the cove, up to 15 miles hour. that brees is all you need to make it feel colder. you may want to layer up. the cold front came through here and brought all the storms yesterday is now well to our south. all of this dry air is filtering in behind it. that is why we were not only
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we have lots of sunshine. it' s going to be a beautiful day, a little on the cool side. the normal high as 71. we be well below that. it will be 62 in claremont. it will be 63 in orlando and winter park. it will be upper 50' s up and down the coast. today and tomorrow and wednesday, we don' t see a pattern shift. the wind is out of the north. temperatures will change up a little. tomorrow will be colder than today. wednesday, we would climb a little. thursday, that' s when temperatures get back in the 70' s and --.
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in advance of our latest cold front which comes friday. behind those storms, we get another last of cooler air as we get into next weekend. ted: there are still some road work out there. this is eastbound fairbanks avenue. you see some ultimate and the right wing is locked. we have seen most things wrap up early. a big u of i wore in downtown orlando, that is the on rat. that is looking good. if you' re going to take that westbound drive, to go from the conway toll plaza, it' s four minutes. michelle: calls for
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unanswered at a 911 center. >> it' s going to be for delivery. brett: how long an operator spent on a lunch order instead of helping those in an emergency. michelle: let the negotiations again.
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joined the rams t brett: broward county has revealed the shocking reason why a 911 call went unanswered. >> i think that' s all of my cash orders. i have three card orders. michelle: she let the emergency line ring for a as well she ordered lunch for her coworkers. one was a patient who fainted during an exam. >> i thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. i can' t believe there was just one lady. michelle:
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brett: a meeting could bring to nfl teams. formal negotiations will start between the l.a. rams and san diego chargers. the rams move from st. louis was --. they will play at the coliseum before moving to their new stadium. one player out at another back on the court ahead of the magic game tonight. michelle: he has recovered from a bone bruise. the team does not have a timeline for his return. the magical to bounce back after games. brett: they get the sixers on
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coming up, a search after a toddler vanishes in the woods. michelle: why some of the searchers themselves disappeared. >> a mom answered the door to find two masked gunmen. why police say the home invaders may have targeted the wrong house. amy: it will be a lot colder when you head out this morning. the blair has been pouring in. we are in the 30' s and 40' s and we are not done dropping.
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a rude awakening for a local family as two crooks breaking in, looking to rob them. the big mistake investigators say the suspects made that forced them to leave empty handed. brett: plus, democratic candidates trade jabs in south carolina. we' ll have a look at the highs and lows from last night' s debate that has the political world buzzing this morning. it' s a cool monday morning
5:26 am
freezing in spots. your first alert forecast straight ahead. michelle: and, today is martin we' ll have a look at some of the local events, honoring his legacy. thank you for joining us i am michelle imperato. connolly. we want to show you some video over the weekend. looking at live out over melbourne this morning. another cold start in central florida. amy: we are not even done dropping yet. with the clear skies and that air coming out of the north, we will likely see our temperatures drop some more before all is said and done. once we get going, and we get will climb. they will climb slowly. s by noon. s for afternoon highs. it will be well below average today. we will have some sunshine though and blue sky. it will just be a cold sky,
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right now it is 37 in ocala. 44 leesburg. orlando and leesburg are at -- to semi -- orlando and kissimmee are at 45. 46 in sanford. the windchill makes it feel like 41. a wind is at 12 miles per hour. along the coast, it is received. melbourne is at 47. it feels like 43. highs today in the upper 50' s, lower 60' s. 62 in sanford. 63 and celebration. up and down the coast, we will have upper 50' s for our highs today. let' s get a traffic update with ted. ted: some traffic work being done on i-4. this is just before princess street. that is eastbound. right lane blocked.
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it should be nice and quiet with no morning delays good -- delays. southbound is on the right here. that is northbound. morning. so daytona, a good drive there. a seminole rest area to colonial drive, only a short 15 minute commute. brett: new from overnight, police want to find two home intruders, who they say targeted the wrong house. michelle: it made for a rude awakening for a family on harwood street, that' s just off john young parkway at the 408. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live this morning. alex? alex: you can just imagine how scary this was for the mom and her two teenagers in the house here on harwood street. we talked to a woman identifying herself as the grandmother. she said that they are very shaken up.
5:29 am
gunmen in masked -- in ma sks, knocked on their home, and when the mother went to answer, they pushed their way inside. they then said to her, "you know what we are here for." however, it appears that they may have gone to the wrong house. the mother did not have any idea why they were there. they searched the home, police say probably for money, but didn' t take anything. they grandmother reported -- said that her daughter heard one of them say, "we got the wrong house." this all happened just after midnight. they then left the area in what' s described as a gray, older model chevrolet impala. nobody was hurt. the suspects were said to be wearing dark clothing and
5:30 am
the mother reported that they appear to be young men. police say that they are looking for two people. the grandmother said that there might have been three or more. we will be following the search for the suspects and we will keep you updated on air and on brett: the man accused of seriously injuring a delivery driver with a stray bullet will return to court for the second time in a matter of days. a judge ordered jai brown held without bond over the weekend. but that could change during a hearing tomorrow. investigators say brown fired the shot that hit christopher peck last week. at the time, peck had a delivery near the esplinade apartments at rio grande and americana boulevard. michelle: also in orange county, detectives are hoping for a lead in a double shooting. it happened late saturday night on lanette street in orlando. one person was hit in the shoulder, another grazed in the head. they were rushed to ormc and are expected to survive.
5:31 am
for information on a suspect. brett: investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire that gutted a mobile home in ocala. pictures from marion county fire rescue show firefighters working to put out the flames saturday night on southwest 6-th lane. the home was vacant and a total loss. no one was hurt. michelle: 48 hours, and still no sign of a maitland man who took off from home. 23-year-old john heath noss' parents say he' s on the autism spectrum and they' re worried. noss was last seen at home near tuscarora trail and ponca trail early saturday. he was wearing a gold ' life is good' t-shirt with black basketball shorts and black new balance tennis shoes. call police if you see him. brett: today the democratic presidential candidates will be back on the campaign trail after participating in their final showdown before voters have their say in iowa. and with the polls tightening in that first contest hillary clinton and bernie sanders sharpened their attacks. wesh 2'
5:32 am
jasmine, good morning. jazmin: good morning. the gloves came off between clinton. the two were shouting over each other at times. hillary clinton pounded bernie position. bernie sanders clobbered her about her connections with wall street. health care seems to be the dividing line. mr. sanders: lower the cost of health care for middle-class families by $5,000. mrs. cli nton: i am not sure if we are entered -- talk about the plan you introduced tonight or the plan that you tried to pass in congress nine times. jazmin: hours before the debate, tax reform on health care. clinton warned that reopening
5:33 am
would put obamacare at risk. martin o' malley struggled to get a word in. he was reportedly begging for at least a few seconds from the moderator off-camera. we will see who won when the voters head to the polls in iowa and just a few weeks. michelle: the battle between donald trump ted cruz is turning personal. brett: this morning, democratic senator chuck schumer is defending what cruz calls trump' s new york values. mr. cruz: it is amusing, saying the media elite in new york and dc run around with their hair on fire wondering what on earth are new york values? i' ll tell you and the rest of the country, people understand exactly what that means. brett: last week, cruz criticized trump for his views on abortion and gay marriage. now, trump has a message for those who think he' s too
5:34 am
mr. trump: i' m conservative, but when it comes to different elements of what i believe in, that' i' problem. i' m going to solve our military problem. i' m going to get rid of isis. brett: trump also hit cruz hard for failing to report a loan from citi-bank, which is based in new york city. michelle: now to tennessee, where cold weather and rough terrain is complicating the search for a missing toddler. noah chamberlain wandered off thursday while hiking in the woods with his grandmother and sister. searchers are determined to bring him home. >> you can' t give up on there' s a two-year-old out there and it' s cold. we' ve got to get this baby home. michelle: six volunteers were reported missing sunday during the search. it turns out one was hurt and they were waiting for help. now, investigators are asking for professionals only. brett: new from overnight three americans are missing and now, iraqi intelligence officials tell the associated press they were kidnapped. the official says the americans were taken from their interpreter' s house in baghdad.
5:35 am
responsibility for their disappearance. michelle: the coast guard says it has no intention of calling off the round-the-clock search for 12-missing marines. their helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii thursday and the hope of finding survivors is running out. yesterday, the search zone expanded following the discovery of debris. but strong waves have complicated the efforts. one of the missing marines is a 22-year-old corporal from fort myers. dozens of events today to honor the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior. brett: this morning, famu law students will clean up orlando' s parramore neighborhood as part of their day of service. ocoee' s annual unity parade gets started at 9:30 on clarke road between silver star and west colonial. expect delays in that area through noon. in south apopka, the parade begins at 2:00 at the john h. bridges center. amy: even we do start to see the sun, it will not be very warm out there.
5:36 am
cooler air today. we are starting off with the 30' s this morning. s for our highs. that is well below our average of 71 degrees. we will stay breezy and dry. lot of sunshine though. it will make it seem like it is a low bit warmer in the sun. if you are in the shade, it will feel awfully cold. in most of marion and sumter county' s, 41 to 42 degrees. claremont is at 45. the breeze is making it feel even a little bit colder than the actual temperature. lake mary is at 43. celebration is at 46. port orange 45. port st. john 46 degrees. beach at 53 degrees. so it feels colder than it is. as we had through the day, we s for most of the metro area.
5:37 am
county and tell you about our best chance of rain in just a few minutes. ted: we are taking a look over i-4 and seminole county. westbound is on the right side. you can see the water tower there. looking pretty good. traveling westbound into all to month, a short six minute drive six minute drive. i-4 at the 528 beach line, roadwork on the i-4 ultimate is wrapped up. same for the i-4 in downtown orlando. brett: all right, ted , thank you. a four-legged invasion has one local neighborhood buzzing with all. michelle: this morning we' re talking about a mamma bear and her cubs. >> it' s just so freaky to always see them wandering around> -- around. michelle: only wesh 2 cameras caught the bears up a tree. just ahead on wesh 2 news
5:38 am
for their spectators. brett: a failed rocket landing for space x. what happened when it tried to land on a barge. michelle: before we go to break, on ellen. he is also performing some of his classic hits. you can watch the ellen
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>> you are watching wesh 2. brett: taking a live look over maitland this monday morning. looking pretty good over the roadways considering it is a holiday. we' ll have the full forecast coming up for you and just a little bit. meanwhile, we have learned a missionary from florida is among those killed in an al-qaeda attack in west africa. michelle: 45-year-old mike riddering, from broward county, was waiting in a restaurant in burkina faso for other missionaries when gunmen stormed in. at least 28 died in the siege of
5:40 am
relatives say riddering worked with his wife at an orphanage in africa. >> we don' t have to worry about him. he' s more joyful than he ever was. it' s all of us left behind is more difficult. michelle: in addition to his wife, riddering leaves behind four children. brett: a south florida store clerk shoots and kill a robber. broward county deputies say, the man walked into the convenience store, in deerfield beach friday night, and pointed a gun at two that' s when one of clerks pulled twice. the workers were not injured. detectives believe the suspect was behind several other robberies. you just watched a failed landing of a space x rocket. spacex says, a support leg
5:41 am
trying to land on a barge yesterday. the rocket successfully launched a satellite into space from vandenberg air force base in california. a reminder, because of martin martin luther king jr. day sunrail service will not be running tomorrow. train service will start back again on tuesday with it' s regular schedule. today is your last chance to check out a popular exhibit at the orlando science center. otronicon is one of the largest gatherings to show off advances in technology and gaming. the event also offers wide ranging activities including flight simulators and the latest in video game design. doors open at 10:00 this morning, and it close at 6:00. michelle: now to a story you' ll see only on wesh 2. this scene has been playing out all day in a wekiva neighborhood. a mother bear and two cubs made themselves at home in a tree in the hunt club subdivision.
5:42 am
s jazmin walker joins us in the studio with more. jazmin: they set up camp in a tree. the problem is that the tree is in the middle of a cold sack. the bears have been in the tree since saturday night. on sunday night, residents heard mama bear chastising her cubs when it awoke her from her apple or -- afternoon that. residents watched in amazement as the bear crossed two limbs so the cubs could reach her belly. they say that the bears have become a recent sighting quite quickly. >> you never know when you' re going to see them. it is just weird. >> might boys always run up and down the street to play. they can' t really plate with the bears there. jazmin: police are notified of the bears presence. they believe that the bears will
5:43 am
in the meantime, it means that parents and kids will have to stay a little on edge. this is not the first time a bear has kept the families inside. amy: it was breezy and cool yesterday. the bears were probably just trying to get out of the wind, maybe. it is a weekend for them. brett: the kisses want to run around and play. amy: all right. we are talking about cold air in central florida. we do have a warm-up coming later this week. behind the storms we had yesterday, the cold air will start filtering in. it will filter in today. we will make it only into the lower 60' s for highs. that is well below are averages for today. 71 is our average high for orlando. we will be 70 -- several degrees
5:44 am
tomorrow, we will be even colder than today. both in the morning and in the afternoon. thursday and friday we' ll get back into the 70' s. friday is when our next cold front arrives too. right now, in orlando, it is 45 degrees. check out the wind. it is at 14 miles for our. we have quite a bit of a breeze this morning. that means we have temperatures feeling even colder. -- jackets, sweaters. the kids do not have school today, so make sure they have some layers on when they go to play outside. 46 in sanford. 47 right now in melbourne. that cold air will keep coming in today out of the north. we will keep it totally sunny. i do not expect any clouds today.
5:45 am
rather cold as well. that will be our set up for the next few days. 59 for our high in ocala and salt springs. 62 in claremont. 60 three street cloud and kissimmee. we' ll will climb to the 62 in sanford. 63 orlando. 60 in daytona beach. along the coast, lower 60' s for our highs. we will climb to 62 in titusville. 63 in palm bay. tomorrow and wednesday, a similar set up to today. we will stay dry and cool with our winds coming out of the north. thursday is when we will start to get some changes. this ridge of high pressure will build in. the wind was shift income out of the northeast. that should help our temperatures climb back into the 70' s on thursday. that also set the stage for our next cold front on friday. that will bring some showers and
5:46 am
we will can take you to watch the timing -- we will continue to watch the timing on that. all right, here is ted with a traffic update. ted: looking at i-4 conditions into downtown orlando, nice and quiet. turnpike to colonial drive, eight minutes. look at our sensor, that is the 408. here is a live picture. roadwork is wrapped up. if you are going to be traveling on i-4 westbound out of seminole county, this camera is in between the area of altamonte springs and maitland. no delays so far in the morning drive. brett: all right ted, thank you. a bizarre find by the tsa at a local airport. we will show it to you. michelle: a new film basking in
5:47 am
taking on the forcn michelle: caught on camera, the fiery crash that destroyed a jacksonville waste management business. a car slammed into the building early yesterday morning. brett: firefighters shut down the road for hours as they
5:48 am
the operations manager was there within minutes of the fire. >> the first thing i think about is, how is this going to affect our business? everything is routed through this location, the whole upstairs is nothing but computers. so everything was routed through here. so i think of our business. brett: it' s not clear what caused the crash. the driver was not hurt. michelle: it' s not clear if any charges will be filed against the person, who tried brining a pen gun on a plane at orlando international airport. this is a picture of what tsa officials say, is a 22 caliber pen gun that was found inside a carry on bag. a $20 bill was placed next to it, to show how small the weapon was. for the first time in a month, the latest "star wars" movie is not at the top of the box office. brett: kevin hart and ice cube dominated the theaters with their new comedy, "ride along 2."
5:49 am
in the second spot is a newly oscar-nominee, "the revenant." this based-on-true-events, leonardo dicaprio flick made $29.5 million. closing in at number three, star wars the force awakens made only -- made over $851 million total
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