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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: breaking news right now on sunrise. wesh 2 news is on the scene of a deadly overnight fire. what we' ve learned about the victim. michelle: plus right now new information is coming into our newsroom about a deadly attack at a university in pakistan. >> we are tracking down the chili is cold of the season. jason: and donald trump and sarah palin. the details about the endorsement that has many people talking this morning.
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michelle: this is daytona beach and volusia. warmer by the coast. eric: it is 61 degrees. new and temperature. 66 by 3:00 this afternoon. this morning, it is chilly. 47, cocoa beach. already nine, orlando. we are in the 20' county. where it is not freezing, we notice a bit more wins. if you are warmer, you have a windchill to contend with. the good news this afternoon' s rebound.
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66 degrees, longwood. it is 62 degrees, palm coast. 66 degrees, palm bay. we are tracking our next storm system moving into central florida. the jason: check out this footage. you are seeing video from outdoor of frost o n the windshields. michelle: don' t forget, you can stay up-to-date on all this chilly weather with the wesh 2 first alert weather app. it' s a free download in the app store or on google play. now we send things over to ted . he is monitoring the roadways. ted: frozen fingers on the steering wheel.
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-- 434 below it. only 11 to 12 minutes. westbound on the right, this is the four-way. no delays just yet. here is the map of seminole county. through downtown orlando, we have not started seeing the congestion yet. jason: breaking news right now a man died in an overnight fire. michelle: a large shed behind an orange county home went up in flames. it happened around 2:00 this morning at a home on formby wesh 2' s alex villarreal is there live. alex what do you know about the victim? battalion. he tells me this land was the
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a shed is being described as a workshop. this man in his 50' s died. he was the owner of this house. the chief says everything in it is pretty much burned beyond recognition. because there are was originally a call of a smoke smell in a nearby neighborhood, they discovered it was coming from this house. >> they were looking for the source. they came upon the street and found fire coming from the back of the house. they thought it may have been a bonfire. the back of the home that was on fire. once they got the fire knocked down, they did a search of the building.
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>> the state fire marshal has a team on the scene. crews do not know why the workshop went up in flames. the fire is out now. firefighters need to take time to put out hotspots. the investigation is underway. we will be following it for you and bring you updates here on air. live in orange county, wesh 2 news. michelle: right now on sunrise we' re following breaking news out of pakistan. after an attack at a university. s brett connolly joins us at the breaking news center with the latest developments. >> the taliban has claimed responsibility for this horrific attack.
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for group. the scene. this is inside the university in northwestern pakistan. the prime minister put out a statement vowing to wipe out the menace of terrorism. part of the country. the taliban killed 150 people in year ago. michelle: just 12 days out from the first votes in the 2016 election one gop candidate is getting a major boost from a conservative power house. sarah palin is now offering her support to donald trump. palin praised trump as a candidate who has shaken up the republican party and that she wanted to let american' s make america great again.
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campaign events with trump today in iowa and oklahoma. on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders is increasing his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. the vermont senator leading the former secretary of state by 27 points, up 60% to 33%. that' s according to a cnn poll that was conducted before sunday night' s debate. jason: covering volusia county, we' re learning new information this morning on the chase that smashed up a local police chief' s car. overnight, we found out three 16-year-olds were arrested, at that scene. police in daytona beach say those three stole the suv from a convenience store, when police got behind them, they drove over something that flattened the tires, but kept going. eventually they came mike chitwood, who says they came after him. he looks at me and he makes them move where he turns into me and i turned back into him. is i am spinning out.
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and ran a driver off the road. they eventually bailed out of the stolen car. they were quickly caught. michelle: this morning, orange county deputies are asking for help to find a gunman who killed a man. mid to late 20' s was shot to death yesterday morning in the area, of 19th street and south lee avenue. that' s just west of i-4. neighbors said they heard gun shots, then saw an older man, wearing a skull cap and dressed in black, drive away in a white, four-door buick that looked new. if you know anything call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. jason: there is new information on monday' s officer involved shooting in orlando. police now say the man officers shot and killed was carrying a fake gun. orlando' s police chief says this started when two officers went to check on 28-year-old eric provost. when officers arrived, provost came out with an air-soft gun, that looked like a real gun. the officers shot him after he refused to listen to orders, or put down his weapon. michelle: new on sunrise, isis is now confirming the man, known as jihadi john, is dead.
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its horrific propaganda videos. u.s. officials said two months ago they were reasonably certain he was killed in a drone strike in syria. isis was silent about that until it published his obituary in its magazine. the coast guard has suspended its search for the 12 marines who vanished off the coast of hawaii. jason: they are now calling their mission a recovery and salvage operation. the marines disappeared last thursday after two helicopters crashed during a nighttime training mission off the coast. officials say they have found wreckage on the ocean floor but no sign of any marines. authorities are expressing regret that the searches ending without finding survivors. >> to the families affected by this, our prayers and support . jason: there was no sign anyone
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michelle: the weather, the coldest air we have had this season. jason: how warm will we get later? eric: it will be a nice rebound. 66, melbourne and orlando. most of central florida did not make it out of the 50' s. west volusia under the freeze warning. temperatures are at or below freezing. 31 in the villages. 31, bush no.
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35, lake mary. 33 deland. factor in some of the wind and it feels chillier. we will talk about when temperatures reach the 70' s. ted: southbound side. no delays on the turnpike. here is the 408. if you head out now. eastbound is on the rights. no delays right now. seeing john young parkway. jason: hoping for justice as an arrest is made in a cold case.
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michelle: right now, a frosty, frigid morning here in central florida. even below freezing in ocala. this is from mount dora. there is frost on the cars. eric burris will have your forecast, coming up. jason: we' re following breaking news in orange county. one person is dead after a fire. a large shed went up in flames behind a home on formby drive around 2:00 a.m. firefighters are still working to find out how the blaze started. michelle: and five people are hurt from a bloody pit bull attack in sanford. police say they were forced to shoot four of the five dogs last night. animal services took another dog from the stonebrook apartments. it' s unclear what will happen to it. nearly six years after a woman was raped during a home invasion in volusia county, deputies say they' ve got the guy. jamedd ross will soon answer to a judge on charges for the deltona attack. wesh 2' s brett connolly joins us in the studio with more. brett, deputies arrested the
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court. brett: that is right. the victim' s neighbors say they never gave up hope seeking justice. and police say it was a fingerprint match that was connected with dna evidence. 23-year-old jamedd ross is charged with home invasion robbery with a weapon and kidnapping with intent to inflict bodily harm. volusian county sheriff' s deputies say ross and at least 2 other men broke into a woman' s home while she was sleeping , beating and raping the victim. we spoke to the victim' s neighbors relieved to hear of the arrest, even if it took six years. >> that' s a relief to know they really worked at it because we thought it was just over and done with and that was it. it' s good to know it wasn' t. brett: ross was arrested yesterday after leaving court in a separate case. this case is now open again with ross' arrest. and investigators are still searching for the 2 other men
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jason, michelle. michelle: this morning a gunman in on the run, after opening fire at a local gas station. jason: it was near silverstar road. you see people scatter after the shots are fired. one person was shot at least three times during the incident. there' s no word what led to the shooting. rules are about to go into effect in seminole county. but, before that happens, officials say they will review an area included in the zone, where residents say bears are not an issue. the county said it would fine residents who left trash or food outside. most of the area covered by the ordinance is west of i-4 but a few hundred homes are east of the interstate. the rules for west of i-4 go into effect on february 7th. jason: if you recently bought your baby a onesie from one of the disney parks you'
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s a recall for two different styles, darth vader and disneyland 60th, because of a choking hazard. no injuries have been reported. call disney parks for return and refund information. michelle: talk about being between a rock and a hard place. a major route out of yosemite national park is closed because of a rock slide. jason: you have to see the huge boulders blocking the road yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. while a crew cleared the road, but highway 41 cannot reopen until geologists give the o.k. later today. we have been dealing with some cold air this morning. it is the coldest it has been this whole season. eric: it is chilly outside. when you put this into perspective, by now, most of central florida should have had a freeze.
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either way, hats and goggles, anything you can put on to stay warm is required material. we will make it to 66 degrees as you are riding the bus home this afternoon. 28 degrees outside now in paisley. across the metro, 37, downtown orlando. in apopka. 33 degrees in the land. basically from i-4 north. chilly us to of temperatures. doppler radar scanning around
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as we look at the water vapor are rough shades over us. there is the bone dry air. this is about the coldest. we will bring more moisture. temperatures. warmer conditions, bright a perfect wednesday afternoon to get you through the week. we will top off at 66 degrees. 63 degrees in daytona beach. futurecast showing cloud' s offshore. we are still looking beautiful. no issues whatsoever.
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clouds returning to central florida by friday morning. watching clouds and storms in the gulf of mexico. the majority of the energy stays to our north. here is the most at -- most accurate, seven-day forecast. cooler weather moves back into the 30' s. sunday morning could the though warmest of the season. ted: a crash reported by u.s. 192. it is reportedly blocking --. use simpson road as your backup plan to get around that.
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sense of backup in downtown orlando. you can get onto the i-4 on ramps with ease. into daytona beach, it looks good. >> one man says a popular actor saved his son' s life. jason: jamie foxx and another man got a driver out of a burning truck. >> we pull him out and as we pull him out, within five seconds later the truck goes up. jason: just ahead on wesh 2 news sunrise the actor explains what
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jason: a quick look at your first alert forecast this morning. we' re feeling the coldest temperatures of the season. here are the feels-like readings right now. our cool spot is ocala. eric burris is back in a few minutes with what you can expect today. s not a new role, actor jamie foxx is now a real-life hero. michelle: foxx and another good burning truck on monday. police say the driver, brett kyle, was drunk and speeding when he careened off the road
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foxx lives nearby and when he heard the crash, he jumped into action. jamie: as the flames do come into the cabin, i lean back, but i think what it did was that it hit his legs and it made him extend. your son is a fighter. when he extends, he extends out of the cabin. we pull him out and as we pull him out, within five seconds later the truck goes up. kyle remains hospitalized with third-degree burns and a broken collarbone. jason: the field at the citrus bowl is about to disappear. michelle: 300 trucks will haul in dirt to build up the citrus bowl. 16 monster trucks will crush their way through the arena. monster jam is saturday night at seven at lock. the orlando magic hope to get
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tonight, against the nba' worst team. the philadelphia 76ers come to tip. the sixers have just five wins all year, the magic have lost seven of the last eight. jason: coming up the pedi-cab , driver accused of raping a customer is now on trial. michelle: we are following the case next. we head out to alex villarreal in orange county. alex: a man is dead after a fire at this home.
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: announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: right now at at 6:30 grabbed a heavy jacket. you' re going to need it today. freezing temperatures in central florida. michelle: melbourne and orlando, those are our two spots. 39 in orlando, but are we still dipping before sunrise?
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minutes of cooler temperature. we could get another degree or two cooler before all is set and -- said and done. we rebound to warmer temperatures than yesterday. we get into the 60' s by lunchtime, 66 degrees. that is our high temperature today but of course this morning' s big story continues to be those chilly temperatures. freeze warnings in effect, at or below freezing for a little bit of time. we are not seeing that widespread. ocala you have been at 27 for the last 12 hours. this is right on par for our sixth-eight hours -- 6-8 hours. remote areas have gotten down there but orlando 39. beach.
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and things have been feeling chillier. 64 degrees in wildwood, 65 in apopka, 66 of cody and maitland, 66 melbourne, much more when i see you in a couple minutes. jason: people are waking up to a site they have not seen so far this season. michelle: take a look at this. video of frost all over cars in mount dora this morning. they cite a lot of people are see it we want your pictures. send it to us on twitter. jason: we want to make sure you live. check inside our wesh 2 weather app. ted, folks need to give themselves extra time. ted: you might have frost like you just saw. trouble on the roadway so leave
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look at the slowdowns here. this is near u.s. 192. we are looking at left lane and centerline block. head over to simpson road as your backup plan. map, things southbound. i-4, travel time into downtown orlando from i drive to the 408 is delayed. hour. in seminole county, getting busier out of lake mary. michelle: one person has died following an overnight fire. jason: a large shed behind a home went up in flames. that is off gatlin avenue. alex villareal is there for you. alex: we know that this was a
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here behind this house. you can see that deputies as well as fire officials remain on scene here. the medical examiner you can see behind me, these officials here, that is because a man did die in this fire and the battalion she out here tells me that man who died was the owner of this house and he was in his 50' s. we cannot see it from our vantage point here but the chief square foot holding on the other side of april at the home. he says it was your typical woodshop. everything is burned beyond recognition. the fire department initially got a call of a smoke smell in a nearby neighborhood that when firefighters got here they discovered it was coming from the shed behind the house. >> the chance of space heaters in use, we just don' t know. the building was fully engulfed when we found it.
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marshal is here. they will investigate and hopefully be able to find a cause. alex: we know that the fire is out now but fire officials need to take time to get any hotspots out. those are spots that could catch fire again. you can see firefighters and deputies remain out here. the state fire marshal also investigating as we will bring you any updates we have. live in orange county, alex villareal. michelle: today, we could find out the name of the woman fighting for her life after being attacked by a group of pit holes -- pitbulls. jason: at the stone book -- stony brook apartments. horrible sight. >> he attempted to get the dogs
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four dogs were killed. taken away by animal services. all of the victims were taken away to all rmc. -- oh rmc. michelle: a jury receded yesterday in the trial of george brainard and brett connolly is joining us to look at the case. brett: this woman was riding home after a race at daytona international speedway in a petty cap and was raped by the driver. they argue george brainard took advantage of a drunk woman who just wanted to go home. brain are -- brainerd allegedly drove him around -- drove her around in a confused state and raped her. the defense plans on presenting a different view of that night. they claimed the victim got into a fight with her fiance and
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with the driver and said they have got additional witnesses who will testify the victim was never held against her will and had no physical evidence of forcible rape. both the driver and the victim are expected to testify this week. brainerd faces up to 15 years in prison. jason: volusia county deputies say someone found -- attacked a disabled man and drove away. deputies were called out to floyd avenue on monday. the vehicle stopped as their 48-year-old son who had cerebral palsy was using his walker in they heard their sunscreen and saw a man push him down. at the suspect to randomly attacked a 71-year-old woman shores. the victim says her attacker had face. she describes him as a young
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the victim told police he hit her in the head and ran away. the woman had a gash and some bruising but is now ok. jason: the attorney general of the united states is set to testify on the president' s new executive actions on gun control . the latest from washington dc. >> loretta lynch appears before her agency' s role in implementing gun control measures. president obama announced steps to expand mandatory background checks. this morning, lynch testified in the first panel of hearings in alabama' s attorney general and the founder of sandy hook promise. >> issa diaz, wesh 2 news. michelle: a scandal surrounding hillary clinton' s e-mail. the investigator in charge of
6:34 am
personal e-mail says he found information classified above top secret. clinton received e-mails about special access programs while serving as secretary of state. and since campaign and the state department say that information was classified after she sees -- received it. jason: a cockfighting ring exposed in orange county. michelle: the suspect left jail late last night and we will show you what investigators found inside a local home a say posted the fight. jason: dangerous virus in florida. the warning this morning for
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eric: chilly weather outside. put the leather jacket on. as you step out the door, the hat, gloves, the whole nine yards. to the afternoon, we are actually expecting warmer temperatures today. 61 at lunchtime, 66 through this
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about seven degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. here is a look at neighborhood by neighborhood readings. a freeze warning in place in our northern areas. 32 degrees in the mattila, 29 in apopka. 35 in lake mary, upper 30' s and lower 40' s. chilly weather across central florida but warming temperatures along the way. your full forecast in just a couple minutes. let' s head over to ted noah. county. it was blocking a left lane and a center lane on the westbound side of fortune road. right by u.s. 192, west of the turnpike, it was causing a use simpson road to get around that. a chopper flying farther northeast and we are looking at
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into downtown orlando a good drive of eight minutes. side. this is after goldenrod road of porting the airport toll plaza. the scene of an overnight fire home. brevard county fire rescue sent us these pictures. take a look at the response. two people live in the home and their pets got out safely but to say. the men arrested and and orange of jail. inside the home. deputies say was used to stage those fights. brett connolly has more. brett: this was a business and this guy was breeding, training, purpose of animal fighting. here are some photos from the sheriff'
6:39 am
operation located down a small road off of colonial drive. it is complete with bird cages, fighting rings. they seize 54 birds and arrested william diaz. he found syringes to inject the birds with vitamins. diaz is facing charges of possession of firearm. >> diaz was arrested on your 50 counts of animal cruelty. jason: the first section of the all new khiva parkway -- akiva parkway -- what khiva parkway opens up. this parkway completes central florida' s beltway. this is the first toll road that
6:40 am
lanes to use cash. michelle: that dangerous seek a virus -- zika virus has made its way to florida. this person got the mosquito borne illness in december. two others got it after a trip to colombia. the cdc has issued a travel notice for pregnant women to avoid these areas. some local people did not get the freeze warning because another problem noaa weather radio. >> sumpter lake and marion county residents as well as a couple outsider areas. noah -- noaa hopes to have this problem fixed before the next round of storms which could be coming our way on friday. jason: ahead, we have a look at today' s top stories. michelle: coming up on the today
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>> sarah palin' s endorsement of donald trump a game changer in the republican presidential race. we will talk about that with mr. trump. the sat optional? surprising new recommendations endorsed by the top schools that change the way your kids apply to college. jill martin gives me a much
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eric: it is frigid this morning. it is really cold. 20' s in the area. just standing outside, i can see my breath. strange stuff. outside those, we take you out to our skycam network. holy moly, how gorgeous is that. just a couple of clouds overhead, it is as promised and absolutely breathtaking sunrise. freeze warnings in effect for our areas north of i-4. sumpter, lake, west volusia
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those rural areas we are running the risk of hitting that freezing part. county. in to over to the spruce creek community. 38 degrees in orlando, 40 in williamsburg, 45 in merritt island and 46 in melbourne beach. this morning the coldest morning we have seen yet this season. we have made it down to 39 in orlando, 36 degrees in daytona beach. here is the potential for some frost especially north of interstate four though there are some areas of the st. john' s river basin we could be talking about. a weak frontal boundary here between an area of low pressure out here. this moisture is going to stay
6:44 am
to get some showers by don' severe. over central florida, helping to insulate our southern areas. 64 degrees does it today in 66. 66 in maitland. 63 daytona beach. 55 inmates. guess what. it does not clear much through the day. top of us. one or two clouds. that is going to be it. we are noticing and onshore kick to the wind. a milder set up north of us dragging a cold front. that cold front brings showers diving back into central florida. water temperatures in the upper 50' s and 60'
6:45 am
feel rather chilly. s seven-day forecast. 60% chance of storms on friday. 6:52 is the time. ted: we have a crash in osceola county causing a delay. by u.s. 192, it is in the center and left lane as well so use simpson road to get around. here is westbound i-4, keeping an eye on seminal into orange. ultima thule, -- ultimate -- altamonte to lee, not so bad. for a late eastbound on the approaching colonial. westbound delay free. the 408 westbound on the i-4 ramp. we are keeping an eye on it.
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michelle: brett connolly is in the breaking news center with details. brett: deputies on the scene of a fatal industrial accident in orlando. this is happening at a warehouse in the 7000 block near sand lake road. it is not clear what caused the accident or if anyone else was injured. we have a crew heading to that scene right now. join us on cw 18 for updates. michelle: one person has died in a fire in orlando. firefighters still working to find out exactly how that blaze started. jason: five people hurt in a bloody pitbull attack in sanford. police were forced to shoot four of the five cars -- dogs last night. it is unclear what will happen to the survivor. michelle: testimony will begin in the trial of a pedicab driver who allegedly raped a woman in daytona beach. prosecutors say george brainard
6:47 am
a race at the daytona international speedway. the defense claims the woman offered. jason: a man was shot to death street. neighbors say they saw an older man wearing a skull, dressed in black, driving a buick that looked new. michelle: police hoping new surveillance video will help them catch. one suspect, may have been burned by those claims. the run after opening fire at an orange county gas station. it happened near silver star. one person was shot at least three times. we are highlighting at the bottom of your screen. there is no word on what led up to this shooting. news sunrise continues on a cold morning.
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we will be right ba >> welcome back. you have got your traffic and weather to get you out the door. at these current
6:49 am
27 in ocala, 39 in orlando, 37 degrees up in daytona beach. well we are chilly now, i lunchtime it is 61 degrees and 60. it looks even some thunderstorms returning to central florida. ted: a crash involving a semi-on kirkman road and conroy. you might have to take pinewood road as an alternate. multicar crash as you can see, not blocking the roadway right now. we will definitely watch that closely. the crash in osceola is on fortune road. backups. simpson road good backup plan. jason: sarah palin' s appearance on the campaign trail. michelle: brett joins me on cw 18. >> we have been showing you this video. frost covering cars across
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