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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 10:00am-10:49am EST

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national captioning institute, this morning on "today's take," hollywood hero jamie foxx, the oscar winner speaks out after saving a driver from a burning car. then, dylan catches up with the shirtless stars of "neighbors 2," zach ephron and seth roguan. plus, search-time grammy winner toni braxton joins us. all that and more coming up next >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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chilly wednesday morning. 33, it's up from yesterday when we were in the teens. it's climbing but it looks like it's going to go back down soon, january 20th, 2016. i'm willie along with natalie, tamron and al and our morning jam comes from al roker. "cake by the ocean." >> by dnce. >> you know what cake by the ocean means? >> they were on the show. they explained it. >> oh, it's kind of like the segment you guys had earlier understanding what kids mean. >> cake by the ocean. >> think about buns, cake. >> oh, okay, i know where you're going. >> now all the parents know. >> before we get to the news, al, let's talk about some snow coming our weekend. how bad is it going to be, really? >> there's two different main models we look at, the american and the european. >> yeah. >> and i think the difference between the two is that the european model slows it down about eight hours. the american model is about eight hours ahead, but we are
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amount of snow. just exactly where, we're thinking right now that it's going to be washington, d.c. and maybe just south of philadelphia and west. that's -- that's the general consensus, which could be -- it could be two to three feet in some of those areas, especially the mountainous areas. up here into new york city, boston will probably see less, maybe a foot, maybe even less than that, 6 inches, but new york city and the tri-state area, maybe around, you know, 8 to 12 inches. >> enough for sledding on the weekend. >> enough for sledding. >> yes. >> but other part about this that's going to cause problems is as the system moves up the coast, and we'll detail this more, it will really intensify so we're going to see wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. it's going to be a heavy snow so i expect power lines coming down, roof damage. there's going to be a lot of beach erow, not quite sandy-esque, but it's going to be rough, so we'll detail that, but it's going to be a very, very active weekend, and -- and
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be severe weather down through the southeast. >> right. >> so there could be tornadoes out of the same system. >> for all the people watching about the mild winter. whatever happened to winter, winter is here. patience, my friends. >> stock up. >> guess what else is back? >> sarah palin is back. >> yes. >> last night we partied like it was 2008 and the former vice presidential nominee sarah palin back on stable, this time endorsing donald trump. >> mr. trump, you're right, look, back there in the press box. heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. man. that's why he's doing so well. we're not going to chill, drill, baby drill down and hold these folks accountable. you ready for a commander in chief who will led our warriors do their job and go kick isis' [ bleep ]. >> we didn't bleep it at 7:00, the 9:00. >> kids are home from 7:00 to
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>> but the younger kids at home heading down to school right now. >> okay. >> about a 20-minute speech there in iowa, donald trump introduced her, brought her up on stage and there were a few moments if you watch, he was in the shot the whole speech where you could sort of if you want to do a thought bubble on donald trump. that would have been an interesting experiment. >> what have i done? >> especially when she swore. >> said all the right things. >> you know how it's jarring -- you know you're going to say this, and i think it surprised him that she went that explosive that early. >> you know what i'm looking forward to and we do our show from there, the food. there's some great food in iowa. you start making the rounds early. >> pork, corn. >> you're thinking about food. all i'm thinking about is "snl" and maybe tina fey coming back more now as a result of this. >> a show this weekend. >> got a show this weekend. >> ronda rousey hosting. >> all i can't wait to see if maybe sarah palin/tina fey back on. >> they are on campaign trail.
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headed to oklahoma and the larger question, of course, is will she have an impact and how bruised is ted cruz from this? she helped ted cruz in his senate bid, and then just kind of -- >> he tweeted out, you know, earlier he obviously understands. >> no, he doesn't. he had to say that. come on, natalie >> exactly. he does not understand. >> you know, right. >> natural question though and everybody is thinking about is there some back room deal, does this mean a position for her possibly in a trump administration? as a cabinet member? savannah spoke with trump earlier and asked that very question. here you go. >> that question is always asked of me who do you have in mind, and i didn't even think about vp right now and i just want to win. i've always been a closer. i get the deal done and i have to win before i start thinking about that. there are a lot of good people in the republican party. there are a lot of good people. as far as sarah is concerned, never asked me about that, never asked me about anything else, just wanted to support, and it's
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know very badly so many people are so disappointed that she didn't support them, but certainly there would be a role somewhere in the administration if she wanted, and i'm not sure that she does want that, but there would certainly be a role. >> he said so many people, nicolle wallace was on and said that so many people was a person. >> yes. >> and it was ted cruz exclusively. >> fixed strategically in terms of media coverage, less than two weeks and so much attention, three days, four days will be about sarah palin and donald trump as ted cruz tries to get his message out. >> forget about all the others. >> from social media last night, too, if you turned on any network, all the cable stations, that was it. that was what ruled the airwaves, for right or wrong and some people say that gives donald trump an unfair advantage because he does get so much free media attention. >> he's the master of it. >> he has mastered it. >> and the master of the universe. >> i love this story.
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when i first saw it or a tweet, really, what is this. jamie foxx saved a life. how often can you say that in life. it happened actually right outside of his home. it looked like a scene from a move, but it's real. this happened monday night. jamie foxx was home, apparently was a car crash right in front of his place. a man was in a pickup truck. into action. the driver is 32-year-old brett driver. nevertheless, this was the crash that happened. jamie foxx not waiting for the emergency responders. he leaped into action. here's had a little bit of how jamie explained what went down. >> i heard the crash, and i heard someone yelling, so i get in my car and come down and called 911 and when i get here the truck is over on its side, and it's in flames. luckily it got pulled up, and he has emt scissors. i climb in and i try to hit his -- his seat belt but he's
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scissors from him and cut the seat belt and pulled him out and as we pulled him out within five seconds later the -- the truck goes up. i don't look at it as heroic. >> he was here for my son and as far as i'm concerned he saved his life because based on the video i saw he would have burned up. brett wouldn't have been able to get out of the car. >> unbelievable. >> thank goodness, there too, there was an emt there who had the scissors, jamie fox had the seat belt and was hunched over apparently and couldn't get him out of. unbelievable. >> one of the situation you ask yourself would you have the courage, risk everything to go to a burning car and jamie foxx did it. >> he deserves a milk shake. >> he does, that's right. >> chocolate, vanilla, step aside. these are's lit most decadent milk shakes you have ever seen. >> wow. >> clearly the most decadent. oh, my gosh. >> this is from a restaurant in new york city.
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there's cotton candy. >> what do you guys want. >> and red velvet. >> is this sweet and salty. >> oh, my gosh. >> did we get the willy wonka ticket. this is incredible. >> how do you -- there's a million calories in each these. >> that's okay. >> meantime. >> how do you even eat these? >> you just go in. >> the straw works. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening inng eric: waking up to temperatures in the 20' s, 30' s and 40' s. we are headed to 66 this afternoon with bright sunshine. tomorrow will start off a bit
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> can you tell you're enjoying this. >> yours has a whole slice of cake. >> a piece of red develop set cake on top. >> that's incredible. >> imagine a 7-year-old after this. >> oh, my gosh. >> are these sugar daddies. >> spontaneously exploded. >> good, i will say. coming up next, dylan catches up with the stars of "neighbors 2," zach ephron and seth rogan. we'll see if the guys managed to keep their shirts on throughout the entire movie. >> i'm going back for more. >> huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool.
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. two years ago "neighbors" was a big hit at the box office. the sequel was green lit very quickly and dylan got to visit the cast of "neighbors 2, "sorority rising."
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with the stars of the film that brought back seth regan and zach ephron and a new few faces. >> are you our new neighbors? >> we're your new neighbors. >> "neighbored" explored the relationship between a young couple with a baby and a fraternity living next door. let's just say it was tense. >> i think someone backed into my car. >> that's weird. >> oh. delta has the upper hand. >> the film took the box office by storm and grossed $270 million overall. >> welcome to our sorority, cappa nu. >> the world was begging for a big, better second installment and that's what exactly producer seth rogan is going to get them. what is the pressure going into a sequel.
10:15 am
expectation going into this one? >> i think you have to make it what's next rather than what's more. when you look the stories like the "toy story" movie and movies with great sequels and ride to pick apart what's great. >> that's awesome, you watched "toy story." such a good idea. >> seth has a producer on the movie an technically you're everybody's boss. >> yeah. >> do you act like it, theme like it? >> so hard to work for. like -- >> yeah. i yell, i throw things. i threw staplers because who is going to fire me. >> so the first "neighbors" was absolutely hilarious, but i felt like at end the frat is kicked out and everything is tied up in the bow so what is the premise behind this one? >> there is a few. >> what are we going to do? >> having a second baby and trying to sell the house so we can move to the suburbs and have more space and it starts like us being in escrow and not really understanding what that is
10:16 am
>> teddy is having like a very early mid-life crisis. >> urt kwaer-life crisis. >> first one. >> which is a thing. >> and he comes across these girls who are forming a sorority. >> yeah. >> and kind of starts to mentor them through that. >> "neighbors 2" brings back the cast of the original film adding hollywood rising scar chloe girl." what is like coming into a movie like this and trying to fit in and just go with the flow? >> it's awesome. i mean, it's always hard trying to jump into a second from a first movie without knowing the cast at all but at the same time they already had such a great camaraderie and allows ing us to come into the group and feel super accepted and comfortable. >> like they are cool neighbors. >> everyone wants to know will you be taking your shirt off in this movie, seth.
10:17 am
a lot of us will. every minute i have to shirtless for one minute. >> thanks for doing that. >> i wanted it. >> gosh. love that they drew the abs in. dylan, not to embarrass you but we are going to embarrass you. we heard there was a teeny little embarrassing moment for you during the interview. shall we roll the videotape. >> so, zach, you're -- sorry. going into this movie, i would say and the first one, too. >> oh, my -- >> we need some really cool business in this business and we came -- most of the time keep ourselves together. if it's zach ephron who is so hot, and his arms were just like budget of out of his t-shirt, i totally like -- it was -- >> i don't know. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry you had to see that. >> you're calling your husband. >> no, no, he just called. he wants you to stop this now. it's embarrassing.
10:18 am
i lost my train of thought and i couldn't continue. >> the synapses just start firing. >> oh, my gosh. >> he understood. >> while he was there, i'm sore a couple of reporters get that way around him. >> a little perclempt. >> every human being probably would. >> it wasn't about sex. >> dylan, we love you more for your honesty. >> "neighbors 2 sorority rising" universal pictures, opens may 20th. >> coming up, we have grammy winner toni braxton. she's turned out some of the biggest hits in music and her life wasn't always on a high note and now she's sharing her story in a new movie and is here to tell us all when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired.
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her amazing vocal talent made her had a multi-plattium artitivity earning, countless grammys, and one of them as recently as last year. >> but toni has endured her fair share of professional and personal challenges, all being told in the new lifetime tv movie she executive produced called "toni braxton, unbreak my heart." >> i 1yu678 right into it. baby face and i were really impressed with the audition the other night and we would like to offer you a recording contract with the face records. how does that sound? >> thank you, sir. oh, my gosh. my sisters and i are going to be so -- >> honey. >> yes, sir. >> sorry, so sorry, the only thing is we only want to sign you, not the braxton sisters. >> wow. >> so you start out as a group, as a family group. >> yeah. >> and then it's just you. >> how did that affect you and your relationship with your sisters? >> it was tough initially. even before that moment happened i originally got discovered at a
10:23 am
annapolis, maryland. >> did you sing at the am co? >> i was putting mauss income my it was station, i would sing at opening of a band-aid, an envelope, anything, and i would sing around the city and he was the guy who co-produced milli vanilli. those actions that got me and my sister and i the record deal, tough leave, i can't deny that. >> is it strange for you to watch someone else act out and represent your life when you know exactly how it all happens? >> super tough. i wasn't involved in the preliminaries of finding the toni. i said give me three girls to choose from. this girl is great, stands like me and plays piano like me and hold her head like me and fit the costume, the original costume. >> she doesn't sing like me but looks a lot like my. >> you say the costume is part of the iconic status.
10:24 am
>> things were younger then. parts of me were 20. >> some of your fashion on the red carpet, risky. so tell us your process, and especially the iconic white grammy dress, i think we showed you. >> that one is not in there. that dress is not in there. all the other ones. of all the dresses i couldn't find it. >> is it true that you weren't crazy about "unbreak my heart." >> i didn't love it. i'm a walking cliche. i didn't love it, okay, it's nice. diane ward is great, i love her and i didn't think it's for me and l.a. and baby said try it and turned out tonight biggest hit of my career. >> people are really going to love this move, request the tony bracketston, unbreak my heart" that premiers saturday night.
10:25 am
the movie "dirty grandpa." which one of these is true. he was a contestant on jepd when he was 25, owns a chicken named roomy or he i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee r and it was a real easy tswitch to make.
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of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. good morning... i'm jason guy... it's 10:26. a worker is dead after an industrial accident at a warehouse in the 7-thousand block of chancellor drive.. that's near south orange blossom trial and sand lake road in orlando. fire-rescue was called to the taylor farms food service distribution center just before 5 this morning. investigators say a worker was apparently stuck in some type of conveyor belt type machine. the orange county sheriff's office and osha are investigating. also in orange county... one person has died in a fire. a large shed went up in flames behind a home on formby drive around two a-m. firefighters are still working
10:27 am
observant neighbors could help catch a killer in orange county. the man was shot to death yesterday morning on 19-th street. neighbors saw an older man, wearing a skull cap and dressed in black, driving away in a white, four-door buick that looked new. testimony gets underway today in the trial of a pedi-cab driver who allegedly raped a woman in daytona beach. prosecutors say george brainard took advantage of the woman while she was riding home after a race at the daytona international speedway. the defense claims the woman offered to have sex with him. taking a live look outside... meteorologist amy sweezey is up next with the forecast. discussion... ...slowly
10:28 am
colder again this weekend... today-tonight... raob soundings from the 20/00z release show a deep and very
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the peninsula... rap analysis indicating h85-h70 lapse rates btwn 1.0-2.0c/km along and s of the i-4 corridor. ridge axis over the mid atlc/ne carib will be the primary wx feature for central fl today as it pushes into the w atlc...keeping the lcl airmass too stable to support anything beyond a wafer thin lyr of marine stratocu along the coast. as the ridge builds ds thru the h100-h85 lyr will veer from n/ne to e thru the day...contg overnight. the onshore flow will push modified marine air into the cwa that will allow temps to warm up. modification will be
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taking a look at the headlines, new cases of a mosquito mosquito-attorney zika virus are being reported in the u.s., three in florida, two in illinois, hawaii hand texas have already reported one case apiece. all victims have traveled to the countries where the virus is found. zika is a virus that affects pregnant women and could cause birth defects. go to for more on the warning of travel to affected countries to latin and south
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a regular heartbeat may pose greater heart risks for women than men. atrial fibrillation affects about 33 million people and is linked to an increase risk stroke and death for both men and women. researchers found women with af had a 12% higher risk of early death and were more likely to suffer from stroke, heart failure and other cardiac problems. disney's recalling two styles of infant wunsies because the snaps can come loose and pose a choking hazard. the recall covers cotton body suits with darth vader and disneyland 60 diamond celebration designs. they cost about $20. they were sold last year at disney theme parks and on some disney cruise is his. no injuries have been reported but consumers should contact disney park for instructions on how to return them. french fries and chocolate, two american favorites, but what if you combine them. yeah, chocolate-covered fries, the latest menu item in mcdonald's in j.the golden
10:32 am
potato and the friz are drizzled with two different chocolate sauces. grompts i think it looks completely amazing. let the debate begin. up to you guys. let's get a check of the weather, what do you think, al, chocolate covered fries? >> the name alone is disguised. >> i like the chocolatey sweet salty. >> matt greenefield, you remember matt. we saw his derriere during rokerthon. matt greene field, ladies and gentlemen. thanks for stopping by, appreciate that. we've got sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. some snow around the great lakes. the upper mississippi river valuery. icy mix in between the showers and thunderstorms and down through the gulf. high surf advisories along the southern california coast and more rain moves into the pacific northwest. for tomorrow, slight risk of strong storms down through the gulf. same storm system that brings us all that snow over the weekend. wind, wet and wild along the pacific northwest coast. that's what's going on around
10:33 am
in the 20' s, 30' s and 40' s. we are headed to 66 this afternoon with bright sunshine. tomorrow will start off a bit milder. >> that's your latest weather. >> hello. >> so nice to see you. >> mergeiot mug rooney has starred in 65 movies and we're going to squeeze his memorable roles into a 24-second montage. this is your life. >> maybe.
10:34 am
>> a lot of people think it's a scheme. >> absolutely would. >> they are all watching, you know. >> i was just about to ask you about that. >> you ready. >> they want it. >> they see you the way i see you. >> yes, ma'am. >> we've got them. >> that's a career. >> missed one here and there. >> so many. >> wow. >> dermott stars alongside dern row and zach ephron in the new movie "dirty grandpa." >> if you leave right now you can kiss your job at the firm good-bye. hey, hey, come on. >> the guy who left you on a sandwich -- >> i'm a small business owner, backbone of the country. >> will you stop. >> i'm kind of in the middle of it. >> as we were watching that kline you were re-enacting it >> oh, man. >> i've got to tell you, that's
10:35 am
even show. if this movie were a legal document it would be redacted, you know. >> oh, my gosh. >> is it rated "r." >> i don't know if they have enough rs. >> could be. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's crazy. >> hey, we asked before the commercial break a trivia contest. >> we wanted to know which one of these is true. were you a contestant on jeepd we you were 25, you own a chicken named reason. >> okay. >> or, c, you contributed to the "mission impossible" movie as a cellist. >> c. >> i was reading your face, i like poker. >> i completely snowed you and you're right, "a." i did contribute to the score of "mission impossible" as a cellist. >> i'm an expert cellist of all the most bizarre things you can think of. there's the theme. >> that's unbelievable. >> there you are right there. >> if you can hear the 11th cellist that's me. >> how did that happen?
10:36 am
>> i'm a union musician. >> like a studio guy. >> yeah, yeah. >> i play with one of our greatest composers right now, a great guy. >> exactly. >> won the academy award for -- >> just even cooler. >> it's taken me 45 years to be cool with a cello. it's hard. it's hard, you know. >> lugging that thing around. >> on the school bus, it did not help, but now i'm on the "today" show. now it's cool. >> and you're wing awards for playing cellos, too. >> that's fantastic. were you surprised when you saw de niro. first of all, i can't even believe that you're playing zach ephron's dad. you're not old enough. >> well, i am, but i've certainly watched the kid that they'd be the parent get older. they are catching up to me now that it's happening, but, of course, it's always been a dream to -- to work with robert de
10:37 am
you know, this was not really the version of playing his son. i mean, literally half of this movie they can't even show my face in because it's covered with stuff. >> i had it here. >> the premise of the movie, de niro and zach go off on a grandson/grandfather trip. >> exactly. >> like spring break gone wild. >> gone wild. in truth be told, i'm a supporting character in the cast and really thrilled to join these great comedians. >> i did miss out a little until they -- >> you saw jacob on the ice cream truck. >> dermot, thanks so much. >> and to all the little cell ists out there, you've inspired them. >> keep playing, practice, practice. >> "dirty grandpa" hits theaters this friday. >> coming up, she shot to stardom for her vocals on clean
10:38 am
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how could you forget, rather be. oh, man. this earned jess glynne a grammy award. >> now she's wracking up more hits "i cry when i will have laugh" and will perform a new single but first let's see how jess made her way to our stage. i know that i ain't go far to go >> jess glynne has a voice that just says with you. it's no longer her dream >> the british singer/songwriter burst on the music scene following a collaboration with the electronic group clean bandit. there's no place i'd rather be >> with a global smash hit "rather be." the song has rocked up more than 379 million views on youtube and earned a grammy for best dance recording. last year jess released her
10:43 am
i don't want to rock alone >> which skyrocketed to number one on the uk chart. you got me where you want me >> now, jess is finishing the american leg of her tour before heading back on the road to the uk. rocking the world and proving there's no place she'd rather be. >> glynne joins us now. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> watching the piece and each new song came up we'd start bombing a little bit differently. your songs are so catchy and voice so good. i looked, "rather be, ""380 million views. are you stunned how that caught fire? >> i didn't know that's how many. that's insane. >> what did that song mean to you in your career? >> i mean, it's the beginning of everything really for me. "rather be" was such a journey and it kind of put me on the map to everything that i've done up
10:44 am
a special moment. >> everything that has happened i imagine has been whirlwind with labels signing, the huge success of the album. you're touring, and i asked you how many cities and she said i'm not exactly sure but you're performing tonight. >> yeah. >> how do you get up on our show and perform tonight. >> i just take a nap and boost of energy and go again. >> and bring it. >> and the fans i imagine help. >> when you get on stage it's like you enter a new realm of yourself, and for me it just happens. >> hopefully something we have for you will energize you in just a little bit. want to bring in your official gold platt. >> oh, my gosh, this is massive. >> want me to hold it while you sing. >> oh, there you have it. >> you can tote it on all the 16 cities. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> i love that. >> yes. we love you. >> thank you so much. >> don't you go anywhere,
10:45 am
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10:49 am
we're back with grammy winner jess glynne sitting her new hit "don't be so hard on yourself. request the "jess, take it away. i came here with a broken that's right no one else could see i drew a smile on my face to paper over me the wounds heal and tears dry and cracks they don't show so don't be so hard on yourself, no let's go back to simplicity i feel like i've been missing me was not who i'm supposed to be i felt this darkness over me we all get there eventually i never knew where i belonged but i was right and were you wrong been telling myself all along don't be so hard on yourself, no learn to forgive, learn to let go everyone trips, everyone falls
10:50 am
cause i'm just tired of marching on my own kind of frail, i feel it in my bones oh, let my heart, my heart turn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no i'm standing on top of the world, right where i wanna be so how can this dark cloud keep raining over me but hearts break and hells a place that everyone knows so don't be so hard on yourself no let's go back to simplicity i feel like i've been missing me was not who i'm supposed to be i felt this darkness over me we all get there eventually i never knew where i belonged but i was wright and you were wrong been telling myself all along don't be so hard on yourself, no learn to forgive, learn to let go
10:51 am
so don't be so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of marching on my own kind of frail, i feel it in my bones oh, let my heart, my heart turn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no oh, oh, oh i learned to wave good-bye how not to see my life through someone else's eyes it's not an easy road but now i'm not alone so i, i won't be so hard on myself no more don't be so hard on yourself, no
10:52 am
everyone trips, everyone falls so don't be so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of marching on my own bones oh, let my heart, my heart turn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of marching on my own kind of frail, i feel it in my bones oh, let my heart, my heart turn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no >> jess glynne, thank you. download the album and check her out on the american leg of her tour. we're back in a moment.
10:53 am
jess glynne is never letting go of her gold record. >> i'm not. i'm holding on to it forever. >> have fun tonight at webster hall. check her out on the american leg of her tour. and coming up next hour hip-hop legend rev run.
10:54 am
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