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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise on cw 18 in high definition. -- news at noon in high definition. jason: breaking news this noon, a plea deal in the brutal crowbar attack of a local teen. good afternoon, i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. rebecca gotay and jessica umberger are accused of beating a 17-year-old in the driveway of a satellite beach home last february. wesh 2' s dan billow is live at the courthouse in viera where the women admitted their part in the beating, but dan, did they
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dan: one did apologize and the other indicated she will apologize later. jessica umberger was tearful during the hearing in which she pleaded guilty to aggravated battery. rebecca gotay wore a serious expression as she told the judge she drove another teen to the home of daniel vukovich. vukovich appeared in court for the first time. he was beaten so severely with a crowbar, his mother thought she had been shot in the face when she found him in the drive where he -- driveway. authorities say the three suspects thought the victim had stolen some marijuana from them. the two women were initially charged with attempted murder, but agreed to plead guilty to aggravated battery in exchange for their testimony against the third suspect. >> i am really sorry for what happened. if there is anything i could do to take it back, i would. dan: dylan thomas remains charged with attempted murder. there will likely be no plea bargain in his case. authorities say he was the one
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his trial has not been scheduled. the two women face a maximum of 15 years in prison when they are sentenced in april. we are live at the brevard county courthouse in fiera. michelle: police in sanford say they have arrested the person behind a deadly shooting. this happened on mellonville avenue last night near east 4th street. that' s just south of lake monroe. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live at the shooting scene with the latebreaking details on the investigation. what can you tell us ? >> that was announced just minutes ago and they provided us with a photograph. the man they have arrested is tommy mccann. they are accusing him of firing the shots here at the corner of fourth and mellonville avenue. they are saying he turned himself in to the sanford police department around 6:30 this
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this all started around 10:31 a 911 caller heard shots at the kensington oaks apartments. police say they found the body of marquis grove in the back of an apartment. they found whitney macleod who had been shot. she had an injury to her wrist and hand area. she should fully recover from that. neighbors of course were extremely uneasy with the level of violence here. we talked with a woman whose boyfriend was the one who called 911. >> he was looking at the people and i guess there was a lot of commotion going on next or. he called 911 because he was hearing somebody say that they got shot or that somebody was dead. he was looking and i guess he saw someone running in and out, kids were crying. dave: police are telling us at this hour that the suspect and
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other. they do not know what the dispute was about, what led to shots being fired here at this apartment complex. we are continuing to work the deals in this -- details in this particular case. the investigation is ongoing. jason: a big mess on i-75 this morning after an accident involving a van and three tractor trailers, the southound lanes had to be shut down for hours after the wreck near county road 484 . it' s billed lumber and other debris across the roadway. alex villareal has the latest on the people hurt in the wreck. >> a family member of a man who was in the van involved in the crash tells me it flip over four times. fhp says the victims were brought here, to ocala regional medical center. >> fortunately, no one' s injuries were life-threatening. it was just after 6 this morning -- six clock this morning when three tractor trailers and that van collided.
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the crash shut down i-75 southbound near marion oaks as lumber littered the highway. fhp says inmates were brought in to help clean up the crash. we got these photos from the woman who says her brother-in-law was a passenger in the van. she says it' s a carpool van that takes workers to their jobs at the coleman prison complex. her brother in law has a head wound, she says, but no broken bones or serious injuries. he says he had his seatbelt on when the crash sent the van flying. no word yet on the conditions of any of the drivers. and fhp says the investigation continues into what caused the four vehicles to collide. in marion county, alex villarreal wesh 2 news. jason: let' s turn to your first alert weather. quite a change in temperatures from where we began. michelle: eric burris is joining us now, eric, how long will it last?
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tomorrow and then we get to showers and thunderstorms and the bottom drops out again. a wanted show you our studio skycam because this is what i am looking at as i look around here. there is a lot of these high clouds sitting overhead. this morning was a nice, chilly start. we are rebounding. we were down to 42 in orlando. this is what it looks like for your lunch hour. 67 in cocoa, 68 orlando and 69 in daytona beach. we have a lot of those clouds over top of us and that forecast will continue to keep those clouds around through tonight. 74 degrees is our high in the city beautiful. we had there at 3:00 today. as the sun sets, we begin to bring those temperatures back down. we will talk more about the showers and even thunderstorms in the forecast for friday. there is that big blizzard up north, i will have your full
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michelle: the gang of these on the run after leaving behind smashed car windows at three hotels. witnesses say between 10 and 35 cars were broken into near hotels at wickham road. the thieves worked fast overnight, smashing the windows and stealing valuables before getting away. >> one guy saw his car with a broken window and they said oh they got you two. michelle: investigators are taking fingerprints and security video and hoping someone has seen something to lead them to the thieves. jason: incredible video out of tampa shows an apartment, what' s in flames overnight. eight units were gutted by fires at the westchester manor apartments. 14 people now have to find new places to stay. everyone was able to get out safely. investigators are searching for a cause of the fire.
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to see if there are more victims of this former elementary school teacher charged with capital sex crimes. 66-year-old donald sharp was a third-grade teacher when he -- police say he molested a young girl in a school hallway. police say the molestations were kept a secret for seven years. the victim only recently started acting out, showing signs of post-traumatic stress, before finally telling her mom the secret she' d been living with since 2008. sharp is charged with sexual battery on a child under the age of 12. if convicted, he faces life in prison. just in to wesh 2 the state has rested in the case of a former pedi-cab driver in daytona beach, accused of rape, prosecutors say 29-year-old george brainard picked up a fare following a speedway race nearly two years ago. they say he took the victim into the woods and raped her. the defense claims the sex was consensual. brainards attorneys made a motion for acquittal following the states case the judge denied it and the defense is expected
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jason: we are now hearing the 911 call made by a frantic hunter moments after he accidentally shot his friend. >> i am out here and i just killed my friend in a hunting accident. oh god. it just happened. jason: chopper 2 was over the scene as it unfolded in a wooded area north of may town road. deputy see the hunter accidentally shot and killed 65-year-old bruce best with a shotgun. the circumstances surrounding how best was shot still remain unclear. no charges are expected to be filed. investigators want to know if the same dogs involved in a bloody attack in a sanford apartment attack were involved in a similar incident last month. an officer shot and killed five of the six dogs attacking the woman in her home. a similar attack last month left two people with bites.
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>> every time we would walk by, they would come to the window and they had ripped the blinds completely down. they had destroyed it day by day. we weren' t even sure if they had food or water in there. he was gone so long. jason: we could not reach the man believed to be the owner of those dogs. right now, the dow jones seems to be recovering some of this week' s losses. take a look at the big board of the new york stock exchange. we are up about 257 points. that is good news for investors. it sounds like something out of a spy novel, but it is anything but fiction. michelle: new charges that white america and had a former russian spy murdered. -- vladimir putin had a former russian spy murdered. ted: looking at i-4
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is happening periodically. you will get their annual have using offramp, maitland boulevard. take that over to edgewater, maitland boulevard eastbound and you can get back onto i-4. this part of the project is happening through january 29 and the slated time is 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.. it could be a little bit less than that and the closure is periodic. we have more info you can take
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download the wesh 2 >> you are watching wesh 2. michelle: a bombshell ruling out of the u.k.. a judge has now ruled that russian president vladimir putin ' probably' approved the murder of a former russian spy. jason: in the ruling, the judge says he is ' certain' that alexander litvinenko was given tea laced with a fatal dose of poison back in 2006. he also says there is a ' strong possibility" that the russian security service directed the killing, and that putin probably approved it. the victim' s wife spoke out shortly after the ruling. >> i am of course very pleased that the words my husband spoke on his deathbed, when he accused mr. putin of his murder, have been proved true in an english
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independency and fairness. jason: litvinenko was known for targeting putin with criticism in the press. michelle: it now looks like the so-called affluenza teen could be back in the u.s. sooner than expected. attorneys for ethan couch now say he will return to texas from mexico within a few weeks. couch has been challenging extradition since last month. the court announced yesterday that paperwork has been filed to get rid of the injunction that' s keeping the 18-year-old in that country. couch went to mexico with his mother after violating his probation in a drunk driving case. four people were killed when he crashed his car. jason: new at noon, the number of people filing for unemployment benefits is now at the highest level since july. the labor department says weekly applications jumped 10,000 last week to a four-week average of 285,000. despite this, the department says the number is still at a historically low level. the number of jobless claims is usually an indication of whether businesses are worried enough about the economy to cut jobs. meanwhile, workers at walmart are getting some good news today. the company says it is planning to give a pay raise to most of
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workers. one million employees will get a raise to $10 an hour. provide short-term disability at no cost to full-time workers and allow them to accrue paid time off. subscribers are about to get hit with a price hike. the streaming service says it subscription fees for many longtime subscribers. people now paying 7.99 dollars for the hd plan now have a choice. either pay the same amount for standard definition, or two dollars more for high definition. the news comes just one day after netflix announced they have passed 75 million subscribers across the globe. if you bought a hoverboard from amazon over the holidays, you can get a refund. amazon made the announcement over growing concerns that the two-wheeled balance boards are not safe and pose a fire hazard. the government is currently investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flames. experts are also urging users to
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falls can be serious. this was the scene in the nation' s capitol this morning . slick roads making for a very slow commute. jason: and meteorologists say the worst is still to come. a major winter storm is now barreling down on the northeast, with more than two feet of snow expected in some areas. jim cantore has more on what to expect over the next few days. jim: if last night was any precursor as to what is to come, we are in big trouble here in washington dc. only 7/10 of an inch of snow but look at the headache it caused. we had accidents everywhere. 150 reported by the police department with traffic locked up everywhere, even major interstates with less than an inch of snow. >> there are so many aspects of the storm, it boggles the mind. we have a major ice storm possible for charlotte, north carolina. as the colder part of the storm was overhead.
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which is had such a high -- over virginia, west virginia, delaware, several pennsylvania for the last several days. now, it looks like these 20 to 30 plus inches of snowfall will happen. this will be a blockbuster and will impact many. jason: those conditions even leading to some problems for the leader of the free world. president obama' s motorcade had to slowly make its way back to the white house last night. usually traffic is moved out of the way for the president but because of the conditions, it couldn' t be done. the normal 25 minute drive from joint base andrews ended up taking more than an hour. wow. michelle: i don' t miss that after being in florida so long. eric: the good news is as they deal with the snow, we are open for business. so tell all your friends to come down to central florida. we have the 70' s right now.
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we have high clouds overhead, that is the only spoil and i would certainly not call it that. we are up to 69 degrees in daytona beach -- at international airport. elsewhere, we are sitting at about 70 in winter haven, 67. 68 in cocoa beach -- 68 in ocala. those high clouds streaming through town. high pressure control is giving us this easterly thatch. that will keep astride today. look out for the -- look out towards the rest. -- west. 72 degrees will be our high in ocala, 74 in orlando, i am expecting room temperature daytona beach and 71 from titusville down the coast to melbourne. beautiful day, but we have those clouds streaming on through. futurecast through 5:00, not much changes.
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that will help to bring our temperatures up. clouds act as a blanket insulating the area. we are only going to drop about 49 in ocala, 56 in the city beautiful. now we are getting to above average temperatures. using futurecast to look ahead to tomorrow, we are starting up nice and quiet. look what happens as we approach the noon hour, we start to develop the showers and then there is this batch of thunderstorms coming in around 1:00 to our western areas pushing for the metro area at 3:00 or 4:00 and exiting town by about dinnertime. that is the same storage system that is -- a storm system that is producing this big winter storm. let' s look at the northern aspect, by midnight tomorrow, already kicking up in the nation' s capital. literally all day saturday, we are talking about heavy snowfall for washington dc. then it gets to new york and then boston. the difficult part for new york
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this is -- this pink line is the rain, snow line. on one side it is coming down as water, the other side snow. if this rain snow line goes either direction it is the difference between shutting down new york airports or being able to keep them open at a slower pace. that puts that line over new york city. it will be a hard one to tell. the areas impacted the heaviest, the washington, d.c., baltimore metro area. we work up through delaware into southern new jersey and even long island. i friends there under blizzard watches. this is going to be a big winter storm. today, high temperature of 74 degrees. tomorrow we have stormy weather because of that, but we do not have any snow. that front sweeps in and chills us down for the weekend. we are talking about morning lows in the 30' s and 40' s. daytime highs only making it to the 50' s. jason: orlando city is following through its promise to build their new stadium without using
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michelle: the team announced yesterday that it plans to pay the city $18 million for the land where the stadium is being built. the mls franchise announced in may that it would privately finance the project, instead of using taxpayer money. the stadium won' t be finished until the start of the 2017 season. the city council will vote next monday on the land buying proposal. the magic' s losing streak has hit a new low. jason: last night, they were taken down by the nba' s worst team. the 76ers went up early and turned it into a nine point victory. that is the' s fourth straight loss for the magic and eight losses in the last nine games. they will look to rebound tomorrow at home against the charlotte hornets. michelle: if you love oreo cookies and cinnamon buns, you are about to lose your mind. oreo' s new cinnamon-bun flavored cookies officially hit the stores. social media went crazy when the cookies were first spotted. the company also says it will be re-releasing red velvet oreos in time for valentine' s day.
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i assure -- i am sure the cinnamon buns will be on my wish list. michelle: he disappeared nearly two years ago and his family
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jason: how far michelle: we are following a news. jason: 66-year-old donald sharp was a third grade teacher when police say he molested a young hallway. we are finding out why the school district and not take more action. michelle: a sexual predator has been charged -- has had more charges. we have more coming up on wesh 2 news first at 4. jason: after more than two years, and -- a family in arkansas is reunited with their dog. michelle: they are trying to figure out how he was found more than 1000 miles away in california. >> we are going to get liam back next month. michelle: this is liam the husky, he was found running
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officers quickly spotted him and took him to a nearby animal shelter. workers were shocked when they checked his microchip and they have no idea how we ended up 1500 miles from home. he is now reunited with his original family. jason: those dogs can travel. eric: thank you does that he wasn' t hurt. looking ahead to tomorrow, we have a couple of storms. the severe threat will stay north of us. 80% chance of a noon storm. then it gets chilly by the weekend.
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