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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. >> it' s ok. we done forgave him. it is what it is. we hurtin. we hurtin. adrian: right now at 6:00, forgiveness in the wake of violence. a family mourning a woman' s shooting death inside a local bar. loved ones say they' re confident justice will be served. good evening. i' m adrian whitsett. seminole county deputies say the victim was attending a private party inside cool breeze bar on sipes avenue, in sanford, when the bullet was fired. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is there
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matt, loved ones are gathering right now. matt: right now friends and family are gathering here to remember oceanette hampton. many here knew her as osha. they are hoping whoever is responsible or someone who knows what happened will come forward. >> oceanette was a very good child, a good daughter and sister, aunt, friend, she was my baby. i loved my baby. matt: gertrude hampton is grieving the loss of her daughter, oceanette hampton. she was shot here the cool breeze bar in seminole county. a deputy on patrol heard the shot fired and saw the crowd scramble. oceanette was found lying on the floor. paramedics tried, but could not revive her. >> she' s been all of our love, that fun cousin that brings the
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whatever she could do she would do. yes. she will be missed. matt: oceanette' s family is devastated. they' re looking for answers, hoping someone will come forward and say what happened in the moments before her death. so are investigators. >> god sits high and he looks low. justice will be served. that' s all we want. >> we will always love her and i will always cherish her memory. she will always live in my heart until the day i die. matt: a vigil is planned tonight where the shooting took place. sheriff' s office investigators have no information right now on a suspect. anyone who knows anything is urged to call the sheriff' s office or crimeline at 1800-423-tips. adrian: we' re in for another chilly night across central florida on what' s turned into a wintry weekend.
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winter park, where we didn' t get out of the 50' s today. first alert meteorologist eric burris is in our outdoor weather studio. eric, fortunately just two days in, this cold snap is almost over. eric: that' s right. freeze warnings are in place across central florida. marion county and sumter county under those freeze warnings. the rest of us under frost advisories. we will see that developing. at this hour, 51 degrees. light winds about three miles an hour. and no wind chill factor at this morning. 47 daytona beach. 54 ocala. over the next few hours, temperatures will drop off nicely. 45 degrees at 8:00. we will break down your
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neighborhood forecast for monday morning in a couple of minutes. adrian: breaking news right now in daytona beach. firefighters have just put out a fire at an old ymca building. you can see some of the smoke lingering on debbyshire road near third street a short time ago. police told us the property is owned by the islamic center of daytona beach. the owners had planned to refurbish the building into another islamic center. no one was injured. tonight, the investigation is beginning into what sparked a deadly fire at an independent living facility in lakeland. one person was killed and three others injured in the fire this morning at bella vista manor. other units had to be evacuated. many of those who live there are disabled. firefighters say the building didn' t have sprinklers, which infuriated a mother, whose son lives there. >> yes, it does. we have too many elderly people here and we need to make sure
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he is able and able to move, but when there are elderly people here, they should have all the facilities in working process. adrian: firefighters say the building was constructed in the early 70s, before those kinds of facilities were required to have sprinklers. troopers tell us a suspect trying to get away from a traffic stop crashed, killing himself and his passenger. fhp says just after 1:00 a.m., this nissan went through a red light and hit an suv. the collision sent the car flying along clearlake road in cocoa, hit a fire hydrant then a retention wall, and flipped. >> it sounded like a sonic boom of a rocket or something. that' s how loud it was. oh my goodness. it tore that whole car apart, didn' t it? adrian: quantarius miller of cocoa and michelle jenkins of palm bay both died at the scene. the driver of the suv suffered serious injuries and was being treated at wuesthoff medical center. new tonight, the mother of a prison escapee is pleading for
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s on the run, believed to be with his girlfriend and a three-year-old boy. wesh 2' s amanda ober reports, it' s been days since they were last seen in volusia county. amanda: this is escaped inmate gary bullock and his girlfriend natasha quigley. the two are believed to be on the run with quigley' s 3-year-old son. bullock' s mother made a plea for her son to come home >> i want him to turn himself in. i want him to do the right thing for all three of them. amanda: bullock has been jailed since 2010 on multiple grand felony charges. he was being held at a work release center in daytona beach and was working at the el caribe resort. investigators say on friday, bullock cut off his ankle monitor and was picked up from the hotel by quigley. it' s believed quigley stole money and a gun from her parent' s home and that she and bullock are traveling in quigley' s white, 2010 chevy cobalt. bullock' s mother says her son
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and that the couple seemed happy >> they were a happy little family, i don' t know why they would make this decision when it was so close to being a reality. amanda: saturday, quigley' s father also issued a plea. >> gonna have to sort this out, there' s bumps in the road, but you gotta come back, i don' t want no one to get hurt, don' t let no one get hurt. amanda: if you see the couple or their vehicle, you should call 911 immediately. amanda ober, wesh 2 news. adrian: bullock faces charges of escape and destruction of an electronic monitor. wuigley faces a charge of aiding escape. covering marion county, deputies are looking into a deadly shooting. michael thomas ratliff was shot and killed during a fight at a home on southwest 108th street in ocala. deputies say ratliff and his girlfriend were fighting when she went to a neighbor' s home early this morning. that neighbor then returned to the home, where deputies say he shot and killed ratliff.
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a former nfl player is facing drug charges after a traffic stop in sumter county. the florida highway patrol says jaber gaffney, 35, was arrested along i-75 friday on charges of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. troopers also released this dash cam photo, showing gaffney being arrested. the former university of florida star receiver played for numerous nfl teams from 2002 to 2012. the man accused of driving off with a trooper hanging from his car faced a judge today. orlando police arrested marcus during today' a judge decided he' ll need 13-thousand dollars to get out of jail. troopers say dallas hit the gas as trooper shuaib moonda reached inside the window and tried to turn off the car during a the trooper wasn' t seriously injured. their daughter vanished 10 years ago today. now, the parents of jennifer kesse want your help finding her. orlando police detectives say they still get tips, and work
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once a week. after not showing up for work, her car was found a mile away from where she vanished, but there' s never been any sign of her. billboards are now up around orlando, hoping to find kesse. covering volusia county, it won' t be business as usual tomorrow at the property appraiser' s office in daytona beach. as we reported friday, the property appraiser has decided to close the office out of concern for his employees' safety. morgan gilreath says one worker was accosted by a homeless while trying to get into the building. nearly 100 people have set up camp there, saying they have nowhere else to go. >> they painted us into a corner. this was like our last stand. >> i' m not putting my people up to that. we don' t give them combat pay. adrian: the property appraiser says employees from that office will work in deland and new smyrna beach until further notice. tonight, at least 28 deaths are now blamed on the winter storm
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the gulf coast to new england. causes of death range from car crashes to carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks while shoveling snow. now, cities are working to see if the monday morning commute will happen at all. >> this will be a long-term plowing and cleaning operation. and i want to thank the city workers for their work. adrian: the blizzard is being blamed for this roof collapse at a church outside philadelphia. it buckled under 30 feet of snow. the collapse also set off the sprinkler system, causing the auditorium to flood. we' ll take a look at the cleanup, live from washington d.c., in a few minutes. the iowa caucuses are just over a week away and the candidates are working to grow and solidify their support. we' ve also learned there is a chance a third party candidate could enter the race. dan scheneman has the newest developments in commitment 2016. dan: donald trump started his day at church as he tries to
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evangelicals, a crucial voting block in next month' s caucuses. trump attended the presbyterian service just one day after he made a surprising claim about his popularity. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue, and shoot somebody, and i wouldn' t lose any voters, ok? it' s like incredible. dan: ted cruz, who has been in a tight battle with trump in iowa, made light of the remark. >> i can say i have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign. dan: the political race has been good for saturday night live. meanwhile, the democrats are looking at the possibility that billionaire and former new york mayor michael bloomberg could enter the race. experts believe that would only happen if trump, cruz or bernie sanders are their party' s nominees. on meet the press, hillary clinton said she will save bloomberg the trouble. >> well, i' m going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn' t have
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dan: polls have clinton running neck and neck with bernie sanders in iowa while cruz and trump continue to battle for the gop lead. dan scheneman, nbc news. adrian: before bells ring at local schools in the morning, teachers will send a message. next at 6:00, the walk they' re planning to take, they say, to support their schools. plus, it' ll be another snow day for students in some of the hardest-hit cities by this weekend' s blizzard. we look at the road to recovery. ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. adrian: all across volusia county tomorrow, teachers and support staff, along with parents in the community will stage a walk-in throughout various schools just before the start of the day. the reason? to bring attention to the many issues volusia county schools are still facing. the president of the volusia teachers organization says the school board promised to change priorities and provide cleaner classrooms, less testing, and more resources and support throughout curriculums. instead, the organization claims the county put their focus towards uniforms, football stadiums, and gutting employee healthcare. tonight the nation' s capitol is beginning to dig out from a historic blizzard. but it could take a little while for the city to return to normal. wesh 2' s aixa diaz joins us live from washington, d.c. aixa, the city is seeing a big
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aixa: today was great. we had a beautiful day here in d.c. with people outside working and playing. >> the sun is out in washington dc. aixa: sunshine and clear skies. a welcome change, after 36 hours of pounding snow and strong winds. >> we will work to continue to clear our major arteries. aixa: city crews are out plowing roads, making progress, but still plenty of work left. cars are buried, sidewalks covered. residents are shoveling. having fun. a huge snowball fight took over dupont circle. at the national mall, a snowman in the making, and a patriotic snow-shoer. >> i was out of town for snowmageddon last time, so i missed all the fun, wasn' t going to miss this opportunity. aixa: the two washington-area airports expect to resume some flights monday morning. virginia' s governor says area
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>> 95, 395, 495 all of our major interstates are open, and they' re in very good shape. aixa: federal offices and d.c. schools are closed tomorrow. the subway will begin running again with limited service. adrian: i' m just glad that you are not standing in snow. thank you. let' s go to the weather in central florida. obviously we are not seeing snow like that. but we do have some frost. eric: we are not done with this arctic air mass just yet. [no audio] it looks like we are having a microphone issue. we are going to try it this way.
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this is a live shot outside. 51 degrees with clear skies overhead. we have freeze warnings for marion county and sumter county. here' s a look at temperatures. 49 flagler beach. 52 melbourne beach. 51 winter park. 49 lake mary. with clear skies overhead, it will allow plenty of cooling this evening. it will be a wonderful night. 31 in bellevue. 36 leesburg. 37 cr groveland.
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tomorrow morning, this is the concern. frost across the majority of central florida. areas highlighted in pink are where we could see the frost. it extends all the way down through the i-95 corridor. the only exception will be right in downtown orlando. the reason being, high-pressure in control gives us clear skies. that is the perfect scenario to see frost developing. everything changes monday afternoon. 67 in palm coast. 70 orlando and sanford. what a difference a day makes.
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the next chance of rain arrives on wednesday. our next cold front moves in. it' s going to bring us decent storms. they could be strong or severe. we' ll watch that very closely. we are calling for 77 on tuesday. wednesday into thursday, showers and storms. clearing out and cooling down friday through sunday. thank you for the microphone, my friend. adrian: no problem. what a pro. a reminder for those of you planning to drive in the winter park area this week. starting tonight the 17-92 northbound lanes will be closed from lee road to lake avenue. this is for pavement the closure will last from 8:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. this is an ongoing closure until this friday the 29th. sighs will be posted, directing a detour around the construction area.
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including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. adrian: two super bowl champs head-to-head trying to get back to the big game. 17th time peyton manning and tom brady squared off. this time in the afc championship game in denver. and broncos on the board first. manning td pass to tight end
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manning getting some congrats. short lived though, still in the first, manning' s backward pass is marked a fumble after a challenge, patriots get it at the 22 yard line, drive down and steven jackson punches it into the end zone. new england misses the extra point. after manning connects with daniels for a second td brady trying to find some room gets picked off for the second time in the first half. broncos led 17-9 at the half. they have each added on a field goal. it is down to the wire right now. denver on defense. new england trying to mount some sort of come back. in charlotte, the carolina panthers will host the arizona cardinals for the crowning of the nfc champ. cam newton leading a team that lost just once all season, but undefeated at home. cardinals looking to play spoiler.
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they can tailgate too. the flavors of the nfl alumni cooking competition happening down at regal oaks resort in kissimmee. 12 players teamed up with 12 chefs to cook their best game day dish for the championships today. hall of famer and member of the undefeated 72 dolphins larry little says he' s ready to show off some skills. >> i always like giving back and helping people out if i can. it' s a great charity that it' s going for. adrian: all the money raised helps the caring for kids mission and one heart for women and children. and the winner earns an opportunity to participate in the world food championships as well. orlando city soccer wants to pay a cool 18 million dollars for the land to build its new soccer stadium. and the city council is expected to vote on that plan tomorrow. if approved, the entire stadium project, expected to be completed in 2017, would be financed without your tax dollars.
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tonight. this battle is one versus all. wwe' s current world heavyweight champion roman reigns will be defending his title tonight. he is competing against 29 other wrestlers. the champion will get to go to the main event wrestle mania in dallas. the royal rumble is tonight at amway, starting at 7:30. the gainesville officer who showed off some hoop skills with some neighborhood kids returned with a big friend. yes, that' s shaq casually shooting some hoops with the kids. the former magic star was inspired, just like so many others, by officer bobby white' s act of kindness. you may remember that last week, he chose to play with the kids, despite getting a complaint that
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after this. adrian: once we get out of this cold spell, the week starts to look really good. eric: yes, tonight is going to be chilly. 58 degrees. 70 will be the high tomorrow. what a rebound.
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wednesday into thursday.
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