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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00, in high definition. >> it' s ok. we done forgave him. it is what it is. we hurtin. we hurtin. adrian: forgiveness in the wake of violence. a family mourning a woman' s shooting death outside a local bar. late breaking, a solution may be hours away as a local city deals with nearly 100 people camped outside a government office. this wintry weekend winds down but not before another cold
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when you wake up in the morning, good evening. i' re expecting another night in the 30' s. we have first alert weather team coverage of this cold blast. we start with meteorologist eric burris. what can we expect overnight? eric: cold weather, my friend. we are talking about frost advisories, also posted, freeze advisories. for orlando, we are down to 43. dew point at 37. atmosphere beginning to moisten a little bit. 43 is what it feels like. no wind chill factor. looking at the latest numbers, down to 34 and palm coast. feels around 34 in ocala. temperature down to 40 and leesburg. 42, melbourne. freeze warning in effect for sumter county and marion county. the exception of brevard county is under a frost advisory. meaning, when you wake up, the do that develops will actually
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sensitive plants, the whole nine yards, you want to make sure to cover those guys to protect them. bring the pets inside once again. clear skies overhead, five a a.m. temperatures 39 in orlando. dew point at 38. that happened at 7:00 a.m.. temperatures do not move from there. that said, will he get the sun up, temperatures move and quickly. i will break down monday afternoon highs when i see you just a couple of minutes. adrian: thanks, eric. while these temperatures can be dangerous, they' re also an inconvenience. wesh 2' s amanda ober is live in winter park tonight. how does it feel out there right now amanda? amanda: it is pretty chilly. it is getting colder. i am at the intersection of north orlando and north orange avenue in winter park. on this sign, wait for it, there you go, 39 degrees. the temperature is dropping. as we traveled around town tonight, we were challenged to find anyone who dared to venture outside for very long. on park ave in winter park,
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customers at her outside tables sunday night. >> it' s so cold outside. amanda: across the street, in central park, the only people we found out and about were little malcolm jenkins and his parents who are originally from up north -- to them this cold snap is pleasant but they also know how to prepare. >> i notice you have hot coffee, that helps right? >> and layers, layers definitely helps. the frost advisory for most of central florida is in effect for the early morning hours monday where temperatures will fall into the mid to upper 30' s. during a frost advisory, sensitive outdoor plants may be killed if left uncovered. at palmer' s gardena and goods, owner allison palmer advised if you have any tropical foliage, don' t just throw a sheet on it, you want to create more of tent by tying down the ends. >> you actually want to create a greenhouse affect where you trap in warm air, you don' t want to just throw a blanket on top, you want to actually create almost a
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creating a space that has warm air in it where you' re keeping the plant from freezing. amanda: as the temperature continues to drop tonight, a lot of people will be putting on a next her blanket, maybe even breaking out the safe -- space heater. there is always an appoint safety reminder when it comes to using space heaters. keep at least three feet of clearance all the way around the device. make sure that it is set on a level surface. live in winter park, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. adrian: you can get the first alert forecast anytime, anywhere by downloading our mobile app for your smart phone or tablet. just search for wesh in the app store or on google play. tonight, a local family is trying to deal with the sudden and shocking death of their loved one. seminole county deputies say oceanette hampton was shot and killed inside a sanford bar overnight. as wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports, those who knew her are hoping
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>> [indiscernible] matt: dozens of people who left 36-year-old oceanette hampton gathered in midway to remember her life. less than before this vigil, she 24 hours died from a single gunshot fired at the cool breeze bar. >> it' s just sad to hear that she was an innocent bystander and that she' s gone today. matt jeannita, oceanette' s : friend, organized the vigil, she and everyone who gathered here hope someone speaks up about what they say, or did. >> the power of death and life is where? >> right in your tongue. >> in the toungue. >> throw that stop snitching thing in the trash. she' s gone. somebody needs to speak up about what they did. they know what they did was wrong and they need to turn themself in. matt: --
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will always cherish her memory. she will always live in my heart. until the diet -- the day that i die. matt: oceanette' s mother told wesh earlier, she will find forgiveness in her heart, but wants justice served. >> [indiscernible] for answers. simoneau county sheriff' s office say they are following strong leads, but right now a suspect has not been named, so anybody with more information in this case is asked to contact deputies or call crime line at 1- 800-423-tips. adrian: the seminole county sheriffs office tells us a deputy on patrol overnight heard that gunshot and saw a crowd outside the crowd scatter. they believe an argument during a private party at the bar could have escalated into gunfire. we will keep you posted. tonight investigators are trying , to piece together what started a fire at an old ymca building in daytona beach. you can see some of the smoke lingering on debbyshire road
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evening. police tell us the property is owned by the islamic center of daytona beach. the owners had planned to refurbish the building into another islamic center. no word on what started it. no one was injured. in lakeland, firefighters say an independent living facility didn' t have sprinklers to help put out a deadly fire. one person was killed and three others were injured in the fire this morning at bella vista manor. other units had to be evacuated. many of those who live there are disabled. a mother, whose son lives there, was upset when she learned there was no sprinkler system. >> yes, that does make me angry. seeing that they have too many elderly people here and we need to make sure they are safe, too. he is able and able to move, but when there are elderly people here, they should have all the facilities in working process. adrian: firefighters say the building was constructed in the early before those kinds of 1970' s, facilities were required
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the mother of a prison escapee is pleading for her son to turn himself in. he' s on the run, believed to be with his girlfriend and a three-year-old boy. gary bullock, junior was on work release at the el caribe resort in daytona beach. investigators say on friday, bullock cut off his ankle monitor and was picked up from the hotel by natasha quickly. they' re believed to be with quigley' s three-year-old son. bullock' s mother says her son was just 9 months from freedom. >> they were a happy little family, i don' t know why they would make this decision when it was so close to being a reality. adrian: deputies say quigley stole money and a gun from her parent' s home. her father spoke with wesh 2 saturday, also pleading for his daughter to turn herself in. they' re believed to be in a white 2010 chevrolet cobalt. meanwhile, troopers tell us that a suspect trying to get away from a traffic stop crash
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fhp says early this morning, a nissan winter a red light and hit an suv. you can see the car smashed to pieces. the collisions at the car flying along clearlake road and cocoa where it flipped. >> it sounded like a sonic boom of a rocket or something. that is how loud it was. adrian: a person of cocoa and someone of pompeii died at the scene. the driver of the suv suffered serious injuries and was treated at a medical center. covering marion county, deputies are looking into a deadly shooting. michael thomas ratliff was shot and killed during a fight at a home on southwest 108th street in ocala. deputies say ratliff and his girlfriend were fighting when she went to a neighbor' s home early this morning. that neighbor then returned to the home, where deputies say he shot and killed ratliff. no charges have been filed. a former nfl player is facing drug charges after a traffic stop in sumter county. the florida highway patrol says
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along i-75 friday on charges of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. troopers also released this dash cam photo, showing gaffney being arrested. the former university of florida star receiver played for numerous nfl teams from 2002 to 2012. the man accused of driving off with a trooper hanging from his car faced a judge today. orlando police arrested marcus dallas yesterday. during today' s court appearance, a judge decided he' ll need $13,000 to get out of jail. troopers say dallas hit the gas as trooper shuaib moonda reached inside the window and tried to turn off the car during a traffic stop on andora street. the trooper wasn' t seriously injured. their daughter vanished 10 years ago today. now, the parents of jennifer kesse want your help finding her. orlando police detectives say they still get tips, and work the kesse disappearance at least once a week. after not showing up for work,
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there' s never been any sign of her. billboards are now up around orlando, hoping to find kesse. covering volusia county, a solution may arrive tomorrow as leaders try to deal with what they' re calling a problem with homeless people in daytona beach. as we reported friday, the property appraiser has decided to close the office out of concern for his employees' safety. morgan gilreath says one worker was accosted by a homeless person while trying to get into the building. nearly one-hundred people have set up camp there, saying they have nowhere else to go. >> they painted us into a corner , this is like our last and. >> i' m not putting my people up to that. we don' t give them combat pay. adrian: late tonight, the salvation army told us they' ll start taking people to a shelter on ballough road beginning tomorrow afternoon. the property appraiser says employees will work in deland and new smyrna beach until
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reminder for those of you who need to drive in the winter park so now this week. starting tonight, about three hours ago, 1792 northbound lanes closed. from lee road to lake avenue. this is for pavement reconstruction of the road. the closure will last from 8 pm until 7 am. this is an ongoing closure until friday. sighs will be posted, directing a detour around the construction area. a new list is out tonight, ranking the most boring cities in florida. a local beach destination is on it. meanwhile before bells ring at , local schools in the morning, teachers will send a message. the walk they' re planning to take, they say to improve their schools. dangerous conditions develop
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enough to collapse buildings. adrian: tonight, at least 28 deaths are being blamed on the massive winter storm that hit the east coast. millions are still digging out tonight. we' re also seeing just how heavy all that snow is. it' s being blamed for the collapse of the roof of this church outside philadelphia. that area received more than 30 inches of snow. tonight, jennifer johnson shows us what' s left now.
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recovery. as the dig-out from the monster blizzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds, a welcome change from the white-out that paralyzed >> it' stuff so it' s not that bad cleaning up. jennifer it will be days before : life gets back to normal. tractor trailer trucks and hundreds of cars need to be removed from highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. >> there' s a great amount of work to be done to conduct damage assessments undercover from an events of this severity. jennifer new york' s airports are : open but the two washington-area airports remain closed. rail service along the east coast is limited. coastal flooding is improving. governors are still urging people to stay off the roads. >> the travel ban has been lifted. that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. jennifer in virginia a buried : fire hydrant hampered efforts to save this house.
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this church in pennsylvania and the washington redskin' s training facility. but sunshine has led to celebration. a friendly snowball fight in washington' s dupont circle sledding around the u.s. capital. , a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. adrian: experts believe the economic impact from this blizzard could reach up to $850 million. the winter storm continued to cause big impacts at orlando international today. here' s a live look at the flight status board. so far, today, there were 124 cancellations, many of them headed to or from the northeast. passengers are still encouraged to check their flight status for heading out to the airport. beginning tomorrow, teachers in volusia county will send a message before the start of they' ll be staging walk-ins, they say to raise attention to the issues schools in the county are facing. they say working conditions have gotten worse this school year.
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they staged several protests during contract negotiations. in december, teachers voted to only work to their contract, which means no tutoring or helping with extra-curricular activities. a central florida city makes a rather unflattering list. new smyrna beach has been named on of the most boring cities in the sunshine state. according to the beach city ranks as the 4th most boring city. sanibel, wildwood and punta gorda make up the top three. the list is based on the average age of residents, and whether they are married or have kids. miami beach and orlando were named among the least boring cities. new smyrna beach does not seem all that morning. eric: there' s a lot of fun out there. lots of great restaurants. i don' t know. adrian: one of the best in central florida. eric: just humble opinions. we have the best weather in the country right now. we are not shoveling anything
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i guess. are we shoveling leaves? were not. and just tried to juxtapose. this is not the easiest job in the world. [laughter] daytona beach, nice and quiet at this hour. it is cool. 38. we are not shoveling anything but fans. is that better? -- sand. temperatures 35 in central. 30, dunnellon. 34, lynn. 37, umatilla. and as we were shocked when they used, 39 in downtown orlando. 38, lake mary. 41, oviedo. 40, along the shore. 32. we have hit freezing and palm coast. 39, flagler beach. 40, deltona. 52, melbourne beach. freeze warnings for marion county and sumter county. frost advisories for just about the rest of central florida with the exception of brevard county.
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little bit milder there for a real frost be widespread developed. i think west of i-95 of brevard we could see it. basically areas and p are expecting to see frost developing. except for downtown orlando and the suburbs. we will see the frost. a big ingredient is clear skies overhead. we certainly have that on the satellite and radar perspective. the other thing -- the high-pressure setting right over top of a. silly do not have much of any in the way of winds. with no wins, and no clouds, it is prime real estate for radiation of cooling. we will get down to that dewpoint. 31, ocala. 34-35, and the villages. 38, st. cloud. 38, holocaust. in the metro, 38. 37, apopka. 37, longwood. there to six, deltona. 37, daytona beach. 30, new smyrna beach. upper 30' s, lower 40' s, brevard county.
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generally a perfect forecast after waking up to the frigid temperatures. 50 degrees already by 9:00. 65 by lunchtime. the high and orlando will be 70 degrees. elsewhere, it is 69 in clermont. 69, titusville. same in melbourne. 68, daytona beach. futurecast showing a nice and quiet set up. if you like 70 degrees for monday, wait until you see tuesday. 77 degrees. that is outstanding. wednesday-thursday, a couple of in. we will watch potential for severe weather, but the bottom line, after that, friday-sunday, the sun comes back. adrian: a new survey shows gas prices have dropped to their lowest level in 7 years. after a 14 cent drop over the past two weeks the average price nationally for a gallon of regular is prices haven' t been $1.91. this low since january of 2009. in florida the price is even
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cents lower then this time last year. in orlando it will cost you
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adrian: super bowl 50 as set, but before we talk about it we want to talk about a number 10 times eager. 523 in a row. that' s how many point after attempts patriots kicker stephen gostkowski had made until today going back to 2006, and that single point made a big difference today in denver. down by 8 with 17 seconds to go 4th and goal. , tom brady find his favorite target, rob gronkowski in the end zone, almost out of the end zone with a beautiful grab. because of the missed extra point in the first quarter, patriots have to go for 2. doesn' t really work out. brady rolls right, tipped ball, bradley roby gets the interception. that doesn' t matter. that forces the patriots to try an onside kick no good. and peyton manning and the denver broncos celebrate headed to super bowl 50, tied with
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most bowl trips with 8. the final score as i mentioned, 20-18, broncos. if you only watch the end of the first half of the nfc championship' s might think that carson palmer and cam newton, despite both been heisman winners in college forgot what color their teams jerseys were. already up 10-0 in the first, carolina back in their 14 yard line. cam newton throws and corrine brown. the loan defender menaces. and 86 yard touchdown to the house. the cardinals will score early in the second quarter. but then, things got really, really sloppy. the birds would bobbled upon to that happened after the play. the panthers make them pay with another touchdown. then it is a series of turnovers. palmer fumbles. carolina gets the ball back and cam newton throws to the wrong man. patrick peterson, -- [indiscernible] palmer throws one were
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24-7. daily double that plus 12 in the game. the panthers look unstoppable, 49-15. they had back to phoenix to face the broncos. some nfl legends joined up today to show central florida fans they can tailgate too. the flavors of the nfl alumni cooking competition happening down at regal oaks resort in kissimmee. 12 players teamed up with 12 chefs to cook their best game day dish for the championships today. hall of famer and member of the undefeated 72 dolphins larry little says he' s ready to show off some skills. >> i always like giving back and helping people out if i can. it' s a great charity. that it' s going for. adrian: all the money raised helps the caring for kids mission and one heart for women and children. and the winner earns an opportunity to participate in the world food championships as well. the gainesville officer who showed off some hoop skills with some neighborhood kids returned
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casually shooting some hoops with the kids. the former magic star was inspired, just like so many others, by officer bobby white' s act of kindness. you may remember that last week, he chose to play with the kids, despite getting a complaint that they were too loud. wesh 2 news at 11:00 is back
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