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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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out of the car, officers tried to get them out. this video from a shopping plaza business shows the dodge backing up, then driving forward. the shots fired. before the car made a sharp left. the 17-year-old driving the car was eventually taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to this shoulder then to juvenile , detention, accused of aggravated assault on an officer, grand theft, fleeing and eluding. the other two suspects in the car have not been captured. any time an officer fires his gun it is standard policy for fl fdle called in. mills has been with opd since 2012. live in pine hills orange county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. jim: the man accused of opening
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killing a innocent bystander, learns he will stay in jail at least for now. james pritchard was arrested late last night. wesh 2' s matt grant was there when he appeared before a judge for the first time, and witnessed a tense exchange. >> that person ended up dead, but that' s certainly not something the defendant intended. matt: james pritchard' s public defender says he didn' t mean for anyone to die and didn' t know 36-year-old oceanette hampton was behind a door when he allegedly fired the fatal shot saturday. >> there is certainly probable cause for manslaughter here that he acted recklessly and did something that was pretty stupid and not called for, but intentional murder? i don' t see that. matt hampton was pronounced dead : inside sanford' s cool breeze night club. according to the seminole county sheriff' s office, a fight broke out between two women during a private party. when the fight escalated, a few men tried breaking it up. that' s when investigators say pritchard fired a shot in a room full of about 60 people. they do not believe hampton was the intended target. in court, the state agreed to lower the charge from murder to
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the judge still refused to set bond. >> why should he get a no bond if in fact there is a manslaughter which carries a bond of $15,000? matt a wesh 2 legal analyst says : though not unusual this could be problematic, since defendants are legally entitled to bond, unless the crime they' re accused of is punishable by life in prison, or is a capital offense, which manslaughter is not. in seminole county, matt grant wesh 2 news. jim: the judge said he used his own discretion in this case calling the shooting depraved. pritchard remains in jail on no bond. his next court date is set for march 1st. tonight osceola sheriff' s deputies say an alert guest helped them catch a crook. deputies say tammy johnson robbed the country hearth inn on west highway 1-92 in kissimmee friday night. after she walked out with more than investigators say a witness $700, checking in to the motel followed her in his car and
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>> he did the right thing by notifying a police officer he saw. he did not try to confront the suspect. jim deputies say johnson told : them she was broke and desperate. she' s now charged with the motel robbery and grand theft. meredith right now clean-up : continues on a kissimmee road, which had to be shut down after a crash involving a lynx bus. it happened this afternoon, on simpson and new beginnings roads. lynx says a bus was reared by two cars while it was stopped. nine passengers on the bus were examined, but ultimately released. so far, no word what caused the cars to hit the back of the bus. right now the us marshals are helping look for the man who never returned to prison, following a work-release last friday. gary bullock junior was on work release at the el caribe resort in daytona beach. investigators say he cut off his
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they' quigley' s mother and quigley' s both to turn themselves in. re believed to be in a white 2010 chevy cobalt. right now dozens of homeless their way to a temporary this, amid concerns about wesh 2' s gail paschall brown joins us live with more. gail? gail: in one case, a property accosted. salvation army buses are waiting to take folks. today at least 46 people will have shelter at the salvation army less than a mile down the road. buses are taking homeless men and women to the salvation army shelter out of the cold. those with the greatest needs, like medical get on the bus first. it' s a first step in helping the homeless, a partnership between the city of daytona beach and salvation army. >> what the salvation army is planning is opening 46 bed
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i believe it is for 90 days, they will read assess it every 30 days and we' ll take our , direction from them. hopefully we will get a lot of people placed in that 90 days and maybe able to go even further. >> it' s a plan i don' t know if will work or not there' s a lot of skepticism about it. >> 27 -year-old kirk dizzini, is on the streets because he lost his job a month ago. and like others he' s been living on the wall, or the county' s administration building in daytona beach. the salvation says moving them to shelter is a first step. >> shelter is not the solution. it' s having programs that folks back working, or medical or mental health get then on disability and then help them find an apartment or be stable. >> shannon williams of deland who became homeless after loosing her job found help at the salvation army. >> and i have housing coming up really soon, my own apartment through salvation army which i' m very grateful for. >> shannon wishes the same for others, meanwhile volusia county
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administration building on friday. that' s about 100 employees who will be integrated into other offices throughout the county. this comes after an allegation that a property apprasier employee was accosted by a homeless person. the city of daytona beach asked the salvation army to get involved in the hope of getting these folks off the street, like the effort with the homeless veterans. the salvation army tells us there are no homeless vets on the streets in flagler or volusia county and they want to these folks. jim we are following a : developing story out of texas. check out this aerial footage of a chase down a state highway in sanger, just outside of dallas. a driver, with flattened tires and running only on rims, tries to outrun police. the tires were flattened by stop-sticks. smoke poured out of the car during what would turn out to be an unsuccessful getaway. the car eventually comes to a stop and police, with guns drawn, approach the driver.
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trying to escape has not been revealed. meredith: big news from orlando city council, the group approved and $18 orlando city soccer, to build a new soccer stadium. none of the money used will be from the taxpayers. wesh 2' s amanda ober looks at the deal, and what happens next. signed off monday on a deal to sell the orlando city lions the land for it' s new soccer stadium for $18 million. it' s one of the final steps to a project that began several years ago with the city planning to build the stadium,but then the soccer club stepped up with private funds and opted to build it on their own. >> it' s a great deal for the city of orlando, orlando city soccer and the community amanda under the agreement, the : lions ensure that major league soccer matches will be played at the new stadium for at least 15 years. that' s 10 years less than the orlando magic' s 25 year lease at
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the co-founder of orlando city, phil rawlins says fans should not read anyting negative into the 15 year agreement. >> it ties into the overall length of the acquisition which is 15 years. as long as we can, it' s a great location. we' ve said forever it' s the best location in major league soccer, so we will be delighted to play there for years to come. amanda during a brief public : hearing on the land sale, no one spoke in opposition but one person did admonish the council to make sure the surrounding parramore neighborhood is not forgotten. >> if you have a community from which this great asset springs, than a certain amount of money from that should be for it' s enhancement. amanda: while the leadership of the city lions have pledged to invest in parramore, sebastian claims he and many others would like to see a larger, more organized committment.
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wesh 2 news. meredith: the new stadium is being built on 11.8 acres along church street. it' s settling a lawsuit with a woman who says she was raped by former quarterback jameis winston. winston, who is now a professional quarterback for the the allegation. his accuser will be paid $250,000 and her attorneys will a prosecutor didn' t press were gaps in the woman' s story and insufficient evidence for a conviction. jim right now a davenport man is : facing first degree murder charges. sheriff deputies say george beato, seen here, shot and killed alexander vigo junior. investigators say vigo was found with several gunshot wounds in an area near his home last friday night. witnesses told deputies they saw beato throwing an object into some bushes near the shooting scene. it' s believed the shooting stemmed from an earlier altercation between beato, his family and vigo. by a close vote the winter park city commission has made it easier for neighborhoods to get historic designation.
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s a move that would : protect certain areas, making it harder to get permission to demolish buildings. jim ironically, this is all : happening at a time when the number of building demolition permits is going up. meredith wesh 2' s michelle : meredith joins us live from winter park with more. michelle? michelle: they want to make it clear that homes in the historic dish -- district can be demolished, but there will be another level of scrutiny. in the past 30 years in beautiful winter park, 60 homes have been demolished that could have been considered historic. and there have been two close calls. one came in 2001 with casa feliz. built in 1933 designed architect gamble rogers. the historic home was spared the wrecking ball and moved across the street where it' s used for everything from funerals to weddings. >> it was almost demolished.
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save the capen house which was built in 1885 that they raised the money to cut it in half and moved in two pieces across lake osceola to it' s new home next to a museum. to prevent more historic homes from being destroyed the winter , park city commission recently revised an ordinance that now makes it easier for winter park neighborhoods to have their area declared historic. it used to take a two thirds vote approval from the neighborhood to pass. now it takes 50% plus one. >> part of the charm here in winter park is it' s history so this ordinance does help protect those homes and structures that are declared historic. >> in anticpation of possibly more homes being declared historic. there' s been a spike in applications to demolish homes. when you compare the last 4 months of 2014 to 2015 the number of applications has nearly doubled from 17 to 32.
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in 1926. she adores but sees the appeal of trading in the old for new. >> everything is perfect, wonderful. at least when i wake up i have character. michelle: others believe the improved economy is what caused the spike in applications. jim coming up, much of the : eastern seaboard takes a beating following a record-shattering winter storm. meredith we' ll take you up : north, to see some of the hardest hit areas, which could be digging out of the mess for days to come. plus, a report into the death of a navy seal during a sky-dive training exercise here in central florida has been released. what investigators say happened right after he jumped from the plane. tony: after chilly start it was a gorgeous monday afternoon.
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wa >> teachers in volusia county have begun a weeklong series of
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classrooms, less texting, more resources and more support in the schools. parents are being encouraged to participate alongside teachers and support staff. jim freezing temperatures are : slowing the removal of record snowfall from the mid-atlantic up to the northeast. records are broken for baltimore and in outlying areas of maryland, virginia, and new york. wesh 2' s jason guy is on storm patrol. jason today tens of thousands of : people are in storm clean up mode, from the suburbs of washington, d.c, to the outskirts of new york city, with some places still dealing with more than 30 inches of snow. >> the roads are ok. the main roads are great. they are open they' re flowing, , and there' s a lot of spots they haven' t touched yet, and there' s a lot of mess out there. jason at least 30 deaths are : blamed on the storm. many of them came from traffic accidents, others came from heart attacks while shoveling snow and at least one person was hit by a plow. several roofs also collapsed from the storm. >> getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time.
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: still buried because plows can' t get there yet. >> our second floor window completely covered in snow. jason the mayor of baltimore : could not give a timeline for clearing the streets. >> given the condition of many of our streets i think it' s safest for our citizens to minimize travel on our roads. jason on the eastern shore of : new jersey, it' s flooding, not snow, that' s causing problems. meanwhile, d.c. residents made the best of the cold, with a friendly snowball fight in washington' s dupont circle and sledding around the u.s. capital. this is the first time the same storm has dropped more than 19 inches of snow on washington d.c. and new york city at the same time. jason guy, wesh 2 news. >> the same storm system has moved away and the temperature started to climb as a result. >> it was beautiful this afternoon but awfully cold this morning. let' s head outside one more time to enjoy this gorgeous sunset which tonight sets around 6:00. we are seeing that window of
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longer day by day. 69 degrees the high in the afternoon. look at ocala, 28 degrees. a hard freeze there. sanford, 36 degrees there. a lot of frost. we appreciate those photos you sent us. daytona beach, still have not hit freezing in orlando and melbourne. a little disturbance will curl around and grab onto the back end of the front and linger over central florida by wednesday and thursday. that will give us the opportunity for some significant rainfall. tomorrow it will warm up, high pressure off to the east and the onshore flow setting that up. the temperature fall will not be as manic, 65-54 and we will level off. daytona beach going from 58-55. the water temperature has cooled into the upper 50'
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overnight low 52, 51 in orlando. middle to upper 40' s right here in marion county but we are not worried about frost or freezing temperatures and that is always a good thing. the humidity, the moisture builds in the form of clouds and we should be rain free tomorrow. much of the activity will hold off for much of the day tomorrow. you will be smiling tomorrow if you are a friend of the warmer temperatures. webster, down toward lake wales, 74-75 degrees. harmony right at 74. upper 60' s in marineland down toward the ponce inlet area and afternoon highs down toward floridana beach, 72 degrees. there is the futurecast, the developing storm system on wednesday.
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the secondary energy will swing overhead. anytime of the year you get a one-two punch there' s usually a good chance for a significant amount of rainfall and that' s what this one is shaping up to be. the two day rainfall totals from wednesday to thursday could be 1-3 inches and we will have to watch for the risk of thunderstorms. it doesn' t look like they tremendously severe event. the will continue to monitor and a will be storms wednesday and thursday. temperatures cooling to the mid-60' s with morning low temperatures right around 45. then we are right back to near 80 by monday. jim: coming up, the search for three inmates continues after they repelled down the prison walls.
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blamed for those >> we are following some traffic trouble in west orange county. a multivehicle accident has caused traffic to squeeze all the way over to one lane. that is actually an entrance
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traffic is backed up a good solid two miles behind this. we will stay on top of this and we do have a crew on the way. we will let you know when the situation finally clears out. investigators are following leads in a desperate search to find three escaped inmates from california. they were last seen on friday. the orange county sheriff said they cut through the bars in there sales and even plumbing pipes he for repelling down the side of the jail using bedsheets. >> the wire at the top of the roof,it was pushed to the side that is the area we feel that they went over and rappelled to the ground. >> the fbi is offering a reward for information leading $50,000 to the inmates' capture. meredith: violent turbulence forces an emergency landing and sends more than half-a-dozen people to the hospital. the american airlines flight was headed from miami to milan, italy but had to land in canada last night. ambulances and paramedics were waiting on the tarmac with stretchers. four passengers and three flight
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they are expected to be ok. new information tonight in the case of the defective takata airbags. a tenth tenth person has died. as a result u.s. regulators are recalling 5 million more cars now. this is on top of 19 million vehicles that have already been recalled. the airbags can explode with too much force, sending shrapnel into the driver. in 2014, a central florida woman was killed. jim: president barack obama is expected to announce an initiative to clear unexploded u.s. bombs in a communist nation next to vietnam. laos was targeted by u.s. aircraft during the vietnam war. but an estimated 30% didn' t explode on impact. this is one legacy of the cia' s so-called secret war. unexploded bombs continue to kill or maim people in laos to this day. the president is expected to make his initiative official during his landmark trip to laos this fall. an earthquake rocks alaska over the weekend and tonight we' re seeing home video of the violent shaking. the 7.1 magnitude quake was centered 160-miles south of
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four homes were destroyed and 48 people lost power. table really gets a shakedown right here. officials called it one of the s south central region in decades. they say the aftershocks could be felt for the next several weeks. meredith wesh 2 news at 5:30 is : next. we are learning new information jimwe are learning new information about a deadly : shooting in ocala. one man is killed after a fight with his girlfriend, but police say it wasn' t the girlfriend who pulled the trigger. wesh talks to the man who did. >> i mean i' m a big second amendment supporter but it wasn' t something that i ever wanted to do. jim plus, a truck crashes into : an orange county home this morning, but the truck' s owner, wasn' t behind the wheel. meredith and new details have : just been released about a former navy seal, who died during skydive training in volusia county last year. what a new report says happened to him, just after he jumped out of the plane.
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jim: speaking out. wesh 2 talks to the man who says he was just defending himself, when he gunned down his neighbor
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m jim payne in for stewart moore. meredith i' m meredith mcdonough : in angela taylor. wesh 2' s greg fox explains what happened, and looked into the criminal past of the man who was killed. >> it was very late at night and it was a really crazy instance. gregg ryan panzegraf was asked : by detectives not to discuss details of what led to him fatally shooting a man in his next door neighbor' s house sunday morning. by the time deputies got to the ocala home, they found a bullet hole in the front door, and 32-year-old michael thomas ratliff, dead. he was better known as casey ratliff to family and friends and was living in the home with alyse lazaro. deputies say panzegraf told them lazaro ran to him for help, saying she was being beaten up, and he grabbed his pistol, went next door, and, after a physical fight, shot ratliff in self-defense. it' s not an emotion i ever >>it' s not an emotion i ever thought i would experience. so it' s not, i mean i' m a big second amendment supporter but it wasn'
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wanted to do. >> panzegraf told me he feared lazaro' s child who is physically disabled, could be hurt. we dug into court records and found that panzegraf has never been in trouble with the law, but ratliff has been booked into the marion county jail 14 times. ratliff was arrested in 2002 for burglary which landed him a one year jail term. in 2003 he was arrested for battery/domestic violence but avoided jail with pre-trial diversion. and in 2008 he was convicted on two counts of battery/domestic violence and handed a six month term. prosecutors will determine if the shooting was justified. >> at this point it' s important that we do a responsible investigation. we owe that to the person that' s deceased, the lady in the home and the gentleman who intervened in this investigation. so hopefully all of the facts will come to light and be reviewed by the state for a
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>> attempts to reach family members of ratliff were unsuccessful. a local man gets a rude awakening this morning. when a truck slams into his house. it happened on overdale street in orange county. herb bates says he thought something exploded in his home. when police looked at the wreckage, they noticed there wasn' t a driver inside. the owner of the truck says she doesn' t know who was driving it. whoever was driving also hit a car and a fence. bates says he' s shocked and is working with his insurance company to see how much it' ll be >> he ran right into mom' s old china cabinet i had stored for mom with a bunch of antiques so every bit of that' s destroyed. jim despite bate' s saying he saw : the driver, the highway patrol hasn' t made an arrest. meredith an investigation into : the death of a navy seal, who was killed in a parachute training accident at skydive deland last year has been completed. the report says that petty officer first class william blake marston became unconscience right after jumping out of the plane. investigators also determined that marston should not have been on the plane at all because of a question about whether he was up to date with a required
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so far, investigator have been unable to figure out why marston was unable to open the main chute. it was a rough start to the work-week for hundreds of sunrail riders here in central florida. the company says mechanical and power supply problems with two train sets caused the cancellation of three round trips. the runs affected were the 5:06 out of sanford, the 5:30 trip out of debary, and the 7:00 a.m. run out of debary. right now all trains are back on schedule. jim some travel at orlando : international airport is held up again today, because of the winter storm that hit the northeast over the weekend. 30 cancellations and 15 delays were reported, but overall it' s a big improvement. the airlines say you need to check the status of your flight before heading to orlando international. meredith: we certainly felt the cold over the weekend but things are finally warming up. tony: we are in a much better
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the clouds will begin to filter in later tonight. 69, absolutely comfortable . once that sets the temperatures will drop. low 60' s north and east, hour-by-hour right here for you through 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. the overnight heaters will not be cranking up as long as they have the last couple of nights. the overnight low in ocala 46. 50 four in melbourne, which is about where we should be for this time of year. we are back in the 70' s tomorrow. the next storm system could be a pretty significant rainmaker and there is the chance for some thunder and lightning. we will walk you through that wednesday and thursday and give you a timeline of when that heavy rain will fall in central florida as you make your midweek lands. meredith: let' s take a live look
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this is the 408 and you can see the backup stretching a few miles. there' s a multivehicle trash that happened not long ago also involving a camper. still slowing things down. we do have a crew on the way and will keep you updated right here at 5:00. jim: a florida senate committee is working on a fix after the u.s. supreme court ruled our state' s method to sentence people to death is unconstitutional. the senate criminal justice committee will hear presentations from several agencies and groups on wednesday. the nation' s highest court said florida' s current statutes give judges too much power in imposing death sentences. lawmakers will discuss other questions raised about death row inmates who were sentenced under the old method. after months of campaigning and debating, the very first votes of the 2016 election will be cast in just one week. the iowa caucus is shaping up to be a close race, not only between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, but several of the republicans. wesh 2' s aixa diaz looks into the contest that'
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open. >> a former gop candidate is now throwing his support behind one of his old rivals. rick perry, who dropped out of the presidential race in september, is asking conservatives to rally around ted cruz. >> he has proven that he is ready to serve as our commander in chief. x with the caucuses one week away, cruz is campaigning in iowa. >> we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people. second place behind donald trump in the hawkeye state. marco rubio comes in third. >> he wants to make sure that we have an america that we are going to be proud of. introduced rubio at a rally today. i hope that a week from tonight tonight i can earn your support in these caucuses. iowa' s largest newspaper, has announced it' s endorsing rubio and hillary clinton on the democratic side.
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race with bernie sanders. recent polls show the former secretary of state trailing the vermont senator in iowa. >> hundreds of thousands of people have stood up and gotten involved in our campaign. >> and tonight, the democratic candidates are taking part in a town hall forum in des moines. in washington, i' m aixa diaz. meredith take a look at this. : a plane lands on a florida highway, then takes off. the pilot had engine trouble which forced him to make an emergency landing. this happened on highway 27 in weston this morning. three men were onboard during the time. but whatever the problem was, it seems it was fixed since the plane took off again. no one was hurt. a former nfl player and florida gator is facing drug charges here in central florida. the florida highway patrol arrested jabar gaffney along i-75 in sumter county friday. he was charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. a picture from a trooper' s dashboard camera shows gaffney' s arrest. he was cut from the miami dolphins in 2012. right now wesh 2 is learning new
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fires. jim we begin with one in : kissimmee. tonight we know the names of the two people who were found inside a burned out home on primero drive. 47-year-old darrell rogers and 72-year-old jean marhefka-rogers were found dead. investigators say evidence found inside the home makes the deaths seem suspicious. they also say the deaths were not caused by the fire. they also say they aren' t looking for anyone who may have been involved. investigators in lakeland say a cigarette caused a fire to spark at an independent living facility over the weekend. a 59-year-old man was killed, and three others were hurt. it happened at the bella vista manor yesterday. many of the people who live here are disabled. wesh 2 has learned the building does not have any sprinklers. those were not required when the facility was built in the early ' 70s. meredith: fire damaged the old ymca building in daytona beach. derbyshire road. the islamic center of daytona beach owns the property. police say they had plans to refurbish the building.
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deputies need your help identifying two people they say robbed a taxi-cab driver. take a look. deputies say the driver told them these men approached his cab while he was sitting in a wal mart parking lot on the block of vineland road 3200 yesterday. they allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded money. the driver was not hurt. jim: new information this afternoon four of twitter' s top executives are leaving. this comes on top of twitter' s failure to attract new users and their falling stock price. the executives leaving are, the product chief, the head of engineering, the vice president of global media, and the general manager of twitter' s vine unit. a source says they' re leaving due to several factors, including burnout. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers are heading to the superbowl. you could be for $5,178. that' s the average resale price of a ticket to the game. ticket price tracker seat-geek says the prices are as high as they' ve ever been. in fact, a pair of club seats near midfield have sold for
5:34 pm
most expensive super bowl tickets ever sold. meredith: florida state senators are getting ready to debate. the florida bill says fantasy sports do not fall under the state' s gambling law. the committee is set to continue discussion of a proposed gambling deal the governor has reached with the seminole tribe of florida. that deal could bring $3 billion to the state. jim: coming up, the northeast is not the only part of the world seeing historic snowfalls this weekend. meredith plus, tax season is : here and wesh 2 is helping you save more money. we' re breaking down the changes you need to know about, before
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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>> local, live, latebreaking. >> drivers may have to find another way. northbound lanes will be closed every night this week between leave road and lake avenue. the road is being closed between 8:00 in the evening and 7:00 in the morning. signs will be posted directing a detour around the construction area. >> the next time you fill up, you will be paying less for gas than you haven' t seven years. the national average is now at $1.91. we have not seen prices like this since 2009. the average per gallon of unleaded is $1.86. in daytona beach it will cost
5:37 pm
jim: whether you like it or not, tax season is here. meredith before you file, there : are some changes you need to know, that could mean more money taken out of your pocket. jim wesh 2' s michelle imperato : breaks down everything you need to know, to save money. michelle first thing you need to : know when filing your 2015 taxes this year you have four extra days to file the deadline' s been moved to april 18th. that' s because it' s a leap year and there will be a february 29th. plus friday the 15th is a holiday in washington, dc where the irs is headquartered. something else ' different' this year are the 1095 forms which you' ll have to file describing where you purchased your health insurance. the penalty for not having health insurance goes up considerably to $325 or 2% of taxable income whichever is greater. here' s a reason to file quickly, to beat an identity thief to your return. the irs says cybercrooks are as busy as ever at stealing social security numbers and filing false claims where they, pocket your money. the number of taxpayers who file
5:38 pm
those people get their refunds faster. michelle imperato wesh 2 news meredith pennsylvania residents : woke up to several feet of snow this morning. jim this is all part of the : historic blizzard, with some snow. take a look at these aerials 25 miles west of philadelphia. one nearby town saw snow falling at an inch an hour. all schools in this area are closed. officials are still trying to clear roads and parking lots. three people have died in pennsylvania due to this blizzard. and major snow is blanketing long island as well. you can see that the snow just seems to stretch on forever. leaders say it will be several days until they can clear the main roads. meredith farmers in vietnam are : seeing snow for the first time in their lives today usually it' s 59 degrees this time of year, but today it dropped to 24 degrees. the cold weather is causing crops and plantations to die. -- and plants to die. one resident had to light up a bonfire to keep his cattle warm. re having to redirect traffic due to icy roads which residents are not used to over there.
5:39 pm
temperatures, so does japan. at least five people died when the temperatures dropped below freezing over the weekend. shimo-kawa japan saw negative 25 degrees. central tokyo had its lowest temperature since 1984, at 27 degrees. despite the cold weather, meteorologists are expecting warmer-than-normal temperatures this spring. jim: they got some serious snow on the ground in japan. a blustery weekend but we are in the middle of another weather change. >> we will have a nice window through thursday of warm temperatures in the 70' s but then the rain comes back and we begin to cool back down. look at daytona beach, a lovely 61 degrees. wind out of the northeast at 10. what we are watching is this little disturbance now east of los angeles, right over phoenix.
5:40 pm
wednesday. that will spread a nice shield of what weather over us including the risk for some thunderstorms. we will continue to monitor that and get it in better working order over the next two or three days. we have that onshore flow, and look at the temperatures back toward the villages, middle to upper 60' s. war of the same from lake mary down for deer park. -- more of the same. 62 in port st. john and down toward melbourne beach. hour-by-hour in the city of melbourne, only falling a few degrees between now and about 10:00 into the upper 50' s. altamonte springs, farther away from the influence of the cooler water temperatures, readings will go from 65 down to 55
5:41 pm
50 as we head up toward palm coast. futurecast showing showers along the coast and just offshore of the door in the morning. most of us will be drive. by afternoon , maybe an isolated shower, about a 10% chance. the big story tomorrow will be more in the way of clouds and milder temperatures. ok let 72, a far cry from -- ocala at 72. kissimmee down toward st. cloud running right around 75 degrees from apopka back toward sanford. coastal volusia county, temperatures falling back into the 60' s. cocoa beach 72-73. a light jacket in the morning , we get up to about 72.
5:42 pm
south for the drive home. heavy rain will come in during the day on wednesday. we will have to wait and see exactly where this axis sets up. it subject to change . a secondary disturbance on thursday, a one-two punch giving us another shot of some decent rainfall. when you tally it all up, there will be the potential for several inches of rain from ocala, as 3.5 inches of rain. the rain right now appears to be the biggest concern but if it does move farther to the north, we will have to watch that thunderstorm threat. afternoon highs running in the mid 60' s and then back into the mid-70' s by sunday. by early next week we could be in the 80' s. jim while the north-east shovels : its way out of a historic
5:43 pm
its never snowed before. jim the main island of okinawa : japan records snow for the first time ever yesterday.
5:44 pm
island, snow also fell for the first time since 1901. seven inches of snow was recorded in nagasaki as well. this is the first time in 110 years it has snowed in nagasaki. firefighters are usually the ones who come to help people in need. meredith but over the weekend in : virginia, it was just the opposite when fire trucks got stuck in snow. it happened at the worst time when they were responding to a call. take a look at this. neighbors saw they were stuck, and wasted no time trying to dig them out. and before the firefighters knew it, they were moving again. thanks for the community' s involvement. a crew of female athletes rowed all the way from the u.s. to australia. the four women spent 235 days at sea and started their adventure on april of last year. it' s reported that they are the first female team to row the pacific ocean. now there are 9718 mile trip is over, they'
5:45 pm
on land. >> we' ve had sharks circling, we' ve had a couple of sharks that followed us for a few weeks meredith the journey also raised : more than $54,000 for injured servicewomen and breast cancer patients. jim donors are flocking to : go-fund-me pages to help residents suffering through the water crisis in flint michigan. almost was donated on saturday. $200,000 the money will help people buy bottles of water, filters, and fruits and vegetables. another go-fund-me account is raising money to pay for water testing. go-fund-me itself is also making its own contribution. it' s donating an extra to the $10,000 account that raises the most money. tonight we' re seeing the events that unfolded before an atlanta police officer fires his gun in a local parking lot. meredith: we will take you through the video live from the scene where this happened. jim tonight one woman is behind
5:46 pm
an alert guest. how a man checking in helped officers capture the suspected
5:47 pm
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>> you'
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jim: dramatic confrontation. >> stop, orlando police. stop. meredith: tonight new video shows exactly what happened when orlando officers tried pulling over a stolen car. >> local, live, latebreaking. meredith: right now we' re giving a you a different angle of this parking lot confrontation. behind us you can can see what led up to the officer firing his gun. good evening i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. the driver ends up shot in the shoulder but the two other people in the car make a run for it. meredith: wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live where this all went down. dave, take us through what happened. dave: that car was spotted in this parking lot on north lane in pine hills a little after
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