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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. >> first at 11:00, it' s a sprint to the finish for the presidential candidates in iowa. >> i ask you to pray and think about your decision tomorrow night, because this one we can' t get wrong. >> we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. we will loose the caucus on monday night if there is a low border turnout. >> with 21-hours before the are still barnstorming in force across the hawkeye state tonight, campaigning for every
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it is the first real test and commitment 2016. good evening, i' m jim payne. jim: we are less than 21 hours away from the first that' s in the race for the white house. the results will likely set the tone for the rest of the presidential primary season. wesh 2 news' s aixa diaz is in washington tonight. ike said: it was a busy day today on the campaign trail. tomorrow more events leading up to the big night. >> presidential hopefuls are crisscrossed in iowa. >> 24 hours, people be gathering at, going to the caucus, making your decision. >> courting voters. >> i know i can beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> in the final moments before the caucuses. >> we have been burned over and over again. the stakes are too high. we cannot be burned again. >> analysts say that high
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victory for donald trump. >> if your doctor says that you cannot leave your bed, you will get up and go to the caucus. >> while big numbers for the democrats -- m all in for bernie. >> could be good news for bernie sanders. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> meanwhile, candidates with lower poll numbers are banking on a monday night surprise. >> will you stand together against the rising tide of government access that threatens to trap is in the clutches of big brother? we stand with me? >> [indiscernible] also watching the weather, a winter storm is set to move in here late tomorrow night which may not affect the caucuses, but it will certainly affect all of those candidates and reporters trying to get out of town on tuesday. jim: even though the iowa caucuses get a lot of attention, the percentage of people who
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aixa: it' s only a fraction of registered voters here. this is a state of 3 million people. the governor says that the gop turnout this year may be about 150,000. the democrats had a huge turnout back in 2008. it was 240,000 people. again, we' re not talking about significant big numbers when you consider the number of people in the state. jim: everybody is talking about turnout. aixa diaz 4s in des moines tonight. we are giving you complete live coverage from the caucuses tomorrow. adrian whitsett will tally the votes as they come in and let you know. adrian: we arrived in the capital of the hawkeye state, des moines, to cover the iowa caucuses for commitment 2016. we know and the latest polls in iowa that donald trump is still in the lead and hillary clinton is still in the lead for the democrats. we expect to see plenty of rallies before voters actually
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7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it is sure to be a fun occasion and we will be right here covering it for wesh 2 news . i will be tweeting all day long. you can find the latest up-to-date information on jim: here in florida, you' ll have to wait until march 15th for the presidential primary election. the deadline to register in order to vote, is a little more than two weeks away on february 16th. we have an entire section of dedicated to commitment 2016. just go to the news tab and click on politics for the newest developments from the campaign trail. tonight, police in ocala are collecting evidence in a series of shootings at apartment complexes across the city. you can see bullets hit windows, doors one even striking a , television set. homes in the southwest and northeast sides of the city were targeted. one man says he was inside his home and woke up to the gunfire. >> i just don' t understand what' s going on back here but this is the second time it' s happened.
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whether the shootings could be connected to one yesterday, where a man was shot in the chest outside his home on northwest 16th street. he is found hiding in his underwear and socks after allegedly shooting it out with police. just some of the new details we' re learning about the arrest of a man in sanford. the shootout friday left an innocent bystander with a gunshot wound. wesh 2' s matt lupoli looks at the new evidence in the case. matt: rashad smith was denied bond when he answered a host of charges that follow a shootout with police. >> you' re arrested for firing a weapon into the public, attempted homicide, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and resisting an officer without violence. matt: an arrest affidavit gives new details to the evidence behind the accusations. police say smith fired shots at the officer who eyed him as the man a 911 caller said pointed guns at cars along 17-92.
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return. witnesses at this truck dealership looked on as the shootout rounded the property, bullets marred the merchandise smith then disappeared into the , darkness. according to the court documents, investigators found smith' s gun and wallet in the grass near the dealership. they found a bloodied white shirt and multi-colored pants that fit the description strewn about while looking for him. a helicopter' s infrared camera and police k-9 unit helped find smith hiding behind a utility box wearing just underwear and sox. he wouldn' t say why he shed his clothes when he fled. documents also shows smith was out on bond at the time of the arrest for eluding an officer with a suspended license and was convicted in 2008 for culpable negligence in a death case. a bystander was hit in the gunfire, police haven' t said whose gun caused the injury, but it' s not life-threatening. suspect smith isn'
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face a judge again on these charges until march 22. until then he will remain here at the seminole county jail. from sanford, matt lupoli, wesh jim: covering volusia county, troopers say that the biker crashed early this morning on u.s. highway one, near harbor road in port orange. and got out of her car to help the victim. she' s just been identified as 33-year-old tina martin of port orange. troopers say two other cars came along, crashed into martin and the biker, killing both of them. troopers are still investigating. new information tonight in the rape of a 13-year-old girl in seminole county. a woman now faces charges because police say she didn' t do enough to prevent it from happening. officers in longwood say jaime popowski failed to properly supervise the girl, which led to the child being victimized. walter ambrose was arrested more than a week ago for the rape. he is a registered sexual predator. popowski is charged with
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contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a developing story tonight as police announced the arrest of a second virginia tech did in and the death of a 13-year-old girl. nicole disappeared from her home in blacksburg, virginia last week, 18-year-old david eisenhower is charged with her abduction and murder. tonight, police announced that he has a compass. >> 19-year-old natalie has been charged with one felony count of improper disposal of the body and one misdemeanor count of accessory after the fact and the commission of a felony. jim: the body was found in north carolina about 100 miles from her home. please do not know how or why she was killed. checking first alert weather with a live look from outside of our studios here in winter park. feeling a little pull out there, but not as cold as it has been. meteorologist eric burris joins us now. eric: we are noticing more and
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whether it is fog or low clouds, we are going to be dealing with some activity in the morning. the good news, it will not the other much. not too much for the morning commute. currently, 64. the dew point i-57, we are watching that never come up, a direct measurement of the moisture in the atmosphere. temperatures elsewhere, in the late hour, 59, ocala. 62, sanford. the blanket of clouds sitting overhead, but i do want to widen the perspective because it is starting to see a line of clearing come through. once that happens, the temperature gets down and the dew point kisses adjuration point and you get do forming and low clouds and you also get little pockets of fog. we are keeping on the forecast for your early morning and his first images go, down to 60 degrees. that is it. a milder forecast, and that translates into a warmer forecast by tomorrow afternoon. i have you cover neighborhood by neighborhood in just a couple of minutes.
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the veneers, tons of photos and paperwork from police. the broken to 32 cars in the tourism district overnight. the candidate drive hotel and suites and the country in and suites on universal boulevard. burglars smashed the windows of cars to get inside. some guests became even more frustrated after dealing with hotel managers. >> all the paperwork that they have here says they are not responsible for anything. they say they have insurance that covers a kind of liability, and they have you thought a form, and that in the garbage can behind the counter as soon as you walk away. i saw them throw three papers away today and they refuse to give us a copy of our paperwork. jim: we checked in and florida, public lodging operators are not liable for pretty lost unless it was their fault or it happens because they were negligent. managers in all three hotels are not commenting. right now, demolition is about to begin that can make your drive to orlando international
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a toll plaza on the beach line is about to come down. wesh 2' s amanda ober is their life and this could help smooth out traffic in the areas. amanda: they think it will. once the airport plaza is demolished, they think that the traffic backups that this area are so known for will come to an end. i want to show you what is happening tonight, those orange signs that say no toll, do not stop, or just put up in the past hour. if you are getting excited, re here, you' it, just at different locations. the demolition has begun. motorists taking the beach line will no longer have to pay a toll at the airport plaza. it is going to be demolished after years of drivers complaining about its lack of
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>> this is the second busiest plaza on our hundred nine mile system and it is the only one that does not have express lanes. by getting rid of this plaza, things will move so much better through here. amanda: lane by late sunday night, cars were no longer being charged the $1.25 cash toll. that toll will instead be collected at 4 new toll plaza' s that have been built on nearby beachline ramps, but the bulk of the toll will be paid at the beachline' s west mainline plaza which is 4 miles west of the airport plaza. that means the cash toll there will increase from $1.00 to $2.25. >> it' ll be a break even for most people. they will be paying the same amount of tolls only in a different location so instead of paying two locations they' ll be paying at one location, for most people. jim: the expressway authority
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the toll plaza in coming weeks to know that they do not need to stop, but they need to be careful as they pass through there. a show of support today for a local boy scout troop targeted by thieves. >> it would be nice if he returned to what you took, but you should not have done it. jim: next, -- a plane coming into a local airport for a landing overturns, what the pilot told your mixture into hell.
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jim: a show of support today for a local boy scout troop targeted by thieves. it' s a story you saw first on wesh 2. their trailer was kept in the parking lot of all saints lutheran church until it was: last week. it used to store more than $10,000 worth of items that the group needs to function. >> this all happens, that somebody went and took from the scouts, and took this for i know what, profit. they might have took it was lawn equipment, but if they knew what --
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other community members to announce a fundraiser. we have the information on a landing is very wrong for a pilot at the airport. this is the plane upside down and off the runway this morning. firefighters say the only person on board refuse treatment, the plane is owned by an aviation company based in merritt island. new tonight, spacex ceo elon musk says he plans to fly people to mars and less than a decade. >> even if somebody never planned to go to mars, just following the progress, vicariously, would be quite inspiring. i do think it is important that we have things that inspire us to it cannot just the about solving miserable problems. jim: he spoke out about plans during a technology forum in hong kong today. he went on to say that mars is the only planet that we really
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his goal is to start sending people there by 2025. nasa is working on mars missions, but they are not expected to start until at least 2030. elon musk says he will put people on mars before nasa. >> shows you the kind of place we are in right now. jim: a little bit of bravado, but he has been backing it up. let' s talk about this weather. looking really good. eric: it will be nice for the first part of the week. second half, showers and storms. that is a we have for you. right now, settling into bed, and we have plenty of clouds overhead. eola, 64. the windsor calm, and because of that, we need to sneak in a mention of patchy fog as we look ahead to monday morning. it could be with you, but it will be patchy, at best. no dense fog. 59, dunnellon and romeo. 61, bellevue. 62, the villages.
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65, hunters creek. 50' s, and even lower to mid 60' s, once we get over toward the space coast. temperatures of this hour, 5-10 degrees warmer than this time last night because of the blanket of clouds sitting over top of us. so we notice the clouds are exiting out toward the east, that is going to allow into the lower 50' county. mid 50' tomorrow morning, 59 in 59, titusville. 57, daytona beach. blue skies returning to town. he will so keep the clouds in place, but we will start to see some sunshine. we will warm to 65 and 9:00 tomorrow morning and 76 by moche time. 78, 1:00. in orlando, 81 at 3:00. that is the afternoon high. same thing down to the attractions, kissimmee, 79. 76, daytona beach.
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a southerly, eventually a southwesterly kick to the wind. i' rains for south florida. one or two of those they try to get into the southern areas, but dry. tuesday, a wraparound wind out will be a beach day with high s and then wednesday into thursday, this cold front will bring showers and thunderstorms to central florida. the strength of them at this point is a little too far out. futurecast models showing at least for the panhandle on wednesday some nasty storms and it is important to know, as we look into february, tomorrow, that is really one central florida begins to have their tornado season. we will watch that over the storm systems working in, averaging temperature tomorrow is 72. 76. when i say warm, we are to degree shy of the record. that is close enough, we could be challenging that. 85 in orlando is the high
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daytona and melbourne will not get to that record value. 70 forecast, mid 80' s on tuesday and wednesday. showers and thunderstorms on thursday. clearing out in cooling down for friday-sunday. jim: the first event at a new racing -- we will hear more in sports.
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pat: it' s too late for new year' s resolutions, but certainly not too late to become resolute, even for the orlando magic, who have staggered through the month of january. as this night began, orlando had lost 8 in a row, 12 of 13, and almost certianly much of the pride they had acquired after a 19-13 start. now 5 games below 500 as they hosted the celtics tonight. games at san antonio and oklahoma city early this week making tonight' s game that much more important. but boston who embarrassed orlando friday came out strong and grabbed a lead led by as many as 14 in the 14 point lead first half. in the 3rd after isiah thomas drilled a three. and then, as if someone flipped a switch, the swagger returned.
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like, orladno turned it on a 25 point turnaround and an 11 point lead. mario hezonia contributing 17 tonight. evan fournier scored 15 of his 24 in the final quarter and the magic snap the skid at 8. 6 players in double figures. 53% shooting and a sigh of relief. 119-114 the final. donnie jones and the ucf knights at home this afternoon, trying their best to avoid a third straight loss, but uconn had other ideas. even though the hustkies would not need it, rodney purvis banked in a 3-point shot, a microcosm of how this day would play out for orlando. but aj davis countered with one of his own as a shot clock was winding down, indicative of how tough points were to come by for the knights. huskies went on a 17-0 run in the first half with smothering defense and took control of this game. knights shot just 24% in the first half, 24% for the game.
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and 26 point win. a new racing season is underway at the daytona international speedway. and some of the action from the rolex 24 this weekend was as cool as the improved digs at the track. in the final hours of this twice-around-the-clock event, kyle larson behind the wheel of chip ganassi' s defending champion, but losing control when the brakes went out on the car. great drama much of the day for the overall lead. young star pippo derani piloting the tequila patron team. leading jordan taylor and wayne taylor racing when both teams pitted with 41 minutes to go. fumes in the cockpit of the taylor car jordan giving way to max angelleli, but on this day, no one would catch the patron car. it takes the checkered and a second place finish for taylor racing for the third time in four years. first overall win for a p-2 car and a honda. patron celebrating tonight. likely with tequila. >> no words, just so incredible to be here.
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it is kind of unreal to be here. it is the first ever race. and america. pat: a terrific finish in the class. look at this to the finish line , two corvettes teammates, no less. separated by 34-one thousandths of a second at the start-finish line. oliver gavin edging antonio garcia for the close at and. it is so rare at the rolex 24. and away we go with the weeklong buildup to super bowl the 50. panthers and broncos each arriving in northern california to continue their preps for the game next sunday night. cam newton not wanting to attract any more attention to himself, choosing to dress conservatively. his panthers favored to beat peyton manning and denver when they kick this thing off. i' m not sure if those are pants. jim: did he accepted their? do you think? pat: he'
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media day is tomorrow night. jim: always fun. what a throw. you' re watching wesh 2 news bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me
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