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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: we' ve got breaking news at noon today. a deland man is facing 35 years in prison, after pleading no contest to running over a horse and its rider. good afternoon i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. this happened exactly one year ago. wesh 2' s brett connolly is in the breaking news center. brett, he didn' t enter his plea too long ago. brett: we were expecting jury selection today. instead, we' ll have no trial and no jury. todd pleads no contest and now
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killing a horse. this was in the french landing near orange city, where four people were riding horses. one of the riders was upset todd raced down the road so close to the horses. todd got into an argument with the horseback riders, and then intentionally drove at the group, hitting and killing a horse, and injuring a rider, who suffered a broken collar bone. the 22-year-old was arrested 30 miles from the scene, with horse hair stuck in the grill of his full-size pickup. he entered the plea this morning, just as his trial was set to begin. his felony charges include aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, killing of a horse, and leaving the scene of a crash with injury. he could now face up to 35 years in prison. a sentencing date has not yet been set. jason and michelle, back to you. jason: right, thank you. thank you. just into the wesh 2 newsroom. we' re learning a clermont day care director has been arrested for child abuse.
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slammed. wesh 2' s jazmin walker is in with a look. jazmin? jazmin: this is the alleged abuser, kimberly reid. her co-worker recorded the incidents on her cell phone, and told police the abuse had been going on for weeks. children' s palace daycare center. that' s on east highway 50 in clermont. the cell phone video is just crazy to watch. at first, you see reid hitting the little boy over and over, with what appears to be stuffed animals and her hands. then, reid picks him up off a cot, raises him about chest high, and drops him face down. she was arrested friday. during her interrogation, clermont police say, reid made incriminating statements, telling detectives she quote played rough with the child. clermont police say, they also spoke with the child' s father. he says, he didn' t give reid permission to hit or drop his child. at this time, police say, there' s no indication that any other children were abused at the daycare center. the investigation is ongoing. michelle. michelle: jazmin, thank you so
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and commitment 2016, tonight the , first americans decide who they think should be president we' re just hours away from the iowa caucuses. jason: tracie potts is in des moines, iowa, talking to voters and getting a sense of who could come out on top. tracie: marco rubio is downplaying expectations. underdog, but we feel good about it. tracie: he called ted cruz i front. in the polls. he is not claiming a win just yet. what is going to happen. it is politics. about the ground game. keeping volunteers energized. because all i do. tracie: hillary clinton brought donuts and coffee this morning. henry clinton: 105 doors this past weekend. there is just so much
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tracie: dr. ben carson said that him. ben carson: they are going to ask people to listen to their i think it is going to have an effect. tracie: turnout is key, show up. upset, this political scene. that things are handled. tracie: they are hoping that tonight is their chance for change. >> i the time that people had to the caucuses tonight. they will be saturated with visits from these candidates. that is just from republicans. jason: here in florida, we have to wait until march 15th in order to cast our first ballots for president. in order to vote, you must register by february 16th. that'
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michelle: a rough start for some elementary students in orange county today. their school had to be evacuated due to a gas leak. this happened at wetherbee elementary school this morning. the leak was coming from the school' s kitchen area. the staff was able to shut off the gas, and no one was hurt. crews are demolishing one of the oldest toll plazas in central florida. jason: now, you no longer have to stop at the airport toll booth on the beachline. transportation officials say, it will ease congestion. the cash will now be collected at four, new toll plazas that have been built on nearby beachline ramps. michelle: we have new information today about the man charged in a shootout with sanford police. roshad smith is being held at the seminole county jail today, after being denied bond. police say, an officer was responding to a 911 call, of a man pointing a gun at cars along 1792, when smith started shooting at them. the officer shot back. an innocent bystander was hurt, and smith ran away. officials tracked him down behind a utility box, wearing just underwear and socks. smith was out on bond at the time, for eluding an officer
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documents show, he was previously convicted in 2008 for culpable negligence in a death case. he' s now facing a slew of charges. smith expected to face a judge on march 22nd. jason: ocala police are looking into whether a series of drive-by shootings, at several apartment complexes, are connected. you can see bullets hit windows and doors. one even hit a television set. homes in the southwest and northeast sides of the city were targeted. one man says, he was inside his home, and woke up to the gunfire. >> i just don' t understand what' s going on back here, but this is the second time it' s happened. jason: officers are trying to determine if the drive-bys are tied to a shooting that left one man injured on northwest 16th street saturday. the tourist district in orange county is dealing with a wave of smash and grab thefts. 32 cars were broken into on saturday night on i-drive and universal boulevard. some guests became even more frustrated, after dealing with hotel managers. >> all the paperwork that they have here says, that they' re not responsible for anything. they said that they have the insurance that covers any kind of liability that happens outside. they' re having you fill out a form, and then they' re throwing
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right behind the counter, as soon as you walk away. i saw them throw three papers away, and they refused to give us a copy of our paperwork. jason: the hotels have refused to comment. in florida, public lodging operators are not liable for property loss, unless it was their fault or because of their negligence. michelle: let' s turn to our weather now. plenty of sunshine and florida. we are also warming up to 80 degrees. jason: 80 degrees. first alert meter all just amy sweezey joins us from the outdoor weather studio. how is it feeling out there? amy: look at these numbers. we hit 79 degrees in some spots. we are going to keep climbing. the cool spot is at palm coast at 73 degrees. orlando is at 78 degrees. melbourne and kissimmee are both at 79 degrees. we still have a little bit of cloud cover that is spilling back in after our morning clouds went away.
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still, that is more son than yesterday. as you plan the afternoon -- plan for the afternoon, it will be warm. after sunset tonight, our temperatures will drop, but not very quickly. we will be in the upper 60' s by 11:00 tonight. we have a couple of rather warm days here coming up. we do have some cold air on the way by the end of the week. you' ll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. jason a michelle. michelle: new and -- new at noon. we now know the name of to veterans that are going to be entering into the u.s. astronaut hall of fame. brian duffy and scott parazynski will be inducted into the hall this may, at the kennedy space center. duffy took four shuttle trips to space in his career. parazynski flew the space shuttle five times. the u.s. astronaut hall of fame closed it' s old building late last year, to move to the kennedy space center. this announcement comes on the
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-- explosion. that day. s first astronaut. shuttles were grounded for more than two years, after that tragedy. jason: we' re expecting to learn more information today about a carjacking suspect, shot by orlando police. danielle evans is charged with armed carjacking and aggravated fleeing and eluding. police say they had to open fire, when evans crashed a stolen car into multiple a surveillance camera, near bumby avenue and south street, captured the car trying to drive off as officers approached. two other people in the car were questioned and released. michelle: in volusia county deputies are now waiting on , autopsy results for a man found dead near a brush fire. s body was discovered saturday near the avenue near deland. deputies say they were in that when they got a call that rule , built a fire and had been sleeping on a nearby bench. happening today, family and friends will pray for the return of a port orange woman who vanished exactly six years ago
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laurel rogers left home and was never seen again. her family will hold a candle light vigil at her home on horizon view boulevard at 5:30 tonight. there is a $30,000 reward for information leading to rogers. jason: in seminole county, a second person is facing charges in the rape of a 13-year-old girl. officers in longwood say jaime popowski didn' t do enough supervise the girl, which led to the attack. walter ambrose was arrested more than a week ago for the rape. he is a registered sexual predator. popowski is charged with aggravated child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. today, gainesville police are investigating how a university of florida student fell six stories to his death. they say surveillance video shows 20-year-old chance wolf, falling over a waist-high glass partition in an apartment complex near campus yesterday. his body was found in a courtyard. police do not suspect foul play. michelle: isis is now claiming
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triple-bombing that killed at least 50 people in syria. damascus sunday near syria' s holiest shiite shrine. a syrian monitoring group says one of the targets was a bus the country' estimates 100 people were hurt. s foreign minister is accusing the u.s. of seeking what he calls maritime domination in the name of freedom of naviagation. jason: this comes after a u.s. navy destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of a disputed island in the south china sea. the guided-missile destroyer uss curtis wilbur recently passed near triton island in the paracel islands, in what the pentagon said was a challenge to attempts by china, taiwan and vietnam to restrict navigation rights and freedoms. coming up at noon, we have new information on a murder case involving to virginia tech student. michelle: who is being held responsible.
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>> you are watching wesh 2. jason: new information at noon about the murder of a 13-year-old girl in virginia. michelle: the victim' s mother says, her daughter had been bullied at school and on social media. nicole lovell disappeared from her home in blacksburg, virginia last week. virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie marie keepers are now charged in connection with the girl' s abduction and murder.
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saturday in north carolina. investigators are working to figure out why she was killed. jason: right now, the world health organization has begun a crisis meeting, considering whether the explosive spread of the mosquito-borne zika virus should be declared a global health emergency. the mosquito-borne virus has already been linked to birth defects in south america. here in the u.s., the cdc is advising pregnant women to avoid traveling there. meanwhile, the college of william and mary in virginia says, one of its students is expected to recover from a case of zika, the student caught in central america. health officials say, there is no health risk to anyone on campus. michelle: february is heart month. a time to raise awareness about the nation' s number one killer, heart disease. exercise greatly reduces the risk for heart disease. a new survey finds many of us aren' t getting enough. >> physical inactivity is a killer. >> a new survey from cardiologists at the cleveland clinic finds 40% of americans are not meeting the minimum
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and only 20% actually know what the right amount of exercise is. 30 minutes a day, five days a week of walking, biking, lifting weights any kind of moderate physical activity goes a long way in improving measures of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. and the best way to stick with it fitness experts say start small and stay realistic. >> don' t expect to lose 20 pounds in that first month. don' t expect to go to every class, you know, five days a week, right in a row. >> here' reasons people don' t workout like they should, according to the new survey. 37 % say they' re too tired 28 % say obligations with family and friends gets in the way. and 14% admit being too out of shape prevents them from being active. just as exercise can help prevent heart problems, doctors s equally important for , people already living with heart disease to get as much
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else. say to that is that.they should -- is that, they should build an exercise program with a professional, so with their cardiologist or with their sports cardiologist. >> studies have shown that simply standing for two hours a day can help reduce your risk of heart disease by out -- by 10%. jason: a miami driver turns the tables on a local police officer, -after watching him speed by her on a local highway. claudio castillo says she was running errands for work last friday afternoon, when all of a sudden a squad car allegedly sped by her so fast, it shook her car. castillo followed the driver until she got him to pull over. ,>> you were leaving me behind, and i was going 80 miles an hour, and i just wanted to know, what' s the emergency? >> i don' t know how fast i was going but i can tell you i' m on , the way to work. i don'
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jason: the officer apologized and promised to slow down. castillo taped the incident, and miami-dade police say they will investigate. michelle: a san diego woman was killed when a huge tree fell on her car during a storm. the tree was massive about eight , feet in diameter. it also crushed three other cars , when it fell yesterday. the storm also brought heavy rain, strong winds and . forecasters warn there could be flooding and mudslides in recent burn areas in the region. we are not talking about rain today. jason: our store is heat and sunshine. amy: the clouds are streaming in a little bit. however, we are still seeing more sunshine than yesterday. we are already approaching 80 degrees, and it is the first day of february. we start off with an average high of 72 degrees today.
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we will hit 76 by the end of the month for our average high. we have hit 90 before the end of february previously. january, we are going down in the record books as the wettest month we have had in a while. we will continue through this getting underway. i can probably say, continuing, because we have this el nio pattern we are in the middle of. so, territory first is today. the first day is well above average. we are going to stay this warm right through wednesday. thursday is the day that a cold front arrives. it will bring some showers and storms. on friday, we' ll be back in the 60' s for our highs. a roller coaster ride of
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right now, we are in the middle of this stretch of warm weather. there are some clouds streaming in. we had a large number of them clearing out this morning. however, we have a few scattered showers -- scattered clouds that will be lingering about for the afternoon. we are much drier today than we were yesterday. we are getting more sunshine. that is bringing those temperatures. we are already at 79 degrees in kissimmee and melbourne. 78 in orlando. 75 in ocala. with our wind coming in out of light. a little more sunshine as well. that helps bring our temperatures up higher than yesterday. yesterday, we were in the lower 70' s. we will climbed to 80 today in orlando and kissimmee. it will happen here over the next couple of hours.
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we will still have a few scattered showers -- clouds. uneventful. there is a south wind. things will be even warmer. front. it will start sliding in here thursday. that will bring us our showers and thunderstorms. then, some colder air behind that will settle in on friday. on friday, i' ll highs will only be in the 60' s. we' ll get a reinforcing front on saturday. it' ll keep our temperatures in the 60' s for next weekend. michelle: a cargo ship has been floating out of control off the french coast for the past six days. jason: and experts say time is running out for them to figure out a way to salvage the boat' s cargo. high winds and 20-foot waves made weekend rescue attempts impossible. spanish helicopters evacuated the 22 member crew last tuesday, after the modern express,
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-- three 600 tons of wood and equipment sent out a distress call. for only the second time this celebrating a win but they don' t get to think about it for long. orlando broke an eight game losing streak at home last night against the boston celtics. that wrapped up a january, where the magic finished 2 and 12. tonight, the magic head to san antonio, to take on the spurs, who have the second best record in the nba. tip off is at a: 30 p.m. -- 8:30 p.m. michelle: the super bowl teams have arrived in northern touched down, you couldn' t miss carolina panthers. cam newton turned heads when he got off the plane, wearing some very brightly colored, striped pants, designed by versace. newton will be wearing a more conventional uniform when the panthers take on eli manning and the denver broncos next sunday at levi'
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michelle: this video is difficult to watch. as we showed you earlier, a daycare worker has been arrested. jason: she' s facing child abuse charges. we again warn, this video is disturbing. kimberly reid' s co-worker recorded the alleged incidents on her cell phone, and told
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we' ll find out if additional charges could be filed. michelle: coverage continues. s caucuses. how it all works and updates from the candidates when wesh 2 news returns first at 4:00. jason: an incredible scene off the hawaiian coast. . -- the hawaiian coast. michelle: a massive wave took out a surfer, and it was all caught on camera. take a look the wave knocked the surfer off his board and looks like it swallow him, it happened as tom dosland was surfing last wednesday off the coast of maui. he described the scene as a sea monster rising out of the ocean, -- rising out of the ocean. he walked away with only a stiff neck and a broken board and was out surfing again the next day. jason: he is so lucky. maybe take a couple of days off. all right amy, let us talk about
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amy: i know it is monday, february, school and all that. the next couple of days, you should do it. today. tomorrow is groundhog' s day. later in the week. next weekend, we' ll be in the s. [captioning performed by the which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] watching.
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