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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that was rough play? >> i don' t know why someone would do that to a child. very disturbing to watch. very sad. michelle: kimberly reid is now in the lake county jail with no bond. charged with child abuse. according to police, reid was the director of the children' s palace daycare in clermont. the video was shot by a daycare employee with her cell phone. the employee told police the abuse had been going on for 3 weeks. >> it is locked. michelle: this morning we found the daycare center locked up, with a sign saying it was temporarily closed, due to a change in ownership grand , opening coming soon. >> oh my god. michelle: tricha ramos said she thought about putting her daughter in this daycare. when she watched the video, you could tell it upset her. >> i' d kill her. as a mom, i' m -- that' s ridiculous. michelle: in the same plaza is papa' s diner, the owner says
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order lunch. >> i' m just shocked. why it' s just horrible to do this to a child. michelle: interesting footnote. the reason kimberly reid has no bond is because she was on probation for food stamp fraud. dcf tells me that they do background checks on the owners, but it is up to the owners to check and make sure that their employees have proper clearance, so what went wrong at go dcf tells me that they are investigating. live in lake county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: we are following a tragic story developing right now in brevard county. a local woman who' s a teacher of the year finalist, has been found dead. angela hers was one of two : bodies found in the home and right now both deaths are being called suspicious. wesh 2' s dan billow joins us live from melbourne with more on what police are saying. dan? dan: police say a woman called in and reported they had been
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confirmed the shooting. near lake washington. divorce papers filed by the woman who lived here say she was in fear of her husband. >> this is shocking, actually. dan: sandra huggins woke up to the news that her friend sandy cook was dead, discovered by her sister after apparently being missed from work. cook was a well-liked math teacher at rockledge high school, where she was a teacher-of-the-year nominee for the entire district. police did not immediately release the name of the other dead person in the house, because relatives have not been they have indicated there is no re not gonna assume we' re conducting a death investigation and we' re not looking for anybody at this dan: a divorce petition filed by sandy cook says her husband had left her in november, but then returned in january, armed with a crowbar and threatening her. the january 6th petition says the wife is in fear for her safety and needs the court to enter a restraining order, the restraining order was not
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neighbors say cook and her husband showed no outward signs of any problems. >> no fight going on or anything, just one day, all the toys were gone. >> you know, they' re the best neighbors you would want to have. it' s unfortunate the way things happened. dan: again, police have not identified the second person in the home. right now, medical examiners are in their retrieving both of those bodies after evidence technicians have worked here all day. at 6:00, more from the divorce petition on what it calls the husband' s anger management issues and criminal record. live in melbourne, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: we' re following some late breaking news from orange county. the sheriff' s office says an investigation into claims of excessive force is over, and its deputies are in the clear. this stems from a july incident at the clubhouse of the retreat apartments. deputies say deidra reid yelled at an off-duty deputy' s son, who refused to let her inside. when she did get inside, the
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s not a resident. there was a confrontation that eventually spilled outside. reid was arrested along with reginald lane. they filed the excessive force complaint a week later. jim: friends and family of a young woman killed in an apparent murder-suicide in orange county saturday continue to mourn the loss. police say a family member discovered the bodies of 29-year-old kadian hall and her boyfriend 32-year-old marvin baker, at the mission club complex off of international drive. that' s near seaworld. while hall' s loved ones took to social media to mourn her passing, neighbors speaking with wesh 2 today wonder why it happened at all. >> it hurts. my heart goes out to the family. only then to a know what happens, basically. jim: deputies say there was no history of domestic violence between the couple. cause of death is not being released. angela: it was a rocky start to the school-week for some students in orange county. wetherbee elementary had to be
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it happened just after the start of school this morning and lasted for a short time. it' s important to note that no students were hurt. we' re told the gas came from the school' s kitchen area. staff was able to shut it off. it was also an out-of-the-ordinary day for students at west port high in ocala. amid rumors of a school threat, security was beefed up. 10-uniformed police officers, plus the school resource officer were on campus. this all started last thursday when three students started waving confederate flags. it led to a fight. on friday there was no school, and alleged threats surfaced on facebook. while the district says the rumors weren' t credible, the security was added as a precaution. of this goes roughly 2600 students more than a thousand , stayed home. jim: tonight, a man from deland -- man is facing 35-years in prison. he pleaded no contest to running over a horse with his car, while a rider was in the saddle. christopher todd was arrested nearly a year ago. police say while todd was behind
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horse rider yelled at him for driving too close to their group. todd allegedly got into an argument with them, and then intentionally drove into the group, hitting and killing a horse and injuring the rider, who suffered a broken collar bone. police say when todd was arrested, he had horse hair sticking to the grill of his pick-up. his felony charges include aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, killing of a horse, and leaving the scene of a crash with injury. a sentencing date has not yet been set. [applause] jim: the crowds cheer for hillary clinton this morning in des moines. the former secretary of state started her day early, bringing donuts to thank her campaign staff. in the past 2-days, the clinton campaign knocked on more than 186,000 doors all in an effort to make sure voters in the hawkeye state get out, and carry her to victory tonight. tonight, wesh two news has team coverage of the iowa caucus, which is the very first contest of the 2016 presidential election.
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democrats who' ve been working over-time for votes. the 12-republicans running for office are also covering a lot of ground, including florida senator marco rubio, and our former governor jeb bush. jim: also working hard tonight s adrian whitsett. he joins us live from des moines hoping to get out the vote. adrian? adrian: the main way that they are trying to get out the vote is sort of this ground campaign the last two or three months that really, nate in people getting out to their caucus sites tonight. there are about 900 of them across the state of iowa. here in a couple of hours we actually expect to see marco rubio go into three caucus sites , by himself, and try to sway voters to his side. it is all part of what has been a very interesting day. iowa on caucus day looks very much as it has leading up. donald trump and ted cruz in front. florida' s marco rubio and many others trying to catch up in this first voter decision. some look at polls that show
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re looking ahead. >> we' ve planned for a long campaign. we had leadership teams in 25 states. we are on the ballot already in 32 states. something a lot of candidates cannot say. adrian: others, like former florida governor jeb bush still pushing for an unlikely win. >> we have a democracy i' m -- so you can shape what the rest of the race will look like. i' m counting on you and i trust you and i asked for your support to caucus with me tonight. adrian: senator marco rubio. pumped up his volunteers. as donald trump talked about a pump issue in iowa. and why his closest competitor in the hawkeye state isn' t right. >> your ethanol business if ted cruz gets in will be gone in 6 months to a year. it' s going to be gone. adrian: cruz for his part spoke of why he should be president. and why he' ll fight the establishment. >> who is taken on not just
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because if you have never done it before, nobody in history has ever granted backbone after arriving at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. adrian: that is the address that all 12 of the gop candidates help to get to by the oath of office in january of 2017. you probably have noticed that we do not have very much for marco rubio, that is because, as i said, he was hitting it up with volunteers during the day and he plans to make his final pitch at the caucus site this evening. we will bring you that coverage tonight at 6:00. live in des moines, for commitment to thousand 15, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. angela: thanks, adrian. it' s not only the republicans who are making moves in iowa right now, but democrats. bernie sanders, who' s in a statistical tie with clinton in the iowa polls, held a massive rally in waterloo. he boasted that the 20 million dollars his campaign raised in january, was comprised of a small donor base, not super
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clinton campaign. it wasn' t cash that clinton talked about during her last rally before the caucus, it was her experience. she appeared with husband and former president bill clinton, before giving an impassioned stump speech in front of 2600 supporters. this was one of 100 rallies she held in the state over the past few months. and former maryland governor martin o' malley, trailing last in the polls, is hoping for a surprise victory tonight. he spent the day knocking on doors and meeting with voters. a lot of political analysts think that depending on how many people vote for him, the scales could be tipped in favor of clinton or sanders. tonight wesh 2 is the place to turn for all the latest commitment 2016 coverage. adrian whitsett will continue his coverage from des moines at 6:00, and then again at 10:00 and 11:00. and be sure to stay here on wesh 2 at 6:30. lester holt has taken nbc nightly news to iowa for a live broadcast. he' ll have the latest on the last-minute push for votes, and you'
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re announced. >> i just don' t understand what' s going on back here but this is the second time it' s happened. jim: tonight, a series of drive-by shootings are keeping several ocala residents on edge. over the weekend bullets fired from a passing minivan peppered windows, doors, and even a television set. wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown looked into the search going on right now for the gunman. >> i just seen a white van pulling out and he want to shooting. gail: a neighbor who didn' t want to be identified says things could have been a lot worse yesterday when someone in a white minivan just started shooting on southwest 7th place in ocala. >> i just seen some boys and he just got his gun and wen to shooting. >> are you concerned about that? >> yes, i have a grandchild and a nephew and a child.
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. all i did was lay on the floor, cause i dind' know where it was coming from and i told my family to lay down right there. >> i seen the the white van with tinted windowns one red guy with a high top fade that was shooting, he had a gun in his hand. >> ocala police recovered a bullet on this front porch which appeared to have struck a concrete window sill. neighbor wayne boger said a bullet traveled through his front door and and television. >> i just don' t understand what' s going on back here but this is the second time its happened. gail: ocala police are looking for a white minivan with a dark tint and sunroof that sped of toward martin luther king avenue. the police report says at least , 3 subjects in the vehicle, one driving, a front passenger and the subject standing and firing. a light-skinned young black male with a high top fade was standing in the van partially out of the sunroof firing a handgun. if you have any information about the drive by, call the
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remain anonymous. i' m gail paschall-brown, and mary county, for wesh 2 news. happened saturday in the 1600-block of northwest 16th street in ocala. a man was shot in the chest. suspects fled in a white van. t know if the two drive-bys are connected. smash and grab burglars target cars parked at some of s busiest hotels. angela: coming up, wesh 2 pushes investigators for more s being done to catch those responsible, while the victims try to get their stuff back. jim: plus, a long-standing toll near orlando international airport is coming down, after years of complaints. what crews hope to accomplish by getting rid of it.
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jim: orlando police say they' re hoping that someone who saw something will help them solve a series of smash and grab vehicle burglaries. angela: they' re also sending out alerts to businesses in orlando' s tourist corridor to be on the lookout. three hotels on international drive were targeted this weekend. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live and bob, what can we do to make sure we don' t become a
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bob: according to orlando police, it can be something as simple as this iphone charger that is waiting to your console in your car or take a look at this vehicle in the parking lot, maybe it is this high tech heads that that is hanging from the rearview mirror that is going to make it much more attractive to these feeds. in the last week, dozens of cars parked outside of smaller hotels have been vandalized and burglarized by thieves who so far have managed to pull off these daring smash and grab robberies under cover of darkness, without being caught. >> with the amount of vehicles and incidents you think you would have one person who saw something. that' s what we are hoping. i find it hard to believe you have noone who heard anything or saw anything. >> my ipad was here, my gps was here.
5:17 pm
hotel on canada avenue say the hotel has no parking lot security and won' t help them with the cost of damages. >> where not coming back to this hotel. at all. bob: police and deputies investigating three cases at hotels around i-drive have alerted others to be on the look out. last week dozens of vehicles at neighboring hotels near the airport were also damaged some with nothing taken at all. here' s what you can do to decrease your chances of getting hit. ask if your hotel has secured parking. if they don' t, parking and better lit, does your areas. and most importantly, remove or hide any valuables that might catch a criminal' s eye. >> make your car plane exactly. , make it look like it' s been sitting in a dealership lot for three months and nobody' s touched it. bob: so far police say they have , few leads and no suspects in these latest break ins. if police are still hoping, maybe there is a hotel employee
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parking lot that saw something that may not have added up at the time, but could be important , and if that is the case, there encouraging you to call crime live in orange county, bob kealing, wesh 2 news. eric: clear skies for part of the day. clouds are part of the day. all over the place. looking ahead for tonight, we will even put some fog in. a look over toward the airport. a few clouds overhead, but genuinely, a nice afternoon. 81, currently. light breeze out of the southeast. six miles per hour. a heat index working in, it feels like 82. that said, here is the visible satellite imagery and you can see the line of clearing on the west coast and if you look closely, the line of clearing on these coast, sea breezes have activated. the good news, the temperature profile does not look
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73 at 9:00. upper 60' s by 11:00. we keep dropping from there. we will be down to 56 in ocala tonight. 59, webster. 60, mount dora. 62, claremont and the attractions. 62, orlando. 61, apopka. 62, new smyrna beach. 65, merritt island. tomorrow, the highest still here, giving us those warm, southerly wind, so we are talking about an even warmer day. flirting with record values. we will not hit it, i think we will be three degree shy, but in orlando, 85 degrees is the forecast high tomorrow. 80-85, with more sunshine working in. well above average. tonight at 9:00, a couple of clouds out there. overnight, there are these gray shapes popping up. that is fog expected. a heads up for the money commute. lunchtime, the model data trying to show the seabreeze popping up and it could spark a sprinkler
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rain will really hold off until about thursday. there is the next term system, a cold front moves in, you see the green ahead of it. thursday, showers and storms. friday, the front starts to fall apart so it will keep clouds around friday to saturday. sunday, our next term system, and areas of low pressure developing in the gulf of mexico. no stronger severe thunderstorms anticipated thursday, that we looking a close eye on it. 84 tomorrow. 83, wednesday. storms thursday and then koehler for your friday and saturday. jim: right now, construction crews are taking down one of the largest toll plazas in central florida. it will soon the a thing of the past. we are told that hope is that the demolition will ease congestion and help traffic move more smoothly. the money collected will not be picked up at four new toll plazas, all built on nearby beach line rams. coming up 5 arrests are made , following allegations of abuse at a massachusetts school.
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more. cameras are rolling as california police bring those two escaped inmates back to prison. and new information on the search for the poachers who shot down a helicopter in tanzania, killing the pilot.
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jim: half a dozen people been accused of accusations involving abuse of special needs students face a judge today. the suspected abuse happened at a private school in massachusetts that caters to boys and young men who have learning disabilities and behavioral problems. four people are charged with assault and battery on a disabled person. a fifth suspect is charged with obstruction of justice and witness intimidation. angela: tonight two virginia tech students are charged in the murder and kidnapping of a nicole lovell' s body was found about 100 miles away from her home in blacksburg, virginia over the weekend. authorities believe david eisenhauer knew the victim, and used their relationship to lure her out of the house. natalie keepers is accused of disposing the body. the motive is not clear and police have not disclosed how lovell was killed. the violent and dangerous inmates who escaped a california jail are all back behind bars tonight. one man turned himself in on friday, the other two were
5:25 pm
s golden gate park. authorities are now interviewing the men. they escaped a maximum security jail on january 22nd, cutting through a steel grate and climbing plumbing tunnels. jim: a british helicopter pilot is shot and killed by poachers. it happened friday in tanzania while roger gower was trying to help rangers track the poachers who killed an elephant. he was able to land his chopper, but he died before help could arrived. the gunman have not been caught. angela: health authorities in -- jim: stewart moore joins us now. stewart: jim, angela, right now, new details about a police involved shooting in sanford. bullets went flying following reports of a man walking a street with a gun, and an innocent by-stander was hit. plus, wesh 2 is pushing investigators for more information about the case of an altamonte springs teen, gunned down in broad daylight. and call it a caucus craze. we continue our coverage from iowa, where in a matter of
5:26 pm
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campaign. in a matter of hours, the very first votes of the election will be held in iowa. caucus-goers will gather at 8 our time, to vote for the candidates they' ve seen plenty of in the past week. it' s a tight race between donald trump and ted cruz, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie. wesh 2 is iowa for the race, and we' ll have a full report in just a few moments. but we begin right now with the search for the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old from good evening, i' stewart: i' m stewart moore. tamar harris was shot in the east altamonte area last friday wesh 2' s amanda ober reports. : seminole county sheriff' s office say they may be getting closer to identifying the man who shot and killed 15-year-old tamar harris. the teen died after he was shot while riding in a car in east altamonte springs friday. >> we' ve received several tips over the weekend through crimeline with consistant information so there' s an individual that we' re looking to
5:30 pm
provide us more details. angela deputies say around 3:30 : friday afternoon an armed man standing in the middle of central street, shooting at the passing car. investigators say harris was a passenger in the car. investigators say that he was a passenger in the vehicle in which he was shot. when the car slammed into this light post, the driver and whatever other occupants may have been in the vehicle took off running. >> we know we have at least one or possibly two or more people who were in the vehicle and know exactly what took place. s office : believes the car harris was in was targeted and that this was not a random shooting, but the motive remains a mystery. in seminole county, amanda ober, wesh two news. angela: if you have an information on the shooting, you should call crimeline or the seminole county sheriff' s office. a second person was arrested in longwood over the weekend and charged in connection to the rape of a 13-year-old girl. take a look at jaime popowski. police say she didn' t do enough to protect the girl, which they
5:31 pm
attacked. she' s charged with aggravated child neglect. walter ambrose was arrested a week ago. police say he attacked the girl. he' s a registered sexual predator. stewart: the man whose body was found near a brush fire, has been identified. sheriff' s deputies say malcolm rule' s body was found saturday. it was near the budget inn on east new york avenue near deland. deputies say the 52-year-old may have built a fire, and slept on a nearby bench. an autopsy has been done, but officials say it was inconclusive and they are waiting for additional tests to determine how rule died but there were no obvious signs of foul play. a sanford man accused of firing at police officers on 17-92, is behind bars tonight. angela: he was arrested friday, after a gunbattle that left an innocent by-stander wounded. as wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel reports, investigators are still trying to piece all the chaos together. dave: drivers had to think they
5:32 pm
allegedly walking down the road with a gun, occasionally pointing it into traffic. >> one hit right here and went up into the truck. date the manager at a local used : truck lot, had a better view than he may have wanted. >> told him to freeze of course, and the guy took off running, and as he was beginning to run, he fired two shots at the officer. dave: 27-year-old roshad smith was arrested friday after callers said he was frightening them, waving a gun around. when an officer arrived smith' s accused of discharging his firearm at the direction of the officer. specifically, according to the arrest report discharging his , firearm before the officer returned fire. investigators blocked off a good section of 17-92, between airport boulevard and americana. during the exchange, a bystander was shot in the arm. the fdle said today the bullet fragmented on impact, so they may never know who fired that shot. >> he' s not the type i would think that would do that. dave a neighbor didn'
5:33 pm
described as being part of this shoot-out, isn' t the guy she sees. >> because he has children and he seems like a good father. i' ve seen him with his kids and he' s a good guy. date: smith was told he would stay in jail without bond for now. the use of force investigation and the investigation into the shooting itself going on at the same time. reporting in sanford, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: i think a lot of us can get used to this weather. eric: i saw a couple of top down in the parking lot. it is not severe weather, so that only means one thing, it is warm outside. i turn the fan on on the weather patio, and on the outdoor weather studio, i am looking at clear skies overhead. you can see in the visible satellite, a few clouds around.
5:34 pm
absolutely gorgeous, as the sun is setting, this is from our wesh 2 news tower camera. software the west. look at that. dramatic. it is just beautiful across central florida. as the sun is creeping on down. 81 currently, wind out of the southeast at about six miles per hour. i can say from standing outside, there is not much of a breeze. it is 80 degrees in sanford, 73, beachside. 79, ocala. tonight, when this mainly clear sky overhead, we will see some clouds here or there, and late this evening, we will see some fog developing, temperatures working off through the 60' s. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i see guys inside in a couple of minutes. angela: we' re learning new information tonight about the string of events that led to the deaths of two people along a volusia county highway. stewart: the trouble started when a man crashed his motorcycle sunday morning on u.s. highway 1 near port orange. as wesh 2' s claire metz reports, things took a tragic turn, when
5:35 pm
help him. claire: -- >> lot of people especially that time of night, see someone on the side of the road there just keep going, but she would always try to help someone. claire josh boyle says his : sister, 33-year-old tina martin is more than a good samaritan he says she' s a hero for trying to help a motorcyclist who veered into the median and was thrown into the southbound lanes. martin, a single mother of three children 8-years-old and younger stopped her car, this red saturn, and ran to the bikers aids. a southbound vehicle hit them both and then another vehicle ran over the motorcyclist, 23-year-old santiago alverez, again. both died at the scene. >> mother of three great mother worked hard to take care of them. just i don' t i' m still in shock. , it' s not even sunken in yet. my niece was a great person, >>my niece was a great person, beautiful caring, do anything , for you. claire the family has learned : tina martin, who worked as a waitress at houligans in port orange, gave a colleague who didn' t have a car, a ride visited with the friend for awhile, then was heading home to
5:36 pm
the biker in the road she was kneeling over him when the other vehicles, heading south of harbor road on us 1, hit them . loved ones are not surprised martin would risk her own life for a stranger but they are devastated at the loss for them, for her children. the restaurant is working on a plan to raise money for the kids. >> she' s been working so hard to raise these three kids, by herself, she' s been doing an excellent job and then this tragedy had to happen, we just want her back. claire fhp tells us the : investigation is still on going but this appears to be just a tragic accident, so far no charges have been filed. near port orange, volusia county, claire metz/wesh 2 news. angela: right now friends and family of laurel rogers are holding a vigil to honor her. the port orange woman disappeared 6-years ago. she left her home on horizon view boulevard and was never seen again. the gathering is taking place right now in front of that home. a reward still stands for anyone $30,000 who can provide
5:37 pm
investigators to rogers. a university of florida student fell to his death over the weekend. gainesville police say 20-year-old chance wolf fell over a waist-high glass partition, and down 6 stories yesterday at an apartment complex near campus. foul play is not suspected. stewart: a 22 month old baby is dead after getting caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. this happened friday in jacksonville near a sports complex. officials say the baby was with his mother and grandmother in a car when a vehicle pulled up. people in the vehicle started shooting towards a home. but several bullets ended up going through the car the baby was in. so far no arrests have been made. angela: it was a theft you heard about first on wesh 2, and tonight a local boy scout troop is still hoping to raise money to replace equipment that was stolen last friday night. the thief or thieves made off with the orange county troop' s trailer. it was parked at the all saints lutheran church.
5:38 pm
filled with camping gear, and other things worth up to to learn how you can help, head $10,000. to stewart: a somber space anniversary today. 13 years ago on this day the , space shuttle columbia exploded. it came apart as it re-entered the atmosphere, sending debris falling across texas. 6-american astronauts were killed, along with israel' s first astronaut. following the tragedy, all space shuttles were grounded for 2-years. nasa is also celebrating the next 2-astronauts set to be entered into the u.s. astronaut hall of fame. take a look at brian duffy and scott parazynski. both men will be inducted into the hall of fame in may, at the kennedy space center. duffy took four shuttle trips to space in his career. parazynski flew the space shuttle five times. it is caucus day in iowa. after months on the campaign trial, and millions of dollars spent, the very first votes of the presidential campaign will 2016 be cast. angela: wesh 2 has several crews in the buck-eye state. right now we' ll head to aixa diaz, who' s taking a look at the
5:39 pm
aixa: tonight, iowans are meeting in churches, schools, libraries to choose their picks for their party' s nomination. >> by 10:00 tonight, we' ll all be out of your hair. >> i' m counting on you and i trust you and i ask for your support to caucus for me tonight. aixa: presidential hopefuls make their final pitches to iowans. i' m the only one who i think >>i' m the only one who i think would actually balance the budget. >> hillary clinton visited her des moines campaign headquarters to thank volunteers. bernie sanders did the same, as the two democratic candidates fight for delegates in iowa. >> we' re going to try to get as many people to caucus as we possibly can. >> a new quinnipiac university poll shows sanders with a three-point lead over clinton. >> this is where we start. this is day one. were going to take back our country. aixa: that same poll has donald trump ahead of ted cruz by seven points. >> we have now been to all 99
5:40 pm
>> and marco rubio in third place. >> i feel very positive about what' s happening here in iowa and ultimately around the country. aixa: at stake tonight for the candidates, 44 delegates at the democratic national convention, 30 at the rnc. in iowa, i' m aixa diaz. stewart: just a reminder that wesh 2' s own adrian whitsett is in des moines to cover the iowa caucuses. he' ll be live in just a few minutes on wesh 2 news at 6, and he' ll be following the campaign tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 and online. angela: severe weather cripples the south-west. stewart: plus, it' s heart health awareness month, and a new survey finds many of you aren' t getting enough exercise. we' re breaking down how much you need each week, to stay in tip-top shape.
5:41 pm
>> local, live, latebreaking wesh 2 news, at 5:00 continues. stewart: february is heart health awareness month. it' s a time many doctors and physicians use to urge their patients to do what they can to ward off the nation' s number one killer, heart disease. angela: exercise greatly reduces the risk for heart disease, and a new survey finds many of us aren' t getting enough. wesh 2' s michelle imperato explains. michelle: we have all heard the saying, a body at rest tends tuesday at rest, but what you may not know is that greatly increases the risk for heart disease. >> physical inactivity is a killer. michelle a new survey from : cardiologists at the cleveland clinic finds 40% of americans are not meeting the minimum recommendations for exercise. and only 20% actually know what the right amount of exercise is. 30 minutes a day, five days a week of walking, biking, lifting , weights any kind of moderate
5:42 pm
way in improving measures of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. and the best way to stick with it fitness experts say start small and stay realistic. >> don' t expect to lose 20 pounds in that first month. don' t expect to go to every class, you know, five days a week, right in a row. here' s a look at the top reasons people don' t workout like they should, according to the new survey. 41% say their job is to blame 37% say they' re too tired 28% say obligations with family and friends gets in the way and 14% admit being too out of shape prevents them from being active. just as exercise can help prevent heart problems doctors say it' s equally important for people already living with heart disease to get as much physical activity as anybody else. >> now the one caveat i would say to that is that they should build an exercise program with a professional, so with their cardiologist or with their
5:43 pm
michelle and if you have those : days that are impossible to work in a workout, don' t take it sitting down. studies have shown simply standing for 2 hours a day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 10%. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. eric: we are seeing warmer temperatures, parts of arizona are getting slammed with something called thunder snow. angela: the storm is impacting areas near flagstaff. ice and sleet fell hard last night. on top of this, a thunderstorm that brought snow pelted the area. this storm system is expected to bring severe weather from colorado to iowa over the next two days. stewart: and the same type of weather giving drivers headaches at the california-nevada border. take a look. traffic was at a standstill for hours on interstate 80 after a 29 vehicle crash. troopers say snowy conditions are to blame. it' s not clear if there are any injuries but no deaths have been , reported. angela: one death was reported and several homes and cars are damaged from another winter storm. this happened in san diego
5:44 pm
officials say a driver died when a tree fell on top of the car. forecasters there are also warning residents the storm will bring more rain and mud slides. stewart: and makes you feel experiencing. eric: as the sun is setting of her downtown orlando, lake eola, take a minute. we should start printing this and charging this. look at how perfect that is. the lake is nice and flats, the fountain is just kind of low enough but high enough. 81 degrees right now. the temperatures will be falling out of the sun is going down. temperature wise, we are running about 10 degrees warmer for the line share of town. then yesterday. there is a noticeable change. i was outside a moment ago and i felt everything to the increase in temperatures.
5:45 pm
free at this hour, that we will be watching one or two sprinkles that might develop as the sea breezes tried to collide. it is interesting that we have a seabreeze on a february day. here' s a look at the bigger perspective, a few clouds overhead. watching showers down and around the waterway between florida and the bahamas. we will drop off to 56 in bellevue. 59, lady lake. a 61, groveland. in the south, celebration too late when it has to, 62. same in orlando. 61, with high the springs. orange city, 61. same in ormond beach. marineland, 60. 62, the majority county, unless your beachside, then we are talking 65. going can' t, futurecast is denoting these grayer shades, which indicates patchy fog. it will not be dense, but we
5:46 pm
amy sweezey will be in and on duty starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow afternoon, it is even warmer. 84 in orlando. 82, ocala. 84, clermont. along the shoreline, i-95 corridor calling the lower 80' s home. comparing to purchase records, not expecting record highs, borderland and melbourne, you' ll be close enough that we be watching you closely. ainsley, we will not be 87 or 88. with the south, southwesterly winds, it will feel very warm. that trend continues as a look ahead to the dan wednesday, but the cold friends, the system will be approaching on wednesday, bringing the panhandle shatters and thunderstorms, that will move into our son a by thursday, bringing a showers and thunderstorms. we are showing a beautiful pattern for your groundhog day on tuesday. wednesday, then the storms arrive on thursday. clearing out and calling is down on friday and saturday, then there is more moisture that is back into town as a look ahead
5:47 pm
more about that coming up on wesh 2 news at 6:00. stewart: a pretty incredible surprise awaited a construction crew in oregon. angela: it was a shock, thousands of years in the making.. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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stewart: most smart-phones have apps that emergency crews want you to know about. angela: we typically use the lock feature on our i-phones to keep people out of our phones. but sometimes we need people to get our information to help us when we are in a emergency. on the bottom left hand corner of your i-phone is the word ' emergency' . if you tap on it you can call 911. someone else can also tap on ' medical i-d' below the keypad. >> if you have strokes if you , are diabetic, all of those major medical situations, which could actually determine the outcome of why you' re having the medical emergency in the first place. angela: it is really cool. certain android phones have similar apps. you can also look online and download the apps from there. also look online and download -- self driving cars may not be just a concept for general motors anymore. today a team started work today towards building the cars. one of gm' s vice presidents is leading the team. their goal is to make g.m. the leader in self driving technology. the company says they can see the cars working in the real world.
5:49 pm
a new cadillac out that lets you take your hands off the wheel and cruise. stewart: oregon state university has landed a major score in fossil discovery. construction crews found mammoth bones in the end zone of reser stadium this week. crews found the mammoth as they were working on expanding the stadium. the fossils are thousands of years old. now anthropology students are getting hands on experience in re-assembling the bones. the crews also found bison remains and what may be a pre historic camel or horse. angela: just when you think everything has been uncovered. very cool. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. stewart: meredith mcdonough joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. meredith: two people are found dead inside a local home including a teacher. brevard county deputies say they are investigating two suspicious deaths. we' re live with new information about one victim who was a finalist for teacher of the year.
5:50 pm
this video was arrested and and accused of child abuse.
5:51 pm
about her criminal past. we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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jim: suspicious death. tonight, a local neighborhood in shock after two people were found dead inside a home. >> you know, they' re the best neighbors you would want to have. it' s unfortunate the way things happened. jim: a wesh 2 news crew has spent the day digging for information on the two who died. meredith: child abuse arrest a local day care worker is caught on cell phone video , dropping a little boy face down on a cot. what police are saying these allegations. jim: commitment 2016, we are just 2 hours away from the iowa caucus. and tonight wesh 2 news is live in des moines for the first fight in the battle for the white house. >> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. meredith: developing right now at 6:00, a woman and her estranged husband had been found shot to death inside a local home. jim: one of the victims, the 54-year-old was a well-known teacher at a local high school. meredith: the bodies were
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