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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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jim: that' s where wesh 2' s michelle meredith joins us live with more. michelle, this was a pretty amped up scene. michelle: yes, it was amped up. it seemed like some people were pleased and that these men were being rounded up, and others were very upset. we were here when orlando police officers came off the 417 and headed this way on state road 46a. now according to orlando police, this all started when they attempted to make a traffic stop , and instead of stopping, the the vehicle, however, was being tracked by not one but two helicopters from both the orange county and seminole county sheriff' s departments. it all came to a screeching halt at the aqua links apartments complex. in sanford. apartment, pulled several men people. there was a big crowd of people watching this all go down, the 1980' s when the complex was
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>> i used to live in that complex right there. cedar creek, i used to live upstairs, then downstairs. but that was years ago, but crime wasn' t like it is now. you know times have changed , times have changed. michelle: does it concern you? >> yes it does it does. michelle: we don' t know why the car took off or if the four men will be charged. we know that opd is the lead agency in this case. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: rain is starting to spread across much of central florida right now, just in time for the peak of the evening commute for thousands of drivers. bob kealing sent us this video of a downtown downpour. it could be several hours before this clears out. angela: tony mainolfi is tracking the rain outside the studios.
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tony: it is not very pretty right now. we have a couple downpours in town. the heavy stuff is north and west of orlando, but not be fooled. that will march deadly downtown in the next four -- 45 minutes. flagler county, volusia county, daytona beach will be in the heart of that heavy rain in a couple minutes. we have a weak wave of moderate to heavy rain, now we are in a little bit of a little. you can see another dose of heavy rain moving in at the top of the hour. looking at daytona beach proper, port orange, steady to moderate rain moving in from the southwest, steady rain through i-4, seminole county. steady rain in northern lake county, and even i-95 getting in on the activity. he can see it beginning to pull off to the north and east. a lot of folks will be impacted by it. look at the change of temperatures from northwest to
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windy and much cooler. i will talk about the timing of this, how long it is sticking around, and what to expect for friday afternoon. angela: thank you. we' re following late breaking news from orange county. an apopka man has been arrested and charged with killing his roommate three months ago. police say paul neff was arrested today. they say he shot and killed sean davis back in november in the apartment where they lived. neff actually called 911 afterward, saying he had opened fire in self defense. homicide investigators arrived on the scene and collected evidence and over the past few weeks say that evidence does not support neff' s story. they say there appeared to be some time in between the moment neff shot davis and when he called 911. they also say in the days leading up to davis' s death, neff sent him text messages telling him he' d kill him. >> the guy' s got the gun to his head saying go ahead, shoot me, shoot me. jim: new information coming into wesh 2 news about last night' s shooting in marion county that left one deputy wounded and one
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deputies shot it out with a man around 7:00 last night outside a convenience store on state road 35. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live tonight with more on how this confrontation turned deadly. dave. dave: witnesses say this was a tragic situation that played out over several minutes. deputies continuously trying to convince the man to lay down the gun and reduce the threat. and then the shooting started. ron carangi: the guy' s got the gun to his head saying go ahead, shoot me, shoot me. dave: this cell phone video shows the stand-off he' s describing. 31-year-old cristiaan dubrino, a gun to his own head, challenging deputies called to scene. chris blair: unfortunately the subject then pointed the other hand gun toward deputies, and began firing at them, causing us to return fire. ron carangi: all of a sudden, bap, bap, bap. you know, it was crazy. that, that, you know, was sad. that was a sad moment, you know. dave: this is the car dubrino
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gunfire. sgt. daniel trammell was hit twice in the leg, by either bullets or bullet fragments, according to a sheriff' s spokesman. they have not been removed, but he was released from the hospital to start the healing. cristiaan dubrino did not survive. chris blair: anytime there is a loss of life, it is an extremely sensitive and important matter. m like wow, my god. d grown fond of dubrino the past year or so was saddened to hear the news. vince powe: we became pretty close, you know. we drank a couple beers together and talk you know. steve arellano: i don' t even understand how something could come like this. dave: this man says his ex-wife was dating dupree know, -- dubrino so he' d see him from time to time. he says she was with dubrino but wasn' t hurt in what he sees as a stunning level of violence. steve arellano: it could have been possibly an argument, i don' t know what could escalate to such drastic measures.
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or officer discharges her weapon in the line of duty, the florida department of law enforcement or the use of worse investigation. that is going on right now in this particular matter. we tried to reach out to the family but no-one was home , when we stopped by. live in marion county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: ucf has been hit by an unprecedented data breach. tens of thousands of students and staff have had their personal information stolen. jim: the information includes social security numbers. tonight, wesh 2 news analyzes the crime and looks into what it means for the thousands of people who are affected. angela: wesh 2' s amanda ober joins us live with more. amanda? amanda: ucf says so far,they don' t know of any identity theft as a result of this breach, but the social security numbers of tens of thousands of people have been compromised and the news has gone national.
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and family out of state asking if they got hacked. the unprecedented data breach that compromised the social security numbers and names of 63,000 ucf employees and students has left many asking, could i be a victim? >> i am going to keep monitoring my credits. amanda: ucf says the breach was discovered january 8th when they learned the information for about 600 current and former student athletes had been hacked. on january 15th, they discovered it extended to thousands of current and former ucf employees stretching back to the 1980' s. that means students like faith culhane, who' s worked as a research assistant, could be affected. >> to potentially have something that can happen to your information or your credit, especially when you' re at your point in your life where you need to build your credit and that could potentially be compromised.
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amanda: ucf spokesman chad binette says police were notified as soon as the hack was discovered and a national forensics firm was called in. >> social security numbers are most sensitive info involved, what' s not included are credit card numbers, grades, medical information, that kind of information is not involved at all. amanda: as for why the university didn' t acknowledge the breach earlier, binette says they moved as quickly as they could but had to take time to investigate. letters to the victims will be mailed friday. if you are concerned about the security breach and have questions, ucf has set up both the website and a call center. both of those on our website, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. angela: just 24 hours after governor rick scott declared health emergencies because of nine confirmed cases of the zika virus in florida, several more cases have now been announced. hillsborough, lee, and miami
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the same areas were the health -- where the health emergency was issued. scott spoke about the issue today in tampa. he' s requesting the centers for disease control provide florida with more than 1000 zika antibody test kits. pregnant women are most vulnerable. scott says these kits can help diagnosis women or travelers, who may have picked up the virus was traveling to south america. >> we currently have 448 kits to do this testing. i' m authorizing the department of health to purchase an additional 4000 test kits. these will test half of the cases of zika. second, i' m urging the cdc to conduct a conference call within the next two weeks with florida hospital workers, especially those who work with pregnant woman and ob/gyns. angela: scott wants heath officials to discuss how zika is spread, its symptoms and precautions. because of the zika outbreak, there are airlines that are allowing customers to cancel or postpone trips to areas impacted.
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allowing some staff members to opt out of flights headed to those areas. the carriers say pilots and flight attendants flying to latin america or the caribbean can switch routes with no repercussions. this impacts those who are pregnant or may become pregnant. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency because of the mosquito-borne virus. jim: we are learning new information tonight about a shooting at a tax office in cocoa. turns out it all stemmed from a dispute over a fee. bullet holes still pepper the walls inside the office, as well as the pawn shop next door. the owner of the tax office was hit in the leg, but not seriously hurt. a witness who was in the tax office at the time says the gunman stormed in angry over a $100 fee. multiple shots were fired and there was a struggle for the gun. an office employee and the gunman were hit. the man accused of being the getaway driver in a 2013 home invasion murder is back in front of a judge today. juan muriel had previously pleaded guilty.
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involved in the killing of two men. in exchange for his testimony, prosecutors agreed to drop the murder charge against him. one of the men killed was 22-year-old eric roopnarine. prosecutor say he was lured with the promise of sex, then robbed and stabbed. muriel appeared in court so the murder charge could officially be dropped, and he could be sentenced to 10 years behind bars. the judge opted instead to reschedule the hearing for february 26th. angela: the smell of smoke forced an american airlines jet that had just left orlando, to make an emergency landing in jacksonville. flight 608 was over georgia, heading toward charlotte, when the odor was first detected. the pilot turned around and went back to jacksonville. 126 people were on board. no one was hurt, the cause of the smell has not been determined. jim: coming up, trouble for the irs. at the height of tax season. angela: computer problems forced to shut down. what happened and what it means for you. tornado in tennessee and leave the path of damage. but tennessee wasn'
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weather. jim: and a crocodile makes an appearance near a playground in florida, prompting several calls to animal control. why officers left the reptile right where it was. tony? tony: heavy rain continues to fall during the heart of rush hour, especially in the northern locales.
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we will let you announcer: you are watching wesh 2. >> ugly, huge. he was huge, but he' s ugly. they' re very ugly. angela: no, she' s not talking about anyone you know. she' s referring to this guy, a crocodile that popped up at a cape coral complex playground. crocodiles aren' t unusual in those parts. in fact, florida fish and wildlife came out to inspect it, saw it was tagged for tracking, and decided to let it alone, because it wasn' t bothering anyone. the reptile hung out all afternoon before crawling away. jim: she is right, they are not pretty. angela: they are ugly. a troubling announcement from the irs today.
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the shutdown of several computer systems, including e-filing. jim: the organization is working on a fix right now but in the you? wesh 2' s matt grant reports. matt: if you' re looking to get an early tax refund from uncle sam, you might have some trouble. at the maitland irs, tax re not too worried about what is only being described as a system wide hardware failure. the unspecified computer problems have caused the irs to temporarily stop accepting electronically filed tax returns. >> unless things continue to go round or we -- wrong or we have issues -- dave: for orlando cpa charles marcussen, it' s business as usual. >> we will prepare and file returns as normal. there shouldn' t be anything to worry about. matt: since it usually takes three weeks, he says people should not worry yet. the website remains up and running but a number of
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that helps your track your refund are not. in a statement the agency says the irs is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. irs officials say they are assessing the scope of the outage. the agency says they do not anticipate any major refund delays, saying 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refund within three weeks. the irs is hoping to have the problems resolved by friday. in maitland, matt grant, wesh 2 news. jim: you can still go to companies that serve as a middleman. they will hold on to your repairs -- returns until the irs system is up and running. if you have already filed, you do not do anything. severe damage in north carolina today. several homes are destroyed and uprooted near greensboro. the national weather service is in the area today to survey the damage. it appears most of the damage was caused by winds gusting up
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2000 people are still without power. and in tennessee, folks in the town of alamo are still cleaning up tonight after an ef-1 tornado touched down tuesday. the storm damaged homes and buildings across the city including two schools. , the national weather service says the tornado' s path was 100 yards wide and traveled 2.5 miles, and packed winds of up to 95 mph. firefighters say five homes suffered major damage, but thankfully no serious injuries have been reported. angela: of course, our winds or not that strong, but it was gusty. now we are dealing with these showers as people are trying to head home. tony: the wind will swing to the northwest and it will be awfully chilly out the door tomorrow with temperatures in the 30' s and 40' s. we are watching daytona beach, they are about to get hit with very heavy rain coming in from the south and the west, and lifting off to the north and east to move offshore very soon. let me show you the latest temperature, 76 in daytona beach. afternoon highs in the 70'
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as we look at the front just to the north and west, of daytona beach, this will continue to gradually move seat -- east-southeast. look at all of the yellow. we are not worried about any kind of severe weather, but we are worried about your travels tonight. it will be moderate to heavy rain pockets. east. bellevue. several reports of 2.5 inches of rain already. moderate rain here at palm coast, bunnell. it daytona beach, one inch to 1.5 inches. further to the south, there is daytona beach, port orange, heavier shades of yellow and orange and red, they are bound to move on in. we will see a good half an inch in a short period of time. we have had a dose in orlando,
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the next half hour. you can see debary, orange city. nothing severe. we are more concerned with the and reduced visibility for your travel. osceola and brevard. feel in. majestic arc subdivision, western side of ocala, better than two inches of rain. more heavy rain to daytona beach. the tail end not as intense over downtown orlando, back to kissimmee and winter haven. from time to time, there will be a few isolated pockets of moderate to heavy rain. this will be going up to ocala and palm coast. the big story on the backside of this storm system, look at this system at leesburg, almost at
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that is the front moving in tandem to cool us down. altamonte springs, by 10:00 you are going to be 60 degrees with wind picking up, it will feel cooler. palm bay down to 67 by 10:00. 30 to 42, the villages. the northwest winds will make it feel cooler. look at afternoon highs tomorrow. normally it should be 72, but we are 55 to about 66 degrees. throughout the high, temperatures 50' s to around 60 degrees as we get you late into the afternoon. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. as we head into super bowl weekend, there will be a couple of showers very early sunday morning. by the afternoon the sun is back and we are windy. afternoon highs in the low 60' s. jim: coming up, the recall involving those defective takata airbags, has been expanded. we' ll tell you if your vehicle
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angela: plus, too close for comfort. a lightning strike hits during a photo op. and coming up tonight at 6:00. >> do you ever wish, dee dee, you had never met abraham shakespeare? >> absolutely. >> why? because i wouldn' t be in prison -- >> because i wouldn' t be in prison for something i didn' t do. jim: dee dee moore talks about her life now in the wake of a crime that gained national attention back in 2012. what she claims actually happened to shakespere the night catch michelle meredith' s full
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angela:: breaking news out of titusville. any-year-old was hit by a car at carpenter road and lakeview hills avenue. there could be serious or critical injuries. he was flown to alma poppel -- arnold home or hospital. we have a crew on the scene. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. jim: here in florida, we know a lot about lightning, but check out this lightning strike in australia that was caught on camera. we' re going to slow it down so you can really see it. two friends had just decided not to take their boat out, then the lightning hit very close to where they were standing. they actually felt the static
5:24 pm
angela: they probably felt it all through their body. jim: at least one person is hurt after the wall of a building collapses in downtown nashville. angela: crews say more than a thousand people are now without power. the victim was apparently sitting in a truck outside the crashing down. construction crews were working on the building at the time of the collapse. the cause is still under investigation. more americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. the labor department says weekly applications rose 8000 to 285,000. weekly claims below 300,000 suggest employers are still eager to hire. economists expect the jobs report being released tomorrow will show that the economy added a net 200,000 jobs in january. jim: the massive recall of vehicles equipped with takata airbags is growing even larger. the company is now telling the 12 affected automakers that more recent airbags are also at risk of exploding. that includes models made after 2008. the defect has already lead to
5:25 pm
history of the auto industry. more than 20 million vehicles have been affected. angela: westerners at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, good news from orange county investigators. they say they' ve busted a trio of teens, allegedly behind a string of smash and grab burglaries in orlando' s tourist district. plus, tragedy hits a daytona beach home. right now investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire, that wound up killing to family pets. and tough talk from jeb bush. how he' s deciding to attack marco rubio, days ahead of the new hampshire primary. >> he' s been a career politician. there' s nothing in his record
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i don't know what i can't find anything not going to work. comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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announcer: you are watching wesh 2. stewart: right now at 5:30, three teens have been arrested and charged in connection to a series of smash and grab burglaries at hotels in s tourist district. m stewart moore. m angela taylor. 10 cars were hit this morning at a hotel on universal boulevard. s bob kealing found out how police caught the suspects, and are now tying them to the break-ins. bob: this is getting to be a familiar site in orlando'
5:28 pm
and suites with its window smashed. broken glass inside and throughout the parking lot where other cars were hit. >> i was a little alarmed i was wondering if they were still here. bob: jordan palmieri and his friends were checking in at 3:00 this morning when police were responding to the break ins. the ground. it looked chaotic, as if somebody had gone window to window smashing in cars, taking whatever they could. bob: this time police were working undercover nearby and stopped a car leaving the area at a high rate of speed. two 18-year-olds craig blunt junior and raymond rhodes plus a third juvenile were arrested. police say all three had varying degrees of glass shards on their clothing. crammed under the seat police say was a black ski hat and gloves with more glass on them. police will try to tie these suspects to similar burglaries near oia. >> i' m thankful. i mean, it is good to have them off the streets.
5:29 pm
is thankful also to find his new suv not among cars broken into. nunez: i' m very relieved. i' m very happy. because i was afraid something was going to happen to my car. bob: a manager at the country inn and suites declined to come on camera, but in light of the arrests and this is the second time they have been hit in less than a week, we are glad this nightmare is finally over. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. stewart: we have some tips to avoid becoming a burglary victim. ask if the hotel has secure parking, or park in better-lit, and most of all, don' t leave could attract a criminal' s attention. out of titusville. an eight-year-old was hit by a car. this was at the 900 block of carpenter road and lakeview hills avenue. this happened after 5:00. he may have serious or critical injuries. he was taken to arnold palmer hospital for treatment.
5:30 pm
we will bring you more information as soon as it is available. angela: check that out, rain coming down, a pretty rough drive home. it is hanging around for several more hours. stewart: let' s go to tony mainolfi. your been tracking this weather outside the wesh 2 studios. tony: there is a little bit of lightning. i' m not sure if you guys can catch that. nothing severe. bottom line, if you are traveling up and down i-95 in like the county, and whether belichick, we just showed you that camera, so please be careful. volusia county, we spread a little more. we will pick up more rain on the turnpike the time this is said and done. orange county is dried for now, but to the west there is a steady rain hitting ready to move over i-4. i-95 at central and northern
5:31 pm
to pick up. until after 9:00. east after 9:00. they change in the temperatures coming, folks already down to 60, still 80 in melbourne. we' ll talk about the big swing in temperatures and how long we back to you. stewart: thank you. a tragic, morning fire in daytona beach claimed the lives of two pets. the fire sparked at a home on culverhouse drive, and the man who lived there was able to get out safely. fire fighters say the dogs were in their crates, and the house quickly filled with smoke. so far no cause has been determined, but investigators say it appears it started in the garage, and then spread to the rest of the house. right now orlando police want your help catching a killer. take a look at 19-year-old jacob almond. police say he was shot and killed tuesday night while at the serrano apartments near conroy and kirkman roads. another man was shot as well but lived. police say both that man and almond were sitting in a parked car when they were hit.
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re asked to call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. angela: a daytona beach man is behind bars, charged with sexually assaulting a young boy. take a look at john worling. police say he invited his neighbor, a 12 to 15-year-old boy over to play a video game. the boy told police that while they were there, worling assaulted him. he ran home and called his dad. worling is charged with kidnapping and aggravated child abuse. an early morning car crash in orange county left hundreds of people in the dark. a car slammed into a power pole on goldenrod road just after 4:00 a.m., and 2600 duke energy customers were left without power. crews have since worked to get that power back on. so far, no word what caused the crash or if there were any injuries. stewart: former florida governor jeb bush is responding to calls for him to drop his bid for the presidency. bush brushed aside suggestions that his campaign is struggling, saying he trusts the voters to decide. he finished sixth in the iowa caucus on monday, but says the campaign is just getting
5:33 pm
jeb bush: i would say take a chill pill. let the democracy work. let people go see who the candidates are, what their record is, what detailed plans they have. we got a long way to go. stewart: part of bush' s strategy is going after senator marco rubio saying he may be a gifted , politician, but has little accomplishments to show for it. this comes as rubio is getting some encouraging news from the latest poll in new hampshire. the new tracking poll has rubio surging past ted cruz for second place in the state. the florida senator is still 21 points behind donald trump, who' s leading the pack. this is all leading up to the new hampshire primary on tuesday night. when it comes to new hampshire polls, a new nbc wall street journal marist poll shows bernie sanders maintains a sizeable lead against hillary clinton. right now sanders has 58% of likely primary voters, to clinton' s 38%. both candidates will square off tonight in an msnbc debate. it begins at 9:00 this evening. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett will be on the ground in new hampshire next week. he' ll be covering the last
5:34 pm
republican and democratic candidates. he' ll also be live right here on wesh 2 news with the results. angela: the chairman of the republican national committtee was in daytona beach today for the fourth annual black republican trailblazers awards luncheon. it was held at within cookman as it works to connect with minorities. claire metz has more. claire: the president of bethune cookman university thanked the rnc for holding the event here. it speaks to the importance of florida in this election year conversation and how important , it is for the republican party to continue working on changing its image among african americans. >> you do it by being in the community on a year round basis. claire: republican national committee chairman reince priebus admits, the party has struggled to appeal to minorities, like many at todays luncheon, because the party previously just didn' t reach out . priebus set out to change the image and says today'
5:35 pm
university based group proves it' s working. >> being with people from the community, making the case for the party. claire: priebus says the republican message is one minorities could embrace if they actually heard it from republicans. >> things haven' t worked out well under barack obama' s watch . black unemployment isn' t better, it' s worse. sba loans under barack obama are not better. claire: however, as recently as august of last year, the labor department showed black unemployment was at its lowest levels since spring of 2008. when it comes to the race, priebus says the republican presidential candidates have created drama and intrigue that has gotten the attention of people from all race, colors, and creeds. he says whether it' s trump, cruz, rubio, the party will support the nominee the nominee will crack into the culture of the country. >> i 100% believe we' re going to win this race, but we' re also going to win it with a good nominee and we' re also going to win it with a national party that has its act together.
5:36 pm
a non stop schedule as you can imagine. it is significant he made time for this event. angela: a seminole county man is out of jail on bond right now after his second arrest. take a look at alan davis. he was arrested during a traffic stop this week, wanted by police on charges of felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance. police issued the warrant after 70,000 pounds of trash had to be picked up from his altamonte springs yard back in september. davis had allegedly been told several times to clean up his act. he was arrested on similar charges two years ago. a crook dressed as the caped crusader is still on the run tonight after robbing an orlando store. this is surveillance video from the 123 dollar store on north semoran boulevard. it shows the armed robber, dressed as batman, demanding cash from behind the checkout counter. at one point, he actually sets the gun down on the floor to gather the money. he eventually runs off with the cash. the clerk inside was not hurt. deputies police believe this guy
5:37 pm
robbery at a dollar general store five miles down the road. if you anything about the suspect, call the crimeline. angela: stewart: tonight the voluisa county council will a meeting with daytona beach city commissioners, with the hope of discussing the city' s homeless problem. as we' ve reported for weeks now, the city has been dealing with a growing number of homeless people, who camped outside a county administration building. the group was moved last week by police. while city and county leaders argued over how to handle it the business community raised 100 -- $100,000 to meet the needs of a growing problem. >> it ignited everything now now people are working together, they' re talking communications, city and county are meeting and hopefully we' ll stop pointing fingers and solve the problem. stewart: many of the homeless are now sheltered at the city' s salvation army. right now, for people are charged in racking up more than $2000 on a credit card. angela: it was a crime caught on tape.
5:38 pm
reporter: showing into a cocoa wal-mart, two at a time, police call these credit card thieves going at it with clockwork precision. >> this is not their first rodeo. reporter: it started at a convenience store where it on rockeledge grandmother lost her cards. the owner of the card inks what happened, she was driving with her wallet in her lap. when she got out of her car, she did not realize that she just lost her credit card. this is where they were first used fraudulently. soon the crooks are picking out game systems and tvs at a nearby walmart. three women and one man headed off the cards to each other and kept on buying stuff. >> it was within 10 minutes, one transaction, turned around and got more stuff, another transaction. reporter: they charged the credit cards with about $2000 at
5:39 pm
victim realized her cards were gone. they drove a white honda civic hatchback. police hope someone will recognize them before they strike again. dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: get ready, nasa prepares for a major launch. stewart: puppy dogs to beer kegs, what makes the super bowl great. brett connolly has a preview. stay with us. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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5:42 pm
clouds and wind are a possible concern. the forecast shows a 40% chance of the launch happening. if the launch does get delayed, the forecast on saturday improves to 80% chance of a go. super bowl 50 is well on its way -- angela: it is not only the game people love about the super bowl, it is all those ads. stewart: to copy, websites, and beer, it is the time of the year to make money on advertisements. angela: brett connolly explains. >> this is a chick car, this is a gay car, this is a short man' s car. brett: athletes and automobiles. expect to see lots of both in ads like this one from mini cooper. >> a diverse cast, a really good message of inclusivity. and really challenging people to think about who drives that car and what that car really is. >> welcome.
5:43 pm
caffeinated. brett: you would not expect a company with just 11 employees to afford a superbowl ad but death wish coffee won a small business award and earned a free commercial opting to showcase , the dangers of sailing in the open sea. the coffee shop and every other company spending money sunday hoping talk continues long after the game. >> they' re relying on a lot of post-ad the hashtag to finish -- engagement on social media with the hashtag to finish the message and telling that story . brett of course you don' t need : to wait to super bowl sunday to view many of these commercials. many are already online. the heinz weiner dog already has more than 2.5 million hits on youtube so companies measure the views leading up to the game as part of the investment on a $5 million 30-second ad.
5:44 pm
stewart: breaking news , there is a wreck that may involve a fire truck. this is at curry ford road and why you avenue. we conceal all of the crews on hand, maybe the fire truck across the median is the one that was involved. we are still try to find out more details, and if there are any injuries involved with this. we' ll keep you posted throughout the day. angela: let' s talk about the weather. it has been wet. tony: we have a little bit of a reprieve in orlando, but that is about all the change. let me show you the hd cam. you can see the black skies and the wall of water that will eventually lift off to the south and east. it is near the coast. it is almost pitch black at daytona beach because of the low clouds and heavy rain. nearly an inch of rain already at parts of daytona beach, nearly two inches of rain at flagler beach.
5:45 pm
up north this evening. aperture at daytona, down to 67. notice the winds swinging around as the front moves on. a wall of orange and yellow. that is moderate to heavy rain, near marion county at three inches of rain. it is still coming down here through portions of central and southern and southeastern marion county. steady to moderate rain at broncos, bunnell, embry riddle aeronautical university, the belle terre parkway at 1.5 to nearly two inches of rain. palm coast, city rain . lpga boulevard, i-4 down to rain. you conceal -- you can see i-4, the east. a new line of showers and one or
5:46 pm
apopka and winter. these will lift to the east-northeast. we will watch altamonte springs. the turnpike is quiet. this will change as we get deeper into the evening. 8:00 to 10:00. we expect steadier rain. flagler beach, two inches of rain, palm coast 1.30. embry riddle just shy of one inch. we do exceed that by the time this is over. moderate rain still up and down i-4 at 9:00. pushing through brevard county. it will not be until midnight we get heavier stop offshore and we see drier air filter on in. we are already seeing somewhat drier and cooler air filtering to ocala, down to 61. melbourne still a 80 degrees. ocala is 22 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. that is a for sure.
5:47 pm
we work to downtown orlando, scattered showers, even a rumble hovering in the low 60' out the door tomorrow morning, o' 47 orlando, 49 melbourne. jacket day. , but we 60' s. saturday night to sunday, this low pressure will form and really pull up to the east. that will reinforce the relatively dry and cool air. it will stick around for a few days. super bowl sunday looking good. 61 for the pregame, 55 around kickoff. a peek at the updated seven-day forecast, a couple of showers around sunday morning, that we will stay in the 60' s with lows in the 40' s. angela: we continue to follow breaking news on curry ford road
5:48 pm
county at mejilla avenue. there were some sort of wreck involving a fire truck. you can see that one maybe in the median. traffic is slow on one side, but curry ford road is blocked off. we will watch this for you right
5:49 pm
stewart: access to free internet has been a dream for many people. angela: that will become a reality thanks to google. they will give free access to internet to thousands of low income people free of charge. the company intends to wire in all of the cities where it operates. it' s all part of a plan launched by the white house last summer, aimed at connecting low-income households to the internet. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. stewart: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: concerts continue to grow as the zika virus spreads in florida. we are looking at how this could industry. you details about a chase
5:50 pm
announcer: you are watching wesh 2. jim: the gut concerns. >> today, florida has 12 zika
5:51 pm
jim: we are learning more about the mosquito-born illness. meredith: a breach of ucf, records of more than 63,000 students and staff may have been compromised. the university has known about this for about a month. jim: a convicted murderer tells her story. >> i will pay you money if you will let me carry it in. i was like ok, sure. jim: but investigators did not find money. they found the local lottery winner buried in her yard. why she insists she is innocent. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. meredith: we start tonight with breaking news an 8-year-old has , been rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. good evening i' m meredith , mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. it happened just after 5:00 in titusville on the 900-block of
5:52 pm
hills avenue.
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