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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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osceola county is one of the counties on dave mcdaniel' s focus today. dave, what do they tell you? reporter: they told me they are aggressively going after the mosquito population there. they are trapping mosquitoes, trying to track the population. they are treating the mosquitoes as if it is spring or summer, because of the el nio rain and the warmer weather we have been getting. they are asking all of the residents that since this type of mosquito lives in florida can carry zika, and breed proficiently in a standing water, all those potted plants that contain water at your house, please dump them out. the search is on all over our area. zika was an unknown a few weeks ago.
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the tiniest bit of stagnant water where mosquitoes might breed. there is a new and possess stopping those mosquitoes from breeding. viggo is carried by the same mosquitoes that carry degue fever and chikungunya virus. we checked around. counties are doing more trapping and counting than usual. >> the specific mosquitoes that carry the virus, we have control measures for those. reporter: the counties issued a flash report to make sure mosquito control and health providers are considering zika. if people show up with flu-like symptoms. >> you may have flulike symptoms. reporter: the most vulnerable are pregnant women. they are tracking mosquito populations with greater interest. it will make for budget issues later in the year, but it is money well spent now. these types of mosquitoes do not
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>> if you do see some of these mosquitoes in your yard, -- reporter: look around your house. with the el nio rains, a good number of your potted plants are sitting and standing water. dump them not to make sure mosquitoes do not multiply. something else to consider as we become more knowledgeable about the zika and the mosquitoes that carry this particular virus area they bite during the day. mosquitoes used to only be an issue at dawn and dusk, but these are day-biting mosquitoes. d you may want bug repellent witheet. meredith: osceola county has confirmed a case of zika. a health emergency has already been declared. in a santa rosa, miami-dade, hillsboro. at least 13 cases have been confirmed in the state. again, none of them have been
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details in the death of a toddler, lonzie barton. the boyfriend is taking a plea deal. ebron was sentenced to 20 years in prison and tells more details about what happened to little lonzie barton. reporter: ebron 20 years for aggravated other charges. because sentences run concurrently, he could go free after 20 years for killing a boy. his remains were found in a wooded area in jacksonville last month. ebron claims lonzie barton was left unattended in an bathtub while he and his mother were intimate. they can back to find him unattended. ebron showed investigators pictures of his injuries and admitted he did not avoid proper
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after they discovered the body come the boy' s mother went to work at a strip club. >> it was all about finding the little boy, and taking him from where he was. i had feelings in my heart that it would be a horrible thing, and it turns out it was. the baby was under tires. reporter: there was no way to confirm that story was the truth, because the body was so badly decomposed. back over to you guys. summer: turning to our first alert forecast. a beautiful day, the cooler. tony mainolfi is joining us. it will be cool friday evening? tony: there is a nice breeze, temperatures in the upper 50' s, around the 60 degree mark. skies are crystal clear.
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a lot of rain yesterday, especially in northern locales. 60 degrees, feels like middle to upper 50' s. it is 54 toward palm coast, 60 in leesburg. coming up, we will take a look at the latest super bowl forecast. a lot of weekend events, the melbourne marathon, outdoor arts festival, a super bowl on sunday, and just how long these cool temperatures will stick around. summer: a local woman has been arrested for child abuse after police are called to a laundromat. shaleerah encarnacion is accused of hitting a little boy several times in front of workers at a laundromat. she could be seen on video striking that child 10-12 times on the behind and also on the hands. she was arrested for child abuse.
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appearance, tonight at 5:00. meredith: orange county deputies looking for the suspect for a double shooting this morning. two men on blossom hill trail, an argument escalated. one hit an innocent bystander. reporter: a 27-year-old man shot in the five had been drinking and arguing with two men inside of the el fagon de valle bar restaurant. when he came onto the parking lot, the suspect ambushed him. it was around closing time, investigators say, when one of their detectives was driving by here. he heard the shots rang out, and of speed. a second man, who had nothing to hit. he was dropped off at the described as non-life-threatening. the suspects remain at large. released. the owner of this business was
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is rare here. every night, 3-5 security guards are available after 10:00 to pat down everyone who walks through the door. banned for six months. despite the violence, he says he wants people to feel safe. within hours of the gunfire, business was back open. on. reporting in orange county, bob kealing, wesh 2 news. summer: deputies still looking for the double shooting suspect this morning. two men were wounded after an argument escalated. bob kealing reports that one of those it was a innocent bystander. that is actually the story that we just heard. he will go on to our next story
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an eight-year-old is call with a gun holding up a grocery store. the boy walks up to the register, and pointed a gun at the employees and demanded money. >> he told the cashier give me the f-ing money. i was so shocked, i did not know if it was a real than or a toy gun. my priority was to take it away. summer: an employee tried to take it away. we just learned the boy will not be charged. look for more on this story at 5:00. meredith: a brevard county teen accused of beating his baby sister to death will be tried as an adult. noah walls was alone with his baby sister babysitting while the father was at work. he called 911 and told deputies he found the girl lying unconscious when he walked into the room. the medical examiner ruled she had been killed by blows to the head. state attorney says the facts of the case require a trial as an
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>> he will be transferred to the brevard county jail. his bail is set at no bond. meredith: he became frustrated with the little taller because she kept walking in front of him. he is now charged with second-degree murder. [gunfire] summer: the search for a terrorist fugitives and with a wild shootout in the panhandle. the couple is compared to famed outlaws bonnie and clyde. early this morning, they met their match. deputies were first alerted to blake and brittany harper last night after they allegedly robbed a store. the gunfire broke out about 1:00 this morning. after 15 minutes, their movielike crime spree was over.
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way, i would like their existence from social media. we would not do any glamour of this, because you only influence other people. let' s also remember that bonnie and clyde were a couple of thugs too. meredith: there are charged with armed robbery to kidnapping. summer: teenagers charged and arrested with burglarizing 20 cars. caption content and accuracy. visit] were arrested. also, an unnamed juvenile. summer: sheriff' s deputy was making the rounds on his unusual beats. meredith: he visits homeless camps in his jurisdiction several times a year. he brings food and close on his own dime and time. reporter: there are about a
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people living there. you don' the beaten path. longtime deputy froscher knows where each and every camp is. he is a former marine who everyone, including the people at the camp. personal hygiene products. reporter: homeless, who more often than not hide from the law, greet him unarmed. reporter: steve patterson and his wife have lived in this camp for two years. they welcome the deputy like an old friend. >> it is somebody i can trust, somebody who is on our side. >> they understand that i am not
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i am there to make sure they are ok, and there are not any problems. reporter: the only problems, desperate circumstances. this man, drenched head to toe, caught in last night weather. he brought a jacket, socks, a pair of pants. >> he was shaken, absolutely shaken. reporter: he has a zero-tolerance for crime, and is 100% behind those just trying to survive. a couple death -- homeless said they were worried he is going to retire. as long as he can still help now. meredith: a multi-county case, and only wesh 2 is there. the police pursuit. meredith: an encounter with a
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. meredith: a story you saw only on wesh 2 news.
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what was a traffic stop in orlando stretch to seminole county, where it ended. reporter: we now have more details about the law enforcement pursuit that started in orlando and ended at this apartment complex in sanford. not one but two law enforcement agencies were on the pursuit. we have an exclusive video of the pursuit in sanford. helicopters from both the orange county and seminole county sheriff' s office is or tracking the car from the air. >> we have four, on going eastward. thursday afternoon when they attempted to stop a silver appeared to be darker than what is legally allowed. took off.
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reporter: it went down the greenway toward an apartment complex in sanford. >> they went into a sliding glass door. reporter: we pick up the action from this point as long or smith from both agencies roundup and the pain four men. only one has been charged at this point, travis lemmon, who was booked in the seminole county jail. he is take -- facing charges of fleeing and eluding officers. in seminole county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. meredith: surveillance video of a robbery, police say this man walked into the 7-eleven at lake underwood road on friday morning. he pulled a gun, robbed the clerk, and walked out. if you recognize him, call crime line. summer: we now know when the university of central florida a downtown central campus. a
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at that time, ucf leaders will lay out their plan to build a new academic link for programs link to orlando industry. they, the city council will vote on a proposal to dealt -- give $75 million to that effort. meredith: a man and his son encounter a great white shark. >> look at that, it is crazy. i have never been that close to a sharp. meredith: they were at ponce inlet in volusia county. they saw a group of dolphins, and then things got interesting when the shark swam their way. it was 14 feet long. the waters look very calm right now, but it is pretty breezy out there. tony: the surface getting stirred up because of that wind out there.
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will be breezy at sunset. let' s head back outside. we have a brand-new hd downtown weather cam. meredith: looks beautiful. tony: let me show you a different one now. thank the bosses for that new cam, some new heading this way. orlando, 60 degrees, winds northeast that 18 miles per hour. it will be brisk out there. with that buildup of high pressure off to the north, clouds will come in from the south and east later on tonight. that will slowly form temperatures after midnight. after sunset, we will go from around 60 back into the 50' s here, with 40' s north and west. 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in kissimmee, 23 degrees cooler in daytona beach
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and with that wind, feels awfully cool out there, especially if you work in the shade today. hour-by-hour, running in the low 50' s in downtown orlando. over toward the coast, water temperatures now in the mid-60' s. temperatures overnight, 50 daytona, 49 orlando, again, clear early. winds will be out of the north. we have low pressure developing in the southwest gulf of mexico. that will take a curve and go to the north and west. we will have to watch sunday morning. could be 8 a.m. sprinkle out there. by afternoon, we will be in better shape. hour-by-hour, tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. 55. moisture around 1:00. rain chances higher by 3:00 and 5:00.
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67 leesburg, 70 in poinciana, and back toward winter springs, 66. ponce inlet in the upper 60' s. rockeledge, 71. super bowl sunday forecast a looking a-ok. afternoon highs around 59, 2:30 in the afternoon. kickoff temperature in orlando coming in at about 55 degrees. let' s look at your seven-day forecast. we are staying in the 60' s toward the end of that seven-day window, lows holding in the upper 30' s. we will talk about why this pattern will be so cool for so long. meredith: we have an update on the hacking of tens of thousands of ucf students and staff. summer: a rocket launched at the cape. meredith: wild video out of new
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that' s and we have liftoff of united launch alliance carrying the 12 gps u.s. satellites for the united states air force.
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meredith: a spectacular seen as an atlas five launch. run blue skies at cape canaveral. it turned in gps satellite for the air force, it will modernize navigation information around the world. this will be first in as many as 30 rockets which could launch from the cape this year. one person is dead after a huge plane crashes -- crane crashes in new york city today. this video shows the crane collapse after being lowered into a secure position due to high winds in the city. three people were also injured, and there were several gas breaks in area. summer: two u.s. soldiers charged with the death of a texas teenager. court documents say they showed up at the boys home on january 16, one of the soldiers accused
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that is when they allegedly the boy from the home. his body was later found in the desert with able at whole in the next. meredith: x-games biker dave mirra was found dead in north carolina on thursday. he appears to have shot himself. he has 24 x game metals during is also known for hosting shows on mtv and for beer -- video games. summer: maurice white, had the six-time grammy winning band, "earth, wind, and fire," has died. he died yesterday at his home in los angeles. he was 75 years old. meredith: ucf students and faculty have had their information reached. we are hearing some student athletes were also impacted.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news, first at
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meredith: breaking news at 4:30. new details in the death of the 24 yield he died in tallahassee last august. report today into her death is now being released by police. breaking news center. stewart: the circumstances behind her death stretch out over multiple days and a few different reports filed by tallahassee police. the commissioner daughter went into cardiac arrest in august of last year. when police arrived on scene, amanda was to be apartment said she came to orlando to visit her name area he told wednesday. fight with someone at the club. the next night, they went to the hospital saying she had trouble breathing.
4:28 pm
her back, believed to be a result of that fight. she was discharged because her injuries were not life-threatening or serious area she was on a ventilator for one day before passing away on saturday. the man she was staying with at the time was interviewed about times, but never arrested area he found her unresponsive. the medical examiner says the death was undetermined. summer: 50,000 letters when out today to ucf students and staff, letting them know that some hackers had stolen their social security numbers. one group impacted include student athletes who laughed played for ucf into -- in 2014 and 2015. reporter: they have notified those who have been victim of security breach by mail. the actual letters were mailed out today, to 63,000 current and
4:29 pm
affected by the identity theft. names, social security numbers, and ucf-issued employee id numbers. >> they found out about this in january, so i wonder why they waited so long to let us know. >> i am surprised. i know it happens often, but i' m just shocked it happens here. reporter: the letter explains how they take security very seriously. you can call their number between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time, monday through friday. >> have you call the hotline number? >> i was on hold for at least 30 to 40 minutes before i just hung up.
4:30 pm
>> yes, i will keep checking to make sure my money is still there. reporter: ucf says no other type of information was compromised. meredith: ucf also encourages those affected to take advantage of the complementary one year credit monitoring and identity protection services. summer: one man is recovering today after a shooting at an orange county condo complex. police say around a: 30 last night, several guys showed up, argued in the parking lot with another man, and shots were fired area one witness ran to help. >> pop, pop. and then it was a man laying on the floor. they were on the phone with the exact same people, i said i don' t know, i need an apartment number to send them to. what they needed, i just waited
4:31 pm
summer: so far, no word on a motive or suspects. meredith: the evening is shaking up to be a breezy night. tony has all the details and your weekend forecast. tony: it is a gorgeous night out here. plenty of fair skies. the air has pulled up to the east, skies are clear. 60 degrees here in orlando. hour-by-hour, right through 11:00, low 50' s. fantastic weather. temperatures overnight in the upper 40' s. low 40' s north and west. as we take a look, we have the weekend event planners going, and how long this cool weather pattern will stick around. uncharacteristically long, i will show you why. meredith: breaking news of orlando. a milk truck apparently hit a building, not close long ago. this is at the southwest corner
4:32 pm
summer: the southbound lanes are closed. north lumbee avenue and robinson, no one was hurt. fire departments are on scene investigating this, is that it is slowing things down. apopka middle accused of killing his wife and will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning. police arrested paul neff yesterday after investigating. they say he shot and killed sean davis back in november in the apartment where they both lived. neff claims he was only defending himself. they found evidence this was not a self-defense shooting. they also say neff waited close long to call 911, and and threatened davis in the days before the shooting. summer: n/a eight-year-old recovering after been hit by a car in titusville. he was struck by a gas company
4:33 pm
the driver of the truck did remain on the scene and is cooperating with investigators. the little boy had injuries to his head and arms during he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no word on why the child was in the street or whether that driver will face any charges. meredith: daytona beach police looking for a suspect who pulled a handgun at a local walmart. these are surveillance photos of the man walking through the store around 5:00 last night. employees say he stole a sweatshirt he was wearing earlier, then returned and stole a four pack of beer. they stopped him and got the merchandise back, he displayed a gun to a police man, then left. a controversial ordinance was rejected in palm bay after a fierce debate. the basis of the bill was to make sure people were not fired or evicted because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. they say he would protect individual rights. the mayor gave this reason for voting against the measure.
4:34 pm
t feel comfortable in moving on something that i did not have time for. especially when i know that the state and federal level, they are still working on these issues. meredith: the debate on human rights lasted until 1:30 this morning. the mayor said he was not happy with how the proposal was written, and wartime aided. >> this, similar to marriage, went to the supreme court. they took long before they voted on something like this. you put this on my city, to make a decision today. no, i cannot accept that. meredith: one of the main points argued by opponents it is allowing transgendered men to use women happens. predators. summer: in commitment 2016, residential hopefuls out in full force in new hampshire. the democratic candidates when at last night in a contentious debate.
4:35 pm
s steve handelsman has latest in new hampshire. >> every one of the women on deeply admire. reporter: hillary clinton presented herself today. at last night' debate, she made gender an issue. >> the only person that would characterize me, the first woman running to be president, as exemplifying the establishment? reporter: >> i' m voting for hillary because she is a woman and she has a lot of the police i do. >> i like bernie. i don' t trust the other ones. >> i want to say a word to the
4:36 pm
particularly young people , who are supporting bernie sanders. i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. reporter: bernie sanders today appeal to women, slamming republicans who opposed abortion. >> to every woman in this room, every woman in the state, every woman in the country. they can' t tell you you don' t have the right to control your own body, i disagree. reporter: tough and beloved former first lady barbara bush is a role model to some new hampshire women. reporter: donald trump flew back to new hampshire, but most are publicans are spending their time preparing for their debate tomorrow night. from manchester, steve handelsman, nbc news. meredith: wesh 2 will be in new election on tuesday. look for adrian whitsett live report.
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information at if you received a red light ticket, you may be interested in new legislation. if passed, -- they say it is used by local government for a form of revenue, some argue it makes intersections they for. summer: a recommendation for women in regards to drinking. meredith: it is not going well with everybody. why some find it offensive. summer: a lot of people wearing red today to raise awareness for
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summer: a new cdc warning for women not sitting well with some people. meredith: they' re trying to prevent cases of fetal alcohol syndrome. some women find the presentation of the report condescending. reporter: the new cdc report intended to caution not just pregnant women, but all women, about the dangers of drinking. but what it said set off a firestorm, instead. more than 3 million women at risk of exposing their baby to alcohol, because they are not using birth control to prevent pregnancy. not only pregnant women, but those who could potentially be pregnant, should not drink alcohol at all. some took offense. >> they want your babies with fetal alcohol syndrome. but to tell all young women, as a potential baby vessel, here are new recommendations for you, that is where it gets muddied. reporter:
4:41 pm
seen by some as a patronizing lesson that suggest women are not in control of their body area one woman tweeting, this has to be a joke, right? insulting, derogatory garbage. it also struck a nerve. >> mif could at one point contain a baby? it says if you should never drink anything unless you are on birth control -- reporter: studies show there is no known a safe level of alcohol use during pregnancy. one out of 10 are no women in the u.s. admits to taking alcohol every now and then. meredith: that was nbc' s natalie morales. they say if women -- it is national wear women' s heart health. they say heart disease is the
4:42 pm
a new study at the cleveland clinic shows women are more likely to let work, family, and friends disrupt their workout routines than men. risks increase when blood pressure raises during pregnancy , and when women are depressed. if you' re looking to make weekend plans, we' re here to help. summer: michelle imperato has you covered as she looks at the top five things to do in this area over the weekend. reporter: it is friday, and there are a lot of things to do around central florida. first up, the mount dora art festival. one of the largest and most anticipated art festivals in the painters, photographers, and sculptors to the streets of downtown mount dora. it is saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 5:00. next, the orlando ballet has a new show featuring two pieces at the dr. phillips center tonight. they run all weekend.
4:43 pm
>> it is a half-hour ballet, then an intermission, and an hour-long ballet. reporter: number three is the orlando chili cookoff accessible park. simple chili from dozens of competitors. they will be competing in the fourth annual chili eating challenge. tickets are $20 at the gate, which gets you unlimited chili samples. number four, you can strip down to your knickers and run through downtown orlando for cupid' s undie run. it is for a good cause. money raised goes to children' s tumor foundation. it starts at 2:00 p.m. and will cost $55. reporter: last but not least, music will fill the air in ocoee at the annual sunshine jazz festival. it is saturday at ocoee high school from 7:00 p.m. until 9
4:44 pm
>> we give students some clinics and awarded shops, and at night, a professional performance with some of the best trombone players in the country. the night before, tonight, we have a lot going on. reporter: you can go back to the time of night, lords, and ladies of the brevard renaissance fair. this starts today and runs through sunday from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. meredith: all the reasons it is great to live in central florida. jazz, sunshine, even a cupids on the run. tony: it is going to be a little chilly. you will not see me running out there. gorgeous up the coast right now. fair skies out there. a few clouds on the horizon over
4:45 pm
will begin to stick in after midnight tonight. 5520 daytona beach, winds out of the north. it will develop on the tail end of this cold front here during the day tomorrow. and during tomorrow night. look at that north easterly flow, warmer ocean waters there in the atlantic. a little chaff from the doppler radar. but a gorgeous afternoon. 61 as we make our way into melbourne. hour-by-hour, holding steady right through 9:00 in the upper 50' s. altamonte springs falling into the lower 50' s, away from the relatively stable waters of the western tropical atlantic. 50 daytona beach, 52 for an overnight low in melbourne. a little overdone, the onshore
4:46 pm
it moistens things up by the afternoon. scattered showers, and a heavier dose of rain will move in saturday night. hit southern brevard county, then head offshore. does it showers could linger past midnight into the early hours on sunday. rainfall amounts will be little. upwards of a quarter of an inch. not like what we experienced yesterday. look at the highs tomorrow, upper 50' s. upper 60' s, orlando. low 70' s as you make your way on into osceola and southern brevard, over toward cocoa beach. the showers really begin to move in. seas running 4-6 feet. water temperatures are warm this past week, compliments of those 80 degree temperatures.
4:47 pm
toward melbourne sunday morning, 60% chance of showers at 6:00 a.m., 20% at 7:00 a.m., and windy and cool at 9:00 a.m., around 52 degrees. a little rain sunday morning in brevard county. sunday super bowl afternoon, great shape. we stay cool for the rest of the duration. we will tell you why such a long duration of cool weather is uncharacteristically here in florida. meredith: the super bowl is this weekend, and a lot of people getting those predictions in your it
4:48 pm
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summer: it is super bowl weekend of people are already protecting who will win. meredith: jimmy fallon recruited some puppies to make their pick. the puppies were released to decide between the panthers and the broncos. they are so cute. summer: no. meredith: look at that, they all go to the broncos bowl. they are thinking peyton manning
4:50 pm
these won' t be used for the game. check these out. fashion designers have their picks. summer: designers you have likely heard before, tiffany & co., and betsey johnson. each of these pieces will be auctioned online to go to the nfl foundation for serious causes. meredith: pretty cool. jim payne a joining us now with what is coming up. jim: the zika virus team coverage coming up. also, new information on a nasty crash involving orlando firetruck. we talked to people who live nearby, why they say how they know how it happens. a woman charged with beating her son at a laundromat. the charges need -- she now faces.
4:51 pm
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being done by your local leaders to keep you and your family healthy. wesh 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. angela: wesh 2 learned just one hour ago a case of the zika virus has been diagnosed in osceola county. good evening, i' m angela taylor. jim: i' m jim payne. this is now the 13th case of the -- 14th case of the virus in florida. governor rick scott has already declared health emergencies in the five other counties where the virus has popped up. angela: tonight, wesh 2 has team coverage of the fight against zika. we begin with wesh 2' s chris hush live in osceola county. chris? chris: to think that just yesterday, we had a dozen cases. it now the state says there are 14. one case was just reported today here in osceola county. we are outside the department of health building in osceola county, trying to get answers. here' s what we know. the person who tested positive for the
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in fact, the health department
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