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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbea n book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. jason: a suspect hauled to jail accused in a deadly nightclub shooting. michelle: the new arrest for the chaos that killed two people and injured ten others. amy: a big temperature difference this morning. i've got those numbers and a look ahead for your weekend forecast. >> we've got three races in thee days including the great american race on sunday. we are live from the
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preview. jason: it is going to be awesome out there this weekend. weather really is cooperating. thanks for joining us. i'm jason guy. michelle: i'm michelle imperato. we've got so much going on this weekend. we have speedway activities, runs at disney. amy, so much going on, we can't forget about the rodeo either. amy: absolutely. there is no rain you'll have to dodge, no freezing temperatures expected. the runners early out at disney will be okay over the weekend. here's today. we are going to get back into the lower 70's much like yesterday. we have a few more clouds in our forecast today, though, compared to yesterday, so it won't be quite as much sun as we saw the last two days in a row. today will be partly cloudy but our temperatures will still make it into the lower 70's. right now pretty big temperature dip. 46 in ocala but we're at 64 in cocoa beach and 65 melbourne. a little warmer in brevard county because of the wind off the ocean and cloud cover there. most of us in the metro area
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now, including orlando at 53. there's the clouds offshore. you can see them moving this way. winds are going to kick up today coming out of the northeast and some of this cloud cover is going to get pushed inland. in fact, a little bit is being pushed in over to the east of orlando now. 72 is where we're headed in ocala. we'll start off with lots of sun and see a few more clouds this afternoon. 73 in long wood, 74 in orlando and winter park. 70 in new smyrna beach and 73 today in palm bay. it is 6:02. let's get a traffic update. ted: good news on the 408 westbound. road work wrapped up. the barricades are moved off to the side no longer blocking that lane over i-4. the delays haven't started yet also into downtown orlando. as we take a peek at i-4 this is at caylee, eastbound on the right getting into downtown orlando. no delays yet. if you're going to drive between john young parkway
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the heart of downtown orlando, no major delays yet. at 52 miles an hour it is where it should be for your friday morning drive. michelle: deputies say these men fired into a nightclub where two people ended up dead and ten others injured. jason: we were there as one was taken to jail last night. this is his second arrest in the glitz ultra lounge nightclub shooting. alex is live this morning with the charges both these suspects face. amy: jason, these two young men are charged with shooting into glitz ultra lounge nightclub, and this happened of course last sunday very, very early in the morning. they are also charged with use of a firearm in a felony. cruz nazario also faces the more serious charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. but neither of these guys is charged with murder for a 23-year-old who will be in court today this is his second arrest for the shooting. he was initialingly brought
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last week for carrying a concealed gun into the club. he did bond out of jail last week but he is back in custody now after these new charges. this does raise the question here, the fact that we've got neither one of these young men charged with murder, that raises the question who will be held accountable for the death of a 22-year-old and 33-year-old, police believe there could be a third suspect in the february 7 shooting on the loose. the shooting is said to have stemmed from a fight between two groups. we don't know which side these suspects were on. police were still questioning 21-year-old cruz nazario last night hoping to get more information out of him. we will be watching today as lopez makes his first appearance in court. as soon as we get new details, as soon as we can update you on his appearance or other details in the investigation we will do that here on air and on
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can find out when a man accused of killing his wife and her children will head to trial. the trial was supposed to start last month. prosecutors want the death penalty but the supreme court put lethal injections on hold. toledo's attorney are asking the judge to enforce the speedy trial rule which means it will have to start within 60 days before the death penalty issue is ironed out. >> orlando police need your help finding a woman who robbed a cab driver at gunpoint. we've got this surveillance video. police say this woman got into the cab monday, then pulled out the gun and demanded that driver hand over everything he had. she took about 70 bucks and a cell phone, then fled on foot. michelle: in 24 hours democrats will face off in nevada and republicans in south carolina. tracy pots is in washington
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latest. >> the clinton family campaigned in nevada today, which is 24 hours until the democratic caucus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are essentially tied going both going after the state's large latino electorate. >> migration policy is to unite families, not divide families. >> i was the first to call out donald trump. i said enough of this paranoia. >> trump with a smaller but still firm lead in south carolina blasted george w. bush on iraq, defended against claims that he supported the war and toned down his criticism of pope francis. the pope called him unchristian for wanting to build a wall with mexico. >> i think he was given false information. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> cruz and marco rubio are according to south carolina's conservative. >> in south
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historically his role has been to step up, and the next president of the united states is a real and proven conservative. >> i really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. >> while his numbers are not in the top tier, john kasich is making voters feel good. as the democrats and republicans go after their next election prize tomorrow. >> as of now, hillary clinton and donald trump remain in the lead nationally, although clinton's lead has been cut in half in just the last month. michelle: wesh 2 will be in south carolina for this weekend's primary. the live report starts this afternoon and you can get the latest updates on the wesh 2 mobile app. jason: harbor house of central florida is searching for a new c.e.o. the domestic violence center announced carol wick is no longer in charge. harbor house released a
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the board is focused on the mission of harbor house and raising awareness to end domestic violence and saving lives. we appreciate all carol did for the organization and wish her well. michelle: a new state historical marker will be placed at a park entrance this afternoon. the orange county mayor and members of the apopka historical society will be on hand. the rock springs inside the park have attracted visitors for nearly 90 years. >> thousands of runners are making their way through disney. the disney princess 5k began at 5:30 this morning in epcot, the first of several races this weekend. the disney princess enchanted 10k is tomorrow and runners will line up again on sunday for the half marathon. >> we're wrapping up for the daytona 500, the event that puts the national spotlight on daytona beach. >> thousands are fans are in town and ready for a
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we have a preview of all the excitement. good morning, brett. >> good morning. this is what race fans have been waiting all year for after two and a half years of construction, $400 million poured into the speedway, it is finally ready to host the great american race this weekend. there are three races including the daytona 500 on sunday. i want to point out a couple of things for you this weekend that you'll see, the first being the installation of 7,000 solar panels that are generating electricity from the sun. there's actually three canopy structures near the sprint fan zone and these panels will help reduce carbon emissions. later this afternoon the u.s. air force thunderbirds f-16's, they will arrive with the pilots. they're going to provide the flyover for the 500 on sunday. if you live here in daytona beach, you might hear them tomorrow morning. they're going to be doing a rehearsal at 9:00. back out here live, you could probably see some of the parking
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there in the distance. that's actually the infield that you're looking over right now. underneath all those parking lights, it's probably tough to see but there are thousands of winnebagos, campers and r.v.'s, people sleeping overnight. we didn't see too many people walking around at 4:30 this morning. these blue lights are the solar packages i just mentioned, you probably saw an aerial shot from chopper 2 and radio crews set up there this morning in preparation for this huge weekend. we're going to have a number of introduce coming up on c.w. between 7 and 9 this morning. a couple of drivers as well as the speedway president is going to join us to talk a little bit more about this huge investment here in daytona beach. jason: the sea of r.v.'s, that's pretty impressive. michelle: we are hoping for good weather for these
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meteorologist amy sweezey is standing by. amy: there have been years we've had to deal with rain and cold weather. tomorrow, tonight, sunday, everything looks nice not only at the track but anywhere in central florida. in you are headed to the speedway tonight, by 7:30 start time we'll be in the low 60's. you may want a sweatshirt or jacket. it won't be a huge drop after sunset. we will have a couple of clouds and our temperatures will slowly fall through the evening. the winds will die down after sunset too after a breezy afternoon. we are starting off at 53 in daytona beach. 46 in ocala. 52 leesburg. 52 in kissimmee and warmer along the coast in brevard county. we have the winds off the ocean and cloud cover there. all those clouds are going to make their way inland today. although we start with lots of sun, we are going to end up partly cloudy this afternoon. that's a little different
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temperatures still headed into the lower 70's in most spots. i will take you around county by county in a few minutes. michelle: it is 6:11. let's get a traffic update. ted: we're looking at the 408. it is moving along nicely. this is westbound on the left side of the screen getting into downtown orlando with no lace yet. here's westbound i-4 through altamonte springs. no delays yet from seminole into orange, still looking pretty good. at the bottom of the screen we have travel times for you.
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jason: 6:15. here are the stories on sunrise. one man will face a judge today in connection with a deadly mass shooting at glitz nightclub. jose lopez was taken into custody yesterday for a second time in this case. cruz nazario was also arrested but has not yet been scheduled for an
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both men face various charges in the deadly shooting. two people were killed, ten were hurt. neither is charged with murder. michelle: police are trying to identify human remains found in the woods in volusia counties. investigators say they didn't find clothing or personal information near the remains. jason: action continues tonight at the daytona speedway. the 250 trek race begins at 7:30 begin. the nascar race is tomorrow night and then on sunday it's the great american race, the daytona 500. >> this morning students are not going to be in their classrooms in st. cloud high school after a lockdown kept them on campus hours after dismissal yesterday. michelle: yesterday chopper 2 was there as students were finally released in the evening. the scare was triggered by a post on social media.
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what do we know about the threat? jazmin: there were two threats posted to social media. police say both threatened violence but in the end neither were credible. you're looking at video from chopper 2 as hundreds of students were released from st. loud high school after the four-hour lockdown. during that time police searched all 2,200 on campus and even some adults. students tell us they thought an active shooter was on campus. >> i was scared a little bit. i didn't know if i was in danger or not. >> the principal sent out phone alerts to parents letting them know about each new threat posted to social media. parents will not be dropping their kids off at school this morning because it is rodeo day for the silver spurs rodeo, a nice break after yesterday's scare. jason: 6:17. a gas station robbery all
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an off-duty deputy in the right place at the right time. lucie. a man with a gun is clerk. as that is happening a deputy walks up, he walks right in, he cease what's going on -- he sees what's going on so he pulls his gun and stops that robber. he then takes the guy into custody. the suspect was using a gun that turned out to be a fake. michelle: a massive gas fire made for quite a scene in missouri yesterday. officials say a spark from a lawn mower ignited this fire that burned through 50 acres. high winds in this area made things difficult and also led to this scene. that is a fire tornado. crews were eventually able to contain this fire. no one was injured. jason: it's 6:18 and it is friday. everybody gets a little bit more excited on this day of the week. and when weather is this good, we're all jumping for joy. amy: and we have osceola county kids off school
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friday maybe for the rodeo and the osceola county fair is underway. gates open at 8:30. if you have to go to the bus stop this morning, make it through one more day and then the weekend is here. kids might want jackets and sweaters north and west because we are in the 40's in a few spots with mainly clear skies. close to the coast a bit more cloud cover and warmer temperatures. southern brevard county near the beaches. in the 60's. pretty much an average start except for brevard county where it is pretty warm. ocala is 46, orlando daytona beach, lower 50's. we may drop here a little bit but not a significant drop from where we are through sunrise. sunrise happens after 7 a.m. 48 in palm coast, 52 in the villages and leesburg. kissimmee 52.
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winds out of the ocean out of the east-northeast. that will help fire up a few clouds. in fact, quite a few clouds over the ocean this morning. those clouds will continue working in. not quite as much full sun, blue skies as the day before. 72 our high in ocala. a little bit warmer than yesterday. 73 in eustis. 74 in clermont. 73 today in long wood. 74 in orlando and winter park and 74 in st. cloud. up and down the coast, a little cooler to the north. to the south a little warmer, palm bay at 73. merritt island, you will climb to 72. if you're headed to the beach today, the kinds are going to be breezy again -- the winds are going to be breezy again like yesterday. we have a moderate risk for rip currents. we were under an advisory yesterday. now the seas a little bit
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a cautionary statement so you may want to avoid being on the ocean for one more day. tomorrow at the speedway, so much going on in central florida this weekend. tonight and tomorrow look great for the races. 3:30 mostly sunny with a temperature of 70 degrees. fact, all of us tomorrow will be even warmer than today as we climb into the mid 70's under mostly sunny skies. we'll be even warmer on sunday. that means a fantastic day for the daytona 500 as well. 78 had been the high in orlando. -- 78 will be the high in orlando. next chance for rain will not happen until tuesday and wednesday of next week. time for traffic. ted: a crash reported on central florida parkway at o.b.t., may be blocking. while we're on this map we're looking it the 528, looking pretty good east and westbound in the o.b.t. area where we have the busyness with getting to the turnpike. o.b.t. looking pretty good.
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of the spring i-4 and altamonte springs looking decent. the area that tends to clock up is 11 -- to clog up is 11 to 12 minutes. jason: america's got talent is looking for their next stars here in orlando. wait until you hear who's trying out. michelle: big bucko's and bling. jason: we'll take
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o michelle: wahlburgers is now officially open in downtown orlando. the restaurant on church street has a grand opening last night with some celebrities on hand. the store's owner including actor mark wallburg was there to pose for pictures with fans. it opens today at 11:00. i really want to go to that. >> a tradition more than 70 years old is returning to kissimmee this weekend. jason: the silver spurs rodeo has been an osceola county tradition since 1944. we're sharing you footage from decades ago.
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from roping to wrangling and mutton busting. the bull riding is said to be one of the knowest -- one of the most exciting events. >> it's so long. seems like it will never end especially for the cowboys. i think we'll see great performances from the cowboys this weekend. jason: yeah we will. the silver spurs rodeo lasts through sunday. michelle: today local people will be showing off their talents for the chance at the national spotlight. "america's got talent" moves into the orange county convention center looking for contestants all day long. one of the groups hoping for stardom, the downtowners, that's the dancing grandma group including a 100-year-old woman who performs a lady gaga routine. auditions start at 9:00 this morning. jason: ahead in our next half-hour, wesh 2's brett
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in race -- looks at the time tradition in racing's biggest day. michelle: first chopper down. the terrifying crash landing. alex: two men's are in custody for last week's shooting. amy: temperatures in the mid 60's in brevard county but the mid 40's north and west. i'll tell you what to expect as you head out on a look ahead to the all-important weekend you can save over 500 bucks that's a fact. "blondes have more fun" thing...
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share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. jason: it's 6:30. two men now charged in a what's ahead for the suspects accused of firing michelle: human bones mystery, the remains found highway and what's next in the investigation. >> the pope and presidential politics
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jason: i'm jason guy. michelle: i'm michelle imperato. we also have a lot going on this morning at the daytona speedway. such a big weekend. brett's live this right now. what's going on out there? >> good morning. from a somewhat chilly and breezy deebt this -- daytona beach this morning, you can see all these seats behind me. more than 100,000 will be filled. there will be thee races this weekend. in a little bit we'll offer a preview of what to expect plus what happened here last night on the track and how that's going to impact sunday. guys, back over to you. jason: that place looks azing. it's a little chilly now. michelle: amy has a look at our forecast. amy: we are in the lower 50's at the speedway now. we've got a breeze off the ocean. inland spots aren't quite as windy yet. however, as you plan your
6:32 am
see those winds increase and clouds will increase too. clouds are off the coast now. they are going to start rolling in. temperatures today headed back to the lower 70's pretty much where we were yesterday, even a degree or two warmer. like yesterday we have a really big temperature difference again, north and west to south and east. however, it is a little warmer in marion county. we're at 46 in ocala. yesterday we dropped to 39 degrees. 55 in sanford, 53 in daytona beach and orlando, and 65 now in melbourne. warmer at the coast because not only do we have a little cloud cover east of orlando, we have winds out of the northeast. you can kind of see here as winds come in today, that's going to send some of these clouds farther inland which means we start with plenty of sun but we will end up with more clouds today compared to the last two days when we've been mostly sunny. 72 will be our high in denilin.
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sanford, 74 ma i tland in celebration. 70 degrees the high in daytona beach and 73 today melbourne. we'll talk more about the upcoming races at the speedway. the forecast for that and the rest of your weekend in a few minutes. right now let's get a traffic check. ted: a crash on central florida parkway near orange blossom trail. westbound on the right, sun starting to creep up over altamonte springs. more congestion getting out of altamonte and into orange county but not bad enough where it's changing the travel time. right now we're taking a look at our travel time for i-4 eastbound into downtown, john young into colonial, five minutes. michelle: this morning deputies may be back out at the site where human bones were found. jason: the discovery was made yesterday west of daytona beach off u.s. 92. its
6:34 am
those remains belong to. michelle: jazmin walker is in the studio. disoip -- jazmin: will be looking at missing cases to see who the remains belong to. we're told the remains were so badly decomposed it is hard to determine if the remains are from a man or woman. they didn't find clothing or personal items nearby so here's what investigators have been searching for. >> looking for any other remains that might be nearby or not nearby. they may be scattered to some degree. >> there are a number of county agencies bordering this swampy and wooded area where those remains were found like the volusia county jail. a lot of people come and go here. while missing cases person cases are starred, investigators say someone could have been here and the death was not reported.
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play. michelle: the suspect we saw being taken to jail last night will face a the glitz ultra lounge nightclub shooting. jose lopez and cruz nazario were arrested last night. we're live with the new developments. alex: these two young men are charged with shooting here. you can see the club is now closed. take a look at that sign, unclear what the future is point. you can see that the sign is now covered here. they are also both charged with using a firearm in a felony. last night our crew was there when one of them was hauled off to jail. take a look at this. you can see police putting 23-year-old jose lopez into a car, and this is actually his second arrest for the shooting. he was first brought in last week for carrying a scheduled gun into the club -- a concealed gun into the club and tampering with evidence. he did bond out of jail
6:36 am
custody now after these new charges. 21-year-old cruz nazario also faces more serious charges here: attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. but neither one is charged with murder, and that does raise the question here who will be held accountable for the deaths of a 22-year-old man and 33-year-old man? police believe there could be a third suspect in the february 7 shooting still at large. the shooting is said to have stemmed from some type of fight between two groups at the club. but we don't know which side these suspects were on or the victims. 300 people were inside the club at the time. that is a packed house here when those shots rang out. and police were still questioning cruz nazario late last night hoping to get more information about this. we'll be watching today as raul lopez makes his first appearance in court on
6:37 am
bring you updates on air and on jason: happening today, orlando police will give us an update on the missing baby willow. it's day four of the search for the newborn. yesterday workers with the city of orlando sent a robotic camera through piping underneath willow bend apartments where police say the child's mother, 30-year-old susan richardson gave birth earlier in the week. michelle: in commitment 2016, presidential candidates have one last day to get their message across before two big contests. for the democrats tomorrow is the nevada caucus. and for the republicans a primary is being held in south carolina. we have a report on the war of words between the candidates. >> donald trump initially dismissed the pope's criticism as disgraceful but now he seems to be softening his stance. in a town hall on cnn, donald trump says he doesn't like fighting with the pope as he defended his proposal to build a wall at the u.s.-mexico border, something the pope said isn't christian. amid the holy war of word democrats had their own
6:38 am
credentials at a town hall on msnbc. the fight between clinton and sanders comes as a fox news poll shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton for the democratic nomination 47% to 44%. michelle: our very potential adrian whitsett will be in south carolina for the weekend primary. you can look at his live report starting this afternoon and get updates inside the wesh 2 mobile app. jason: it's a jaw-dropping chopper crash. this was the scene in hawaii. we're going to slow it down for you. you see it go right into the water. it rolls over and ends up upside down there. this was on an approach to the shore near the u.s.s. arizona memorial at pearl harbor. five people were abored that hawaii tour at the time. a 16-year-old boy was critically injured but everyone survived thanks to good samaritans getting
6:39 am
them. >> i seen the helicopter start sputtering about 500 feet and the pilot did what i would say would be an amazing job. jason: the f.a.a. and ntsb will send scene today. the pilot should be able to tell those investigators exactly what went wrong. michelle: overnight we found out fire fighters contained a large brush fire in volusia county. 34 acres were burned. fire officials say the blaze did not cause evacuations and no buildings appear to be in danger. jason: cars were roaring at daytona last night with three more days of racing ahead for the weekend. michelle: wesh 2's brett conley made the trip last night. >> this is all year long what race fans have been waiting for. after two and a half years of construction, $400 million poured into this project they are finally going to see the finished
6:40 am
you what happened on this track last night. it was the two can am races and dale earnhardt jr. going to a dominating win. in the final lap, seven cars tangled up and the driver who qualified for second place earlier this week, his car got wrecked. he got moved to the back of the hien for sunday. here's a look at the schedule for the weekend. the truck race tonight, xfinity scheduled for tomorrow. on sunday the great american race 1:00 on sunday. you're taking a look at the infield. you can probably see some of the parking lights out there right now, and there are thousands of people that are going to be waking up in their winnebagos, their campers, their r.v.'s this morning in preparation for three races we have this weekend. coming up over on
6:41 am
full schedule from 7 to 9. we'll have a couple of drivers join us as well as the daytona speedway president talking more about this here in daytona beach. jason: they're sure proud michelle: stay tuned for that and also next, amy if the weather is going to weekend. jason: the evidence murder of a local cab
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6:43 am
6:44 am
what we just found jason: tgif. it feels great when you step outside. amy: you may need a jacket this morning but it's going to warm up nicely today. what's going on out there? >> feeling great depending on who you ask. it's a little cold for me, i think, but at least the winds aren't too strong at this point. but those winds will be picking up later today especially once we start to get more sunshine. you can see temperatures here. we do have some 40's north and west but notice we are much warmer along the coast to the south. in fact, melbourne is at 65
6:45 am
winds fairly light at this point anywhere from about five to ten miles per hour. but the winds will be picking up as we get going today. those winds are also going to bring some clouds in. take a look at all the cloud cover that's out over the ocean. those clouds are going to keep streaming in on our northeast winds and that means we won't have all that full blue sky sunshine that we've had the last two days. instead we'll be partly chowedy instead of mostly sunny. but we are starting off with a lot of sun and then our temperatures this afternoon will top out in the lower 70's. we'll talk a little more about the weekend forecast when we get back to 80 degrees, when we've got rain in the forecast and of course a look ahead to the forecast at the speedway for the weekend as well. ted: good friday morning. we have a crash on i-4 eastbound at maitland boulevard. not blocking but a busy area so we're keeping an eye on it to make sure it will not delay your dry in
6:46 am
a crash on 408 eastbound past pine hills road. going to look into that one as well. you're looking at a live camera with westbound at the camera by i-4. getting on to i-4, add extra minutes. the ramps are starting to back up. dean road toll plaza to i-4, looking good, only ten minutes to get into downtown orlando along that stretch. jason: we're learning new information in the investigation about the murder of a local cab driver. michelle: michael smith disappeared and his cab was found on fire. his body is still missing today. jazmin with the new evidence. jazmin: we have photos from the orlando police detectives showing the charred and bloodstained interior of michael smith's cab and what police say is an attempted covering up smith's murder. paul strickland is charged with the murder in a police interview, strickland denied any knowledge of
6:47 am
detectives claim evidence shows otherwise. >> i'm going to be as cooperative as possible. >> investigators show surveillance video showing the cab driven on john young parkway hours before it was found and other surveillance police say helped them build a time line up to the moment of finding the cab at lake sunset about a half mile away from strickland's home. strickland is being held without bond in this case. he filed a written plea of not guilty. the case likely won't be heard in court for several more months. the sherrif's office gun range is staying put. a judge dismissed a lawsuit demanding it be shut down. officers train every day at that range. some who live nearby say it night. since the range has been there for 35 years it is unlikely residents have grounds to
6:48 am
>> in no way is it a health hazard. it's a public nuisance and also it could be dangerous because we don't know whether the sherrifs department department is shooting or someone in the residence is getting shot. >> the plaintiff says he'll refile this lawsuit and try again. michelle: happening today, a cargo ship will leave the international space station. the spacecraft will undock around 7:25 this morning and burn up over the pacific ocean. the spacecraft delivered experiments over the years. jason: we're live at the speedway to preview the daytona 500 weekend. a live report between 7 and 9.
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michelle: welcome back at 6:51. you are looking at beautiful scenes across central florida where we are waking up to a little sunshine in our inland area. but along the coast we have a little bit more cloud cover. good morning. i'm amy sweezey. we are at friday. we are today. we will have some sun. but we also have a little
6:52 am
which will keep our temperatures in the lower 70's instead of a little warmer than average, which is what we will do once we get into the weekend. right now we are starting off at 46 in ocala, 48 palm coast. it is 53 in daytona beach and orlando. 65 in melbourne. mid 60's along the coast. pretty big temperature difference thanks to clouds and thanks to wind. winds are coming in off the ocean and so are all of those clouds. you can see them here. that will continue to be the case through the day. in fact, winds will kick up and become quite breezy especially at the coast this afternoon. some of that cloud cover will start spilling in. so we are seeing clouds right now east of orlando. we'll start seeing more of those clouds pushing farther inland later today. we'll get a bit of a breeze, winds off the ocean and a couple of clouds compared to the last two days when we've been mostly sunny. today we'll call it partly cloudy. 72 in salt springs, 73 in the villages and eustis and
6:53 am
clermont. we'll hit 74 in kissimmee and st. cloud today. 72 deland. 74 altamonte springs and orlando. windermere climbing into the low 70's this afternoon. that breeze off the ocean will keep us in the upper 60's to around 70 in flagler county. osceola county fair is underway again today. gates open early at noon. if you are headed out there it will be a little breezy this afternoon but warm. by 5:00 tonight we will be at 70 degrees in kissimmee. tomorrow we are going to keep those winds coming in off the ocean. it will be a little less breezy, lots of sun. we'll make it into the mid 70's. on sunday, a couple of clouds, winds out of the south and southeast which means we'll be even warmer and climb into the upper 70's. of course for the big daytona 500 on sunday, it is going to be a fantastic afternoon. temperatures will be in the
6:54 am
70's and no rain expected. early next week we stay warm and we'll see our next front bring showers and storms late tuesday into wednesday and then another cooldown for us by the end of next week. ted: it is 6:52. we have a crash with the flow from altamonte from maitland looking pretty good. we're talking about the drive eastbound from orange into seminole. here's the drive westbound on the right through altamonte springs getting busier for the morning commute. add a couple extra minutes. travel times are at the bottom of your screen with the weather info. westbound on the west from lake mary to lee about 11 minutes if you left the house right now. the dean road to i-4, that stretch only 9 minutes.
6:55 am
these are the stories making headlines. beginning with the nightclub shooting. michelle: one of those men will face charges for the deadly shooting at glitz ultra lounge nightclub. cruz nazario was arrested but has not yet been scheduled for an initial appearance. jason: deputies are trying to identify human remains found in the wiewdz of volusia county. a surveyor made that discovery yesterday along u.s. 92. investigators say they didn't find any clothing or identification near the remains. michelle: breaking news just into our news room, a pentagon official has confirmed u.s. warplanes bombed an isis training camp overnight. it's a camp about 50 miles from libya's capital. there are reports that more than 30 people were killed. jason: it's a big race weekend. let's get out to brett conley. he's got a preview of the weekend events at daytona international speedway. >> the sun about to rise above here in deebt over the speed -- in daytona beach over the speedway in preparation for a huge
6:56 am
races in three days including the great american race on sunday. coming up over on cw18, introduce with drivers. we'll talk with the speedway president about this huge development out here as well as a member from the air force. the thunderbirds will be flying over during the national anthem. in the meantime we're going to take a break on wesh 2.
6:57 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away.
6:58 am
five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
6:59 am
>> we have temperatures in the oh 40s north and west. 52 in orlando. a beautiful day in store for friday. we'll have cloud cover. hit 74 for the high in orlando. the weekend looks great. upper 70s, lots of sunshine. no rain until tuesday. ted? ted: just past staid route 40 looks like it's partially blocking the left lane. give yourself extra time in case. i-4 eastbound at mateland we have a crash. off to the side. >> the today show is next. ted: keep in mind jaz minute
7:00 am
jazmin: my co-anchor bret connolly will be out there all morning. he's going to stay there. five fun ways to enjoyal of the beautiful weather this weekend. sounds great. more news updates inside the wesh-2 mobile app any time. good morning. holy war of words. donald trump responds after the pope questions his faith for wanting to build a wall along the mexican border. >> he has an awfully big wall at the vat cann ican vatican. >> we'll talk to donald trump live. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is booed for a dig at bernie sanders. >> doesn't know what the last democratic president did.


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