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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we're excited about february. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. $6 for a footlong is big news. sub-pocalypse 2016 - where foot traffic for delicious subs is putting tremendous pressure on sidewalks... enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: breaking right now at 6:00, a driver flees behind a massive mess at orange blossom trail. we are live on the details of this deadly for car crash. michelle: also, two people are found dead at a merritt island home. what we are working to find out from investigators. amy: we are back in the 80'
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the showers will return to later in the week. i will have the timing in your first alert forecast. jason: good monday morning. i am jason guy. michelle: and i am michelle imperato. jazmin walker is live in the breaking news center. jazmin: a deadly hit-and-run crash has shut down all lanes on obt near americana boulevard. cooper is have confirmed that one person has died in the four car crash just after 3:00 a.m. moments ago, fhp told us that a driver rammed into the back of a car that was stopped at a red light. they are now try to reconstruct the crash. >> this was a severe impact. when you have a car that is stopped, you will have a severe we are end collision. we had a red light camera here, so we are hoping to obtain some video to give us more information about what happened. jazmin: troopers tell us that the driver' s car was also badly damaged. however, he managed to leave the
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he was tashard a few blocks away , and was taken to ormc. it is unclear how many people exactly were injured in the crash. officials hope to have the road reopened in our -- within the hour. ted: if you need a backup plan this morning, you' ll want to use john young parkway or texas avenue to get around the crash at obt. it is a little bit to the west of the crash site. live picture on the scene here of eastbound i-4. things are looking pretty good for the morning drive. the drive from john young parkway to colonial will only cost you six minutes if you leave right now. some delays on the 408 westbound there. otherwise, everything is looking good. amy: we have some cloud cover today. the temperatures will still climb, even though we have more clouds today compared to yesterday.
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today, we are headed into the lower 80' s for most of the area. that is all thanks to the wind coming out of the south. it will keep trying in warm air for the day. we are starting off at 50 degrees in ocala. 58 in a leesburg and orlando. melbourne at 57 degrees. we have dropped, but we are now planning a little bit. the clouds are streaming in, and the wind is coming out of the south. it is bring us warm air. the clouds will continue throughout the day. so, we will not have as much sun as yesterday. 80 degrees is where we are headed in ocala. 80 in longwood and oviedo. 81 in winter garden and orlando. along the coast, it will be a little bit cooler with a south east breeze off the ocean. s for our highs along the coast. michelle: this morning, we' re pushing for answers from brevard
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people found dead. jason: their bodies were discovered yesterday at a merritt island home on indian street. alex villareal is live there. alex, what do we know so far? alex: well, jason, at this point, all we know for sure is that two people were found dead inside a home here on indian street. brevard county deputies tell us they are now conducting a death investigation. they have not labeled it a homicide investigation at this point. the brevard county fire and rescue chief said that it is unknown if found play was a factor here. we know that rescue crews responded to the call of two dead inside this house. this is what the scene look like last night. deputies have not yet revealed the identities of the victims. we are still working to find out how they died, and whether any suspects are being side. or could this have been a
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unfortunately often the case in these situations. neighbors tell us that a family lived in this house. >> they kept to themselves. they were a wonderful family though. the daughter went out and played. they were good people, very good. we saw them go to school. she had a lot of friends. other than that, they mostly state to themselves. they seemed to be a tight family. alex: it is still unknown who was found dead inside the home. we are told that it was a family member who made the discovery. we will continue to follow this investigation for you. as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you on air and on live in brevard county, alex
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michelle: new this morning, two men are on the run after a shooting. brett connolly has more. brett: it is still early into this investigation. we can tell you that the shooting was just before 11:00 -- 11 lancaster road, which is south of downtown orlando. east of obt. officials say that a victim was in a parking lot, and was approached by three black men who robbed him and shot him. the gunshot wound is considered non-life-threatening. he was taken to ormc. police have taped off the area, evidence from the scene. there are a number of businesses in the area, so it is unclear if there are any witnesses or surveillance footage that might have captured the shooting. authorities say that the three men left in a dark-colored suv. they are still on the run this
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jason: covering volusia county, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire that destroyed a house in deland. this is a video sent to us from a viewer. the fire broke out on mercers fernery road, just west of spring garden avenue yesterday. when firefighters arrived, they say the house was engulfed with flames. a neighbor tells us, there are no fire hydrants in the area. >> seeing how many times the water truck had to come and unload water into the resevoir here, and then go back and fill back up at the end of the road, and then another one come again. that was valuable time lost. jason: there was still a lot of smoke billowing out of the home, after the firefighters put out the flames. you can see, in this shot, there is not much left of the home. firefighters tell us no one lived there. michelle: a driver who suffered a medical emergency crashed and killed two people in sumter county. troopers say the suv crashed into two golf carts and a person walking along county road 466-a
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two women on one of the golf carts died. one was from new york, the other was from the villages. the pedestrian was seriously injured. the driver of the suv, david mccurry, was also injured. this morning, the pilot of this plane says engine trouble forced him to land in this volusia county field. the faa tells us two people were on board the cessna 152 when the pilot was forced to land off lemon bluff road in osteen yesterday. that' s about three miles from orlando sanford international airport. no one was injured. jason: in commitment 2016 a --, a state swap on the campaign trail. this week the democrats will compete for south carolina, the republicans for nevada. tracie potts is here with how the candidates are looking ahead. tracie: we are just going one after another. -- >> we are just going to win one after another. tracie: donald trump looking
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-- win. >> what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas. tracie: ted cruz is not winning his evangelical group. in south carolina, they voted for donald trump. >> in the primaries, it is an ongoing conversation. tracie: democrats are getting ready to square off in south carolina this weekend. every clinton is popular with the african-american electorate. >> if she wins big in south carolina, she will have tremendous unmet -- momentum heading into super tuesday. it could be a real problem for bernie sanders. >> the next president of the united states, bernie sanders. >> we are listening to the african-american communities. tracie: hillary clinton is looking ahead. >> i' m in texas right now.
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tracie: texas is one of two states that could further this race on super tuesday. michelle: we are following some breaking news out on the roadways. specifically on northbound obt. jason: it is affecting the drive around americana boulevard. ted noah has the latest. ted: a deadly car crash is being investigated on obt northbound at americana boulevard. the chopper dispatch was tony they are forcing traffic onto rose avenue. -- was telling me, they are forcing traffic onto rose avenue. you might want to consider using john young parkway or texas avenue as your alternates. driving into downtown orlando on i-4 eastbound is looking good, only about six minutes. the westbound is on the left side of your screen there. amy? amy: we are
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we have a lot of clouds going in today, heading into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. that is warmer than our average. clouds are already increasing, and we will be rather cloudy throughout the day. we are in 58 in orlando -- we are at 58 degrees in orlando. the clouds have been filling in over the last couple of hours, and that hasn' t stopped our tempers from dropping in a lot of places. it is even brought them up a little bit too -- bit, too. to the south, we have more break in the cloud cover. we should get some more clout here and there throughout the day, but overall were clouds are expected. we will top out in the lower 80' s in those spots today. i will talk more about some rain and storms expected later this week, coming up in just a few minutes. jason: amy, thank you. next on sunrise, bill cosby' s
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michelle: why her lawyers have been fighting to keep her from answering questions. jason: plus, a dirt bike rider loses control, killing a woman and himself. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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>> you are watching wesh 2. michelle: breaking news. a deadly hit-and-run crash has shut down all northbound lanes of orange blossom trail near americana boulevard. troopers say, one person died in the four-car crash just after 3:00 a.m. a driver, who took off from the scene, was stopped nearby and taken to ormc. jason: neighbors say they are devastated this morning, after learning to members of a family were found dead inside a merritt island home. another family member made the discovery on sunday night. that have not yet set how the two died. they are looking into whether or not foul play was involved. michelle: three robbers who shot a man overnight, are on the run in orange county. deputies say they targeted the man in a restaurant parking lot on lancaster drive. he was rushed to ormc and is expected to survive. the robbers got away in a
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state troopers say that racing may have been the cause of a bizarre and deadly crash in orange county. jason: jazmin walker joins us with the latest opponents in the investigation. jazmin: at hp has not yet confirmed how the crash happened. witnesses say they saw two people racing down the road on their bikes. at one point, witnesses say they jumped up on the sidewalk. two bristol is that 30-year-old clay bonfire start -- clayvon foster lost control seriously injuring himself and a woman walking by. foster and the victim, 59-year-old marie louissant, were rushed to the hospital. both later died. foster' s uncle says he' s in shock and heartbroken for both families. >> i' ve just heartbroken, and so sorry for their loss. she was just walking down the street, and all of a sudden she
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i feel so sorry for her family. my condolences to them. jazmin: no one else involved start around. if you saw anything related to the crash, you are asked to call fhp. michelle: happening today, bill cosby' s wife answer questions -- will answer questions under oath today. camille cosby is scheduled to give a deposition in a defamation lawsuit brought by seven women who accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. her attorneys claim the event is only meant to harass and embarrass her and tried to have it postponed. a judge denied that request. bill cosby is facing sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. the wife of mexican drug lord, el chapo, is now breaking her silence about his arrest. emma aispuro spoke with telemundo over the weekend saying she fears for her , husband' s life in jail. this comes after the drug lord' s lawyers released a report saying prison officials are torturing him by depriving him of sleep. el chapo, whose real name is, joaquin guzman, is being held in the same jail he escaped from last july. jason: the fbi is putting new pressure on apple to unlock the san bernardino shooter'
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director james comey posted on facebook on sunday saying the agency owes it to the victims of the attacks to gain access to the phone. a judge has ordered apple to hack into the phone. apple says the order could hurt the privacy of millions of customers. the court gave apple until the end of this week. right now, authorities are trying to make contact with several islands in fiji after a deadly cyclone. at least 18 people were killed, and that number is expected to go up. emergency officials haven' t been able to reach some of the hardest hit areas yet. the cyclone hit saturday with winds reaching almost 180 miles per hour, making it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere on record. michelle: we will get a check on our local weather in just a moment. first, getting over to the traffic center with ted noah. ted: northbound is completely blocked off while a multicar crashes being investigated on orange blossom trail, near
6:19 am
you are looking at the traffic here on the northbound obt. they are pushing traffic off, a couple miles south of where the crash scene was. alternates would be john young parkway or texas avenue, just a little bit west of the accident scene. this is about a mile and a half of i-4. those are your alternates, texas avenue in john young parkway. a live look of i-4 eastbound here. john young parkway to clone it will only cost you six minutes. still looking on a nice -- at a nice drive on i-4 westbound. lake mary to lee is only 11 minutes, if you leave now. amy: there is a little bit of cloud cover to start your day off. temperatures are still mild to start your day off. it should be warmer than yesterday. most of us are in the 50' s right now. we are still about an hour away
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once we get to sunrise, our temperatures will climb. we will not get a lot of sun today, as the sons -- clouds will stick around. 58 degrees in orlando. 57 in melbourne. the d7 at the palm coast and -- 57 degrees at the broncos and sanford. there are the clouds, streaming in all morning. we should get a little bit of a break in some spots. despite all of the clouds, we should still be warmer today than yesterday. it is all due to the wind coming out of the south, drying in warm air. it will help bring our temperatures up to the 80' s in a lot of the area. some of us will be in the upper 70' s, like salt spring. eustis and claremont will make it up to 81 degrees. 82 -- 82 in saint cloud and
6:21 am
along the coast, we will be in the middle to upper 70' s. 78 degrees today in palm bay. if you are headed to the beach, the wind will take up a little bit this afternoon. it should not be a bad day at the coast though. we will have a moderate threat for rip currents. the water temperatures are in the lower 60' s. here is futurecast for tomorrow. the clouds spilling in today will continue to build in tomorrow. we will see a few isolated showers in the early morning hours, followed by a couple of scattered showers and storms during the day tomorrow. especially in the afternoon and evening, when the rain let' s off to the north. not all of us will get rain tomorrow, but we should have a better chance for rain on wednesday, because of a cold front. tomorrow, we get a few scattered showers and storms ahead of the front. as the front comes here -- through here on wednesday, we could see some showers and thunderstorms.
6:22 am
some strong to severe wind gusts. we will then get some colder air on thursday and friday. it looks like new time on wednesday, that is when the stores will arrive from the west. they will push on through during the day. again, there is the possibility of strong to severe wind gusts inside the storms. the northern part of central florida is included in this sound for a slight risk of severe weather. -- this zone for a slight risk of severe weather. it could mean one or two nato' s might be possible. strong wind, and in nicely to chant of some small hail. behind that rain and storms , we' ll have much cooler air. highs only in the 60' s for thursday and friday.
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michelle: this morning, a south
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roommate she met on craigslist, is showing signs of improvement. jason: 23-year-old danielle jones went into a coma on valentine' s day, after 35-year-old byron mitchell brutally beat and stabbed her. over the weekend, jones was able to open her eyes and move her hands. mitchell claims it was self-defense, and says she came at him with a knife. but jones' family isn' t buying it. >> self-defense would be a black eye, a broken nose. he' s 6 foot 2 inches, 160 pounds. he' s athletic. he could have knocked her out. jason: mitchell is charged with attempted murder. michelle: covering flagler county, four people are facing charges, all because of a dispute over cheesy garlic knots. investigators tell wesh 2, palm coast pizza got an order wrong on saturday. deputies say, the restaurant gave jessica conti a refund, but she says she felt disrespected. workers say, three men later came into the business and trashed the place. all of them, along with conti, are now charged with burglary.
6:27 am
is again putting hollywood under a harsh light, for diversity. -- for a lack of diversity. university of southern california researchers say nearly all movie and t.v. studios fail to represent minorities, women and the lgbt community. they call it an epidemic of invisibility and say major media , companies are white washed. this comes just days before the oscars which has been bashed for its lack of diversity among nominees. if you are just joining us, we have breaking news on obt. michelle: spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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6:31 am
thank you for joining us this morning. i am michelle imperato. jason: and i am jason guy. we have a busy day in the traffic center. let' s get over to the breaking news center where brett connolly is standing by. brett: a deadly hit-and-run crash has shut down all northbound lanes of orange blossom trail near americana boulevard. here is a look at the scene. you can see that that car is just a mangled mess. they have it up on the tow truck now, getting it out of there. troopers confirm one person died in the four-car crash just after 3:00 this morning. florida highway patrol says 4 cars were sitting at a stop light when a driver smashed right into them. we spoke to a witness who says that driver was speeding before crashing into that row of cars. >> i saw the car hit one car. that car hit another car, which then turned to the side and hit two more. one of the cars was pushed over
6:32 am
when i ran up to the scene, i was in shock. brett: that witness gave police a description. that helped them catch the driver, who took off. he was found a few blocks away, and was taken to ormc. we' re continuing to follow any new developments on this crash throughout the morning. now, let' s get over to ted with the impact on your traffic. ted: we are hoping that the northbound lanes of obt will be open soon. there is some northbound traffic stop there. the chopper is over the scene at americana boulevard. as they continue to wrap up, you can see that the vehicles were being loaded up. if you are heading out now, use john young parkway or texas
6:33 am
around this deadly crash investigation at obt and americana boulevard. here is eastbound i-4, approaching the 408. no delays so far, if you are traveling into downtown orlando. the drive from john young parkway to colonial is only about seven minutes. 408 is on the left side of your screen. that is starting to get busy there. maybe at a couple of extra minutes. amy: we are going to be warm this afternoon. we are headed into the lower 70' s, and even the -- upper 70' s and even the lower 80' s in some spots. the class will continue to fill in today. we' ll end up mostly cloudy. sunrise is in about an hour. we' ll have a few breaks here and there. it will be the south wind that brings our temperatures up. so far this morning, we have dropped into the 50' s. pretty close to our averages for this time of year. right now, it is 55 degrees in the villages.
6:34 am
palm coast at 57. in it is at 56. we will be -- in winter haven, it is at 56 degrees. we will stay cloudy today, but our temperatures will climb. 81 degrees today in leesburg and apopka. 81 in ocoee and maitland. 82 in celebration. 76 at daytona beach. 78 in melbourne. michelle: amy, thank you. developing this morning. we' re asking investigators how two people died in a brevard county home. jason: the discovery was made last night, at a home on indian street, in the merritt ridge neighborhood. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live outside that home. alex, we' re getting very little from deputies. alice: yes, we have -- al ex: yes, we have very limited
6:35 am
what we do know is that two people were found dead at this home on indian street. brevard county deputies tell us they are now conducting a death investigation. they have not said whether they believe anyone was murdered. the brevard county fire rescue chief says it is unknown if foul play was a factor. this is what the scene looked like last night. deputies have not revealed yet who the victims were, their ages or what their relationship was. we are also still working to find out how they died and whether any suspects are being side. or if this could be a rather -- murder-suicide, as is often the case in these situations. neighbors told our crew last night, a family lived in the home, including a younger. dead inside the home. information.
6:36 am
made the discovery. as we get more information, we will bring it straight to you. live at merritt island, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. michelle: new from overnight, one person is hurt after a shooting in new smyrna beach. deputies responded to a home on washington street, near u.s. 1, just before 3:00 this morning. it is not clear if there have been any arrests. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. jason: happening today, searchers will return to an orange county retention pond in hopes of finding a baby born one week ago. work started over the weekend to drain the pond not far from where susan richardson gave birth. police say, richardson admits to t say where. a placenta was found at the willow bend apartment complex. richardson remains in jail on child neglect charges. michelle: we' re learning new details about the suspect accused of shooting four people at an orlando store. roy stephens was arrested saturday night, after police rammed his van during a chase in
6:37 am
police say, he opened fire while robbing the tip top grocery on parramore avenue. nearby business owners say they will not let crime affect their day. >> we are not afraid to be here. this is our business, and this is what we do. we will continue to come to work. michelle: at last check, one of the shooting victims was in critical condition. stephens was taken to the hospital for possible drug intoxication. records show he served prison time in the 90s for identity fraud, and another term in 2010 for robbery with a weapon. today an uber driver goes before a judge in michigan, accused in a killing rampage. jason: police say, jason dalton went on a shooting spree saturday night in kalamazoo, michigan, leaving six people dead. jazmin walker is here with new information on the suspect. jazmin: police say dalton had no criminal record, but was a
6:38 am
it started at an apartment complex, where a mother of three was shot. and then continued to a car dealership in a restaurant parking lot. one man claimed he will -- rode in dalton' s back seat before he was arrested. he said that ride was scary. >> he was driving through medians, driving through lawns. speeding along, and when he came car and ran away. jazmin: investigators believe they know what has happened, and who is responsible. one thing that is unclear is the motive. the number of victims could have been seven, instead of six. a 14-year-old girl was initially reported dead, but she was rushed to surgery and unexpectedly squeezed her mother' s hand. she remains in critical condition this morning. jason: now to miami, where a family and the community are pleading for a six-year-old boy' s killer to come forward. king carter was shot and killed
6:39 am
just 24-hours later, a crowd marched to his school, rallying against gun violence. family members are hoping someone knows who pulled the trigger. there is now a $25,000 reward for information in the case. michelle: in commitment 2016, it' s deja vu on the campaign trail. after weekend contests in south carolina and nevada, both states will do it all over again. our nikole killion is in washington to explain. nikole: tomorrow, republicans will caucus in nevada, while democrats will have their primary in south carolina on saturday. donald trump is looking for a trifecta finish. meanwhile, marco rubio finished up -- picked up some support from donnie wahlberg. ted cruz is singing a different tune, arguing that marco rubio is not electable. meanwhile, bernie sanders is tried to rally support, after a close loss to hillary clinton. >> i think we have some states coming down the pike that we
6:40 am
>> there is an underlying question that maybe is an under people -- that is maybe in other people' s mind, wondering if she is in it for herself. nikole: clinton acknowledges she has more work to do with voters. meanwhile, the candidates look ahead to the next contest on super tuesday. michelle: still ahead, an update on that breaking traffic news. ted: we will tell you when the deadly car crash that shut down obt will be wrapping up, and the alternate you can use to get around it.
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jason: welcome back. you are looking at live pictures
6:44 am
of a deadly car crash at or blossom trail and americana boulevard. northbound lanes are still blocked off at americana boulevard, while they wrap up cleanup. if you have to travel to northbound obt in the next couple of minutes, you can use john young parkway or texas avenue as an alternate to get around it. meanwhile, your drive times on monday morning are looking good. we are keeping an eye on i-4. a reminder to download the wesh 2 mobile app for traffic updates. we looking at downtown orlando here, the clone attract area. no delays just yet. only five minutes for the main stretch of that commute. jason: thank you, ted. turning to the weather now, it is still a little cool. that is all about to change. michelle: amy sweezey has stepped outside.
6:45 am
amy: most of us are in the 50' s right now. 57 at melbourne. 50 degrees right now in ocala. not a bad start, rather close to average. we do have quite a bit of cloud cover coming through. that is our big story today. the clouds will continue to stream in today, blocking out the sun. we are still going to be warmer today that yesterday. we will climb quickly today. we' ll be in the lower 70' s by noon time, and then climb into the lower 80' s in the afternoon. 76 are high today in daytona beach. we do have some rain and possible thunderstorms on the way on wednesday. we' ll talk more about the timing of that, when i get back inside in just a few minutes. michelle: a dream come true for nascar driver denny hamlin.
6:46 am
daytona 500 victory he has been after for years. it is one of the closest races in the offense history. michelle: brett connolly joins us now with more on the first time winner. brett: hamlin said he had no idea how he won the race. every thing was happening so quickly, he wanted to while -- go back and watch how he pulled it off. no one would blame him if he wants to watch it on loop today. look at this, a photo finish. he won by 1 /100th of a second. this is denny hamlin' s first daytona 500 and 11 races. his celebration continues today. he has a chance breakfast that starts in about 15 minutes. hamlin, his crew chief, and the owner will officially in duct the
6:47 am
he had a second-place finish in 2014. overall, he has 27 sprint cup wins. he said that this one is the biggest. >> it is the pinnacle of my career, for sure. i have not gotten a championship yet, so this is the biggest win for myself. brett: he has had this win in mind for a long time. after the race, his mother tweeted out a photo of a childhood essay. it said, "my wish is to win the daytona 500. if i won the daytona 500, i would like it to come true on the door 17, 1998 -- february 17th, 1998." he would have been 19 at that time. michelle, his mother has been holding onto that letter foreclosed -- for close to 20 years. waiting for the right opportunity to reveal it to the
6:48 am
jason: good stuff. thank you, brett. new this morning, don' t get used to those rock-bottom gas prices, analysts say they could soon come to an end. according to aaa, a gallon of regular will cost you $1.68 in orlando. that'
6:49 am
michelle: wesh 2 (vo) making the most out of
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impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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amy: good morning, welcome back. you are looking at a beautiful sunrise across central florida. in downtown orlando, we have some cloud cover, but also a little bit of sunshine breaking through. good morning, i am amy sweezey. have a warm start to the week great although we have a lot of clouds today, we are still headed to the lower 80' s. we' ll be there again tomorrow and wednesday. behind the warm air, we will have a cool down. we will only be in the 60' s on thursday and friday, and into next weekend. so, we are not quite done with the cool down yet. today, 81 degrees in orlando. we are all about the average of 75 degrees.
6:52 am
cooler, but still warmer than average. orlando is at 58 right now. sanford is at 61 degrees. there are the clouds streaming in right now. they will continue to stream in today. partly sunny, mostly cloudy. compared to yesterday, we will have more clouds, but we will still the warmer than yesterday. that is thanks to a wind coming out of the south, bringing in some warm air. it will take us into the 80' s and a lot of spots. a1 and eustis and mount dora. 82 in kissimmee and st. cloud. 81 in orlando and windemere. 79 in deland. 77 in titusville. 78 in palm bay. here is tomorrow. a couple of showers in our
6:53 am
that comes out ahead of a cold front. a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening, but not all of us will get rain tomorrow. things will change on wednesday. a cold front will slide through, leading to several areas of showers and storms. some of our storms on wednesday could have strong to severe wind gusts. especially farther north of the i-4 corridor. we will keep you updated on the timing, as it comes closer. on thursday and friday, expect highs only in the 60' s. michelle: these are the stories we are following this morning. jason: beginning with a deadly hit and run in orange county. jazmin walker is in the breaking news center with the latest. jazmin? jazmin: a deadly hit-and-run crash has shut down all northbound lanes of orange blossom trail, near americana boulevard. here is a live look at the scene. troopers confirm one person died
6:54 am
after 3:00 a.m. florida highway patrol says, four cars were sitting at a stop light, when a driver smashed right into them. a witness gave police a description. that helped them catch the driver down a few blocks away. that driver was taken to ormc. we' re continuing to follow any new developments on this crash throughout the morning. for now, ted has your alternates. ted: they are still keeping northbound blocked off at the moment. if you have to travel through here, john young parkway or texas avenue are good active plans. on your screen right now, a bad crash on i-4 westbound in the deltona area. this is right around now marker 107. it looks like both east and westbound lanes are affected. we' ll have more details for you on that on the cw.
6:55 am
re devastated this morning after learning two members of a family were found dead inside a merritt island home. another family member made the discovery on sunday night. brevard county deputies haven' t said how the two died they' re looking into whether foul play was involved. jason: three robbers who shot a man overnight, are on the run in orange county. deputies say they targeted a man in a restaurant parking lot on lancaster drive. he was rushed to ormc and is expected to survive. the robbers got away in a dark-colored suv. michelle: one person was hurt in a shooting in new smyrna beach. deputies responded to a home on washington street, near u.s. 1, just before 3:00 this morning. it is not clear if there have been any arrests. jason: two people are dead after a dirt bike crash in pine hills. troopers say, 30-year-old clayvon foster lost control last night on powers drive. he ended up crashing into a woman who was walking nearby. both were rushed to the hospital where they later died. , michelle: searchers will return to an orange county retention pond today in hopes of finding a baby born one week ago. work started over the weekend to drain the pond not far from , where susan richardson gave birth.
6:56 am
abandoning the baby, but she won' t say where. jason: we want to take you back to a life you over i-4.
6:57 am
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jason: looking at a crash on i-4 westbound. westbound completely shut down. this is the scene of what we are hearing. debris on the roadways. right now, while they are clearing up, into barry, . we are on scene of where a deadly crash has happened. amy: clouds are streaming through central florida now. a few breaks with a bit of sun. temperatures have dropped, 48, ocala. 56, melbourne. we will be warm today, despite the cloud cover. 76, daytona beach.
7:00 am
michelle: coverage continues with brett and jasmine. >> the formula for weight loss, coming up next. good morning. unstoppable unstoppable? with two wins under his belt and candidates dropping out of the race, donald trump in position for the nomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so tired. you're going to say please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say, i don't care.


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