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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> the today show is next on wesh 2. michelle: local coverage continues with brett and jazmin. jazmin: a harlem globetrotter stops by to show us tricks. brett: a broadway hit dances into town and we continue to track that severe weather moving on it. be sure to join us on cw18. good morning. three-peat. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada, his third straight win in the republican presidential race. super tuesday is a week away and he's ahead in nearly every state. does he thinkhe nomination is his to lose? we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak. >> it's crossing the road.
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>> a string of twisters across the south, entire neighborhoods wiped out. the damage stretching from louisiana to florida. at least three people killed, more than 30 others injured. there's more dangerous weather today. new cases, new fear. 14 more women potentially infected with zika by their male partners here in the united states. the growing outbreak to the address at a hearing on capitol hill this morning. too accommodating? the opening day at the trial of erin andrews. why did hotel staff agree to let a man who turned out to be her stalker book the room next to hers? >> this is dangerous. it's a red flag. you don't go, fine. >> why the hotel claims it did nothing wrong. today, wednesday, february 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
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studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. it's willie again for matt. day three of the flu for mr. lawyer lauer. >> we hope he's feeling okay. feel better, matt. donald trump with a massive win in nevada. >> commanding win. it was a landslide for trump. he dominated every key voting block, giving him more momentum heading into super tuesday next week. >> the race for second place, another nail biter. marco rubio edging out cruz, with a few more votes yet to be counted. >> we'll talk to donald trump and senator rubio a moment from now. let's start with the weather. a powerful storm system spawning tornadoes from louisiana to florida overnight. more is expected today. let's go to nbc's jacob rascon.
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west of new orleans. what's the situation? >> behind me is what used to be a mobile home park. now, just a pile of rubble. two people killed here alone, more than 30 hospitalized, 7 critically. now, the search is on for those who may be trapped in the rubble. >> reporter: a desperate search for survivors. hope nearly lost. 150 mobile homes ripped to shreds. trucks twisted like toys. a neighborhood wiped off the map. louisiana governor edwards, stunned. >> this was probably the worst area that that tornado could have hit. it's just -- the destructive power of this tornado is awful. >> have you ever seen anything like it? >> i have not. >> reporter: dozens were injured, many pulled from the rubble barely alive. >> we're asking for calm in this area, for prayers. we need that. the community needs that.
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were at risk during round one of the massive winter storm. from golf-ball sized hail in texas to blinding rain and more than a dozen twisters in several states. all the way to pensacola, florida, where this neighborhood took a direct hit. >> we just held on to each other and said, maybe we'll make it. maybe we won't. very. >> reporter: there were overturned semi trucks, a gutted gym and howard, who saw it go right past him. nobody is giving up yet in convert, louisiana. in the air and on the ground, wondering if this is survive able survivable. >> some of the mobile homes were thrown blocks from where they originally stood. incredible stories of survival. the seven people critically injured remain hospitalized. the search will continue for the
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morning. savannah? >> jacob rascon, thank you. now al is here with what you can expect today. the storms have covered a wide swath of territory. >> this is what we were worried about. you can't see it to verify them. instead, you have to go by radar and that's what we were concerned about. this is the certain time this season we have seen this. a winter storm and severe weather. it is all fueled by el nino. the subtropical, stronger subtropical yet, make jet, making for a stormy coast. you can see from georgia and south carolina, all the way to florida, we have tornado watches in effect. for today, we are under the gun for central north carolina. tornadoes very likely here. possible wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. this is going to be pushing to the east. this morning, the southeast is under it. they're going to see the heavy thunderstorm. later this morning, the mid-atlantic gets into the act. we're going to see the winds increasing.
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highest threat for the costal areas, the mid-atlantic and the northeast. rainfall amounts, 1 to 3 inches of rain. we've got flood watches for 12 million people at risk from georgia all the way to new england. in a bit, we'll talk about the winter side of this. nings in >> thank you. now to the other big story of the morning. donald trump storming to victory in the nevada caucuses on the heels of his wins in south carolina and new hampshire. momentum is clearly on his side. super tuesday, all important, just six days away now. we're going to talk to mr. trump live in a moment. let's begin this morning's coverage with nbc's national correspondent peter alexander. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. donald trump delivering another decisive victory here, fueled by another record turnout. trump dominating among voters looking for a political outsider who tells it like it is. just as striking as what happened overnight, after the
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the cruz, rubio and kasich campaigns sent out e-mails blasting each other, not a single one targeting trump. >> we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. >> reporter: here in vegas, donald trump hit another jackpot. the billionaire cashing in his third straight win. >> if you win to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> reporter: focusing on victories in kedem y demographics. >> we won with young, with old, highly educated, poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: dueling to be the trump alternative, cruz trails rubio in the battle for second. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: across nevada, the wild west lived up to its name. the chaotic caucuses coming under criticism before the voting was complete, with
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one man saying it was a disaster. another reporting yelling and screaming. caucus workers wearing pro trump swag that party officials say is allowed. meanwhile, with super tuesday approaching, the trump-cruz feud is intensifying. the front runner pouncing on cruz for his decision to fire a top aide. >> he is like a little baby. soft, weak, little baby. >> reporter: cruz sarcastically praise ing trump for showing grace. >> we have to elect someone who is not just angry but someone who will make a difference and someone who will win. >> reporter: for the establishment, time is running out. march 15th, contests are winner take off. a strong second isn't worth a thing. >> it'll be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two
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>> now, the republican race for the nomination excel rate accelerates. 11 states voting next week, including cruz's home state of texas. the senator simply trying to stay alive, telling supporters it'll be the most important night of his campaign. savannah and willie? >> peter alexander, thank you so much. marco rubio is with us from michigan where he held a rally last night. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> there have been these four republican contests. donald trump has won three of them. we've seen the field of candidates narrow. yet, this dynamic seems to be the same. you've got you and ted cruz and some of the other candidates fighting each other, and trump sailing to victory. lot of republicans asking this morning, why not take on trump directly? what's your answer to that? >> yeah, first of all, you need to take everything we've applied, the lessons of every other campaign before and throw
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this is an unusual year and an unusual process. the nevada caucuses, by the way, are atypical. i respect nevada very much. last night, that was different than the rest of the country. here's the bottom line fact, the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans don't want donald trump to be our nominee. it's evidenced by the fact your poll last week showed if it came down to donald trump and me, i'd beat him by 16 points. we have a dynamic where as long as there are four people running, dividing up the non-trump vote, you'll get results like last night. the sooner we can narrow the race down, the easier it'll be to stop donald trump. >> sorry to interrupt. some candidates dropped out and we've seen donald trump grow his numbers. you say nevada is an outliar er but he got 46% of the vote last night. >> mitt romney got over 50% in the last caucus in nevada, with the race. always delivered something like
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we did well and picked up delegates there last night and moved on. one candidate dropped out between saturday and today and that's governor bush. i think you'll see more of that happening over the next few days and weeks. as that happens, i think we're only going to get stronger. you've seen a growing number of people joining our effort. we're the only ones in the race that can unite the republican party and grow it. it's how we'll win in november. >> i'm channelling republicans and conservatives who like you and support you but are frustrated you're not specifically going after donald trump, and you seem more focused on ted cruz. their concern seems to be by the time you get rid of ted cruz, if that is the strategy, it'll be too late. donald trump will have too many states and too many delegates. why not go at donald trump right now? >> first of all, i haven't heard that. i talk to people all day. i go to rallies all the time and don't have voters begging me to attack anyone. second, i think it's a media narrative. a lot of people want to see republicans attacking each other
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i'm not in the race to attack anyone. >> forgive the interruption, but you've been going after cruz. >> i'm responding to ted cruz. if i'm attacked, i'm going to respond and set the record straight. in the case of ted cruz, he's repeatedly made things up about me and we've had to clear the air and point to the fact he's making things up. if you recall in the last debate, donald trump said george w. bush is responsible for 9/11. i corrected him in a firm way in front of the entire nation. when instances liegs s s like that arise, i won't hesitate to point out our differences or things i disagree with. i didn't run for office to tear up other republicans. i'm going to tell people who i am and why i'm running. i'll give them a choice. if they elect me, they'll have someone who unifies the party, grows this party, governs this country responsibly, deals with our challenges, and i will be a president for all americans. even the people that don't agree with us. i'll try to bring the country together as best i can. >> senator marco rubio, always good to get your time. thank you.
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now we have donald trump on the phone. he, of course, won the nevada caucuses last night. congratulations on your win, sir. >> thank you very much. >> you came kind of close to declaring victory of the whole nomination last night. you said, it'll be an amazing two months and might not even take two months. clearly, you're feeling good. is this nomination yours to lose at this point? >> i don't know. i can't answer that question. i can only say we're doing really well. we have tremendous numbers out of the different states we're going to this coming week. if you look at georgia and texas, where we have a real good shot. you look at some of them down the line, i think we have amazing numbers. i think we'll do very well in ohio, tennessee, arkansas. we're looking at really great numbers. i hope we do well. >> mr. trump, we just talked to senator rubio. he's criticized for not going after you more directly. it strikes me he's the one guy you haven't really gone after. you've gone after many of the others in the field and many
7:14 am
when it's time to go after senator rubio, what will be your line of criticism with him? >> i wouldn't want to tell you. so far, he's been very nice and i've been nice to him. we haven't been in that mode yet, but probably it'll happen. if it doesn't happen, that would be a wonderful thing. it would be very nice. there is a possibility that will happen. >> as you look at his record and the things he's done as a united states senator, what are your impressions? >> he's somewhat inexperienced, young, nice guy. we'll be talking about it at the right time if it comes up. so far, really, it hasn't come up. i've been accusing senator cruz of doing pretty bad things, namely, lying. i've never seen anybody like this. i've dealt with much, much tougher people over my lifetime, but i have never dealt with anybody that will lie like he lies. >> why go after cruz if rubio is the one who seems to be doing better in the polls and getting closer to you?
7:15 am
at nevada's results last night. >> that only happened last night. really, cruz was second. it looks like rubio is now looking like he's going to be second, based on last night. >> why do you think senator rubio hasn't gone after you? many republicans think somebody has to take you on. this has to become a one on one race. we talked to him about it. he hasn't done that. why do you think? do you think he's -- he fears takes you on? >> maybe because 14 people went after me and 14 people now officially are gone. i don't know. i mean, i seem to have a good track record when they do go after me. he's been very nice, and i think i've been respectful to him. we'll see what happens. it could always change. it's changed on a number of occasions. other people have been that way and we go at it. so far, i have an unblemished track record. maybe he looks at that. i'm not sure. you'll have to ask him that question. >> we heard you in a piece a few minutes ago calling ted cruz a little baby.
7:16 am
punch a protester who was misbehaving at one of your events. you said when you become president, you'll change your tone and temperament. i'm watching how well you're doing. how your life has gone with the tone and temperament. why would you change that if it's working so well for you? >> i have to tell you, maybe i shouldn't be changing it too much. the protester was out of line. he was hitting people, screaming during the speech, and everybody wanted to hear what i was saying. he was screaming horribly. the cops were so gentle, how they took him out. he had a big smile on his face, waving to the people. they were booing him. he should have been out on a stretcher but they couldn't touch him. it's disgraceful. nevertheless. >> that style has worked well for you in your life. why change it when you become president? >> i think i might tone it down a little bit. i was against -- we had a total of 17 people and now we're down to 6.
7:17 am
right now, it seems to be working pretty well. >> donald trump, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. while republican voters caucused across nevada, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were taking part in a town hall in south carolina. ahead of saturday's democratic primary there. nbc's kristen welker is in columbia for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. senator sanders is trying to blunt secretary clinton's momentum. on tuesday, they traded sharp jabs at the town hall here. one of the most heated moments came when clinton was asked about transcripts on the speeches she gave to wall street. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> reporter: tough questions tuesday night. hillary clinton, again, pressed about releasing transcripts of her paid goldman sachs speeches. >> if people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field. >> reporter: clinton vowing to release her transjipts s
7:18 am
giving sanders an opening. >> i am happy to release my paid speeches to wall street. here, chris. there ain't none. >> reporter: tuesday's ruling by a federal judge, her top aides should be questioned about the e-mail server. >> it's not going to have any lasting effect. i am not at all worried about it. >> reporter: for his part, sanders challenged about controversial comments he made in 1974, saying he wanted to abolish the cia. >> the cia plays an important role. have they done things which they should not have done on behalf of the united states government? absolutely. >> reporter: both candidates used the night to court critical african-american voters. clinton asked about beyonce's super bowl halftime show, which angered some police departments, by paying tribute to the black lives matter movement. >> we have to figure out how we're going to lift up the good practices, reform policing, provide more support.
7:19 am
movement against the president, including donald trump. >> my dad came from poland. i'm running for president and no one asked for my birth certificate certificate. maybe it's the color of my skin. >> reporter: clinton brushing off her fumbled response to a question about lying to the american public. >> i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. >> say no! just say no! >> is that a question that you would like another shot at answering? >> i'll just say no. >> both candidates also expressed their support for president obama's plan to close guantanamo. today, clinton will campaign in south carolina, while sanders will hold a news conference here and then go to super tuesday's stage, where he may have a bigger shot at winning. >> thanks so much. now to washington. new developments in the ongoing battle over the u.s. supreme court.
7:20 am
mc mcconnell said his party won't meet with the nominees presented by president obama. he said the president has a right to nominate, but the senate has rights, as well. al has the rest of the forecast. >> we'll fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure of new dove fruit and nut. amy: good morning central florida. we are tracking approaching showers and thunderstorms across
7:21 am
they will push through from northwest to southeast iraq the day today. once we get into the late-night hours, the rain will >> we'll look at the winter side of the storm in the next 15 minutes. >> thank you very much. ahead this morning, the emotional start to erin andrews' $75 million lawsuit, after she was secretly recorded behind closed doors. did the hotel ignore red flags that put her stalker in the room next door? more signs the zika virus is spreading in the u.s. the cdc investigating 14 potential new cases this morning. what they all have in common.
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>> this is a wesh 2 news update. jazmin: good wednesday morning. brett: it is 7:26 and we are to -- working to determine if a shooting just blocks and minutes apart architect -- connected. -- are connected. so far, no word on the conditions of those victims. amy: hoping the weather will collaborate for today' s launch from cape canaveral. the rocket will carry a communications satellite into orbit over asia. ted: we have a busy drive on the 408 westbound into downtown orlando near the i-4 on ramps. police activity in apopka
7:28 am
poinciana boulevard and reeves road, lane blocked and a big backup. use pleasant hill road instead. amy: tornado watch in effect until 10:00 a.m.. stronger storms are expected to roll in in the next couple of hours. i 75, over into northern lakes, we are seeing some later rain. along the gulf coast, you can see some of that thunderstorm. thunder, lightning, strong wind gusts inside of here. most of central florida dealing with light rain or cloud cover. this cold front is going to roll all of these storms through our area throughout the day today. that is going to lead to storms, and even an isolated tornado. by late morning through lunchtime, they continue to push to the south as we had through
7:29 am
temperatures will be warm before those storms arrive. once
7:30 am
7:30. it's wednesday morning, february 24th, 2016. kind of that day here in new york city, actually all across the country. high winds, heavy rains, al is saying he has winter to talk about. doesn't sound good. >> no, it's not. >> we'll hear more about the storms coming up. let's look at the headlines. three in a row for donald trump. cruising to victory in nevada last night.
7:31 am
the votes cast. >> of course, if you listen to the pundits, we aren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. [ applause ] soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> senator marco rubio edging out ted cruz for second place. another day of severe weather across the south. overnight, at least three people were killed. more than 30 others injuries when tornadoes touched down in louisiana and mississippi. more were reported in florida. a small passenger plane that went down in bad weather in nepal has been found. it was still burning when located. all 23 people on board were killed. sports reporter erin andrews is back in court today after an emotional opening to her $75 million lawsuit against a hotel and the man secretly filming her in her room. >> reporter: you can see it on
7:32 am
court, reliving the experience, when she got the call her lawyer said she'll never forget. >> erin, you're on the internet. without any clothes on. do you know that? she just totally comes apart. >> reporter: now, eight years later, she's suing michael barrett, the man who stalked her and took the video, along to the national marriott and local management at the time. for $75 million. claiming the hotel was nej gligent and could have present vented it from happening. barrett called the hotel and asked if she'd be staying there. >> first red flag. >> reporter: then the lawyer says, barrett called the reservation center, which abbreviates a note. guest request next to erin andrews. >> why is a person making a request like that? it's dangerous. it's a red flag. you don't go, fine. >> reporter: but he got the room next door.
7:33 am
barrett removed and altered the peephole of andrews' hotel room door and reported video of her changing and/or getting dressed without her consent or knowledge. >> counsel is trying to try my clients, who were trying to provide a hotel room to their guest, to a criminal stalker. and they're not. >> reporter: the lawyer for the hotel company told injury yours s injury jurors what happened to andrews was terrible but not the hotel's fault. barrett is responsible. >> these people did not take a phone call from some stranger wanting to be in a room next to erin andrews and put him there. he deceived. he connived. he stalked. that's what mr. barrett did. >> reporter: barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting the nude videos and served 30 months in prison. now free, he will testify in this civil case by video.
7:34 am
stand to tell her side of the story. for "today", morgan rad ford ford, nbc news. al is busy tracking strong storms this morning. >> we'll talk about the winter side of this thing. i mean, we've got winter storm warnings, advisories, blizzard warnings, stretching from northern arkansas all the way up into michigan. 20 million people at risk. wind gusts, 50 miles per hour. snowfall amounts, 1 to 2 inches per hour. let me tell you, the distance of this track, 50 miles either way is going to affect the snowfall. weather is getting into chicago now, st. louis, all the way back to almost arkansas. what we look for as far as snowfall amounts. upwards of a foot or more north of detroit, saginaw. south bend, illinois. also, parts of illinois are going to be looking at this, as well. st. louis, 2 to 4. chicago, 2 to 6. flint, 8 to 14. south bend, 10 to 16 inches of
7:35 am
that's what's going on aroundn amy: good morning central florida. we are tracking approaching showers and thunderstorms across central florida. they will push through from northwest to southeast iraq the day today. once we get into the late-night hours, the rain will >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks a lot. the cdc is investigating 14 united states. that's leading to a new warning for anyone who has traveled to s tom costello has more. >> so far, only two definitive cases have been confirmed but the cdc says 14 suspected cases involve men who had traveled to
7:36 am
through sexual contact once they came home. >> reporter: the cdc's announcement raising the level of concern, whether the zika virus might find new victims here in the united states. nationwide so far, health authorities report 82 cases in 21 states, plus d.c. now, 14 new reports of a zika virus possibly transmitted through sexual contact. >> in each of the episodes, a man was traveling to a zika-affected area, developed symptoms that were consistent with zika, and within two weeks of the man's symptoms, the female partner developed symptoms consistent with zika virus. >> reporter: the cdc reports it's working to determine exactly how long the virus can remain active in a person's system and still be transmitted to a sexual partner. worldwide, more than 30 countries are on the cdc's list
7:37 am
women who are pregnant or might become pregnant should avoid the areas. the cdc is urging all men who have been to zika areas to abstain from sex when they return to the u.s. or use condoms, especially if their partner might be pregnant. >> take the appropriate precautions so that they don't zika infection and they might be pregnant at the same time. that would be tragic. >> reporter: as nbc saw firsthand in brazil, families are coping with caring for their children diagnosed with microaccept micro microcephaly microcephaly, the birth defect associated with small heads and brains, thought to be linked to the virus. it's causing anxiety for the athletes preparing for rio this summer. some athletes said they might avoid the games altogether. latin america and the caribbean in a race to stop the spread, while no vaccine leaves more people potentially at risk. >> again, the big warning this
7:38 am
to a country on the zika warning list or your sexual partner has, the stakes here could be very high. you may want to talk to your doe doctor or health care provider. >> the 14 reported cases are the ones we know about. is the cdc worried this may be the tip of the iceberg? >> absolutely. that's certainly the case. thousands of people travel to and from the caribbean and latin america every day. of men who travel there, if they're bitten by the mosquito, their spouses or partners back home could be at an increased risk. as we've reported, in most people, the zika symptoms are no mild, they might never know they were infected. but the risk for unborn babies is very significant. >> tells you something, the cdc went public with this to begin with. thanks so much. coming up, a rare interview with donald trump's wife. does she think her husband has gone too far on the campaign trail? a florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. she testifies for the first time
7:39 am
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7:44 am
she says it was all an acting project that got way out of hand. >> reporter: dalia breaking down after taking the stand for the first time in her own be defense. the two-hour long questioning centered around this undercover surveillance video, allegedly showing her in 2009 hiring a hitman to murder her husband michael. >> reporter: dippolito's defense, she thought it was a show. say, right? >> yes, he told me to say it. >> 5,000% sure? >> i needed to project confidence. he told me i needed to make it look believable. >> reporter: the hit man was actually an undercover police
7:45 am
as part of a sting operation. >> i'm sorry to tell you, man, he's been killed. >> reporter: also caught on camera, police outside a staged crime scene at the couple's home. di be, dippolito's reaction to her husband's staged murder seen here, as she's led away for her eventual arrest. >> we received a call related to a woman who wanted to hire a hit man to kill her husband. >> reporter: she stands by her story. >> you made that up? >> yeah. >> it was part of the script? >> yeah. >> reporter: in her 2011 trial, dippolito was found guilty and has been under house arrest ever since. now she's gearing up for another trial, as it was determined the jurors had been tainted. >> i don't care what you saw in the video between dalia and the undercover informant.
7:46 am
criminal investigation requires integrity. this was not a criminal investigation. dalia dippolito was set up, trapped. >> reporter: in response, the police department says, we stand behind the principled work our detectives did on this investigation. we trust in our state attorney to successfully prosecute this case. and we're confident we have given his office sufficient evidence to meet the state's burden. her ex-husband is staying quiet for now. for him, this is no act. it's a real-life drama, giving new meaning to the words, "until death do us part." >> dippolito's attorneys are urging the judge to dismiss the case. a ruling is expected in the coming weeks. it's intriguing. >> thank you. just ahead, love it or fear it. the most advanced robot in existence and why you probably shouldn't mess with it. >> i'm going to go fear it, right away.
7:47 am
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we're back at 7:50 on a drizzling morning in new york city with exclusive news from facebook. carson, what do you have for us? >> guys, come on in. for months, we've been hearing rumors that a big change is coming to facebook's like button. ladies and gentlemen, that day is finally here. this morning, we are proud to announce exclusively the reaction buttons are available right now worldwide. over the next few days, they'll roll out to all facebook users. i'll show you what this means here. you can like a post. well, now you can love, ha ha, wow, sad or angry. that's right. make sure your app is up to date. here's a video that shows you how easy it is. gently touch the like button and the other reaction buttons pop up. select the one you want. by the way, this reminds me, al, i was on your page and loved these photos of you at the san diego zoo. i'll show you how it works. i'll go to like, over here to ha ha, boom. >> boom! >> ought to do your page here,
7:52 am
>> what did you like? >> you have a little crock-pot action. >> chili. >> i'm going to go with wow. >> well, thank you. chili was hot. >> i love it. how they dance and move around. >> i like that, yeah. it's animated. >> head to to find out how they landed on the six reactions. in honor of wrangler wednesday, which i've got here somewhere, here it is, we're going to go ahead if you go to the today show page and like that, because it is wrangler wednesday, you'll see wrangler live streaming. that's the action this morning. it'll be more action packed than that. >> come on, wrangler, do something! >> we've got new reaction buttons. you have to get excited. >> come on, wrangler. >> wrangler has one reaction button. >> show us your wow, wrangler.
7:53 am
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jazmin: good morning -- i' m jazmin walker. we are watching and waiting for some severe weather to make its way through central florida. here is amy sweezey. amy: tornado watch in effect for the gulf coast and it includes marion sumter county until 10:00 a.m.. another two hours we' re under this watch. rain has moved into marion county and sumter to lake. we are seeing a little bit of light rain. there are stronger storms back along the gulf coast that will still be rolling through here. there is another cluster of storms down your tampa that we need to watch as well. so it will be rolling in here in the next several hours. all of it is out ahead of a cold front that is making its way through central florida in the next several hours. once we get evening commute times, this will be through the area and the threat will be gone and we will get cooler and drier. now until 10:00 a.m., we will be watching the development of
7:58 am
storms by late -- late morning moved to the i-4 quarter. he met your area and put to the south erie in the southern brevard osceola county' s once we head into the afternoon and evening we will have lots of sunshine and drier air. ted: we have that congestion on the 528 westbound or it it starts write a run goldenrod it doesn' t wrap up until just past the airport toll plaza. westbound a little bit dicey as well. for the, toll plaza july 4. in osceola, a crash blocking elaine and causing a big back up on poinciana boulevard. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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you're hot and you're cold yes then you're no in then you're out 8:00 on "today". coming up -- secrets to successful sleep. how the temperature of your bedroom could be costing you a good night's rest. we'll have the do's and don't's to catching the best zs. plus, ready for takeoff. >> i'm ready. >> you're ready? let's do it. >> inside carson's internship at
8:01 am
>> going to the lounge and maybe have a cocktail? >> no, you're not. >> will his new career get off the ground? kevin spacey in the house. >> we had a future until you started destroying it. >> back at it as the commander in chief that everybody loves to hate in the highly anticipated new season of "house of cards." today, wednesday, february 24th, 2016. hey, y'all >> hey! >> first time in new york city. >> from ft. worth, texas. >> with our friends from 35 years. >> waking up to the "today" show. >> we've been fans for 50 years. good morning, everybody.
8:02 am
a little bit of a drizzling morning out here on our plaza. a rainy one all across the northeast today. willie is here for matt. he has the flu pretty darn bad. has he ever called in sick in 20 years? >> not like this. >> i had this flu a couple weeks ago. i was in bed for four days. i hope he gets better. >> sending him a hug and hopefully he can come back tomorrow. >> don't come back until you're ready, pal. >> exactly. take a hot, hot shower before you do. coming up in honor of this gentleman, wrangler, we'll help you pick the right pet for your family. >> first, a check of the top stories with natalie. >> good morning. the battle for second place providing the only drama overnight after tuesday's nevada republican caucuses. donald trump easily claims victory. hallie jackson is in las vegas for us. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. right now, it's marco rubio leading ted cruz for second in a
8:03 am
turnout, giving donald trump the momentum. >> reporter: it's yet another trump triumph. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> reporter: and a sweeping one. donald trump taking the top spot with men and women, with every age group, with evangelicals. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: a three-peat for trump. time running out for his rivals to stop him. >> you look at some of them down the line, and they have amazing numbers. >> reporter: at ted cruz's campaign, the alarm going off. literally. not lost on them, he's under pressure to perform on super tuesday when 11 states cast ballots. cruz doing nothing to down play the day. >> one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign.
8:04 am
tuesday. >> reporter: that's when cruz needs a victory in texas to add to his first-place finish in iowa. his argument? he's the only one who has beaten donald trump, as his campaign hits marco rubio hard for not doing the same. rubio speaking out this morning on "today" on the state of the race and how to beat the front runner. >> this is an unusual year and a very unusual process. the sooner we can get the race narrowed down, the easier it'll be to stop donald trump. >> reporter: the florida senator hoping his home state gives him the win he needs but hasn't had on the campaign trail. often looking past his republican rivals to hit democrats locked in their own fight, sparring over hillary clinton's speeches. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> reporter: clinton promising to release transcripts of her past remarks to big banks when others do, too. sanders taking her up on it. >> i am happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street.
8:05 am
there ain't none. i don't do that. >> and the republicans could get heated tomorrow night, too, at their debate in texas. with donald trump previewing one potential line of attack against marco rubio, calling him this morning, very nice, natalie, but young and inexperienced. >> hallie jackson in las vegas for us, thank you. this morning, in an exclusive interview on msnbc, melania trump, wife of the republican front runner, defended her husband's controversial statements about immigration. >> what about people who feel he is, let's go down the list because the campaign started and many felt he insulted mexicans. >> no, i don't feel he insulted the mexicans. he said illegal immigrants. he didn't talk about everybody. immigrants. and after few weeks, like after
8:06 am
and bashing him in the media, they turn around and said, you know what? he's right. he's right, what he's talking about. and he opened conversation that nobody did. >> but you're an immigrant. >> yes. >> do you ever think he's gone too far? >> i follow the law. i follow a law the way it's supposed to be. i never thought to stay here without papers. >> and you can watch that full exclusive interview with melania trump on msnbc's "morning joe." no secret that airline passengers have gotten larger over the years. while the seats on the planes seem to be shrinking. air bus might have a solution. bench seating. the manufacturer filed a patent for a an adjustable bench seat. it can accommodate obese passengers as well as small children. no word on if or when we might
8:07 am
back over to willie now. >> thanks a lot. if you're pouring yourself another cup of coffee to wake up, it could be your thermostat that's costing you precious hours of sleep. it caught our attention, as well journal. more. good to see you. >> good morning, willie. >> cooler is better? >> yeah. don't throw out everything you ever learned about rhythms and light, because that's important, too. research has been indicating that the temperature you're sleeping in at night is very, very important. naturally, what happens to us during the 24-hour period is our core body temperature does drop a couple degrees at night and it helps to initiate sleep. what's the magic number? around 65 degrees. >> whoa. that's cold. >> normally, people keep their ambient temperature in the home higher during the day. it's recommended to keep it lower in the nighttime. >> we talked on this show a lot about the battle of the thermostat. >> yes.
8:08 am
>> what's the middle ground? >> probably to keep it cooler and layer up with blankets. we'll talk about socks. want to hear about socks? >> yeah. >> apparently a lot of people want to hear about socks. my mom said to let me feet breathe at night. i don't know what that means. in any event, if your feet are cold, it's good to put socks on. it causes the blood vessels in the feet to open up and let the core body temperature drop. the warm blood circulation is going to the feet. that, in turn, initiates sleep. wearing socks at night if your feet are cold are okay. >> let's go through do's and don't's. do keep your sleep schedule consistent. >> try seven days a week, wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time. it's mainly for the sunday night syndrome. you've been sleeping in all weekend and try to go to sleep on sunday night and you can't. you wake up monday morning feeling hungover. >> don't toss and turn.
8:09 am
>> if you're not asleep after 20 to 30 minutes, don't lie in bed and stare at the clock. get up, read, do something soothing, listen to music. when you feel tired again, go back into bed. >> this one, we're all guilty of, don't check your phone right before you go to sleep. >> hugely important. this primarily has to do with blue light. it basically goes into your rhett ka, retina, the back of your brain and impedes the secretion of mel toen ne -- melatonin. according to the national sleep foundation, you need 7 to 9 hours. too little or too much can have adverse health effects. >> at 65 degrees. sounds like a recipe for something. >> i'll try it tonight. first, a stroll through the snow. next, global domination. the ground-breaking robot that's remarkable and, let's be honest, a little frightening. plus, on pop start, ellen times two.
8:10 am
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oh, i love your style we're back at 8:13, time for what's trending. this story is going to raise a lot of eyebrows, i think, in a certain generation. breakfast favorite. an article in the "new york times" says eating cereal is nostalgic but sales have plummeted 30%. here's the line getting all the attention. quote, almost 40%ostomy lennials s -- millenials surveyed said it was an convenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it. >> come on. >> washing the bowl takes time. apparently, they'd rather have a yogurt or sandwich, energy bar
8:15 am
breakfast. >> it's not to go, necessarily. let's judge. doesn't seem that hard. >> they wake up, sit down, read the paper, pour themselves wheaties and take the time. the world moves fast now so you have to get something on the go and make it more convenient. >> i'm generally against being the old people bashing the millenials. we love a lotostomy of the lot of the millenials. >> there's our resident millennial, cleaning out her bowl. >> how was the cereal? >> they make those cereal to go things in a plastic bowl. toss it away. >> back when i was in my 20s or whatever, i'm often eat cereal for dinner because i was too lazy to make actual dinner. somebody was probably saying that about my generation. >> full-blown breakfast now. we just did cereal.
8:16 am
cereal you stole out of the dining hall? >> a lot of the millenials are cooking at night. in the morning they don't want to. >> if we had the convenient options like they did, the burritos, we would have done it, too. >> let go my ego. >> froot loops. >> captain crunch. we know robots can do incredible things. what happens when a robot is bullied by a human? look at this video released by boston dynamics. an engineer takes a long pole. more than bullying. beating him up with a pole. uses it to shove this humanoid robot to the ground, atlas. how does he respond in he's back for more. he uses the sensors in his
8:17 am
>> wait till he learns to punch back. >> wait till see he sees "iron man." >> rise of the machines. >> "matrix." we have kate doing ellen's impression to her face. >> we'll start with celine dion returning to her stage for the first time since the death of her husband. the crowd giving her a standing ovation when she appeared on stage. she said she still feels his presence. >> he is the only man that i have known all my life. he always made me feel that we were on our first date. we were one. and nothing has changed. we will always be one. >> celine joked that he'd tell her to zip it and start singing. that's what she did. she belted out her hit "where
8:18 am
elizabeth taylor and never before seen photos. her hidden life, based on a new book called "my elizabeth" written by photographer and her close friend. he said taylor loved to cook and hitchhike. she once again unnoticed after leaving andy warhol's house. that hits s s news stands this friday. kate mckinnon is known for her impressions of hillary clinton and justin bieber. don't forget about her take on ellen. on ellen's show this week, they come face-to-face. >> she exaggerates, saying, i'm ellen. i'm ellen. i don't know what that is. i don't say, i'm ellen. [ applause ] >> feels nice. i'm ellen. >> that's how you say it. i'm ellen. >> no, i'm ellen.
8:19 am
>> so good. no impression would be complete without the dancing. >> wow. >> you can see more of kate's impression on today's episode of ellen. i'm sure it'll be awesome. >> she's so good. she's a chameleon. >> huge talent. carson, thanks a lot. al, check of the weather? >> first of all, we still have this severe weather going on. we have a tornado watch for a good portion of florida. also on into southern georgia as the thunderstorms race across. we've also got the risk of severe weather today, especially in raleigh. a few tornadoes possible. we'll be watching that. other side is, we have wet weather pushing to the east with some icy conditions up in the northern new york and parts of northern new jersey. mixed precipitation in new england. expect delays from boston to washington. rain and thunder. wind gusts of 45 to 55 miles per hour as it pushes on today and into tonight.
8:20 am
of rain. 26 million people under some sort of flood watch, stretching from georgia on into ohio and delaware. that's what's going on around amy: good morning central florida. we are tracking approaching showers and thunderstorms across central florida. they will push through from northwest to southeast iraq the day today. once we get into the late-night hours, the rain will >> that's your latest weather. savannah? al, thanks. we have more of our special series, "up for the job." we all started our careers with internships and decided, let's do it again. carson, you chose a good one. >> it was a lot of fun. we all fly a lot.
8:21 am
the process is and what it takes to get the planes off the ground and into the air. not from the bar in the airport. i became an intern at jfk airport here in new york. >> reporter: every time you fly, there are hundreds of men and women working hard on the ground. these below the wing employee rs s are the backbone of the business. for the day. >> top priority is safety at knee pads. >> i'm wearing a cup already. safety is important to me, as well. >> safety is important. >> ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> we're going to load this plane right here. this is going to vegas. you like vegas? >> love vegas. can you load me? >> we'll take the customers' bags, put them on a conveyer belt. >> nice and gentle. what if that was my bag? that one is heavy. might be a body in there.
8:22 am
stacking the bags in the aircraft holder? >> i'm ready. >> let's do it. >> what are people packing? they're going to vegas, for the love of god. >> carson, how does it feel? >> it's a lot of work. >> a lot of work? >> it is. it reminds me of packing my car with my family in the trunk. it's small in here. you have to pack it artfully. >> what are you doing? >> what? >> you can't use a cell phone out here. >> i'm on a break. you called a five. >> no, i did not. you always have to be aware of everything. >> all right. i'm sorry. >> no photos, okay? >> it's for my mom. >> we'll take the baggage over. >> where is the radio? >> listen to some music. >> there's no radios out here. >> get a little drake, j. cole, little hip hop, little something. >> ready?
8:23 am
>> you'll have enrique teach you the loading stuff. >> first, the platform is controlled by this joystick. >> like a video game. >> just like a video game. fit it perfectly to the aircraft. bring it right? >> there a little more, right in there. >> the first was 3500 pounds. >> this is 3,000. >> almost 7,000 pounds in cargo alone? >> yeah. >> what's next? going to the lounge to maybe have a cocktail? >> no, you're not. no drinking. you'll be moving an airport. >> really? >> yes. >> like the tow? >> you'll tow an airplane, the super tug. >> all right. >> ready? >> let's do it. >> you'll drive.
8:24 am
greatest day of my life. ready for pushback. i towed that! don't tell chris. >> i won't say nothing. i promise. >> stop talking to chris. we have a plane to move, man. ready to roll? >> okay. 1605 pad 88 requesting pushback. ladies and gentlemen, this is your intern speaking, carson daly, hope you enjoyed your brief move to pad 88. chris, i took 243 selfies and you can't do anything about it. >> finally, the moment i had been preparing for all day long. >> luke, i am your father. i had to do it.
8:25 am
we have to park an airplane. okay. nice job. >> perfect. thank you so much. >> nicely done. >> we had a lot of fun in the piece. really, you don't realize -- or i didn't realize and feel guilty for it, hundreds of men and women, not just delta, everywhere, who work hard to get our stuff in the planes. it's more than just the pilots. it was a great experience and eye opening. >> when it's cold and rainy. >> the weather, freezing there, it was like 40 in the spring and we had a nice day. huge thanks to delta airlines and the below the wing employees, especially chris nunez, my supervisor that day. and henry, he was awesome, made the internship possible. delta hires student interns and there are opportunities to work seasonally part time and in the winter and summer as ready reserves in the gate or the ramp area. go to to apply. i would. i premd
8:26 am
>> you towed the plane out. it was amaze ing. >> the plane i brought in was coming in from montego bay, it was amazing. >> this is your captain speaking routine. >> you were there all day. >> it was sunset. >> i would have stayed longer. >> i don't know how i can beat this. i go tomorrow, but i have to say, that was awesome. >> great. >> tomorrow, i see your ramp
8:27 am
i got to be on her announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is a wesh 2 news update. jazmin: good wednesday morning, i' m jazmin walker. brett: i' m brett connolly. parts of central florida under a tornado watch right now. let' s check in with amy sweezey. amy: this is until 10:00 a.m. as the thunder thumbs up and rolling in. he watches up and down the gulf coast includes the cap area now. poor counties could be added as we had the morning. meanwhile, rain in much of marion county we' ve had the thunder and lighting back to the area. a few thunderstorms are firing up. a huge cluster a big storms that is going be pushed eases the cold front that puts to the area. that is why more counties of
8:28 am
it is ahead of this cold front that will move through today. severe storms in jacksonville, mainly to' s reign. strongest from camp as well. be strong storm will roll through our area to the day into the afternoon evening. ted: we still have been recovered on the 408 westbound. be with every public your minutes. also if you' re taking a drive this morning on i-4 westbound your u.s. 192, a crashes happened. no major delays. a crash still lingering poinciana boulevard.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it is wednesday morning, february 24th, 2016. starting to come down.
8:31 am
drizzling here on our plaza. it's a sign of things to come, right, al? >> yeah, when we're going to even see messier weather, wetter weather, stormier up and down >> oh, man. we have to thank all the good people for coming out and hanging out with us on the plaza. >> thank you! >> it is not pretty out here. coming up this half hour, the president is here. president underwood. kevin spacey. we'll see what secrets we can get him to spill about the highly anticipated new season of "house of cards." first, don't forget about your chance at a great trip over the long leap day weekend. be here on our plaza on friday. have your bags packed before. already. and a poster of how you'd like to spend the extra 24 hours. >> we'll send you and a friend to l.a. stay at the line hotel, take a bike tour, have dinner and more. all courtesy of our friends at discover los angeles.
8:32 am
rsvp at for that. >> l.a. sounds good now. al, what's shaking in the weather? >> we have the risk of strong storms along the southeastern and mid-atlantic coast. windy weather. air travel is going to be a nightmare. eastern third of the country, wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunshine sunshine, texas and southern california. 69 in san francisco. tomorrow, warming up to 81 in l.a. nice and warm up and down the west coast. windy, snowy through the great lakes into the ohio river valley. wet and windy in the northeast. sunshine returns to the gulf coast with a little calm. that's what's go w amy: good morning central florida. we are tracking approaching showers and thunderstorms across central florida. they will push through from northwest to southeast iraq the day today.
8:33 am
hours, the rain will >> that's your latest weather. got some nice friends here from savannah. what are you guys doing here? >> we're here visiting. we went to tour the memorial, the new museum for 9/11. >> terrific. you want savannah to visit savannah. good idea. savannah, what do you think? >> love the idea. i'm kicking kevin spacey with my good foot. >> al, thanks. the presidential race is in full swing in real life and the brand-new season of "house of cards." >> kevin spacey, his president underwood character, locks horns with his greatest opponent yet, his wife, the first lady. take a look.
8:34 am
>> you wouldn't have listened otherwise. i'm listening now. what is it you so desperately needed to say? >> dun, dun, dun. mr. president, good morning. >> good morning, sir. >> nice to see you both. it was supposed to be with matt but it takes two of you to replace one. >> he insists on two people replacing him. really half a person because i have this boot on my leg. you're at odds with the first lady. this can't last in season four, can it? they have to be a force together. >> you know, it's so exciting to be able to not talk about this show. >> come on! >> i love being able to come on. i can't be the spoiler in chief. i can say this, that when we left them in season three, they were in the middle of an argument. that argument picks up when we come back with season four.
8:35 am
literally, an accessory to the crimes of the president and his allies. >> lovely accessory, by the way. >> no question about that. how do they work as adversaries? >> you know, i think the thing we explored in season three, and i think to some degree, continues in season four, is these two figures, who have had such success in working in the shadows, in the dark alleys, to suddenly find themselves in the hot, white spotlight of the oval office. and how does that change them? how does it change the way they try to achieve what they're setting out to achieve politically, as well as personally? those are things we'll explore. >> but won't talk about now. >> i've gotten good at dodging questions. >> i was going to say. >> you should run. >> you have a natch knack for this. i was looking at the first interview we did with you, season one. >> right over there.
8:36 am
this thing called binge watching, that you could watch all the episodes at once. >> the ancient years of 2013. so long ago. >> you brought binge watching to the culture. >> look, i think we might have made it a little more prevalent. the truth is, people were binge watching before that. box sets proved to us, one of the reasons why the ultimate decision to release the entire series at once was made, is we could see the evidence that people were staying home on the weekends and watching five or three seasons of a show. it seems the public was saying they want to be in control. they want to be able to watch it when they want to watch it. >> you spent the first part of the show this morning talking about another donald trump victory. he won nevada by more than 20 points. is he the kind of guy that president underwood would endorse? >> to shove him. >> he would not endorse donald trump? >> i don't think so, no. >> you think frank underwood could take him?
8:37 am
as we've gone along, and we're in the middle of a presidential election in our show and, obviously, we're in the middle of a real presidential election, i'm going to try not to blend fact and fiction. i'll avoid that question. >> you really are getting good at being a politician, my friend. >> rubbed off on you. have to ask about the smithsonian. they unveiled a portrait of president underwood the other day. this is the first fictional president featured in a portrait. so no "west wing," no martin sheen, harrison ford in air force one. what does it say, that they've represented president underwood? >> it was an incredible night. we did it as if it was a real, genuine presidential unveiling i was in. i came and showed up as president underwood and gave a speech. everybody thought, who is the actress playing the executive director, but it was actually
8:38 am
this wonderful portrait who had done me before when i played richard iii did a remarkable job. there's a shot of it. it will hang in the smithsonian, in the entryway as people walk in. it will be there for six or seven months. then they hope to get someone to buy the painting and then donate it to the smithsonian so it can stay there in the collection. >> really cool. >> smithsonian is like and all, but you're nobody until you have a good luck hoodie. the florida panthers, the nhl, this is their good luck charm. it's the spacey in space. first place in their division and owe it all to you. >> they give this out at every game, to the most valuable player. >> it's spacey in space. >> one of the players there. yes, i've become their good luck charm. i'm very pleased they've been doing incredibly well. >> disembodied. it's just your floating head.
8:39 am
i'm very excited for them. i'm glad they're doing really well and hope we can help them keep winning. >> the full season of "house of cards" will be available march 4th and he will not speak of it until then. >> get your hoodie now. up next, how to choose the pet for your family.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> announcer: wrangler wednesday is brought to you by petsmart. >> everybody, it's wrangler wednesday around here, and in honor of our pup with a purpose, who brings us so much joy, we're doing something different. >> if you're looking for a pet companion, we'll help you choose the right one for your family. we have animal planet's pet expert, andrea. great to see you. >> good morning. >> i drew, i think, the good straw and got the puppies here. a lot of people want a dog. kids ask their parents for a dog. what's the first thing to think about when you go in to buy one? >> i think the most important
8:42 am
adopt a dog is consider that you really want to look for personality, not so much looks. like choosing a mate. >> right. >> it's the most important thing. unfortunately, people see a cute puppy and go, it's adorable. i'll take it home. they don't think about the future and what the dog's personality might be like, whether or not it'll fit with their family. >> also how big the dog will get depends on the home you live in, right? >> it's not always true a large dog can't fit into a smaller home or a smaller apartment. sometimes, the small or medium sized dogs have the highest energy. it's about taking the time to essentially test drive a dog, get to know if it fits your family. >> do research. i'll hand you off to natalie. >> over to the cats now and kittens. one of the biggest misconceptions -- i have a cat, lexi, and one of the biggest misconceptions and people think you don't have to give them a lot of attention. not true, right? >> not true. you don't need to walk your cat like you do your dog. for some people, it makes them a more appropriate pet.
8:43 am
they thrive on social interaction. people need to understand, you can't get a cat or kitten from a shelter and bring it home and leave it. you need to spend time getting them adjusted to your family. one of the most important things with cats in order to avoid behavioral problems is thoroughly clean their litter box multiple times a week. if not, it can result in marking in the house. >> they like it clean in there. >> yeah. >> over to the parrots now. >> we don't have pets at home, but sophie will turn her head and is eyeing me. i think she's about to attack my throat. dangerous at all? >> they can bite, like all animals. certainly, make sure you're careful with any animal and respectful of their space. i respect you for respecting sophie. understand a bird like sophie -- >> stink eye. sophie, what did i do? >> she does talk. i'm not sure she's in the mood to talk now. >> i'll speak to her. hello.
8:44 am
>> she's not feeling it. >> what's going on in your neck of the woods? >> with parrots, there are different species and they all have different needs and nutritional requirements. one of the important things to remember is often times they're willing pets. they live such a long time, that you need to make plans for them when they pass, potentially. >> no kidding. >> sophie is nine years old but will probably live to 70 or 80. >> what'd she say? >> yeah. >> you need to make sure you understand, this is an animal that requires a long commitment. >> right. >> i used to have guinea pigs easy to take care of. >> one of the easiest to take care of. they do best when bonded with another guinea pig. the one thing about guinea pigs is you do want to be careful with them with children. they're not as fragile as hamsters and gerbils but they're small. kids need to handle them carefully. >> and they can bite.
8:45 am
>> last but not least, fish. i had many fish growing up. many, many, many. >> what does that mean? >> many goldfish. by the way, they're not that easy to take care of, fish. >> they can be. i don't think they're quite as easy as people think. unfortunately, people sometimes think they can go to a store and get a goldfish or some other fish and put it in a bowl and just -- it'll thrive. it's not the case. you need to give them an appropriate environment. make sure you test the water to make sure that it has the right levels of salt in it. not too much ammonia. if you have a saltwater tank, obviously. i'd say some of the easiest fish for beginnings are swordtails and gum by ies. even those, talk to somebody to get more details. >> figure out how much to feed them. it's more complicated as you go up from goldfish. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. thanks for bringing our friends over. we appreciate it. >> you don't like the guinea pigs. >> i'm a little scared. i'm embarrassed to say that.
8:46 am
coming up, junk food to joy food, joy bauer gives you comfort foods.
8:47 am
8:48 am
back at 8:47. imagine eating enchiladas, pizza, brownies and more, but they help you lose weight. >> it can't be true. but joy bauer says it is possible. in her new cook book, "from junk food to joy food," she transforms hundreds of dishes. today's menu, buffalo wings and mack mac and cheese. >> mac and cheese is the ult mall -- ultimate comfort food. one bowl can be 1,000 calories. we can do better than that. check it out. mac and cheese. skim milk, soy sauce, onion
8:49 am
and hot sauce. mix skim milk with cornstarch. bring to a boil. add reduced fat cheddar with butter. remove bay leaf. stir in macaroni. cover for ten minutes to let it firm. the junk food version, 1,310 calories is out. the joy food version at 419 calories is in. that's a savings of 891 calories. next up, fiery buffalo wings. a typical order with the blue cheese dip costs you 1,200 calories and more fat than you want to know about. instead, enjoy the same, yummy flavor for less. dip. chicken tenders, hot sauce, paprika paprika. bake at 375 for 15 minutes. blue cheese dip.
8:50 am
cheese crumbles, onion powder and garlic powder. mix. junk food version at 1,190 calories is out. the joy food version at just 170 calories is most definitely in. that's a savings of more than 1,000 calories. >> joy, you are a miracle worker. >> you like everything? >> delicious. >> i love the buffalo chicken. it is amazing. >> did you see how simple it was to make? >> tastes like wings. >> i have to say this, this is our book because all of the recipes within the book have pretty much come from our viewers. they challenged me to make things over. barbecue ribs, pizza, cheese burgers, chocolate milk shakes. i have a chocolate peanut butter cup in there. >> what's on the cauliflower? >> this is a bonus recipe. it's on the website, if people
8:51 am
all i do is take cauliflower and dip it in flour. i roast it, douse it in hot sauce and roast it a couple more minutes. >> so good. >> mac and cheese, tell me about that. >> really good. >> isn't it? >> you don't notice a difference. >> i didn't want to mess with mac and cheese but throwing vegetables in. i kept it straight forward. i had a lot of out of the box, flavorful ingredients. >> like the soy sauce, onion powder powder. it augments the flavor. >> even the bay leaf brings it to life. my ultimate compliment was my daughter, who is a mac and cheese addict, and she gave it a two thumbs up. that's when i knew it was okay to bring it on the show. >> all these things in their junk form, brought it to the healthy form. >> the idea is people can indulge in their favorite goodies any night of the week and still lose weight, lower blood pressure, up their energy.
8:52 am
>> we love you the truth. when we don't like it, you hear it. this is delicious. >> oh, yeah. >> so happy for you. congrats on the book. "from junk food to joy food." get these recipes at the web exclusive for cauliflower and buffalo wings on the website. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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8:54 am
we're back at 8: 53. still freaking out about how good this is. we have birthdays. >> many reasons to celebrate. we'll celebrate all the folks across the country. starting off, 100th birthday to jean from new york. i love that she's known to family and friends as toots. her secret to long jetty evity longevity, eating junk food and dancing. 102 years old, served as an auto mechanic during world war ii. thank you for your service, mcwaters. 100th birthday to miller from florida. she loves collecting porcelain birds. marry from minnesota. 105 years old. she says the secret to living longer, just don't think about it. well said. happy 100th birthday to fred randall from new york.
8:55 am
years. want to be in a band with him. mary hastings from south bend, indiana, loves notre dame football. happy anniversary to the schultze. the secret to a long marriage, discuss any problems and work it out. 75 years later, it is working for them. congratulations. if you want to honor someone on their milestone birthday or anniversary, 75 years or more, head to send a photo, as well. coming up, what's next hour? >> viola day vis is in the house. >> big deal for us. also, live performance from locash. >> love it. >> after your local news.
8:56 am
announcer: local, live, late breaking.
8:57 am
brett: good morning, i' m brett connolly. jazmin: i' m jazmin walker. we have a severe thunderstorm walking -- warning. let' s get to amy. amy: this is posted for marion county. they are now moving over into ocala. and this thunderstorm warning is in effect until 9:30. wins at 58 miles per hour and higher. salt springs by 9:22 into frequent by 9:32 and into crescent city living through putnam county by 9:45. for that is the only severe one and we have an effect right now. we' ve the tre neal watch in effect and there is more storms down the coast of tampa that will monitor as well. those may be rolling over into polk and osceola counties. a cold front will start to push through into the south area all across central florida today we will be monitoring for severe weather. 20 watch remains in effect for
8:58 am
s and points southward. for one more hour and you can see how this pushes along the i-4 corridor through lunchtime. the fact that we have so many clouds is helping to kind of limit the severe coverage, but we do have that one in effect for marion county and we see if warnings will be issued. here' s futurecast at noon. showers and storms continue, showers and storms rolled to the metro area and off the coast of rivard and osceola counties through the evening commute. once we giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the hit series, "empire," taraji p. henson. and jaime lannister from "game of thrones," nikolaj coster-waldau. plus, another audience member could walk away with some big bucks when we continue our "oscar countdown games." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by


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