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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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michelle: i am michelle imperato. first you want to send things to ted, he is monitoring some trouble on i-95. ted: breaking news southbound right past the area of the pine da causeway extension. traffic is being forced off to that on-ramp while investigating the deadly car crash. you will take that to wickham road south 20 gallie and take that back to i-95. that will be your detour. no major back up with that crash while they investigate. another crash scene, osceola parkway at obt, a right-wing blocked with this one. use carol street to get around that. here' s a live look at the dot cameras eastbound. 408 getting into downtown orlando, no i-4 ultimate delays. amy: it is tuesday and we are starting our day with plenty of
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first day of march will be warm, we are headed to the lower 80' s for afternoon highs. most of us were in the upper 70' s yesterday. today will be even warmer than yesterday, just a couple of scattered clouds building in this afternoon and no rain in our forecast said. visibility looks good, we may see a little bit of patchy fog developing through sunrise. the wind is common skies are clear. as temperatures drop, there may be some fog. meanwhile, temperatures are much cooler north and west of i-4. we dropped to 43 in ocala which is quite it cooler than average low there. 47 palm coast, warmer in orlando and 57 and it is 56 degrees right now in melbourne. lots of dry air in the middle part of the atmosphere, that is the orange color you see. we will start the day with sun and keep our humidity low as well. our temperatures today will climb 80 degrees is where we' re headed. 82 in clermont. 82 longwood and
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79 is very are headed in new smyrna beach and in palm bay. michelle: thank you. super tuesday is finally here. voters in 13 different states are heading to the polls as candidates to everything they can to stay in the race for the white house. jason: tracie potts is in washington with a look at what -- a preview of what is happening today. >> you have to get out and vote. >> donald trump hoping to build on his front-runner status with his closest challengers aiming to collect enough delegates to remain competitive. >> a vote for donald trump tomorrow is literally a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> for ted cruz, it means winning his home state of texas. >> what we will see, i believe is donald trump coming out a chunk of delegates and others far behind. >> there could be trouble for s
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promises to close the border. >> you should be very troubled york times one thing and the voters another. the audio this interview so that we truly believes. >> bernie sanders is open to pick up wins at home in vermont, massachusetts, the midwest and maybe even texas. >> i think we will do better than people think. >> hillary quit is looking past super tuesday, focusing on trump. >> at some point, you can' t just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> republicans are looking ahead as well and their concerned whether trump can beat clinton in november. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> stick with us for the all the development on super tuesday. you can get up-to the-minute coverage on air and online on and the wesh 2 mobile app.
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here at 7:00. this morning, fire crews in volusia county or keeping an eye up for flareups in the oak hill area. jason: a brush fire burned through coming dangerously close to buildings. alex villareal' s live. let' s talk about today, is very high risk for more fire in the day ahead? alex: it is a higher risk than we' d like to see, the threat level is said to be moderate here in volusia county. some of our surrounding counties here in central florida, it is calm out here now. just a few cars going by. no sign of a blazer anything like that, the fire is out for some time. there is a strong smell of burned brush out here. we smell that as soon as we turned up. after yesterday' s fire -- fire that push third 10 acres, heavy smoke could be seen rising from the burning brush.
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close to some buildings off the high land a road. it was moving fast, even jumping a canal. fortunately, crews rate will to stop the blaze before it could reach the buildings. none were damaged and nobody was hurt. it is still not clear what started the fire. the four streak routes planning to watch for flareups out there. today' s moderate risk is a level two out of five with one being low risk and five being extreme danger. that moderate danger extended to marion, lake, orange, and brevard county. we will continue to watch for any more updates or any word of any other fires that could crop up. be aware of that this morning. live in volusia county, alex villareal. jason: today, this bogus batman goes before a judge. we should do the caped crook last month. and now deputies say he' s been caught. the suspect is facing charges for as many as seven robberies. brett connolly shows us how
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down. brett: good morning. police say this is batman unmasked. authorities believe he was pulling up these robberies to feed a massive drug habit. want to show you some surveillance video from last month showing a man dressed as batman robbing a dollar general and then a one to three dollar store back-to-back in east orange county. investigators say the evidence -- the costume -- the big break came in police say he dropped a cell phone after getting chased by store employees and they were able to track them down. the orange county sheriff says he is a heroin addict with a thousand dollar per day have it. >> they are willing to do anything to get it. they love the drugs more than eating food, doing some other basic life things. brett: officials say he is linked to robberies at the end
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he is facing a number of charges including armed robbery. michelle: the man accused of firing a deadly shot inside a sanford bar, will answer to a manslaughter charge, today. detectives say james pritchard is responsible for killing oceanette hampton inside the cool breeze bar back in january. his attorney previously admitted pritchard acted recklessly when a fight broke out, but says he did not mean to kill anyone. jason: this morning, lake county leaders will vote on a new push for the governor to pardon the men known as the groveland four. in 1949, four black men, accused of raping a white woman, were all arrested without evidence. one was killed by the sheriff, another by a racist mob the other two men have since died, but their families want their names cleared. the county commission will take of a resolution of the so far, governor rick scott has not commented on the case. michelle: a volusia county man is accused of terrorizing a fit of road read.
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off the road and a black car. he pulled a gun. i have a baby in the car. and he aimed it at us and my husband, like, swerved to get away from it. michelle: the woman says michael sousa drove up quickly behind them on saxon boulevard in deltona on sunday night and nearly hit them. the husband says he shouted at sousa to slow down and sousa deliberately swerved at them. then the family says celso pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot them. the family got his license plate number and police were able to track him down. jason: the man accused of killing two college students in virginia is expected to plead -- taking a plea deal that would jesse matthew junior will enter the plea tomorrow after reaching an agreement with a prosecutor in the case. he is already serving three lead senses in a separate case. prosecutors have agreed to drop the penalty this morning, -- death penalty the pleads guilty. this morning, investigators are working to figure out what lay 14-year-old to witnesses say the open fire inside an ohio high school. witnesses say the student
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yesterday morning and started shooting, hitting two students. two other students were hurt while trying to escape the -- escape. none of the injuries were life threatening. the shooter is charged with attempted murder. a motive has not been identified. michelle: right now, the u.s. army' s elite delta force is working to remove top isis leaders in iraq. the group has been preparing for the operation for weeks. secretary of defense ash carter says the force will conduct raids, seize places and people, and free isis-held hostages. >> because of our strategy and a determination to accelerate our campaign, momentum is now on our side and not on icicles. --isil' s. carter also says the u.s. will play a bigger role in helping iraqi forces retake the city of mosul from isis hands. jason: space-x will make it' s fourth attempt to launch a falcon nine rocket from cape canaveral today. leaders are aiming to lift off tonight at 6:35. the third attempt to send the
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spacex' s blending oxygen levels at rose to high at lunchtime. the rocket is carrying a boeing satellite. so we need that whether to cooperate. michelle: the time before that was the weather' s fault. amy sweezey is joining us now. amy how is it looking? amy: the biggest concern is the cumulus clouds. moving doing a little bit helps the wind that we had concerned with. two days and 80% go in that window opens up at 6:35. there are some closet will develop today, even though we are starting off of mainly clear skies. that means of course but he is legend. low-to-mid 40' s where temperatures are now. we of clear skies and calm winds. i' m a season patchy fog developing a couple inland spots. i' m not expecting a lot. right now it is 45 an apopka, 54 in sanford.
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46 degrees in pierson and palm coast, 54 and port orange and 55 in port st. john. as we had through the day, we will start with son. we will get a couple of clouds and it will be warmer than it was yesterday as he climbed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. big news happening on the road, let' s get over to ted. ted: i-95 southbound shut down due to a deadly car crash with investigation at the state road 40 -- 404 mile marker 188. the crashes be a little bit the on that. you will take that to wickham road south onto oh gallie boulevard and get back onto i-95. delays are minimal at this time, so you shouldn' t have too much of a delay. we have a crash osceola parkway near obt. here is eastbound go throughout the bug spray. jason:
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. michelle: a make or break day for some candidates as voters in 13 states prepare for super tuesday. more than 1000 400 delegates are at stake for both parties. hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping to hang onto their lead. jason: firefighters handling a brush fire in volusia county. it scorched 10 acres in oak hill and came close to buildings. the fire danger today is moderate threat central florida. michelle: police are on the lookout for the crooks who stole cash from girl scouts. the couple was with a child and got away in a car with north carolina plates.
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michelle: jazmin walker is showing us what they have planned. for the next two weeks, orange county debbie' s will make sure seatbelts fastened and kids are secure in their car seats. the most recent numbers from the cdc shows that 87% of people in florida user seatbelts. that is higher than the national average of 86%. throughout this campaign, debbie' s will be stationed at various locations in the morning and afternoon. you can look for them it' s over star road between 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.. not wearing a seatbelt is a 100 $14 fine. if your child is wearing a safety restraint, it is $164. their goal is to keep more dollars -- more people from getting hurt in car crashes. some of the other locations include the -- goldenrod at lake underhill. and east colonial at avalon park.
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a jury will your testimony in the stalking trial of sportscaster erin andrews. andrews was on the stand yesterday telling jurors about how leaked nude videos of her damaged her life. she broke down in tears at several points. she said since it happened, she suffered from depression, panic attacks and anxiety daily. >> i' m so embarrassed and ashamed. my naked body was on the front page of the new york post. they had to put bars over my body parts. jason: she is suing michael barrett, the man who shot the video. she is suing the owner of the marriott for $75 million. anders' s boyfriend is inspected to testify. michelle: having trouble with overeating? getting more sleep might be the answer. jason: the study is from the it' s is a lack of sleep can boost the chemical and are body to cause you to overeat. especially sweet, salty and high-fat foods.
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same effect that marijuana has on the body. it gives people the munchies. michelle: what we are learning his sleep effects pretty much everything. get a good nights sleep. jason: you are happier and healthier. we know sometimes that doesn' t happen. if you to get the office early. us today? amy: no umbrellas this week. even though there' s a little bit of rain in our forecast. here is the deal, we would have to talk about temperatures today warmer than yesterday. we are more blood -- welcoming march on a warm note. 75 daytona beach. today, most of us will be in the lower 80' s and those of us the upper 70' s or -- roman numeral 70' s yesterday. starring off on this tuesday getting the kids to school, sunrises 10 minutes before 7:00.
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i am not seeing much right now, but over the next couple of hours here, we may see some fog developed. and her temperatures keep dropping and we have got mainly clear skies and fairly calm wind. it is 41 ocala so we of been dropping there. most of us -- most were northwest of i-4 locations are in the 40' s. a couple of spots in marion county reporting upper 30' s. 54 sanford, 57 orlando, 56 in melbourne. control today. wind coming out of the south. south winds, a little bit of those damages to climb very quickly. sun, afternoon and look where we are headed. villages. 82 will be are high and clermont. 82 and oviedo and orlando. 82 and kissimmee and st. cloud.
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79 palm bay. just a little bit of a breeze coming off the ocean. we will keep it cooler at the coast because the wind is so light out of the south we will get a little bit of that breeze coming in. it is not a huge difference at the coast. you are headed to the beach keep in mind we will be dealing with breezy or wind this afternoon. rip current risk is fairly low. the only concern is the concern of a chop going on. for boaters, keep that in mind. if swimmers are brave enough to get into water in the 60' s, we have low risk for rip current. tomorrow, there is our next cold front. it is so weak it will barely bring isolated sprinkles for us tomorrow. on thursday we dry things out. get lot of sunshine and wind coming out of the south. our temperatures are not going to be much cooler behind that cold front. so we are still going to be at 80 degrees on thursday.
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a stronger front will come through friday, but notice it doesn' t cool don' t but you. time for traffic, here' s ted. ted: i-95 southbound, a crash slowing things down at 404. the florida highway patrol is allowing traffic to get off their at that offramp at what you will do is see those green arrows, you will take that exit 2404 east to wickham road south, 20 gallie west. in osceola county, a crash in osceola parkway but -- at obt. a live picture of i-95 in volusia county. northbound, a left-wing taken out through state road 44 area. jason: good news for broadway fans of the doctor phillips -- as the doctor phillips center announced several new shows. michelle: which shows are coming
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jason: we will explore this wild
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michelle: a wild seen caught on camera at a texas gas station. a driver plowed into a gas pump and it immediately caught fire. firefighters got to be seen in label to contain flames. police have not said if anyone was hurt or what caused the driver to lose control. we now know which broadway shows will be making their way to the doctor phillips center. jason: it is going to be good. i feel the earth move jason: a total of eight shows are coming to orlando next season. the curious incident in november, wicked will sellout quickly. a gentleman'
5:26 am
finding neverland next june. finding neverland next june. michelle: the legacy lions are starting they next season with a roar. there holding a tailgate tonight in downtown orlando. to get started $50 on orlando city' s website. the lines are still about 10,000 tickets away from selling the citrus bowl for sunday' s home opener against salt lake city. jason: coming up next, a girl scout cookie sale takes a dramatic turn is a couple steals the troops money and run. michelle: we will hear from the girl' s as detectives were to find suspect. we had a lot to alex villareal. alex: forest tree crews are watching for flareups after a multi-acre for wildfire yesterday. coming up i will tell you about the risk in volusia county as well as our surrounding counties. ted: breaking news to share with you. it is definitely what you around it. michelle: temperature -- amy: we
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s in some spots today. i will tell you who will be getting that warm when we return. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free
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announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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michelle: right now on sunrise, it is make or break for presidential candidates in both parties. what you need to watch out for a super tuesday begins. amy: we are back to the 80' s. i will let you how warm it will be in your neighborhood and when the next cold front arrives. jason: firefighters on alert in volusia county. what officials are doing after a brush fire nearly damaged several structures in oak hill. we will talk about a warm one ahead. thank you for waking up with us. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. we are giving you a quick look outside a downtown orlando, lake eola. amy sweezey is with us now. amy: we are in the 40' s and 50' s. some of us are right around normal. some are a little bit colder, the farther north you live. what happens today' s we will get sunshine early this morning. we was he a few clouds building this afternoon like yesterday. today we get the sun and the wind coming out of the south.
5:31 am
a few degrees warmer than yesterday. so instead of mid-to-upper 70' s which is what we did monday, we will make it into the upper 70' s and even quite a few lower 80' s. it is going to be warm. themes morning, here the numbers. we have dropped since midnight. depending on where you' re stepping out this morning, a pretty big temperature difference. you can see how that compares to yesterday morning were some of us were about the same, some of us are a little bit warmer. 47 broncos, 54 in sanford. 52 and leesburg and kissimmee is at seven. we will see a mix of sun and clouds. 79 and dunnellon today. 81 and leesburg and apopka. we will climb to -- 82 in st. cloud. we will get just a little bit of a breeze off the ocean. we will climb to 80 for the high in daytona beach. let' s get a traffic update, ted
5:32 am
ted: covering breaking news in brevard county at i-95 southbound. a car crash by the pined a causeway extension. state road 40 -- 404. they are allowing traffic to get on the offramp there. we are -- were the green arrows are laid out is the alternate. take the 404 two wycombe, with them to oh gallie. . we will talk about construction and that part of i-95 in a crash in osceola coming up. jason: there is a fire alert to tell you about this morning. officials saying there is a increased risk of firefighters. michelle: you can smell the smoke after fires threatened several homes in the oak hill area of volusia county. alex villareal' s live there this morning. how high is the risk for another fire today?
5:33 am
put the forest fire danger at moderate this morning for today for march 1. we will be watching for that. that is for volusia county as well as surrounding counties here in central florida. it is, here now. no sign of the wildfire that burned here yesterday. but we do smell that burned brush. it is very strong out here still. take a look at this, this is the map that it shows you that moderate risk in some of our counties in central florida. that is after is yesterday' s wildfire which tore through up to 10 acres here in the oak hill area. heavy snow could see that be seen rising through the bush. the fire got close to structures off thailand are road. it was moving very fast, even jumping a canal. fortunately, crews were able to drop the plane g4 they could damage buildings.
5:34 am
before streak routes was planning to watch for flareups. the moderate risk is a level two out of five. one meaning low risk and five meaning extreme danger. that extends to make lake mayor -- several counties. we will watch is for you and bring you updates are the morning here on air and on live in volusia county, alex villareal. jason: we are turning to commitment 2016. the stakes are high as candidates prepare for super tuesday' s showdown. michelle: more than a dozen states will cash -- vote today. >> this by far is one of the biggest days in the race for the white house. it can be make or break for many candidates. >> we are going to win, win, win.
5:35 am
>> the only campaign that can be donald trump is us. >> if you elect me president, will we will get what needs to be done to secure the american dream. >> i need your help. >> please come out to vote. >> trying to turn out a supersized vote. >> we are finally in the big leagues. this is a mother lode of down -- delegates. >> more than 1400s of -- 1400 across several states. republicans will allocate nearly half. >> super tuesday is crucial for setting the tone of the rest of the race. >> donald trump and hillary clinton and her super tuesday as the prohibitive favorites, hoping to expand their lead. >> it is really about momentum. sanders needs to rack up as many wins as possible. it is going to be hard for sanders to reverse the momentum clinton has received. rubio or ted cruz good stop his
5:36 am
>> but it may not be game over. several candidates offended that they may hold out for other critical contests coming up two weeks from now. otherwise known at many super tuesday. in washington, nikole killion. jason: the secret service is looking into a showdown between one of its agents and a magazine photographer. look at the screen and check this out. it was a violent take down at a donald trump rally in virginia yesterday. the time magazine' s photographer says the agent grabbed him when he stepped outside the media boundary to get a better shot of protesters. a spokesman for trump' s campaign says they are aware of the incident but do not have all the details yet. as a result coming from super tuesday, three candidates will be watching from florida. michelle: hillary clinton and marco rubio are holding events in miami tonight. rubio is kicking off his home state campaign with a rally and donald trouble watching -- be
5:37 am
make sure to download the free wesh 2 mobile app for up to the minute super tuesday results. we have you covered on-air and online 24/7. jason: the search is on for a pair of thieves who stole from the girl scouts. the troupe is outselling cookies at a deltona wal-mart sunday when a couple swipe their cash. jazmin walker is here with the surveillance images and how it went down. jazmin: take a look. investigators want to find this menu to the girl scouts cash after walking out of the store with this woman and a child. deputy city man walked to the table outside the store, grab the money box and ran into the parking lot. investigators with the pair may be driving a gray hyundai santa fe with north carolina tags. it is a crime that many can' t even imagine. >>? have you ever thought that a girl scout might be the victim of a crime like this? >> people are desperate. to pick on a little girl scout,
5:38 am
>> a kid, a 12-year-old girl scout, it is one of the lower forms. michelle: -- jazmin: the girl' s mother told us that she is trying to move past what happened. if you recognize the man or woman in these photos, give the s office a call. michelle: this morning, apple against the u.s. justice department because of a drug case in brooklyn. a judge says the government cannot force the company to unlock iphones. in california, a different judge ordered apple to hack into the san bernardino shooter xfone to help the fbi. apple says this would create a dangerous precedent. for the first time in a decade, clarence thomas has broken his silence during oral argument. thomas asked 10 questions to a attorney with the justice department. the case has to do with the law banning anyone with a
5:39 am
thomas said this should be time spent for opposing lawyers to make a case. jason: we are heading to central florida -- university of central florida campus about their new announcement about the downtown campus. ucf leaders will present their point to the board of governors in the hopes of getting the $20 million needed from the state. the city of orlando has already pledged $75 million. michelle: we are turning up the heat. jason: let' s get over to in -- amy with the details. amy: headed to the lower 80' s a lot of places. those of us in the upper 70' s, you were only in the mid-70' s yesterday. we will be several degrees warmer than we were. we have a couple of clouds, 75 by noon and lower 80' s is where a lot of us are headed. when you compare this morning to everywhere yesterday, you can see that some of us are a little cooler, some are warmer. notice the big temperature difference.
5:40 am
some of us are a lot warmer than others. and it is mainly north and west of i-4. we have clear skies, calm wind. it is 46 the villages, 47 palm coast. 54 in sanford. 57 degrees right now and kissimmee. our high temperatures will climb to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. 81 and leesburg and apopka. 82 sanford and maitland. remember, 76 is our average high for the first day of march. so we are definitely going to be warmer than average and yesterday. we will climb to 78 for the high. in melbourne. we will get a little bit of a southeast breeze off the ocean. it is 5:40, let' s get a traffic update with head. ted: i-95 southbound in brevard county, a deadly car crash under investigation has the southbound lanes blocked at the state road 404. they' re forcing traffic off of
5:41 am
take that to wickham road. and then you take over gallie here westbound . that footage past the crash. in osceola county, a crash blocking and outside lane at obt. use carol street to get past that. i-95 in volusia county, live shot of northbound in the right side. left lane taken out with overnight roadwork through state road 44. jason: returning home after a record-setting mission far far away. michelle: scott kelly' s historic achievement as he prepares to come back to earth. jason: adam they' re performing
5:42 am
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michelle: it is 5:44 and you are looking live towards the city beautiful right now as you had at the door this morning, you will need a jacket is we' re starting off cool. we will really warm things up today, even warmer than yesterday in most spots. we will hit the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. amy sweezey will join us in a few minutes and tell us when changes are on the way. jason: after nearly a year away from home, scott kelly is returning to earth. michelle: he set an american record for the longest duration in space and the most cumulative time there as well. brett connolly is here with the history making mission coming to an end. brett: a big day for the space program. this is the rocket that is sending scott kelly to space last year in kazakhstan. today, he will land there. his marathon mission incredibly important for the future of space exploration, allowing nasa to learn more about the impact
5:46 am
kelly said, preparing to go to bed for the final time on this journey into space. good night from the iss. he has said the set an american record for the longest ration in space and he is the record for the most high will time and space. he has a total of 520 days in orbit. scott' s mission also providing insight into a potential teacher mars mission. scientists will be studying the impact of nearly a year in space on the human body. his twin brother mark is part of that deal, serving as an earth-based comparison subject for scott' s experiences and the physical changes. kelly is exerted touchdown in cause extend just before 1:00 this afternoon our time. he will head to houston for a battery of tests. jason: quite a feat by that guy.
5:47 am
jet travel. the space agency has given lockheed martin a $20 million contract to develop a passenger jet that could fly pat -- faster than the speed of sound. nasa says the plan is to make planes safer, greener and the big one on the, quieter. michelle: this would create a soft thump instead of a rattling sonic boom while in flight. i like the drawing to have there. jason: think about being able to fly from new york to l.a. in half the time. a couple of hours at most. michelle: that would be incredible. want to give you a look at i-4 where work has picked back up on the i-4 ultimate project. traffic officials tell us hopeful things will be back to normal by friday. the project is shut down after a worker was killed by a dump truck near kennedy boulevard on wednesday. since then, project leaders have been performing safety reviews,
5:48 am
parts of central florida saw a gas price spike overnight and the rest of us will be seeing it soon. aaa says prices could be rising at least $.10 a gallon mark. labeling spring break travel demands and refinery maintenance rid orlando' s averages $1.65. several stations jumped above that in the past 24 hours. jason: when you mention spring break, it' s starting to feel like that. people are coming and enjoying the beach without warm weather. amy: we are way above average. yesterday we got back to a little bit normal. we are talking about 80' s for the next few days now. the next three days, even my cold front comes through, we will be in the 80' s. today is the first of march and we do start with average high' s and by the end of this, our average high goes to 80. we have that freezing
5:49 am
the latest resume record happened in 1916 -- the latest 1916. a timer we can have some extreme weather. we will start the month off with temperatures warmer than average. 76 the average high. a daytona' is 72. balfour closer to normal today. north and i-4 we dropped into the 40' s. 41 ocala, 48 in the villages and 47 palm coast. 54 and effort -- in a sanford. the ridge of high pressure is in control of the day. our wind will come out of the south. between lots of morning sun and a few scattered showers and -- -- clouds. that is why we are headed to 70 got in palm springs and 80 in
5:50 am
81 in eustis , 82 in clermont. 82 and kissimmee and st. cloud. 81 deltona and land. -- daytona and deland. 82 degrees in daytona beach. 78 melbourne and 79 in palm bay. on futurecast, a couple of clouds tomorrow and a little bit of rain showing up. i don' t think we will have much rain at all. i' m going to put a 10% for tomorrow. there is a cold front coming through during the day, but it is pretty weak. as it comes through it will pick up some clouds. a couple of sprinkles as well. behind the cold spot, we have -- air. the 80' week. maybe a few isolated sprinkles. otherwise it is pretty weak and relatively quiet. thursday, we spike right back up into the 80' s because of our wind coming out of the south out
5:51 am
that front is a little bit stronger. that will come through here on friday and that when again does not have a lot of rain with it. it will coolest down a little bit for the upcoming weekend. notice, you see the numbers, we are talking upper 70' s which will be back to normal for the upcoming weekend. not a lot of rain over the next several days. morning lows will drop a bit. our cordless morning will be saturday morning when we wake up in the upper 40' s and lower 50' s. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: breaking news from brevard county at still completely blocked off by state road 404 at mile marker 188. fhp is investigating a deadly car crash in the area and your alternate will be to get off at the causeway and take it easy to wickham road south two of gallie west. remember to add extra time. a crash right now goldenrod
5:52 am
florida highway patrol. you can use forsythe or that -- .
5:53 am
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jason: welcome back, you are looking at lake eola in orange county the 80' s are headed to spot later in the day ahead. we are checking in with amy to get the timing of all the warm air. stay with us as we check your sunrise forecast in a few minutes. michelle: people are so on the run after this wild police chase in broward county. it started after police tried to pull over this blue sedan yesterday. four people inside jumped out and ran into an apartment complex. jason: the group separated. two stolen suv. they abandoned it and were arrested after running. the other two have not been caught. for the first time in google' s history, one of the company' s self driving car is at fault for an accident.
5:56 am
cars nick a bus. google says the car miscalculated the actions and approaching bus would take. the car denver to make a right turn and brushed against the bus. no one was hurt. this comes as aaa releases a new report finds three out of four drivers are afraid to ride -- riding self driving cars. drivers they surveyed said they feel the technology is too new. the orlando magic oh a repeat performance against the dallas mavericks. a couple weeks ago, the magic and knocked off the mavericks in overtime at the amway center. orlando is four games out of the last playoff spot and tip-off in dallas is that 8:30. jason: we just automatic to win. firefighters on alert after a brush fire in volusia county. michelle: alex villareal is what we are -- live with what we' re working on for 6:00. alex: we will show you video that multi-acre fire and i was a
5:57 am
jason: police say they have the -- brett: how authorities caught a suspect donning batman attire. ted: i-95 southbound closed in county for a deadly car crash. amy: we have just now dropped to 39 degrees in ocala. we have some cold temperature north and west of the eye for quarter. 55 in melbourne. we' ll talk about this cool start and how warm it will be later today in our next hour. michelle: it goes heavy first alert forecast with you on the go.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, super tuesday. hundreds of delegates are up for day get of this election. your vote. jason: the man behind the batman mask, and what investigators say fueled his robbery spree across orange county. amy: even warmer today as most of central florida heads into the 80s.


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