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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today."to jason: it is 4:30 right now on sunrise. the results are in from super tuesday. >> i think we have done something almost nobody thought could be done. jason: the big winners and big losers of the contest that is far from over. and, developing while you were asleep, a sanford neighborhood swarming with crime scene investigators. also, an eight-year-old orlando boyhood nearly drowned is fighting force life. he glanced up his classmates
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wesh 2 new sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: it is march 2, good wednesday morning to you. we are glad you are waking up with us. i' m jason guy. let' s get you outside and show you a view of downtown orlando. 65 is the current temperature in the spot. if you like the one afternoon, we are talking to amy sweezey to find out if we will do it again today. amy: good morning. a cold front concert today but it is not going to make us cold in central florida. we are still headed to the upper 70' s to read 80 degrees for highs. a few of us will make it to the lower 80' s. there is a slight chance of sprinkles is that cold front comes through during the midday hours. i really don' t expect a lot of rain. it would be pretty sprinkles. otherwise we will have clouds and sun.
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especially north and west of i-4 compared to yesterday. we dropped to the 40' s and the spots. ocala is 8 -- orlando is only two degrees warmer than yesterday. that puts us at 59 right now at oia. a little bit warmer at executive in downtown. 62 in daytona beach, 61 in ocala and palm coast. 60 degrees in melbourne. a lot of cloud cover moving in. that is part of the reason why the temperatures are that warmer. notice how we look back at the gulf of mexico, a couple sprinkles here and there. a few showers off to the north. it is a part of the cold front that will make its way through the area today. high temperatures despite that will still make it to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. 76' s are average high and with the wind coming in first out of the southwest and then once the air comes out of the northwest, we will make it to 81. we will talk more about what happens after this front comes
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s get an early check of the roads, good morning ted. ted: looking at i-4 first eastbound on the right here at princeton street from right before here all the way until you could do maitland boulevard, a left lane taken out with overnight. of those crews are still there. turnpike southbound getting onto the 528 beach lane, desk beach line -- beach line. jason: commitment 2016 and we results. the republican and democratic front-runners are hanging onto their leads. hillary clinton won seven states and more than 450 delegates. donald trump also took seven 190 delegates. the competition is still fierce within trump' s own party. >> a confident donald trump
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establishment to accept him as the nominee. >> ima unifier. once we get all this finished, i am going after one person that' s hillary clinton. >> what a super tuesday. >> hillary clinton winning a handful of states early. her campaign moving past the primaries, and focusing on trump. >> instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers. >> bernie, bernie, bernie. >> but bernie sanders not out of the race. vermont, and wins in oklahoma, minnesota, and colorado. >> this campaign is not just is about transforming america. state of the primary season, minnesota. he insists his campaign is in it for the long haul >> when i am president of united states, we will not just say the
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to reach more people than ever. >> after big wins in texas and oklahoma, ted cruz says it' s time for other republicans to rally around him, to beat trump. >> so long as the field remains divided donald trump' s path to , the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives, and for the nation. >> but ben carson isn' t worried about his poor showing. and says despite the complicated process, he is not dropping out. >> they have weaved such a complex web, it will be very , very difficult to untangle it. but i am not ready to quit trying to untangle it yet. >> i' m mary moloney reporting. jason: governor rick scott joined donald trump at his mar-a-lago estate last night as rumors swirled of an endorsement. >> i have a lot of respect for rick scott. i don' t know about his
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of mine. jason: associated press reporter gary fineout tweeted overnight. quoting the governor spokesperson saying rick scott is not endorsing trump. you' ll start seeing more candidates here in the sunshine state ahead of the march 15 primary. donald trump is making a campaign stop at cfe arena on the ucf campus. the rally starts at noon. free tickets are available on trump' s website. our commitment 2016 coverage continues to the morning here. it also get the official tuesday results on the go with download it now. re working to find out what turned a sanford neighborhood into a crime scene. police swarmed highlawn avenue not far from seminole high school. crime tape and cruisers blocked off the area. so far, police are not saying what they are investigating. as we learn more, we will pass it along to you here and inside the wesh 2 mobile app.
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wreck that flipped another car was a note orange county deputies suv. another car was badly damaged in the crash, which happened just after 10:30 last night on kelly park road in apopka. our crew saw a deputy trapped in that suv. we' re working to find out whether anyone was seriously hurt and what caused the crash. grief counselors will be at riverside elementary school in orlando, as a student fights for his life. the boy nearly drowned on the way home from campus yesterday afternoon. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett reports he fell from a pipe and into a canal. >> not far from their school, some third-graders learned a hard lesson. >> there were several children walking through year after riverside elementary school got out today. >> walking a long a canal attached to the little wekiva river. >> the victims on the pipe and fell off the pipe and into the water. >> that is when another eight-year-old try to help.
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jumped in. he was the only one the new how swim besides all the other ones. >> britney brown says she' s thankful her son was not hurt, but she doesn' t know why he and his friend who was taken to the hospital in very critical condition after not reading for some time were in the area anyway. >> i' m upset about it because he knows that' s not ok., that' s not a path i told him to take. >> spike is locked gate and the no trespassing sign, there' s nothing really stopping anyone from getting into the fence and there is nothing stopping someone from walking along the pipe. just one block north, another arcs for prevention. not so with the eight-year-old fell tuesday afternoon. neighbors tell me kids play back there all the time. ve hollered at them once in a while. it' s too dangerous for them and there. >> as debbie' s look for answers about how the boy slipped, the overriding thought is about his family. >> a mother with multiple other
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the situation. >> is just a sad day overall. jason: this afternoon, the suspect in a deadly daytona beach shooting will answer to a judge. rayshad mincey turned himself in to police late last night. they plan to charge him with the first-degree murder of jarrod swinton. detectives say the two got into a fight on garden street yesterday and mincey shot swinton. then, polin' s set -- police say mincey sped away in a pickup, slammed into a wall and ran off. his family arranged his surrender. now to brevard county, where we' re pushing for answers in a violent fight between neighbors. and a woman was bitten. police rushed to dixon boulevard argument. when they got there, they found neck. and they found a woman with a bite on her hand. >> she was upset, she was mad that she got bitten.
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him and allegedly shield one him. jason: cocoa police say both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be all right. t know it was about. this morning, we' re working to bay officers shot and killed in his own front yard. neighbors on mariposa drive tell construction noise tuesday morning and threatened to shoot workers. when police got there, they say he refused to come outside. when he did, he was armed with a handgun annexed or magazine full of ammunition so police say they had to shoot. >> this is certainly something we believe could have been prevented. we try to get the guy out for a most an hour and a half peacefully so we could resolve it. jason: we learned the man may have been a veteran. palm bay police say they' ve had no run-ins with him in the past years. 10 navy sailors who were briefly held captive by iran in january might soon be disciplined. cnn is reporting that the navy found the sailors' mistakes
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those sailors also reportedly failed to conduct a standard breaking before setting sail. those sailors were captured and interrogated before iranian forces let them go. s elite delta force is interrogating a suspected isis they' re done, they' ll turn the suspect over to iraqi officials. s the mosul. country and retake the city of mosul. today, university of central florida leaders will make their biggest push yet to get state cash for a downtown campus. they will make their pitch to the board of governors this afternoon. doctor phillips charities that' s pledge $3 million yesterday. that' s the largest private donation given to the project so far. the campus would offer programs in digital media, culinary arts, and hospitality to more than 7 -- 7000 students. deja vu for workers at one new jersey port. i had on sunrise, new horror
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that was forced to cut its trip short twice. first, all smiles after almost a year in space. scott kelly' s first moments on
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amy: good morning and welcome back. i' m amy sweezey. we have just a couple sprinkles
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central florida. we will see some cloud cover as well, notice our temperatures are still headed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will be much like yesterday except we are starting off with a lot more clouds than yesterday. cloud streaming in from the gulf of mexico. that will continue ahead of our front. if you look at futurecast you can see quite a few thick clouds ahead of the front with a few sprinkles in them. by late morning in our northern areas and slowly pushing to the south as we head into the afternoon and evening. the front will wash out on top of us as it pushes to the south. we will break apart those clouds and get some sunshine in the afternoon as our wind shifts around and we await another stronger front on friday. 78 will be our height -- not much rain today. if you forget your relic, it won' t be a big deal.
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time to get a traffic update, let' s get over to ted. ted: lots of construction there. i-4 eastbound before princeton street and goes to maitland boulevard where left lane is taken out. here we are over the i-4 interchange on the 408 westbound. you can see the barricades are out. left lane blocked before i-4 until about obt on the 408 westbound. turnpike northbound before 417, you lose a left lane. once you get past the overpass, it will be clear. turnpike southbound of the ramp from the five, left lane blocked. i-4 eastbound, westbound of seminole at orange is not so bad. jason: new from overnight, scott kelly is smiling now that he' s back on earth. but standing will be his next major challenge. kelly touched down in kazakhstan late last night definitely a year in space -- orbit. kelly' s brother, mark, will be used as a comparison subject, as
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on the iss affected his body. researchers don' t know how long it will take scott kelly to recover. happening today, the ship known as the cursed cruiseliner will be docking in new jersey. royal caribbean turned the anthem of the seas around this time because of stormy weather and an outbreak of neural virus. -- nor rotavirus. --norov irus. no pressure on the tampa bay rays in just a few weeks. they will be playing in cuba with president obama in the crowd. the rays will be the first major league team to play an exhibition game in cuba since 1999. and president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit that nation in 80 years. the rays will take on the country' s national team. orlando city suckers out of the final days before the opener. the head coach' s thoughts
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a faster and high-scoring game
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jason: they may have started off strong, but it' s been a rough road as of late for the magic. pat clarke doubled will get tougher. >> a grueling magic schedule that includes' s seven of nine games away from the amway.
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no gimme last night in dallas. the magic giving dirk nowitzki and the mavericks the desk evan fournier not playing last night. magic take a 10 point lead, but an 18 point turnaround before the end of the corner had a dallas lead. dirk had 13 and a half. the max -- mavericks scored in the third. they extended the lead in the third. dallas took a 21 point lead. it was 96-81 after three. 19 for dirk. mavericks shoot 55% from the floor and when this one going away 121-108. to the college game in gainesville where the struggling gators hosted kentucky. at 17-12 and having lost five of their last seven, the ncaa now
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this team lost by 19 at kentucky earlier this season and needed five. this guy was nuts, he had nine dunks in the game and a career-high 27 points. wildcats had no answer for him or no answer for the wildcats. jamaal murray had 21. kentucky was seven of 10 from behind the three-point line, including five of five in the second. florida missed 21 free throws in the night. the gators not drop below 500 in league play. the final score was 88-79. a seven seat in the death -- 82-67, they will travel to lipscomb for a semifinal. bad news last night for the ucf baseball team. they lose to the florida gators, the number one team in the
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the same teams play tonight in gainesville.
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jason: we are working on new stories for a 5:00 hour at sunrise. michelle imperato michelle: for is here with a preview. michelle: for the past year, we' ve heard about the conflict and problems with the florida standards assessment. this morning, there' s a push to to give schools another option. how far that full also this has made it in tallahassee. also this morning, espn is firing back at its former reporter, erin andrews. some of the claims she made while testifying against her stalker. and, what the network has to say about them. plus, no handcuffs, just handshakes expected from orlando police at a ceremony today. the honors for two people who helped catch a robbery suspect. all that and more when i join you at 5:00. jason: let' s get back to the forecast, it will be another warm afternoon.
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amy: we will be similar to yesterday even though there is a cold front moving through central florida. it will not make us cold. yesterday was the upper 70' s and lower 80' s and today we will do it all again. these temperatures will be very similar this afternoon. it is a whole lot warmer north and west of i-4. remember we were in the 40' s yesterday across much of marion county. right now, it is 61 ocala. you will definitely notice that when you step out this morning. 60 in daytona beach, 58 in orlando. the three in sanford and 61 right now in melbourne. it has been a warmer start. we dropped to 57 since midnight in ocala. you can see how these temperatures compare so far this morning to what our average lows are. and with the clouds streaming in here and the wind coming out of the southwest. we will not drop too much through sunrise. for today, this cold front arrives. it is very weak, we won' t even really notice it coming through
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clouds and may be a brief sprinkle here and there as it rolls through during the day today. but for the most part, it just brings is a wind shift. we don' t talk about a cool -- cold on behind this front. you can see futurecast picks up by little bit of that moisture out ahead of that front as it slides to this afternoon. we will still have a little sunshine today which will help those temperatures climb, especially as the front washes out and pushes to the south. 78 is where we are headed in ocala and salt springs. 81 in clermont. we will top out at 80 in longwood and oviedo. 82 in st. cloud. up and down the coast, upper 70' s and lower 80' s. cocoa beach at 81. the curator to be beach, there will be more cloud cover been yesterday. we got of the west northwest and the rip current stays low, but we still have a moderate chop on
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tomorrow, we have the wind coming in out of the south very quickly shifting back around once again now that that front comes through today another system makes its approach tomorrow. that means we will still stay warm despite the cold front coming through. a stronger front comes through friday, it is not super strong. it will barely coolest down but it will bring a few showers on friday. not expecting any thunderstorms and once we get to saturday, we cool down a little bit. we are talking about high temperatures in the upper 70' s for saturday and sunday. the morning lows will be cooler. we will drop to the upper 40' s and lower 50' s on saturday. let' s get a traffic update. ted: lots of roadwork out of there. i-4 eastbound past maitland, a left lane blocked. on the turnpike we have two spots with a lane taken out.
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the turnpike southbound 528 ramp, a left landlocked. jason: spacex on its fifth try for the falcon nine launch. a warning ahead of bike week, new numbers about dangers for motorcycle riders in the sunshine state. now out to alex villareal. alex: an eight-year-old is fighting for his life after falling into this canal. i will to you everything we know about the incident. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> we are going to go to florida -- michelle: right now on sunrise, big gains for presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. all of the super tuesday results and what candidates will do next. jason: a child nearly drowned on the way home from school.
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thank you for joining us on sunrise, i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. we are getting you out the door with a live look outside a daytona beach by the coast. amy sweezey is joining us now. another warm day on the way. amy: we even have a cold front that will run through, but it will not make is called. instead we have a couple of clouds and sprinkles from it. our temperatures this afternoon will still be in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. very much like yesterday, we will head out -- keep temperatures warmer than average. we start off warmer as well. north and west of i-4 is a whole lot warmer. ok a is 18 degrees warmer. we dropped yesterday into the 30' s and 40' s in the spots and this morning we are in the lower 60' s. 61 in palm coast and ocala. 63 sanford and 63 melbourne. part of the reason it' s so warm, all these cloud streaming in acting as a blanket do not allow those temperatures to drop like


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