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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thank you for joining us on sunrise, i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. we are getting you out the door with a live look outside a daytona beach by the coast. amy sweezey is joining us now. another warm day on the way. amy: we even have a cold front that will run through, but it will not make is called. instead we have a couple of clouds and sprinkles from it. our temperatures this afternoon will still be in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. very much like yesterday, we will head out -- keep temperatures warmer than average. we start off warmer as well. north and west of i-4 is a whole lot warmer. ok a is 18 degrees warmer. we dropped yesterday into the 30' s and 40' s in the spots and this morning we are in the lower 60' s. 61 in palm coast and ocala. 63 sanford and 63 melbourne. part of the reason it' s so warm, all these cloud streaming in acting as a blanket do not allow those temperatures to drop like
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as we had through the day, even though we will have cloud cover and a few sprinkles, wind will come out of the west southwest. that will bring us up to 78 in ocala. 81 in clermont. after the front clears we will have sunshine. 80 as the eye and longwood and oviedo and 81 is where we are headed in orlando. upper 70' s is where we' re headed for the coast. get a traffic update, let' s get over to ted noah. ted: heading out dark an early, some roadwork. 408 westbound, you can see the barricades. left lane from just about i-4 to obt. flashing lights right there, an indication on i-4 from princeton to maitland, construction didn' t have a left lane. just beyond maitland to 436, a left-wing taken out there.
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construction and before the 417 as well. michelle: this morning, a local student is fighting for his life after nearly drowning. jason: investigators tell us he fell from a pipe wesh 2' s alex and into a canal. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live there this morning. the district says crisis counselors will be on campus today. alex: the campus said they will be providing counselors and as long as -- as long as they are needed. that is after an eight-year-old boy fell into this canal that you see right now. we are going to be watching to see if anything else will be done. you see there is a gate here. if there will be any other measure taken to ensure that this does not happen again. orange county public school statement call this accident tragic. rescue officials say the eight-year-old boy fell in and nearly drowned yesterday while he was trying to cross this canal. he and his brother and possibly
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this gate while walking home from riverside elementary school. in addition to the gate, there are signs that say no trespassing. other than that there is nothing to get -- nothing to stop the person from getting to the canal. just to the north, another pipe has metal arcs to prevent crossing. the victim' s brother called out to another a your old passing by who is able to go in and pull the bank of the canal. that boy' s mother says her son was the only one of these kids who knew how to swim. rescue crews than rush the victim to the hospital in very critical condition and neighbors told us that kids play in this area of the canal all the time. that he at warn kids that it was dangerous out here, not -- one of the neighbor said that to our crew. we will' s still be watching to see a any stronger actions will be taken. live in orange county, alex villareal. michelle: in commitment 2016, we
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race for president as results from super tuesday pour in overnight. the front-runners in both parties are hanging onto their lead. jason: hillary clinton took seven states and more than 450 delegates last night. donald trump also winning seven states and to picking up more than 190 delegates. tracie potts has all the overnight developments. >> we are going to go to florida -- >> donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i am so delighted to be with you in florida. >> both looking ahead after sweeping super tuesday. she 17 states, including texas where trump wants to build the wall. >> instead of building walls we will break down barriers. >> bernie sanders one colorado, minnesota, oklahoma and his home state of vermont. >> it means so much to me that the people who know me best have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. >> as expected,
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almost everything else. he is vowing to seal florida for marco rubio. >> once we get all of this finished, i' m going to go after one person, hillary clinton. >> ted cruz declaring triple victory. texas, oklahoma and alaska. he is begging everyone else to drop out. >> that is the only way to beat donald trump. >> but marco rubio, who only carried minnesota said he is going nowhere. >> i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i' m the next president of the united states. >> this race, a chess game with few moves left, but no one quite ready to call checkmate. especially john kasich, he picked up some delegates and he is holding out for the winner take all ohio. his home state in two weeks. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. michelle: our commitment 2016 coverage continues her at the morning right here.
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results on the go with our free mobile app. jazmin: i' m jazmin walker in the breaking news center, new video into our newsroom overnight. the suv flipped over belong to in orange county deputy. this happened run 10:30 last night at the intersection of kelly park and plymouth road. at some point, the deputy was trapped inside of this suv. we know another car was badly damaged in this crash. you can see the front end is crushed. right now we are working to find out as anyone was here' s a hurt in the crash, as what caused it. as soon as we get more information we will give you an update. jason: crime scene investigators worked late into the night in one sanford neighborhood. there is a huge presence from officers that scene for hours. brett connolly is following this overnight investigation. brett: investigators are saying very little about this so far. it is unclear if anyone was
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his was on highland avenue in sanford near seminole high school. it was an active scene for hours. a crime scene unit was on site. crews also blocked the road as investigators searched the area. we do have calls into police to learn more and as soon as we do we will pass that to you. michelle: this morning, troopers are determining whether a woman will be charged after running over a child she dropped off at a brevard county schools. it happened at saturn elementary school in cocoa during drop-off tuesday morning. the fire department sent us these pictures. the nine-year-old was lifted to arnold palmer hospital in orlando. the driver said she didn' t know the child fell as he got out of the car. jason: detectives in cocoa want to know what neighbors were fighting about before one was stabbed and the other written. officers were called to the apartment complex near clearlake middle school after 7:00 last night. witnesses told us the two work
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the woman had a bite on her hand. >> she was upset, she was mad she got bitten. she stated she was upset with him and allegedly she is the one that had the knife and stabbed him. jason: both are expected to survive. detectives say they are holding off on charges until they know which neighbor started the fight. michelle: the army' s elite delta forces captured it first suspected isis operative in northern iraq according to u.s. officials. they are interrogating him before turning him over to iraqi officials. this is part of the army' s efforts to remove isis from the country and retake the city of muscle. --mosul. the sailors briefly held by iran may be disciplined. investigators found the sailors made repeated errors would led them to iranian waters. the report also found that they failed to conduct a standard safety briefing before setting
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the sailors were captured, blindfolded, and interrogated by iran before they were released a day later. jason: in the midst of the argument of the next supreme court justice, the court tackles a big topic today. abortion. justices will hear arguments over texas law that restricts abortion clinics. they will rule whether those laws are tools tricks and whether they keep a woman from having the right to an abortion. a bill that would regulate tracking is now dead. in florida. fracking is the process of drilling rocks to harvest natural gas. opponents were concerned it could contaminate groundwater. florida public schools could soon be allowed to use alternative tests. a senate panel approved a bill that would give school districts the options of switching from standardized test. the bill now moves to the full senate, it is unclear if it will pass. you will have to wait now until friday to see space axes -- space x'
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michelle: whether a technical problems of already caused for delays. the rocket will carry a navigational satellite for asia when it gets off the ground. jason: yesterday, the problem was wind. way up in the atmosphere. hopefully that will be better by friday. michelle: amy sweezey is joining us now. a little far off for that forecast. amy: we are talking about a cold front today. it will be one this afternoon. we are headed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. a cold front should mean cold, but this front comes through week and quiet. we will get a couple of clouds. we may even get a few sprinkles, i don' t expect much rain. it will be a wind shift mostly. when the wind shift around and bring them slightly cooler air, it is going to be well above average in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. clouds are streaming internet is keeping is warmer to start as well. most of us are in the 60' s.
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morning picks up a few spotty showers. it will be a couple of sprinkles that role through from north to south as the front pushes south. once we get into the afternoon and evening, the front pushes through and washes out. we get more sunshine. with the sun today and also those wins early out of the west southwest, that will help temperatures rise. i will take you around county by county coming up in just a few minutes. right now, let' s get a traffic update. ted: looking at i-4 in seminole county, eastbound in the main shot. westbound both looking good. no major delays, some construction on the maitland area. first on the screen, southbound ramp to the turnpike from ovi -- obt. we have a left lane blocked there, slowly bit because crews are on scene. he construction past maitland on i-4.
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more turnpike construction northbound at the state road 417 area, a left lane blocked with overnight roadwork. jason: a new push for safety as thousands of motorcyclists prepared to roll into town for bike week. michelle: new numbers from aaa about deadly bike crashes in the sunshine state.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. michelle: hillary clinton and donald trump have an even bigger lead over there points this morning. each one seven states on super tuesday. ted cruz laced second behind trump, he won three states. jason: we are working to find out what earned a sanford neighborhood into a crime scene last night. police and crime scene technicians blocked erode. they' re not saying what brought them there. michelle: we will see of safety measures are in place here at
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poignantly drowned yesterday afternoon. a friend jumped in and rescued him. counselors will be at riverside elementary worry kids are student and at last check, the boys in critical condition. new on sunrise, a warning going into bike week. jason: thousands of motorcycle riders will roll into town starting this weekend. brett connolly is here with a new report overnight. it is really stretching safety. brett: startling numbers from this report out of aaa same florida has the most motorcycle deaths in the country. with thousands pouring in today for bike week, officials say the serves as a reminder to stay safe. that starts with writing a helmet which 86% of writers do. triple h also -- aaa also recommends using something to check your eyes and closed toe footwear. make sure your visible to riders on the -- other drivers on the road. motorcycles accounted for nearly
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that' s but only comprised 7% of drivers. this is the 75th anniversary of bike week in daytona. that begins on friday and it runs through march 13. jason: we want a safe one this year. thank you, brett. espn said it never stopped supporting aaron andrews after a stalker posted photos of her online. the organization released in an -- a statement saying some people have determined -- interpreted developments saying that espn was not supportive of aaron. anders testified for a second time saying she used her work to take a mind off the embarrassment. >> i have been overcompensating in life and i admit that. i feel like if i can do the top nfl games and work the world series and pass out the trophy, then people will forget. jason: she is suing her stalker and the hotel where he took nude videos of her. michelle: a high school teacher
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got into her phone and leaked a risque photo of her two classmates. >> kino' s right and wrong, he knows -- he had the ultimate decision to take pictures of my pictures and he had the ultimate decision to send them out. michelle: she says she took her photos to send the photos to valentines -- to her husband on valentine' s day. she left her phone on the desk when the student got into it. the school district is holding her responsible saying she made her phone accessible. a survey cruel be in alabama today to examine the damage near earning him. look at the new video from overnight after a possible tornado touchdown in the town of -- town. trees and power lines were knocked down, homes were damaged and four people or injured. the storm is heading to the north eastward could drop a foot of snow. jason: 5:18, here in central
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the heat. are you liking this warm weather? michelle: it has been picture-perfect. amy: a cold front is coming to today and we will still be in the 80' s. it' s really not affecting as. the cold front is coming through. in a couple of months, no more cold front for a long long time. at least be grateful we get a bit of drier air, some crashing humidity. that will help. getting the kids to school, we are much warmer than yesterday. upper 50' s and low to mid 60' s and most bots. sun rises at 6:49. we have an hour and a half. clouds of been streaming in all morning and that will continue. the clouds keeping the temperature warmer. we dropped to 39 briefly yesterday in ocala. it is 20 degrees warmer today. 60 in daytona beach, 63 sanford, 61 melbourne. 64 right now and leesburg. it is a warmer start compared to average, you can see the average
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in pretty much all of our big cities where he keep the numbers. ocala, orlando, daytona beach and melbourne. we may drop a little bit through sunrise, but it won' t be a lot because we have those clouds and wind coming in at of the southwest. today, a cold front arrives. it is not a very strong front. it will wash out and pushed to the south. so that means it doesn' t have a huge impact on us. it kicks up some clouds. we get a few sprinkles today but it won' t be a big cool down behind it. here is futurecast, lots of clouds and notice how by late morning we start to see just a couple shower showing up. it won' t be a lot of rain, but a few sprinkles. if you get a brief, little sprinkle as you are out today, that is the reason for it. most of us will end up staying dry. in the late afternoon, some clouds are to break apart and we get sunshine which will help those temperatures climb today as well. so we are headed to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s.
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81 in clermont. 80 today longwood and oviedo. 81 orlando. upper 70' s lower 80' s of the coast this afternoon, we will climb to 77 and flagler beach and 81 upon day. if you' re headed to the beach, it will be breezy with the west -- wind coming out of the west northwest. not bad for swimmers if you are brave enough to get in the waters in the 60. the wind will shift around tomorrow very quickly behind her cold front with a warm front sweeping through. that is why we will still be one tomorrow despite a cold front coming through. and then a slightly stronger cold front comes through friday, it won' t coolest down significantly, but it will cool is down just a little bit once we get into saturday and sunday. so we are talking upper 70' s instead of lower 80' s. again, not a strong powerful front. it won' t bring asthma to rain although we will have a couple of more showers on friday then we have today.
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ted: good news on i-4 , we cleaned up a big chunk of construction between princeton street on the right side eastbound all the way to maitland. and the construction just after maitland is cleaned up as well. you are moving along nicely from orange into seminole eastbound. turnpike, northbound from the 417 area, a left lane blocked with roadwork. things looking good on i-4 in orange and seminole. things are nice and quiet. jason: honoring residence for speaking up. michelle: what police are doing today to recognize two people who help them solve a local robbery. jason: heart stopping video as a child falls on the back of a
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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jason: some amazing video. you are looking as a driver' s view sees this child fall out of the back of a van. this is a busy highway in china and then clearly, the little boy is ok, but stumbling around in trying to run. the driver who was recording all this video managed to pull over, rescue the kid.
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happened, realize the boy was gone and turned around. he says the liftgate was broken. michelle: why was the kid in the trunk? jason: clearly not a child seat. this afternoon, orlando police will help -- honor two pulley bolt -- two people who helped catch a robbery suspect. michelle: one give the discussion of a getaway car. the suspect was arrested within an hour. jason: no pressure on the tampa bay rays. in just a few weeks they will be playing in cuba with president obama in the crowd. the rays will be the first major league team to play the exhibition game in cuba since 1999. they are taking on the country' s national team. the president will be the first u.s. sitting president in cuba in 80 years. next at five: 30, a murder suspect turns himself in after a deadly shooting in daytona beach. michelle: the latest on the investigation and what profit him to himself up.
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jason: and orange county student fighting for his life this morning after falling into this
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, presidential frontrunners expanded their lead on super tuesday. we will have all the overnight results as the candidate get back on the campaign trail today. amy: a cold front arrives today, but does is not make us cold. what it means for your wednesday on this -- jason: a know much a school student fighting for his life ever nearly drowning on his way home from campus. we are live at the safety concerns in the area this morning and what the school is doing to help students. thanks for waking up with the sunrise team. i am jason guy. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. we have a cold front today. if you like the weather for the past few days we will do it again. here' s a quick look at downtown orlando, lake eola looking lovely. amy sweezey is joining us with what you need to know. amy: we have cloud cover
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whole lot warmer to yesterday. some of us are 20 degrees warmer. as we have through the day we will see a little more cloud cover than yesterday. we will still see some son and as the cold front comes through we will get a few brief sprinkles. i don' t expect much rain at all. forget the umbrella if you have errands, don' t change her plans. there will not be much rain. temperatures will be in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. it will still be one with the wind out of the southwest and a little bit of sunshine. in fact, notice how much warm we are this morning compared to yesterday. especially north and west. ocala has dropped to 39 yesterday and now below is 57. orlando not quite as much warmer. only a few degrees. daytona beach and melbourne and little warmer from yesterday' s 50' s. we are sitting at 59 in ocala, 61 the villages, 64 leesburg. 62 winter haven and 63 in sanford. we will climb to 78 in dunnellon today.
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leesburg and apopka. 80 in sanford, 79 deltona. we will be the upper 70' s and lower 80' s of the coast. 78 are high in daytona beach and 81 in melbourne. time to get a traffic update, good morning ted. ted: 408 on the d.o.t. camera and we saw the act of construction zone with a left lane taken out. can' t really see it as no cars are passing by. a median there where the lane' s block. also turnpike, lots of roadwork this morning. before osceola parkway you will lose a left lane. lane blocked. , a left lane blocked as well. s goal student yesterday. child was walking home from riverside elementary. he fell from a pipe and into a canal. area. alex, is there being done to keep these kids from going near
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alex: that is what we will be working to find out if you take a look at the gate here. it is really not that tall at all. that is what officials say this child did yesterday. when he fell into the canal. on the school side, there will be crisis counselors on hand for students in the district. the district says it will happen as long as they are needed. rescuer 88-year-old boy fell in yesterday while trying to cross the canal on a concrete walkway by a big blue pipe. he, his brother and possibly one other child that climbed over canal will walking home from riverside elementary school. that is what deputy said. other than a gate and signs, there is nothing blocking access to the canal where is a block canal has mental arcs for s mother called out to the -- the victim'
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called out to another eight-year-old passing by who pulled the victim to the bank of the canal. that boy' s mother said her son was the only one who knew how to swim. >> he was one of the ones that dropped in -- jumped in. he was the only one how to swim. he was the one that jumped in and pull them out. i am upset about it because he knows that is not a path i told them to take. alex: neighbors did tell our crew that kids play here in this area of the canal often. they see them all the time and rescue crews did rush the child who fell into the hospital in very critical condition. we will be working to learn his condition this morning. as well as what else might be done to make sure that this kind of an accident doesn' t happen again. live in orange county, alex villareal. jason: interim and 2016, donald and hillary clinton are celebrating victories this morning.
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super tuesday, each claiming seven states. here is a look at where the race stands right now. donald trump has 285 delegates, he needs more than 1200 for the nomination. ted cruz has 161 and marco rubio has 87. hillary clinton has just more than 1000 delegates. bernie sanders only has 371. nikole killion is in our washington bureau with what' s these results mean for our race -- the race. >> hillary quentin will rally supporters in new york while, trump has no scheduled event after it wins last night. >> what a super tuesday. >> >> super sweep. >>the next president united states, donald trump. >> donald trump and hillary clinton cleaning up in a super night with wins in seven states. now turning their fire towards each other. >> believe me, i and a unifier. once we get this all finished, i will go after one person, hillary clinton. >> we know we have work to do.
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to make america great again. america never stopped being great. >> trying to catch clinton, bernie sanders nabbed for state include -- four states. >> when we stab -- stand together, we will be does -- victorious. >> ted cruz picked up texas, oklahoma and alaska. >> head-to-head, art campaign beats donald trump resound late. >> we have all been underdogs, but we will win. >> down but not out, john kasich and ben carson who both out to stay in the race at least for now. in washington, nikole killion. jason: donald trump is focusing in on florida. he has just announcement that at kiev arena on saturday afternoon. trump is talking but rumor swirling of an endorsement from rick scott. >> i have a lot of respect for rick scott, i don'
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his endorsement, but he is a friend of mine, i have a lot of respect for rick scott. >> florida' s governor was with trump at his watch party last night. the governor spokesperson told the associated press he is not endorsing trump. michelle: two florida congressman hope to go head-to-head in debates even of the haven' t won their nominations. david jolly and alan grayson will face off in four debates. jolly has to be four other republicans and grayson has to defeat patrick murphy. the first two debates will be held in tampa and orlando. our commitment 2016 coverage continues 24/7 on and inside the app. you can get updates on local and national races and track the candidates. jason: a murder suspect is in jail after he surrendered late last night. he is accused of killing in and in front of the victims family. jazmin walker is here with me now. you are working some new developments. what led to this? jazmin: police tell us this was an argument that' s piled out of
5:38 am
ray shot mincey is accused of shooting -- in front of -- at national speedway boulevard. >> unfortunately, mr. swinton lost his life over the argument. it goes back to the same thing, we have guns floating around and there is no argument and invariably the argument is peng shuai it with someone being shot and killed. and it just boggles the mind. here tonight is another example of that red --. jazmin: after the shooting, they say mincey drove off and crashed into a wall. hours later, his family arranged for him to surrender. jason: -- brett: new from overnight after years -- nearly
5:39 am
returned back to earth. it is a record-setting mission that nasa deemed important for potential super trip -- schubert -- future trips to mars. he landed after 340 days in space. he will spend some time in houston undergoing a series of tests, especially on how long spaceflight duration impact the human body. nasa has a control subject for the evaluation, kelly' s twin brother mark, also an astronaut has been a part of the study while his brother has been orbiting the earth. the agents -- agency says this has advanced -- kelly returned with two russian cosmonauts. all went under field tests immediately. officials say that amount of time and space that affected persons vision and bones. kelly says he feels great and section looking forward to jumping into his pool when he finally gets home.
5:40 am
happening today, the ship known as the cursed cruise liner will dock in new jersey. royal caribbean turned the intimate the seas around this time because of stormy weather and a no oral virus outbreak. the company says there was nine to 10 cases a day. the same ship returned to port early a few weeks ago when it was battered in a storm. jason: turning to our forecast here, we have got a little cool front moving through. don' anything. we are in for warm days ahead. michelle: easily kind of cold fronts i like where we get to stay warm and beautiful. amy: 80' s today and a lot of the area. the cold front will really only bring us a few clouds and then a slight chance of a sprinkle here and there during the day. late morning to early afternoon. we will get a little sunshine. some cloud streaming in right now and they have kept her temperatures in whole lot warmer compared to yesterday. we are at 61 ocala, remember yesterday we dropped into the lower 40'
5:41 am
60 right now daytona beach, 58 in orlando and 61 in melbourne. here is futurecast which shows the clouds rolling in and a couple of showers here and there. late morning through noon is the front pushes south, washes out and breaks apart. we won' t see a lot of rain south of orlando. any spreckels we get will be to the north and that will be early in the day. without a lot of rain or cloud, we are talking about temperatures still climbing. we are headed into the lower 80' s for highs in orlando. i will take you county by county and show you other temperatures in a few minutes. right now, let' s get a traffic update. ted: we have construction on turnpike still there for overnight roadwork northbound just before state road 417. a left lane blocked. another spot on the turnpike southbound bike osceola parkway a little bit before that, left lane taken out. once you get past that you will see traffic goes through perfectly. getting onto the turnpike
5:42 am
great flow into downtown, eastbound on the right at the tail he avenue. john young to colonial only six minutes. from lake mary to lee, only 11 minutes. jason: pushing for more support on a new downtown campus. michelle: what we can expect as
5:43 am
not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: good wednesday morning, here is a view from our winter park studio showing you i-4. 59 in a spot right now. we will warm up from here. we are talking upper 70' s and even 80' s in some spots. amy is back with your first alert forecast and looking ahead to the weekend coming up on sunrise. we are working to find out the name of a man palm bay officers shot and killed in his front yard. michelle: neighbors tell us he was upset about construction noise on tuesday morning and
5:46 am
when police arrived, they say he refused to come outside. when he did he was armed with a handgun and an extra and is in full of ammunition. police say they had to shoot. >> this is certainly something that we believe could have been prevented. we try to get the guy out for a half peacefully so we can resolve this. michelle: fdle was called in to investigate. in just hours, ucf will make its case about a downtown campus with the florida board of governors. jason: brett connolly joins us. this comes a day after they received a big donation. brett: doctor phillips charities pledging $3 million to the downtown project. the big number, but still more money required to build the downtown campus. the project is planned for the creative village area and would be shared with valencia community college. classes and digital media, health information technology, culinary and hospitality programs would be offered for
5:47 am
ucf officials will present a plan to be florida board today. that board oversees the state university system. >> i am not at all concerned about our ability to meet the goal. brett: ucf has raised $16 million for the downtown campus. the school was kicking in another $20 million and is asking the state for an additional $20 million. orlando mayor buddy dyer said the downtown campus would also help revitalize the parramore area. we are expected to learn more today. that meeting between the board and school officials is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. michelle: this man let california deputies on a low-speed chase for five hours. police say he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and two kids on
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streets there we will get a south breeze tomorrow and that will keep our temperatures warm again. 80' s again tomorrow. friday' s money stronger front comes. even though it will cool -- we will get a couple showers. still not a lot of rain. not a big rainmaker. on saturday with the wind shifting around. the wind will ship surrounded be a little cooler. we will have more sunshine and by cooler, i mean upper 70' s and set of lower 80' s. it won' t be a significant cool down. the weekend looks pretty good. we stay fairly dry into early next week as well as those temperatures return to the lower 80' s. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: fhp on a cnet obt at lancaster road. your backup plan for lancaster, head to oak ridge to get around that one and obt you can use john young instead.
5:52 am
turnpike southbound bike osceola parkway. a left lane blocked with that construction. turnpike northbound just before you approach the 417, a left lane blocked as well. that is an area where you want to slow down a bit with construction crews. i-95 in volusia county before state road 44. a left-wing bloc with construction. heading into downtown orlando at kaylee is looking good. jason: let' s imagine we are right there at a nba game. that has its perks but also a few dangers. michelle: how this fan got hit
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jason: your lead a magic don' t have time to be down after a loss. michelle: they were not able to overcome against the mavericks. alice led by 21 by the end of the third quarter and ended up winning 121-108. the magic are back home to face the chicago bulls. tipoff is at 7:00. jason: now to another basketball story that has nba fans talking. look at the tv, a family' s beer during last night' s new york knicks game. this was as a portland player
5:56 am
it went out of bounds and right towards the fan. check out the slow-motion, the guy throws his beer before the ball hits him. it' s all over his shirt. his phone got a little wet. i think he is not be quite embarrassed when he sees that replay and had a little laugh. michelle: you know he felt cool sitting in the front row. and then that happened. jason: three olympic gold medalists are rising in the city beautiful today. michelle: missy franklin, michael phelps and -- a coming for the arena pro swim series. events begin tomorrow and continue through saturday. at the ymca aquatic center on i-drive. jason: local elementary school student nearly drowns after falling into a canal while on his way home from school. michelle: alex villareal is live at what we on for 6:00. alex: that child is fighting for his life today. i will tell you with school officials are doing about the
5:57 am
brett: policewoman neighborhood in sanford overnight spending our searching the area. what we know about this investigation. ted: crash in orange county. amy: we have cloud streaming in and therefore it is a whole lot warmer in many parts of the area. no 30' s and 40' s in marion county, instead we are in the 60' s right now. i will tell you how warm we will be later today despite a cold front that arrives this afternoon. jason: you can keep connected to the first alert forecast when you are away from your television.
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know you can keep your financial
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know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, local and live. this is sunrise on cw 18 in high definition. jason: right now on sunrise, a super tuesday blowout. michelle: are donald trump and hillary clinton unstoppable at this point? we break down the results from the big night. jason: we' re also following breaking news. i' m jason guy. michelle: i'


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