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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, local and live. this is sunrise on cw 18 in high definition. jason: right now on sunrise, a super tuesday blowout. michelle: are donald trump and hillary clinton unstoppable at this point? we break down the results from the big night. jason: we' re also following breaking news. i' m jason guy. michelle: i'
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jason: in sanford, we' re asking police about a massive crime scene investigation just blocks from seminole high school. michelle: but we start with first alert meteorologist amy sweezey. amy: it is a lot warmer this morning and we are heading to the upper 70' s and low 80' s today. a cold front is going to slide through and take up a couple of sprinkles. it is not going to bring any: cold air to us. look at these 24-hour temperature changes. most of us from the orlando area and south, a few degrees warmer. that puts us in the 50' s and low 60' s. 63 in sanford. 61 in melbourne. the clouds are streaming through right now and the act like a
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that is why we are warmer. through the day today, a cold front arrived, 78 in ocala. 81 today in orlando. 79 in the land. upper 70' s and low 80' s along the coast. we will talk more about the rain coming up in just a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, good morning. a crash blocking on lancaster road. use the parkway to the west and for lancaster road, you can use oak ridge road. we are talking about construction in volusia county a left lane taken out and so use caution driving through. westbound on the into
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delay free right now. jason: an 8-year-old boy is fighting for his life after nearly drowning on his way home from school. michelle: deputies say he was walking on a pipe near riverside elementary school and fell into a canal. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is there live. alex, what' s the school doing to help other students? alex: the school district says it is providing crisis counselors for students and it will do that as long as they are needed. the system did release a statement calling this a tragic accident. it was right here at this canal with the boy feel in and nearly drowned yesterday while trying to cross the canal. he and possibly another climbed over the gate, walking home from riverside elementary school. there are signs that say no
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several children walking through here after riverside got out today. and fell into the water. it is just a bad day overall. [indiscernible] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, it is too dangerous for them. jason: that was alex reporting live for us. we see if anyone is out there at the canal to make sure this is not happening again. jas zmin: we want to show some new video into our newsroom overnight. the suv you see flipped over belongs to an orange county deputy. the crash happened around 10:30 last night at the intersection of kelly park and plymouth sorrento roads in apopka. at some point, the deputy was trapped inside the suv. we know another car was badly
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the front end was crushed. right now, we' re working to find out whether anyone was seriously hurt in this crash as well as what caused it. as soon as we get more information, we' ll bring you an update here on sunrise. jason: crime scene investigators spent hours. brett connolly is following the overnight investigation. we saw a huge police presence. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, investigators are saying very little about this so far. it' s unclear if anyone was injured or what they spent so many hours looking for. this was on highlawn avenue in sanford. that's near seminole high school. and it was an active scene for hours overnight. police taped off the street and a crime scene unit was on site. cruisers also blocked that road as investigators searched that area. we do have calls into police to learn more, and as soon as we do we' ll pass that along. jason, michelle? jason: turning now to commitment 2016 this morning, the two front-runners are much closer to winning their party' s
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michelle: donald trump and hillary clinton racked up big wins on super tuesday. here are the latest numbers updated overnight. trump won seven states, bringing in more than 190 delegates. clinton also scored seven victories, for more than 450 delegates. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us. thank you for joining us. what does this outcome mean for the rest of the field? will our vote matter in two weeks or is this now a done deal? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, it is not quite a done deal but the forces of the republican party now have 13 days to do so. if they cannot deny trump victory in florida ohio and other states, he is going to be the nominee of the republican party. there is no path through the nomination for either marco
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only donald trump can get enough delegates. that is how dominate his lead is. florida is going to matter. this is the last hope for marco rubio. jason: let' s talk about marco rubio. . >> he asked the fine other places to win before march 15. there is not one the looks like a place he can win. ted cruz, he may win a couple of contest between now and march 15. i think marco rubio is going to be stuck campaigning in florida. rubio will be stuck campaigning up and down the state having to
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michelle: thank you so much for the time and the announcement. jason: our commitment 2016 coverage continues throughout the morning here on wesh 2. you can also get the official super tuesday results on the go with our free mobile app. michelle: troopers are determining if a trooper will be charged after running over a child. this happened on tuesday morning. the nine-year-old was airlifted to orlando. the driver said she did note the child feel as he got out of the car. detectives in cocoa are also trying to figure out what lead one neighbor to stab another last night. this happened at near an apartment complex on dixon boulevard near clearlake middle school. witnesses told police they saw people arguing in the parking lot. the man involved was stabbed in
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>> she was upset that she got bittten. they said she was upset with him. michelle: both are expected to survive. they are holding off on charges. jason: the court tackles a big topic today, abortion. they will hear arguments over texas law. they will rule whether the laws are too strict. turning to space x. you have to wait until friday for the next launch. michelle: last night' s launch was scrubbed again. there have been four delays. the rocket will carry a navigational satellite into orbit over asia.
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michelle: it has been picture-perfect. amy: despite a cold front coming through we are going to be warm. we have a few sprinkles across the area today. overall you probably one not notice there is a cold front today. clouds are keeping this warmer today. we have a few pockets of rain pushing to the south and then the clouds clear out. sunshine before sunset. 78 by noon. lower 80' s for high. >> we have a crash blocking lanes on the northbound side. it is affecting obt and lancaster. you want to use an alternate to
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john young would be your alternate for obt. oak ridge road to get around that. a left lane blocked if you are traveling on the turnpike northbound. before osceola parkway, they left lane blocked. the 408, things are not so bad. michelle: another tearful day in court for erin andrews. jason: what espn says about
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. michelle: hillary clinton and donald trump each won seven states on super tuesday.
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overnight for a large crime scene investigation, near seminole high school. that scene cleared more than an hour ago. michelle: a studentmichelle: nearly drowned on tuesday. another student jumped in to save in. counselors will be at that school today. new on sunrise, a warning going into bike week. jason: thousands of motorcyclists will roll into town starting this weekend. brett connolly is here with the new report out overnight stressing safety. >> some startling numbers from aaa. florida has the most motorcycle deaths in the country. officials hope this serves as a reminder to stay safe. many believe that begins with wearing a helmet.
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aaa recommends closed-toe footwear. motorcyclists accounted for nearly 20% of motor vehicle deaths in florida, but only 7% of drivers. this is the 75th anniversary of bike week. jason: let' s keep it safejason: this year. erin andrews will continue her trial today. you' ll hear more arguments in the day ahead. the defense suggested she should not get the $75 million because her career exploded. she is suing that stalker and the hotel. she says they allowed him to stay in a hotel next to her.
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since the incident and has several endorsements. she says she has worked hard to overcome her ta rauma. >> i' ve been overcompensating in my life, and i admit that. i feel like if i can do the top nfl game, if i can work the world series, and i can pass out the trophy, people will forget. jason: she testified that espn made her go on air and talk about it. michelle: the first suspected isis operative was captured in northern iraq. they are now interrogating him before turning him over to iraqi officials. the capture is part of the army' s efforts to remove isis from that country and retake the city of mosul. 10 navy sailors who were briefly held captive by iran in january
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, and that is according to a navy report. officials say the sailors made repeated errors which led them into iranian territorial waters. the sailors also reportedly failed to conduct a standard briefing before setting sail. the sailors were then captured, and reportedly blindfolded and interrogated before they were released jason: a day later. there was damage near birmingham. a possible tornado touched down in bessemer, alabama. four people were hu rt. the storm is now heading to the northeast. michelle: we are starting out a little warmer. amy: some of us, a couple of degrees. the places that got really cold are in the 60' s this morning.
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upper 50' s and lower 60' s at the bus stop right now with quite a bit of cloud cover, coming in from the gulf of mexico. the clouds trap t he heat into the atmosphere. it will brighten up at sunrise and the temperatures will start to climb. 61 in ocala. 63, sanford. it is a warmer start this morning compared to normal. you can see how that is several degrees warmer than average. a cold front will push through today. it is very weak and doesn' t bring us any cold air. it is called a cold front. with the wind shifting around
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and gets replaced by a warm front tomorrow. we are going to have some sunshine. the only signals that there is a cold front coming through. late morning, it picks up on a few isolated sprinkles rolling to the south by 1:00. we will get more cloud cover. closer to the evening commute, the front washes out and so does the clouds. once he gets dark, our temperatures would not be as cool. 78 in ocala. 81 in clermont. this is pretty close to yesterday, even a degree or two warmer than yesterday. 80 in winter park.
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the beach will be a little breezy this afternoon with water temperatures in the lower 60' s. there is a moderate chop on the intercoastal. . seven-day forecast another front will come through on friday which bring us a slightly better chance for rain weekend. >> a big crash on 95. farther south into indian river county, south of the line, the crash has both directions of 95 closed off. it is much farther south into indian river county. this is a crash at lancaster. we have a right lane blocked. the alternate would be john
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another one at howell branch boulevard. that is causing some slowdowns. delays alongi-4, not seeing them just yet. michelle: the tampa bay rays are traveling to cuba. jason: the game just announced. michelle: a child survived after
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how it jason: check out this video. the back hatch pops open. this was in china. the boy is ok. somebody manages to get him off the highway. the grandfather realizes the child is not in the van anymore. he picks up the kid it appears he was not secured in there.
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honored. michelle: there was an arrest back in december. one gave police a description of the getaway car. the suspect was arrested within an hour. the crimson tide is rolling into the white house today. president. they took the title, their fourth national title in the last seven seasons. go ahead. jason: this was historic. there is going to be a couple of pieces of americana heading to cuba. the tampa bay rays are playing a game. president obama will be there in the crowd. the rolling stones will play a
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the results are in. michelle: who is up and down after super tuesday. jason: the so-called -- what we saw as passengers got off the ship. amy: our temperatures are a lot warmer than yesterday. some spots are in the 60' s and that is 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. we' ll talk about this warm up
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now, a super tuesday sweep. jason: donald trump hillary clinton pulling away from the pack. where the race now stands. alex: i am live in orange county where a little boy he nearly lost his life walking home from' s will. how he is doing today and what officials are doing about the accident.
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arrival from the man who spent nearly a year in space. michelle: this is downtown orlando off in the distance. we have clouds in the sky this morning. amy sweezey is joining us now. amy: some of us are even 20 degrees warmer than yesterday when we had dropped into the 20' s -- 30' s and 40' s. we will see quite a few clouds this morning. some will break through later today after a cold front rolls through the area. it will pick up more clouds and bring a couple sprinkles in a few spots. i don' t expect a whole lot of rain today. yesterday we had dropped to 39 in ocala. now it has been 57 since midnight. orlando has been close.
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64 in leesburg and 62 in winter haven. we will recover today even though there is a cold front that will push through from north to south during the day today. we are still headed to 80 in leesburg and apopka. 81 in ocoee and maitland, 82 in celebration and along the coast upper 70' s and lower 80' s as well. we will talk more about that possibility for rain today coming up. let' s get a traffic check. ted: the chopper has arrived to a bad crash right now. we have a vehicle on its side. it is just before howell branch road. consider heading to your west using 1792 -- 17-92 as your backup. obt at lancaster road on the
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blocking. your backup plan would be to use john young parkway for obt and oak ridge road for your alternate for lancaster. on 436, this is noteworthy if you are going to be traveling into indian river county on i-95. 95 blocked off in both directions in between cells near road and state road 60. jason: students will be walking to school near the canal where a student nearly drowned yesterday. michelle: that student fell off a pipe landing in three feet of water. another student save tim. -- jumped in to save him. alex: that is what we are going to be working to find out. look at this gate. it is really not very tall so it is pretty easy for kids to climb over it, to scale the gate and
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officials say this child did as he was walking home from riverside elementary school yesterday. on the school side of this, crisis counselors will be on hand today. the eight-year-old boy fell into the canal yesterday while trying to cross it on a concrete walkway by the big blue pipe that goes across it. he, his brother, and possibly another child climbed over and other than the gate and no trespassing signs, there is nothing blocking access to this canal. the victim' s brother called out to another eight-year-old passing by, pulled the victim to the bank of the canal and that boy says her son was the -- that boy' s mother says her son was the only one who knew how to swim. >> he was the only one that jumped in. he is the one that pull them out.
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i told him to take. alex: despite the danger, neighbors told our crew that kids play around the canal all the time. rescue crews did rush the boy to the hospital in very critical condition. we will be working to learn his condition this morning as well is what steps officials might be taking to make sure an accident like this does not happen again. jason: in commitment 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton doing victory laps. michelle: they cleaned up on super tuesday, each claiming seven states. trump has 285 delegates. ted cruz has 161 and marco rubio 87. jason: hillary clinton has more than a thousand.
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nikole killion in d.c. with what these numbers mean for the race. >> hillary clinton will rally supporters in new york well donald trump has no scheduled events. >> i am a unifier. believe me. i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i am going to go after hillary clinton. >> we have got work to do. but that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. >> both candidates turn fire towards each other after winning seven states apiece. bernie sanders nabbed for states -- four states. marco rubio clinched his first win in minnesota. for governor john kasich and ben carson both staying in the race for now.
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governor rick scott' s team is squashing rumors that he is endorsing donald trump. >> i have a lot of respect for rick scott. i don' t know about his endorsement i have a lot of respect. jason: florida' s governor was with trump for his celebration in palm beach. a reporter tweeted that governor scott' s spokesperson says he is not endorsing trump. with super tuesday wrapping up, candidates put a heavy focus on florida. donald trump is making a campaign stop on the ucf campus. free tickets available on from website. -- trumps website. >> david jolly and alan grayson will face off in four debates. the first two debates will be held in tampa and orlando.
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24/7 on you get updates on local and national races. jason: a murder suspect in jail after he surrendered late last night. he is accused of killing a man in front of the victims family and friends. what led to this? matt: -- jazmin: they started as an argument that spiraled out of control. reshot mincey is accused of shooting 25-year-old jarrod swinton. swinton was shot once in the chest as his family and friends watched. >> mr. swinton lost his life over this argument and it goes back to the same thing. we have guns floating around and there is an argument and the argument is punctuated with
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it boggles the mind and tonight is just another example of that. jazmin: mincey drove off in a black pickup truck and crashed into a wall. hours later, his family arranged for him to surrender. michelle: firefighters at the scene of a overnight fire near lakeland. this is on old polk city road. investigators are on the way to try to figure out what happened. jason: afternoon lee a year on the international space station, scott kelly returned. it is a record-setting mission that nasa deems vital he important for a future trip to mars. kelly landed in kazakhstan after 340 days in space. he will spend time in houston undergoing a series of tests on
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impacts the human body. that a time -- that amount of time and space could affect a person' s vision and bones. kelly' s twin brother has been a part of the study well his brother has been orbiting the earth. kelly' s mission has advanced the -- deep space exploration. kelly returned with two russian cosmonauts. kelly says he feels great and is looking forward to one thing in particular. jumping into his pool. jason: we are working to find out the name of a man palm bay officers shot and killed in his front yard. neighbors tell wesh 2 he was upset about construction workers
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he was armed with a handgun and extra magazine full of ammunition. police say they had to shoot. >> this is something we believe could have been prevented. jason:
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investig jason: this morning, you are waking up comfortable. michelle: amy sweezey is tracking our temperatures. amy: a lot of clouds across central florida keeping us warmer today compared to yesterday. some of our normal spots -- warmer spots had dropped into the upper 40' s and now we are talking lower 60' s. 58 degrees right now in orlando. we have cloud cover and some of
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that is keeping us warmer now and it will mean a little bit of a slower temperature climb for today. a cold front makes its way through. late this morning, we are talking lower 70' s. after our cold front slides through, it will not make us cold but it will bring us more sunshine and that sunshine will bring those temperatures back up to well above average. the possibility of rain today with this front coming up in a few minutes. let' check. ted: a vehicle has rolled over on 436 cimmaron boulevard northbound. it is blocking the right turn lane. into seminole from winter park,
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the intersection on the northbound side of obt. use john young parkway for obt and oak ridge load -- oak ridge road for lancaster. into indian river county, past the county line, 95 is closed in both directions. use u.s. one instead. into seminole county, big sky view. only one minute slower than usual from seminole into orange. >> ambulances on hand to meet a cruise ship when it arrived in port on -- in new jersey. weather forecasts and a virus outbreak -- it is the same boat that was battered by storms last month. last month, we saw several
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jason: the forest service your fire danger as high for this day. we have seen brushfires in flagler and volusia counties. brevard county has a moderate risk. michelle: ucf will make its case about a downtown campus before the board of governors. jason: this comes a day after a big donation. brett: one of the city' s biggest donors making that contribution. doctor phillips' s charity pledging $3 million. much more money required to build the south -- downtown campus. it would be shared with valencia community college. classes in digital media, culinary, and hospitality programs would be offered to 7000 students. that board oversees the state university system. orlando'
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>> it will give new opportunities to the nearby residents in both 32801 and 32805. brett: that is the parramore area. ucf has raced $60 million for the campus. the school is kicking in another 20 million. we are going to learn more today. that meeting this afternoon. jason: we will recap your top stories on this wednesday morning. michelle: at 7:00, the today show takes over with in-depth coverage of super tuesday. >> complete coverage of the super tuesday results, a big night for hillary clinton, donald trump, and ted cruz. could those victories reshape the republican race?
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natalie about life after her transition. her new girl squad and dating. does he have what it takes? matt' s day as an intern
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>> 6:51 on wednesday. we are going to be warm the next couple of days even though we have two for -- cold fronts. one today, one on friday. saturday and sunday, we will come down a little bit but we are talking lower temperatures in the upper 70' s. 63 of ocala and the villages, a whole lot warmer north and west of i-4 compared to yesterday morning. 68 in orlando -- 58 in orlando and 61 in melbourne. most of us are waking up to a covering of clouds. those clouds have been streaming in and that has kept our temperatures warmer. the winds are coming out of the southwest, fairly light this morning.
6:53 am
the cold front makes its approach and the clouds gets thicker where the front is and as that pushes to the south, we will clear out and get more sunshine this afternoon. that will help our temperatures climb. it is still going to be quite warm, well above average. futurecast chose it as well. just a few isolated sprinkles along with the clouds. you can see as the front pushes south, i don' t expect rain south of orlando. to the north it is going to be isolated. most of us are going to stay dry and not hit any rain at all. 78 today, dunnellon and ocala. 80 in eustis and mount dora. 82 in kissimmee and saint cloud. 81 in altamonte springs. 80 will be our high in
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the winds shift back around quickly and that is why we will be warm tomorrow even the day after a cold front flies through. another front comes through on friday, that one will be stronger. ted: on the screen right now is a crash involving an overturned vehicle on the record. cimmaron northbound on howell branch. you can take 17-92 if you choose to get around that one. it is causing a slowdown. a crash on obt. it is on the northbound side on lancaster road. use john young parkway to get around that. this is noteworthy for the drive farther south into brevard -- indian river county. 95 is blocked in both directions.
6:55 am
looking at the 408, dean road toll plaza to i-4, that is 10 minutes slower than usual. jason: beginning with what is being done today for students in orange county after an eight-year-old drowned -- nearly drowned. michelle: students will also be walking to school near the canal where that student nearly drowned on tuesday. the child was on a pipe over the water near the school when he fell in. another student jumped in to save him. jason: we are working to find out if anyone was seriously hurt after an overnight wreck that flipped in orange county deputies suv . another car was badly damaged. michelle: sanford police shut down a neighborhood for a large crime scene investigation. they are not saying what happened near seminole high school.
6:56 am
daytona beach shooting will be answering to a judge today. rashad mansi -- rayshad mincey turned himself in. michelle: firefighters are at the scene of a deadly fire near like glenn. -- lake glenn. two bodies were found inside. jason: you will have to wait until friday to see the next launch from spacex. high altitude winds forced last night' s launch to be scrubbed again.
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6:59 am spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me amy: a lot of clouds streaming through central florida right now. we are in the lower 60' s right now and we will climb today into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. above our average, 81 in orlando. another front on friday. ted: a crash on howell branch.
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use john young parkway and 95 closed as you head from indian river to brevard. >> you can get more news updates. jason: we have got all of the super tuesday results on and the mobile app. >> thank you for choosing wesh two news and trusting first alert weather. thanks for good morning. something for everyone. donald trump and hillary clinton each win seven super tuesday states, tightening their grips on their party's nomination. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> instead of building walls,


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