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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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michelle: i' m michelle imperato. let' s see how it looks outside on this thursday morning. this is downtown orlando. amy sweezey is joining us now. another warm day on the way. amy: once we get into the afternoon, we are headed again into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s and mo st of the area. we are starting off of clouds again like yesterday where we had a lot of those clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. it is a little bit greg. it will be that milky sky, a sunshine breaking through the filter. once we get into tonight we will -- once we get later, we will break apart the clouds and our temperatures will continue their climb into the lower 80' s and most spot. this morning you can see we are cooler everywhere except for cocoa beach. a few degrees from i-4 south. back to the north and west, tend to 15 degrees colder than yesterday morning and that puts us back in the 40' s. in marion, flagler and parts of putnam. daytona beach at 50. leesburg at 52 and in ocala, it
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there the cloud streaming in and those will continue to come in through the day. this afternoon we will get a little son. our winds will shifted out of the south and we will make it to 80 in ocala and salt springs. 82 in claremont, 82 in longwood and oviedo. 83 today in kissimmee. 79 will be are high in new smyrna beach. 80 in cocoa. we will take a look at futurecast and talk about the rain expected early tomorrow morning coming up in a few minutes. right now, it is traffic time. here is ted. ted: looking at i-4 eastbound on the right. a left lane blocked. this starts right after colonial drive and clears after ivanhoe. the construction between par and lee has wrapped up. 417 on the northbound side in narcoossee. a left lane there you will lose that for a mile and a half going through the area. be prepared is that crews are on
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take me drive in volusia county on i-95. roadwork has a lane blocked southbound by state road michelle: michelle: 432. a seminal county man will face a judge after a six-year-old girl shot and killed itself of a gun that he owned. jason: eric williams is facing child neglect charges in connection with the shooting. alex villareal is live this morning. investigators say he shouldn' t even had the gun. alex: that is because he is a convicted felon with a lengthy arrest record here in seminole county. cocaine trafficking, grand theft of a firearm. just to name a few. on that list, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. that is a charge he is facing again. williams is also charged with child neglect and unsafe storage of a gun. that is after the six-year-old accidentally shot herself in the
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under a sofa. the 35-year-old williams was supposed to be watching her at the time. his arrest report says the gun was easy for six-year-old to find and that he did not keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or have a trigger lock engaged. grief counselors were on hand at wicklow elementary where burke was in kindergarten. sanford police chief called the incident and the child' s death careless, senseless, and entirely preventable. we will be watching as williams faces a judge today and that is scheduled to happen at 1:30 here at the seminal county jail. live in seminole county, alex villareal. jason: commitment 2016. the republican candidates are preparing to go toe to toe in another debate. they will be doing that without ben carson. the democrat candidates are
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tracie potts is in washington dc with a look at the day' s events. >> dr. ben carson, the first post super tuesday casually. his campaign confirms he will not be at tonight' s debate and his public schedule and' s after a speech tomorrow. ted cruz told carson supporters -- >> we welcome you on our team. >> i' m looking forward to the debate. >> marco rubio is already in michigan, hoping to put the brakes on donald trump. >> everyone get together so we can keep the front runner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> efforts to stop them may be futile. >> john kasich is predicting a rubber convention. >> it would be likely that we have one of the most interesting times in cleveland in modern political history. >> donald trump tweeting about mitt romney speech. romney is that to criticize trump. trump calls it another desperate move by the man who should' ve easily beaten barack obama.
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>> meantime, democrats are raising money. >> i need you in new york. >> ready to take on whoever emerges from the other side. 30 big-name republicans including lawmakers have come out publicly against trump. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. jason: the today show has continuing coverage of the republican debate and mitt romney speech. catch it all on wesh 2 beginning at 7:00. a former hillary clinton staffer has excepted immunity in the case. in exchange, she will -- they will provide an interview with federal investigators. the fbi finish the review of clinton' s e-mails on monday. they will investigate whether she committed any crime by using the server. >> north korea has fired six short range projectiles into the sea off this coast. that information coming from south korea.
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of those projectiles were missiles or artillery fire. this comes hours after the un security council approved the toughest sanctions on that country in nearly 20 years. south korea' s military has now been put on full alert and their government released a statement, saying these projectiles flew between 62 and 93 miles off the korean peninsula. tensions have been extremely high in this part of the world in 2016. in january, the north conducted a nuclear test and last month had a long-range nuclear launch. those prodigy went to act and the sanctions handed down by the u.n. were designed to cripple the economic factors that fund north korea' s nuclear and missile programs. jason: thank you, brett. a brevard county manatees died after a skydiving accident. investigators say james mann of malabar made the jump in zephyrhills.
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instruction -- instructor tangle -- michelle: knew from overnight, nasa astronaut scott kelly has arrived back in the united states after his year in space. video into the newsroom shows kelly being welcomed by his family as he landed in houston. scientists will compare how kelly' s body measures up against his twin brother. nasa is hoping to use the information to plan future missions to mars. jason: after 340 -- he looks good after 340 days off this planet. deputies are trying -- track down this woman. take a good look at the security video capturing this crime inside a house in the summer lake subdivision tuesday. the woman peeks through the back window, prize open a sliding glass door and walks with a limp through the living room area. moments later, authorities say something spooked her and she leaves. if you think you know who this woman is, contact the orange county sheriff' s department.
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week of sportscaster erin andrews trial against the stalker and the hotel where he took nude videos of her. the trial was delayed after one of the witnesses admitted that he was at a restaurant with two men watching the video this week. the witness who represents the company that owns the hotel says he asked the men to stop. a waitress at the restaurant said the men cap watching the video. and making fun of angers body. the defense tried to prove that the videos have not had a negative impact on angers career. jason: a south florida man as to court tried in a gold highs. the fbi stormed the home wednesday. it took evidence of the house and took him, along with another managed custody. 275 pounds of gold bars were stolen from an armored truck last year in north carolina by armed men. that truck was based out of miami. michelle: new numbers indicate the orlando tourism continues to boom.
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are up from last year. the county took a 19 point -- took in 3% more than last year. happening today, thousands of orlando city soccer fans will race to the streets of orlando for the purple pride 5k. this starts a lake eola park at 6:30 tonight. it goes from living straight to -- before ending back at the park. each runner will get a free ticket to the opening match at the citrus bowl. it features tailgate games, food trucks and beer. sounds at a good time. jason: the weather is looking pretty good for central florida. this afternoon, get outside and do something. take a walk with a pats, stroll outside. you will sweat. michelle: it seems like we are on a street here. amy: and we will do it again today. that means great weather for that purple pride 5k you were talking about. we will be at 80 degrees still at 4:00 when registration begins.
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will get through sunset. we will still be in the mid-70' s and that the time the awards roll around, a few scattered clouds and temperatures in the lower 70' s. no rain expected for tonight. there will be some clouds and temperatures. -- warm temperatures. the clouds will continue to stream in today and that means we will be mostly cloudy this morning, but partly sunny this afternoon. temperatures will still climb, even though we will see that cloud cover. we will make it into the lower 80' s. we will be cooler off to north. daytona beach headed to 80 degrees. we will talk more about what is expect for the weekend in a few minutes. let' s see what' s going out on the roads. five: -- ted: a live picture of the d.o.t. camera of i-4 eastbound on the right side going through the ivanhoe area. a left lane blocked.
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--parr . 417 through narcoossee, a mile and half of construction blocking a lane. leave a lane take it -- more construction in volusia county on i-95 taking out a lane in both directions near state road 44. jason: taking action to prevent identity theft at ucf. michelle: what the school is doing in the wake of a recent data hack.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: a look at the stories we are following right now on sunrise. a seminal county man will face a judge after a six-year-old girl shot and killed herself with a gun he owned. eric williams is facing child neglect charges in connection to the shooting. williams is a convicted felon and was not allowed to have a weapon. michelle: four the republican president of candidates will face off at first time since super tuesday.
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marco rubio and john kasich will attend the debate tonight in detroit. ben carson says he will not take part. jason: we are looking to learn more about what led to a motorcycle wreck and explosion at orlando speed world. the victim had burns to about a third of his body. happening today , ucf is taking new steps to aid students affected by the data bridge. jazmin: today' s discussion will focus on what ucf is doing and who is mostly like it -- who is most likely at risk and where students can get help. it also gives a chance to talk one-on-one with identity theft expert. ucf found out about the breach after hacker stole the name of social security numbers of thousands of current former -- current, former and -- current
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some of the victims don' t think that ucf did enough. so far, two lawsuits have been filed against the university. victims claimed that ucf fail to take action to protect its systems. today' s campus conversation is from 11:00 the afternoon. ucf has another identity theft for implant for faculty and staff members. the date and time have not been announced. michelle: police in oklahoma tried to figure out what led a part owner of the oklahoma city thunder to crash home into a bridge pillar. aubrey mcclendon died on tuesday. one day after he was indicted on conspiracy charges. investigators say he was trying to rig the price of oil and natural gas in oklahoma. detectives say it is too early to tell whether the crash was intentional. jason: deflategate returns to a new york city courtroom. the nfl is appealing a judge' s ruling to vacate tom brady' s four-game suspension for his
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the decision allowed brady for -- allowed for brady to play in the entire 2016 feet -- michelle: university of florida fans will be able to buy alcohol during games. sales at basketball games will be made at the wi-lan club or in the courtside closed areas. it will be sold until he started the third quarter. jason: panama city beach is no longer on the list of trashiest spring break destinations in our country. coed .com removed it due to some new ordinances in the city. panama city beach a string -- banning pricking alcohol on the beach for this month. it is also urging clip earlier closing times four bars on the beach. >> we are marketing towards families. want to bring people in and let them know that this is the place for them.
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that word is getting out there that panama city beach is a great place to be. jason: city leaders say the area will be -- daytona beach made the list. it came in at number 14. michelle: amy, i know if you had a chance to look at the moon. it was covered by clouds. it was really cool. amy: i' m glad you saw. it' s tough to see. there are a lot of sunshine -- there are a lot of high clouds. it makes it seem very dark -- it normally mixing foot dark. it looks unfiltered sunshine today. some of us are in the 50' s. we do have all those clouds coming in. a lot of them are the high thin ones. that' ll be the filtered sunshine. sunrise happens at 6:48. we will get our temperatures to be one.
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in from the gulf of mexico. we are going to see wind shifts today income out of the south and that is going to help our temperatures climb. right now, we are cooler than yesterday, especially north and west of i-4. we have 40' s were yesterday we were in the 60' s and a lot of spots. it is 46 in ocala, 48 in palm coast. 50 degrees in daytona beach. 57 right now in melbourne. when you compare this morning so far we have dropped since midnight to average, you can see we are pretty close to normal. a little cooler than, and little warmer than. much cooler than yesterday when we read whole lot warmer than average. the weight will come out of the south today. we will get clouds this morning answer to break them apart and wind up with sunshine this afternoon. still partly sunny. 80 in ocala and salt springs. 82 in clermont. we will hit 82 in longwood and oviedo. o'
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in kissimmee and st. cloud, it will be 83. warmer -- colder north and warmer to the south inland from the cooler water. cocoa beach gets in east brees early in the day, you will be at 79 for the high. this is futurecast tonight. 11:00 when most people are in bed. as we get into the overnight hours, the clouds will increase in a big way and then here comes the rain. not much, but a few showers will role in from north to south early tomorrow morning during the morning commute ahead of our cold front. i don' t expect much rain at all. a 20% coverage. once we get to 9:00 in the morning commute is come to an end, the rain comes to an end as well and then that drier air will alter rim, which means he rest of friday, friday night and the weekend looks fantastic. just that isolated shower earlier in the day tomorrow and in the sunshine will return and stick around for the weekend.
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behind the front. it won' t be significantly cooler, but we will be in the upper 70' s rise on saturday and sunday. ted: construction on 417 northbound of lake nona going into narcoossee, left lane blocked. be prepared as you have to break a little bit on the 417. also on the southbound side by the 408, more road work there that is blocking a left lane for about a half while on 417 southbound. 95 in volusia county, both directions hovering around state road 44, construction they' re taking out a lane in both directions. occasionally a slowdown, if you are going through there be prepared. state road 432, another lincoln -- taken out. jason: more trouble for a florida teenager accused of practicing medicine -- medicine without a license. we will explore this dramatic
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michelle: the south florida teen busted for allegedly pretending to be a doctor is out on -- out
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jason: malachi love-robinson was arrested for using another person id. he was arrested last month accused of practicing medicine without a license. he is also believed to be behind a series of thefts of a home of a woman he -- who thought he -- he was his patient. michelle: a store clerk fought back against an armed robber. take a look what happens when he goes to the counter to make a purchase. he pulls out the gun and demands cash. instead, she slaps the gun in his hand and she starts hitting him with a cash register drawer. she is gutsy. the thief runs away right as the woman pulls out a hammer. look at her. he is not been caught so far. jason: she saw that he looked a little nervous that. but he has a gun pointed at her. she is brave.
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10 people use a pickup truck to tear the doors off this gun store in houston. they make their way inside after they run in, grabbing more than 50 weapons in less than two minutes. three of those management caught. michelle: hundreds of men will strap on a high heels to help raise awareness about the rest of violence. the walk a mile in her shoes event kicks off at the orange county courthouse at 6:00 tonight. the guys will walk about a mile into the -- at the regional center. harbor house. jason: finally, back to home after an out of this world achievement. michelle: we will hear from scott kelly as he returns to taxes. now we had live to alex villareal. alex: a man arrested and charged after a six-year-old in his care accell he shot and killed himself facing a judge today. i would say about his long history of arrest.
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highways have road work. a variety of stops. amy: we still have quite a few clouds that are streaming in from the gulf. they are high and thin ones which means we will start off hazy today. we will talk about these cool temperatures climbing into the 80'
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, accidentally shoots and kills himself in sanford. guns owner as he prepares for court today. jason: a motorcycle crash at speed world. the overnight development' s are first responders who got to that scene. amy: a bit cooler this morning, we are back to the 80' s later today. your first alert forecast rate ahead. michelle: aiming to take down donald trump. the new efforts from his republican rivals as they prepare for another debate tonight. a report on that in moments. thank you for wake me up with us on your thursday. i michelle imperato. jason: i' m jason guy.
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you step out right now. 57 in this spot as we look towards downtown orlando wesh 2 from being -- from the wesh 2 studios. but see -- good morning amy. amy: we are going to climate the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will get a little sunshine this afternoon. it will be like yesterday where we have cloud streaming in from the gulf. that is keeping it a little bit great start the day. some filtered sunshine. as we get going, we will see more son and wind will come out of the south. that means are cool start will quickly climb. lower 80' s in most of the area for highs today. right now it is a lot cooler north and west of the i-4 quarter compared to yesterday when we were in the xts. today, we are at 46 in ocala. 50 in daytona beach, 50 -- 56 sanford. 52 degrees and leesburg. they' re the cloud streaming through.
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and we will start to see more sunshine break in this afternoon. 80 degrees in dunnellon. 82 in apopka. 82 in sanford, also waterford lakes. 83 in celebration and up and down the coast, upper 70' s and lower 80' s. 81 hour high in melbourne. right now it is 5:31, let' s get a traffic update with ted. ted: roadwork on i-4 colonial to ivanhoe has wrapped up. that is east then on the right side moving along perfectly. wrapping up the construction on the 417 northbound in the narcoossee area. they have a left lane blocked. hopefully that will wrap up pretty soon. also 417 southbound, one lane and taken out by the 408 interchange. i-95 in volusia county, currently there is a lame taken out in both directions around
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jason: a convicted felons heading back to court in a few hours after a six-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her self with his gun. michelle: eric williams is charged with child neglect. alex villareal is live this morning. alex, that gun wasn' t even supposed to be in the home. alex: right. as you said, whitlam -- williams is a convicted felon. that is why he was not what have a possession of a firearm at all and he does have a long history of arrest here in seminole county. cocaine trafficking is one of them, grand theft with a firearm, fleeing law-enforcement. that is just a few of them. he has a -- he is in trouble for a is faced before. williams is also charged with child neglect and unsafe storage of a gun. it is after six-year-old a' letha amanii marie burke accidentally shot herself in the shoulder after finding a gun under a sofa.
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through her body. williams drove her to the hospital, but the wound was too severe for her to survive. the 35-year-old williams was supposed to be watching the little girl at the time. >> firearm ownership, there is a responsibility there. you need to stored securely and away from juveniles. we owed them that. alex: his arrest report says the gun was easy for a six-year-old to find and that williams did not keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or have a trigger lock engaged. grief counselors were on hand at wicklow elementary where she went to kindergarten. we will be watching as williams makes his first appearance before a judge today. it is scheduled happen this afternoon at 1:30. live in seminole county. jason: new video this morning of a charred motorcycle at a local racing facility. we were there is first responders run the scene at speed world. this is the second time
5:35 am
there in the past year. jazmin walker joins us now in studio. do we know what happened? jazmin: we know there was some sort of explosion in crash involving the motorcycle. authorities tell us a man in his 30' s had burns on a third of his body. there was a weekly racing event going on last night. it is unclear what caused the explosion. as jason mentioned, this is the second time we have seen an accident at speed world in the past year. back in september, a man lost control of his car during a drag race, bounced between two walls and flipped over. he died a short time after the accident. speedway workers tell us he was going and estimated 140 miles per hour. we are still working to find a because of the explosion last night and what condition the victim is in. we said he was badly burned. we will let you know as we get more information. michelle: a person was hit and killed while crossing in orlando road.
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drive. trooper say the car involved state at the scene. investigators close of all liens of the road as they investigated. the victims gain is not been released. -- you name has not been released. jason: command is accused of causing a three car crash in speeding away while drunk. melbourne police say stanley jones re-ended a -- rear ended a car on croton road. police tracked down jones at a nearby apartment where he was arrested. he is charged with dui and driving with a suspended license. michelle: donald trump' s expect it to come under fire today and not only in a debate. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney is holding a speech about the race and is excited to attack the front-runner. nikole killion has all the details. >> mitt romney is not expected to endorse a candidate or announce he is getting into the
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>> good to see it, appreciate you being here. >> from the returned. the nominee in 2012 knocking 2016 and taking on trump. after earning trump' s endorsement for years ago, the two have gone tit-for-tat on twitter with mitt romney calling of the gop front-runner over his tax returns and hesitance to reject the support of a ku klux klan -- former ku klux klan leader. trump blasting utah -- romney' s speech as a desperate move. it comes as the gop establishment tries to ban together to stop trump. >> people are saying, please together -- come together so we can keep the front runner from winning. >> talking points heading into tonight' s gop debate. >> from the candidates is spikes -- despite donald trump, it is approaching the fourth quarter. they will be throwing hail marys. >> one candidate want to be at the debate.
5:38 am
attending, noting he does not see a political path forward and will address the future of his campaign in a speech tomorrow. in washington, nikole killion, wesh 2 news. michelle: don' t forget to make us your goto source for commendatory 16 covered. you can get information on air and online at jason: scott kelly is back on american soil, greeted with two of his requests. beer and apple pie. kelly landed in houston about three hours ago. two inches taller than when he left for the international space station last year. his marathon mission is the longest for any u.s. astronaut in the his -- in history. kelly and his twin brother mark taking a study -- taking part in a study. it is a major milestone for the nasa program which hopes to one
5:39 am
>> one of the things i thought a lot about during this year is a there is no greater privilege than serving their country however and wherever you might do it. this missing is the latest achievement in a country and. it is not the last. there will be more. it is in the dna of our country to explore and we must never stop doing this. we must lead, we must learn, and we must discover. thank you all very much for coming out here. >> there are some side effects of that time and space. weaker muscles and brittle bones, a smaller heart. your body clock is a mess and also the potential for an increase in cancer the cousin of the exposure to radiation. kelly will now undergo tests in houston. now back to what so many of you will be talking about today. i megyn kelly is two inches taller. officials say that is because the disk in the back are compressed because of gravity on earth. in space, you don' t have that issue so they actually expand.
5:40 am
jason, this is only temporary. he will shrink back to his preflight height shortly. jason: this is so wild. thank you, brett. i like that he wanted some beer and apple pie. investigators believe they have a key that could help them solve the mystery of the doomed malaysian air flight 370. a piece of wreckage washed ashore near madagascar. tom costello brings this new information coming up on today. >> put four hours ago we broke this news of a piece of the debris had washed ashore on mozambique in east africa. veteran crash investigators say it is possible based on the photographic evidence that this is coming from a boeing triple seven. there is only one boeing &&& 777 missing in the world. that is malaysian flight 370. no marine life on it. why is that? it is curious that the american
5:41 am
describes himself as an inventor traveler, as a tourist and someone who is been very focused if not preoccupied with the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. how did he happened upon this piece of debris? that is the question investigators are asking. jason: quite a mystery. firefighters are closely watching this controlled burn in volusia county. smoke billows over i-95. check out the flames yesterday near harbor and black creek road in os teen. we are told us fires completely contained. michelle: looks at we have another dry day today. jason: we will get to amy sweezey. she has a look at your forecast involving some heat. amy: we are cool this morning, but we will climb again to the upper 70' s and lower 80' s across central florida. we have cloud streaming in right now and we wind up with sunshine later today. with a little bit of sun and the
5:42 am
well above average. we are starting off cool. 48 palm coast. 56 right now in orlando and 57 in melbourne. you might want a sweater or a layer. but you will be able to ditch it here once we get some sunshine going. with a lot of cloud streaming in that will make it kind of hazy this morning. and little bit of filtered sunshine. as we get going we will see more breaks in the clouds. we will make it into the lower 80' s in orlando. if you' re headed to the beach today, it will be a little cooler, but not much. still upper 70' s with that breeze coming in off the ocean. our biggest concern a water is for boaters. we have a bit of a chop going on. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: looking at construction on the 417 southbound by the 408. a lane taken out there. slower that going you the interchange and off ramps.
5:43 am
44, a lane taken out in both directions northbound and southbound. we will talk about travel times coming up. jason: a local family is pushing for answers after receiving a
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michelle: >> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: 5:45, good thursday morning. we are looking live into melbourne where it is 57 degrees right now. we will get warm again in the afternoon. those temperatures as we heat up, upper 70' s, possibly even 80' s are back with us. amy will have your first alert weather coming up. a local family is looking for answers after receiving what they say is a gruesome photo of their dog. michelle: they tell us a neighbor sent the picture of the puppy after it appears to have been shot several times. jazmin walker is following the story. the puppy used to be their dog. jazmin: the family says they didn' t get along with the other dog so they gave it to a
5:47 am
they claimed the neighbor sent a startling picture to a family friend. kia in a bathtub surrounded by blood with what appears to be gunshot wounds. then, a few weeks later. the dog' s body was discovered on the side of the road surrounded by a shrine, including a statue of saint francis of asisi, the patron saint of animals. >> the thing was if he ever needed to get rid of her, he was to bring back -- bring her back to us. jazmin: the flagler county sheriff' s office is trying to figure out the dogs cause of death and also of a crime happened. we do know they' re detectives have interviewed a man this case, but they would not confirm to us if it was the neighbor. michelle: only to a story you will see here. the state' s best getting a local funeral home for not disposing dead bodies and instead storing it for months. 16 bodies were removed from the funeral home and the very last
5:48 am
several of the -- phil long owns the business and had a contract to their the bodies. long admits he likely had on to the bodies were too long, but says in september he learned of new software that might help lead him to the families of the unclaimed bodies. >> i felt it was necessary to make an attempt to no other agency was willing to do. to locate next of kin. michelle: county officials did not renew their contract with long. a scary discovery in polk county, a lakeland man came home to find an unwanted guest. jason: this nine foot long, 300 pound alligator was in his pool. at first he didn' t even notice until he saw but was coming to the service. he called florida fish and wildlife and this trevor came in . here is the video of that gays are being pulled out of the pool.
5:49 am
michelle: when you go to getting your pull because it is 80 degrees, look first. amy: i' m worried about snakes, not gators. jason: the water may still be a bit too cold. amy: i agree with that. we are going to have warm air however. we are headed to 82 today. even the cold front is arriving overnight tonight, it does not really cool is down significantly. it brings some drier air, drop the temperature by a few degrees. the upcoming weekend looks fantastic. no rain in upper 70' s. it is a little cooler than yesterday today at this time. -- cooler than yesterday today at this time. 56 orlando and 57 in melbourne. orlando looks great, although we have some high clouds that a been streaming in all morning long. that is keeping our temperatures from dropping more than they otherwise would.
5:50 am
that is still bringing in that cooler air behind that front that came through yesterday. the wind will start to shift around coming in off the ocean. eventually out of the south as a south wind will help you to set this afternoon. a lot of clouds. most of these are high and thin clouds. it is just a little gray and milky. we will break those apart this afternoon and get some sunshine along with the lighter win. yesterday, it was pretty breezy. today, the breeze will be lighter. the breeze we do have will be warm when we get into the afternoon. it will help us make it to 80 degrees in salt springs. 82 in clermont. some of these numbers are warmer than yesterday. 83 in kissimmee and st. cloud. 81 deltona and deland. 78 flagler beach and 79 is where we are headed in new smyrna beach. we will hit 81 in titusville and merritt island. 82 in palm bay.
5:51 am
this is overnight into early friday, we have a cold front that is going to rolling through central florida. this one will bring a little rain, not a lot, but a little more than yesterday. the moisture is higher with this one. i 5:00 in the morning tomorrow at this time, we will be dealing with just a few showers, mainly to the north of orlando. pushing through and falling apart here during the morning commute. once we get done with the morning commute by 9:00, rain is gone and clouds are sent to clear out. all the dryer continues -- dry air comes in. with that front coming through, just a slight chance of a shower early in the day. seven-day forecast shows the afternoon on friday, covering 79. upper 70' s on saturday and sunday and then lower 80' s for early next week. let' s get a traffic update, here is ted. ted:
5:52 am
narcoossee area. nice and clean, all the construction is wrapped up. no delays. we still have one spot that has a lane taken out southbound approaching the 408 rants. use caution going through there. 95 in volusia county both directions have a lane taken out around state road 44. active. boulevard. current travel times, john young to colonial is six minutes. on the 408, things are looking good by the cars flowing. jason: several local cities ranked among the best places to live in our nation. find out which ones next.
5:53 am
5:55 am
jason: the home court advantage work in favor of the orlando magic with a, the chicago bulls. michelle: the magic started with a strong lead in the first. and -- quarter
5:56 am
the baskets help the magic win the game. they will face the phoenix suns of the amway center tomorrow at 7:00. jason: a rare baseball card discovery. -- has people buzzing. they found these cards of tied cop. this was made while the family -- ty cobb. they have been authenticated and could cell phone more than $1 million. michelle: several florida cities are named one of -- some of the best places to live. the website ranked the cities based on job market, value and quality of life. denver, colorado came in at number one. jason: i think we beat them because it is not cold.
5:57 am
coming up next at 6:00, child neglect charges after a young girl accidentally shoots and kills her self in sanford. michelle: alex with a rall is live with what we are working on for 6:00. alex: the man charged this is a judge today. i will play about his history of run-ins with a law. -- the law. amy: we have quite a few high clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico right now. it will filter of the sunshine today. we will climb later into the 80' s. michelle: you can take the weather with you on our free mobile app. you can download it now in the iphone apple app a giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now, a little girl is dead after playing with a loaded gun. the man accused of leaving it out goes to court. jason: the charges he is facing. amy: back to the 80' s later today, your warm force alert


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