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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> breaking news. someone opens fire on deputies at a local restaurant. they search for answers. big winds on the campaign trail from candidates in both parties. results from super saturday. thanks for joining us. i am carol moore -- cara moore.
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s. more wind out there, beach that means more waves and hazardous noting conditions by the end of the day. that is the way things look right now. very very pleasant. temperatures like yesterday morning, quite nice. a very similar morning to yesterday, 43 in ocala, 59 in cocoa beach, and 51 in daytona beach. very nice into your weekend. maybe a light jacket, but once that suncrest' horizon, things are going to warm up quickly. corridor. north of the cape going to be quite as warm.
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oviedo. 71 in cocoa beach, but our northern locations, palm coast and along the flagler county coastline, temperatures in the upper 60' s. >> we want to bring your attention to some crashes along i-4 this morning. a crash has the exit ramp closed at i-4 and colonial drive. we are monitoring some heavy police presence at south mills avenue at i-4. lane i-4. use extra caution. more news out of orange county, deputies searching for answers after someone opened fire on them during an investigation. last night. trespasser.
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the back of the business. shots were fired at them. a dark suv drove away from the scene with four men inside. detectives do not know if those men were involved. deputies did not return fire. super saturday results after voters in five states cast their ballots yesterday. donald trump declared the winner in kentucky. nbc news is projecting trump the winner of louisiana. ted cruz winning kansas and maine. behind. bernie sanders one in kansas and nebraska. louisiana. fewer delegates were up for grabs in yesterday' s primary. 120 two compared to 155 for
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>> it has been an amazing night and i have been in competitions all of my life. there is nothing so exciting as this stuff. nothing. >> donald trump celebrated his win last night with a speech in west palm beach. the front runner crossed the state yesterday looking for support. one stop a visit to ucf. >> we win florida, it is over. >> during his speech last night, he congratulated ted cruz for his victories and called for marco rubio to drop out. this comes as the florida senator tries to make sure he doesn' t lose his home state. jim payne takes a look at trump' s rally. >> this is what 10,000 screaming donald trump fans look and sound like. the ones upfront standing here
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>> the one person hillary doesn' t want to run against his donald trump. >> trump echoed a lot of familiar themes but always circled back to his main charge, to vote for him. >> if we win florida, it is over. [applause] if we win florida and ohio, it is really over. >> biggest shots, not delivered by trump, were aimed squarely at marco rubio. >> stand up for donald trump. >> get him out of here. >> trump was interrupted by protesters a dozen times. a woman fainted only to be handed flowers intended for trump. >> we have a chance to do something monumental. >> unscripted, unapologetic, and
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>> you are going to be so proud of your president and you are going to be so proud of your country. >> protesters interrupted trump about a dozen times while he was speaking. trump stopped what he was saying to tell security to escort them out of the arena. just as many opinions were voiced outside the building. >> long lines wrapped around buildings waiting to hear from the guest speaker. >> finally, we have somebody -- we live in a pc world where people are afraid to speak their mind. we have a voice to stand behind. >> i am here to listen to an explanation of what he wants. >> protesters stood at the entrance.
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what makes america great again. >> the way he projects his own opinions are quite negative. >> every person must be treated with respect and dignity and to fight the demagoguery that is coming out of this campaign. >> i am not supporting but i am here to see him because he has a lot of good things to say. >> opponent, marco rubio, took his message north to jacksonville. he was joined by governor susanna martinez. >> conservatism is not an attitude. conservatism is not how about can you be? how many bad words can you say? that is not conservatism. >> rubio' s
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would be in sanford on monday night. a rally at orlando sanford international airport with doors opening at 6:45. polling locations are open in seminole, volusia, osceola, and marion county as well as sumter, polk, and flagler county. in orange county, the primary is march 15. we will have updates on the wesh two mobile app. >> it is 5:08. detectives are searching for a bank robber who left the cash behind after taking it. surveillance video from the wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard shows the suspect giving the clerk a brown paper bag yesterday morning. detectives found the bag of cash
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investigators are not saying whether the robber took off with any more money. a convicted sex offender facing new charges after investigators say he found -- had child born -- child porn. he was downloading images of child pornography. friends and family will come together to remember and osceola county murder victim. kelly bother as -- the case has gone unsolved. friends had not seen her in at least three days leading up to her death. a vigil will be held today in hopes of drawing attention to her case. the orlando city lions roar back into action for her -- their second season in the mls.
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come out to see orlando city kickoff of another year. it started yesterday with a pub crawl to get fans pumped up. 3000 seats are still left. from soccer to basketball, the all-stars take the court for a worthy cause. the basketball team -- anchors meredith mcdonough and adrian whitsett, jason guy was there to host. this was a fundraiser for the academy of knights of columbus charity and it was hard fought and game -- gained. they won 112 to 107. one of the things happening this weekend, weekends are always busy. >> there is so much to do, a big soccer game, baseball starting,
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and the surf is coming up. it is absolutely a beautiful morning, cold, crisp, but the weather is going to be quiet. that is going to build throughout the day. a breezy afternoon before it is all over. it is going to mean increased surf for the coastal waters and also conditions in our northern county once that wind sets up. 51 in sanford, 49 in palm coast. sunshine. throughout this day, we will see less of that. along the i-4 corner arc, temperatures into the mid-upper 70' s. north, across central florida, pretty cool. most of us are in the mid-50' s.
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>> coming up on 5:12, a frightening experience underwater results in a lawsuit. the scuba diver that was you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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>> in 24 hours we could find out the fate of the aaron andrews legal battle. the jury will begin deliberating tomorrow and andriese claims she was illegally recorded naked in
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all to determine if the hotel should pay for andrews' s emotional distress. the attorney for 12 -- former wants to meet with donald trump. s comments fair trial. trump has repeatedly called bergdahl a traitor. he is facing desertion charges. a man who fell off a royal caribbean clues -- crews. -- cruise. he fell 100 feet to the water below. the coast guard is searching nearly 1000 square miles. and unbelievable story.
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power company after he nearly died from being sucked into their intake tight -- pipe. the pipe eventually spit him out plant. to make it. >> i thought it would chop me up and kill me. i pulled the regulator out of my mouth. do i just die? family. without me? >> he is suing the company because he says the pipe was not properly alarmed. >> a plane makes an emergency course. it was flying with those couple lake.
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>> i like to do a selfie with the plane and tease all my friends how beautiful florida is. it is a chamber of commerce day. >> the left wing clipped a tree. no one was hurt. the amount of toxic water flowing from lake okeechobee is going down. the army corps of engineers began reducing it yesterday. businesses complained that poisoned water is spilling from waterways. >> they held a rally yesterday saying the obama administration should have pressed for robert levinson' s release. the associated press reports levinson disappeared in 2007. other prisoners were released during a prisoner swap in january. today marks 52 years since a historic moment in central
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martin luther king jr. spoke at pinker field that in 1964. last year after the stadium determined only the dirt itself was a landmark worth preserving. we learn more about a proposed memorial at the field. this rendering shows a field past. hundreds will march in downtown winter park for the annual saint patrick' s day parade. it is the only st. patrick' s day parade in central florida. it will continue south down park avenue to lyman avenue. the celebration will feature irish music and step dancing. >> i have my clogs. i am ready. >> the lord of the dance? >> the golf course where they are starting that under complete renovation.
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they get it done. this parade is going to be amazing. will not be raining on your parade today. the other parade is the iron horses going down a1a. that is going to have perfect weather. it is going to be fabulous. 51 in daytona and 43 in ocala. 54 in winter haven. beautiful morning -- morning so far. showers offshore. none of that in our forecast today. a frontal boundary is going to slip down the peninsula. very little impact at all. high pressure to the north is going to slide by and we are going to see the wind take up. a fairly breezy day today in central florida. turning to the northeast, will really set us up for some choppy
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moderate to decent chop out there later today. if you are not boating, a great week. as we work our way into monday, a few clouds. mostly sunny skies again on monday and tuesday, another great day. things warming up by the middle of the week, 81 by the end of the week. spring here in central florida, we are only a couple weeks away from spring. that is maybe the 21st of march, but we are in what we refer to as the meteorological spring already. claremont coming in at 76. 75 bithlo. cooler at the coast, that north wind is going to keep
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spring training going on, big game today in kissimmee. the astros and the blue joys -- blue jays at the first pitch. orlando city soccer taking on salt lake. 2:00, 75 degrees. beach and boating again, a big rip current threat out there and hazardous boating conditions developing offshore. beginning to talk about rain in the outlook for next weekend. >> a florida police department shares the video in hopes of setting -- shedding some light
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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>> video of a plant explosion in texas.
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pasadena facility yesterday? . no chemicals were released and the public is not in danger. a driver running a red light in front of an officer. a boynton beach officer in the middle of a traffic stop, another car speeds right back -- right on through the red light. said driver was later ticketed. the cop is just looking at that really just happened? >> that is a tough one. >> those red light cameras have been controversial. >> have they got you? >> i am a perfect driver. >> if you are looking for a new
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the agency is hiring a librarian. $118,000 a year. that is what they are going to pay. "librarians have opportunities to serve as embedded or foreign deployed information experts in cia offices." wow, for a librarian. >> you have to have a masters degree and experience as a librarian. >> i always thought the librarian -- the dewey decimal system was the biggest thing. >> there is a whole song we can sing about it, we can do that later. >> a search for answers after an overnight crash kills two people. several children are also recovering from that crash.
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downtown orlando right now temperatures in the he' s headed to the 70' s.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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>> right now, bullets fly as deputies arrived at a local restaurant in orange county. the latest from detectives as they search for the gunman. a big day on the campaign trail. what each campaign -- candidate is doing today. thanks for joining us. it is now 5:31. if you are just getting up, you should know that today is going to be pretty nice. >> candidates should have hung around for another day because we are going to have more sunshine. you are going to love this forecast. that is pretty typical. beautiful around lake eola. temperatures in the middle 50' s. we are going to watch the wind. they are going to pick up
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high rip current threat. everyone else is going to have a beautiful forecast. grab a kite, hit the park. have some fun. 51 degrees in daytona beach, so much happening in central florida. low 70' s and sunshine, soccer games and baseball games. everyone has a perfect setup for your outdoor baseball game today. middle-upper 70' s over the i-4 corridor. >> super saturday results are still coming in this morning after voters in five states cast their primary votes yesterday. donald trump the winner of the caucuses in kentucky. nbc news is projecting trump the winner of the louisiana primary.
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marco rubio and john kasich finish well behind. bernie sanders has one caucuses in kansas and nebraska, hillary has won the louisiana primary. fewer were up for grabs. 120 two compared to 155 the republicans. a closer look at the super saturday results. >> i was headed to another direction. i told the pilot we were going to kansas. >> donald trump' s last-minute detour to kansas did not help. ted cruz one on super saturday. the texas senator also one maine . trump' s winning streak continued as he came out on top in kentucky and louisiana. >> i want to congratulate ted on
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he should do well in maine canada. >> on the democratic race, bernie sanders one kansas and the caucuses in nebraska. >> the way to the white house is to win democrats, independents, and make sure trump does not win independents. hillary clinton one louisiana. >> i am a progressive who likes to get things done. >> i am melissa raney reporting. >> democrats preparing for tonight' s debate in flint, michigan. early voting is underway for all of central florida. polling locations open in seminole, volusia, osceola, and marion county as well as brevard.
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the florida primary is march 15. we will have results of the primary as they come in on you can find coverage leading up to florida' s primary again on march 15. breaking news in orange county, deputies spent most of the night interviewing witnesses after someone opened fire on them during an investigation. it happened just after 11:30 at mr. gyros on colonial drive. someone shot at them. at the same time the shots were fired, a dark suv drove away from the scene with what from man inside. -- with four man inside -- men inside. >> a drunk driver went on a
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matt grant talks with a man who saw it happen. matt: the speedway was hoped to motocross racing tonight but many fans say it was what happened off the track that left them stunned. abby kinney was drunk when she plowed her pickup truck into four people saturday morning. it happened around 2 --- 2:15 a.m.. nick wanted -- watched it all happened. >> she kept on going. matt: kinney failed several fields of writing tests. more than two times the legal limit. kinney told officers she shouldn' t have been driving.
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-- she was stumbling. matt: she was driving 40 miles an hour. >> the dude came flying. matt: police arrested kinney, for injuring four people along with several accounts of property damage. kinney is out of jail on a $5,000 bond. the investigation continues. >> be safe if you are driving through daytona beach well by week continues. our cameras captured this wreck in ormond beach yesterday. it did involve a motorcyclist who was hurt. drivers are urged to use caution. new details in a crash that led
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one driver ran a stop sign. matt lupoli learned children are among the injured. matt: pieces of plastic and metal torn and strewn about show the impact of a crash that took two lives and injured several others. investigators tell us one car careened into another, overturned, and took down the other. the driver of a coupe , 45-year-old robert hughes failed to obey a stop sign. three adults and three children. a passenger, haley' s milan soto, -- jesus milan soto was killed. the two who died were not wearing seat belts. the others were properly
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the injured were rushed to hospitals. it is unclear what caused the driver to run the stop sign. >> knew this morning. shooting a coworker in baltimore is in custody. he turned himself in yesterday. he has been on the run thursday when he shot his department. the two had some sort of dispute. a gun man is on the loose this morning after shooting and killing a wrapper -- rappe r. bank roll fresh was pronounced dead at the scene. the studio hosted several famous rappers.
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i have always had good music. that comes from the soul. >> no one else was hurt during that shooting. dozens of people are expected to come out to remember fallen today. -- tournament will take place beginning at 11: a.m.. germany was shot and killed when confronting two teenagers. both suspects later committed suicide. we turn our attention to whether now and all eyes on the sky with this is he sunday. st. patrick' s day parade in winter park happening. >> and bike week. we have got baseball. we have a soccer game. a lot of folks are heading over there today.
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it is not going to be blazing hot. cooling off as we head into the evening hours. today, you have some fabulous weather. that is the way it looks at this hour. temperature is in the middle 50' s. we are headed up to the upper 70' s in those locations. 45 in ocala, 49 in palm coast, overall pretty darn nice. starting on the cool side. along the i-4 corridor, we are in the low-mid 50' s right now. currently 56 in deer park, 48 in palm coast, 53 oak hill. lots of sunshine in your forecast. >> a bill regulating the way
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is closer to becoming law at. t actually require them to where the cameras. we will explain.
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es >> police warn the latest story on the o.j. simpson case could turn out to be nothing. officials are examining a knife that was found buried at the home where simpson was living. simpson was found not guilty of stabbing his ex-wife and her friend. one captain believes this whole story is bogus from the get-go. the house approved a bill regulating how police officers use body cameras. the legislation is backed ivy family of -- by the family of corey jones. that officer did not have a body cameras. the law would require departments to develop standards for the use of body cameras. the legislation does not require officers to actually wear them. some of the best equestrian jumpers in the nation could land
5:46 am
they are competing at the international equestrian center. one is the daughter of michael bloomberg. >> it takes skill and lots of practice. guiding horses through turns and jumps. this weekend, the spotlight on wellington. teens from -- teams from eight nations will be competing. >> it is a special occasion. it is an excitement to get behind your country. >> the team boasting medalists like georgina bloomberg, daughter of michael bloomberg. this is not her first time competing here. >> i just liked to watch the nation cup here and it was
5:47 am
>> her along with her teammates take every competition seriously. the olympic games are on her radar. >> it is always a goal. it is something that i would love to do in the future but i don' t know if it is going to work out this year. >> bloomberg says she is looking forward to showcasing her talent and excited about people coming up in learning more. >> that was jimmie johnson reporting for us. >> the lions roar back into action for their second season in the mls. 60,000 people are expected to come and see and orlando city kickoff -- an orlando city kickoff. lucky fans
5:48 am
the lions held their annual pub crawl to get fans pumped up. the newest additions to the team greeted fans and took selfies. available. new video of a human slinky. you have to see this. this is what fans at the arkansas witnessed. this rainbow colored human slinky going viral. the slinky is a colorful and comical high-energy solution. that is kind of cool. it is tough to believe that is just one person in their moving that around. >> that is crazy. looks like something years ago, what the blue man group grew out of. that is wild stuff. >> it is pretty wild.
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skies, lou green oceans. -- blue-green oceans. great weather. right now in daytona beach, i mentioned daytona because it is bike week and everyone is going to be heading over there with their motorcycle. it is going to be a beautiful day. temperatures in volusia eventually getting into the lower 70' s. we are 45-50 in win. -- in lynn. the subdivision at 56 in williamsburg right now, we are seeing 55 in rockledge. merritt island at 57 and a beautiful morning, clear skies. we are seeing that battle of the
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-- warm air of the spring. a week boundary through florida today, getting some showers going across the mid-atlantic. the rest of the country is quiet. it is the west that is a mess. heavy rainfall from saint -- vancouver tuesday los angeles -- they cooper to los angeles. -- vancouver to los angeles. a frontal boundary will slip on by today. the biggest impact is going to be a shift in the wind. breezy afternoon, sunny skies, nice conditions. perhaps only as high as the 60' s in flagler county. it is going to beat up the
5:51 am
76 in claremont, 76 in ho lopah. palm coast and 66, and flagler beach. heading out to the home and garden show, middle 70' s. if you are thinking epcot, middle upper 70' s. anyway you slice it, very high rip current threat, has risk conditions offshore -- hazardous conditions on shore -- offshore. >> that is often the distance. county.
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for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . >> bikers roaring into daytona beach and so are the spring breakers. you may not know, there is another species works -- lurking too. >> as spring -- the spring
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out here to have fun. >> it was 23 when we left michigan on monday and they got a foot of snow after we left. >> be its spring breakers or spring bikers, volusia county is filled with visitors. >> we haven' t seen any sharks. >> until i showed kelsey rivers these pictures of sharks off the coast of smyrna beach. these are juvenile lemon sharks. >> i probably won' t go back in the water. >> i didn' t mean to spoil your spring break. >> we do have the migration of more sharks in florida waters. we have more people in the water at that time too. >> i feel safe, i don'
5:56 am
>> the water is 65 degrees today. >> we do like to tell people that they -- if they see birds diving, get out of that area temporarily. >> if there is a bite it is usually a case of mistaken identity. >> we have never had any fatalities. all shark bites have been very minor. >> researchers say this species of lemon sharks tends to assemble in shallow water this time of year. >> buzz this morning about saturday night live host jonah hill. he hosted for the fourth time last night. >> medium fan here. i notice you haven' t starred in a movie in a long time. >> that is not really a question, kyle.
5:57 am
can you ask one of your friends? >> that is really funny, kyle. >> next week, we will hear what area on a grand a has to say when she hosts -- ariana grande has to say when she hosts. >> we will have a look where each candidate stands. plus. >> we win florida, it is over. campaigning in central florida yesterday. a look at his rally. a gun man opens fire at a restaurant. victims -- investigators search
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