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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason g.: the race for the white house will be back in central florida. marco rubio brings his campaign to central florida today. good day, i am jason guy. jazmin: and i and jazmin walker. the doors will open at 6:45. marco rubio will then speak an hour later. adrian whitsett is live in sanford with the latest. ad
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orlando, just outside the orlando headquarters here on north orange avenue. a group of puerto rico leaders here talked about marco rubio' s big win in their homeland. why it means he will win florida, as well. he had a commanding lead in the puerto rican primary. he picked up 23 delegates, which is the same amount that someone would have one if they got a majority of the vote in new hampshire. so, it is a big deal. 23 delegates for marco rubio. the puerto rican leaders include several important figures , who all say that marco rubio is the best for puerto rico and the best for the country. >> we are with marco rubio
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he understands our veterans. he is for us. he stands up for right. he is a true, american champion for strong worth -- strong defense. of life. adr ian: like we have heard from many others, we need to vote for marco rubio and not for donald trump. they believe he has been belittling and is respecting many people. that includes many hispanics. they say that puerto ricans in central florida really need to bring marco rubio to the floor to vote, so he can win in his home state. again, marco rubio will speak tonight in sanford at the orlando-sanford international airport. the doors will open at 6:45. he will take the stage at around
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we will have complete commitment 2016 coverage of that event tonight. jazmin: we will have complete coverage from that rally tonight on wesh 2. we will also have the latest poll results on air, and on the wesh 2 mobile app. jason g.: several bikers are recovering today, after a nasty motorcycle wreck in seminole county. about two dozen bikers were on a memorial ride yesterday in sanford to honor a friend, who had recently passed away. investigators say, at some point, a car clipped one of the bikes at the intersection of county road 46-a and casa verde boulevard, not far from the 417. witnesses say the car was making a left turn, and went right into the bike' s path. florida highway patrol says the man on the motorcycle was thrown about 40 feet. he had multiple fractures, and was in critical condition. he and three others with injuries are expected to recover. jazmin: if you' re headed out to downtown for lunch today, you' ll want to pay extra attention on how you' re getting there. garland avenue is closed, as part of the i-4 ultimate project. the section of road from west colonial drive to marks street
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than a year. wesh two' s alex villareall has the details on just how long garland may be closed. alex? alex: if you use garland avenue, you will want to pay close attention. the road is now closed here from colonial drive to marx street. we have spoken to people downtown, and they say this will be a big headache to lose this side street. especially, with more high-rises opening in the area. you can see the road closure barricades out here. it is going to be like this for over a year. it is all part of the i-4 ultimate project. said garland needed to be closed for several reasons, new entrance ramp. you will need to take a detour. use orange avenue or magnolia avenue. hundreds of informational mailers were distributed in the area to remind residents and
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again, if you are out here, you will see the closures signs and barricades. transportation officials say that the timeline could be extended or modified if there are weather delays or other unforeseen conditions. take care if you are driving in this direction. in orlando, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. jazmin: new at noon. the autopsy on a body, found in the ocala national forest, is complete. so far, the metal -- the medical examiner has only said, the person was a man. the remains were discovered friday, in an area just off forest road 50. detectives with the marion county sheriff' s office got a tip that the body was possibly buried there and decided to search. the medical examiner is still working to determine the cause of death and positively identify the body. jason g.: the coast guard says it has suspended its search for
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fell overboard off the florida coast. officials say, 46-year-old david mossman fell from the deck of royal caribbean' s navigator of the seas on saturday. the ship was near key largo when he fell. the coast guard says, it covered more than 1600 square nautical miles in its search. the florida highway patrol says there will be more "click it or ticket" patrols on the road for spring break. they say, in 2015, 21% of those who were killed in crashes weren' t wearing their seat belts. they want to catch drivers who don' t buckle up. it runs until march 14th, during the peak of spring break. they' re also cracking down on drunk drivers with more patrols. jazmin: the weather did not disappoint this weekend. it looks like it will continue. jason b.: we are starting to feel more of a breeze this afternoon. it is a nice, light breeze outside. it feels so comfortable. this is a beautiful day. take a look at the satellite. a couple of clouds are working in, off the ocean. if you are headed to the beach today, we are looking at four to five feet out there.
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we are at 74 degrees in melbourne. easterly wind at about 14 or 15 miles per hour. orlando is at 77 degrees. the breeze feels so nice outside. we are headed into the middle and upper 70' s throughout most of florida today. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. the temperatures are going to continue to climb the next couple of days. i will let you know how warm when i see you inside in just a few minutes. jazmin: thank you, eric. drivers will continue to feel pain at the pump this week, as gas prices continue their upward trend. prices jumped by an average of six cents across florida last week. right now, we' re paying $1.80 in orlando. and around $1.82 in daytona beach. but it' s not all bad news, prices are still $0.62 lower, compared to this time last year. jason g.: a trial is underway for a former marion county deputy connected to this graphic video. five deputies were caught on camera back in 2014, beating a suspect they were arresting. one of them, jesse terrell, is
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violations. when the feds got involved, they determined the suspect, derrick price, was not resisting arrest. four of the deputies quit, and have already pleaded guilty in federal court to civil rights violations. but deputy jesse terell was fired. he pleaded not guilty to the charges last month. right now, marion county deputies are trying to find this woman. 52-year-old carmon molina-colon was last seen at her ocala home, around 6:00 friday night. she is dependent on medication, and family members say she does not have any with her. carmon was last seen driving a blue, 2013 scion with a temporary florida tag number bpz-6516. take a look at her photo here. if you see her, call 911. police in daytona beach say a 12-year-old girl is safe, after being left alone in a running car that a suspect stole and drove away in. police say the victim parked her car in the 800 block of white court this morning, and left the sleeping 12-year-old alone in the back seat, while she ran inside to pick up another child to take to school.
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the vehicle and fled. when he noticed the child in the back, who had awakened, he drove to a nearby apartment complex, jumped out, and fled. the child was found, unharmed in the vehicle. so far, the suspect has not been found. jazmin: we are still waiting to find out whether charges will be filed in a deadly crash in daytona beach. police say one man was hit and killed around 7:15 last night, near nova road and brentwood drive. we' re told the driver, who hit the man, remained on scene, and cooperated with investigators. the victim' s identity has not yet been released. new at noon, a nascar team, travelling home from a race in las vegas, was forced to make an emergency landing. someone noticed smoke in the cabin of the plane. it was headed to charlotte, but landed in memphis. the plane belongs to hendrick motorsports, and a representative says, no one was hurt. mechanics are currently inspecting the plane. the passengers will take another flight to charlotte. jason g.: the orlando magic are in california today. the team is taking on the warriors tonight. this is video from the last time
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that was in february, at the amway center. the magic lost that game in the closing seconds of the third quarter, when stephen curry launched a shot from the midcourt and banked it in off the glass. the tipoff for tonight' s game is at 10:30 p.m. tickets are now on sale for the invictus games. prince harry will be at the espn wide world of sports complex on may 8th, when the games begin. 500 wounded servicemen and women from around the world will compete in the event. single session tickets are $18 for adults and $13 for children, seniors, veterans, and active-duty military personnel. they' re available through ticketmaster. jazmin: two brothers are celebrating today after buying when ready -- buying winning lottery ticket in florida. jason g.: and that alone reminds us why we should always be nice to our siblings, because one brother didn' t win nearly as much as his sibling did. james stocklas won the $291 million dollar jackpot, while on vacation in the florida keys.
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t quite so lucky, taking home just seven dollars. the brothers are from pennsylvania. this is the second big powerball win in florida in the last few months. coming up, nancy reagan will be remembered for her strength and intelligence as the first lady in the white house. jazmin: the last minutes that
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wind inn you are watching wesh 2. jazmin: nancy reagan is being remembered today for her strength, her intelligence, and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. s natalie morales has s death. natalie: good morning to you. i am at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, where we are remembering the extraordinary life of nancy reagan. history will regard her as one of the most influential first ladies. she was so devoted to her husband, president ronald reagan. their love affair was beyond compare. she was also one of his fiercest protectors and most trusted advisors. president obama saying about the former first lady, that she redefined the role of first lady with her "just say no" anti-drug ad campaign.
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drugs and alcohol, just say no. natalie: she also became an advocate for stem cell research, during her husband' s long battle with alzheimer' s disease. dinner plans have yet to be made public. the public will have a chance to come to the ronald reagan present library to say their goodbyes. -- presidential library to say their goodbyes. jazmin: and in honor of the former first lady. -- in honor of the former first lady the flags over the u.s. , capitol are flying at half-staff. the leaders of the house and senate say they remember her fierce devotion to the late ronald reagan, both during his presidency and his long battle with alzheimer' s disease. jason: north korea is threatening nuclear strikes on the u.s. and south korea. the associated press reports, it' s their reaction to the joint military drills by the u.s. and south koreans, which start today. kim jong un calls the drills invasion rehearsals. this year'
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largest ever staged, involving 300,000 south korean and 17,000 u.s. troops. they are expected to last through the end of april. jazmin: 18 years in the league and future hall-of-famer peyton manning is ready to retire. he' ll make an official announcement at 1:00 today on his decision to bring his career to an end. he will leave the nfl as the all time leading passer and winningest starting quarterback. manning is the only one to win super bowls with two different teams, the indianapolis colts and, most recently, the denver broncos. the lions are off to a thrilling second season, after nearly losing their first game yesterday. jason: if you left early, you missed out. the team had an incredible finish, scoring 2 goals in the final minute. more than 60 thousand packed the citrus bowl on a beautiful sunday afternoon for the home opener. lots of fans left disappointed with what they anticipated to be the first loss of the season. but in the final minute of the game, the lions were down 2 but that changed fast. brek sheah in the box to cyle larin for the score. so lions down 2-1 with seconds remaining then this happens.
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field and in it goes. those that stuck around treated to an unforgettable finish. next up for the lions, the chicago fire at home friday night at 7:00. eric: around central florida, we were talking about so many different events yesterday. there was the orlando city game. there was affair going on. bike week. -- there was a fair going on. bike week. so much to talk about, so much going on. i want to show you daytona beach. daytona -- bike week is continuing there. it is 73 degrees, the current temperature. the wind has gone a bit more call. we are still seeing some dust across central florida. -- gusts across central florida. it will be a partly cloudy day, throughout the day today.
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us some onshore flow. it is bringing more moisture in. as we look ahead to tonight, the more moisture -- the increased moisture means have your readings. we will be watching a few clouds working away on in tonight. it is a mainly clear sky. that is the way we will stay past sunset. here are our daytime highs. 10 or 15 mile per hour winds. that will feel very comfortable. 77 degrees in ocala. 78 in orlando. 78 at daytona beach. a beautiful, beautiful day for us. at dinnertime, it will be partly , to mainly clear skies overhead. 62 degrees by 11:00 tonight. we will follow a bit more from there. notice, no more 40' s in marion county. 55 degrees in sanford. 57 in titusville.
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that is right about where we should be, for this time of year. your bike week forecast, could you ask for anything better? we will be a bit warmer tomorrow. we will get even warmer on wednesday. for bikers, the only concern will come on saturday, when we fall. today, it will be beautiful. tomorrow, the wind will shift temperatures up. wednesday, same thing. a little more weight, and a little more heat. take -- a little more heat, and a little more wind. take a look at this forecast. while we are transitioning into a spring break mentality, we have a great set up for the area waterways.
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that high swell will wash out, especially around low tide. always check with the lifeguards. be very, very careful. voters, it will -- boate rs, it will also be fairly rough out there for you, too. temperatures building into the middle 80' s by the end of the week. as of now, no real concern for severe weather. next chance of rain on saturday. jazmin: today, the united states olympic committee will gather to address the zika virus. jason: the committee formed an advisory group last week to figure out how to protect athletes from the virus. zika is currently prevalent in brazil, where the summer olympics are set to take place. here in florida, 48 cases of the virus have been confirmed, including cases in orange, osceola, seminole, and brevard counties. all of the cases are travel-related. a warning for mac users today. your computer may not be as safe as you think. for the first time, malicious software called ransomware
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s how it works it hijacks a -- here is how it works. it hijacks a computer and locks out it' s user until a ransom is paid. this particular program requires victims to pay one bitcoin which is a little more than 4 hundred -- one bitcoin, which is a little more than $400. apple says it took steps to protect it' s customers. jazmin: new at noon. tiny diamonds are being used to break through blocked arteries on the operating table. the diamondback 360 is a diamond coated crown that' s mounted on a wire. surgeons are able to pass into the coronary artery. and as it spins it breaks up plaque into small particles. the plaque removal only takes about 10 minutes, and then stents can be put in. jason: insults caught on camera. a georgia high school girl is speaking out after she says her teacher insulted her in front of the entire class.
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>> i have been around for 37 years, and clearly you are the dumbest girl i have ever met. jason: shaniaya hunter has an eye condition that forces her to miss school from time-to-time. she says she was trying to catch up ahead of a test when the teacher called her dumb. hunter just happened to be recording a lesson on a school-issued ipad. >> i do not think it is ok. i do not think he should be there. >> we are going to fight. we are going to keep fighting, until it is over. it is not over yet. jason: when asked the school district would not acknowledge if the teacher was disciplined or not. rescue dogs in orlando. every dog rescued will be put out later, when they are ready. >> after they had been in foster homes or a wild, we will put them up for adoption.
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adoption in about 2-4 weeks. jason: you can find more information on how to help these rescue website. the wesh 2 all stars took to the hardwood over this weekend.
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jazmin: our commitment 2016 coverage continues today. jason: it is all leading up to florida senator marco rubio' s stop in sanford this evening. today at 4:00 we' ll look at the , move made locally to help the senator as florida looks to be a must win for rubio. jazmin: and later this afternoon we' re expecting an update regarding work on i-4 after a worker was killed on the job last month. we' re getting an update from crews after the i-4 ultimate team meets today on wesh 2 news first at 4:00. the wesh 2 all stars hit the court this weekend. jason: check this out. the team took on annunciation catholic academy, saturday night, in a game that saw action from anchors meredith mcdonough, angela taylor, and adrian whitsett. i was there to help do a little announcing. my favorite was the celebrating from our own angela taylor, when she sunk this shot. look at this.
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she was great. look at that shot. that was the team, and they did not let me touch the ball. the annunciation knights took down the all-stars. the final score was 112-107. eric: a great day to want to go play basketball. a breezy day today, but we are headed into the 80' s for the rest of the week.
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