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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i heard two shootings. it was in broad daylight. he struck at least five times. he is identified as mario hall. during a shooting, a little girl says she does on to the floor boards. shares spokeswoman says there is a long-running dispute with the driver. everyone was extremely frightened. it does not appear to be a random act. it is an extremely dangerous situation. reporter: we reached the driver by phone. they declined further comment. another woman says she is afraid
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>> he was released from jail . now, hall is facing a string of felony charges. because of that, it constitutes a violation of why he was out on bond in the first place. a judge has decided he will not be held on any bond. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. meredith: late breaking tonight, a portion of i-4 reopened. chopper 2 was on the scene moments after it happened. all lanes have to be blocked and traffic quickly locked at the state road. the victim got off of his motorcycle and picked up something that had fallen. the man is now in critical condition. orange county deputies have ruled the death of a man a
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his body was found but no word on how he was killed. anyone with information is asked to call. right now, marco rubio is campaigning hard across florida. this is a live look across the event. marco rubio was campaigning where he celebrated a victim -- win in the puerto rico primary. >> all we have is the same people out again, nothing is going to change. we have to take our principles to those who do not normally vote for us. he is speaking in idaho falls. tonight, after tampa he will bring his campaign to sanford. adrian: they are putting the
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can see right now that the local law enforcement details is getting briefed right now. the stage is set up. it has been for some time. he will spoke to aim much smaller crowd here than the 10,000 who were at trump' s rally. he will say he' d is the one to unite the party and to beat clinton this november. his supporters will be here. 1000 of them. jim: it is coming down to the wire. he has almost daily events in the sunshine state. a group of his supporters laid down their support. >> the voters in puerto rico have a lot of hope for marco.
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reporter: this kernel switch his support from jeb bush to marco rubio. >> he listens to people. he has the best policy platform. he is the most knowledgeable and reasonable candidate of all. >> trump is for trial. rubio is the voice of reason for you. reporter: rubio needs to win in florida. puerto rican supporters say they are trying to impress upon all hispanics and central florida that their voice counts. >> they do matter and they are just as important in selecting their next president.
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rubio is set to set the stage in tampa. had here to orlando sanford international. he is expected to take the stage tonight. doors open for the public around 7:00. jim: marco rubio is not the only republican presidential candidate. donald trump appeared at ucs over the weekend. the unit was so packed that people had to be turned away. trump posted that if he wins the florida primary, it is over for the rest of the candidates. trump: we will build a wall! and who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! hundreds of protesters gathered
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a new poll shows marco rubio closing the gap between himself and front runner donald trump. the poll was conducted over the weekend with registered republicans. they were asked if the republican primary was today, how who would you vote for? 17% ted cruz and 10% john kasich. meredith: governor scott has signed into law a change in the death penalty. he said the way it was structured put too much in the hands. he hopes that this legislation deserve. altamonte springs police says the body of jose gomez was at the lotus landing apartments. joeckel carter was named a suspect. the 24-year-old made a
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check out this grass fire. this is on wes purvis lane near the west falluja humane society. so far, no word on what sparked the flame but no structures appeared to be heard. meredith: we always want to know what the winds are like. tony: take a look at the month of february. now the first week in the first of march. all we can find is the one down towards kenansville. we do have some window out there so we have to watch these conditions going ahead. take a look at the rest of the week. there will be a southeasterly breeze all week long. it is comfortable out here.
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hour-by-hour spring breakers are going to get their wish. the warmest weather week this year. meredith: police and daytona beach say was turned in by his own right. anthony carmina was turned in. he is accused of walking into wells fargo saturday morning and casting a note demanding cash. they found some of the stolen cash outside. adopt park has been shut down. officials look into the incident. no word on when it may be open
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jim: a medical examiner is going to look into a state park remains. all that has been determined is the deceased is a man. how he died and how he got into the worst remains a mystery. shares were back on the scene today looking for more clues. some bikers in seminole county got into a nasty wreck. a car clipped one of them at the intersection of testaverde boulevard. witnesses say car was making a left turn. florida highway patrol says the man was thrown at 40 feet. he was in critical condition. meredith: if you open the number -- uber app, customers are being asked about legislation. amanda ober explains the votes are being cast as part of a
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attacking a local law. reporter: well the taxi companies are trying to limit our axis -- access to uber. they are trying to override local governments and prevent them from regulating uber and other rideshare companies. it asks writers to vote for also radians to have access to their service. corrects -- >> and bill with
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senate leaders have been reluctant to preempt local government. meantime, it' s oaks woman says no senator filed a companion to the house bill requiring state preemption. she went on to point out reliability requirements for a ride has been filed with the senate. the outcome of this latest battle will be determined by friday. amanda ober wesh 2 news. jim: the company reportedly has close to 30 lobbyist in the state capital this week. coming up, a big road closure to tell you about. meredith: plus, a big update on
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jim: commitment 2016 takes you
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marco rubio joins in florida. >> the entire establishment was against us. we were dozens of points down. we were not sure how over going to raise the money . it all happened because of you. two years later, he became a democrat to run. now he became a vegetarian. he keeps switching. [laughter] jim: rubio'
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look for full coverage on our late newscast. it had been suspended beforehand. meredith: gail paschall-brown is live along i-4. reporter: this is a test for march 13. if all goes well, the real thing involves building a bridge. you may have seen these lighted messages in orange county. expect delays on march 13 from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. this is a series of rolling roadblocks.
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make sure everything runs smoothly before we do actual work. they will be installing some bridge beams. if all goes as planned, the beams will be set march 14-18. >> it opens up a window for construction workers. reporter: 13 entrance ramps will be affected. >> during this rolling roadblock, people driving westbound on i-4, people will be affected. all entrance ramps to kirkman road will be blocked off. until it gets ahead, these dates are tentative. watch the signs for further
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whether anything can be a factor , that is why they want you to watch the signs and please be careful. live in orange county, wesh 2 news. jim: i want to give a shout out to the sweetwater oaks garden club. thousands of people came out. tony: we do need some rain. we are going to get some this upcoming week. watch these soils. let me take you up because. 71 degrees. notice the wind. a big dome of high-pressure is going to be anchored. we get that onshore flow.
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current will be on. it will continue to go up. with that onshore flow, we are seeing air temperatures coming down . what comes in must go out. the easiest way to get out of a rip current is not to fight it, it is to continue to swim very well to the coast much to get out of that rip current. otherwise, you are going to be in big trouble. dangerous surf tomorrow. it will continue at least through the middle of the week. with that onshore flow, we warm up nicely in the early afternoon. we start cooling it off from east to west. cocoa beach is at 71. you are running in the upper 70' s. great weather this week and we
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s. 51 in ocala. 61 in melbourne with that light wind. we are talking about comfortable temperatures tonight. we' ve got that onshore breeze. even warmer tomorrow, we will be getting into the 80' s especially west of i-4. webster, 81. leesburg, 79. groveland, 80. farther east you go, you can see the readings. mid-seventies and daytona. middle to the upper 70' s that are running in the mid-60' s. light week looking good. cooling with temperatures falling into the upper 70' s. for the strawberry festival, more of the same.
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as we take a look at disney, there is a mid-page. let' s take a look at your updated seven-day forecast. hottest week of 2016 buspar. mid-to-upper 80' s. we will talk about that weekend storm system. jim: how about that? coming up, some scary moments for a nascar driver. meredith: grass fires scorched
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meredith: tonight, the country is mourning the loss of nancy reagan. she was called a shining example of what a first lady should be. she ran and national campaign trying to keep drugs out of the hands of children. >> she was outspoken about it
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she played an important role in the reagan administration. meredith: nancy reagan was 94. jim: 1000 acres burns across oklahoma. they say this fire is being fueled by dry land. firefighters are still working to contain this wildfire. they are expecting to continue working on it tonight. a six hour standoff fronted by a shooting in australia has come to an end. police say he killed one person. two other workers were trapped inside. they were treated at the scene before being taken to the hospital. police say they were forced to open fire on a new york city man after a violent crime spree. james dillon/the neck and
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he then went on to try to set a personal on fire. jim: the nascar race team was forced to make an emergency landing. someone noticed smoke in the cabin of this plane. it was headed to charlotte but landed in memphis. it belongs to memphis motorsports. mechanics are checking the plane. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. stewart moore joins us. stewart: new details into the investigation of a stolen car. when it was recovered, a child was in the backseat area. plus, a local sheriff' s deputy is charged with civil rights violations.
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stewart: right now in daytona
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good evening, i' m stewart moore. >> i meredith mcdonough. reporter: police have not released the name of the victim or the victims mother . the 12-year-old was asleep in the back when the mother got out. a stranger jumped in and flight with the child in the back. reporter: a neighbor saw it all and spoke with the mother after the child was down with the vehicle at an apartment complex several blocks away. police say the mom chased after the suspect but lost him. >> someone distill my car.
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it does not appear the suspect realized the child was sleeping at the back. >> when she woke up, the stranger said he was going to take her back to the mom. the suspect abandoned the vehicle. the mom was able to find her daughter by calling her. >> we recover the car within minutes. she was not harmed. if police are able to identify that suspect, she will face a host of charges. in daytona beach, claire metz, wesh 2 news. meredith: if police do make an arrest, the 12-year-old is the only one able to identify the man.
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he is accused of a civil rights violation. this video shows them beating a suspect. deputy jussi trail was fired and pleaded not guilty. right now, orange county deputies are looking into a shooting. deputies say the shots were fired east of the 417. detectives say two men were asked if someone was lived there. one of them fired shots at the cross. no one was hurt. stewart: deputies say someone fired at them at a restaurant. deputies say they heard the gunfire coming from the business. they do not return fire but an suv took off after that. no one was hurt. if 52-year-old woman is missing and marion county.
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take a good look at carmen molina. she was last seen at 6:00 on friday night. she does take medication and does not have that medication with her. she was last seen driving a blue 2013 zion. if you see her, meredith: call 911. meredith:charges will still be filed. one man was hit and killed near redwood. his name and age has not been released. the driver that hit him cooperated with him. it is all because of the weekend deal. reporter: the second to last hurdle for ucs in support of the downtown orlando campus has been cleared. organizers have put $20 million into building the downtown campus.
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the new campus will serve 77 hundred students coming from both ucf and valencia college. it is a new major initiative. both sides agreed the campus would expand the land of the school and also revitalize a portion of the city. that price tag is $75 million. if governor scott signs off. reporter: last year, he vetoed this deal. there is no word on which way he is leading. he has also opposed in the past. stewart: it was a game fans waited months for. what a game it turned out to be. the orlando city lions are back and avoided a loss yesterday. they scored two goals in the
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more than 16,000 fans were there. many left early when they were down, and that all changed pretty quickly and those that stuck around saw an incredible finish. they play the orlando fire -- chicago fire on saturday night. meredith: these temperatures are comfortable but are going to be changing. tony: we are deftly going to be heating on out. the pollen is through the roof. every day, you are cleaning off your windshield. look at the winds out of the east. 13 here in orlando. look at the pollen level all week long. a little rain is in the forecast. that will certainly help the cause. just have your allergies ready
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79 up towards ocala. take a look at downtown orlando. it will be flowing back into the mid 60' s. afternoon highs will be creeping up the next couple of days. we will highlight that for you. meredith: sportscaster erin andrews has one of multimillion dollar lawsuit. she was humiliated and suffered from depression. she $155 million. jurors decided that the hotel owner and management share the blame. a nasty crash. take photos of the scene. 11 cars were involved.
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one person was seriously injured. no word on what caused the crash. stewart: you know how you got that amber alert notification. it was about a one-year-old boy who was found say. his mother is in custody and awaiting extradition back to miami. charges are pending against her. right now, we are seeing more than more than half a million bikers this week. this is part of bike week. >> we had to multiple -- motorcycle tax this weekend.
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there have been multiple the crowd is expected to build up. meredith: this coast guard has suspended a search for david mossman. the ship was near key largo when he felt 10 floors. new information, the florida senate has approved legalizing terminal marijuana for terminal patients. i made some legal for the first time in the state. supporters say that marijuana legislation is common sense. >> what the legislature has done is saying that people that suffer from oat lipsticks caesars --
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meredith: the bill is headed to governor rick scott. stewart: spring break is all but here, you are still not. jason: for a variety of reasons, it looks like traveling to a spring break destination is going to be different. thanks in large part to lower gas prices. people are looking at lower gas prices the where they can go regionally within that one take a gas drive. 65% of people say they are indeed hitting the road. airfare is also down 6% to 15% internationally. all because of that lower fuel costs. reporter: average hotel rates are just $139 a night.
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>> you' re going to find great travel deals. reporter: the real key to saving is to book by the end of this week. stewart: bring breakers usually mean and in increase in car accidents. last year, 21% of everyone that was killed was not wearing a seatbelt. the vast majority of spring breakers will be here. coming up, wesh 2 is on the campaign trail. meredith: who needs a victory to stay in the race. jim: plus, a warning from scientist.
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>> every moment, every drop of stress, it every note i took was about one thing. reference for this game. meredith: peyton manning making it official. he played the game for 18 years and he will likely move on to broadcasting and coaching or even management. it is the start of another week and candidate still in the race for the white house pardon wasting no time asking for votes. republicans arm working overtime in four states. sally: michigan is tomorrow' s biggest prize with 59 delegates and 130 for democrats. with coal' s giving donald trump the lead, the real estate mogul took his campaign to north carolina.
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t think too many of the other candidates employ a lot of people. reporter: k-6 has surged to third-place. rubio appears to be closing the gap in florida. the latest poll now is trailing trump by just eight points. and donald trump is spending some of his biggest money yet. collects all talk, no action. reporter: meantime, donald -- the democrats took swings at each other. >> if everyone had voted the
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he did, we would have lost millions of jobs and the great deeper. reporter: the democrats and the republican candidates will act back to be in miami later this week. stewart: be sure to check with wesh 2 online and on air. right now, the united nations is sounding the alarm about ethiopia. it is experiencing its worst doubt in decades. animals are even taking ahead. to help fight the drought. el nio is responsible and it is and salmon fishing. forecasters say el nio has
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the fishing industry is now bracing for restrictions. the whole population. stewart: the heavy hit. it blanketed nevada. good resulted in any deaths. tony: guys, they need that rain. they got like three-five inches of rain. >> it is going to be dry here. beautiful in daytona beach. we switch gears here. let' s look at downtown orlando.
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it feels like temperatures are the same. dry. a comfortable night tonight. we' ve got all these spring and there will be dangerous rip currents. it will give us that onshore flow. that is one concern. to watch these central florida. we are now starting the month off dry as well. notice the wind speeds. hour. trend.
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with us. look at the water temperatures. this sees are -- the seas are going to be rough two. be mindful. coastal communities are running in the low 70' s. s. it is only following to about 63 by 10:00. ocala is following to 60 degrees by 10:00. 65 in sanford. there is your setup for tomorrow. there is big beautiful high. we see those temperatures
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there is your setup on wednesday that he will continue. as we get to two there' s a, we are talking about upper 80' s. by the way, this weekend we spring forward. set your clocks on saturday night. let' s take a look now at orlando city soccer for friday. 82 and drive. good-looking forecast there. that is your updated seven-day forecast. your next best chance of rain is not set to arrive until sometime this weekend. stewart: coming up a warming for any woman who wants to be a
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behind the capital city. researchers at harvard say a deficiency of vitamin d during the early part of a pregnant he can increase the risk of multiple sclerosis in children. children of moms who were vitamin d deficient were 90% adult. they say they will be rolling out the virtual reality. this seems like a bad idea waiting to happen. they will get a special headset to wear during the ride. writers -- riders meredith: the theme
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the park opened in 2001. the addition of the harry potter attraction fueled the increase in visitors. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. jim: tonight, commitment 2016 takes center stage in central florida. marco rubio will be on his way from tampa 2 sanford. we are taking a look. we will also be monitoring a local grass fire. those stories and more coming up
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>> a push for florida. senator marco rubio is trying to get a win in his own state.
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jim: uber versus the state. how tallahassee is using their application. this is wesh two news at 6:00. the all-out battle to win the sunshine state. good evening, i' m very the mike dunn oh >> and i' m jim payne. donald trump made a weekend stop in orlando. adrian whitsett is live in orlando. rubio is set to take the stage here. doors open at seven. some people have been waiting here for two hours.
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we will likely hear some of the same messages tonight. he told the crowd that on his first day as president, he will repeal obama' s executive actions and the deal with iran. rubio: our children may be the first children ever to inherit a diminished country. that is what is at stake here. you are not just asked to choose presidential candidates, you are asked to change the identity of


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