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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we will likely hear some of the same messages tonight. he told the crowd that on his first day as president, he will repeal obama' s executive actions and the deal with iran. rubio: our children may be the first children ever to inherit a diminished country. that is what is at stake here. you are not just asked to choose presidential candidates, you are asked to change the identity of
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republican party. reporter: marco rubio ended his his speech. again, the doors here open at 7:00. he moves on again. he will be in sarasota and then st. johns county. a new poll shows marco rubio possibly closing the back -- gap between himself and donald trump. it was conducted over the weekend with registered republicans. 38% say trump. in the last round of polls, rubio had been trailing donald trump by 16 points.
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the rally at 8:00 tonight. we will have more on what he says tonight. right now, a motorcyclist is in critical condition. chopper 2 was over the scene moments after it happened. troopers say that it happened around 1:40 this afternoon. he walked into the eastbound center lane to pick up an item that dropped off the bike. that was when he was hit by a semi. in some of county, eight convicted and valid in behind bars today. the 38-year-old mario hall was involved in a dispute with the driver who he saw in his neighborhood. they said he fired 11 shots and the children say they ran for
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>> what we do know is it does not appear to be a random act. it is an extremely dangerous situation. jim: altamonte springs police name a suspect in the shooting of a employee. pose a gomez was found in the lotus landings apartments. joshua carter is now a suspect. he made a court appearance on an unrelated charge today. police are trying to interview him. meredith: police are looking for a man who stole a car with a 12-year-old girl in the
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the mom left the keys in the car while she was inside. a suspect jumped in and took off. police don' t think he realized the child was in the back of the vehicle. we talked to a neighbor. >> the daughter said when she woke up, that was when she realized a stranger was driving. reporter: the girl is safe. they have not found the suspect. meredith: check out this grass fire in volusia county. chopper 2 was over the scene. jim: service had to be called in. so far, no word on what sparked the flame. going to rise and no rain is
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tony: that combination could lead to some brush fire concerns. >> we will be watching that very carefully tonight. as that big dome of high-pressure get stronger and stronger. the dry air . it is a pretty big combination if we are not careful. the wind is that 10-15 miles an hour. upper 60' s and low 70' s across the board. hour-by-hour, we are following into the lower 70' s. strata, we are going to talk about the increase in heat and light this is going to be the warmest week.
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deputies say a post on facebook helped them catch a thief. chad patna of yesterday and large -- charged with grand theft. the owner of the store fired gunshots into the ground but the suspect was able to get away. note new video just into the wesh two news room. this is surveillance video . deputies say they heard gunfire when neighbors responding to a call here. it looks like a and f 250. call kremlin. meredith: medical examiner' s
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how he died and how he got into the forest remains a mixture he. -- mystery. deputies are trying to find this woman. 52-year-old carmen molina was last seen friday night. she is dependent on medication. she does not have it with her. she was laughing driving a blue 2013 zion. if you see her, call 911. jim: trial is underway for a former marion county deputy connected with some graphic video. five deputies were found to be beating a suspect they were arresting. jesse terrel was charged with civil rights violations. the suspect derrick price was resisting arrest. deputy terrel was fired.
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find out why two mena shot into a local home over the weekend. they found eight bullet holes in the garage door of the home. detectives say two men approached the home on sunday. when they were told that person was not home, they fired shots at the garage and then ran away. on at 6:00, look what investigators are trying to find a sexual predator. billy sylvester has a extensive criminal record. he failed to maintain his court-ordered resume requirements. daytona beach police say a man accused of robbing a bank was turned in by his own wife. anthony carpino was arrested after his wife saw pictures of the bank robbery suspect on facebook. this is surveillance video of him walking into old -- wells fargo.
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the customer followed him out of the bank. theater room ceo is on the job after the firing. ellen syler has been there for 20 years. harbor house is a facility that shelters women. it is in the middle of a fundraiser. will the ceo scramble put a damper on fundraising? >> i think the people know it is bigger than one person. i do not anticipate any fund are deciding that they do not want to fund this cause based on one person. jim: she expects to be there for three months. meredith: the former millionaire
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condition of killing his wife. against it. his decision. governor rick scott has signed penalty statute. earlier this year, the u.s. supreme court made it unconstitutional. of the new law, or governor scott hopes it will get the closure they deserves. the measure makes marijuana -- illegal -- legal. this will be available for terminally ill patients. opponents say the bill is too restrictive about who can ultimately grow the marijuana
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jim: it is uber versus the government. >> wealthy taxi companies are trying to limit our access to uber. meredith: the battle between uber and the florida senate. jim: more delays are
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jim: if you open up uber , you may have noticed a question pops up. amanda ober explains how the votes are being cast as part of the large campaign that specific the attacks a local state editor. amanda: starting today, when floridians open the app
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are prompted as part of a campaign. >> wealthy taxi companies are trying to limit our axis to uber. reporter: they are ramping up the campaign to prevent local governments to regulate uber. the campaign specifically targets andy gardiner of orlando claiming he is biased against uber. this bill passed the house but senate leaders have been reluctant . she went on to point out a
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it is available for a vote . the outcome of the latest uber battle will be determined by friday. we were has not yet indicated what it plans to do with the vote being cast. the company has 30 lobbyists. meredith: parts of i-4 will be expecting delays. they say it is a test run for a series of rolling roadblocks later this month. if all goes as planned, it is tentatively set to be march fourth-18. >> it opens up a window for construction workers to do work on the roadway.
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reporter: again, these dates are tentative. we have some road work in titusville to tell you about. jim: momentum is building to make the ucf downtown campus a reality. state legislators agreed to set aside $40 million for the project. it is nearly $75 million. the florida board of governors approved the school' s plan for 68 acres in orlando' s parramore neighborhood. it is believed daytona beach will see a hundred million
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years ago , they constructed a task force to prevent bike that' s -- thefts. note fatalities directly related. meredith: there is a lot happening throughout central florida. tony, it has been a beautiful day. tony: it is going to get hot this week. we have to watch the rip current. we do have a lot to talk about. let' s head south over towards melbourne.
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temperature is at 71 degrees. wind is at 10 miles an hour. it is a big dome of high-pressure. what we are going to be watching is this southeasterly wind flow. dangerous rip currents and dry weather conditions. wind right now out of the east. even back towards the interior. for the spring breakers, what comes in moscow out. if you are in a rip current, the best way to escape it is to swim parallel to the coast. now, we want you to be advised that you need to swim by those lifeguards.
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are -- 70 in sanford. hour-by-hour, what a great evening. temperatures are falling into the upper 60' s. out the door at 7:00 a.m. 51 in ocala. 61 as we head back towards palm bay. set up for tomorrow. big dome of high-pressure. we continue to see the temperatures go up a little bit. 80 or better in orlando. as we take a look at bike week, 59 in the afternoon. for those of you with the day
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you cannot ask for a better day. the first pitch forecast is coming in. it is not changing much. we have that southerly flow of air. it continues across the entire peninsula. that is when we heat up and that is why this week will be the hottest as far. 86 , 87. more clouds and more moisture. jim: the golden state warriors loss yesterday which may be a bad thing for the magic. pat: it could be memorable for the wrong reasons. we will talk about that coming up next. when a tie feels like a victory. white adrian heath was very tempered in his post game conference.
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>> my story had been written. a disappointment for the city live in their season opener.
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the unbelievable final minute of the game creating a different story. kyle/believe in half and then adrian winter provided the equalizer. it sure felt like a win . chicago is coming friday night. >> the one thing they have done is give us everything they have got. we have to be better. we will be better. some aspects were disappointing. pat: saying goodbye to his animal life today, peyton manning was as impressive and thoughtful as he has been for 18 hall of fame years. he was careful to keep his composure.
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-- >> i gave everything i had. there were other players that were more talented but there was no one who could out prepare. because of that, i have no regrets. pat: things could get ugly tonight for the magic. golden state got pummeled by the labels. warriors missed 26th of their three-pointers. what is potentially bad for orlando is steph curry followed up with victories.
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meredith: two brothers are celebrating stay after purchasing powerball tickets. that is why you should be always be nice to your siblings. james stop when one the 290 $1 million jackpot while in vacation in the florida keys. his brother was not quite so lovely. -- lucky. jim: it pays to be nice.
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we sat down with marco rubio as he spoke to his supporters in sanford. plus, a crash on camera. the latest at 10:00 tonight, breaking news. erin andrews awarded millions after a stalker secretly taped the sports reporter at a hotel. the jury taking only hours to decide. going for a knockout. trump tries to make florida a two-man race while clinton hopes to make michigan sanders' last stand and one of the biggest remaining wild cards decides whether he'll shake up the race. honoring nancy reagan. funeral arrangements announced for the former first lady as new tributes pour in. flash flood emergency. deadly storms on the west coast forcing


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