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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: it is 4:30 on sunrise, a car slams to a local home. what police are telling us about the driver. we go one-on-one with marco rubio about next week' s florida primary. we have new video of a drive-by shooting outside a busy local restaurant. breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: good tuesday morning, i' m jason guy. more great weather in a forecast. high temperature should be a gash in the upper 70' s. a cool morning looking live at lake eola.
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jacket this morning. the warmth comes in the day ahead. amy: we are going to be breezy today as well. that east will have an impact on temperatures this morning and this afternoon. we have a little bit of cloud cover especially along the coast earlier today. plenty of such a brady threw what to get sunrise . some 80 degree temperatures many of our inland spots. we are warmer this morning compared to yesterday. a couple degrees near the coast. father inland, closer to 10 degrees warmer than average. 51 right now in dunnellon, 52 in silver springs. salt springs checking in at 52. the villages are 53. 61 in oviedo and bithlo. 61 in ocoee and 59 right now in
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a closer to the coast, look at how warm it is an open beach. that' s because it is very nearly water. so i see the air temperature much warmer with that breeze coming in off the warm water. notice farther inland in his much cooler. 59 in port orange and 55 degrees in palm coast. for today, we are headed to the upper 70' s, even a couple of 80 degree temperatures. it is cool again. we are warmer than yesterday. we will get sunshine and scattered clouds with those breezy east winds. i will take you county by county in just a few minutes. let' s get no a check of the roads. ted: looking at construction i-4 eastbound that starts to take out a lane right after fairbanks avenue. this will continue just passed lee road. give us of a little extra time.
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map looking at westbound on -- at maitland boulevard. a lane taken out. thoughtful need eastbound, a left lane blocked a universal boulevard. jason: a driver runs out of control in orlando and ends up inside a local house. this happened just before 1:00 at his home on lakeland avenue north of state road 408. when police arrived, they found this mitsubishi eclipse inside the living room. it landed there. there were two people and said home, no one was hurt. officer city vehicle had been reported stolen and that the driver was gone when they got there. we will have a live report from the scene coming up at 5:00. >> we are going to fight hard. we' re going to win florida. jason: commitment 2016, senator marco rubio goes one-on-one with us and denies reports that his advisers have told him to end s
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about 1000 people tuned into -- showed up to hear rubio talk. he spoke with wesh 2 news about the tension between him and donald trump. >> the campaign as she started florida. nationally, donald trump is benefited from incredible amount of media attention. he' s only going to get weaker and we are only going to get stronger. especially the people who don' t want donald trump as the nominee. >> conservative radio here, i' m not that speculation or wishful think in. rubio ticket. has there been any discussion about that? we' re both running for president. when it comes to florida, the only one who can be donald trump as myself. jason: rubio continues campaigning in central florida. you' ll better -- he will be at a
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rubio possibly closing the gap between himself and donald trump. the monmouth university paul was conducted. the voters rest of the primary was today, who would you vote for. 30% said donald trump. 30% said ted cruz. 17% for -- 30% for marco rubio, 70% for ted cruz. bernie sanders note clinton spoke at a townhall. >> we are talking about running this campaign to win, to become president of the united states. not talking about vice president. >> i certainly consider him an ally. zika had of ourselves. >> after flirting with it -- jason: michael bloomberg
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member to stay with us for coverage. it also get the latest online at or the mobile app. orlando police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened on north cherry avenue not far from where the old amway arena used to sit. our crew was on the scene as officers began the investigation. we are still waiting for the information of the victim. when led to the shooting and if there any suspects. orange county deputies are also investigating a shooting overnight just before midnight at a home on -- west beat him bill. we' re told the victim shot in the stomach and then walked a relative' s home. ward county fire and rescue took the victim to the hospital. deputy cells the victim is expected to recover. meanwhile, the search for a killer continues north county. it happened last friday near east colonial chickasaw trail. daniel medina' s
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of the wind in jail. -- winding trail. >> assailant thing i can tell you come he was a nice guy. jason: so far, no word from s about how medina was killed. frightening new video, a man firing a gun in the direction of orange county deputies. watch as this white pickup truck rolls from the right side of your screen. we' ve highlighted the guns you can see the muzzle flash. this happened near mr. heroes on west colonial saturday night. the truck looks to be a white, to door for f2 -- ford f2 50. in seminole county, a convicted felon is behind bars, charges shooting into a car full of people. detectives say 35-year-old mario
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of dispute with someone driving during altamonte springs neighborhood. they say fired 11 shots, hitting the vehicle five times. he was out of jail always trial on several other charges. he is now being held without bond for a string of new felonies. to volusia county where we are hearing the 911 calls made after police say woman under the influence plowed her pick up into four people at the daytona international speedway. >> a truck just had to individuals. please hurry. >> you are in the international speedway. >> yes, please harry. jason: police say the driver failed surprise tests. witnesses say she was driving to the infield about 40 miles per hour and continue to drive despite hitting several campers. she allegedly told officers she shouldn' t have been driving. she faces several charges. the florida legislature is going to ended session on time due to
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but it negotiators reached an agreement on dozens of spending items including bonuses for teachers. if they scored well on called emission testing. it also includes extra cash for the agency that helps people with disabilities. the budget approval means the legislation says and will end on friday. governor rick scott signed into law changes to florida' s death penalty statute. early this year, the use spring court will before law unconstitutional, saying the way to structured put too much power into the hands of judges and not enough for the juries. this change now requires at least 10 jurors to recommend the death penalty for it to be imposed. we are still waiting to see of governor rick scott will sign a bill giving $20 million to help build the ucf campus downtown orlando. state legislators agreed to set aside $20 million for the project. the total cost for the project is nearly $75 million. part of that total through fundraising work by the university.
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s board of governors has also proved the school' s plan for 68 acres in the orlando parramore neighborhood. there has been a bad bus accident california. you would hear from a pastor who survive the rack.
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amy: it is 4:42 on tuesday. we are to be even warmer today than yesterday. climbing into the mid to upper 70' s at the coast of many a lot of our inland areas will and 80 degrees with a little bit warmer than average. we will see a mix of sunshine in class there as well. temperature started warmer compared to yesterday. 52 in ocala instead of the 40' s. 55 and the villages and leesburg. 38 daytona beach. 59 orlando. inland spot sevcon wind and like. at the -- with the breeze off the russian it makes your temperatures warmer and that is why it is so cigna evidently warm along the coast in brevard county. orlando will see a mix of sun and clouds today. like yesterday it won' t be totally sunny.
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we are headed to 78 by noon and will continue until we had 80 and most of our inland spots later today. i will take you county by county and we will talk about when the mid 80' s return in a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update and it over to ted noah. ted: lots of construction on i-4. this camera at the 535. lost for about a mile on this area. eastbound for just after fairbanks. 528 eastbound, left lane taken out for road work there. jason: 14 people are recovering after being heard in this train derailment in northern california. check out this footage of what was really chaotic scene when a tree fell on the tracks, knocking the train off the rails. the impact through the front car into the creek. the car was partially submerged as people -- firefighters moved people from the train. people say the crash was
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>> we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. that was a pretty crazy experience. jason: officials say heavy rains made be to blame for that tree falling on the tracks. a jury in nashville awards aaron angers $55 million over a secretly recorded nude video seen by millions. the jury came after -- can i was a decision after one day of deliberations. andrews said she suffered humiliation and suffers from depression over the video. attorneys for the hotel owner claimed the convicted stalker was solely to blame. happening today, could wrestlemania be returning to the city beautiful? there' s a whole lot of buzz about a major announcement taking place at the citrus bowl.
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buddy dyer will be on hand. all we have been told is they will announce a major international event. keep in mind, wrestlemania was also held here in 2008. i' m looking forward to that. we will be there. gearing up for this -- the big chicago. >> little time to rest for the city lions back on the pitch this friday can chicago. available. t play s red card. action. perhaps none of this matters because -- >> this is not about talking
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don' t need to make excuses. we want to talk about people who can play. we have enough players to but a decent team together. >> very early in his 18 year nfl career. after peyton manning had signed a nearly $50 million contract. a reporter asked what you do the money. manning said he planned to earn it. yesterday afternoon, the first ballot hall of famer called it quits and weren' t we lucky to have seen this guy play. he holds more records than a radio station music library. a five-time nfl and vp. 14 times a pro bowler. ending his the second super bowl. >> when i look back at my nfl career, i know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to s walk with a win. their other players who are more talented, but there was no one who could out prepare me. regrets.
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experience, they can' t help but with fear it. i revere football. i love the game. you don' t have to wonder if i will miss it, absolutely. absolutely i will. >> new ucf athletic director dismissed joy -- the female coach -- williams led the team to repair of ncaa appearances, but her overall record was just 114-163. 59-91 in conference play. that is a quick look at sports. i' m pat clarke. sunrise, video you have to see. we are putting you in the driver seat to show you what happens when a garbage truck went
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jason: new video shows the moment garbage truck goes over a 100 foot tall interstate ramp. this was in miami. the dash cam video shows the driver lose control of the truck and crashed through a concrete barrier. you see the window shatters as the truck hits the ground. the driver is thrown from the vehicle. he ended up in the parking lot nearby. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to be -- to recover.
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upcoming work on the i-4 ultimate project could mean for big delays. beginning sunday, all entrance ramps on i-4 from parr street to kirkman road road will be blocked in the westbound direction. signs have been put up to give drivers a head up before all this begins. the beams are tentatively scheduled to be set march 14 through the 18th. still ahead on sunrise, another check of your first alert forecast for this tuesday. it'
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jason: we are working on new stories for a 5:00 hour of sunshine -- sunrise. michelle: coming up at 5:00, marco rubio goes one-on-one with wesh 2. we talk with him about next week' s do or die florida primary
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she survived the boston marathon bombing, but now the runner who gained worldwide fame after the terrorist attack has died. we will tell you about the overseas accident that killed her. and one of the world' s best tennis players explains why she failed a drug test. we have all that and much more when i join you in just a few minutes. jason: lot of questions to remain on that one. let' s get back to the forecast and, you might need a jacket this morning. amy, and other warm afternoon ahead of us. amy: today will be even warmer than yesterday. we keep creeping up higher and higher through the rest of the week. on this tuesday morning as you get the kids to school, we have a couple of hours to go before sunrise. and little cloud cover their so it is not totally clear. temperatures are warmer than yesterday, even where we are at the coolest, lower 50' s. that is a must 10 degrees warmer than yesterday when we were in the lower 40' s and some of us again along the coast are warmer. not only because of the east went but also because of the
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that is going to help temperatures there stay little warmer as well. only go higher in the atmosphere and take a look at the water vapor, how much moisture is in the air. you can see the orange is going away. that' s the really dry air. all of the big moisture is still well to our north. although our temperatures are climbing, we are not going to see a lot of humidity building. yes, it will be more humid creeping up a little bit each day. we are not talking about that summerlike or springlike weather yet. 57 right now in orlando. 70 in melbourne. looking at huge temperature difference this morning. east wind and clouds keeping us warmer at the coast. inland spots will drop more thanks to become wind and clear skies. you can see how these numbers so far have been backups average. we are warmer than average, especially melbourne of course. that will continue for the next several days as a morning lows creep up as well. big ridge of high pressure of the east coast in control for
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that means we will get that breezy and east wind. 10 to 15 miles broward is what i expect today, tomorrow though, the wind will increase significantly. wednesday and thursday, we will have a couple of gusty days with up to 25 mile per hour sustained winds. deftly started to see those winds kick up. 80 in clermont. 79 longwood and oviedo. 80 degrees in orlando in winter park. so the farther inland you are, the warmer you are. and the closer you are to the coast and that east brees, the cooler you will be. even our cool spots will make it to the mid to upper 70' s. 76 are high in daytona beach. if you are headed to the beach, we have that brees picking up. high risk for with currents -- rip currents. if you are making -- seven-day forecast,
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to beach plans but you see this temperatures. we will be climbing into the middle 80' s by the middle of -- and of the week with no rain until the weekend. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: constructional 417 southbound. left lane blocked through the narcoossee area. i-4 eastbound approaching 535 to a little bit after that, a right lane it taken out. more construction happening -- it is all cleared up. 528 has a lane blocked at universal. jason: wesh 2 news sunrise at 5:00 gets going right now. alex villareal joins us live. alex: a car crashed into an orlando home. i' m live with a look at the damage and evidently nobody search for the driver.
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alert weather app helps you track those temperatures. we can look at futurecast see what you can expect for the next two days. it is a free download from the app store. wesh 2 sunrise at 5:00 a.m. announcer: local, live, late this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a car smashes through a local home overnight. we are live at a look at the damage and the latest from investigators on the scene. jason: continuing his fight to take florida, we will hear exclusively from marco rubio as he continues campaigning in central florida. plus, we are going to give you a little news. there could be some smack down in orlando. wrestlemania possibly coming here, the big announcement said today. we will do a little speculating. that is coming up on this tuesday, i'
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michelle: i' m michelle imperato. also coming up on this tuesday, and another beautiful afternoon. here' s a look at downtown orlando. amy sweezey is joining us now for the look at the day ahead. amy: we are going to see sunshine mix of a little cloud cover. there are some clouds right now lung the coast east of orlando. that will be having a event on our temperatures this morning. we will be climbing today this afternoon, we will be even warmer than yesterday. several spots in a inland areas will make it to 80 degrees and we will continue with that mix of sun and clouds. sunrise happens at 6:43. we are warmer early on. up to 10 degrees off to the north and west. mid 50' s and 40' s like we started yesterday. 52 in salt springs in silver spring. the villages is at 52. okahumpka 51. lake mary is


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