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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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michelle: i' m michelle imperato. also coming up on this tuesday, and another beautiful afternoon. here' s a look at downtown orlando. amy sweezey is joining us now for the look at the day ahead. amy: we are going to see sunshine mix of a little cloud cover. there are some clouds right now lung the coast east of orlando. that will be having a event on our temperatures this morning. we will be climbing today this afternoon, we will be even warmer than yesterday. several spots in a inland areas will make it to 80 degrees and we will continue with that mix of sun and clouds. sunrise happens at 6:43. we are warmer early on. up to 10 degrees off to the north and west. mid 50' s and 40' s like we started yesterday. 52 in salt springs in silver spring. the villages is at 52. okahumpka 51. lake mary is
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ocoee is at 61. celebration, 57. we saw those numbers change. 62 degrees and julio do. 58 in port orange. look at melbourne beach, 70 degrees because of an east brees off the ocean and the clouds that are east of orlando. for today, it is warmer this morning. we will see scattered clouds that the afternoon. wind will kick up around the coast and that will keep our temperatures cooler today at the beaches. it is five: oh one, let' s get a traffic update and head over to ted noah. ted: quiet roadways. we have construction though that is taking out a lane on i-4 eastbound just after fairbanks until just about maitland boulevard. a right lane it taken out. 417, slowly but surely taking this cones out off narcoossee. lake mary to leaves only 11 minutes. jason:
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local neighborhood, a car loses control and ends up inside a house. michelle: this happened just before midnight on lakeland avenue north of state road 408. alex miller allister the scene. was anyone hurt? alex: fortunately, no one was hurt. take a look at the damage to the house. the house is now boarded up with a car left a hole in it. debris is scattered all across the front yard from a tree that was apparently hit as well. here is the even more unsettling part. the driver is still on the loose. police say the mitsubishi eclipse that way to this house was stolen. the crash happened just before midnight last night. police say the car plowed into the living room area of the home. two people were inside the house at the time. this really could have been so much worse. the car that was empty after the driver left the scene. police do not know if there were
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they will examine the car for frantic evidence to trying it in via suspect. as for the house, code enforcement cannot to assess the damage and not find reason to condemn it. so while the residence did lose part of their wall here, they did not lose the home. so that is the good news here this morning. we will update you as soon as we get new information on this. we will follow if -- the investigation and bring you details here on air and online. live in orlando, alex villareal. michelle: marco rubio his fight for central florida. jason: he will be out in osceola county after a rally last night in seminole county. brett connolly joins us in studio. we were the only ones to speak with ruby at that event. brett: he is at a bakery and kissimmee as part of the last week before the florida primary. he' s docked off of the orlando
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rubio telling the group it is widely important he take all 99 delegates at stake in florida. he trails front-runner doll company eight points in florida according to a monmouth poll released yesterday. cnn had a report saying his advisers recommended him dropping out. >> there is a report out saying some of your advisers are calling on youtube go ahead and get out of the race before the florida primary. is that true and is a possibility? >> it is not a possibility. any report like that is a hundred percent false. florida. we are going to win florida. by the way, everybody watching if you joke -- vote for john kasich ted cruz, you are voting for donald trump. the only one who can win florida
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rubio plans on focusing solely on the sunshine state over the next week. here' s a look at the monmouth yesterday. eight points. senator ted cruz and third and governor john kasich and forth. more info on his stop this morning and the kissimmee bakery, he is expected to arrive at 9:00 this morning. he is going to be crisscrossing the state in these final days before the primary. he will be on the west coast in sarasota tonight at 5:00 and three hours later he will be on the east coast just south of drug. voters and four other states make their decisions in the day ahead. michelle: tracie potts reports it could be defining point in the race for democrats. >> today' s michigan primary could be bernie sanders last chance to beat hillary clinton. he he voted against saving these
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>> what i did not vote for was a middle-class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> in a fox news town hall, clinton reached out to sanders supporters. >> i hope to win the nomination. if i am so fortunate, i hope to work with him. >> republicans are focused on today' s mississippi primary. >> beja right hand everybody. do you swear that you' re going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? i love you. >> ted cruz is going after trump supporters. >> we are seeing folks you had been supporting donald trump who are realizing he is into the thought he was. >> we need someone that will unite this party and i can and i will. >> in florida, marco rubio is the underdog now facing a attack ads from trump. >> all talk, no action. >> the latest poll shows rubio closing in but still eight points behind trump in rubio' s home state.
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john kasich is doing better in his home state of ohio. the latest polling has him only for percentage points behind donald trump. michelle: the today show will continue coverage of the present teresa' s morning. they will have a live interview with donald trump. you can catch it right here on wesh 2 starting at 7:00. 14 people are now -- jazmin: 14 people recovering after the commuter train derail the northern california. a tree fell on the tracks, knocking the train of the rail. here' s a map to give you eight idea for this happened. the train was traveling in alameda county. the south and west sacramento. the impact of a fallen tree through the trains front car into a creek. that train car was still partially submerged as firefighters pulled people out. four those people were sears the
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officials say heavy rains may be to blame for that fallen tree. michelle: this morning, a killer is on the run after a man was found dead in orange county. daniel medina' s body was found late last night on the 1500 block of winding trail near east colonial and chickasaw trail. we recently spoke with neighbors and knew him. >>' s he was a quiet guy. he respected people. i do know what he did, but that something i can tell you. he was a nice guy. michelle: no word on how medina was killed. we are getting a new look at new video of a man firing a gun at orange county deputies. watch as the white pickup rolls from the right side of your screen. we highlighted the gun see can see the flash. this happened at mr. euros off of west colonial drive on saturday night. if you think you know who is behind the wheel or who opened fire, call crime line. jason: knew this morning, a survivor of the boston marathon
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23-year-old victoria mcgrath was killed over the weekend in dubai while traveling with a fellow student from northeastern. in 2013 she was hurt by shrapnel a bomb exploded new the finish line of the marathon. stranger saved her life using eternity it in carrying her to safety. michelle: happening today, a rare total solar clips will blackout parts of indonesia. the phenomenon occurs when the moon most directly between the earth and the sun. it is scheduled to begin at 5:20 this afternoon. according to nasa, the moon will blackout the sun over indonesia' s main western island of sumatra. jason: 5:09 now and here in central florida we are going to season sunshine a little later today. right now, some cloud cover. michelle: amy sweezey is joining us now. amy: we are in the 50' s right now a few places. as we have through the day today. it is going to be warm than
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we get a little warmer and a little wilbur until we of the chili gets a rated this weekend. for now anyway, we are dry and warm. we get some sunshine. i couple of clouds. a few places have them keep the temperature from dropping too much. inland spots are clear. that puts us at 52 in ocala. 54 and the villages, warmer in sanford at 60 will have a little cloud cover and melbourne is at 70 we have not only clouds but also wind coming off the ocean. in part county. later in a inland spots. we don' t have quite as much impact in the inland areas. they do today the wind will be sunshine mix of clouds. we will hit 80 in little bit cooler along the coast. i will take you county by county coming up in a few minutes. right now it is 5:10, time for traffic. ted: roadwork on i-4 eastbound approaching 535.
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once you get to the 528, things will be clear. i four through downtown orlando between obt and colonial drive moving along nicely. the big stretch between turnpike to colonial is eight minutes. taking the drive on the 520 eastbound, you will lose a left lane before universal orange to just after. jason: an agreement reached in our state capital. michelle: some of the big items in the newly approved budget and what it means for you. jason: a shocking announcement
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jason: a local home his heavy damage after it hit by an out-of-control driver. this was the scene after 1:00 on lakeland avenue. two people are inside the house but no one was hurt. we are told the car was stolen. authorities have not found the driver. michelle: marco rubio' s in central florida making a last-ditch effort to save his presidential campaign after a
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he told us he has no intentions of leaving the race before next tuesday. this morning, he campaigns in kissimmee. jason: we are hours away from a big announcement about the next attraction of the citrus bowl. what we know is over 90 debbie debbie lee tweeted about wrestlemania coming to orlando citrus bowl april 2. a big announcement would seem point to this been made official. this of march the first wrestlemania in orlando since 2008. covering the capital, a deal is reached on the state budget. michelle: negotiators agreed on dozens of spending items. jazmin walker is here with a look at what was approved. jazmin: state lawmakers have agreed to more than $120 million in new projects into the spending plan. that includes a teacher bonus program that gives highly rated teachers extra money if they scored well on college admissions test. negotiator set-aside $44 million for that. also approved, additional money for the agency that helps people with disabilities.
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budget, lawmakers came into the final week with a lot of unfinished business. votes are expected in a number of controversial bills dealing with medical marijuana, abortion, and alimony. legislation of a long list of other proposals -- may leave other proposals untouched. state law requires the budget to be finished 72 hours before final votes. michelle: tennis champion maria sharapova is dealing with the fallout after admitting to failing a drug test at the us she tested positive for the drug meldonium which she says she has been for health issues. it became a banned substance this year.
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love my fans down. i' ve what the sport down that i' ve been playing since the age of four that i love so deeply. michelle: in the leg of her announcement, nike is ending its relationship with her. they released a quote saying we are saddened and surprised by we' ve decided to spend our relationship about -- with maria while the investigation continues. jason: cruising north texas are surveying all of this damage after a possible tornado touchdown in the area yesterday. severe weather came through a small town just outside of dallas. it damaged one on yesterday, trapping a person inside. the rescuers were able to get into safety. rain is excited to fall in texas through friday. michelle: we have been so quiet here locally, amy. such a nice break from what seems a get pretty hectic winter. amy: and that whole system
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on into texas, that is the kind of pattern that is going on here where the big ridge of high pressure is blocking the rain there but bringing beautiful weather to us. we are kind of looking out here on the -- locking out here. we are stuck with sunshine and warm temperatures. we will climb, of course that means the pollen is going to be increasing. i know many of you suffer from allergies. sunrise at 6:43. we set our clocks ahead this weekend. sunrise will be changing next week. scattered clouds of the bus stop. warmer than it was yesterday. we are in the 50' s and 60' s. classroom orlando east we are dealing with. those clouds and east brees are keeping the temperatures falling as much along the coast this morning. our inland areas where we have clear skies and calm winds. we will see this temperatures drop little bit more. we have quite a bit of dry air in the middle part of the atmosphere although the driest air where you see the oranges pushed to the south. eventually we will start seeing
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the middle part of the atmosphere. we really don' t have rain and a forecast until the upcoming weekend. look at the temperature map, 20 degree difference from ocala to melbourne. 70 degrees in melbourne. we have an east brees keeping is warmer to the south and the coast. our inland spots are colder. even sanford is 10 degrees warmer than ocala sitting at 60 degrees. orlando is at 57. you can see how that matches up to our averages for today' s day. we' re supposed to be in the low to mid 50' s. we are not that much warmer than average. we have our wind coming in on the southeast. we have warmer temperatures and an east brees coming in today. temperatures, upper 70' s near eightieths afternoon. 80 in claremont, 79 eustis and 79 ocala. 78 in salt springs today. a couple of degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. 79 in longwood and a veto.
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lots of our inland areas will hit 80 today. the coast with that east brees will stay a bit cooler. mid-to-upper 70' s. flagler, volusia and brevard county. 76er daytona beach and 78 in palm bay. you' re headed to the beach, keep in mind that the wind will be kicking up a little bit and we still have at high risk for rip current. if you are making beach plans asked him to get warmer, keep in mind that those rips are very strong lineup. gusty and southeast winds will bring us into the lower 80' s. we will clean desk keep climbing with temperatures. especially tomorrow and thursday, the wind is going to be downright gusty. they will be warm wind but it is going to be pretty breezy. we will stay in the mid-80' s and not see any rain until the upcoming weekend. 5:20 now, time for traffic. ted: we have cleared up i-4 eastbound construction from fairbanks to lee road. it' s moving along great.
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eastbound before 535, a little bit after that you will see a right lane taken out. a little portion where two right lanes. they are slowly but surely wrapping that up. 408 westbound travel. dean wrote to told -- dean wrote toll plaza to i-4 looking good at only nine minutes. jason: a south florida goes nearly kidnapped on her way home from school. michelle: the team explains what
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jason: we are live on the scene of worthington drive and winter park. flames coming from the home there. crews have been ordered to get out of there from trying to battle this fire. this is off lake mont avenue in winter park. it is a vacant house. at this point, we have been hearing that firefighters have to get out of there. that could signal a possible collapse of the structure. look at the flames flaring up. they are trying to attack it from that truck as they spray water on this. no injuries have been reported. we will stay on this breaking
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check out this video, cameras were rolling as a single-engine plane just dropped from the sky in new york. a father and daughter were on board that plane. the engine died. the plane hits the ground and it came down with a parachute attached. so seconds after the crash, the father and daughter walk away. the girl was unharmed. the pilot dad had a few scratches on his four head. this is new technology where planes have been equipped with parish -- parachute. some quick thinking and a heavy school backpack may have been what saved one florida teen' s life. michelle: the girls walking home when a strange man tried to attack kidnapper. the girl says he first wrote by asking where she was going. when she ignored them, he parked his man, got out and put his arms around her. her full backpack got in the way
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>> i was pulling his wrists away from each other and that is when i guess he gave up and i kept running. michelle: deputies are still searching for that man in the van. a florida man is accused of letting his two young sons live in a house of filth. 32-year-old donald they' ll apollo was arrested yesterday. picture so rotting feud -- rotting food on the couch and table. two boys ages four and five were taken from the home. they are currently in the custody of their mother. the suspect is facing child neglect charges. jason: daytona beach is gearing up for more than half a million visitors through the weekend. as the 75th anniversary of bike week. officials are warning that big crowds with motorcycles could lead to thieves targeting bike events. daytona beach police created an undercover task force to help
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>> we had two motorcycle thefts. at the two we caught one of the suspects. there were two suspects to steal motorcycles at the hotel parking lot. jason: there have been several motorcycle accidents and bike week began on friday. so far, no desk -- deaths have been reported. voters are heading to the polls as the present race continues to heat up.
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eye on us candidate contid announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, car smashes through an orlando home overnight. we are live with a look at the damage. jason: a quiet night takes a chaotic turn as shots ring out, hurting one-handed -- one man in his ordinary neighborhood. amy: are warm stretch continues with some hitting 80 degrees. find out who in your first alert forecast. michelle: continuing his fight to win the sunshine state, we will hear from marco rubio in an exclusive interview as he continues to campaign here in central florida.
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imperato. jason: i' m jason guy. another morning that might feel a little cool stepping of the door. that will change for the day ahead. this is lake eola in orange county. temperatures in the upper 50' s. let' s check with amy? as. amy: we will hit 80 in some spots. a lot of the inland areas will be quite warm this afternoon, especially compared to yesterday. yesterday we were in the upper 70' s in a lot of places. we will have total sunshine like he sunday. today and tomorrow will be a lot like yesterday when we will have some scattered clouds mixed it. it will not stop tempest from climbing. for now you can see a pretty big temperature difference when he had up the door. 20 degrees from ocala to melbourne. 50 degrees in ocala but 70 in melbourne. sanford rightly in the middle sitting at 60 degrees. part of the reason it is warmer in orlando is because of the cloud cover. we also been eased breeze off
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east -- inland spot where the skies are clear, temperature look drop even more through sunrise. we have, wind as well. 79 is where we' re hadn' t dunnellon and bellevue. 80 will be are high in apopka. mid-to-upper 70' s along the coast, 76 daytona beach and 77 will be a high today in melbourne. that city traffic update over to ted noah. ted: roadwork on i-4 eastbound taking about two lanes from just before 535 to just after that. if you' re heading to that area, could slow down a little bit. speaking of moving along nicely, here is the 408 westbound on the left into downtown orlando. if you' re going from the conway toll plaza to i-4. big stretch from the dean roto positive i-4 is nine minutes. breaking news center with jazmin walker. jazmin: you are looking live at a home on fire in winter park.
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avenue south of a loma on worthington drive. emergency crews up and fighting the fire from outside. it been told to evacuate the structure. everyone inside is told to get out. we are hearing the home is vacant. no word yet on how this may have started. we will continue to watch this fire as firefighters remain unseen an update you as soon as we learn more. we will following the story throughout the morning. michelle: a wild scene in orlando as a car smashes into this home overnight. jason: you can see a big gaping hole right there and all that damage left behind. it was just before midnight when this happened at a house on lakeland avenue. just north of state road four await. alex villareal is live this morning. we are hearing from investigators the car was stolen. alex: right, jason. police say that when they investigated the mitsubishi eclipse that went to this house, they discovered that it was a car that had been reported
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take a look at this house now. you can see boards in place where the wall used to be and a lot of debris thrown across the front yard. all about that you are seeing, we believe it is from a tree. those chunks of debris from a tree that appears to have been hit as well. crash happened just before midnight last night. police say the car plowed into the living room area of the home. two people were in the house at the time. this could have been a lot worse. the car was empty after the driver fled the scene and police say they do not know if there were any passengers with that driver. now they will be examining the eclipse for forensic evidence to identify a suspect. as we house, code enforcement assess the damage it did not find reason to condemn it. so while the residence did lose part of their walk and had a frightening experience, they are not going to lose their home.
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we will continue to follow the search for the striver and updates you hear on-air and online at live in orlando, alex bill row. -- villareal. jason: marco rubio' wake me up in our area preparing for another stop here this morning. michelle: last night he headlined a rally in sanford and we were the only station to speak with the candidate one-on-one. jason: arcing coverage starts with brett connolly. there is a new block showing rubio is gaining ground. brett: that pull shows he is closing in on donald trump. the problem for rubio is that there is still a big margin. here' s a look at the poll conducted over the weekend of registered republican voters. 38% for donald trump 30% for marco rubio. senator ted cruz and john kasich grounding of those four. the last round of polls, trump had been -- rubio had been trump -- the florida primary set for a
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t -- rubio spends -- decides to spend all the time in florida. >> nationally, donald trump has benefited from a credible amount of media attention. he is only going to get weaker and we are only going to get stronger, if you don' t want on temperature nominee you have to vote for me. i' m dealing with it can beat them in florida. brett: i was rubio after rallying with supporters at sanford international airport. rubio make me a stop off at a kissimmee. he will be there at 9:00. he will save about an hour and state. sarasota tonight at 5:00 and then three hours later on the east coast south of jacksonville in palma dietrich. michelle: it is also another big database for the president, four more states are holding including michigan in mississippi. cocoa in has a preview. >>
5:37 am
the next round of contest continues today. today, four states choose between six candidates. idaho in hawaii hold contest for the republicans while this is a be in michigan will select candidates in both parties. >> michigan will tell us whether or not this race is being too matted change. >> michigan is consider the crown jewel with nearly 60 delegates for republicans and 134 democrats -- 130 for democrats. >> if there is a large voter turn on in michigan, we will do very well. >> on the gop side -- >> there is a better way to run our politics and unite our country. >> ohio governor john kasich is counting on his midwest connections to close the deal. >> grazier right hand everybody. do you swear that you are going
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>> trump is still ahead but several polls show his lead may be slipping not only in michigan but also ohio in florida. in washington, nikole killion, wesh 2 news. michelle: stay with us for continuing coverage of commitment 2016. you can also get the latest update online on and in the mobile app. jason: orange county deputies investigating an overnight shooting that left one person of injuries. it happened before midnight on capitol court west of eatonville. we are told the victim was shot in the stomach and then walk to a relative' s house. rescue crews rushed in to the hospital. there is no word on his condition or what led to the shooting. michelle: also this morning, a murder investigation is underway in downtown orlando. a man was shot and killed. jazmin walker' s following this story for us. jazmin: orlando police are still trying to be together what
5:39 am
shooting took place in an apartment complex on north carry avenue -- terry avenue around 8:30 last night. our cruiser there is crime scene investigator searched the area for it clues. it is still unclear secretary gunshots were fired and how anytime the victim was shot. emergency crews rushed the man to ormc and that is where he died. opd has not identified the victim. so far, all we know about him is that he is in his 30' s. the detectives are asking for anyone who may know about what led to this shooting or who pulled the trigger to call crime line. michelle: fisa being flown at half staff at all local and state building struck florida in honor of nancy reagan. the former first lady died on sunday of congestive heart failure. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan.
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alert weather now. a blanket. amy, 50 starting out not too bad. amy: depends on where you are. much cooler. closer to the coast, you have the clout in the east wind. we are divided in half early on. all of us are warmer at least a few degrees then we were yesterday morning. we will be partly sunny today. it won' t be total blue sky and sunshine i' d on sunday. we will have some scattered clouds and east winds will pick up. the beaches are little cooler. inland spotsylvania 80 degrees today. we have dropped to 48 in ocala, the skies are clear. it is warmer though it sanford at 60. nobody' s 70 with the clouds and east wind there. much warmer and forecaddie nearly water. to the upper 70' s for the afternoon high.
5:41 am
re headed to the beach today to enjoy some of this warm weather. that rip current risk is very high today. especially the outgoing tide that happens late morning through early afternoon. 5:40, time for traffic. ted: i-4 and we are seeing eastbound is wide open. they cleared it up. the last bit of construction leaving between 535 and 536. things looking nicely on this section of i-4. downtown orlando westbound main shot approach colonial drive, no delays. current travel times, you can see spent john young to coyle has no delays. lake mary julie and 408 into ivanhoe. jason: a new look at a terrifying crash in south florida. michelle: what -- video was revealing about a truck that flew 100 feet up and interstate ramp. jason: we are following overnight house fire in winter
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michelle: happening today, a new announcement that a big event coming to the citrus bowl. jason: brett connolly joins us. a tweet is joining -- getting a lot of buzz. brett: the newly renovated citrus bowl hazard hosted some big-time events. concerts are at the rolling stones, college bowl games, it is the home field for the latest reliance. what is missing? how about wrestlemania. wwe confirms wrestlemania 33 is coming to orlando on sunday, april 2 of 2017. the super bowl for so many wrestling fans. his is a return to the searchers ball for wrestlemania where it was it to that -- it was here at 2008. we will learn more at a press conference held at 11:00.
5:46 am
along with mayor buddy dyer and orange county mayor teresa jacobs will be on hand. wrestlemania held in the citrus bowl in 2008 nearly 75,000 fans showed up. i don' t have any details on tickets just yet, as soon as i do i will pass them along. michelle: you better. people want to know. the search continues for the man who stole a car with a young girl inside. police say mother stopped at this home on the hundred block of white court to pick up another child. a 12-year-old was asleep in the back when the mother got out to go to the door. a stranger jumped in and took car. the girl was later found safe. >> the mom finally got a hold of the daughter on her cell phone. that is when she said where she was. >> we recovered within minutes. she wasn' t harmed. evidence. michelle: police say the suspect
5:47 am
jason: we are hearing to 911 calls made after a woman under the influence plowed a pickup into four people at daytona international speedway of the weekend. >> a truck just hit two individuals. >> you are in the infield of the international speedway? jason: police say the 43-year-old failed several fields of writing tests and the breathalyzer fatuous to over the legal limit. witnesses say she was driving in the infield about 40 miles per hour. she continued driving and allegedly told drivers she should have been behind the wheel. michelle: the moment a garbage truck falls 100 feet up and interstate ramp in miami. the -- video shows the driver lose control of the truck and crashed through a concrete barrier. the windows shatter as the truck hits the ground and the driver
5:48 am
of a nearby park and was taken to the hospital. he is excited to recover. police have not yet said what caused the accident. i wanted to share some pictures with everyone today. i went to an event yesterday. the ladies of annunciation catholic church organize a fashion show. it raises money for the homeless and hungry. i walked the runway with these nine other ladies. they race a money for people in need. wanted say little thank you for letting me be a part of the event this year. jason: that is great. michelle: 400 women. 400 faces staring back at you. jason: no pressure. amy: modeling, no less. i would be falling over. michelle: more walking than modeling on my part anyway. let' s talk about our weather. we have been having picture-perfect days. amy: we are creeping up a little bit each day. today but back to 80 degrees not everywhere but in a lot of places.
5:49 am
each afternoon we get a little warmer and warmer. big ridge of high pressure has wind out of the east southeast that is sending a little bit of cloud cover in. when you look at the satellite picture you can see from orlando east it is not going to be a totally blue sky sunny day like it was on sunday. today we will have a little cloud cover. it is not going to stand in the way of those temperatures climbing. we also have some dry air in the middle part of the atmosphere. there will be no rain. the humidity levels will stay relatively low. overall, it is going to be a pretty nice day again. look at the huge temperature difference we' re starting off with. 48 in ocala, 60 sanford and 70 in melbourne. cocoa beach, melbourne, brevard county much warmer because of the east wind up the warm water. andy cloud cover. cloud cover helping us out in sanford as well. clear skies inland allowing the
5:50 am
you can see it is a cute difference. notice archivists are average. we are supposed to be in the low to mid 50' s. most of us are warmer than normal. we will be warmer this afternoon compared to average as well. with that east southeast breeze coming in off the ocean. a big ridge of high pressure to our north is really strong. it is anchored in place and will continue to keep the same pattern around for us. meanwhile it' s blocking all the rain installing that out of the no part of the country. there are some places that are getting rain for four or five days in a row. 78 today in salt springs, 79 eustis and 80 degrees in clermont. 79 longwood and a veto. 80 in kissimmee and st. cloud. along the coast, mid to upper 80' s. 76 in daytona beach. mid to upper 70' s.
5:51 am
and 78 will be a high and palm bay. tomorrow and thursday will be whole lot windier. today, 10 to 20 miles per hour wind. the rip current risk is high. we have had strong rips the last couple of days and that will continue. if you plan on making beach plans to enjoy this warm weather, keep in mind in the water will be given with a strong rip through friday. southeast winds tomorrow with lower 80' s. the wind will be even stronger for tomorrow and thursday and temperatures will be warmer. look at how they climb. mid 80' s for thursday and friday. i records are in the 90' s so what breaking any records. we will be well above our average high. time for a traffic update, let' s it over to ted. ted: we are looking at i-4 in downtown orlando, nice to see the traffic flowing along perfectly at church street. eastbound on the right. john young to colonial is five minutes. if you' re going from downtown
5:52 am
lake mary to lee from seminole into orange, no delays. big section that gets on and off injection -- congestion on the 408 all behaving themselves. jason: a valid effort by the court. michelle: how close they came to the defeat -- defeating the
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
michelle: a drunk driver unlike any other caught on camera in illinois. look at this dash cam video. it shows police chasing a car with a 15 foot trees stuck in its grill. it is not funny, but it happened in january. the driver was also driving on the wrong side of the road. police recently released the video and these pictures on facebook as part of an effort to deter people from drinking and driving. dangerous stuff. jason: how did that tree not stop the car? michelle: the orlando magic were fighting hard for a win in california. jason: they' ve faced off against the open -- golden state warrior. they trailed the rest of the game. golden state took the victory in this one. that was a 119-113 final.
5:56 am
for the warriors at home. something no team has accomplished. the magical face the lakers tonight. michelle: you might soon be able to stream nfl games on facebook. an executive at the social media company says they are bidding to live stream thursday night football. they' re competing with amazon, verizon and other streaming services. it' s not clear how much the company will pay the nfl to do this. the thursday tv packages worth $450 million. jason: we are on top of breaking news in winter park, a home goes up in flames overnight. michelle: a live look at the scene along worthington drive. the latest develop coming in overnight. jason: a rude awakening for residents as a car slams into an orlando home. michelle: alex villareal is live with what we' re working on for 6:00. alex: police say that car was stolen. coming up i will tell you
5:57 am
search for the driver and i will give you look at the damage. ted: cure getting ready for an early drive, we will see how those roadways are. amy: a little bit of cloud cover that is having an impact on temperatures. warmer along the coast and it is much cooler in a inland spots. 20 degree difference plus between marion county in southern part. michelle: it is 5:57, and all
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. >> rubio, rubio, rubio. jason: 6:00 a.m., and marco rubio' s mad -- across central florida. you will be after a rally last night. michelle: what he said after rumors last night that he would drop out. where live as firefighters try to save the house. amy: i will tell you who will be the warmest in your first alert forecast. jason: overnight, a car pulled


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