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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. >> rubio, rubio, rubio. jason: 6:00 a.m., and marco rubio' s mad -- across central florida. you will be after a rally last night. michelle: what he said after rumors last night that he would drop out. where live as firefighters try to save the house. amy: i will tell you who will be the warmest in your first alert forecast. jason: overnight, a car pulled
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the search for the driver. tuesday morning, another day when you have to grant that jacket early, and ditch it in a few hours. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. amy, perfect weather out there. amy: anywhere from the 40' s to 70' s this morning, a huge temperature difference. some of us are quite cool, some of us are really warm. we all make it to about average today. we are headed to the 70' s, even 80' s, today in central florida. the wind having a big impact on our temperature. we are up to 10 degrees warmer this morning than 24 hours ago. that puts us in the upper 40' s for the coolest parts of the area. dunnellon is 48.
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we have actually come up a bit in the metro area, lower 60' s in some spots. cloud seven streaming in from the ocean. look at melbourne beach. 70. it really depends on where you are leaving this morning in central florida, whether or not you have the 40' s or 70' s. it is warmer than yesterday. scattered clouds throughout the day. breezy winds will keep the coast cooler. inland spots will it up to 80 degrees today. i will tell you when and where coming up. ted: and i strive on the 408 today. here is proof. the on ramp at i-4. no delays getting into downtown orlando on the 408 westbound today. anderson street, things looking good.
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right -- seminole county, westbound, right side, looking delayed for a. -- delay free. brett: we' re looking at a fire south of paloma on worthington drive. they were inside, but then told to evacuate the structure. we were just told that this home is vacant, and was undergoing renovation. the call came in just before 5:00. the out she said the home was under renovation. no one was inside of it. we still do not know at this point how the fire started. right now, firefighters are still on scene. they are mopping up hotspots at this point. as soon as you get an update on
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michelle: new from overnight, orlando police are looking for the driver was meshed orlando home. jason: alex villareal is live at the scene. police say the car was stolen. alex: police say that when they investigated the car, a silver mitsubishi eclipse, they found out it was stolen. take a look at this house. the damage is extensive. there are now boards in place where the living room wall used to be. a gaping hole was left by this car. you can see debris left all over the front yard. those are chunks of a tree that was apparently also hit by this car when it plowed into the house. the crash happened just before midnight last night. police say it went into the living room area. the car went through the living
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two people were inside the house at the time. it could have been a much worse situation. the car was empty after the driver fled the scene. police do not know if anyone else was with the driver. examine the mitsubishi eclipse for forensic evidence to try to identify the suspect. as for the house, they did not find reason to condemn of the home. while the residents did lose something, part of their wall, a lot to fix, they did not lose their home. that is the good news in all of this. will continue the search for this driver, and will update you with information as we get it. live in orlando, alex villareal. michelle: in commitment 2016, marco rubio continued his fight for central florida. jason: he will be in osceola county after being in seminole county yesterday.
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brett: the latest poll shows rubio gaining ground on donald trump, but it is still a big margin. he was at the orlando international f word. -- airport. he was rallying supporters. he told that group that it is finally important that he gets all 99 delegates in florida. he trails by eight points to donald trump according to a moment pull -- mo nmouth poll yesterday. there was a report saying that he was advised to quit. >> there are reports that your drivers want you to pull out before the florida primary. is that a possibility? sen. rubio: that is a false report.
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person advising me that. we will work hard in florida, win florida. if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz, you are essentially voting for donald trump. the only one who can beat him in florida is me. brett: a lot of analysts say you can only win in florida to -- if he does not win in florida, he cannot stay in the race. trump leads the polls, rubio second, -- he will show up at a bakery today at 9:00. after that, he is crisscrossing the state. you will be on the west coast in sarasota tonight, starting at 5:00. three hours later, on the east coast, just south of jacksonville. jason, back to you. jason: today,
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other states will choose their nominee today. it could be a defining point forward democrats. >> today' s michigan primary could be bernie sanders last chance to be hillary clinton. he is disputing her claim that industry. sen. sanders: what i did not vote for it was a middle-class street. >> clinton reached out to standards supporters. i hope to -- sen. clinton: i hope to win the nomination, and work with him. mr. trump: raise you are right hand everybody. do you swear you will vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that and. i love you. >> ted cruz is going after his supporters. sen. cruz: they are realizing he
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sen. rubio: we need somebody who can rally and unite the party, and i can. >> all talk, no action. >> the latest polls show rubio closing in, but still eight points behind trump in his home state. florida votes on tuesday. -- next tuesday. tracie potts, nbc news. jason: the today show will continue coverage this morning with a live interview with donald trump. you can watch it on which to starting at 7:00. michelle: a man on the run after a man found dead in orange county. this was on the 1500 block of winding trail. we spoke with neighbors who knew him. >> he was a quiet
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i don' t know why it happened. like until can tell you is he was a nice guy. michelle: so far, no word on how he was killed. a total solar eclipse will blackout indonesia. it is scheduled to begin at 5:20 p.m. it will blackout the sun over the main indonesian islands of sumatra. jason: you may have to turn on the zika in the car. but then, you will shed that jacket, because it will get nice and warm. michelle: we are getting used to this. amy: brevard county, 70 degrees, but 48 in ocala. again, a huge difference across central florida. we all climb to the mid-to-upper 70' s today.
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but we have some cloud cover, and east winds. a huge impact. the metro area is in the lower 60' s, as well. but he warm along the i-4 corridor, at least part of the area. but just 48 in ocala. where it is clearing and calm winds, the temperature is dropping. where the wind is off the ocean, slightly warmer. 80 degrees and most of our inland areas, a mix of sun and clouds. pollen on the high side again today. and it goes up even more, tomorrow, thursday, friday. hopefully, the weekend rain will help a bit. ted: we have arrived at a crash southbound on obt. conflicting reports come and we are gathering information. where hearing the on and off
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the chopper is overseen with that crash. meanwhile, i-4 westbound on the right, seminole county into orange. michelle: next, a late-night state budget deal reached.
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dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> you' re watching wesh 2 . jason: firefighters are on the scene of this play is in winter park. it is on when -- worthington drive. it is just off aloma. crews. no injuries. it' s unclear how it began. michelle: a local home heavy damage after hit by an out-of-control driver last night just before 1:00. one was hurt.
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jason: senator marco rubio is in central florida, making an effort to save his presidential campaign. he told us he has no intention of leaving the race before next week. he will be in kissimmee this morning. covering the capital, a deal is reached on our state budget. michelle: late last night, legislators agreed on dozens of items. jazmin walker has a look at what was approved. jazmin: they will pump more than $120 million in new projects, including a teacher bonus program giving highly rated teachers extra money if they tests. $44 million for that. also proved, more money for the disabilities. despite the deal, lawmakers came into the final week of the session with a lot of unfinished this. votes are connected on a number of controversial bills going with medical marijuana,
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there is also a long list of other proposals that will probably go untouched, including guns and immigration. now that the budget deal has been set, the session will end on friday. state law that the budget to be finished 72 hours before a final vote. jason? jason: this morning, erin andrews is thanking everyone for support after a jury awarded her $55 billion. $55 million. the jury decided the hotel . andrews said she was humiliated and suffered depression after the video went online. michelle: tennis champion maria sharapova is facing fallout drug test at the australian open.
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a drug she has been taking for 10 years for health issues. the drug gives people with health -- hard -- it can increase athletic endurance. it became a banned substance this year. >> i made a huge mistake. i love my fans, i let them down. i let the sport down. i have been playing since the age of four, and i love the sport so deeply. michelle: in the wake of her announcement, nike is ending their relationship, saying they are saddened and surprised by the news, and it decided to the investigation continues. we will continue to monitor the situation. jason: we want to give you breaking track -- traffic news.
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we are just getting information, this happened a couple of minutes ago. we talked to the chopper pilot about exactly what we are looking at. we do know the florida highway patrol says you cannot get off the turnpike southbound to obt, or on from obt. what we know from the aerial view, there might be two semis involved. eastbound. 28 eastbound. it might be affecting 520, we are checking. --528 w estbound, we are checking. definitely a mess. amy: a huge difference in
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degrees. the clouds playing a huge difference. scattered clouds rolling in off the ocean. you see them now, especially from orlando to the coast. they are starting to fill in now. a mix of sun and clouds today. the wind is starting to pick up, as well. east went off the ocean, keep guest much warmer in melbourne and cocoa beach. even sanford, from the 50' s into the 60' s. the clouds and east wind coming in. ocala is at 50 degrees, 48 a short time ago. 55 in the villages. where there are clear skies and calm winds, the temperature has dropped a little bit. the wind will kick up even in our inland spots, where they are calm right now. temperatures will be a few
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some of us will hit 80, not everybody. tomorrow, 80 all over the place. today, a little closer. 70 nine in longwood and oviedo. 80 in ocoee in orlando. 76 in daytona beach. the east breeze keeps us a little cooler, especially around the ocean. if you' re heading to the beach, bike week, spring break, we have breezy wind and a high risk of rip currents. that continues through the end of the week. definitely keep that in mind if you are going to the beach. the tide is heading out today in the late morning, early afternoon. if you are in town for bike week, daytona beach looks good for the next few days.
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tomorrow, blustery and gusty. wind of 20, 25 miles an hour. look at our temperatures, warm air coming in. 80' s through friday, no rain until the upcoming weekend. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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jason: 6:24 a.m., and a breaking story, the south ramp blocked on obt and the turnpike. stay right with us on sunrise. now, a video to check out. cameras rolling as a single engine plane falls from the sky in new york. the engine died. there was a parachute attached, so the plane did not hit as hard as it could have. he said after the crash, to have his daughter walk away, the girl unharmed, the father piloting the plane. very lucky. some quick thinking, and a
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michelle: the 13-year-old was walking home from school when a strange man tried to kidnap her. video of the aftermath in broward county. first, you drove by, asking where she was going. then he parked his van, got out and put his arms around her. but her backpack got in the way. she was able to break free from his grasp. >> i was trying to pull away from each other. i guess he gave up. he went back to his car. michelle: deputies are still searching for that man this morning. jason: daytona beach is gearing up for half a million visitors this weekend at bike week. daytona beach police created an undercover task force to prevent motorcycle theft. >> we had
6:27 am
caught one suspect. we were able to get behind and stop them. jason: several accidents since bike week began, but no deaths reported. they' re gearing up for half a million visitors, as we told you, this coming weekend. michelle: there was an event i went to yesterday, the ladies of balenciaga gathered together for a fashion show. there i am, walking the runway with nine other ladies. they are raising money for people in need. i wanted say a little thank you for letting me be a part of the event again this year. jason: watching to breaking stories. michelle: ted noah is watching
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brett: marco rubio fighting from behind in the balls in his home state. coming up, our exclusive
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voters head to >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: right now, a stolen car' s messenger a home overnight. of the driver got away. police are searching for the driver now. it happened while people were inside. >> for the next few days, i am for you, everybody. jason: only one week until you head to the polls. strong fight for central florida, another stop here today. michelle: what he told only us about the sunshine state showdown. and breaking news on the turnpike. ted: this mess. about it.
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the chopper , photographer, and producer. it looks like it involves two semis. one may have been an auto transport. three vehicles on top of this semi-. the turnpike southbound ramp to obt. he cannot get off the turnpike southbound onto orange blossom trail, or access to 528 eastbound. it looks like a second overturned semi here, this accident, as well. it is a mile and a half back up right now. spilling onto the turnpike. causing traffic to really slow down. more details, as the morning goes on. the number, you cannot get off the turnpike to obt right now. amy: a pretty big temperature difference across central florida right now. some in the 40' s and 50' s, some in the 70' s. we will climb today back to 80 degrees. upper 70'
6:33 am
tomorrow, we will, today, many of us inland. a mix of sun and clouds. sunrise is at 6:43 a.m. 20 degree difference from ocala to melbourne. 63 in orlando. the places that have climbed recently because of the clouds and east wind. you see especially east of orlando, cloud cover. it is a blanket this time of mourning, keeping is a little warmer. east wind off the ocean. a mix of sun and clouds. we will make it 279 in dunnellon. 80 today in apopka. 80 in ocoee and maitland and celebration. along the coast, mid-to-upper 70' s. 76 in daytona beach. 77 in melbourne. jason: new from overnight, police are searching for the driver was smashed this car
6:34 am
michelle: just before midnight on lakeland avenue, near 408. alex villareal is there. was anyone hurt? alex: fortunately, michelle, especially lucky. there were people inside. take a look at the house. it is boarded up where that car left a massive hole in it. debris is scattered all across the front yard, and now that the sun is coming up, we are getting a better look at it. it appears to be chunks of a tree that the car appears to have hit. this is what is more unsettling. the driver is still on the loose. police say the mitsubishi eclipse that went into the house was stolen. the crash was just before midnight last night. police say the car out into the living room area of the home. you do people were inside at the time.
6:35 am
-- two people were inside at the time, and it could have been a much worse situation. they do not know if there were any passengers with the driver of the car. the house code enforcement did not find reason to condemn the home. the residents lost a part of the wall, what did not lose their home. that is the good news. we will continue to follow this investigation for you. as soon as we get into details, we will bring them straight to you. alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason: marco rubio is waking up in our area, preparing for another stop here this morning. michelle: we were there last night as he headlined a rally in sanford. we were the only station to talk with him one-on-one. a new poll shows that florida is
6:36 am
brett: it shows that marco rubio is closing in on front-runner donald trump, but still a big margin. this is from a monmouth poll. trump with 38%, rubio 30%, still a big gap. in the last round of falls, rubio was trailing byte 16 points. here' s part of that exclusive interview. sen. rubio: the campaign has just started in florida. nationally, donald trump as a credible amount of media. he will get only weaker. we will get stronger. if you do not want him as your nominee, you have to go for me, i am the only one who can beat him in florida. jason: the senator plans on spending his entire time in the state. he stopped at a bakery in kissimmee this morning. he will be there at 9:00, for about an hour. he will be very busy, bouncing around the state. in sarasota at 5:00, three hours later on the east coast, just
6:37 am
michelle: another big day in the race for president. for more states holding my marys. -- four more states holding primaries. nikole: they are calling this super tuesday two. mississippi and michigan will vote for candidates in both parties, and to other states voting for republicans. michigan is the big prize. hillary clinton is seeking to increase her spread over bernie sanders. on the gop side, ohio governor john kasich is hoping his midwest connections help them sealed the deal as he gains on donald trump. gov. kasich: we will see if this race will be dramatically changed or his study progress into the nomination. >> several polls show trump
6:38 am
in florida, michigan, and ohio. key battleground states. jazmin: breaking news this morning, a home on fire in winter park. at happening off of lakeland avenue. emergency crews are fighting this fire from the outside. they were inside at one point, but were told to evacuate. we now know that this home was completely vacant. it was under heavy renovation, and was burning undetected for some time this morning. a neighbor called firefighters and told them what was going on. i one point, the flames were going through the roof. that was just before 5:00 this morning, firefighters are scene ever since. they are still on scene, mopping up hotspots. as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you. back to you. jason: orange county deputies
6:39 am
that left one person with injuries. it happened at a home on kappa court, just west of eatonville. eight man was shot in the stomach, and walked to a -- a man was shot in the stomach, and walked to a relative' s home. michelle: at a shooting not far from where the old amway arena used to be. we' re still waiting for information about the victim, led to the shooting, and if case. jason: flags are being flown out in many places in florida in honor of nancy reagan. the former first lady died at age 94. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband, ronald reagan, in california. overnight, confirmation about a big event coming to orlando. michelle: who will be rumbling
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jason: first, back to breaking news at the turnpike. cargo all over the southbound
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jason: welcome back, 6:42 a.m., breaking news. our choppers over the scene here. ted: not confirm just yet, it involves two semis. one on top of the rig, the other transporting what appears to be lumber. the vehicles here, lumber all over the turnpike southbound ramp. this is also for 528 eastbound. it will impact your drive while this is close. if you usually get off at obt or the 520 eastbound, get off at i-4, ticket westbound. or i-4 eastbound, take it. traffic is backed a mile.
6:44 am
434, hitting the brakes. amy has a look at the weather. amy: quite a bit of cloud cover in central florida this morning. we have not had rain in a wild. that means our pollen count is very high as you head outside today. it is going to stay hide area -- stay high. it will be even higher this week. clouds are streaming in, not everywhere. the places that do have the clouds and east wind, a huge impact on our temperature. 40 degrees right now in ocala, but 70 degrees in melbourne. -- 48 degrees right now in ocala, but 70 degrees in melbourne. 62 in orlando. we are up a few degrees in the metro area because the clouds are streaming in.
6:45 am
there, the temperatures are dropping. wind off the ocean, 10, 15 miles an hour. temperatures will top out high 70' s, near 80. inland areas, a lot getting 80. i will have more when i come back inside in a few minutes. michelle: happening today, a new announcement that a big event is coming to the citrus bowl. jason: brett connolly joins us. a tweet is getting a lot of buzz. brett: the newly renovated citrus bowl has hosted some big-time events. concerts like the rolling stones, college bowl games, and it lions. what is missing? how about wrestlemania? wwe confirms wrestlemania 33 is coming to orlando on sunday, april 2 of 2017. this is like the super bowl for so many
6:46 am
it is a return to the citrus bowl, where it was in 2008. all of the details a press , conference held at 11:00. florida governor rick scott along with mayor buddy dyer and , orange county mayor teresa jacobs will be on hand. just watching some of those highlights. wrestlemania was held in the citrus bowl in 2008, nearly 75,000 fans showed up. this morning, i do not have any information on tickets just yet, as soon as i i' some fans are looking to do. jason: we are now hearing 911 calls made after a woman under the influence plowed a pickup into four people at daytona international speedway over the weekend. >> a truck just hit two individuals. >> you are in the infield of the international speedway? >> yes.
6:47 am
43-year-old failed several sobriety tests, and the breathalyzer showed her two times over the legal limit. witnesses say she was driving in the infield about 40 miles per hour. she allegedly told drivers she should not have been behind the wheel. michelle: caught on camera. the moment a garbage truck falls 100 feet up and interstate ramp in miami. video shows the driver lose control of the truck and crash through a concrete barrier. you can see the windows shatter as the truck hits the ground and the driver is ejected from the car. he ended up in the parking lot of a nearby park and was taken to the hospital. get serious injuries, but he is expected to recover. police have not yet said what caused the accident. all of your top stories after the break. here' s what the team is working
6:48 am
>> straight ahead on today, the presidential race. michigan is the top prize today. donald trump joins us live. plus, the woman behind the candidate. look inside money on trump life before her marriage. --melani a' s life before her marriage to donald trump. we get
6:49 am
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl that you need
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accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me jason: welcome back him up on your television, turnpike southbound ramp to obt and 520 eastbound, completely blocked off. we' re seeing from the helicopter right now, it appears to be two semis, one of those an auto transport, the other 18 log transport. the log transport has flipped over, and it is blocking the ramp from obt to the turnpike southbound. we are just confirming that the 520 eastbound is not a available because the ramp slipped off there. if you'
6:52 am
the wraps up and coming have to exit at i-4 a few miles beforehand to obt. it is morning drive here, so are seeing some slowdowns here on i-4. you are taking a drive through all to months, give yourself a few extra minutes. -- altamonte, give yourself a few extra minutes. amy: in parts of central florida this morning. take a look at the coast and inland. downtown orlando covered in clouds. what a bit of cloud cover. plenty of clouds across the temperatures this morning. good morning, i am amy sweezey. 63 degrees in orlando right now.
6:53 am
that is breeze bringing us warmer air. we have there' s -- had clear skies in our inland areas, allowing temperatures to drop, 48 in ocala. look at these other numbers. some of you will want jacket and sweaters, others will not at all. 63 right now in orlando. high pressure in control today. that brings the wind in out of the east. keeps is cooler at the beaches this afternoon. inland spots warmer than yesterday. we can' t to the upper 70' s, even a couple of 80 degree spots. not all of us will get 80 today. that will happen tomorrow. 80 80 in kissimmee. and in st. cloud. 70 in deltona. -- 78 in deltona. 76 in daytona beach. 77 in titusville.
6:54 am
-- 78 in palm bay. the next few a real threat of rip currents. the water has to go somewhere, channels. if you' re headed to the beach, make sure you swim rll to the shore, the same direction as the coast. i know it is counterintuitive, coast safely. we' ll see more folks at the beach the next few days, not only with spring break, but because temperatures will be in the middle 80' s by the end of the week. michelle: we following several big stories this morning. jason: breaking news in winter park. michelle: firefighters on the scene of a house fire in winter park. worthington drive, just south of aloma avenue.
6:55 am
jason: a vehicle struck a car last night. two people were inside. no one was hurt. the car was stolen. the driver has not been located. michelle: marco rubio is in central florida, making a last-ditch effort to save his presidential campaign after a rally in sanford last night. he told us he is no land to leave the race before next tuesday. jason: not far from where he will be, at a bakery in kissimmee, breaking news. cargo spilled on the florida turnpike and orange blossom trail, impacting the driving a
6:56 am
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jason: welcome back, 6:50 a.m. breaking news. southbound turnpike, obt eastbound. a report from the chopper, an accident would to summarize. one -- to semi. you cannot get on to obt or the
6:59 am
you have to exit at i-4, take i-4 westbound to the 528. they' ll take it to the 528 eastbound. you need to get around this mess on the turnpike. amy: quite a bit of cloud cover into central florida the last few hours. a big impact on our temperatures. look at the numbers. 40 in ocala. 69 in cocoa beach. this afternoon will be warm. the 80 in some of our inland spots today. take a look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures will be climbing. mid 80' s by thursday and friday. jason: the today show is next on wesh 2. michelle: local, live, latebreaking coverage continues with brett and jasmine on cw18. jazmin: we look at what marco rubio is trying to do today in central florida. brett: and the wwe announces the return of wrestlemania to the
7:00 am
it has been eight years. we' re looking forward. michelle: you can find updates anytime at the mobile app. jason: and breaking traffic news on the cw18 starting right now. [captionin good morning. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed near san francisco, plunging one car into a creek. passengers attempt to rescue fellow riders. >> we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. >> at least nine people injured. image problem. donald trump facing mounting ing ing criticism for doing this at rallies. >> raise your hand right, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand.


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