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his caregivers explain medications they have been administering through his fish diet don' t seem to be working. >> he has a disease that is chronic and progressive. at some points in my causes death. amanda: he' s become the symbol of the battle over killer whales in captivity. the death of the trainer who was dragged into a pool by him as well as the deaths of two others who were drowned by the whale. they blame a life in captivity for his aggressive behavior. in the video the park released today the veterinarian says the whale would already be dead from its illness in the wild. local animal-rights activists are skeptical.
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there are higher mortality rates for these type of animals in captivity than in the wild. everything about these animals being forced to live in these little boxes in marine parks is wrong. amanda: in a statement released today by peta it said it is the result of the whale being kept in captivity. peter repeated its call to release the wor orcas. jim: all lanes on the turnpike are open again. it overturned near the orange blossom trail near state road 528. lumber spilled everywhere. two people were sent to the
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meredith: a man was shot and killed in an apartment complex. night. it is unclear how many times he was shot. he died at the hospital. his name has not been released. one man was wounded by gunfire at an overnight shooting. it happened just before midnight bill. the man was shot in the stomach and then walked to a relative' house. he was then rushed to the hospital. there is no word on his shooting. jim: a driver crashed a stolen car into a home. it happened on lakeland avenue. no word aware that driver might be. if you are a fan of the world wrestling entertainment, it is coming back to the citrus bowl.
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coming right here to orlando. a great day because today officials announced the city beautiful will host wrestlemania 33 in april of next year. a huge score. wrestlemania is called park athletics and part broadway and a 100% moneymaker. it could drop $100 million into orlando' s economy. expected to rock our world. it seems a perfect fit. the citrus bowl is newly renovated.
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home to the wwe performance center. many wrestlers train there. what are the wrestlers think? bring it on. can wrestling fans filled the citrus bowl? because mcmahon predicts a sellout. jim: this is the second time orlando will host wrestlemania. it would been the only city to a
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we started the day today in the 50' s but the temperatures soon climbed into the 80' s. the first time this week we' ve got not warm. temperatures will only keep climbing as the week goes on. tony: it is gorgeous right now. we had that big storm system off to our west. much warmer weather will be moving back to central florida over the course of the next couple of days. you will be in great shape if you go outdoors tonight. 15 to 20 miles an hour winds. low 70' s. that is when we start cooling off. that is what we are expecting.
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in town right around 59 degrees. temperatures getting warmer on thursday and friday. meredith: thousands of bikers in daytona beach are enjoying the warm weather. their party has just been crashed. thousands of college students are at the world' s most famous beach. claire: decades ago daytona beach was the spring break dedication. city leaders didn' t like the reputation that followed and i started cracking down. so the numbers dwindle. but looks like they' re coming back. it may be bike week but don' t tell the college crowd that. iron horses down here are few and far between.
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the sites are familiar. showing off of the girls. sleeping off a sunburn. or maybe sleeping something else off. we found plenty of cups at the beer upon table. you' re not supposed to drink on the beach. a handful of arrests in the crowd so far. generally beach safety is just about keeping kids safe on the sand in the water. they want visitors to go home with a picture-perfect memory of daytona beach. college students could be coming
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jim: a big night in the race for the white house. voters in four states are taking part in primary elections. this is city michigan hawaii and idaho. donald trump and hillary clinton have all the momentum but the remaining candidates are fighting hard to regain ground. especially true of the republicans. all of whom have been fighting for second place behind trump. ted cruz is making his stand in the southern states. over rubio is pushing hard in florida. john kasich is trying to eat out a victory in michigan. john kasich: you can feel the momentum for us in michigan. the intensity of the supporters. it is remarkable.
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meredith: a developing story out of baltimore. a city police officer must testify against his colleagues that are on trial for the death of freddie gray. he died while in police custody. he had broken his spine and was not given the proper medical treatment. he is awaiting a new trial. he must testify. his first trial ended in a hung jury. massive protests and rioting. jim: lawmakers were able to pass a state budget. >> house and senate leaders of forming a deal on the $80 billion budget. a portion of that includes the $20 million allocated for the new downtown campus. other projects that will see more cash . another $25 million for persons
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senate president andy gardner has made this a top priority. regarding higher education all 12 state universities will receive money for new construction. another 37 million was added for high-performing state universities. a divisive issue when it came to replacing state law enforcement radios. the senate appropriations chairman said no request was made. they will vote on the proposal on friday. jim: funding for education. $44 million has been set aside
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the orange county teachers union. the number of highly affected trumped. on the campaign trail in florida. with marco rubio. the senator made a play for voters in kissimmee. we will speak to him one-on-one about his plans to win the florida primary. also a train derailment in california.
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marco rubio: these polls of it all over the place. i' m not worried about the polls. we will win in florida.
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jim: marco rubio met with voters in a local bank. we heard him talking about the polls. he is trailing donald trump right now. he needs to win florida to stay in this race. he still has a way to go. 38% said donald trump , 30% said marco rubio. she spoke with marco rubio. summer: we' re the only station to speak with marco rubio. we asked about everything. rumors that his campaign is coming to an end. presidential candidate marco rubio is in sanford monday night ahead of his home state primary. the first thing out of his mouth was. marco rubio: it always comes down to florida.
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that his own advisers wanted out of the race before the primary. marco rubio: that is not a possibility. that report is 100% false. florida. nationally donald trump has benefited from eleanor enormous amount of media attention. donald trump has benefited from an enormous. >> i don' t know if i could vote for trial. i' m still struggling with that.
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trumps personal attacks. >> donald trump does started a lot. marco rubio had a reason to bash them back. that sounds like a 12-year-old. hearing her say that. it is ok to get back at the other one. marco rubio: donald trump has been the spending the entire campaign single folder things about everyone, making fun of disabled people, is a bully that needs to be stand up to. and we did it. meredith: we estimate that a spot on the ticket. and he said i am running for president. jim: voting in the primary election closes out in one week on march 15. all the candidates except for john kasich have plans to
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pretty beautiful to stay out there. tony: now we are cooling off. still relatively dry. we give you the perspective here. plenty of class this morning but not bad right now. the humidity is nice and low. get out there and enjoy it. you will be in good shape. the sun angle is getting a bit lower. this slow-moving storm system is working toward the back end of the weekend. that is creating an onshore flow you can see the sun coming up from the east. dangerous currents will continue
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that narrow river of channel is where you can get hold out into the ocean. you don' t want to try to it. once you get out of that narrow channel that you can swim back otherwise you will tire out. cool. not the most ideal conditions for mariners. west. a great night for the flower and
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temperatures falling into the mid-60' s. check out the overnight lows. downtown in the upper 50' s. tomorrow 82 to 83. for bike week tomorrow, 59 to 79. a gorgeous sunset. strawberry festival as well. if you have spring training aspirations, look at that forecast. 81 degrees. looking ahead. nothing is really changing.
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weekend we see this big developing storm system and that is going to bring us some beneficial rain. 86 degrees on thursday and friday. accused of drinking in class. and the u.s. claims of victory
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him and meredith: mudslide is derailment east of san francisco. the first car struck a tree that then plunged into the water. time. the wet weather caused the that caused the crash. two years and aviation' s greatest mysteries. crews are still searching for the wreckage of malaysia flight 350.
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it vanished with 239 victims on board. investigators don' t know what went wrong. an troops in somalia. terrorist fighters involved both manned and unmanned aircraft. 120 miles north of mogadishu. special operations forces had monitored the site for several weeks. they were standing outside a strike occurred. a kindergarten teacher in allegedly drinking on the job. clara bowman was fired from her job at an elementary school in tacoma for being intoxicated.
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walked into a wall and had alcohol in the beverage container in the classroom. parents are angry because they say district leaders kept her in the dark and she posed safety and liability concerns. meredith: stewart will join us with what is coming up in the next half hour. stewart: the arnold palmer invitational is just a few days away. fighting the zika virus. restrictions on a sperm bank. a pricey heist at a local sunglass hut. you can help catch the people responsible. repairing for a fight.
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>> more news about the zika virus. but he recommendation from the u.s. government that impacts the world' s largest sperm bank which is right here in central
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greg: rest of the nation' s sperm and egg banks in filing the fda' latest guidelines to slow the spread of the zika virus. while primarily mosquito borne, the nation' s health departments have been on alert. since the diagnosis of the infection in a dallas patient they got the virus through sexual contact. the company which relies heavily on the large population of students at the university of florida is following strict screening. all potential donors that of travel to high risk countries are being deferred for six months. as well as those who have active diagnoses for infection. screeners now inquire about sexual activity with people from
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the risk of contracting the virus is relatively low compared to countries like brazil the fact is that nearly a dozen pregnant women in the u.s. have contracted the virus. another dozen or suspected. that is why sperm and egg banks are following protocols that have been in place for blood donation for more than a month. meredith: the university has more than 4000 international students. more information on our webpage. stewart: police are hoping the surveillance photos will lead them to the people who robbed a sunglass hut. the images show one of the men looking over the display cases and then putting the glasses
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while this was going on the second man was demanding money from the clerk. they escaped. orange county deputies are looking for the person who killed a local man. they decided to investigate the death of daniel medina as a homicide. his body was found last friday in the 1500 block of winding trail and chickasaw trail. we are hearing from some who knew him well. so far no suspects have been named. deputies are not releasing how he was killed. meredith: police in volusia county are looking for a man who stole a car with a 12-year-old in the back. the mother of the child ran inside to pick up another child for school. that is when the car was stolen.
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the child was unharmed. so far no suspects have been named. the 911 calls made after a drunk woman crashed or pick up into four people at daytona international speedway. >> a truck just hit three individuals. at the daytona speedway. please hurry. meredith: she failed several field sobriety tests. witnesses say she was driving through the infield at about 40 miles per hour. she continued driving despite hitting several campus. voters in michigan and mississippi and idaho and hawaii are taking part in primaries. campaigns could be made or broken today. donald trump and hillary clinton have all the momentum.
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sally: some indication that donald trump may be losing some of his momentum. making today' s outcomes that much more important. governor john kasich pulled out of last-minute surge into polls in michigan. john kasich: we have a few hours until this poll closes. we have to run through the tape. donald trump tops the polls in michigan and idaho. a new washington post poll shows him slipping nationwide. mitt romney hammered trump in robo calls supporting john
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rubio is focusing on his home state of florida. the winner of next week' s for delegates. marco rubio: if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz, you are effectively voting for ted cruz. m the only one who can be donald trump in florida. win for hillary. clinton was also leading by double digits in michigan. bernie sanders has invested a lot of resources and time in the wolverine state. stewart: be sure to tune in for our continuing coverage of the primary results.
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week. that big storm system there in texas is going to take its time moving our way. that gives us plenty of time. talking about the middle to maybe even upper 80' s. we hit 80 today. a gusty southeast wind. about 16 miles per hour. a good five to 10 degrees warmer. nice and comfortable in town. falling into the mid-60' s. those weekend to rain chances. meredith: fire is an orange county home. this happened very early this
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>> check out the flames shooting through the roof of this house. this was the scene just after 5:00 in the morning. we showed you this as breaking news sunrise. live as it was unfolding. firefighters got to the home in six minutes. we saw crews using a ladder truck to spray down the house. firefighters search the place and found no one. the house was vacant and undergoing heavy renovation. it appears this blaze burned undetected for some. of time. stewart: new video of a man
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some orange county deputies. meredith: all lanes of i-95 have reopened following a gas tanker crash. cut off by another vehicle. right now there is no word on any injuries. troopers tell us that aggressive driving is to blame for that i-95 crash. they say march is usually the most dangerous time of the year on florida roads. 32,000 crashes statewide with 35 deaths. another 230 people were hurt.
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>> on any given day florida is home to 20 million residents in nearly 2 million visitors. the florida highway patrol says march is the most dangerous month of the year on florida roads. so many of these folks have free time, great weather and lots of activities to choose from. local spring break mixed with college spring break next with out-of-towners. both victims who died in a crash at this west orange county intersection were not wearing seat belts. three children properly restrained survived. people not wearing seatbelts. driving too fast is the cause. the most common cause is alcohol. people choosing to drink and
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4500 dui tickets last march. they want motorists to know the one thing that is causing it. what you can do to avoid it. buckle up and slow down and don' t drink and drive. the commonsense way to get where you are going and back. meredith: if you are walking or riding the motorists are supposed to share the road. the director of the arnold palmer invitational. plus a daring rescue. : some rising floodwaters.
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stewart: in third person hulk hogan was taking the stand in this lawsuit. he is suing the website gawker by publishing his sex tape. he' s asking for $100 million.
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with a single engine plane fell from the sky. it landed right in front of a building. the father and daughter on board were ok. the engine died mid flight. we are less than one week away from the arnold palmer invitational. pa t: it is called orlando signature sporting event for a reason. a great spectacle of golf. also a vehicle to benefit the arnold palmer medical center. the 38th edition. it could not be in better shape. it has made this track the envy of clubs nationwide. action begins a week from thursday. st. patrick'
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the best in the game will be in the field. unfortunately the number one player in the world jordan spieth will not be here next week. he is defending his title in tampa this weekend and that has two tournaments in texas. prior to the masters. so this becomes the odd tournament out for him. something to be proud of. always great fun. some you folks may have just moved to the area.
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there' palmer' s name on it. this golf tournament in particular. meredith: texas schoolchildren are alive and well thanks to some rescue crews. the bus they were riding on got stuck in high water on the way to have firefighters spotted the trouble and quickly sprang into action. they carried the kids to a nearby boat which quickly took them to dry land. the youngsters still have this go to school. stewart: it was a messy monday on a colorado highway. that is hail. dangerous travel. it slid off the road. another truck. doing the opposite direction. no one was hurt. the storm lasted for just a few minutes. we have beautiful out there weather. really climbing temperature
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tony: we go from winter right into summer. very little gray area. let me take you back outside right now. bike week is well underway. i want you to keep those bikers in your thoughts. as you are traveling around. we have done fairly well. with injuries and whatnot. just remember be cautious and careful. keep those good folks in your thoughts. look at that big area of low pressure. for us high pressure is ruling the roost. we are going to pump in more
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we will still have to watch now these dangerous rip currents. getting warmer and warmer. coming in at about 75 degrees. upper 70' s for you. right around 75. we have fallen into the lower 70' s in certain areas. not bad. overnight lows look like this. coming in at 58. how about a collar back towards villages.
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degrees warmer than where we were today. 83 tomorrow. 83 in wildwood. still looking at the s. east of i-95. right around 80. big dome of high pressure still lurking. we can put it over the peninsula and really get gusty and warm. there is a hint of storm system along the west coast. we' ll have to watch that for the weekend. a great forecast gametime temperature right around 83 degrees. daylight savings saturday night.
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up up and away. thursday and friday and saturday. just a few degrees cooler.
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meredith: overuse of a technology known as a super cookie. for a while customers did not know if the tracking was given an option to opt out. now the settlement says customers can opt in to letting verizon share their data with a third party. stewart: a fishing trip ended with a whole neighborhood being evacuated. he saw what he thought was an old knife handle. it turned out to be a military device that was a bomb. experts came by and took it away to destroy it. some very lucky stargazers.
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the northern lights are seen gracing the skies. time lapse video. video. charged particles from the sun. typically this happens more north pole. person. news at 6:00 is straight ahead. latebreaking tonight. major data breach at the hotel. wait until you hear just how long guests credit card information has been exposed. the florida primary is exactly one week away. all these campaign stops by the candidates may not even matter, election day.
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>> the health of the killer whale is deteriorating. and what we' ve learned about the
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pleading with state officials after state lawmakers voted on the budget. what would now take for teachers to get a bonus. wrestlemania is back. the city beautiful announces a huge moneymaking score what it means that orlando is picked again to host this the beta beauty event. a killer whale that once play the role of sean lowe is not expected to survive. meredith: he is also the killer whale known for killing his trainer back into thousand 10. the infection that is making them so sick. >> he has become the symbol of
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or not killer whales should be held in captivity. today se aworld announced that he has a lung infection. animal rights activists are quick to blame this on the fact that he is spent most of his life in captivity. his health has been deteriorating and they are treating him for a bacterial infection in his lungs. the whales caregivers get emotional as they talk about the sick whale. he is estimated to be about 35 years old and has been at the park for 23 years. in 2010 whale trainer dawn


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