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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: 4:30 right now on sunrise, bernie sanders is celebrating after a big primary win over hillary clinton. donald trump continues his drive towards the gop nomination. there has been a huge credit card data beach -- breach at a local hotel chain. we will so you what happened and who is affected. a former sex offender is arrested after he was found naked in a local community. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: good wednesday morning, i' m jason guy. it is a bit warmer and we will
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let' s get over to meteorologist amy sweezey as we look like a downtown orlando where we are at 64 degrees. amy: good morning, we are going to see a bit of cloud cover but also plenty of sun once the sunshine begins. the sunrise time is 6:42. we will get a mix of sun and clouds like yesterday. we are starting up a couple of degrees warmer this morning. we will be a couple degrees warmer this afternoon. yesterday we hit 80 in orlando. today we will climate the lower 80' s and a lot of spots. some of us of the same, some of us are a few degrees warmer. especially ocala where we are 10 degrees warmer. a couple of days ago we dropped down into the 40' s. so this is a much milder start for us. 55 and salt springs, 59 in moss bluff and the villages. 62 in okahumpka. 62 in oviedo. 6i-5 in
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down the coast, 57 in palm coast 56 and deland. melbourne beach at 70 degrees. that is thanks to being close to the warm water. we are headed into the lower 80' s session in. we will have some scattered clouds and wind will pick up quite a bit. we will talk about breezy conditions in a few minutes. let get an early check of the roads on this monday. ted: looking at i-4 by the maitland area westbound on the right. if you' re making a drive into downtown orlando from seminole into orange looking good. i eastbound roadwork around either know and wrapping up around princeton street. jason: republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are celebrating big wins this morning. trump is being declared the winner in hawaii along with victories in michigan and mississippi. florida senator marco rubio wasn'
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as for the democrats, sanders upset clinton in michigan. clinton still make progress towards winning the nomination. >> in a stunning upset, bernie sanders winning the michigan primary. >> i does want to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls. who repudiated the pundits who said bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> while hillary clinton so close the lead in the delegate race, it represents an embarrassing speed bump in her efforts to pull away from the sanders campaign. >> we believe that our strongest areas are get to happen. we will do very well in the west coast and parts of the country. >> hillary clinton winning mississippi. crowds streeter headquarters as supported her the news. >> this campaign is about building a future where every american can live up to his or
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where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. >> thank you very much everyone. >> donald trump winning crucial victories in mississippi and delegate rich michigan. >> one of the things i most happy about is that the turnout has been massive. >> performing strong despite a barrage of attacks from opponents. t think i' ve ever had so many horrible things said about me in one week. winner of the night. ted cruz winning idaho. now, the focus is on next tuesday with contest in marco rubio' s jose of florida. >> i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> and john kasich' s home state of ohio. >> we are moving into a position where the people of america are beginning to hear this message. >> i am merry maloney reporting. jason: here'
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further the republicans, ted cruz will be in miami this morning, no stops are scheduled for john kasich of florida. bernie sanders will be in kissimmee and tampa on thursday. hillary clinton will be in tampa on thursday as well. stay with us for continuing coverage of commitment 2016. we have posted more of art schools of our exclusive one-on-one interview with marco rubio. you can get the latest updates online. breaking news we are following in downtown orlando where police are on the scene of a shooting near several busy bars along west pine street just off of i-4. authorities are telling us a personal shot in the leg and then rushed to the hospital. police are looking for a dark colored, four door honda which was seen going westbound on pine from orange avenue. we will have a live report for you coming up at 5:00. new from overnight, a local
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slams into his patrol cruiser. it happened around 12:45 this morning as the volusia county deputy was responding to a crash on i-4 eastbound. the deputy was not hurt. at least one person was taken to the hospital. we are now waiting for more details about the crash from florida highway patrol. one of the largest hotel chains in central florida hit by a massive data breach. rosen hotels and resorts is warning customers their credit card information may have been compromised. in a statement posted to its website, the chain says malware was installed in its credit card payment system. cards you did any of its seven properties in central florida between september 2, 2014 and february 18 of this year may have been affected. the copyright information includes cardholders names, card numbers, expiration dates, and the internal verification codes. wesh 2 is learning the hotel is receiving unconfirmed reports
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jason: -- >> we expect places to have security. but having said that, it happens all the time everywhere. >> i' m surprised. jason: a rosen hotel spokesperson tells wesh 2 that additional security measures have been made to prevent this from happening again. naked and under arrest, deputy say the sex offender decided to bare it all when he walked through in orange county neighborhood. >> exposure of sexual organs, count one. sanitary nuisance, count two. >> julius cooper was in court yesterday facing charges of exposing himself at the apartments near hiawassee road. people who live their said was becoming an ongoing problem. >> i saw him twice last week with no pants. we called the cops, but
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jason: cooper was finally arrested after another call to deputies that say she saw cooper naked dumpster touching himself. three teenagers arrested after a chase ending in seminole county. it started after a stolen car was spotted on i-4 in volusia county. when troopers tried to pull over the car, it exited at lake mary boulevard. the three people inside ditch the car and took off running. the three teens were eventually arrested. troopers in brevard county are in merritt island. and motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a car along the wall street. investigators say woman was trying to turn into a parking lot and did not notice richard moore on his bike. he was killed instantly. a passenger in the woman' s car suffered minor injuries. there are no words -- and there is no word on any injuries. in american culture is dead in the latest knife attack in israel.
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student at vanderbilt was attacked by a palestinian in tel aviv. at least nine other people were hurt when the man attacked people at random. police eventually caught up with him and shot and killed him. this was one of four attacks in israel on tuesday. a palestinian man was shot and killed after shooting at police. and a 51-year-old palestinian woman was killed after she tried to stab police officers. a war of words between the orange county schools chairman and a board member during a meeting to discuss bonuses for teachers. >> by the way, you have a right to state your views without playing a disrespect card. without playing experience card. simply to be publicly elected official and state your views which is expected of all of us when we hold public office. >> i can take it, i know how to take it. i' ve never played the race card on you. you have played on me. i have never played it on you. if you did, i would let you
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i just want to see you do the same thing. you are learning good for me. i' m glad. jason: teachers were upset over 44 million state dollars set aside for a bonus program that goes to teachers that meet to requirements. teachers must of scored in the top 20% of the ac tra' s 80 whenever they took it and be evaluated as a highly effective teacher. teachers say the ratings are unfair and not enough are given credit. the killer whale responsible for the death of a sea world trainer is very sick from a bacterial infection and could die. seaworld says the infection is in tilikum' s long' s it is resistant to treatment. trainers are tied to manage the infection. tilikum has been at seaworld for 23 years and has been used many times for the parks breeding program. in 2010, tilikum grabbed a trainer after a show and pulled
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latebreaking this morning, the has died. martin, the producer who guided the beatles to astounding success died he -- peacefully in london at the age of 90. the british prime minister called him a giant music. ringo starr tweeted thank you for all your love and kindness peace and love. i had this morning on sunrise, spring breakers are beginning to descend on our area. beach over the panhandle. and we will tell you when wrestlemania will be making its
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amy: welcome back on a wednesday. high temperatures for today. we are headed into the lower 80' s. good morning, i' m amy sweezey. we will head 83 in a high -- in orlando today. even the beaches will be getting 83 today. warmer than are averages in the 70' s. yesterday, the coast state in the upper 70' s. today we are creeping up a little more. morning lows are lower as well. -- warmer as well. 8064 in orlando and 69 in cocoa beach and melbourne.
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look at cocoa beach and melbourne, already pretty breezy. orlando has a 10 mile per hour breeze. when we see more sunshine we will see wind increase. we get a mix of sun and clouds today. not quite as much cloud cover is yesterday. a little more sunshine to start off. that will help us get to 78 by noon and top up in the lower 80' s most were inland areas. we continue with no rain, our pollen forecast continues me high side. oak grass and bayberry are the big runs. we don' t really come back down much. if you are suffering from these allergies on sunday when we get a little rain, that is when you will start to see those pollen levels had down a bit. let' s he was happening out on the roads now and it over to ted noah. ted: construction on the 417 southbound at the narcoossee area. as you can see by our big map looking at the area, and looks
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slowing down traffic. we stole to move over. i four was run on the right getting through the lee road area from maitland from seminole into orange, not too bad. from fairbanks to just about maitland, to write lanes taken out. jason: if you have been out enjoying a beautiful weather, be careful on the roads. the highway patrol is warning march is the most dangerous month for drivers in florida. last year alone there were 32,000 crashes and 35 deaths in one -- and one big reason, many cars and motorcycles are out on the roads for the bike weekend and spring rate. -- spring break. as motorcyclists are taking over the roads in and around daytona beach for bike week, spring breakers are taking over the sand. thousands of college students are here soaking up the sun and letting it all hang out. the city a longer promote spring
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some say they are here because of the crackdown in panama city. >> you use to be able to drink on the beach there, but you can' t anymore. >> do not supposed to drink on this page. >> i know. we are not. jason: some breakers are boozing it up. keep in mind, it is illegal to drink on the sand, there have been a handful of arrest. the super bowl of wrestling is coming back to orlando. wwe announced yesterday that wrestlemania 33 will be at the citrus bowl on april 2, 2017. it is excited to bring in more than $100 million to the city. the debbie debbie expects --wwe expects a sellout. this is the second time orlando is hosted wrestlemania. the first time was 2008.
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home to the performance center that holds weekly shows of full sail university. another rough night for the orlando magic. they lost to the los angeles lakers. an amazing dunk from aaron gordon who finishes a fastbreak with this windmill dunk. let' s look at it. let' s get to pat clarke. >> bad news for city soccer fans is that the column not play friday night when they meet chicago at the citrus bowl. the good news is that we will him a certainly get our first limbs of antonio notes or reno. he' s days or his arrival from florida from italy. it is called orlando signature sporting event for a reason, arnold palmer' s fingerprint on
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it has made the annual pj -- pga event not only a great spec -- sports event. bay hill course could not be in better shape, worked on since last years event has made this wide. you will see what i mean when you go next week. more than $6 million up for grabs of the event. met every will seek its repeat thursday. as is the case each year, the best in the game are in the field. >> sitting here right now, we have six of the top 10 in the world. on any given year, 67 of the top 10 players in the world. rory is coming back. some of the familiar faces that fancy seen over the years. it is a run-up to the masters. a lot of thin layer names and
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to see how good their game is
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>> that is jason: a putnam county woman recovering after she was shot by her four-year-old daughter. deputy said happened as the woman was driving yesterday afternoon. authorities say the child somehow got a hold of a handgun and fired it. the mother was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. the department of children and
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former wwe superstar hulk hogan was back on the stand over his sex tape. hogan has accused the website walker of -- gawker of posting his sex tape. he says while in his home, he is not hulk hogan. the website claims the footage is provided for them but did not know its exact origins. still ahead on sunrise, another check of your first alert forecast. a warmer afternoon than yesterday. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to we need more than lip service.
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. the spring home event is happening now.
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human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. don't pick just any wipe. try that one! this cold and flu season lysol that. amy: welcome back it is wednesday at 4:55, i' m amy sweezey. we hit 80 degrees in many of our inland spots. that' s what we anticipated yesterday. the coast was cooler thanks to
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we made 276 and palm coast, 77 daytona beach and melbourne. now today we will be even warmer with inland spots climbing to s and even at the degrees. a little more sunshine today and wind will be stronger coming out of the southeast. there' s a little cloud cover in a few spots and we may get a little bit of patchy fog developing. i don' t expect a lot, but this is in places where we have clear skies and calm winds. as the temperatures drop we make it a little bit of that patchy fog. temperatures are warmer this morning than yesterday. 61 in ocala and the villages. 63 in orlando. 56 palm coast is our cool spot. we still of that strong ridge of high pressure dominating the southeast and so that is why we will be very quiet today. we will be even warmer, but we' ve also be windy.
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we are headed to 84 in ocala and dunnellon today. 83 in eustis and claremont. the spots that hit just 80 or 81 yesterday will climb a couple more degrees. 82 in longwood and oviedo. 83 in kissimmee. along the coast we will hit 80 and most spots. merritt island headed to 81. in palm bay will climb to 82. if you are in town for spring break or maybe just headed to the beach today, we will be breezy and keep in mind that high risk or rip current. if you are getting in the water, which water temperatures are in the mid-60' s, we do have the strong reps that are coming in and they are strongest with the outgoing tide which happens late morning through early afternoon today. so during the daytime which of course is the most popular time to be at the beach and in the water. bike week underway still at daytona beach this week. we are a little gusty with those wins. tomorrow is still breezy.
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bit coming up the ocean and keeping a slightly cooler the coast then in our inland areas. tomorrow, we will be breezy and even warmer. tomorrow will be our warmest day of the next seven as we continue to climb. we may even get a few upper 80' s thursday as our wind shifts around it eventually comes out of the south southwest. we will talk more but our next best chance for rain this weekend coming up at our next half hour. ted: taking a peek at construction on i-4. turnpike northbound by the area of 417 and mile marker 251. a left lane blocked with roadwork. eastbound just after fairbanks until just past lee, you will lose a right lane on i-4. jason: wesh 2 new sunrise at 5:00 begins next. the latest on a crash on i-4 cruiser. let'
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alex: a man is in the hospital after he was shot in downtown orlando. coming up, i will tie you what police say let up to the shooting. jason: wesh 2 new sunrise at 5:00 gets going right now. breaking. high definition. michelle: breaking news right now on sunrise, a local nightclub turns into a crime scene overnight. we are live on the scene as police investigate a shooting. jason: more results from the campaign trail. the latest wins from the republican and democrat candidates as for more states cast primary votes. we are glad to a waking up with us. it is just before 5:00 a.m. on a wednesday morning. i' m jason guy. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. our temperatures are in continuing to crease up --
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first alert meteorologist amy sweezey is joining us now with your forecast. amy: good morning, we are a bit warmer this morning. we will be warmer this afternoon. yesterday, several spots hit 80 degrees. today, there will be more of us hitting 80 degrees and even climbing beyond 80 degrees into the lower 80' s. we have a mix of sun and clouds today. i expect a little more sunshine today compared to yesterday. we were pretty blocked in with that cloud cover. the clear skies will help us here with our temperatures as well. dropping little more this morning. it is warmer than it was yesterday, both spots a couple degrees warmer and that puts us in the upper 50' s and lower 60' s across the area. 59 in citra, 63 and dunnellon. 63 okahumpka and 64 in claremont. 59 in lake mary, 62 in oviedo and winter park. new numbers coming in now, 63 in pine grove. 56 and palm coast in pierson.


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