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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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first alert meteorologist amy sweezey is joining us now with your forecast. amy: good morning, we are a bit warmer this morning. we will be warmer this afternoon. yesterday, several spots hit 80 degrees. today, there will be more of us hitting 80 degrees and even climbing beyond 80 degrees into the lower 80' s. we have a mix of sun and clouds today. i expect a little more sunshine today compared to yesterday. we were pretty blocked in with that cloud cover. the clear skies will help us here with our temperatures as well. dropping little more this morning. it is warmer than it was yesterday, both spots a couple degrees warmer and that puts us in the upper 50' s and lower 60' s across the area. 59 in citra, 63 and dunnellon. 63 okahumpka and 64 in claremont. 59 in lake mary, 62 in oviedo and winter park. new numbers coming in now, 63 in pine grove. 56 and palm coast in pierson.
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70 melbourne beach, closer to the water where that breezes coming in off the ocean. we will make it to the lower 80' s after our warmer start. a few scattered clouds. we will talk more about those breezes expected to keep the beaches cooler. ted: you will have to slow down on i-4 eastbound if you' re driving just before fairbanks until just before maitland boulevard. a left lane taken out of the lee road cameras. construction spot on the turnpike northbound around the area of mile marker 251. passing the 417 overpass could have to slow down a bit for construction. jason: let' s get you to breaking news we are following right now on sunrise. police are on the scene of a shooting in downtown orlando. michelle: this happened on west pine street outside of several busy bars over an hour ago. alex villareal is live at the scene.
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alex: police tell us there was one victim in the shooting. a 26-year-old man who were shot in both legs. investigators are still out here right now, they are just wrapping up the investigation out here. we just saw them remove a number of evidence markers that were lining the street out here. police say this all went down around 3:30 this morning. they say the shooting appears to have stemmed from a fight in the parking lot. man when they got here. he was taken to ormc in stable condition. talk to a man outside during -- at the time of the shooting. he heard gunshots and said there was a big crowd out here. >> i was sitting by the plaza, i hear pop, pop. i see the gun. i was standing at a run the police came.
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alex: at the time we talked to the man, he said he did not want to be identified. as for any suspects, police say the individuals involved in the confrontation are unknown. we will continue to follow this investigation. police tell us that detectives will be continuing this investigation out here in downtown orlando. live in orlando, alex villareal. jason: we are following breaking news where police in kansas city have caught this suspect. a man accused of shooting and killing five people. pablo serrano was arrested after a manhunt. police say he killed for men at a neighbor' s home and until another man. police say it serrano was kicked out of the u.s. in 2004 but returned illegally. he was supposed to be in custody. the gaza customs errors was allowed to walk free. a couple of -- >> couple of accidents shutting down portions
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one involving a sheriff' s deputies cruiser. the started on i-4 eastbound. a deputies by doing motorcycle crash. while at the scene, the cruiser was hit by another car. the depth he was not injured, but at least one person was taken to the hospital. this happened around 1:00 this morning and crews worked to clear the area. florida highway patrol is investigating. it is unclear what type of injury the one person taken to the hospital may have suffered. jason: thank you, brett. turning to commitment 2016. new results in from our newsroom. while you were sleeping, four states went to the polls on tuesday. michelle: the newest results overnight, donald trump with the clear the clady winner in hawaii a couple of hours ago. he was also picking up a win in mississippi. recorded one big there on the democrat side. jason: bernie sanders was the story of the night with a huge, unexpected win in michigan.
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ted cruz picked up a victory in idaho. latest moves from the candidates this morning. >> franklin, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> bernie sanders with new confidence after an unexpected win in michigan. morning. t see it coming. the black vote. hello, ohio. >> hillary clinton didn' t mention her mississippi win or michigan lost. she picked up more delegates than sanders. our new poll shows she be donald trump by 13 points in november. >> there is only one person who did well tonight, donald trump. we started with a field of 17, and now we' re down to four. and i really want to close things out. >> he is open to do that in
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ted cruz one idaho on tuesday. >> we know we are closing the gap in state after state after state. >> florida could be it for marco rubio. who' s best finish on tuesday was third. >> i need everyone' s vote now. let' s not get into that, i can' t lose any votes. >> john kasich dylan since -- insists he will win ohio. it is looking more and more like a two-man race were republicans. our poll shows six in 10 voters party. jason: michelle: -- michelle: the today show will have coverage of the elections, and where the race goes from here. plus, does donald trump still have momentum? they will ask him himself on air. did the latest updates online at and inside the mobile app. we are checking to see if any charges will be filed after a deadly motorcycle crash on
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trooper say 51-year-old richard moore died yesterday when his motorcycle collided with a car along courtenay parkway and wall street. investigators say woman was trying to turn into a parking lot and did not notice him. the passenger in the woman' s car suffered a minor injury. jason: a brevard county manatees of beating another man to death on super bowl sunday will as to get out of jail on bond. 21-year-old jin luca massaro -- masaru is -- was charged. massaro was held on no bond but will ask a judge to set one at a hearing this morning. eight people are now in custody following a drug bust in mount dora. police said does this photo of what they found during the operation. they say this is the result of a four-month long investigation involving more than 100 officers. as you can see, they uncovered large amounts of marijuana, prescription pills, and several drugs. michelle: saver police are
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last week. a six-year-old girl accident shot and killed herself. jazmin walker is here with the new safety effort. jazmin: sanford police are hosting a free gun safety class today for parents and their kids . the class comes after the unfortunate death of six-year-old a' letha amanii marie burke last week. police say she found a loaded gun under a sofa and shot her self in the shoulder. sanford police say burke' s death was one of two cases in a week where kid shot themselves with guns found in the home. that' s why he said a gun safety courses needed. >> to protect their children' s that they don' t have access to it when they shouldn' t have access to it. jazmin: eric williams was supposed to be watching birth when she shot herself. that is actually williams' s niece. he is accused of child neglect and not keeping the loaded gun away from the six-year-old.
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the gun safety classes being held at the sanford police it is free and start at 4:00 this afternoon. michelle: we want to get you back to some breaking news in kansas city. police have caught a suspect accused of shooting and killing five people. pablo cerrado was arrested manhunt. police say he murdered for managing neighbor' s home -- s home and then another. he was pulled over four months ago but was allowed to remain in a -- in the country because of a customs error. jason: north korea says they have miniaturized nuclear missiles. announcement yesterday. the country has been warning a monday after the u.s. and south korea began performing military operations near that country. you might see a few more bikes on the road this morning. a group called help in central
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work day and they will be traveling through winter park. they will meet at three group ride after work. march is the most dangerous month on florida roads. michelle: if you are taking your bike to work today, not a bad day. we a little bit warmer than yesterday. jason: we are starting that way let' details. amy: we have sunshine and a it is going to be even warmer. hit 80 degrees. yesterday, a few inland spots hit 80. today, a lot more will do it. that means warmer than ever just this week. we are starting a lot -- starting off a little warmer. otherwise, we have s, even some of the -- even some upper 60' s.
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wind is lighting contrary north. wind is starting to kick up. wind coming off the ocean. it will be breezy today is the wind increased. more sunshine compared to yesterday, but still some scattered clouds. 78 by noon, lower 80' s for highs. the coast is going to stay cited cooler. i will take you county by county in just a few minutes. time now for traffic, here is ted. ted: looking at a live shot of the i-4 for lake area. things moving nicely. eastbound on the right with no delays in downtown orlando via i-4. though, eastbound before fairbanks and just after lee, we have a lane taken out. safety your turnpike, northbound lane taken out. jason: local veterans are about to get extra assistance.
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for the lake baldwin the a center. jason: a dramatic rescue caught
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jason: we are on top of some breaking news. you are looking live orlando police are on the scene of an early-morning shooting. this is outside a row of popular bars. a person was hit with gunfire in the leg along west pine street i-4 3:30 this morning. so far, no one has been arrested. pine street is shut down. michelle: people who stated seven orlando hotels need to keep a close eye on their bank accounts. rosen hotels and resorts say it found malware on its website. anyone who stayed with them with an the last 18 months might have had their information stolen. jason: donald trump picked a more delegates while you were sleeping. trump won elections in hawaii, michigan -- michigan and mississippi.
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when michigan. hillary clinton won a landslide in mississippi. to help veterans. with how the ligety lake baldwin v a center. jazmin: the bill was assigned about prep -- by president obama. it transfers the lake baldwin va to the state of florida. there are 120 beds of the nursing a portion of the facility. those bets of either not been in use or are serving as temporary space during the transition to the new lake nona va. hersmen john mica has called it a valuable asset to the aging veterans. he says it shouldn' t have been anti-for even a day.
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jason: thank you, jasmine. a new alert has been issued concerning the zika virus. the world health organization has said sexual transmission of the virus is more common than previously thought. now, they are telling women to be more careful about sex during pregnancy. if your partner has been to an infected country, you are being told to practice safe sex or avoided altogether. sica is most commonly transferred to mosquito bites. attorney general loretta lynch is set to testify front of the senate judiciary committee. lynch has removed herself from consideration for the nomination. analysts say the vacancy could be hot topic. several members of the committee have said they won' t vote to nominate a new justice until after november' s presidential election. michelle: another nor of virus
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a store closed after a worker can down the buyers. two other employees have similar symptoms. so far, no customers have reported being sick. the health department commended the restaurant for sending out an alert so quickly. chipotle put a number of new protocols in place after an outbreak early this year. the tsa is warning flyers to be patient because it is spring break season. the agency said 7% for travelers are in the air during this time of year. you will want to get to the airport earlier than normal. tsa says in the past year, the average time has -- a checkpoint is nearly doubled. jason: we are getting a look at some dramatic body cameras video of a water rescue in connecticut. you can see the officer climbs over a guard rail to rescue a driver from this car. it had crashed into the river and flipped over.
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firefighters on scene were able to pry open the door and pull the man to safety. michelle: new on sunrise, the man known as the 50 oh has died. jason:' s agent says sir george martin has died peacefully in london at the age of 90. david cameron hailed martin is a giant of music and former beatle ringo starr has tweeted, thank you for all your love and kindness, george. peace and love. michelle: parts of louisiana are bracing for more severe weather. a major storm caused major delays in the area yesterday. a tree was blown over and forced a row to shut down. several other roads were also closed due to high floodwater and a flash flood watch is also been issued for the area. amy, we are just -- amy: the same system that is bringing a lot of rain to the same spot over over its giving us the same nice weather over
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we are looking out over here. we are much warmer than yesterday and we will be warmer this afternoon as well. no 40' s today, all in the 50' s and 60' s. most of us are actually in the 60' s. their only couple of 50' s. a few scattered clouds corinne what a jacket depending on when you are heading to the bus stop. clouds filling in a bid, not as thick as yesterday. we get a little more sunshine today. it is warmer by several degrees. 63 ocala, 59 sanford. 56 palm coast. 69 in melbourne and also cocoa beach. big ridge of high pressure is strong and anchored and it stays there for several days which is why we want have any range of the weekend and we will keep this pattern around with these breezy wind coming off the ocean.
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yesterday, we hit 80 and 81 and most inland spots. today we climb up a couple of degrees. 83 in salt springs and eustis. 82 will be are high in longwood and a veto. the farther west you are , the martin that southeast went has a chance to get to you and you will climb. the clutch were to the east coast, the closer you are to that cooler air coming off the ocean, the cooler your temperatures. notice we are still going to see a warm day. 50 in daytona beach and new smyrna beach. -- if you are in town for spring break, wind will be breezy today it like they were yesterday and the rip current risk is still i. remember the rips are the strongest is the tight heads out. the outgoing tide happens late morning or early afternoon. that is a popular time for the beaches to be packed in the water. the tone of each also, bike week
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it will be pretty gusty in daytona beach. by friday, the wind begins to call down. it won' t be quite as windy by the end of this week and into the weekend. tomorrow, we are quite breezy. the wind will come out of the south east and we will be warmer tomorrow. mid 80' s for most of us on thursday and into friday as well. on saturday, more classical start building in a even a few showers as the moisture builds and we have an approaching front that will bring us the possibility of showers and storms. a shower on monday, but notice a temperatures don' t change much. we will hold in the low to mid 80' s. type of traffic now. ted: junction of i-4 has road were taking out a left lane. this is at the area past fairbanks.
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get through the stretch, you can see the road is completely open and no more construction. as we take a look at our map or, we have construction on the mile marker 251. jason: a local mayor is getting a stern warning from the coast guard.
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urging the mayor of deb >> obvious it was chaotic and a confusing situation. michelle: this video is just heart stopping. a bay area reporter was at the wrong place at the wrong time. that was alex savage. he was live on the air talking about a train derailment in california when a car came barreling towards him and his cameraman. both were able to get out of the way and no one was hurt. a central florida mayor still plans to sail home from cuba in a makeshift raft, even though the coast guard warned him not to. clint johnson says he was to
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cuban migrants. the u.s. coast guard warns johnson against making this trip, saying it could endanger the lives of crew members. johnson is standing firm, he says he will assemble he rocked in next month without a motor and hopes to land in key west. jason: major concern at seaworld as a well-known killer whale is extremely sick. michelle: the ladies from theme
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the condition of announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, breaking news as a man a shot near a local nightclub. we are live as police search for a suspect. jason: thousands of credit card numbers are now at risk after a hotels. the action rosen hotels and resorts is taking in the wake of the attack. amy: a few degrees warmer this morning and this afternoon, who makes into the 80' s this -- today and your first alert forecast. jason: and we are getting the overnight results of the primaries taking place in several states. michelle: a major update on the
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beats hillary clinton. we will explain the impact this has on the race. thank you for joining us. i michelle imperato. jason: i' m jason guy. it is a little warmer than yesterday and by the afternoon we will crank up the heat even more. 5:30 the time, here' s a view of melbourne in brevard county. let' s get to amy, she has all of your first alert weather forecast now. amy: we are about an hour away from sunrise. we get a little more some compared to yesterday. we have some clouds we are dealing with, but it won' t be quite as thick. as we have through the day we look at that mix of sun and clouds. wind will be breezy again kicking at the southeast and temperatures will be a few degrees warmer this afternoon. we will make it to the lower 80' s and our inland spots and at the coast, he will 880 and a lot of places. it is warmer this morning than it was yesterday. we were at 48 in ocala yesterday and now we are at 57. that was earlier, now, our
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back into the lower 60' s. elsewhere, lots of 60' s for lows. 50' yesterday. 63 now in ocala, 61 in the villages. sanford,, 60 daytona beach. we will start the day with some clouds and then break them apart enter the day. that will bring us to 84 and a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 82 sanford , 83 ocoee and mainland. let' s get a traffic update. here' s ted. ted: good news along i-4, construction blocking a left lane from fairbanks to about maitland has wrapped up. the flow of traffic is looking good. crash just popped up on poinciana boulevard. this one is reported by florida
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dick groat led u.s. 192 and then 192 up to get around that. i-4 is looking good. we' ll talk more about that. michelle: we are staying on top of breaking news of an overnight shooting in orlando. jason: police cleared the scene along west pine street. it is outside several downtown bars. alex villareal is live. what did police tell you before they left? alex: jason, police say there was one victim in the shooting, a 26-year-old man. were here at the time of the shooting and they say that that man was at the corner here. you can see a tree on the corner of the curb and that is where they say he was after he was shot. police say in both legs. as you said, the scene is clear. ago. police it is went down down at
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they say the shooting appears to have stemmed from a fight in the parking lot. officers found that injured man when they got here and he was taken to ormc. i just talked with woman who was working nearby and she says she heard about eight gunshots. another man we talked to said there was a big crowd out here. about 30 to 40 people that were swarmed in the area that -- when the shooting happened. we say the individuals involved in a confrontation are unknown. we do know that other agencies were asked to be on the lookout for a dark car that the shooter or shooters might have used to get away. police tell us to texas will continue this investigation. we will continue to follow it. we will bring updates you hear on-air and online. live in orlando, alex villareal. michelle: donald trump added to his delegate count. just a couple of hours ago, he
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jason: that added two victories in michigan and mississippi last night. bernie sanders is getting buzz after a big victory in michigan. nikole killion has new developments from the campaign trail. >> both sanders and trump were propelled to victory by voters who are tired of the washington establishment. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that i was down a few days ago. >> we started with 17, we are down to four. of the four, they are pretty much all done. pretty much. they didn' t do so well tonight. >> a vermont senator nearly beat hillary clinton in michigan. donald trump also victorious in the magnolia state. ted cruz took iowa. the next that of contests are in one week where john kasich hopes to prevail in his home state of ohio well marco rubio tries to
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their last stand. in addition to florida and ohio, missouri, illinois and north carolina will vote next tuesday. before that, they will all debate again with democrats going tonight and republicans debating tomorrow. in washington, nikole killion. jason: stay with us for continuing coverage of commitment 2016. you get the latest updates online at or the mobile app. one of the largest hotel chains in central florida was hit by massive data breach. michelle: rosen hotels and resorts are warning their customers could have been cussed -- copper must by malware. cars used in any of the seven properties in central florida between september of 2014 and february 18 of this year may have been affected. wesh 2 learned the hotel started receiving unconfirmed reports last month but is just now beginning to notify potential victims. >> i' m really surprised. this is the fourth time i came
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michelle: a spokesperson tells us additional enhanced security numbers have been implemented to help prevent this from happening again. a former hagerty high schoolteacher will learn later today if he will spend the rest of his life in prison. gregory vann was arrested last year after a woman discovered that her daughter was having sexual conversations with him. investigators say he persuaded her to send him images of child photography. the fbi is looking into whether or not there are more victims. jason: we are learning more about a gruesome attack that left a -- an american grad student debt. a palestinian man attacked in a wave of violence. brett: this attack is just one of many stabbing and shooting outbreaks during the vice presidents visit. the victim, you can see was a u.s. army veteran pursuing his mba from vanderbilt university. stabbing attack occurred along a
5:38 am
taylor forst, the victim was a student that went to israel to study global entrepreneurship. 10 others were injured in the attacks. the attacker was killed by police. for palestinian attackers were killed in a day of violence across the region. the vice president tweaking this out, tragic attack taking the life of an american. there is no justification for such acts of terror. taylor force received his undergraduate west point in 2009. he continued his service for the country for another clock -- five years. he was one of 33 on the trip overseas. no other students were injured or killed. jason: nbc news has learned that a top isis commander known as omar the chechen has believed to been killed in an airstrike in libya. the rumored deal could be a key
5:39 am
s been a $5 million bounty on his head. michelle: public viewings will be held and tomorrow for former first lady nancy reagan. it will be the ronald reagan california. she died this week and the age of 94. michelle obama, george w. bush and laura bush, and hillary clinton are all excited to attend her private funeral service on a friday. jason: seaworld is closely monitoring the killer whale for years. is longer. this is the same orca responsible for the death of a trainer in 2010. jazmin walker is here with what is wrong with the whale. jazmin: seaworld says tilikum has a bacterial infection is the lungs and the health has become worse in the last few weeks. tilikum is about 35 years old and is matt seaworld 420 three years.
5:40 am
recently in 2010 when a trainer was killed after tilikum dragged her into the pool. this story became the documentary -- became the focus of the documentary blackfish. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive. and at some point, might cause his death. jazmin: seaworld claims tilikum is being given the biggest care. a spokesman for the animal rights foundation of florida told us wales in captivity' s have higher death rates. if sea world was truly committed to the health of workers, it wouldn' t keep them in activity. seaworld says the bacteria in tilikum' s lungs is very resistant to treatment. michelle: 5:40 now in your wednesday morning and we are just creeping up little by little, day by day and the
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jason: we know it will come soon enough that folks are going to start complaining about the heat. right now, i think a lot of us are enjoying it. amy: it helps the humidity is staying low as well. it is not steamy and uncomfortable. a lot of people are asking for some rain. we have rain or a forecast this weekend, but not today. today, and exits some clouds. averages will be warmer than yesterday when the top out in the lower 80' s. yesterday, some of us hit 80. today, a lot more will hit 80. 60 daytona beach, 56 palm coast. warmer when you had a this morning committee yesterday and it will be warmer this afternoon. we will climb quickly. we will be in the upper 70' s by lunchtime and then we will make it into the lower 80' s in most of our inland spots. if you are headed to the beach today, we have at high risk for rip current. do be careful of your headed into the water. water temperature the mid-60' s.
5:42 am
that happens early morning -- late morning and early afternoon. ted: crash in osceola county. at hp saying this is blocking a lane. use hoagland up to u.s. 192 and the u.s. 192 can be are alternate. as a take a look at some key travel times on i-4, trouble spots. john young to claudia looking good. lake mary to lee has no delays. here' s a live shot i-4 downtown orlando jason:. jason:naked and under arrest, people living in a local neighborhood say one man decide
5:43 am
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jason: a convicted sex offender accused of baring it all near homes is behind bars. michelle: his neighbors say he expose himself at their apartment complex. brett connolly is joining us now. this isn' t even the first time. brett: these neighbors are irritated and disturbed by what they say is an ongoing problem and their frustrated after the
5:46 am
registered sex offender. julie' s cooper was external -- charged with exposing himself at the kensington cottage apartments. neighbors have said they called many times the past about the problem. >> i saw him twice last week without pants. we call the cops, but they came and said they didn' t see him. brett: during another incident, deputies arrived in cooper naked near the dumpster. cooper is now facing a number of charges. jason: brett, thank you. a war of words between the orange chairman and a board member. it is during a meeting to discuss bonuses for teachers. >> by the way, you have a right to state your views without playing a disrespect card, without a playing a race card. without playing experience card. simply to be a publicly elected official and state your views which is the perspective of all
5:47 am
>> i know how to take it. i' ve never played the race card on you, your played on me. yes. i' ve never played on you. if you did, i would let you know. ok, there he is. i want to see you do the same thing. i love it to the bottom of a heart. jason: sieges were upset over $44 million set aside for bonus program which those teachers that meet requirements. teachers must be evaluated is highly effective. teachers however safety -- not enough teachers are given credit. michelle: the florida house passed a bill revamping the states alimony law. it includes a controversial provision regulating how much time children to spend with her divorced parents. the bill would have judges start with children spending equal amounts of times the parent. the senate approved last week and it is now heading to
5:48 am
jason: a total solar eclipse wowed people across indonesia. particularly a look at this one from nasa. this is when the move -- moon moves directly between the earth and the sun. the agency said this a clips would be best seen in parts of indonesia. it was partially visible to those in northern australia. the next total solar eclipse will be seen across a narrow corridor of the u.s.. that' s what we start off with yesterday and amy, how are we looking this morning? amy: a couple of clouds, not that total blue sky. we will get more sunshine compared to yesterday and look at what that will do to our temperatures. we are headed to the lower 80' s had only today, we have warm days ahead. even when we have rayna forecast, even when cold front these temperatures well above our average of 77.
5:49 am
starting to feel springlike. 63 in orlando, it is even warmer than yesterday. we' ve a little cloud cover. dew point in the 50' s now. drug the afternoon, the dew point will come done a little bit. temperatures will head up and so we won' t be dealing with a lot of really high humidity this afternoon. there the clouds filling in. if you thicker clouds. kind of like yesterday morning we will have some cloud cover early in the day. i temperatures right now is little warmer. everyone is in the low to mid 60' s. even 69 in melbourne in cocoa beach. big ridge of high pressure dominating the southeast. that is why we will be warmer today. we will continue to get these winds coming out of the southeast and it will be windy again. yesterday was pretty breezy. today will be breezy as well as tomorrow. by friday, the wind will come
5:50 am
83 salt springs and eustis today. 84 in dunnellon. if you degrees warmer than yesterday. we will climb to 81 in deland and deltona. 83 in altamonte springs and orlando. 82 today in oakdale. we' re little cooler closer to the coast, but not by much. we will so make it to the upper echelon flagler beach will -- we want to keep in mind we have high risk for rip current. if you are moving out there during late morning and early afternoon, that is when the tide had that today and that' s when the rip currents are the strongest. bike week is underway at daytona beach. continuing to the upcoming weekend. s. gusty wind like yesterday and in tomorrow, a still -- still a bit breezy. he went book on down by friday and our next front begins to
5:51 am
that is going to lead to a few showers and even if you thunderstorms possible. it is not going to be a total washout. we will see some showers as our cold front comes through. time for traffic now, here is ted. ted: keeping an eye on a crash that after hp is saying blocking a lane on poinciana boulevard. take oakland to u.s. 192 and then 192 to get around that one. quiet drive on i-4 by the st. johns river. this is westbound on the right side at 1792. taking the driver seminole county is not that bad right now. westbound looking good. if you' re going from enterprise depressive st. johns river bridge area, looking good.
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michelle: the challenge (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
5:54 am
jason: welcome back to sunrise, another west coast loss for the orlando magic. michelle: they were nla to take on the lakers and they are the second worst team in the nba. but they were just too much for orlando.
5:55 am
it is the third straight loss for the magic. they are five and half games out of the playoffs. there was one highlight. aaron gordon busted out his trick with this incredible windmill dunk. another reminder why he should' ve on that slamdunk contest last month. next up, orlando play sacramento friday night. jason: there is a new 12 story sports traction in the panhandle. people crowded the beach in panama beach to watch this spanish shipping vessel sailing into port. it is what hundred 20 feet tall, 170 feet long. the ship towards the world. it was built six years ago and logged some 40,000 miles. a philadelphia man made a decision many people probably wouldn' t after finding $15,000 on the street. instead of keeping it, he decided to turn it on. michelle: thought tracy found the money in a bag inside a purse along the street on monday. he says he didn' t even think
5:56 am
>> i just came back from a vacation. so i thought this would pay off medication. but it is not my way. i was $15,000 richer for about half an hour. michelle: lucky that he founded and not someone else. please you can figure out who lost the money and why no one has claimed it. jason: good to see a good samaritan doing that. we are staying on top of breaking news. one person was shot near a local nightclub. michelle: alex morales live on the scene with what we are on for 6:00. alex: that man is now in the hospital after being shot in both legs in downtown orlando. what police say led to the shooting. ted: a crash in osceola county and fhp saying it is blocking a lane. amy: temperatures warmer this morning compared to yesterday. most of us in the 60' s.
5:57 am
we have the clouds and a bit of a breeze and we will be even warmer later today. all the details under jason: first alert forecast in our next jason: hour. just a reminder, that first bullet weather app is a great way to add to what are futurecast told us that holds for us. that will include the seven-day. go to your itunes apple store on that apple phone or google play for any android devices and download it now.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: overnight, gunshots fired into a crowd in downtown orlando. one man hit in both legs. we are live outside a nightclub where investigators sorted through evidence this morning. jason: donald trump picked up more delegates. amy: i will show you temperatures. michelle: a bad motorcycle crash shuts down i' ve for. how it deputies cruiser got banged up in the mass.


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