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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we talked to the fire chief moments ago. he is optimistic but cautious about declaring victory. >> with the wind shifts, it is pushing the other direction. what i thought was a backfire was ahead fire moving to the homes. big concern. hesitant to say the fire is contained and we are in good shape because we want to make your we actually do have it contains. dan: about 45 acres is the best bet. as the sunsets, firefighters will be out here all night taking sure it does not jump any containment lines. meredith: more breaking news, another fire in volusia county. claire metz joins us live in samus sula, and this spread into a landfill? claire: it is the side of the landfill, and you can see smoke
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site, so a lot of stuff is dumped here regularly, and they burn materials. they burned far away from the piles with scrap metal and tires. look at the volusia county services video, you can see just how difficult this will be to put out. you' ve got fire burning that metal, that robert. --ubber. this will take a while to get out. this broke out and it spread, and because of that strong wind out of the south and east, it is really blowing a lot of smoke around for 15. folks in new smyrna beach and sanfilippo will notice this -- samsula will notice this. this will be very difficult to battle and because of the materials that are burdening, they could have some toxicity to them, they have to alert the
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life in volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. jim: right now police in edgewater are stepping up patrols around elementary schools after a 9-year-old boy says a man tried to abduct him this morning. police say the 9-year-old was riding his bike to edgewater elementary school just before 7:30. that' s when a man asked him if he wanted to come to his house. the suspect is white and stands between 5' 2" and 5' 8" with a heavy build. he also reportedly had a long black goatee, wearing black clothing. meredith: families of three victims in the 2012 home compensation. michelle meredith explains. >> this case was airtight. michelle: for rafael zaldivar, a years since his son alex was brutally shot and killed in september of 2012. >> ca 1495. michelle: in the criminal trial, the alleged mastermind behind the deadly home invasion, sentenced to death.
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forward to it. and like i told him in court, the less thank you is going to remember is mine. michelle: and with the help of attorney jose baez, rafael filed a civil law suit against orange county, alleging the jail' s electronic monitoring system failed his son as well as his two roommates who were shot but survived. >> he had a r.f. monitor on his ankle, but he wasn' t being monitored. michelle: court records showed time and time again, okafor, who was out on bond wearing an ankle bracelet, violated his curfew, should have been home the day 19-year-old alex zaldivar was murdered. rafael zaldivar: all they had to do was violate him and our son would still be alive today. settled the case, agreeing to pay $300,000 to the zaldivar family, $200,000 to brienna campos, and $200,000 to her the county has paid out some of the money, but paying the rest required state approval.
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bill passed today. rafael zaldivar: they shoot us, they kill us, then we end up with the tab. how about that. do you think my son' s funeral was free? michelle: as a result of the okafor case, the jail suspended its electronic monitoring system. in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. meredith: county officials tell us the balance of the settlement will be paid to both families in two to three months. jim: late breaking tonight florida' s first case of the zika , virus, transmitted through sexual contact, is confirmed in polk county. today state health leaders announced the two new cases of zika had been confirmed in polk . we' was travel-related and in the other was sexually transmitted. health officials urge men who have been to outbreak areas to abstain from unprotected sex. florida has confirmed 52 cases of the virus. meredith: a substitute teacher out on bond on charges of child neglect tonight after deputies say she was caught teaching a second grade class while drunk. 52-year-old holly joel had
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seminole county jail wednesday. according to the arrest affidavit the principal at , bentley elementary school in sanford was informed by staff on tuesday that joel may be under the influence. when the princpal confronted joel and asked her to step outside the classroom, joel reportedly fell and hit a nearby window. parents who learned of the incident were shaken. >> yeah that' s scary, that' s definitely scary for the kids in the classroom . >> i hope they do whatever they gotta do to fire her. meredith: the school district says despite a misdemeanor dui in 2012 joel did pass a background check when she was hired in 2014. jim: four people are behind bars, charged in connection with a violent home invasion. deputies arrested these four, who are charged with kidnapping, battery, and car-jacking. deputies say they forced their way into a home in the eagle lake reserve of st. cloud back in they' re accused of pointing january. guns at the three people who lived there, and tying them up. we' re getting a look at new video tonight, of a chase that passed through volusia county. volusia county' s air one spotted
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when troopers tried to pull the car over, it exited at lake mary boulevard in seminole county. the three teens eventually ditched the car and took off running. they were all arrested. meredith: three former orange county day care workers are charged with misdemeanors for leaving a child in a hot van. 43-year-old shannon johnson was the only one in court today. the case goes back to october ninth of last year at the winners preschool on powers drive in orlando. a five-year-old child strapped into his car seat had been left in the center' s van for nearly 5 hours when it was 86 degrees outside. a passerby noticed the child and contacted the preschool. >> so your idea was that there was nobody left on the bus? >> the child was not there. i approached the driver, saying i did not see the child. he said, he must have come in. you missed him. there was nobody left. him and the other girl was supposed to check for the child. at that point, i went to class and thank god the child was ok. meredith: the child survived. dcf slapped the school with $1000 fine. jim: tonight, we' re getting a new look at what me might see
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primary. a new poll from quinnipiac university shows the front-runners running away. donald trump leads marco rubio by 23 points. rubio is saying whoever wins florida will likely be the republican nominee. jason: as for the democrats. hillary clinton has expanded her lead over bernie sanders in florida by 30 points. so right now, independent voters are the key to this election. they will have a major say how this plays out. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett takes hands. adrian: some people have known for a while who their candidate is. m 100% voting at this point for marco rubio. adrian: some people are ready to cast their vote right now. >> i would really love to have an early vote, because i feel the lines are going to be quite long for this one. adrian: and with florida' s presidential preference primary less than a week away republicans and democrats can but what about independent voters who don' t get their say until november? in the epicenter of america
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adrian: wesh 2 republican analyst eddie fernandez believes we' re about to see candidates' polarizing primary messages skew to the center. eddie fernandez: i think they' re all going to move to the middle but truly focusing on florida' s , independent swing vote which happens to be crucial for every campaign. it coincides with the i-4 quarter. adrian: as of last month, there are almost 3 million actively registered voters, with no party affiliation. a number that could rise as we head to november. enough to make or break a campaign. >> those independents are the reason why it swings back and forth between republicans and i' m sure you will see both of the nominees visit here quite a on independent voters. adrian: wesh 2 democrat analyst re already starting to see that from hillary clinton as she stumps less against sanders and more against trump and the republicans. carol cox: she does know those independent votes are going to be critical especially in a re start to change. adrian: for commitment 2016,
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jim: count on wesh 2 news for continuing coverage of commitment 2016. you can also get the latest updates and poll numbers on the free wesh 2 mobile app. new orlando crime stats show the -- meredith: new orlando crime stats show the city' s murder rate went up last year by 113%. according to police there were 34 homicides last year compared to 15 the year before. sex crimes and aggravated assaults also rose. orlando police however point out overall crime fell 21% in the last eight years. the murder rate has also fallen compared to a decade ago when the city had 50 murders. one orlando pastor is trying to push back against the violence organizing rallies every fifth , sunday in communities plagued by crime. >> i am just crying out to let people know we' ve got to come together. we have all got to fight for our kids meredith:. according to orlando police so far this year there have been nine homicides including a double murder. speaking of crime right now orlando police are trying to find the person who fired into a crowd downtown early this
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this video is from a woman who was at work in a business near the shooting on west pine street. police say one man got shot in both legs. they say the shooting appears to have stemmed from a fight in the parking lot east of back booth nightclub. investigators say the individuals involved in the confrontation are unknown. jim: new at 6:00, a florida couple who owned a radiology center are being accused of defrauding more than $180,000 from the medicaid program. an investigation reveals 48-year-old oscar alzate and alba garcia billed the program for services that never happened. they' re also being accused of forging physician' s signatures on medical reports and providing faulty mammogram services . if they are convicted, each of them faces up to 75 years in prison. all new tonight, breakthrough florida lawmakers with families that have fallen law enforcement officers. they will not leave survivors empty-handed.
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widow of scott line -- scott pine, who was killed two years ago. the bill would pay her and others like her 100% of their spouse' s salary. it would also allow survivors to opt in to the plan after a loved one' s death. the bill is now waiting on governor scott' s signature. some of you may have been breaking the law without even knowing it. meredith: new ahead, a lot being done away with. trying to make sure parents and kids know about gun safety. this after two kids were shot in one week. >> he told me i was wrong and to get out of his store and never come back. jim: a local disabled veteran is outraged after she was kicked out of store because of her service dog. tonight the store owner responds. tony: we continue to watch trade -- dangerous rip currents.
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e meredith: we continue to follow
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almost 100% contained various firefighters have been battling this for quite some time. four homes were damaged. this is pretty concerning. meredith: these drives will be open by 6:00. -- 6:30. jim: that is the new way to attack the fire at its source. we will let you know when we have the all clear. tonight sanford police is taking action after two young kids accidentally shot themselves. meredith: the shootings happened within a week of each other and in one incident a six-year-old girl died. s police chief is sponsoring a gun safety s bob kealing has more on what police are t touch, run away and tell a grown up. bob: that' s the message sanford police are teaching kids at this gun safety course. situation, get away from it and tell a grown up. s also against state law
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a minor. bob: instructors are reminding older generations of parents and grandparents to use gun locks and keep weapons safely stored. that' s why this couple is here. joseph amicone: it' s just another course that you put in your head to understand what you got in your hand. catherine thomas: you have to have it locked up, put away. that episode where the person had the gun under the couch. that was pure neglect. bob: she' s talking about the case of a six-year-old girl who just last week shot herself to death in sanford. after police say the owner left a handgun with no safety mechanism under a couch where she found it. chief cecil smith says he' s encouraged by the turnout. cecil smith: that shows an interest in ensuring that guns are put away safely. and if people are taking the initiative to do what' s right.
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message would also be for those owning and storing guns illegally. for that segment of the population, next month there will be up gun buyback program where you can get a gift card no questions asked. ,jim: that sanford police gun buy back is scheduled for april 17. meredith: a 19th century law that bans unmarried men and women from living together is about to be eliminated. lawmakers are giving their final approval today to get rid of it. the law was passed back in 1868. representative richard stark says the law was an invasion of privacy. richard stark: i represent communities of seniors, where a lot of them are technically not married. they are living together, but it makes more sense financially or for whatever reason like social social security, whatever the reason is. i don' t think that they want to be considered to be violating the law. meredith: the legislation is now heading to governor rick scott for final approval. jim: a disabled veteran in edgewater is outraged that his service dog was ordered out of a local store.
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two tours of duty in iraq and suffers with ptsd. his service dog nashaoba helps him cope with the unseen scars but yesterday the owner of this , convenience store on india palm drive told him dogs were not allowed inside. nashaoba was wearing her service vest, and davis tried to explain without success. >> a lot of us carry emotional mental scars, and these dogs do great work to help, and that' s what i want people to understand. jim: the owner apologized via the internet and told wesh 2 news today, he is new to the country and just didn' t know the laws. he says davis and his dog are welcome back. meredith: the first alert weather, tony mainolfi is joining us. we are talking about a breezy day, but things are beginning to die down. tony: when will down after sunset but go back at 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. if you have plans tonight, with family you will be in good
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a nice breeze out there at of the east-southeast at 16. temperature going down to 74. here is why the wind has picked up. high pressure hasn' t moved, but low pressure has done more to the east. tomorrow they will be closer together, so we have the potential for even gusty are winds and what we saw today -- dusty are winds. there is a dangerous rip current in the forecast as well. cocoa beach windspeed 15, sanford 22. those are not dust -- gusts. these are windspeed. we need to watch every one of these little brushfires that pick up. lifeguards, here is what you need to know at the beach. we have wind out of the south at 10 to 20.
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offshore is choppy. upper 70' s out west, lower 70' s interstate i-95. if you are making plans for the flower and garden festival, what a night. temperatures only falling into the upper 60' s to mid to late evening. 58 in ocala, 62 in the morning. normal lows for this time of year typically in the mid-50' s, so we are well above normal by five to seven degrees. here is the set of thursday. gusty winds out of the southeast become south-southeast. that makes temperatures almost five to 10 degrees above normal. we of spring training baseball, nationals and astros, first pitch forecast at 80 degrees. don'
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81 friday, saturday 83, still looking drive. looking at the longer range is set up, there is high-pressure east of jacksonville. mild temperatures, breezy conditions all weekend long. rain will highly move in -- finally movie and sunday afternoon. we definitely need that rain. very dry february and a dry' s art to the month of march. -- a dry start to the month of march. here is a peek at the updated forecast. temperatures only marginally cooler, talking about showers and maybe even an isolated thunder shower. jim: motorcycle racing at the speedway this weekend, but trouble today for the defending champion of the daytona 200. pat: james you never know what' s , going to happen during bike week, and for danny eslick last night, nothing good apparently did happen. that story coming up. plus, as florida deals with suspensions of two key players, spring work begins in
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pat: we still don' t know why gator footballers treon harris and antonio callaway have been suspended, but we do know that
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miserable end to last season have been slowed. two players who haven' t beenwith the team since january should not overshadow the onset of spring drills. but it did yesterday, and at some point, we' ll understand why they are being punished and why so much punishment was infliced on florida over the final three games of last season all losses, including the 41-7 embarrassment and here' s what jim mcelwain knows about that. >> it makes you really excited to get going in the spring bowl and get that taste out of your mouth. a miserable taste. that was embarrassing. it was embarrassing to win the plate, embarrassing the way we took the field, the way we laid down. and that is what great about spring practice. pat: the defending champion of this wekeend' s daytona 200 motorcycle race was supposed to have visited wesh this afternoon for a pre-race interview, but
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turns out danny eslick was arrested in daytona late last night on a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. eslick actually has won the daytona race two years running. daytona police confirming that he was released from jail after posting $1500 bail just after 7:00 this morning. eslick told the publication cycle news following his release that he still plans on racing saturday. orlando magic conitnue to play their way into the nba draft lottery and depite this , incredibly impressive windmill dunk by aaron gordon, it was a dismal, hard to watch second half agaisnt the lakers last night, and a 107-98 loss. orlando had led by 6 points at halftime. now nine games below 500, two more games left on their west coast trip.
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next eight away from home. jim: we continue to follow breaking news, a brush fire battle in palm bay. meredith: at least for homes have been damaged. we are reaching out to those affected by the flames. >> ok.
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jim: a mother is busted for dui with her toddler in the backseat, she is not happy when police tried to arrest her. meredith: the latest on wesh two news at 11:00 and seed of your 18 at 10:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institut breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what he's telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted for attempted murder able to fly across the country, taken down by secret service at the white house. tax scam alert, thousands being fooled by callers claiming to


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