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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good out there. it is warmer than yesterday. amy sweezey has been warning us about the warm-up all week. eric: didn' t even wear us -- amy: didn' t even wear a sweater. we will climb to the mid-80' s today. yesterday we were in the lower 80' s so we will add a few more degrees on those high temperatures with just a little bit more sunshine today compared to yesterday. we will have a few scattered clouds. we' ve a little cloud cover now and we have warm temperatures, warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. that puts us in the lower 60' s and most of marion sumter and lake county. we dropped 57 in paisley and northern lake. 63 and tashard just down the road. 63 into their eyes. -- tavarez. 65 in ocoee, 62 in lake mary. in the wet shield area, mid-60' s as well. couple of 50' s here. palm coast 59.
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and port st. john at 70 degrees. for your thursday, we are going to be warmer than yesterday. the coastal stay cooler at 80 degrees. our inlet spots will climb the mid-80' s. if you of her 80' s not even out of the question. we will get some scattered clouds and it will be breezy again this afternoon with wind coming off the ocean at a the southeast. let' s get a traffic update and -- ted noah standing by. ted: westbound is what we' re seeing on the right, no delays getting out of seminole into orange. ultimate has wrapped up there. you have one spot that still lee road. you will lose to left lanes. you roadwork in the shot. 417 southbound , you have to use the 417 southbound offramp to obt, take obt southbound to get on the turnpike as your alternate. jason: three siblings in georgia are safe this morning after they
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michelle: their mother is in custody and all of this happened after the woman' s youngest daughter was found dead in the family' s home. jason: jazmin walker joins us now. jazmin: these three kids were found safe in marion county. investigators have been searching for the children for an entire day. the search started in alba knee, georgia. where the body of a two-year-old child was found inside a home. investigators say the mother drove there with her three other kids trying to escape police. s picture. her name is clarion garrison. jail. s house in ocala and found the kids. garrison turned herself in a the house. on wednesday, the body of garrison' s youngest daughter was found insider georgia apartment and the district attorney in georgia said the child has
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>> we will do not topsy as soon as possible, probably in the morning. we will have more information about things that are important such as how the child actually died. jazmin: garrison is currently a person of interest in the child' s death. the district attorney says other people lived inside the department. the department of children and families here in florida has taken custody of garrisons other three kids. jason: thank you, jasmine. students at matanzas high school in palm coast will notice an increased number of deputies on campus. it comes after the schools placed on lockdown yesterday. deputies say a student said he saw another student with a gun in the restroom. an intense search began but a gun was never found. michelle: students at edgewater elementary in volusia county will also see extra officers on campus this morning. jason: police are increasing patrols after a 9-year-old says someone tried to abduct him yesterday morning. wesh 2'
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this morning. alex, do police have a suspect? alex: they have a pretty solid description of one. the boy says that the man who approached him was heavyset with medium length black hair and a long black goatee. the boy was riding his bike ride along this road here on his way to edgewater elementary when the man came up to them. the nine-year-old took off heading back home after the man asked him if he wanted to come to his house. police say this all happened around 7:25 new morning. the boy says that the man was wearing all black at the time, a black longsleeved t-shirt, black shorts and black tennis shoes as well as sunglasses. police say they are investigating the encounter and extra patrols will be conducted here around edgewater elementary and the city' s other elementary schools. we will be asking this morning but the school system is doing.
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news for parents and other students. if you have any idea who this person could be, police want you to call crimestoppers. we will be following this investigation for you throw at the morning and as soon as we get new details, we will pass those along to you. live in edgewater, alex villareal. jason: central florida is the focus of the presidential campaign today, with several candidates making stops here in the day ahead. michelle: bernie sanders heads to kissimmee today. he is holding a rally at osceola heritage park at 3:00. doors open at noon. hillary clinton is not too far away, she is in tampa. jason: ted cruz is coming for a town hall tomorrow in orlando. carly fiorina will appear at that event. marco rubio plans to rally in the villages the sunday.
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s tracie potts shows us what' s at stake over the next five days. >> hillary clinton campaigns in tampa today, facing new questions about her e-mails. the republican party suing for more and about whether she will be indicted. >> it' s not going to happen. [applause] >> immigration a big topic in last night miami debate. undocumented children pouring into the u.s. without their parents. >> i say, welcome those children into the country. secondary clinton said send them back. >> it' s not fair about what i said. i did say we need to be very concerned about little children coming to this country. >> marco rubio is now publicly knowledge and. >> it will come down to florida for me. >> and a donald trump. >> if he gets florida' s 99 delegates, we have a very
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>> ted cruz also on the list. >> florida is my place. >> donald trump so far ahead in florida. he is campaigning in north carolina, focusing on isis. >> we have to knock them out. [applause] >> something he' s also hoping to do in florida tuesday. the latest republican poll in florida has trumped 23 points over rubio, more than one million people have already voted early there. elections officials tell us it could be 2 million by tuesday. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. michelle: we will have live coverage of each of these candidates stops today. look for streams in the wesh 2 mobile app, then full reports on wesh 2 news first at four. happening today, a convicted murderer will be sentenced in osceola county. david damus was found guilty of first degree murder last june for killing eric roopnarine in 2013. police say he and three other people broke into roopnarine'
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home where they shot and stabbed him. during his trial damus admitted , to being with the group, but said he had nothing to do with the murder. jazmin: breaking news out of pennsylvania this morning, five people are dead, and three more injured after a shooting outside pittsburgh. this happened at a cookout in the town of wilkinsburg at about 11:00 last night. four people died at the scene, another died after being taken to the hospital. nearby witnesses described hearing more than two dozen shots fired. police say they are now looking for two gunman. >> it looks like right now they were all fleeing towards the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard and they all seemed to get caught on the back porch. jazmin: investigators say they still have no clue why the gunman opened fire at this cookout. our affiliate station is staying on top of this story this
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details when we get them. jason: new this morning, south korea says north korea has fired two short-range missiles into the sea of japan. it happened this morning as the u.s. and south korea were conducting large-scale war games near the north korean border. tensions have been rising with the north since january when it claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. michelle: new today, some of the nation' s transportation mines get together to talk about cutting down a deadly crashes. the federal government is hosting a two-day summit to talk about travel. one of the goals is to find ways to change behavior when driving drunk or distracted. happening today, a group of actors will play the roles of disaster victims throughout central florida. it' s for a full-scale disaster preparedness exercise. local hospitals, the orange county sheriff' s office, orange county public schools and other agencies will take part. dozens of emergency workers and volunteers will also participate. jason: this morning, several
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are bracing for more damage is a series of severe storms moves through the area. three people have already died and others have enforced to evacuate. janet shamlian will have a closer look at the storms impact coming up on the today show. >> slow-moving storms over the south the past 48 hours. this is one of the hardest hit communities. we have been talking to residents here, their trying to -- they are trying to salvage what they can. we will have the latest coming up on today. jason: we are talking about in the days to come, maybe a little bit of rain creeping into the forecast. we have been very pleasant. michelle: we have been drive for so long. amy, we are saying the weather is pleasant but there are many allergy sufferers. amy: there has been smoke am enraptured controlled burns. temperatures today warm again. we will be even warmer than yesterday.
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we will have a mix of sun and clouds, headed to 86 in orlando. even at the coast we will hit 80 after being in the upper 70' s yesterday. right now is is a pretty warm start. low to mid 60' s. you probably don' t need the jacada sweatshirt early on. a little bit of a breeze, five to 10 miles per hour in most areas. the wind will kick up today. we will have a mix of sun and clouds in our temperatures will climb. by noon we will be at 82. we will top out at 86 in orlando. most of our inland areas will be in the middle 80' s. you can see we are, only a little bit higher on saturday. we have to wait until sunday and monday before we get rain out there to see some improvement with is paula levels. let' s get a traffic update now and get over to ted noah. ted: i-4 downtown orlando it is nice and quiet. this is eastbound from the church street camera. no roadwork happening now.
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i-4 at 436, westbound at the right in altamonte springs. things looking good. a pocket of roadwork eastbound from ivanhoe just before lee road. 417 construction that was southbound the turnpike closing that offer and has cleared. jason: the first sexually-transmitted case of zika in central florida is part -- sparking new concerns. michelle: we will talk with health officials about how you can protect yourself. jason: feeling guilty for taking
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jason: look at the stores we' re working on for sunrise. a georgia mother is locked up in marion county after triggering in amber alert. three of clarion garrisoned kids were found in ocala. another tarvarus found in -- a another tod lanter -- toddler was found at her home. michelle: a nine-year-old said a man tried to lure him at a home
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no one has been arrested in this case. jason: fresca -- fresh off last night' s debate, bernie sanders heading to our area. hillary clinton is in tampa today. marco rubio and ted cruz also have upcoming events in our area. state health officials have confirmed the first case of sexually-transmitted of the zika virus has been a area. michelle: jazmin walker has what we need to know to protect yourself. jazmin: local doctors in polk county are getting a lot of questions about zika. all the cases in florida before this one were contracted in other countries. this one was spread through sex and doctors say the advice pre-simple. >> if they have a partner the travels to the area, we invite them to either not have sex during the pregnancy if they think their partner has been exposed or to always correctly and consistently use a condom.
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t think that it is a bigger deal than the current std' s that we are to have. i think people should continue to practice safe sex. jazmin: the world health organization says zika can also be spread through saliva and blood. in florida, there have been confirmed cases of zika. michelle: the first ever uterus transplant in the united states has failed. the cleveland clinic announced the 26-year-old who received the transplant had complications in the womb was removed. the transplant took place last month that appeared to be successful. she even appeared a press comfort on monday. she will can -- jason: the senate is excited to vote on a final passage of the so-called addiction and recovery act. the bill would provide grants to local governments to help fight the growing drug use problem. that included heroin abuse, which is at all-time high and on the rise here in central florida.
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prescription drug monitoring. if you have travel plans this spring break, give yourself some extra time. michelle: compared to last spring, airlines are predicting a 3% increase in passenger flow. some 140 million people are expected to fly over the next couple of months. the trade group airlines for america says this would be the highest ever for spring travel. and if you are taking a vacation, don' t feel guilty about it. or at least if you do, know that you are not alone. finds vacation shaming is now a thing, especially among millennials. over half of employed millennials say they felt a time off. the younger generation is also more likely to shame their coworkers for taking a vacation. jason: there is so much a lot to say about that. enjoy it if you get time off from your job, take it. you deserve it.
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michelle: maybe instead of taking the time it means there shame for taking lavish vacations and spending money. so it' s more on the money and at the time? jason: yes, but it' s up to that person. they can do whatever they want. that' s my take. the weather in central florida has been so nice, this is the place to come to enjoy the attractions of each and everything we have to offer. amy: and we can stay here and not spend any money for vacation. take a look at this , we are seeing a little scattered cloud cover. it' s warmer for the kids heading to school. some of you is your last week he for vacation next week. spring break time almost. 6:41 is the sunrise time. we' ve a mix of sun and clouds. next week, things will be changing. we set our clocks ahead this weekend, so sunrise will be a little bit of a different story here next week.
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the wind out of the southeast at seven miles per hour and we have a couple clouds, not quite as many as yesterday. some clouds the west that will be filling in as well. we won' t start with total sunshine, but -- i temperatures will be warmer by a few degrees. still, going to be warmer. 63 ocala right now. 71 out the door in melbourne. big ridge of high pressure still really stuck in place. it won' t move out until saturday. we will keep this pattern around, warm air and breezy winds today. the wind will start to relax tomorrow, but today will be much like yesterday and the day before where those really gusty winds will happen in the afternoon. 85 in ocala and the villages. 86 and eustis. this is about a two and -- two or three degree change. 85 in the flow. we will climb to 80 in daytona beach and merritt island.
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if you' re headed to the beach, rip currents are still very strong. not quite as high as the other day, but still moderate and they are the strongest as the tide heads out. that happened this morning to early afternoon which is the most popular time to be at the beach. the sunscreen is a good idea. more sun today and also swim very left go with a friend. breezy southeast winds. tomorrow though, the wind book on down a little bit. on saturday, looks like we will still be warm and dry saturday. looking like ring for the weekend, but i think it will hold off until sunday and monday instead of saturday. tomorrow is windy, morbidity suspected and saturday we will be watching the approaching front, but i still expect this to remain dry on saturday and then we will see the showers and a few thunderstorms on sunday. monday, a few showers expected as well. notice our temperatures not really changing a lot. we will be in the mid-80' s.
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ted: construction on i-4 eastbound blocking to left lanes that starts around ivanhoe going to the area, it won' t clear until lee road. slowdown going through there. most of us are looking at good-looking travel. no delays going into downtown orlando eastbound or westbound seminole into orange. jason: a heated exchange caught on camera between a south florida woman in a highway patrol officer. >> i just passed all the tests.
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michelle: a south florida mother caught on camera putting up a fight after getting pulled over for du why in broward county. jason: fhp release this footage of colleen loughman' s arrest. she appears to not take the field sobriety test very seriously, even waving at the dash cam at one point. things change when the trooper moved to put on the handcuffs. >> no, no, no. ? why? no, why? i just passed all the test. jason: troopers say the woman' s
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the child was not hurt and was released to his father. michelle: a new bill that would provide benefits for fall montfort officers is now waiting of the governor' s approval. the house approved the bill. it would pay families of fallen officers 100% of the salary. a call of action was sounded by the widow of scott pine. the bill would also allow survivors to opt into the plan after a loved one' s death. jason: five suspects -- caught with a help of a chopper. michelle: now we had a lot to alex morale. alex: edgewater elementary school will see more police after a man tried to duck a nine-year-old boy. i will tell you the suspect description. ted: most of the overnight roadwork is wrapped up. amy: we' ve a little bit of cloud cover going on in central florida.
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most of us are in the 60' s. even if you 70'
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announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, local firefighters are on alert after a brush fire burned through parts of brevard county. a look at the damage is officials prepare for the potential of war fires today. amy: we will talk about the breezy wind expected to send smoke across the area. i have your first alert forecast next. jason: we will take a look at big moments from the democratic debate as republicans prepare for their debate coming up the day ahead. thank you for waking up with us on your thursday, i and jason guy. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. this has been quite a busy area over the past few days. bike week is still going on. these -- this is some great weather the last two days for this. we even had a drop of rain in days, amy. amy: we haven' t and we will not
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t be until sunday that we have that chance for some showers which will help get the pollen out the air for you. we have a mix of sun and clouds they. if you clouds now. temperatures are warmer than yesterday by a few degrees at this time. we will climb into the mid 80' s afternoon, even warmer than yesterday by about two or three degrees in most spots. it is 71 in melbourne now, that is a warm spot. 60 and palm coast, 63 ocala. it is 66 right now in orlando. we have a couple of scattered clouds, not quite as much cloud cover is yesterday morning and that will be our story today. more sunshine compared to yesterday. still some clouds, but a little bit more sun is all we need this time of year to really bring this temperatures up. we are headed to 85 in dunnellon. 86 and leesburg and 86 an apopka. 85 in sanford and along the coast, 80 degrees at daytona
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it is 5:30 one, let' traffic check and get over to ted. ted: construction on i-4 eastbound driving from ivanhoe until you get to near lee road. you can see some barricades blocking the two left lanes. impacted by speed. current travel times, showing you pleasant looking drive times. no major delays heading out. jason: this morning, palm bay firefighters will be closely watching this area scorched by a brush fire. flames spread across 45 acres yesterday, damaging four homes. michelle: crews run the scene until late into the night. jazmin walker is joining us in studio. we could see moore' s problems in brevard county today. jazmin: if i for a level in brevard county is high today. chopper 2 was in the sky and the flames spread their yesterday . first 10 acres, than 25, finally
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firefighters donor how the fire started, but say it spread after a treatment center fire hit a house and then another and another. the flames melted the siding on a total of four homes and fill the air with smoke. >> the conditions were perfect for this fire to get out of control. >> the conditions with the high wind and low humidity levels and dry vegetation, that is prime for wildfire. it could' ve really blown out. jazmin: the fire is now 100% contained, but fires work -- firefighters were through the night putting out hotspots. in addition to the high fire danger in park county today, the forest service listed high danger in seminole county. jason: this morning, police in volusia county will be stepping up patrols around one elementary school. michelle: they are taking extra precautions because a nine-year-old told them a man tried to abduct him near edgewater elementary yesterday morning.
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what do we know so far? alex: michelle, just think about this. you are a child on the way to school and a stranger approaches you and asks if you want to come to his house. that is what this little boy says happened right here on this road on his way to edgewater elementary school yesterday. the boy describes this man as heavyset with medium length black hair and a long black goatee. he child was riding his bike at the time and fled the area, heading back home to report what happened. police are calling this an attempted adduction. they say it happened around 7:25 yesterday morning. the boy say the man was wearing all black at the time. police now say they are investigating this encounter and extra patrols will be conducted here around edgewater elementary school and the cities other
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this person could be, police want to to call crimestoppers at 1-88 8-277- tips. a scary event for this child and his family and other students and parents. as soon as we have new details we will bring this to you on-air and online at villareal. three brothers are charged with first-degree murder. sheriff deputies say brian johnson junior, his brothers anthony and nathan and a fourth suspect murdered 31-year-old robert banks of lakeland. his body was found in sumter county in january. the arrest report said he meant beating to death as he allegedly raped one of their girlfriends. brian johnson senior has also been charged with accessory after the fact. jason: in orange county man is arrested, accused of sending
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this is 27-year-old miguel rodriguez. the pc he met the child on a social media app and sent her asked to meet her. she called police and rodriguez was arrested. he is in jail and once released, the internet. with the key florida primary presidency is rolling through central florida. michelle: bernie sanders and kissimmee today while his opponent hillary clinton is in tampa. over on the republican side, ted cruz is heading to orlando tomorrow and marco rubio will be at the villages on sunday. they are also debating in miami. the democrats were there last night and the republicans had their tonight. nikole killion has all the details. >> both democratic candidates will return to the stump today in florida while republicans prepare for their debate this evening. hell of and bernie sanders at it again. >> let me be very clear.
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>> it was their first debate since sanders upset win over clinton in michigan. >> i won one of the contest and lost another close one. >> we will continue to do externally well. >> patron of the heat on immigration and is deep -- deportation. >> i will not deport children. i do not want to the port family members either. i want to, as i said, prioritize who would be deported. >> i don' t think that the secretary fully answer to question. and i think the proof may be in the pudding. >> a florida fight the downturns republicans. >> it feels that way to do it, you knock them out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> donald trump promising in nicer debate as his rivals aim to taken down. >> i' m going to be the republican nominee. >> we will be donald trump over and over and over again.
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and ted cruz picked up a key endorsement from former presidential candidate carly fiorina. their reports jeb bush' s meeting with all the candidates except for trump ahead of tonight' s debate. in washington, nikole killion. michelle: while they moved to florida, the candidates except for trump will also be meeting with former candidate jeb bush. he will be -- they will be trying to get bush' s endorsement. you can count on wesh 2 for continuing coverage of 20 -- commitment 2016. you can get polymers jason: inside the wesh 2 mobile app. jason:the u.s. military says it has been secretly interrogating the man it believes is the head of isis is chemical weapons program. u.s. intelligence has confirmed 12 instances of isis using mustard agent against civilian -- civilians in iraq and syria. they say detainees provide enough information for u.s. warplanes to conduct limited airstrikes in iraq against
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michelle: new video this morning of a high-speed chase the orange county sheriff' s helicopter help take down five suspects in a stolen car. this video is from february 28 after deputies spotted the car stolen in camp -- tampa. it took off and the chopper was able to track it on silverstar road. then into a neighborhood off of fox ridge trail. that is where all of the suspects jumped out of the car. thanks to this chopper, deputies were able to catch them within minutes. michelle: -- jason: it is thursday, we are thinking ahead to the weekend and making plans. it has been great weather here, except that we have a lot of extra pollen and fire risk. michelle: amy, do we have any rain on the horizon? amy: we do this weekend. we will not see any today or tomorrow. we have a strong ridge of high pressure that has been dominating the weather pattern this week as we continue to be in control today and tomorrow. this morning, we have a couple of clouds. it is a little warmer at this
5:40 am
we will stay partly sunny through the day and breezy again. our high temperatures will be even warmer than yesterday. we will climb to the mid 80' s instead of the lower 80' s. the reason, a little bit more sunshine today compared to yesterday. 60 degrees now in palm coast, 66 orlando. 71 in melbourne and -- probably don' t need jackets of sweatshirts of the bus stop this morning. it is pretty mild and we will climb very quickly today, making it to about 80 by noon and keep on climbing into the mid-80' s for afternoon highs. if you are headed to the beach today, it will be breezy again. still, a moderate risk for recurrence. the risk is strongest -- the rip his strongest as the tide goes out. that happens lake morning through early afternoon. time for traffic. ted: good news on i-4 eastbound construction that was blocking to left lanes from ivanhoe to lee has cleared up. you can see that stretch with no
5:41 am
not seeing any delays westbound lake mary to lead. seminole torrent looking good. we have information with your weather and travel times the bottom of the screen.
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michelle: >> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: welcome back to sunrise, 5:40 three, here' s a look into downtown orlando. you can see those buildings around the lake eola area. good-looking start to the day. 66 in the spot. we are going to warm up again and there is no rain today. we will get those details as we check if you still are amy straight ahead on sunrise. a jacksonville mother is recovering after deputies say she was shot in the back by her four-year-old son. michelle: this story is gaining action -- national attention after the mother' s facebook page relieved -- revealed she is a pal -- proud gun advocate. jazmin walker joins us now. she is getting harsh criticism online.
5:45 am
have left comments saying she should die and stop reproducing. her four-year-old son shot her through the driver seat while she was driving her truck. she is stable right now. she legally owned the 45 caliber handgun her son got a hold of. debbie is invested in whether criminal charges will be filed. in florida, it is illegal for a person in florida to -- the person to leave a loaded gun available for child to get. detectives have not been able to interview her since she is still in hospital. any decision on criminal charges won' t come until after they speak with her. jason: this morning, a substitute teacher is out on bond after deputies say she was caught teaching a class while drunk. >> were you using drugs or drinking alcohol the classroom?
5:46 am
jason: holly joel had little to say to our cameras when we confronted her. according to the arrest affidavit, the principal at bentley elementary school in effort was dark by staff members on tuesday the joel may be under the influence. when a principal confronted her and asked her to step out of the classroom, she reportedly had a window. michelle: march madness comes to orlando tonight. the amway center will host the american athletic conference tournament starting today. fans will have to wait long to see ucf in action. they take on tulane at 6:00 tonight. the winner takes on houston tomorrow. we checked and we found there are some tickets available starting at $25. the tournament roster sunday. the u.s. women' s soccer team has another trophy in their hands. the team beat germany to-one in
5:47 am
it was a goal from -- the desire to match. this is the second win for the team in less than a week. they want against france over the weekend with a late goal pride. jason: the motorcycles rev backup at daytona international 8:45. those bikes at the track for a series. today and tomorrow you can see them hit speeds more than a hundred miles per hour. michelle: we will soon be seeing less of the most interesting man in the world. dose a key' s says they are moving on from there gray-haired spokesman. their commercials have featured jonathan goldsmith since 2007. in the latest one, he bid farewell as he takes a one-way trip to mars. the beer maker says they are making the chat -- change to attract a younger crowd. they have already found air placement. jason:
5:48 am
boosting sales. so of sales go down, i have a feeling we will see the most in demand world reappear. amy: i don' t think it' ll ever go away. michelle: i' m ok with it. let' s talk weather. amy: we have warm temperatures. we are similar to yesterday. we will get more sunshine today. that' s all we need to get those numbers up. we will hit -- we hit 83 yesterday and today and tomorrow we will make it 86 or it even with some rain in a cold front coming through, we will keep our temperatures in the mid 80' s. several degrees warmer than average, warmer than we are supposed to be but definitely feeling warm. still dark right now. an hour to go before sunrise. it' s degrees in orlando and those wins about seven miles per hour are coming out of the southeast. so that will keep many fog from developing in most parts. a couple of scattered clouds here, but notice we don' t have clouds filling in like yesterday. we will see clouds coming and
5:49 am
not as much cloud cover. with the extra son, it brings his numbers up. we are starting warm again. it' s the to orlando. 71 -- 61 it will be breezy this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds and climbing to about two or even three degrees warmer than yesterday. most of our inland spots made it to the lower 80' s and today we are talking middle 80' s. 86 in eustis and 86 in clermont. 86 in kissimmee and st. cloud. 85 and holopaw. 84 deland and 79 palm coast. a little cooler at the beaches but still, most of us will hit 80 degrees of the coast with that southeast wind coming off the ocean. water temperatures only in the 60' s so that does have an impact on the air temperatures along
5:50 am
went will be breezy like yesterday and water temperatures are creeping up a little bit, but still only in the upper 60' s a rip current risk is at a moderate level. that has come down a little bit from earlier this week. the rip risk was really high but now it is a bit lower. definitely swim near a lifeguard still and where your sunscreen because there will be a lot of sun at the beaches today. daytona beach, bike week is underway. continues through this weekend. still breezy like yesterday, tomorrow the wind will relax a little bit. on saturday, it was looking like some rain on saturday, i think the rain will hold off until sunday. the front slowed down a little bit. tomorrow, we are back to the mid 80' s again, not as windy as that ridge of high pressure moves a little bit closer to us. our next front approaches on saturday but we stay warm and dry. sunday is the day it will slide in and bring some scattered showers and a few storms.
5:51 am
t expect all day rain. i expect the line to be broken up. however, there will likely be showers and storms on sunday in even a bit of lingering rain into monday until all of that moisture clears the area. let' s get a traffic check, ted noah standing by. ted: if you' re getting ready to head out, most of us are seeing good-looking roadways. this is westbound on the right here. offramp getting into downtown orlando, no delays approaching the i-4 offramp or on-ramp. no delays. westbound on the right, i-4 at 436. seminole into orange looking good. he trouble spots on i-4 the tender have delays are not there just yet. jason: star wars: episode eight is now in the works. we are -- where filming just began.
5:53 am
this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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michelle: you can' t really tell what by looking but this is winter park. the good news is that is 66 degrees in the spot right now. so you probably won' t need to bundle up when you head out the door and not only our warmer this morning, we will be warmer in the afternoon then we were yesterday. we have been talking about this warm up all week. amy sweezey comes with the weekend forecast in just minutes. jason: this morning, organizers of a qualifying race for the boston marathon are facing some criticism. michelle: it turns out the courts didn' t quite reach the length requirement. organizers misplaced a barrier which shorten the race by bit of a court -- by rhonda quarter of a mile. this happened at a party race where the runners had to make it turn. race officials are seeing a qualifying times will be accepted for the boston marathon.
5:56 am
those marathoners know, 26 .2 miles. that point to is a big deal. motorcycles will be thundered to the digital national -- daytona international speedway part of the ike week event. organizers say this ride is to thank all current and former u.s. military and first responders. michelle: more excitement for star wars fans this morning. filming for episode eight is now underway in croatia. jason: crews have been spotted setting up lights and other equivalent for shoots in this area. filming will last there for seven days. it' s estimated the group will give the local economy a boost amounting to around five and half million dollars. increased police presence after a child is nearly swiped up the streets while on his way to school. michelle: alex villa right now
5:57 am
on for 6:00. alex: i am down the road from edgewater elementary school where and nine-year-old says a man tried to abduct him. i will tell you everything we know about the investigation. michelle: a georgia dome -- jazmin: a georgia mother in jail after triggering an amber alert. we will type of the daylong search for her and her kids and why there is an investigation going on at her georgia
5:59 am
6:00 am
announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now at 6:00, hundreds of miles from home -- when messages want to know about the woman' s youngest daughter who was found dead. jason: a shooting rampage at a cookout the left five people dead. amy: sunshine today means even warmer temperatures. your first alert forecast just ahead. michelle: and miami round two, the democrats on the stage last night and tonight, it is the


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