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tv   Today  NBC  March 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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prove i'm all right song this morning, t.r. knight is here. the good doctor of "gray's anatomy anatomy" turns bad for his latest role. and oz pearlman is back to blow our minds. all that and more coming up right now. >> aouncer: from nbc news, this is "today"'s take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody,
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i'm al, along with contaminate aron and dylan. willie and natalie are or assignment. the morning jam goes to dillon. >> do you know this song? >> oh, yeah. >> my husband didn't know it. this is "pride and joy" by stevie ray vaughan. i was listening to classic rock yesterday. it's this kind of bluesy rock, my dad, when he rode his harley, this is the kind of music he would have on his cassette tape. he would cruise around on his harley-davidson. >> my memories, this is where it happened. you're looking for a good time, live music, hit up austin for your family vacay. >> i have never been to austin. you'll give me a personal tour. >> there you go. >> let's have some fun.
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all ban's, queens, on my way to john's barbershop. i'll give you a tour of queens. you can literally go around the world in queens, the cuisine there. >> i feel that way about new york's boroughs in general. queens is very special that way. >> but enough about us. let's talk about memories. a spring training game in florida, that bat heading toward young landon cunningham, his dad sean gets his arm out just in time. we spoke to them on tuesday. we surprised landon with an autographed jersey from his favorite player, freddie freeman. that young man was so cute. when we told him he was getting that. >> i love it. >> you're so happy. guess what, he's stealing hearts once again. he and his wife chelsea are
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they revealed the news the way a big leaguer can only do it. hit it. >> that's it. they're having a boy. >> isn't that cute? >>. >> chelsea and freddie revealing, hitting that ball and it exploded blue. that's pretty cool. >> giving the jersey to landon and now this. he might be our favorite right now. >> just want to remind you what sports is all about, that there are a lot of great athletes out there. there are a few bad ones, but there are so many others. there are so many others that are role models and just terrific. >> well-said. we know my thing with zekka, i get worked up when i hear his name. >> when i interviewed him.
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>> good idea. they're down in miami filming the reboot of "baywatch," obviously flexing his muscles. >> look at thosab e abs. >> i want to look at him. >> so he's down there shooting this. there was a fan, a huge zac fan, not me, who ran after him in an attempt to take a picture of him. he drops his phone, shatters, cracked beyond repair. what does zac do, invites him to the set and surprises him with a brand-new phone. not only did he get to go on the set and get to kind of talk to him, he got to do it on his new phone that zac bought for him. >> that's really special. it's amazing, the effect he has. i wish we had that video. oh, we do. >> this dillon's moment with
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>> zac, you're -- sorry. going into this -- >> it's so unprofessional. >> if it had been me, i would have felt that way about seth rogan who was standing right there. >> leaves you breathless. >> when you get home, what do you say to brian? >> i say, you won't even believe what happened. >> let's look at that one more time. >> stop it. >> it's really special. >> so zac, you're -- sorry. >> i should have just been cool and came out and said, i'm sorry this is happening, because i'm just distracted around you. >> you didn't know it was going to happen. i went in being professional, and you didn't know that you
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>> like a bowl of mush. >> al, who has left you -- name one actress who -- >> hallie berry. >> okay. that's fair. is it on video? >> no. i've done the weather with her. i was fine. she had no idea. >> what was your heart saying inside? what was going on in your body? >> be my occluded front. >> be my polar vortex. >> okay. another thing we're talking about this morning, strange dreams. let's just -- >> the perfect transition. >> not about zac efron, just in general. the career builders survey, they say 60% of us have dreamt about work. >> of course they would. >> but that's usually a nightmare, but anyway, they dream about, people dream about -- this is so uncomfortable for me to read -- hooking up with a co-worker.
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in your dreams. >> the dream didn't happen, nor the reality. >> i feel like sometimes you have that dream about a co-worker, even if it's somebody you don't work with that often, then when you see them, you think they know you had a dream about them. >> i had a dream about a co-worker, it was megan kopp, our pr guru. megan, please come by. so megan is pregnant. i won't reveal her due date. i came in the other morning and said, megan, you won't believe this, i had a dream that you had the baby, you didn't show up, another colleague said, you're going to have the baby tonight. that was three nights ago. i cannot predict the future. she keeps coming up and saying, the baby is still here. >> telling off the boss. have you had that dream? >> no, i fantasize. it's not a dream, it's a fantasy.
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showing up to work in pajamas. >> you actually have done that. >> i come to work in my pajamas every morning. in the morning i come to work in my pajamas and usually -- >> sometimes the flap is buttoned. >> the back flap. 1920s? pajamas. >> i always have the dream that it's five minutes before the show, i don't have makeup on, i have my glasses on, but it's not the right prescription and i can't read the prompter and i can't move forward. >> i dream about zac efron. >> and those abs, those chiselled abs. i dream about polar bears. >> and they're cute. >> unless you're in a cage with one. >> baby polar bears are cute. we have some pictures of this
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german "yesterday. outside. she spent the first 82 days course. the cub has no name. but i don't think it cares about that, as long as it's right by >> so cute. >> okay. so we've all heard the expression, watching paint dry. how about watching pavement breathe? >> what does that mean? >> this is from our producer, she saw this and thought -- it's actually kind of creepy looking. >> what is that? >> this is an italian coastal town. waves force air underneath the pavement and it actually looks like it's breathing. >> what's that horror film when the thing comes out of the sand? they're like tentacle things. >> with kevin bacon. >> "tremors." >> that's right.
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about an hour. she's from australia. >> kate has the most unusual taste in 52s. we don't have this video. there was a big discussion earlier in the week, the surgery. >> she wanted us to put this on, of watching people like frankencandy, mixed candies. >> we're never going to get that four minutes back that she made us watch this. >> but we love you, kate. >> you're the best, kate. nobody is better than you when we come to those viral videos. anyway. we've got more heavy rain pushing its way up from the south. 15 million people under flooding risk. 2 million people under flash flood warnings. we'll be watching this all day today and into tomorrow. next three days, we could be talking about some areas that pick up all total, since monday,
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and in new orleans and low lying areas of louisiana, we'll have big problems. rainfall rates 2 to 3 inches per hour. that's what's going on aroi amy: good morning. happy thursday. i am annie sweezy. our warm pattern is continuing for today and tomorrow and we are dry in the mid 80' s. into the we >> that is your latest weather. >> okay. so brace yourselves, prepare yourselves. coming up, mentalist avi pearlman is back. you won't believe your eyes when he performance his mind-bending tricks. he's got something planned for
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not yet. not yet! pull the peach! mmmm, yoplait. you probably recognize mentalest, a finalist on season ten of the hit talent show. >> well, we loved him so much he is back again. good morning. i missed you the last few times. >> number one question i get how do you do it?
10:15 am
they give away. they let slip. dpiv you a great example. let's say you are reading a magazine as the words are being processed your tongue is moving in tandem to the words. as a mentalest you are not aware of the tongue moving. those subtle movements can serve as my entry way to your thoughts. i picked up all current events. you will take a magazine. i gave you choices. each grab one. and i'm going to turn and face you. word. the key here is ten letters. don't do a short word and i didn't do anything beach reading. we have long words to choose from other than kardashian. looking sharp today. >> thank you. >> i don't know the comfort
10:16 am
did you get a word in mind. close the magazines. put them down. who do we have on the front here. the donald. whole different topic. think of the first letter of your word. notice al she is trying not to breathe right now. i'm going to go. open your eyes. she just let it slip. grab the marker. what was the first letter of your word? >> i wrote down an s. >> when did you write that? >> al, think of the next letter. comes together. i'm going to show you. you see what i wrote. i'm putting the marker away.
10:17 am
that magazine. what word did you pick out of the thousands. >> sportsmanship. >> there's no way. you just picked it out. >> i told you it is all about lip movements. certain letters make different phonetic sounds like vowels. you have to open your mouth. >> you have about 45 seconds. the word start with a u? >> look at me. it's an. >> a celebrity to run in 2020. who is the celebrity? george clooney. anybody else? any women? >> taylor swift. >> i like it. >> i have a prediction i just
10:18 am
planned ahead of the campaign slogan dylan, tell us what was the word? >> we need a slogan. what was the word. >> independence. >> get out of here. >> no way. >> mind blown again. >> this is not real. >> have your people call my people if you need a campaign manager. >> are you human? >> you are like the zac efron of mentalests. >> unbelievable. >> thanks so much. coming up, t.r. knight having fun playing the bad guy. tell us all about it after this. why just shave, when you can choose to smooth? choose suprises over dull. choose design, over in a lull. choose for women. choose leader.
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we are back with meantalist oz pearlman. >> for folks who didn't see it he asked to pick up a magazine, find an eight or nine letter word. they did. and it was a random word. we had like five magazines there. i didn't pick a word from an article. i have a headache right now because i feel like you infiltrated our brain. >> i picked a word buried in an article. >> what can you tell us? >> i told you i was watching your lips but the power of influence cht how about this? i'm going to try to sync up your brains. >> one of us has one and one doesn't. >> how will we pull this off? a feeling watch if i take a piece of your newspaper and i want you to shake hands and stay right there. lock it in.
10:23 am
anything al feels dylan will feel. >> are you hungry? >> it's going to be what happens to you travels through. did i tell you anything about to take place. close your eyes. watch her close. did you feel anything. whatever i do to al it should have gone through his hand over. tell us the truth. what did you feel? >> i felt something on my chin. >> you didn't touch my chin. >> all of america knows. >> you didn't touch my skin. >> this is really good. >> this could be fantastic. >> hold on a second. hello. something is going on here. you're wasting your time. >> i'm so -- >> how long have you known -- >> i have been doing this for 20 years. >> you were like a kid walking around --
10:24 am
>> he touched his chin. >> that is weird. >> thank goodness this is a family show. >> i stay strictly above the equator. >> wow. >> and you thought of george clooney and went taylor swift. that is why i'm wearing the shirt. >> when did you have the shirt made? >> two days ago. >> if you watch the clip back again you will see i have something wrong and i said let's shake it off and i put the suggestion in his head. >> i'm performing all over the country. >> independence still.
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dogs. because precise nutrition can transform your pet into a magnificent animal. royal canin. incredible in every detail. good thursday morning... i'm jason guy... it's 10:26. this morning.. a georgia mother is locked up in marion county.. after triggering an amber alert. three of clarion garrison's children were found safe in ocala last night. another toddler was found dead in garrison's home in albany, georgia. she's held on no bond as an out-of-state fugitive. extra police will be at one volusia county school this morning. a 9-year-old said a man tried to lure him into a home wednesday morning near edgewater elementary. no one has been arrested in the case. a convicted murderer be
10:27 am
david damus was found guilty of for killing say he and three other people broke into shot and stabbed him. this morning firefighters in the fire. flames burned through 45 acres there yesterday and damaged four homes. there is a high fire threat level in brevard and seminole counties today. taking a live look outside... meteorologist amy sweezey is up
10:28 am
winds 10 to 15 mph. .tonight... partly cloudy. lows in the lower 60s. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .friday...
10:29 am
80s. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .friday night...partly cloudy. lows in the lower 60s. east winds 5 to 10 mph. .saturday ...partly cloudy. highs in the lower 80s. east winds 5 to 10 mph becoming southeast 10 to 15 mph
10:30 am
taking look at the headlines, democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash in a sometimes fiery debate wednesday night. clinton faced one of the sharpest exchanges yet about the fbi investigation into her private e-mail server. she was asked if she will drop out of the race if she's indicted. >> oh, for goodness -- that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> clinton again took aim at senator senator sanders for opposing the auto bailout. she used the strategy heading into the michigan primary but still lost in a stunning upset to sanders. >> and disappointing news days
10:31 am
announced it had performed the country's first uterus transplant. in a statement the hospital said the patient, a woman identified only as lindsay, experienced a sudden complication that led to the removal of the uterus. this morning doctors saying the complication is under review, the trial procedure is supposed to include ten women who suffer from uterine factor infertility. traditional chinese exercises like tai chi may help improve the physical and mental health with people with cardiovascular disease. the chinese exercises were expect if i have in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and depression among patients living with heart disease or stroke. and united airlines is planning to squeeze more seats into some of those planes. yes. united says it will change the configuration on 19 of its 777 so that economy seats will go
10:32 am
increase of about 20 seats per plane. there will also be some upgrades for passengers including in seat power outlets and wifi. and it's that time of the year, girl scout cookies are everywhere you look, we think the cookies sell them sefls but some girl scouts in new york looking to close the deal with using a poster with leonardo dicaprio to try to attract more customers it says leo wants an oscar, leo buys girl scout cookies cookies, leo wins a could say car, be like leo. al roker is standing by i'm reading your mind. what is that? couching tiger hidden al. what you got? >> crouching tiger. take a look at our take. come on and like us, we have 331,000 likes, we'd love to get some more.
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scout cookies, posters of zac efron. heavy rain unfortunately down south, we have plenty of sunshine along the eastern seaboard, more wet weather pacific northwest. record highs on saturday moving into the plains. the showers and thunderstorms make their way up into the upper mississippi river valley with sunshine along the east coast. continues warm in the plains, wet out west, the sunshine basically from the northeast, new england all the way into the mid-atlantic states, rain down throug amy: good morning. happy thursday. i am annie sweezy. our warm pattern is continuing for today and tomorrow and we
10:34 am
into the we and that is your latest weather. we're still talking about -- >> i'm filling him in because he was playing with wrangler at the time. >> this young man was nominated for an emmy award on the hit tv series grace anatomy. >> now he starts in 11/22/63 about a high school teacher who travels back in time to figure out who killed jfk. he plays the estranged husband of the woman james franco's character falls in love with. >> i feel like any plot line that involves time travel makes things that much more complicated. where does your character come into play? >> he goes back in time. there is two stories going on, the story when he falls in love with my wife and then the story about trying to prevent jfk. impart of the -- of that story, >> that's right.
10:35 am
every actor i talk to says it's fun to be the bad guy. is it fun to be the bad guy? >> it's challenge willing and wonderful. yeah. it's conflict and it's -- you know, you're trying to figure out how someone's brain works when there's clearly something -- >> this guy is messed up. >> he is a little messed up. >> even he gets more messed up in the next episode. but it's great. james directed actually this episode as well which i don't know how he did it but he was amazing. >> because he's in the show. >> he's in like every scene. >> for him to go back and forth in the episode to direct this and then to -- it was -- he is remarkable. i'm in awe. >> what's remarkable also is the affection for your career from grace anatomy. my niece is 16 and she binge watches. it's incredible the impact of this show and eventual final farewell to the cast a.m. so the point. >> the final farewell? >> i have it messed up in my
10:36 am
my mind still on the mentalist. looking back at the flashback of the impact of that show and the farewell, how is it now to have a whole new generation of fans looking at the show? >> it's incredible. you don't normally think there is so much television that people, you know, and so much more coming out and coming out to have people go back to something that started like in 2004, but i love played george, he was an incredible character and so complicated and so -- he just tried so hard but he just failed so miserably and not that i can identify with any of that, but -- >> you cannot. you cannot. >> but it was -- >> the voices in your head. >> sometimes they come out. maybe this role wasn't so much of a challenge. >> maybe crazy comes naturally. >> i don't know. >> thank you so much for being here. you can catch 11/22/63 on hulu
10:37 am
>> okay. up next it's throw back thursday. and this is a special edition of my tuesday trends. ladies, have you heard of the wedgy jeans? these are the jeans that are sold out everywhere. >> they give you a wedgy? >> just watch my thursday cameron's trend after this. i'm not kidding. this. i'm not kidding you can't get your hands on these things. ameron's trend after this. i'm not kidding. tameron's trend after this. i'm not kidding. ron's trend after this.
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after brushing, listerine total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth . it is time it is time now for my tuesday trend, don't panic it's not tuesday it's thursday, but we decided to do a thursday throw back session. thankfully we have saved today for you. so the amazing chassis post is here for our throw back thursday fashion trends. how are you? >> i'm so great and so excited
10:42 am
>> full disclosure, this first trend -- is this our first one because i'm getting away of myself -- >> it is to major. >> i spent about an hour searching for this trend and i could not get my hands on one, but take it away. >> we have them for you and this is the new wedgy fit jean, tamron. it's all about the wedgy. >> come on out. >> this is made popular by ms. kylie jenner which we can see right here in the monitor. >> that is on the monitor. >> she broke the internet just like her sister with these jeans. these are from levis called the wedge y fit and the deal is they lift the bum. >> they lift your bum. >> separate and give the i'm pollution of the wedgy without the discomfort. >> janel is out here and she was brave enough to turn her bum to the camera. >> incredible.
10:43 am
range that this will lift and it gives you -- let's be honest what's in style right now. >> a pert posterior. >> which never goes out of style. these are sold out a lot of places. >> they're sold out. >> what's so great about them. like you said, they're universally flattering, the higher waist this is mom jean 2.0. >> can see show the madonna video? she wore a similar style in the '80s. >> and looked incredible wearing them. we love that it accentuates the waist, you can see madonna here, and it takes the waist to hip ratio look super curvy so you're instant bombshell. there's madonna in the background. >> you can get your hands on them? >> yes, you can. in stores levis in store the wedgy fit $88 for this wash. online they only have the whitewash. >> i know. >> you can find them in stores. >> thank you.
10:44 am
all, girlfriend. we have a style that i've worn a couple of times on air. >> yes. >> it looks like from the '80s movie working girl. >> it's a melanie griffeth power bow blouse. tamarind, i love you when you wear this look because the bow blouse is a huge trend right now. first of all, you know, it gives you that sexy secretary look but everything you wear it with it looks sort of pulled together. natalie -- >> you look so beautiful, natalie. >> isn't she gorgeous? this is a great trick, her little bow there is detachable, it's on an elastic, you can trade it in and wear it with any blouse you have in your closet and paired it with a great little -- >> full disclosure when you do wear this be prepared to be called colonel sanders because that's what i got all day and the pill trim from little house on the prairie. be prepared. have a strong backbone. we have seconds.
10:45 am
knicks, one of my style icons the maxi dress is back and i love it. >> the maxi dress we've seen it and the new take is the maxi skirt and this is inspired by our favorite gold dust woman. what we love about this maxi skirt is it's a wrap skirt so it shows a little leg, it's not so covered up. this is $69. >> not the dress, but the skirt, that's what's in. >> yes. >> also platforms are back. >> huge. your feet will be thanking you it's a lot more comfortable. >> platform is your friend. thank you so much for our special throw back thursday. and it is six-time emmy winning show that friends love to binge watch, house of cards is back for a new season. we will catch up with michael kelly. wist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing
10:46 am
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with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. one sure fire way to know you are in a hit show is when the portrait of your fictional president ends up in portrat gal re. >> we will talk to michael kelly in a moment. more on the series. if you haven't finished season three cover your ears now. >> the road to power is paved and casualties. >> welcome to the world of house of cards. kevin spacey plays president
10:50 am
way from congress to the oval office but not without getting a little blood on his hands. >> i love her more than sharks love blood. >> who last season strode away from her marriage. >> i'm leaving you. >> reporter: the first three seasons have earned the series a slew of awards including 33 emmy nominations and six wins. and fans in high places. >> i watch house of cards. i have to tell you life in washington is a little more boring. >> reporter: one of the most calculating characters is doug stamper played by michael kelly. >> can't afford anymore mistakes. >> house of cards season four is streaming now. be prepared for more back stabbing and bomb shells. >> democracy is so overrated. >> doug stamper himself joins us this morning. good to see you.
10:51 am
>> when people see you, doug is such a twisted individual. do people kind of like nice to meet you -- >> yeah. i never stop smiling. there might be a quick reservation in an elevator or something. for the most part i never stop smiling. >> nobody wants you behind them in an elevator. i have had people genuinely scared. doug stamper for a quick second. >> i was just on my phone. >> we heard cover your ears. you and your wife have an arrangement as far as when you can watch the episodes? >> we film them almost a year before it comes out when we
10:52 am
for me i forget a lot of what happens. i had to go to london to do the press circuit and i was like i need episodes if i'm going to talk about it. they were like i will send you the first six and i watched the first four and kept going. i was like i have to stop. i stopped at four so my wife and i can watch it together. >> hard to keep things secret because you don't remember. >> that happens to me every day. >> the older i get. >> this show, how has it changed your life? >> i mean, night and day. i have been very fortunate in my career to work with incredible directors and on projects that we love. it has been a nice study little step by step climb. and with this one you take all of that and you put it into something. the momentum that you gain and then you get to be in a role of
10:53 am
to be in. >> tell us about taboo. >> it's a limited series bbc and fx doing early 1800s, dirty, nasty. tom hardy is a genius. it is brilliantly written. very excited about that. >> is there any light in doug's life in season four? >> there has been plenty of light. >> i think we have a difference between what we think is light. michael kelly, thank you so much. season four of house of cards on netflix. we are back in a moment.
10:55 am
a. i am going to tickle your -- >> how does this feel?
10:56 am
he was unbelievable. whatever he is doing.
10:57 am
>> tory the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. .today...partly sunny. highs in the mid 80s. southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. .tonight... partly cloudy. lows in the lower 60s. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .friday... partly sunny. highs in the mid 80s. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .friday night...partly cloudy. lows in the lower 60s.
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which is what you should not be. because at least in new york, it's springtime. it's the '70s, we can feel it. it's like knocking on the door. >> and it's thursday.


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