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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: we start with breaking news. a man is dead after an accident on the power lines. thank you for joining us, i am jason guy. michelle: bob kealing is live on east colonial drive with the latest. >> we are in the 65 hundred block between 436 and goldenrod. the first thing a want to do is show you up there in the bucket where this happened. you can see there is a long piece of metal attached to the billboard next to the bucket. it immediately raises questions, did the victim working in the
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to 15 feet away? what we do know from a share spokesman is that this incident happened around 8:30 or 9:00 this morning. when they arrived, it was clear that the victim had fallen some 30 to 48 to the ground. his pulse was weak and as we understand this on the pulmonary information, he later died at the hospital. we also notice that within this roped off crime scene is a pickup truck with the name of a local sign company. we will not release that information yet as the name and identity of the victim has not been released either. according to the sheriff electrocution. looking at the scene, that appears to be the case. the sheriff department has not ruled out the possibility that the victim may have just fallen to the ground which is is a significant distance. we don' t talk -- don' t have any
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the sheriff department is still deciding whether or not osha will come out to investigate. reporting live in east orange county, bob kealing. michelle: in commitment 2016, the road to the white house run to -- runs through central florida today. the doors are opening right now for bernie sanders rally in kissimmee. jason: wesh 2' s amanda ober is live at osceola heritage park and joints will be details. >> more than 10 months into his bid for the white house, vermont senator bernie sanders is finally here to spend some significant time in the sunshine date. a very crucial swing state for this election. what i am about to show you may bode well for him in florida. check out this line. there are hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in line here at osceola heritage park to get
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hundreds of people waiting to get in. the senator was in miami last night for a debate with his democratic challenger hillary clinton. one of the hot issues in a state where hispanic voters wield a significant influence was immigration reform. both clinton and sanders made their ground on the issues, vowing not to deport children of illegal immigrants with a clean come -- criminal record. >> you are telling us tonight t deport children who >> i would not. >> i don' t think the second question. pudding. >> democratic debate and the final one schedule this month. florida is a significant battleground for clinton and sanders with 246 delegates to either gain or lose. until now, the sanders campaign
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clinton. sanders trails clinton by about 20 about percentage points. osceola heritage park, there is sanders supporters today. now we did see with sanders, an unexpected win in michigan could that happen here in florida? we won' tuesday. if you want to come out and be a starts at 3:00. security is opening right now. there are no tickets acquired and it is first come first served. amanda ober. the bernie sanders kissimmee hillary clinton is not , his opponent is not too far hillary clinton is not far away as for the republicans, ted cruz is coming for a town hall tomorrow at faith assembly of god church in orlando. former candidate carly fiorina will appear at that event. marco rubio plans to rally in
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the republicans will spend tonight in miami for a crucial debate. michelle: this is their last chance to woo florida voters before the polls open next tuesday. donald trump has said he expects a quieter debate tongiht, with -- tonight, with fewer of the jabs we saw last week. marco rubio seems to agree with that assessment, expressing regret to nbc' s chuck todd. >> it' s not something i' m entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it, t. michelle: this is the 12th gop debate of this race. our very own brett s debate. you can look for live coverage app. the same palm bay neighborhood be facing more trouble right now. that some hotspots are flaring up. yesterday four homes were
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firefighters are asking people some other homes had to be evacuated. to avoid the area of san filippo and cogan. they' re working to put this fire out so it does not cannot control. we' ve a crew on the scene. look for live coverage throughout the afternoon on the mobile app. jason: here in central florida, the conditions have been dry and we are really feeling a whole lot of heat today. michelle: rain is on the way but not quite today or tomorrow. amy sweezey is joining us now with what our day looks like at -- ahead. amy: it' s really about the winds today. it is so breezy, you can see the sustained winds anywhere from 10 up to 20 miles per hour and we have had gusts even higher than that. so if the wind obviously that consent some of the smoke from the spires and make those fire spread much faster. our temperatures are climbing as well as, it will be a warm afternoon. we' re already at 81 in orlando. 83 degrees in sanford and we are
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we will head up a few more degrees, especially in our inland area. we will look at those afternoon high temperatures and talk about rain on the way for the upcoming weekend and is there a cooldown insight? i will have all those details when i come back inside in a few minutes. michelle: deputies in brevard county need help finding two children. jason: 2-year-old paris scott and 4-year-old patrick scott the third were both last seen this morning, when their mother dropped them off at a motel. they' re calling this a custodial abduction. they believe the children are with their father, patrick scott junior. the children were last seen at the econolodge on merritt island causeway in melbourne. they could be driving to texas in a gold ford fusion with texas tags. michelle: more police officers patrolling volusia county element' s ghost today. they are stepping up patrols in edgewater after a nine-year-old boy told police a man tried to of duction. this is one of the safety precautions being taken today. alex villareal has more. alex: stranger danger.
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how important that lesson is. what this little boy says yesterday is a parent' s nightmare. he says he was riding his bike on his way to school when a man approached and asked if he wanted to come over to his house. >> he did the right thing, he went home, and he told his parents about it. alex: police are taking their officers on the streets around the nine euros school edgewater , public, and the city' s other elementary school, indian river. >> we will keep these trolls up for the foreseeable future just to be on the safe side. alex: in a phone call yesterday to inform parents, the principal said the school' s taking the report seriously, too. >> at dismissal, we reminded our students to walk in groups and if they see any suspicious behavior to report it to an adult right away. this evening, please take the opportunity to continue the conversation about strangers and how to handle a situation should your student be approached. >> there' s a lot of pedophiles out here. there' s a lot in this neighborhood alone, that' s why i
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t let them walk. alex: police say they pulled up their database of sex offenders, looking to match the boy' s description of the man, medium-length black hair, long black goatee, heavyset, but didn' t find one. >> we are taking about to the port orange police department and they will do a composite sketch for us. we are going to deserve it to you all to low validity by this individual. >> it' s scary and it' s crazy. because you don' t know what' s going to happen next. there are so many kids that are abducted and they don' t get to go home safe area at alex: in edgewater, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason: the georgia mother remains locked up in jail. she is a person of interest in her mother -- in her daughter' s death it she is the cause of a daylong search into central tow. >> do you have any questions? jazmin:
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appearance in marion county. judge she requested a lawyer that' s where investigation is s death. wednesday, police and albany, georgia found the two-year-old girl body hidden inside the apartment. child had been dead for a few days. >> will have more from port commission such as have a child actually died. jazmin: investigators say garrison drove all the way to ocala with her other children,to escape police. that decision triggered an amber alert for 7-year-old amyelle, 6-year-old jaleel, and 4-year-old kamella garrison. garrison at family member' s home. while garrison is a person of interest in her daughter' s death, investigators in georgia say there were other people living in the apartment. garrison' s three other children
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she will be held without bond here in florida until the state of georgia gets a governors warrant requiring her to be sent back. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. jason: a cookout in pennsylvania turned deadly. michelle: the search for the gunman and what investigators are saying. with the olympic games fast approaching, families and brazil are being forced from their
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are dead in three others are hurt in a shooting outside of pittsburgh. jason: police are now looking for the gunmen who opened fire during a backyard cookout. jennifer tomazic has more on what happened. >> this is the backyard here in eight people were shot last night. five of them are dead and three clinging to life in the hospital. it happened about 11:00 last night. franklin avenue is where the home actually sits, it' s the alley where they believe one of the gunman was standing when he started opening fire on the group. the other believed gunman was in a neighboring backyard and started firing as well. they say four people died at the home, one was rushed to the hospital and at this point the medical examiner has not
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victims and police at this point do not have a motive. they' re looking for the public' s help in trying to find that they believe are two gunmen who opened fire on this backyard. jason: as you just heard her say, police are telling us a motive right now is not immediately known. putnam county deputies are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old got a hold the gun he used to shoot his mother as she drove a pickup truck in north florida. michelle: right now she is in the hospital but investigators have not been able to question her. here' s what happened. jamie gilt' s 4-year-old son got a hold of a gun in the back seat of her car and shot her in the back while she was driving her truck. gilt legally owns the. here in florida, it' s illegal for a person to leave a loaded gun where a child can gain access to it. so investigators say they have a lot of questions. around how is the firearm secured? where was it carried in the young boy come in possession of
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michelle: the florida department of children and families is also investigating how the child got a hold of that handgun. the cleveland clinic says the nation' s first uterus transplant has failed. a 26-year-old woman received the transplant there on february 24th and had appeared to be recovering well. she even appeared at this news conference monday. statement today, she experienced a sudden complication. uterus transplants, with some reported failures, although sweden has succeeded in five healthy births. the olympic games are just about five months away. a group of forced from their homes. they say they were pressured the mayor of rio de janeiro says the homes block the acess road to the olympic park. dozers showed up protected by dozens of police. demolished he says.
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right there. the mayor presented a housing project for the handful on the same site. michelle: tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the earthquake which triggered a tsunami that crippled the fukushima nuclear power plant. thousands of people who live in northeastern japan just responded to an online survey from the government. it found that one out of six people is unwilling to buy food products from the area of the nuclear disaster. the survey also revealed that more than 37% said they do not have basic knowledge about radiation. severe flooding is wreaking havoc across parts of louisiana. three people have been killed more than 3000 homes have been evacuated. vehicles were left stranded in two to three feet of water in the middle of the street. state of emergency for several parishes. called in to help with high water rescues.
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warm every day. little more. amy: today will be mid 80' s and set of lower 80' s. we are on our way now. we have lots of sunshine. couple of clouds, take a look at lake eola. the big thing you will notice is the wind. our camera shaking around on the tower and you know why when you look at the wind speeds. we have 10, 20 mile-per-hour sustained winds with some gusts even higher than that. it is definitely a windy day. high temperatures you can see making it to the mid-80' s, even if you upper 80' s, well above average in our inland spots. the beaches will be a little bit cooler. we are getting close to 80, if not 80 right now. we will not climb too much there at the beach today. look at orlando, the wind is coming out of the south at 18 miles per hour. even though we have a little bit of cloud cover blocking out the sun from time to time, our
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keep climbing because we have the south and southeast winds bring new not very warm air. you can see that satellite, the coast in brevard county. notice how we have more cloud cover back across our inland areas. 81 ocala in the and the villages. beach. a ridge of high pressure still in control between that high in the area of low pressure back off to the north and the west, we are getting these really crazy wind. that' tomorrow, the wind will be lighter. with the direction of the wind as well and a little bit of sun, we are going to see our temperatures climb. we are going to keep going up a few more degrees. 85 in ocala and the villages. 86 in orlando and kissimmee. the coast, again pretty close to where we are right now. a few spots will go up another
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to be at the coast today. and we have that moderate even high risk for rip currents this afternoon. now, started going out this morning after 8:00 and now it afternoon until about 2:00 or 3:00. the highest. if you' beach, keep that in mind. daytona beach, bike week is underway wrapping up this weekend. we are breezy for the rest of the afternoon. tomorrow, the wind will and that will be helpful as we get into friday. on saturday, one more warm and dry day as we can' s and lower 80' coast. inland spots will be warmer . today even though we have more t be as windy tomorrow, so that means be able to make it into the s. approach. one more warm and basically dry day.
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will see some scattered showers. even if you thunderstorms as well, mainly in the afternoon. it will not be a total washout as the front comes through. there is a race at winter park saturday morning, things look fantastic. i know a lot of you are participating. we will be in the 60' s early on saturday. no rain on saturday, showers and storms on sunday when we set our clocks ahead one hour before going to bed saturday night. michelle: police tracked down a bank robber and got them to admit to the crime all in an afternoon. police say 46-year-old john bertrand hinted he had a weapon as he demanded cash from a clerk at a td bank in merritt island. palm bay police worked with several other departments to find him and tracking down a gas station a short time later. according to a police report, he admitted to robbing the bank and another incident in pharaoh beach. he has been charged with felony robbery and being held with no bond. jason: march madness caps off in
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michelle: the amway center host the athletic -- american up a conference today and the local favorites take the court tonight. the seventh-seeded ucf knights play tulane in the first round at 6:00 tonight. the winner goes on to tomorrow and the tournament runs through sunday. orlando magic fans will not want to miss the ellen degeneres show today. aaron gordon will be hanging out with ellen. the magic forward will even show off some of his incredible moves from the slamdunk competition. that' s at 3:00 right here on wesh 2 then stick around for wesh 2 news first at four. jason: it' s funny to see that guy who is 6' 9" inches who was standing next to ellen. april breaks out of my flight and it' s caught on camera. check out this video from greelight entertainment showing several female passengers hitting each other and pulling hair. it' s not clear what prompted the altercation during a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angles. the flight crew called law enforcement upon landing. police boarded and took those involved in the fight off the
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if you have a vacation coming up, do not feel guilty about it. michelle: that may sound strange. but if you do feel guilty, you' re not alone. a new study by alamo rent a car and it finds vacation shaming is now a thing, especially among millennials. over half of employed millennials say they felt a sense of shame for using their time off of it the younger generation is also more likely to shame their co-workers for taking a vacation. everybody just take it easy. an island mysteriously appears in a california lake. jason: just ahead on wesh 2 news at noon, why some say this
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michelle: we are following breaking news out of brevard county. jason: emergency crews are back on the scene of a brush fire that threaten several homes. they are telling people of palm bay to stay clear. rescue workers are trying to put out some flare up. we will monitor the threat. michelle: orlando police say they arrested this man on video voyeurism charges. saying his victims were less than 16 years old. we are gathering details for 4:00. jason: a mystery is unfolding in a california lake. michelle: an island is floating around and passing right by people'
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check it out, this video was taken from a helicopter yesterday afternoon. officials believe this half acre chunk of land broke off during last week' s storm. scientists say the floating island may be able to help the lake' s toxic algae problem. public works now has to decide what to do with it, if it does not root itself soon, it may have to be anchored. that is it passing right by a boat dock. jason: wow. here in central florida, enjoy the heat. amy: super breezy this afternoon. it won' t be as bad tomorrow. [captioning performed by the
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