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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is just before the fairbanks offramp. two vehicles are invol d in this. let' s go to our maps. i will show you a d.o.t. picture. we have been seeing them move off. before, traffic was detoured and pushed on to par street. they have moved up to fairbanks avenue. we can hope this will open soon. in the meantime, if you are driving on i-4 east, make a left onto clay, take clay to fairbanks and you can get back on to i-4. you will have to take rose that are slower than the interstate. amy: we are talking about a mix of sun and clouds. cloud cover is streaming in this morning. temperatures are heading into
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it is going to be so similar. today compared to yesterday. the wind will be lighter. sunrise happens at 6:40. there is a little bit of low cloudiness and reduced visibility in sanford. oia reporting hayes. most of us are fine. clouds are streaming in. we may have more overnight tonight when the skies are clear. 61, in ocala. the breeze off the ocean, there is the cloud cover coming in. 85 in ocala and the villages. 86, claremont.
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lower 80' s in many spots. we will talk more about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. michelle: we begin with breaking news from overnight, a fiery motorcycle crash in daytona beach. police say the bike collided with a car on north nova road and burst into flames about 1:00. >> the bike when underneath this car and the biker was trapped under it. you can see that the road is clear now. it was a very active scene a short time ago. the biker, a young man was airlifted to ormc with burns. the woman driving the car did
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we have a lot of unanswered questions in this accident. it is bike week here. motorcycle safety is a big issue. we will be working to get more information on this crash. as soon as we get the information, we will bring it to you on air and on michelle: ted cruz will appear on a town hall at 10:00. you can rsvp for tickets through his website. on sunday, marco rubio appears in the villages. tracy potts shows us how they
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>> donald trump expecting an endorsement from ben carson. last night, defending his campaign manager, saying a reporter fabricated claims that he rough for up leaving bruises. >> i cannot believe how civil it has been a. . >> they stuck to issues, with donald trump alone on social security, banning muslims, and a stew' s -- and they two state solution. marco rubio holds a rally in west palm beach this morning. >> only two of us have any
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>> hillary clinton is concentrating on ohio for her midwest come back. michelle: donald trump holds events in chicago and st. louis. on thursday, a man was arrested, charged with punching a protester who was being escorted out of an event. he is charged with assault and disorderly conduct. the today show will have more coverage of the debate, with team coverage from halley jackson. you can catch it at 7:00. you can get the latest updates on or the mobile app. jazmin: ucf has announced it is firing johnny jones.
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knights one 12 games in each of the last two seasons. they are now searching for a replacement. michelle: at least one person was injured in an overnight house fire in seminole county. there were three people in the home at the time. the homeowner suffered burns to his arms and hands. we are trying to get more information. jazmin: firefighters on alert for the potential of more brushfires. there is a high risk in seminole county. firefighters worked to save homes from flames. the flames were spotted on quentin street. anxious residents got out their own hoses. >> it is scary. i was across the street.
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>> investigators are calling it suspicious. it had been contained, but may smolder for days. a florida teenager is in jail and connection with the shooting death of a toddler. henry hayes was involved in a gang shooting in january that killed eight and mcclendon. his family says they forgive him, but he should still be punished. >> we have already forgiven whoever did it. we forgive them. we cannot go around and hate them. i wasn' t raised like that. i did not raise her like that. jazmin: detectives believe the shooting was the result of a gang rivalry. the death toll from storms impacting states along the gulf
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evacuated in louisiana and mississippi. some areas have seen more than 20 inches of rain. more is expected through the weekend. michelle: we have to talk about this breaking news on i-4. jazmin: eastbound traffic, we will get to ted noah. ted: you can see our camera shot here. this is the eastbound closure. things have changed a bit. they have moved the detour up to fairbanks avenue. what you have to do is get off of i-4 eastbound and get right back on again let' s go to our detour. you come right back around there.
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it is actually moving. it is not too bad. if you want to avoid this, you could exit at par, take par street to clay street and fairbanks avenue back onto i-4. in the meantime, you will have to get off at fairbanks. amy: we are talking about another warm day in central florida. the coast will stay cooler with the breeze off the ocean. it is not going to be as gusty today. we will get a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures are fairly mild. it is warmer in brevard county thanks to the breeze coming in off the ocean. some of our inland spots have called wind. for the most part, it is quiet.
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orlando is heading to 86. we still have the high pollen count with the allergy forecast going on. early next week, we get improvement thanks to rain on the way sunday. we will talk more about the rain in a few minutes. jazmin: a student left alone on
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michelle: getting you back to the breaking news on the roads. eastbound traffic between par street and fairbanks avenue is shut down due to a crash. ted noah will have an update and ask lane how to get around this mess. jazmin: a serious motorcycle crash in daytona beach. a biker was airlifted with serious burns after the crash. it comes in the middle of like week.
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ucf is looking for a new basketball coach this morning. johnny jones was fired after the end of the season. jazmin: a local bus driver and attendant are off the job after leaving a toddler on a bus for the second time. michelle: they are charged with felony child abuse. this shows the child alone on a bus. he managed to get out through an emergency window and hitchhiked to his house. the sheriff' s office says this is not the first time something like this has happened. >> are you kidding me? do you hear what i said? they left a kid on a us twice in one week. child
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student disabled it. a college affordability bill was passed yesterday. in the zika conference will be held in orlando tomorrow. it starts at 1:30 at the hotel on sand lake road. this comes as six new cases have been confirmed. two are in osceola county. in four of the six cases, people are showing symptoms. jazmin: classrooms can call in for a 30 minute live interactive q and a with trainers. the sessions will get up and close with the killer whale' s of
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michelle: millions of frozen meals are being recalled because there could the glass inside. it involves 3 million boxes of dish or no pizza, stouffer' s lasagna and lean cuisine no injuries have been reported. we will put the numbers for you on it opens today. be held today. new upgrades to the two acre facility include to wo play structures and a re-surfaced basketball court. this is the 12th hole at the championship near in a spurt. -- near ennis brooke.
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jazmin: the orlando city lions michelle' s are pumped over the sunday. both goals scored within a minute of each other. tonight, they are home again. kickoff is set for 7:00. they lost their first match on sunday. jazmin: we will get to your forecast in a moment. michelle: this is a live look at the scene on i-4, shut down eastbound. ted: eastbound at fairbanks avenue, they have changed things a bit. now, what you can see from the picture, i-4 is being detoured on to fairbanks avenue. you get off the offramp and get right back on the on ramp. there is a minimal amount of
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if this has to stay around, it is going to cause a backup. it is still a start to happen, in the meantime, just use the fhp detour. amy: good morning. we have a big orlando city soccer game going on tonight. it should be a nice evening. we will start to drop the 70' s. temperatures not bad at all. s. a few 70' s, very few.
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it sunny day today. quite a few clouds mixed in with the sun. temperatures close to what we did yesterday. 62 in orlando. melbourne and cocoa beach are warm spots. it is not going to be quite as couple of days. it is not going to be quite as gusty. 86, eustis and clermont. 86, ocoee and orlando. along the coast, around 80 degrees.
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our biggest concern is the moderate to high risk for recurrence. when the tide heads out, that is when you get the strongest pull. right during the daytime. for bike week today, the last weekend, enjoy. today and tomorrow will be drive. there will be a few showers and coast. tomorrow, mainly drive. most of our rain will hold off until sunday when the moisture in the gulf of mexico gets pushed in here. a couple of showers and storms will develop inland. new, 1:00, a couple of showers. later in the day, a few showers and a couple of isolated storms
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don' t forget to set your clocks ahead. next week, we will be in the middle 80' s. michelle: a wild crash in california. we will show you the video and explain what investigators say caused this car to go airborne. seminole county veterans -- is at the health department in
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michelle: new video of a crash that injured six in los angeles. you see the car going airborne and then sparks fly. the car ran through the red light. the chain reaction crash involved three other cars. it is still under investigation. two executives of the wounded warrior project are off the job. they were fired over questionable spending. they are excused of spending
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the ceo made nearly $475,000 in 2014. the charity spent only 60% of its budget on veterans and 30% on fundraising. 130 national guard soldiers our work -- are waking up at home. family and friends were there to greet them when they arrived at daytona beach international airport. >> the best feeling in the world. it has been a long year. i am glad to be back home. >> their mission in afghanistan is to provide artillery and mortar protection for u.s. troops. jazmin: a we are keeping an i on a breaking traffic situation. michelle: we will tell you how to get around it next.
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after a crash sent his motorcycle under a car. ted: an investigation at fairbanks avenue. that is coming up. amy: a little cloud cover this morning. warm temperatures today.
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announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: a fiery overnight crash, take a look. a motorcycle and car collided. ucs has seen enough of their six-year basketball coach.
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after that. as we're getting later into drive time and more folks on the roadway, things are getting slower. you can see backup from the off rarch to fairbanks. i have another alternate for you. you can exit at par street. take it to c lay street to fairbanks to i-4. that will bypass delays happening on i-4 if you're leaving in the next 15 minutes. when you guess up to the fhp detour that will get backed up. we'll update you again soon.
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a mix of sun and clouds for today but a little more cloud cover even than yesterday. so that will kind of help keep temperatures in check. but it's still going to be a warm day. we're headed to the mid 80's because the winds will be a little lighter. we'll get enough sun and light winds that actually temperatures will be pretty close to where we were yesterday and that is way above average. there's a little bit of reduced visibility this morning. ocala reporting 4 miles, sanford 7, orlando 8. a couple of places where we have low cloudiness here and there. 59 in ocala, 61 in sanford and 70 degrees in melbourne. clouds filling in now from the gulf of mexico. this will continue through today which is why we won't have full sunshine today and we will have a little more cloud cover yesterday. so we'll call it partly sunny but we're still going to
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dinelon. 86 in celebration and 85 today in deltona. along the coast a few degrees cooler because of southeast winds but lighter winds will allow us to make it to 81 in daytona beach and 82 our high in melbourne. jazmin: a biker is in the hospital after he was pulled underneath a burning car. michelle: the crash happened on north nova road. this was a very nasty accident. >> it's quiet out here now so you would have no idea that this was such a scary sight just a short time ago but this motorcycle and its rider got trapped underneath its car. take a look at this video here. you can see that the bike went underneath the car. the driver was stuck underneath and had to be airlifted to ormc and did accident.
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to north nova road here after the bike crashed with the car morning and we learned that the woman who was driving the car did not appear to have serious injuries but that young man was airlifted to the hospital. of unanswered questions in this accident. it is bike here in daytona beach, so motorcycle safety is a big concern for officials and in a welcome letter, the police chief asks that everyone drive safely, no drinking and driving and no riding without helmets. this accident is an important reminder for everyone who is here for bike week. we will continue to follow the investigation. as soon as we get new details we will bring them straight to you. >> turning to commitment 2016, in miami last night the four republican candidates for president went head to head again for the final debate before super tuesday which
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>> this is marking the 12th debate for the candidates and this one was a lot calmer than their previous confrontations. >> the 12th republican debate had a different image than we were seeing. we did not see much attacks and insults. instead it was on policy and issues and one of the main topics the miami job market and specifically employees laid off and replaced by foreign workers. >> 250 disney employees were laid off and replaced by foreign workers. senator marco rubio was questioned about that plan. >> it is a violation of the law now to use that program to replace americans. and if a company is caught doing that whether it be disney or anyone else they should be barred from using the program in the future. >> appearing much calmer
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stage, republican frontrunner highlighting what he believes is his strength. >> i am different in one primary respect, and that's trade. i feel that we have had horrible negotiators, horrible trade deals. >> second in the delegate count, senator ted cruz taking a shot at the man in the lead. >> at donald's rallies he's taken to ask people in the crowd to raise their hand and message their support. to him. i've got to say, to me, i think that's exactly backwards. this is a job interview. we are here pledging our support to you. >> next tuesday holds primaries in four states including the home turf for ohio governor john kasich trying to display foreign strength from america's heartland. >> we will destroy isis. mr. putin, you're either with us or against us. we're not rattling the sword but we're not going to put up with this nonsense any longer.
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central florida will host another visit from one of those candidates. ted cruz is set to take part in a town hall meeting at 10:00 at the faith assembly town hall church. you can request a ticket on his website. thursday bernie sanders appeared in kissimmee. donald trump came to u.c.f. hast weekend and marco rubio is in the villages on sunday. look for live streaming coverage inside the wesh 2 mobile app. u.c.f. announced it is firing head basketball coach donnie jones. they lost to tulane in the a.a.c. tournament. the knights were 12 in 18 this year. jones finished 100 record. in a statement, jones thanked the u.c.f. community for support. but donnie white said the athletic department and community expect the men's basketball program to
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for american athletic titles and make regular post season appearances and unfortunately we have not reached these expectations. white says the school will move quickly to find a new coach who will bring championships to u.c.f. man accused of flashing a girl jail. >> we were there as the suspect bonded out. >> a teenage girl is accusing you of showing you her privates. >> police say on wednesday 21-year-old melick cook exposed himself to a girl in longwood. we asked him if those charges are true. >> a 15-year-old girl is accusing you of showing her your privates. you didn't do anything? they said it was caught on video. so what happened in that publix? >> nothing happened in the
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>> anything else you want to say? >> the victim's mother was with the 15-year-old and happened. cook faces a charge. >> two teenagers are recovering after a pickup truck you can see one of their truck. were riding in the crosswalk yesterday on courtney parkway outside of merritt island when they were hit. troopers say the pickup driver hit the first teen and pan i ikd, accidentally hit the gas pedal and hit the other boy. >> we're speaking with witnesses and checking the cycles of the traffic light to see how it works out here and at what point the pedestrian signals would be activated. >> the victims have been identified as aden and graham murkowski. troopers say aden has serious injuries while graham has minor injuries.
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new video shows sparks flying as a driver attempts to outrun the law but he couldn't escape the eye in sky. >> we've got sparks he's on rims. >> wesh 2 got this video county sherrifs chorpt. the police say the suspect raced through daytona beach and holly hill and kept going on the rim. the car gave out and the suspect ran. he was found hiding behind arrested. >> new information today, investigators say the backyard massacre in pennsylvania was planned and calculated. this morning the two gunmen are still on the run. police say the first shooter walked up to the yard and started firing, driving everyone towards the porch. that's where the second shooter was waiting with an assault rifle. the five victims killed include a pregnant women. they were all shot in the head. yesterday the medical examiner added that unborn child to the murder count. police don't know the motive yet but think it may
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been retaliation and possibly drug related. >> later today hundreds will attend the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan. dozens of politicians and celebrities will say their goodbyes at the reagan presidential library in california. the former first lady will be laid to rest inches away from her late husband. former first ladies rose lynn carter, hillary clinton and michelle obama will be among those paying their respects at a private service. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace, and she was a passionate advocate for many important issues. >> among today's speakers nancy's two children and patty davis and tom brokaw. >> the " today" show's natalie morales will report live. continuing coverage continues right here at 7:00. >> 5:40 on your friday
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are just waking up, we have breaking news out object i-4. -- out on i-4. right now we are seeing ted: at 5:40 we're seeing i-4 eastbound closed while it is at fairbanks avenue. florida highway patrol is pushing traffic off of the interstate on to the fairbanks off ramp and a quick turn around to get back on to i-4. as we're getting deeper into drive time we'll take a look at the camera showing traffic being forced on to fairbanks. as drive time is starting to increase and it's getting later, if you want a backup plan and don't want to deal with backups that aren't there yet, exit at par street, take par street to clay street, clay street to fairbanks avenue and fairbanks to get back on to i-4. at the moment it's a very brief delay to get through that area but we'll keep a close eye and let you know.
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we've got clouds rolling into central florida. it is 5:41 on friday and we are going to be partly sunny. not as much as yesterday. that is not going to stop our temperatures. we are still going to climb with that southeast breeze bringing in warm air. we will make it into the mid 80's in most of our inland areas. clouds are streaming in now and will continue to do so through the day. we'll have sun and a break in the cloud cover. by noon we'll be in the lower 80's and keep climbing until we hit 85 and 86 in most of our inland spots. we'll stay cooler along the coast. the beach will be around 80 degrees. lower 80's. if you are in the water today, moderate to high risk of rip current. the rips are strongest as the tides head out and that is happening late morning to early afternoon today. we'll talk more about saturday and sunday in a few minutes. >> the orlando magic waking up on the west coast. >> sci-fi action secret agents teaming
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ted: the time is 5:45. i-4 eastbound, the closure is down to one right lane. we'll take a deeper look at it coming up in just a minute. michelle: lawmakers are preparing for their final day at the legislative session. but before they go home today they are expected to approve the budget deal we told you about earlier this week. >> the spending plan gives schools a slight boost but it doesn't have many of governor rick scott's main priorities including a $250 million incentive for businesses. they also scaled back his tax cut package. some legislators criticize the deal saying it doesn't include a pay raise for state workers or give enough money to the state prison system. >> this weekend construction will begin on the new middle school in east orange county. a groundbreaking ceremony will be held tomorrow for the future campus in the avalon park area. its set to open in 2017 along timber spring boulevard.
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ease overcrowding at the current avalon middle school. >> the orlando magic are taking on the sacramento kings today. the kings are without one of the nba's best rebownders after center demarcus cousins was suspended for one game. tonight's game is at 10 at sleep train arena. >> several new movie releases have people excited. >> mary elizabeth winstead is starring in ten cloverfield lane. she plays a woman rescued from a car accident but her savior keeps her locked in a bunker. rated pg-13. >> will you stop shooting everything. >> in the brothers grimsby. a football player is forced to team up with his drunk secret agent brother. it's rated h.r. -- it's rated railroad. >> the
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the childhood of jesus. pg-13. a little bit of something for everyone at the box office but who's going to want to stay inside? >> people that live someplace other than florida. we have a really nice weekend. we will have a little cloud cover but it's going to be warm and there's a little but it's not going to totally wash out and ruin your weekend. a pretty nice weekend. we're headed into the mid 80's. i want to show you video from yesterday. i had such a great time at the international community school in winter park. these are all of the fourth graders who have been studying weather, tornadoes and hurricanes and cold fronts and warm fronts. we had such a great time. big hello and thank you to mrs. roshea for inviting me. special kids at international community school. let's talk about this warm weather.
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today, tomorrow, sunday, monday, tuesday. we are going to see some rain and cloud. winds are going to be changing up but overall temperatures don't change a lot. much warmer than average for the next five to seven days. here's the clouds that are streaming in right now. we are going to see more cloud cover today compared to yesterday, but it's not going to stop our temperatures from climbing. it is 57 right now in ocala. 62 orlando and sanford. we're at 70 in cocoa beach and melbourne. again probably don't really need the jackets or sweaters early today just because it is a little bit warmer and it will be warm again this afternoon. not as windy either. there will be a bit of a breeze especially at the coast this afternoon coming in off the ocean which will keep the temperatures there a little bit cooler. but it is not going to be a really gusty day like we had so many other days this week. 85 ocala and the villages today, 86 in eustis and we will climb to 86 in clermont. this is pretty close to where we were yesterday in all these spots. very similar temperatures. 86 in kissimmee and saint
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85 in longwood and sanford. 86 today in winter park and owe -- owe pop ca. melbourne and palm bay will climb to 86. the weekend, we have a track shack race tomorrow. sunrise at 6:38 in the morning. not bad at all. there may be patchy fog. otherwise temperatures will quickly climb. as we approach 9:00, we will lower 70's. temperatures will climb. we'll be in the mid 80's again. late-day shower is possible. i don't expect much rain tomorrow. a few brief little sprinkles. sunday is the day we have a better chance for rain and even then it's going to be scattered. there will be a few showers and storms that develop in our inland areas in the afternoon and push over toward the east coast as we head through the evening hours. a
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see scattered storms popping up and a little bit of rain will linger into monday. don't forget this is the weekend we set our clocks ahead. you lose an hour of sleep saturday night when you wake up sunday morning. time for traffic. ted: breaking news, coming up to 5:51. a live shot of i-4 eastbound. good news here. for awhile we had eastbound shut down. looks like now just a right lane is blocked. let's go to our d.o.t.'s. this moved out pretty quickly. a little bit of a backup in the two left lanes that are able to get by but once you get to fairbanks, traffic is flowing freely. it is looking pretty good if you're going through that area. let's look at current travel times. despite the fact that we have an accident, things not looking too bad going through downtown orlando
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>> you may not want to hear this but tomorrow night we will spring forward and turn the clocks ahead one hour. >> losing an hour's sleep will leave a lot of people to be grumpy but chronic sleep deprivation can raise the risk for side effects
5:55 am
>> consider this your heads up to make sure the company coffee pot is well stocked monday morning. a new survey from account temps shows nearly 75% of employees say they yawn their way through the work day. often blaming big mistakes on sleep deprivation. >> somebody paid the entire staff twice, somebody deleted an entire base. >> that's before losing an hour of shut eye when daylight savings time begins this weekend. it's not just the company's bottom line that could suffer. so could our health. >> she's sleeping here and we're watching her sleep. >> sleep experts say when the body doesn't get enough sleep, the immune system suffers. it makes us more likely to catch viruses like the flu and that's not all. >> sleep deprivation long-term over the course of one's life can affect the risk of heart disease, stroke risk, diabetes development. >> scientists also starting
5:56 am
ongoing lack of sleep and increased risk for breast cancer. >> the sleep system has evolved over these millenia. it's very complicated. we had need to appreciate it, step back a little bit and pay attention to our bodies and make sure sleep is a big part of our health. >> even though the alarm will go off an hour earlier this week exerts say this should be a wakeup call for americans to make sleep a bigger priority. >> most sleep experts recommend adults get 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep each night. >> who has that kind of time? something i don't do. >> things are clearing up after a crash on i-4 this morning. ted: we are down to one lane closed on i-4 eastbound. we'll tell you exactly what's happening with that crash. amy: we've got clouds rolling into central florida and that means we're not going to have full sunshine today. we'll have a little more cloud cover
5:57 am
headed into the mid 8 80's. we'll talk more about the weekend and when we'll see hour. >> we're live on the scene with breaking news in there was a motorcycle crash with a car. the latest on the scene
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if you're doing everything right
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> right now on sunrise, take a look at this dramatic crash from overnight. just hours ago a biker was trapped under that car as it was on fire. we are live at the scene with what happened. >> and playing nice. the drastic change in last night's republican debate and which one of them will be in our area this morning. amy: the weekend is here and so is rain. when the two collide, in your forecast. >> it is 6:00. thanks for waking up with wesh.


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