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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> right now on sunrise, take a look at this dramatic crash from overnight. just hours ago a biker was trapped under that car as it was on fire. we are live at the scene with what happened. >> and playing nice. the drastic change in last night's republican debate and which one of them will be in our area this morning. amy: the weekend is here and so is rain. when the two collide, in your forecast. >> it is 6:00. thanks for waking up with wesh.
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>> and i'm jazmin walker. where do our temps go from here? amy: we are going to be in the mid 80's today. you can see a little bit of brightness breaking out over the horizon. we are getting closer to sunrise. 6:40 officially is when that happens. we are going to see a little cloud cover. it is not totally clear sky, although if you're looking from the beach over the ocean, you have more clearing happening than you do inland. but our temperatures today, we are all going to be in the mid 80's across our inland areas and a little cooler at the coast. got a little bit of a visibility issue. it's not a lot but sanford has been reporting low cloudiness all morning. the rest of us doing okay. a little haze in a few spots. about a ten-degree temperature difference. 61 in ocala and sanford but 71 in melbourne. a nice warm start.
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blanket and trapping heat in yesterday's highs. today even though we have the cloud cover, we are going to make it to 85 in ocala and the villages. 86 today in eustis, 86 in orlando and winter park, a little cooler at the coast thanks to that wind congress in off the -- wind it is 6:02. ted: we've been covering news on i-4. eastbound is open again on fairbanks avenue. the crew was showing the live picture eastbound. it is blocking the left lane from a crash under investigation. and traffic is flowing nicely going through that area if by chance you're going to it. we'll look at where the accident was, blocking the right lane and traffic is looking pretty good. >> a biker is in the hospital after he was pulled out from underneath a burning car. >> the fiery crash happened in daytona beach after 1:00 this morning on north nova road where we find alex
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this was a very nasty crash. >> yeah, it was, michelle. right now you can see that it's very quiet out here but it was a pretty scary scene just a ago. if you take a look at the this is a scene from the accident and cleanup. that motorcycle got trapped underneath this car and both the car and the bike caught on fire. daytona beach police rushed to north nova road after the bike went under the car around 1:00 this morning. the biker, a young man, was stuck underneath as well and airlifted to ormc with burns. we learned the woman driving the car did not appear to have suffered serious injuries. we still have a lot of unanswered questions. we're going to be work to go get those answers this morning. it is bike week here in daytona beach, so motorcycle safety is at the top of the agenda here for officials. law enforcement sources
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aware of each other. and we of course will be working to get more this accident. as soon as we get updates we will bring them to you on air and on-line at jazmin: in commitment 2016, a strategy shift for the remaining republican contenders. the group mostly held back from the insults and the continue. ted cruz will appear at a town hall at 10:00 at faith assembly of god church in orlando. you can rsvp for tickets through his website. on sunday marco rubio appears at the villages at 10:00. a breakdown of last night's debates. >> donald trump expecting an endorsement from former rival ben carson. last night defending his campaign manager, saying a reporter fabricated claims that he roughed her up leaving bruises.
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how they got there? >> not much rough in this debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> they stuck to issues often three against one with trump alone on social security, cuba, taxing china, banning muslims and israel. >> he's right about the problems but his solutions don't work. pro-israel rally in west palm beach this morning. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> john kasich running against crowning trump too soon. >> only two of us that have any mathematical path to get there. >> a moment of civility in what continues to be a tense race. >> today bernie sanders is in north carolina and ohio. hillary clinton is concentrating on ohio for her midwest come-back. >> donald trump holds
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questions grow about violence at his campaign stops. thursday a 78-year-old man was arrested charged with punching a protester being escorted out of an event in fayetteville, north carolina lie in -- north carolina. many people say trump encouraged violence against protesters at his events. remember, you can get the latest updates on-line at or the wesh 2 mobile app. >> at least one person was injured in an overnight house fire in seminole county. fire fighters say the fire broke out around 9:00 last night in longwood. there were three people in the home at the time. werp told the homeowner suffered burns and we're trying to get more information on his condition and what may have caused that fire. >> time now 6:06. a florida teenager is in jail in connection with the
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toddler. police in jacksonville say 16-year-old henry heys was involved in a gang shooting in january that killed a 22 -month-old. the toddler's family say they forgive him but feel he should still be punished. >> we've already forgiven whoever did it. we forgive him. we can't go around and be hating him, you know, as much as we want to hate him, you know. i wasn't raised like thand didn't raise her like that. >> hayes is the fourth person to be arrested in the case. detectives believe the shooting is the result of a gang rivalry. >> the death toll from severe storms impacting states along the gulf coast has risen to five. thousands of families have been evacuated in louisiana and mississippi because of d into waters there and some areas have already seen more than 20 inches of rain. more rain is expected throughout the weekend. >> this morning fire
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for the potential of more brush fires. the fire service says there in seminole county and moderate risk in brevard. palm beach fire fighters worked to save homes from flames on thursday. the flames were on clinton street about a block where a wildfire damaged homes on wednesday. anxious residents got out their own hoses. >> what do you think of this? >> i think it's scary. >> right across the street. 100 yards or less. >> investigators are calling it suspicious. the fire burned five acres. it has been contained but may smolder for days. >> the time now is 6:08. we've had a lot of wind in the past few days that helped those flames spread. >> i think today will be a little lighter. don: winds will not be as breezy today or gusty especially at the coast. it will still be breezy at the beaches this afternoon. 10, 15 miles per hour but
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last few days. temperatures headed into the mid 80's and a breeze off the ocean will keep us a little bit cooler at the coast. we are low to mid 60's in most of the area. it is warmer in brevard county near the coast. 71 melbourne all thanks to that wind off the ocean. you can see right now most of us about five to ten miles per hour. southeast winds continue today with our mix of sun and clouds but a little more cloud cover today. in fact, the clouds are now from the gulf of mexico. 83 by noon, 86 is where we're headed in orlando. the pollen forecast, the pollen is still high through the weekend. early next week we will get a little improvement so allergy sufferers stand by. rain on sunday will help us out. more about that rain in a few minutes. ted: we're looking at the chopper over this crash we've been covering for a couple of hours that had i-4 eastbound shut down. not the case now. it's at fairbanks avenue.
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occasionally are we seeing a brief slowdown. eastbound on i-4 into maitland, we have the right lane blocked, slowly but surely that is wrapping up. daytona beach, international speedway boulevard u.s. 92, a lane blocked. u.s. 92 is seeing bigger delays. i-4 good backup plan to get around that one. >> a recall impacting popular frozen foods. >> the brand sending out a warning about glass in their products. >> a local bus driver won't be picking up kids this morning. what deputies say happened to a special needs student left alone on the ride home from school. >> before we head to break, a look at last night's state dinner honoring canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> here at the white house,
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dinner honoring canadian prime minister justin trudeau, the head of state turning heads. we'll tell you who made the guest list, what they had for their four course meal and why the canadian prime minister is being called the
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>> 6:13 on this friday morning. look at this video from overnight. a serious motorcycle crash in daytona beach. a biker was airlifted with serious burns after the crash on nova road around 1:00 a.m. the crash comes in the middle of bike week which brings half a million motorcycles to town. >> u.c.f. is looking for a new basketball coach this morning. donnie jones was fired overnight after the end of another losing season. the knights lost to tulane in the american athletic conference tournament. >> ted cruz visits orlando this morning fresh off another debate with his republican rivals. it was quieter in miami with fewer tense exchanges. marco rubio will appear in the villages sunday ahead of tuesday's vote.
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driver and attendant are offer the job after allegedly leaving a child on the bus for a second time. >> deputies charged 51-year-old gail brown and 57-year-old gwendolyn simmons with felony child abuse. this video shows a special needs child alone on a bus. he managed to get out an emergency window and then hitchhiked 30 miles to his home. officials say this wasn't the first time something like this happened. >> it's like are you kidding me? do you hear what i said? they left a kid on the bus twice in one week. >> the bus had a child reminder system on it, but the suspects admitted they had a student deactivate it. >> new this morning, a new bill requiring colleges to give students a heads up about tuition hikes is now waiting governor rick scott's signature. the legislature passed the
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it requires students to have 28 days before colleges raise tuition or fees. >> students across the country will be taking virtual field trips to orlando. the theme park allows classrooms to call in for a 30 minute live interactive q and a. they will get up close with killer whales. >> the department of health is inviting everyone to attend and ask questions directly about the zika virus. this comes as 6 new cases confirmed in florida. two of them are in osceola county. the other cases are in miami-dade and broward counties. in four of the six cases people are still showing symptoms. >> check your freezer today. millions of frozen meals are being recalled because there could be glass lurking inside. the recall involves three
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of dejo you rno pizzas -- dijourno pizzas. >> orlando city lions back in action after a comeback. fans are still pumped over the tie sunday. orlando scored both goals within a minute of each other. tonight they're home again taking on the chicago fire. kickoff is set for 7 p.m. the fire lost its first match sunday against new york city. hopefully we can do better than a tie this time. hopefully we can pull off the win, but we need the weather to cooperate. amy: i don't know what good weather is. i would assume no rain. i can do that. and warm temperatures too. not too hot, not too humid. it should be a pretty nice evening. if you are headed to the citrus bowl this evening or whatever you're doing in central florida tonight, once we get past sunset
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to the 70's. at 5:00 temperatures will still be on the warm side, in the mid 80's. today kids are headed to school, sunrise some of you this is your last day before spring break starts so enjoy. our temperatures, a big a few upper 50's. most of us are in the 60's and most of us are clouds pouring in. clouds are kind of thin and high. downtown orlando you can see just some milkiness going on but still gore yus sunrise happening this morning. it is 63 degrees in orlando. the winds are fairly light at this point coming out of the east and the winds are going to be lighter today. five to ten for the most part, maybe up to 15 miles per hour this afternoon at the coast from time to time, but not going to be as windy as it has been the last several days. it is 61 in ocala, also sanford. we are at 71 in melbourne. it is 63 in kissimmee and 64
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winds will come in out of the ocean out of the southeast but won't be quite as strong today. our temperatures will climb again, even though we have that little bit of cloud cover going on today, we'll call it partly sunny, we will still be very similar temperature-wise to what we did yesterday. that's mid 80's, well above our average of 77. 85 in longwood. 86 in orlando and winter park. 86 in kissimmee and saint cloud. up and down the coast upper 70's. 82 in palm bay. if you are headed to the beach today, a little bit breezy. we still have moderate to high risk for rip currents. outgoing tide and that happens late morning during the daytime hours today. daytona beach looks great for the weekend as well as another year. sunday there may be some showers and storms the afternoon that will be pushing toward tomorrow on saturday i think we'll stay mainly dry. a few sprinkles possible
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but sunday with a little in, we will see scattered showers, isolated storms that will start inland and late in the day. not a total washout but there will be some rain on sunday. of course don't forget we set our clocks ahead one hour this weekend as well. traffic. ted: 6:20. choppers up over a crash that has been around for quite some time and was blocking all lanes. right now it is blocking fairbanks off ramp. if you're heading through that area could slow down traffic. as we look at sensors, cars are driving by quite nicely. not a huge concern for the morning drive. there's the dot shot of it, the fairbanks off ramp. let's look at other dot cameras and see how the morning drive is shaping up. altamonte springs i-4 eastbound on the left, for the most part things quiet, no trouble. all on time.
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wounded warrior executives fired and how they're accused of spending money donated to veterans.
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homecoming for lmi if you're doing everything right
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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of a crash that injured six people in los angeles. surveillance video. you can see the car going and sparks fly. through the red light on police say that chain three other cars. investigation. >> two top executives of wounded warrior project reportedly off the job. "the new york times" reports they were fired over questionable spending. the c.e.o. and chief operating officer are accused of spending money on lavish parties and travel. the c.e.o. made nearly $475,000 in 2014. the charity spent only 60% of its budget on veterans and 30% on fund-raising. >> 130 local national guard soldiers are waking up in their own beds this morning after spending the past nine months in afghanistan.
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friends were there to greet them last night when they arrived at daytona airport. >> i'm glad to be back home. >> the troops are members of the first 265th air defense artillery unit. their mission in afghanistan was to provide artillery and mortar protection for u.s. troops. >> 6:25. up late we have continuing commitment 2016. >> the issues the republicans focused on in last night's debate including a central florida focus. >> a man is in the hospital after a crash in daytona beach, trapped his moirk under a car and both vehicles on fire. coming up i'll tell you what happened. >> we have clouds streaming into central florida right now. temperatures not bad at all. we are headed to the mid 80's.
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i'll have all the details
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you're watchin (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> right now on sunrise, this car was on fire with a man stuck underneath. the horrific accident and the rush to save the biker from the burning wreckage. >> a political battle playing out in florida, but last night it was a civil war. how the last republican standing focused on issues instead of insults. >> the shakeup for the men's basketball team at u.c.f. leaving them without a coach. thanks for joining us on your friday morning. i'm michelle imperato. jazmin: i'm jazmin walker. the sky looks like paint with the sun and clouds. right now we'll get to amy sweezey. amy: it is absolutely gorgeous this morning. the clouds are helping with that. the clouds are also helping to keep our temperatures a little warmer early today as well. we are in the 60's. we'll keep those clouds around today.
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more of them this afternoon. they're going to thicken up a little bit. we're still headed to the middle 80's for highs. pretty much like yesterday and the winds will be higher. that's the big story today. today the breeze will be much less. so here's the deal. visibility is reduced in a couple of spots. we've got low cloudiness in sanford. orlando haziness but not impacting your morning commute. this is no fog on the gr ound that will slow you down. look at these temperatures. rewaning from 61 in ocala and sanford to 71 in melbourne. degree temperature difference. warm compared to where we're supposed to be for this time of year. there's all the clouds streaming in. a lot of these are high and thin so you can see the sun breaking out. we're officially ten minutes away from sunrise. 86 in belleview and leesville. 85 in sanford.
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celebration. along the coast upper 70's, lower 80's. breeze off the ocean today. we'll make it to 81 in daytona beach and 82 in melbourne. more about your saturday and sunday forecast in a few minutes. ted: 6:31. i-4 eastbound is compliewtly open here -- completely open here at fairbanks. we should a crash for awhile but you're getting through okay. the flow of traffic looking good. there's the dot camera showing you you can get on to fairbanks without trouble. morning drive for the rest of us, 436 looking great, especially getting out of altamonte into maitland. >> new from overnight, look at the charred remains of a car and motorcycle involved in a nasty crash. >> this happened in daytona beach where half a million bikers are on the road this
6:32 am
we're live at the scene. do we know what happened here? alex: we are still trying to piece together what happened. we are working to find out exactly what caused this motorcycle to go underneath a car here on north nova road in daytona beach. and then when that motorcycle was pinned underneath the cars, the car and motorcycle caught on fire. take a look at this video. daytona beach police rushed to north nova roaded after the bike went under the car. the biker, a young man, was stuck under that car as well along with his motorcycle and airlifted to orc with burns. the woman driving the car did not have injuries. it is bike week here in daytona beach, so motorcycle safety is a big concern for officials. in a welcome letter to bike
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chief asked that everyone ride safely and that means no drinking and driving and no driving too fast to avoid crashes. it is unclear if this young man injured just a few hours ago was here for bike week but this accident is an important reminder for everyone who is. and we will continue to follow the investigation. as soon as we get new details we will bring them to you here on air and on-line at >> turning to commitment 2016, last night the republicans took a much different tone on the stage in miami. >> light on the mudslinging and heavier on policies including issues important to central florida. >> the 12th republican debate had a much different tone and image than we have previously seen, where
6:34 am
attacks and insults. we did not see much of that at the university of miami. instead it was a discussion on policies and issues. one of the main talking points right away, the orlando job market and specifically disney world employees that were laid off and replaced by foreign workers. >> 250 disney i.t. workers were replaced by foreign employees using a controversial visa program. senator marco rubio sported certain programs to bring in foreign workers and was questioned about that plan. >> it is a violation of the law now to use that program to replace americans. and if a company is caught doing that, whether it be disney or anyone else, they should be barred from using the program in the future. >> appearing much calmer on stage, republican frontrunner donald trump highlighting what he believed is his major strength. >> i am different in one primary respect, and that's trade. i feel that we have had horrible negotiators, horrible trade deals. >> second in the delegate count senator ted cruz
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>> at donald's rallies he's taken to ask people in the crowd to raise their hand and pledge their support to him. i've got to say, to me, i think that's exactly backwards. this is a job interview. we are here pledging our support to you. >> next tuesday holds primaries in four states including the home turf for governor john kasich. >> we will destroy isis, and mr. putin, you better understand you're either with us or against us. we're not rattling the sword. you're not our enemy but we're not going to put up with this nonsense any longer. >> in a few hours central florida will host another visit from one of those candidates. ted cruz is set to take part in a town hall meeting at 10:00 at the faith assembly of god church. you can see the texas senator by requesting a ticket on his website. thursday bernie sanders appeared in kissimmee.
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last weekend and marco rubio is in the villages sunday. you can look for live streaming coverage of every candidate visit inside the wesh 2 mobile app. >> new from overnight, u.c.f. announced it is firing head basketball coach donnie jones. in six years jones won 88 games with 100 losses and the school says it's not good enough. here was the nail in the coffin. last night's loss in the first round of the a.a.c. tournament. analysts said jones could save his job if he won. instead they lost to the worst team in the league, tulane. overnight u.c.f. athletic director danny white said we expect our men's basketball program to compete for american athletic conference titles and make regular post season appearances. and unfortunately we have not reached these expectations. white says the school will move quickly to find a new
6:37 am
championships to u.c.f. >> this morning two teenagers are recovering after a pickup truck slammed right into them. you can see one of their bikes is stuck underneath that truck. troopers say the boys were riding in the crosswalk yesterday on courtney parkway outside of merritt island high school when they were hit. troopers say the pickup driver hit the first teen, panicked, hit the gas pedal and hit the other boy. >> it's still under investigation. we're taking measurements and speaking with some witnesses. we're also checking the cycles of the traffic light to see exactly how it works out here and at what point the pedestrian signals would be activated. >> the victims have been identified as aden and graham murkowski both of merritt island. troopers say aden has serious injuries and graham has minor injuries. >> new information today, investigators say the backyard massacre in pennsylvania was planned and calculated.
6:38 am
are still on the run. the first shooter walked up firing, driving everyone towards the porch and that is where the second shooter rifle. the five victims killed including a pregnant women, were all shot in the head. yesterday the medical examiner added that unborn child to the murder count. police don't know the motive yet but think that it may have been retaliation or possibly drug related. washington come together to honor former first lady nancy reagan. we have a preview from washington. >> a relative of every president dating back to john f. kennedy will be present at nancy nancy reagan's funeral today. that includes first lady michelle obama and former first ladies accompanied by president george w. bush. the ceremony comes after thousands of mourners lined
6:39 am
repose at the ronald reagan presidential library. reagan will be buried at her husband, former president ronald reagan. >> the "today" show natalie morales will report live. continuing coverage begins here at 7:00. preparing for their final day of the legislative session. but before they go home today, they are expected to approve the budget deal we told you about earlier this week. more than $82 billion spending plan gives schools a slight boost but it doesn't have many of governor rick scott's main priorities, including a businesses. they also scaled back his tax cut package. some legislators say the deal doesn't include a pay raise for state workers or give enough money to the state prison system. >> we talked to the man charged with exposing
6:40 am
>> he's out of jail and what he told us about accusations he flashed a teen girl. >> kind of elbowed and fought him. >> a woman who claims she was
6:43 am
with a toddler now >> 6:42 on your friday morning. we are just having such a beautiful sunrise across the area today. >> that sun is about to warm us up, amy. amy: we are headed into the mid 80's this afternoon. winds are fairly light and we've got most of our temperatures in the 60's this morning, although it is again much warmer along the coast in brevard county thanks to the wind coming in off the ocean. winds coming in out of the east-southeast. that will continue throughout the day today, so that means it will be another warm afternoon. but it won't be as windy as it has been the last couple of days. wind will be a little bit lighter, about 10 to 15 miles per hour especially along the coast. still a little bit of a breeze. visibility map, a couple of
6:44 am
visibility, a little bit of haziness. not big, dense fog but there are pockets where it is a bit hazy. we are again headed to the mid 80's in our inland spots. the coast stays cooler because of that breeze off the ocean. i'll take you around county by county, we'll talk about your weekend forecast and when we'll see rain over the weekend in just a few minutes. >> let's see what's happening on the roads. ted: good friday morning. across volusia county and daytona beach, causing a slowdown on u.s. 92 international speedway boulevard at tamoka farms road. the flow here in daytona beach on i-4 is looking pretty good. no delays at this point. choppers have been flying around i-4 and heading into seminole county now. for the most part things are looking quiet for most of us. time for your early morning drive on i-4, downtown orlando eastbound on the right. at the
6:45 am
screen we have travel times throughout the shoavment >> the man accused of flashing a girl in a local publix is out of jail. only we were there as the suspect bonded out. >> a teenage girl is accusing you of showing her your privates. >> deputies say on wednesday melick cook exposed himself inside of a store at state road 434 and wekiva springs road in longwood. >> a 15-year-old girl is accusing you of showing her your privates. >> i didn't do nothing. >> it was caught on video. what happened in that publix? >> nothing happened in the publix. >> anything else you want to say? >> the victim's mother was charged -- or the victim's mother was with the victim and called 911 when it happened. cook faces a misdemeanor charge because there was no contact with the victim. >>
6:46 am
so he told me give me your purse. he started cursing. so i said no! >> we have new information about this woman who claimed to be the victim of a violent robbery. she is now facing charges herself. deputies say that story was a lie. maglys mejias said armed robbers pointed a gun at her and a two-year-old but officials say she was actually involved in a drug deal with those men. deal. she used her cell phone to facilitate the drug deal. in the process she put a two-year-old child in a very dangerous situation. >> she's being held on $20,000 bond. >> this weekend construction will begin
6:47 am
a new middle school in east orange county. a groundbreaking ceremony will be held tomorrow for the future campus in the avalon park area. it is set to open in 2017 along timber springs boulevard. the school is needed to ease overcrowding at the current avalon middle school. >> it is a big sports weekend in central florida. >> we told you orlando city is at home tonight. there is the a.a.c. tournament this weekend. you're looking at the bracket for today's quarter final matchup. in daytona beach motorcycle racing continues at daytona international speedway. opening ceremonies start at 7:00. don't forget about spring training. the astros and nationals have home games today. the braves are at home tomorrow. coming up, we'll see a first pitch. >> we are updating all of your top stories next. but first the "today" show is covering the latest in commitment 2016. >> good morning. coming up on a friday here on "today" the surprisingly civil tone at last night's republican debate and how donald trump is responding to growing concerns about
6:48 am
also ahead, a controversy tied to the s.a.t. why your rates could determine how much your kids are charged for on-line prep courses. oprah reveals a plan for weight loss. there is still time to vote for the couple you want to
6:51 am
fat "toda >> good morning and welcome back at 6:51. both at the coast in melbourne and in downtown waking up to a gorgeous sunrise here. a little bit of high, thin keeping our temperatures on the warm side. want to see some video from i was out and about in central florida. these are the fourth graders at international community school, and they have been studying about weather. i was invited to talk to them about tornadoes and hurricanes and a big hello to all of my very special friends at international community school. we also talked about warm temperatures too and what causes them, and that is what is going on here in central florida over the
6:52 am
we'll be in the middle 80's through early next week, even though we have rain on the way, even though we have a cold front that is is not going to cool us down at all. we're going to keep these temperatures well above we had a lot of high clouds screaming in all morning. this looks really thick and gray, but the actual thing going on is that a lot of these clouds are very thin, so the sun is still breaking through here and we're waking up to a little bit of hazy sunshine. 63 in ocala, 61 in sanford. cloud cover is keeping temperatures a little warmer. 64 in daytona beach and 71 right now in melbourne. winds coming in out of the southeast off the ocean today and it won't be quite as windy as it was yesterday. but it will be warm again. we will make it into the mid 80's in most of our inland areas. 85 in ocala, 86 in eustis and 86 in clermont, 86 kissimmee. 85 in
6:53 am
lake nona. along the coast lower 80's expected because of the breeze off the ocean. but because winds are lighter than yesterday we'll be able to climb just about a degree or two warmer than where we were yesterday afternoon. big race going on in winter park tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 60's in the morning and we will climb into the lower 70's by the time the kids run begins before 9 a.m. so we are going to climb quickly during the day. winds will still be coming in out of the south and southeast tomorrow. the moisture will start to gradually build. late in the day saturday there's a slight chance of a brief little shower. i don't expect much rain tomorrow. i really think we're going to stay mainly dry. on sunday when our next front approaches and moisture builds we'll see scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. the rain will mainly form inland and push over toward the east coast through the afternoon and evening. it's going to be like a summer-like pattern except it won't be in the the os.
6:54 am
sunday. set your clocks ahead weekend. once we get into next week our highs will remain in 80's. ted: the drive on u.s. 92 international speedway boulevard in daytona beach a little bit slow eastbound. a crash blocking a lane. alternate would be i-4. this is in seminole county westbound on the right going to altamonte springs, not so bad. busier between 436 and this is at 434. underneath an derson street in downtown good. and dean road toll delay free. >> these are the top >> beginning with a fiery motorcycle crash in daytona beach. that motorcyclist suffered serious burns after crashing with a car. it happened on nova road. the rider the hospital.
6:55 am
middle of bike week which brings half a million motorcycles in town. >> at least one person was injured in an overnight house fire in seminole county. fire fighters say the fire broke out around 9 last night at the home on street in longwood. inside at the time. we're told the suffered burns to his arms and hand. >> ted cruz visits orlando this morning fresh off another debate. it was a quieter night at the debate in miami last night with fewer tense exchanges. marco rubio will appear in the villages on sunday ahead of tuesday's vote. new coach. donnie jones was fired overnight. the knights lost to tulane in the american athletic conference tournament at the am way center. >> the orlando city lions have their second game of the season. they will face the chicago fire. kickoff is set for 7 p.m. the fire lost their first match on sunday
6:56 am
6:57 am
but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
6:59 am
. >> "the today show" is next on wesh 2.
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continues on cw 18. meet these young men before they hit it big. oh. and it's not hard to find something fun to do in central florida this weekend. top five things going on around town. look for wesh 2 news inside the mobile app. thanks for joining us. have a great d good morning. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the republican for shl presidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trump addresses accusations of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it? states of emergency. rescues in the south as the death toll rises from the flooding.


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