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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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dan: here in the windover neighborhood the air has been choked with smoke, and ashes have been falling like snow. the fire is just beyond this row of houses, and the wind is blowing it in this direction. but, in between the houses and the fire on a state road 407, firefighters are using that as a firebreak. the highway has been closed for about three hours now. initially, firefighters thought they' d be able to knock down the fire pretty quickly, but because of the heavy, dry fuel and strong wind, it got away from them, and the only thing stopping it now is the highway. for a time, firefighters moved trucks and personnel into the windover neighborhood, in case the fire jumped the highway. if it does, it' ll get into these wooded yards very quickly. >> it is across for did seven into the wind over subdivision.
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dan: the fire is holding at about 35 acres. it is 90% contained. bulldozers are plowing lines to keep it where it is. we' re close to the titusville airport, where there' s a big airshow tonight. you might even be able to hear the big jet in the background. the pyrotechnics are being curtailed. live in titusville, dan billow, wesh 2 news." meredith: and say they' ve shooting. angela: this is the one from wednesday, which police say stemmed from a fight in a parking lot near the back booth night club. adam manaiza is facing charges of attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. police say he shot a man in both legs. he' s already in the seminole county jail on other charges. meredith: breaking news out of lake county a man is accused of shooting and killing an 88 year old woman, after making a pact. tavares police say they found rosemary getz
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afternoon. scene. 89-year-old carl lang admitted to killing her. 2. he says it was part of a pact in which he would kill himself as well. lang is now in jail. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will update you as we learn more. angela: the florida department of law enforcement is looking for more victims, after a human trafficking bust. martin wright the third of orlando was trafficking high school girls. this is a huge problem. martin -- matt: they are calling it akin to modern-day slavery. >> make no mistake, human trafficking and sex trafficking is a problem in a central florida. matt: a multi-agency task force says 23-year-old martin wright the third of orlando was
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girls, using violence and drugs to get what he wanted. >> there is a prevalence out young girls. commercial sex trade. matt agents say wright met the : girls, aged 16 and 18, on social media and through acquaintances. he befriended them, and manipulated them into prostitution using agents say he set one girl' on fire when she threatened to stop. he allegedly drugged one of the teens, then told her he and another man had sex with her while she was unconscious. >> in regards to human sex trafficking, it is akin to modern-day slavery. matt the girls were allegedly : forced to have sex for money at hotels, including the heart of i-drive, which management says they didn' t know what was happening. both girls told school officials what happened and law enforcement began investigating. mbi agents traced the online prostitution ads to wright' s cell phone, where they found 19 images of child pornography along with incriminating text messages.
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wright shares with his father. across the street, barber eddie alvarado says he saw the arrest and still can' t , believe it. >> imf a loss for words, i never knew that was going on around here. matt investigators believe there : may be 2-4 other teens out there who may have been victimized officials want them and anyone who feels they' re a victim of trafficking to come forward or call a special hotline, 888-373-8888. wright is charged with human trafficking, prostitution, and that could taken to jail for the rest of his life. meredith: orange county sheriff' s deputies are looking for the man who shot another man outside a gas station. it happened just before noon, at the citgo station on north orange blossom trail near cinderland parkway. the victim was shot in the storm, and rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. deputies say the shooter ran off toward the john young parkway. so far, no word on a motive or suspects. angela: marion county sheriff' s deputies say they' ve
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drugs right out of his home. glenn prahach was arrested last night at his house on silver spring shores drive. investigators say earlier in the week they received a tip. when they raided his house, they say they found marijuana, pain pills, and cocaine. they also seized $65,000 in cash. meredith: a woman told police in deland a man who she accepted a ride from this morning ended up raping her. the victim says she was walking down the road near the sha-deland mobile home park around 5:00 this morning when a man , offered her a ride. the victim says he drove her to east new hampshire avenue and sexually assaulted her. the victim says she managed to get away, but the suspect drove off. angela: in commitment 2016 news former presidential candidate doctor ben carson endorsed donald trumpet today. >> donald trump talks a lot about making america great, but it' s not just talk, he means it. meredith: i am going to be helping him. meredith: it' s not a big
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s debate. have buried the hatchet. >> we move on, because it' s not it' it' s about america. >> politics is a tough business. i used to think real estate in manhattan was tough. this is a tough business, this politics. meredith: when asked if there was a formal apology to it' s politics. s heels is urging florida voters to steer clear of marco rubio. ted cruz says rubio and ohio governor john kasich can' t win, but with the help of their supporters, cruz can. wesh 2 political reporter greg fox with the cruz campaign in orlando today. greg a souvenir-worthy day for : ted cruz supporters as they filed into the faith assembly of god church to cheer their candidate. >> ted cruz. >> i like rubio, but cruz is my
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and trump? a loose cannon for right now. we' re going to get to 1267 >>we' re going to get to 1267 delegates. we are going to beat donald trump. greg during the televised town : hall meeting, the texas senator said donald trump is a liberal disguised as a republican. back on every issue he doesn' t , really disagree with obama and hillary on substance, he just says they' re not doing a good enough job. donald and hillary are flip sides of the same coin. they are washington they are power they are big business and they are corruption. greg cruz was joined on stage. : by former candidate carly fiorina, who may be on the short list for cruz running mates. she challenged the new york billionaire to debate only cruz especially if senator marco rubio loses the florida primary. >> so now donald trump is facing a one on one race with ted cruz, you bet donald trump wants these debates to end. man up donald. come out and debate ted cruz. greg: with polls having cruz running third in florida right now, keep in mind there are 367 delegates
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contests next tuesday. so cruz is hoping for at least a split decision with trump. greg fox, wesh 2 news. meredith: republican marco rubio will be hoping to revive his campaign with appearances across the sunday in the villages. angela: friends and loved ones reagan in california today. nbc' s gina kim shares part of the service, to honor the former first lady. >> i am the resurrection and the like. >> under a gray sky threatening rain, nancy reagan made her final journey, surrounded by family and friends. from hollywood, to washington, and perhaps the most important roles of all, mother and life. >> it was as clear as if it had been traced around them, indestructible, in penetrable,
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>> most importantly, she will lay down beside the man who was the love of her life. gina: a spokesperson at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california said nancy reagan herself had planned her funeral, where would be, who to invite, who would speak during the service was full of hymn s, bible readings, and loving tributes. >> we gather today to say goodbye to nancy davis reagan. a beautiful, smart, and gracious woman. gina: all of the living first ladies were there, except for barbara bush, who was represented by her son and daughter-in-law. nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure at her home in bel air.
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rest next to the love of her life in their final resting place. during the tribute today, he said without nancy, ronald reagan would not have become the president of the united states. back to you. meredith: here is a live look in simi valley, california where the funeral wrapped up just moments ago. you can see coverage on "nbc nightly news," with lester holt. have you seen signs along parts of i-4 in orange county warning drivers of looming delays this sunday? it' s part of i-4 ultimate work, wesh 2' s jim payne joins us now to explain what' s happening and why it extends beyond i- 4, jim? jim: that' s right it' s actually going to be a rolling roadblock test for the westbound lanes of i-4. the signs have been up for a couple of weeks warning of delays sunday between midnight two 5:00 state highway planners a.m.. say the test is tied to a series of rolling road blocks for later this month though the dates have not been set. construction workers will be installing bridge
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interchange at i-4. >> during this rolling road back, people driving westbound on i-4 will be affected, as well as people trying to get onto 1-4 westbound. so all entrance ramps onto 1-4 from par street to kirkman road will be blocked off until that rolling road block gets ahead of that entrance. jim: watch the signs for more information and be careful on the roadways. and we' ll keep you posted as to when the actual rolling road blocks will take place, and another heads up. there are rolling road blocks scheduled for the eastbound lanes of state road 408 between semoran boulevard, which is state road 436, and state road 417. troopers will be making drivers slow down between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. sunday while crews move a construction crane. you' ve been duly warned. angela. angela: a whole lot to keep up with. injured pelicans walking onto local beaches.
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figure out what is hurting the birds. it could be from humans. meredith: and plastic in your foods, which foods are impacted. angela: and a live report on what is expected to be a big finale. tony: we are watching a big storm system in the western gulf of mexico. ic if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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angela: with broken wings are showing up at the beaches. the county has seen almost as injured pelicans in a month as they usually see in a year. dan: the injured pelicans arrive at florida wildlife hospital in palm shores. >> we' ve been getting two, three, four in a day. dan the hurt pelicans are : rehabbed in a big cage, but many have already died. and the unusual thing about the injuries this year, in addition to the large numbers, is that so many of the birds have broken wings. >> some are at the tips, some up much farther. there hasn' t been any sort of pattern. dan the hospital has received
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the first two months of this year. that compares to 174 for all of 2015, and 151 for all of 2014. although you see pelicans locally all the time, they don' t stay in one place. they fly long distances, and those journeys are dangerous. >> migratory sea birds get exhausted and stressed from migration and they get exhausted and tired and they end up at the hospital. dan but migration typically : doesn' t break their wings. the hospital is seeing far more birds this year with broken wings, and about half of those are dying. for the rest, the non-profit hospital that exists on donations is going through about $150 worth of fish every week and it' s , hard to keep up. as the migratory season winds down, caregivers are hoping the number of injured birds decreases. and they' re hoping to find some explanation for all the broken wings. near melbourne, dan billow, wesh-2 news. meredith: it' s not chocolate
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millions of boxes of food. the recall impacts digiorno pizza products, and some lean cuisine, and stouffer' s. all of them contain spinach and possibly small pieces of glass. no one has been injured yet, to see the full list of production codes impacted of the 14 recalled products, head to the wesh 2 app. then take any recalled items back for a refund. angela: get your purple ready. tickets still available for the second city college match of the season. the lions are against the chicago fire. kickoff is set for 7:00. they lost their first match on sunday against new york. meredith: ucf is now looking for a new basketball coach. the school fired coach donnie jones last night. in six years, jones won 88 games, but lost 100. that included a loss in the
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tournament against tulane the worst team in the league at the amway center last night. we' ll have reaction from the school about their move to fire jones on wesh 2 news at 5:00. angela: take a look at all that water. it' s not a beach or lake, but it' s someone' s backyard, this is in texas and unfortunately, they' re not in the clear yet, more rain is expected in that part of the country. the river there is expected to rise a little more today before it starts receding over the weekend. angela: and chief meteorologist tony mainolfi joining us. we can certainly use some rain, will that had our way? tony: it certainly will. it will be great for the fires. let me take you outside right now. here is what it looks like toward downtown. great shape for friday night plans. if you' re headed downtown for restaurants, good shape. 84 degrees, and a lot of clouds. wines out of the southeast -- winds out of the southeast. the latest fire count sitting at
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county. there is that storm system, responsible for all of that high water issues in texas and louisiana. go eastward. get some of that moisture. we will not see as much rainfall as we have seen out west. there is a brush fire out near kenansville, just to the north and west of davenport, another in south clairmont, and a new brush fire right along the orange lake county line, near sanford. winds , but not as windy as we were yesterday. we will take a look, over the next hour things will wind down after sunset. and we will do it again tomorrow. the winds will be stronger
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we will have to watch for brushfires. 80-85 through the interior, a cool down along the coast, 75-80 degrees. over toward epcot, got to love that forecast. orlando city soccer. 84, warm and breezy for the tailgaters at 5:00, kickoff around 7:00 with a temperature near 75 comfortable degrees. ocala, some patchy fog. 64 titusville. onshore flow on saturday. more moisture tomorrow, we want to roll out a 10%-20% chance of showers. better chances arrive on sunday. we will introduce a chance for isolated thunderstorms. the front ahead on monday, first half of the day. rain chances will linger for another day. that is good news.
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s look at the forecast for tomorrow, 80-85. typically runs around 77, so we are above normal. park avenue, looking good for the runners. 7:30 the 5k starts, warming up to 72 degrees. bring on that rain sunday and monday. behind the storm system, a cool down. it most certainly does not. meredith: thank you. missing , who police have taken into custody connected to the teenage girls case. and a high-stakes manhunt for prisoners. angela: and traffic trouble on i-4, westbound at state road 423. the two left a lanes are blocked, so traffic is blocked.
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show you how far back it is. this is just outside our studios. it is backed up to maitland boulevard. hopefully, headed toward downtown traffic will get moving again very soon.
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you at wesyo angela: two sisters reported missing last year have been found alive. meredith: there alleged abductor now in custody, officials say they were kidnapped and held against their will for a year. now a 29-year-old woman described as a family acquaintance is in custody and charged with kidnapping. >>, for all of us, i think 11 months goes by and you think you are never going to see them again or you think the worst, meredith: but police did not give up. the sisters, now 14 and 16-years-old, were living with a foster family in new york when they were kidnapped. on wednesday, police got a tip leading them to search a house that sits close to the new york- pennsylvania border. a district attorney says the girls are doing ok and are in child protective services. angela: 15 people are dead after heavy rain triggered mudslides in brazil yesterday. nine people died after a mudslide in a metro area. four others died in another mudslide and two drowned. the rain also closed down an
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airport for six hours. some 20 cities are being affected by this torrential rain. angela: the hunt is on for two men who escaped from prison in new mexico. officials say joseph cruz is a convicted murderer. the other inmate, lionel clah is a convicted armed robber who shot a police officer. officers in new mexico have been setting up road blocks and searching vehicles. the inmates were spotted on hotel surveillance video yesterday afternoon. police think they are hiding out in the albuquerque or northern new mexico areas. angela: the victims of the 2009 fort hood terrorist attack will be awarded texas purple heart medals. a memorial is also being dedicated to the victims. texas governor gregg abbott will be at the medal ceremony. in 2009 major nidal hasan opened fire at fort hood killing 13 people and hurting more than 30 others. military commanders had to use tables as makeshift stretchers to help transport the wounded and dying. meredith: we are learning more
4:27 pm
intersection or hours this morning. what police are telling us about the circumstances of the accident.
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news, first at 4:00, in high definition. angela: this is the biggest weekend of the 10 day bike week event in daytona beach but business owners everywhere will tell you, the entire event has been huge. promoters always over estimate the crowds, but willthe half million predicted may be right on the money this year wesh 2' s claire all. claire this is beach street the : heart of the event is main street on the beachside, but makes no difference because motorcycles are absolutely everywhere. and on this friday of the last weekend, bikers are still roaring into town. >> feels like a bigger bike week to us as well. claire: miles from the main bike week events, the cracked egg diner in daytona beach shores is non-stop the minute a table group sits down. and right now the bulk of the
4:31 pm
restaurant. owner kevin purucker can count the ways he like bike week. >> we' ve been up 30% every single day, the crowds have just been fantastic, it' s been a wonderful, wonderful bike week. claire up and down a1a, hotel : row no vacancy signs and full parking lots tell the same story. we are full, we' ve been full >>we are full, we' ve been full almost the entire week. claire hoteliers are reveling in : this spring fling bike week may be the noisiest time of the year, but the money these visitors leave behind speaks volumes to business owners. >> it creates jobs for all the people that live here. and it creates a great economic boom for the city and the whole area. claire this is the 75th : anniversary of bike week and some motorcycle enthusiasts tell us that' s why they came, why they think so many others did too. >> it' s the 75th and people want to get memorabilia that links it to the
4:32 pm
claire the event doesn' t come : without its problems, there have been dozens of accidents involving motorcycles. we were at two different accidents within minutes of each other this morning. and this last big weekend will see even more bikers sharing the roads with motorists business owners are busy law enforcement perhaps more so. we hope to keep the accidents and down into a doll war, and few injuries. the event typically brings in about $75 million into this economy. it bait -- it may be more this year. live in daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news . meredith: fire crews in palm bay are continuing to monitor a fire in palm bay, angela: this is the brush fire we' ve been telling you about since wednesday, and yesterday, flames were spotted on quentin street just about a block from a wildfire that damaged four homes. its being called suspicious. it burned about 5-acres and
4:33 pm
monitoring any hot spots. and we are still dry and the fire risk is still there. you' re encouraged to create a safe space around the home. and develop a plan just in case flames end up in your neighborhood, that includes your pets. meredith: fire dangers aren' t the only concerns, we' re watching the chance of rip currents as many head to our beaches for spring break festivities. angela: that' s right, first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi breaks it down for any spring breakers in town. tony: it does not look like anything is going on, but those rip currents are always a hidden danger. and it will be, big time this weekend. 80' s, current temperature at cape canaveral, 77 degrees. this huge high pressure has been offshore all week, has not moved a whole. that east, south east wind is creating dangerous rip currents
4:34 pm
anytime you get in on short component, it drives the current in the ocean back toward the coast line. what comes in must go out. that is when the swimmers get into trouble. they panic and try to swim in, against the current. that is a no-no. all weekend long we will be dealing with dangerous rip currents. but that will change next week. we will talk about in the next half hour. angela: investigators now say a person hit and killed by a train this morning in volusia county was an adult male. angela: the victim, who still hasn' t been identified, was apparently walking on the the tracks when he was hit. wesh 2' s alex villarreal talked to police in holly hill. >> unfortunately, it was a fatality. it appears to be very quick. alex: holly hill police say it was just after 8:00 a.m. when this freight train plowed into this person.
4:35 pm
i can make an assumption on why this person was on the tracks. but we will be looking into that. this time, we have limited information. we don' t even know if it was male or female. alex: those that saw the train stopped in its tracks. >> it have been several years since we saw a fatality, a pedestrian versus a train. obviously, the train is going to win a battle every time. alex: it blocked roads in both holly hill and daytona beach four hours. >> obviously, you don' t want to walk on or near the tracks. if you are crossing, you cross at the normal, marked crossing. alex: alex villareal, wesh 2 news. angela: an autopsy may shed new light in this case. it' s scheduled for monday. meredith: a baby less than nine month old child suffers horrible
4:36 pm
angela: now a daytona beach man is arrested accused of twisting a baby' s arm so hard it broke. police say 21-year-old keondre chisholm told them the baby fell off a bed wednesday. but doctors say the spiral fracture he suffered could only have come from the arm being twisted. chisholm is now charged with child abuse. angela: two teens are recovering after a pickup truck slammed into them. we brought this to you as breaking news yesterday. troopers say the boys were riding their bikes in the crosswalk yesterday, on courtenay parkway, outside merritt island high school, when they were hit. from chopper 2 you can see one stuck under the truck. troopers say the driver hit the first teen, then panicked, accidentally hit the gas pedal, and hit one victim has serious injuries, the other has minor injuries. meredith: at least one person seminole county. firefighters say the fire broke out around 9:00 last night. there were three people in the home at the time. the homeowner suffered burns on his arms and hands. no information on what sparked
4:37 pm
two top executives of the the project. they say the chief executive officer and chief operating they' spending. nation' s largest veteran support groups. to 50% of its money on extravagant parties. angela: a new poll shows real-estate developer donald trump leading in the republican presidential field in florida. it also has hillary clinton dominating fellow sunshine state. the poll shows trump leading senator marco rubio 36 to 30%. texas senator ted cruz has 17% and ohio governor john kasich is at 8%. on the democratic side clinton , leads sanders 68% to 23%. this poll surveyed 700 republicans and 500 democrats. florida residents will be casting their votes next tuesday. angela: each candidate is pushing their message of bringing the country together, they' re up against an
4:38 pm
democrats and republicans, wesh 2' s sally kidd takes up the political climate. >> it is a political vendetta. >> outrageous witchhunt. atrocious. sally: where compromise is rare, appalling callousness -- the day. >> what right is what' s right. the partisan warfare reflecting reflecting a deepening : red-blue divide in america. >> don' t walk in here and tell me. >> don' t go here. sally: a pew research poll finds the political gulf has been widening over the last 20 years. republicans have become more conservative and democrats more liberal. the center is shrinking. can the next president can be a unifying force? it is a pledge presidential candidates often make. >> i am a uniter, not a divider.
4:39 pm
:>> it will only happen if we fix our politics. >> the notion you can unite the country is more an illusion than a reality. >> sure there have been major bipartisan achievements in decades past. but it is not always the case that the country makes progress simply when the parties and people of good will come together. sally sometimes big things can : get done with one party in charge, though the other side doesn' t like it. the bush tax cuts, wall street reform, and obamacare, to name a few. the bipartisan policy center set up a 29 member commission to study polarization in america. among its recommendations, that the president hold regular monthly meetings with congressional leaders. in washington, i am sally kidd. angela: gallup, which tracks presidential approval ratings, found while president obama and president george w. bush were both elected with hopes of unifying the country, the opposite
4:40 pm
meredith: marco rubio plans to hold a rally in the villages this sunday at 3:00. he spent time in west palm beach today, pushing another candidate in ohio. he' s encouraging voters to vote for kasich instead of trump. meredith: covering the capitol re waiting to learn florida budget will be passed. the legislature is expected to give the green light to the $82.3 billion plan. the bipartisan proposal includes a slight boost in funding for schools but rejects many of governor rick scott' s proposals. >> education, given the parameters that we dealt with and dollars available, education had a very good year compared to other budget priorities that are also important. meredith: that includes in $250 million business incentives and the governor' s tax cut package. last year the governor vetoed hundreds of million of dollars in the state budget. angela: it was a big move that brought attention to als. meredith: we' re referring to the ice bucket challenge. up next, we' ll introduce you to a young man
4:41 pm
s one of many in this video to take part in that challenge. meredith: and diapers can be pricey, just how soon some families will be saving on the essential item for babies. angela: another look at traffic trouble on i-95 southbound at marker to 64. it did involve a semi. it does not appear to be a major accident, but is blocking up traffic for at least two miles. if you are headed that way in
4:44 pm
>> you are watching wesh 2 . meredith: it' s a disease that takes away your ability to move, leaving patients isolated and dependent. we met one local man in the
4:45 pm
he may have a hard time talking, but his message can still be heard. he hopes you' ll join him and other patients at lake eola saturday morning to battle this vicious disease. >> reporter: it may be hard to understand what clay britton is saying, but you can feel his pain. he' s thankful for the support and care of his family as he faces his biggest opponent als. clay was the picture of health climbing machu picchu training for iron man competitions and building his back porch, even his bar. but in late 2012 clay noticed a change in his hands, he wasn' t able to cut his nails and do everyday tasks. his doctor, alicia cabrera says his symptoms progressed slowly,but that most patients with als will find weakness in their limbs, stiffness of the muscles, slurred speech
4:46 pm
>> the cells that are in charge to give you strength start dying, wherever they are. in the brain or in the spinal cord. it will cause a progressive deterioration in the strength and in all the muscles of the body. meredith: clay' s family and friends have helped him every step of the way, from getting dressed to driving to work. but it' s tough to watch the neighbor you' ve always counted on needing you more than ever. >> because he was that guy you always depended on. and i hate that i have to help them. there is nothing like als, that robs a person and robs their life, like als. there is nothing. meredith: like most patients with als, clay' s body may have given up on him, but his mind is on point. he continues to work as a printing manager and takes care of his beloved dogs. it' s not easy to feed them, but he finds a way. >> the disease has changed his body, but he is still clay inside. meredith: clay also communicates through text messaging, and his big message to family
4:47 pm
week is to walk to defeat als. according to the cdc the disease affects nearly 15,000 americans. you can help all of saturday morning. >> getting out there and walking and being able to start the is huge. your pity, just a cure. tax -- >> praying for a miracle. meredith: clay was recently accepted to a clinical trial and hopes it slows the progression of the disease. you can join the walk to defeat als tomorrow at lake eola. check-in starts at 9:30, and the walk begins at 11:00. angela: i am honored they could share that story with us. meredith: parents you know how expensive diapers are, but now a move to make them more affordable. the white house is launching an initiative to help low income families, it diapers up to s out
4:48 pm
diapers are not covered by federal assistance programs. the program launches at the end of the month, thanks to several non profits working to make the initiative a reality. angela: first alert weather now. many folks want to get friday night started. it was warm today. meredith: orlando city plays tonight. i imagine a lot of people hitting the patios before going to the game in about a hour or so. tailgating. tony: it is great weather for them. let' s take a look at what is coming up outside. 84 degrees three hopefully they have their sunblock on. temperatures are warm. it is easy to get a sunburn, especially if you are watching that game from the stop -- top of the stadium. 75 degrees at 7:00, that first kickoff. it will be a nice, mild night.
4:49 pm
storm system sitting over texas, louisiana and arkansas the last couple days very it caused a lot of havoc and flooding there. we have been fortunate. a few clouds that have limited our temperatures from climbing into the upper 80' s. but it is still warm out there and still drive. brush fire is being picked up on the doppler radar this afternoon. heading east, southeast. not as gusty as it was at this time yesterday, but anytime you have wind, brush fires, you want to keep tabs on things. along the coast, first signs of a breeze working in and cooling there. headed to central florida fair with the family, right around 70 at the 10:00 hour. bike week, lower 70' s by 10:00.
4:50 pm
sunday, isolated showers, and even a thunder showers. temperatures and low 80' s. 69 to near 70 up near debary. some moisture may sneak in across the western side of the peninsula. sunday, that whole storm system is finally able to move east and create moisture our way. strawberry festival saturday looking good, afternoon highs in the night -- 80' s. looks good, as braves take on the washington nationals. good news there, cooler by that portion of the day. let' s take a look at the updated seven-day forecast. best rain chances sunday and
4:51 pm
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. angela: disney' s new cartoon held the top spot at the they' re hoping to repeat. meredith: "zootopia" will be going up against several new movie releases. mary elizabeth winstead is starring in the sci-fi
4:54 pm
she plays a woman rescued from a accident. but her savior keeps her locked in a bunker, and tells her the world it' s is rated pg-13. >> oh, will you stop shooting everything? angela: in "the brothers grimsby," sacha baron cohen plays a football player, forced to team-up with his secret agent brother. it' s rated r. meredith: "the young messiah," shows the childhood of jesus as his family departs egypt to return home. it' s pg-13. a virginia man has been getting a lot of bizarre called. angela: and he has his friends to blame. >> most of the time they would just go hey is this the guy from craigslist? and i was like what, and then they' d be like and i was like hello. they' d be like is that good? and i' d be like yeah that was
4:55 pm
meredith: that' s blake webb. his friends posted a craigslist ad asking readers to call and give their best impression of classic star wars character chewbacca. the best one wins a blake says $50. he' s planning revenge for his friends, and will keep the ad up until may 4, a symbolic date for "star wars," fans. angela: that is a good group of friends there. wesh 2 at 5:00 is straight ahead. jim: we are live at the fight to keep the fire under control and away from homes in titusville. and, in orlando more victims of the human trafficking ring. how the suspect use social media to pray on teens. ted cruz brings his campaign to central florida.
4:56 pm
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angela: right now at 5:00, a wesh 2 news investigation. baggage handlers at oia, caught on tape, stealing items from luggage. how it' s happening, and what you need to do to keep from becoming a victim. jim: plus, an orange county bar beatdown. one man is assaulted and so far, no arrests. we' ll show you where it
4:59 pm
what police are doing to catch the man responsible. angela: and brush fire battle. it' s been a familiar scene this week. we have a live report from the scene where the fight to put the fire out continues right now. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. jim: we begin with breaking news, the body of an 88-year-old woman has been found in a tavares home. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. police say she was shot, and they know who did it. wesh 2' s chris hush joins us live from the scene with more. chris? chris: police tell us that the suspect admitted to killing his longtime companion of 25 years. we have also learned police responded to the home just before he turned the gun on himself. it haven' t inside this home on doris avenue in tavares. this is just north of lake dora.
5:00 pm
away from 89-year-old correlate, not before he -- carl link. roommate. police arrested link before he he hasn' t transported the lake county -- has been transported to the lake county jail. within the last 30 minutes, he is cooperating and talking to police about this whole incident. we are asking police a lot more about this incident, and we will update you. angela: and tonight the fire , danger is high for central florida. flames sparked early this afternoon in titusville, and the fight to put them out is continuing tonight. jim: right now firefighters from multiple departments are working with the florida forest service to get the wildfire under control. the firefight has even forced the closure of a road. wesh 2' s dan billow joins us live from the scene with the latest.


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