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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. [shouting] adrian: trump jolts. a security scare for the republican front runner at yet another rally forces secret service agents to rush the stage. and a fiery crash on i-4 leaves one person dead and closes the interstate for hours. first, a developing story, a plane goes down near a local neighborhood, killing the two people on board. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. tonight, we' re learning the plane that crashed is a
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aircraft. it went down not far from south lake hospital in clermont this morning. wesh 2' s matt grant is there live. matt, what have you learned this afternoon? matt: take a look, you can still to the wreckage behind me. we still don' t know what caused the deadly accident, but witnesses report seeing this amateur-built craft coming down at a steep angle from the west before finally hitting the ground. this twisted blue and yellow wreckage is all that' s left after the single engine two-seater went down just before 9:00 a.m., killing both people on board. t. matt: mark wells was outside at the time. the crash narrowly missing his home. mark wells: i think the guy knew he was in trouble, and the field back there is the perfect place. he was trying to save everybody else. matt: the crash occurred in an empty field behind the skytop view rehab center at south lake
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surrounded by residential homes. witnesses saw fuel leaking from the wreckage, but there was no fire or explosion. >> at this time, we do not know where the plane took off from, nor do we know what their destination was. matt: investigators spent the afternoon combing the wreckage of the vans rv-8, a popular experimental home-built aircraft sold in kit form. so far, the identities of the two people on board have not been released, pending family notification. the cause of the crash remains unknown. mark wells: i' m very thankful it was that close, and i' m thankful for the guy who gave his life to , you know protect us, i guess. , matt: the medical examiner retrieved the remains earlier. the faa and ntsb have been notified and are taking over the investigation. we are live in clermont, matt grant, wesh 2 news. adrian: thank you. tonight, traffic on i-4 is moving again after a fiery crash
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troopers tell us one person died after crashing into the concrete pillar that holds the maitland boulevard exit sign this morning. from the camera at our studios in winter park, you can see an ambulance arrive around 7:00 . troopers say the driver killed has been identified, but that has not been released. troopers may be closing in on the driver, who hit and killed a bicyclist in downtown orlando, then took off. troopers now say the driver responsible sped away from a traffic stop right before the deadly crash. 52-year-old charles mcmurray of orlando was then hit and killed at lexington avenue and west colonial. troopers say they later found the nissan altima, believed to be involved, abandoned. they haven' t released the name of that possible driver. we' re learning new information about an awful accident that left two people dead in flagler county. troopers now say one driver tried to pass a car last night on a1a at driftway terrace when he slammed head-on into another vehicle. robert and kathleen boos of palm
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the driver who troopers say was trying to pass a car was critically injured. a woman in a third car was also badly hurt. in brevard county, investigators are looking into what caused a crash that killed two young men. troopers say 24-year-old william spake lost control on crisafulli road in merritt island early this morning. he hit a utility pole before crashing into a ditch and hitting a driveway culvert. spake' s passenger chad foley, also 24, was also killed. the 89-year-old man, who tavares police say made a murder-suicide pact and was not able to finish the job, went before a judge today. police say carle lange killed his longtime companion, 88-year-old rosemary getz. officers rushed to their home on doris avenue yesterday. they got there just in time to stop lange from turning the gun on himself. police don' t know the motive and neighbors are stunned. >> it' s a shock, because they really loved each other.
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tony miller: it is sad when you get to this point at this age, that that person had nothing else, no other path to take. adrian: neighbors tell wesh 2 ambulances have been called to . police say it' s too early to tell whether health problems may have been a factor. covering orange county, a killer is on the loose and deputies are on the hunt. they believe a woman shot a man on east 13th street in apopka just before 8:30 last night. that man died at the hospital. so far, all deputies are saying is that he was 34 years old. they have not released any other information about a suspect. deputies say a burger king worker had a craving for cash, so he robbed the place he worked. investigators in flagler county arrested 47-year-old dwight lanfair of palm coast. they say he forced a manager to empty the safe at the restaurant last night. deputies then say they caught lanfair sitting on a bicycle, wearing a reflective vest, in the parking lot. he' s also considered a person of interest in the robbery of a
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earlier. right now, four children and two others are recovering from bird shot that hit them at a gun range in marion county. deputies tell us this afternoon, a double barrel antique shotgun discharged as it was being loaded along forest road. the children range in age between eight and 15. they, along with their father and grandfather, suffered superficial injuries. deputies tell us it doesn' t appear to be criminal. time now for first alert weather. meteorologist eric burris is in our outdoor weather studio. it is just fantastic outside. eric: it is nice and warm. as we look at forecast in the next couple of days, we are going to bring rain back to central florida, and then we stay warm. i had a couple of passing showers today. it was not all that bad, just a couple of little guys weaving through. 73 degrees right now. it does feel nice
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wind out of the east-southeast at eight. around the rest of town, 82 in the villages, 83 in ocala. temperatures gradually work down into the lower range of the 70' s as we look ahead to set :00 and 11:00. -- 10:00 and 11:00. and then showers arrive. i have got you carried neighborhood by neighborhood. we are running down the arrival of the rain in a couple of minutes. adrian: no rest for anyone this weekend. candidates are making their final push ahead of tuesday' s presidential preference primary election. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live in winter park, where voters cast their ballots early. matt? matt: that is right. state officials tell us early voting turnout has been big. well worth of one million votes have been cast statewide at polling locations like this one
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mailing votes. officials expecting 2 million early votes casted by primary day. turnout is higher among republicans. they account for 56% of the votes. 43% of the votes come from registered democrats. and with division in both parties right now, democrats and republicans, vote is highly coveted this primary season. it is important to note that florida is a closed primary, so only registered florida democrats and republicans can vote. marco rubio is still making a big push at home arguing he' s , the only one who can beat republican rival donald trump. rubio will likely make that case with stops in our area tomorrow, but tonight his wife jeannette visited central florida to appeal to thank campaign volunteers. jeannette rubio: when i came in and i saw so many people, people from around the country, coming over here and supporting marco, it was overwhelming. i have to be honest.
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matt: as we mentioned, senator rubio will be in orlando at his headquarters at 7:00 tomorrow night. after he rallies in the villages tomorrow afternoon. when we hear of any other candidates making stops in central florida, we will let you know in the commitment 2016 coverage and on adrian: senator bill nelson hits the campaign trail here in central florida to stump for hillary clinton. he visited volusia county to drum up support. he held an event at the public library in new smyrna beach. tomorrow, he' s moving on to eatonville. donald trump is campaigning in ohio. this came after he canceled a rally in chicago this are just as many protesters as supporters. chris pallone reports. chris: there was a tense moment during donald trump' s campaign rally in dayton, ohio.
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the republican candidate after stage. they classed on friday night. they pulled the plug on the rally before it began citing security concerns in chicago. two officers were injured. trump remained defiant across ohio. he accused the desert of rights. donald trump: we had 25,000 people coming, and they really stopped these people in terms of our first amendment, freedom of speech, a terrible situation, i have to tell you. chris: challengers on both sides pounced, accusing trump of encouraging violence through his stump speech rhetoric. marco rubio: this is a man who in rallies has told his supporters to basically beat up the people in the crowd and he' ll pay their legal fees. ted cruz: i think it is also true that any campaign, responsibility begins and ends at the top. john kasich: donald trump has created a toxic environment. chris: trump blamed the protests on supporters of democrat bernie sanders. in a statement, sanders called trump a pathological liar.
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bully. hillary clinton: if you see bigotry, you should oppose it. if you see violence, you should condemn it. and if you see a bully, you should stand up to him. chris: will rising tensions blunt trump' s momentum or just make it stronger? voters in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and ohio have their say tuesday. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. adrian: three in the four appear on nbc' s meet the press tomorrow. trump, cruise, and kasich will discuss their campaigns tomorrow morning at 9:00 on wesh two. our commitment 2016 coverage continues inside and the wesh 2 mobile app. there, you can read why some 17-year-olds may be able to vote in tuesday' s primary and which candidate may benefit the most from that. still ahead, people spending the weekend getting to higher ground.
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adrian: hundreds of homes in mississippi are flooded by the rising leaf river near hattiesburg. and least three deaths are due to the severe weather and rain and flooding has affected louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, tennessee, and alabama. the leaf river is expected to crest tomorrow. but with more severe weather in the southeast on the way, the national weather service says flash flooding will remain throughout the weekend. tough stuff. tonight, law enforcement are mourning the loss of one of their officers. a deputy in hillsboro county was killed in a wrong way crash. the deputy was a six year veteran. >> we go through a lot, and when is one of your own, it is very hard. reporter: crunched metal, broken glass, you can see the sheer impact of this head on collision by taking a look at the deputies patrol car.
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it appears that the deputy was trying to get out of the way. reporter: you is just returning from the hospital after completing across investigation around 3:00 this morning. 31-year-old eric of hudson began driving the wrong way from the selma expressway brandon exit. from eagle eight hd, you can see the site of the crash, west of the i-75 exit where the two cars collided, killing the officer instantly. they tried to use the jaws of life to rescue the deputy, who died at the hospital. >> it is the issue of distracted driving and dui. at this time of night, there is a lot of people that have been consuming alcoholic beverages out on the road. we need to pay attention what we are doing on the road. reporter: all traffic control warning signs and signals were up and running, alerting drivers
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>> these guys are very concerned about the drivers at night. this deputy had hoped to become a traffic homicide investigator at some point in his career. reporter: that was -- adrian: that was mary mcguire reporting. deputies say it' s too early to say whether alcohol played a role in the crash. they say it will be a part of their investigation. a very tough story that they are dealing with in tampa. for most of central florida, not as tough. we have decent weather. eric: it is nice, warm, and drive. that is about to change, the drive part. -- dry part. the skycam is showing a nice effort. we have clouds overhead, 79 degrees overhead, feeling like 80. dusting off the old heat index. the good news, no rainfall right now.
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are looking nice and dry. this is where the dry changes, because we have got all of this moisture out here from louisiana back to mississippi, alabama, even the florida panhandle, that is your storm system, a lot of moisture associated with it. once it moves in, these rough movements, that is dry air. this will move across central florida, but we just need to get through the moisture. it will not be here tonight. 9:00, 72. 11:00. overnight lows, wow, these are mild. 65 degrees in the villages, 63 ocala. 66 in outdoor a. 65 in kissimmee, 66 davenport.
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65 flagler beach, 67 cocoa. if you are going to the central florida fair, it will be nice and comfy, but it will be warm. by 11:00, room temperature. tomorrow we are watching the moisture, and ahead of it, we have the potential for warming temperatures. as the front moves in, we get showers, maybe even a thunderstorm if we get temperatures warm enough. we will fight temperatures at 85 in orlando, 83 the villages, 81 ocala, 82 titusville. here is futurecast. starting off at 6:30, one or two sprinkles to track in the morning. mostly it is cloudy' s at lunchtime, and then showers by 3:00 in the afternoon. which is my hour-by-hour forecast, 30% chance of rain at 3:00, 50% by 5:00.
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mike week is wrapping up, and mother nature is saying it is time to go home, because we are bringing the rain in the evening. but during the day we are looking great. tomorrow the front and the moisture lives through. after that, a couple of sprinkles lingering monday. and then we look good. rain will help us in the pollen department. sunday and monday coming down to nine from 11.5. there is the spring break forecast. do not hold your breath. we are staying nice and warm until the next storm system gets in. that will be next friday and saturday. a reminder, 2:00 tomorrow morning, daylight savings time begins. that means we spring forward. adrian: thanks, eric. the magic tried to avoid a 0-3 start to their west coast road trip late last night in sacramento. we' ll tell you how they fared against the kings, next in sports. and days before he hosts his own pga tour event, arnold palmer and a few hundred members of arnie'
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adrian: the orlando magic desperately needed a win last night to stop the bleeding, and thankfully for them, the
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and now, a three game losing skid is over. magic raced out of the blocks, grabbing a 14-point lead in the first half, but they would not be able to hold onto that. aaron gordon and victor oladipo each played big games. gordon had 20 points and 11 boards. victor scored 6 of his 18 points during a 40-second stretch in the fourth quarter to help seal the deal. the result was a 107-100 win. the magic close-out this four game west coast swing tonight with a 10:30 tip in portland. some of the best golfers in the world will converge on the bay hill club and lodge next week for the 38th edition of the arnold palmer invitational. it' s an enormous undertaking for the folks who put this tournament together, and as pat clarke tells us tonight, a true labor of love for the many who work behind the scenes. pat: still five days from round one of the arnold palmer invitational. bay hill was a bottle of activity.
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backbone of this event, they gather for the annual breakfast and peptalk, delivered by jerry settle meyer. >> you see each other once a year, that we collectively gather and have a purpose, a reason to be here, and a mission. three but he for that same reason. they have the same goal. >> they do it all with a smile and with mr. palmer' s kindness and heart of service. pat: they will launch the arnie' s army charitable service, and the king himself surprised the volunteers. we were all part of an emotional campaign video for the organization that helps children and families. >> this volunteer group, they are the first members of the army, because you become a member by either giving your time, your money, and yourself. they have become official
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s army. pat: fans that come to the hill will see a course that may be in the best shape it has ever been, worked on this past summer. it is now set at orlando' s own rite of spring, waiting to unfold over the next week. >> this is where it starts, these folks give us their time. that is what volunteers and charities are all about, time and money. to be here at kickoff kind of tells the story, and i am proud
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adrian: if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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adrian: an orlando 13-year-old is getting some of the biggest interviews on the campaign trail. this is 13-year-old bobby sena. he has already interviewed marco rubio, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton. bobby is one of the intrepid cub reporters hitting the campaign trail with the scholastic kids press corps. boby sena: just recently, ben carson endrosed donald trump. which, you know bernie sanders, , with his win in michigan, and now he' s hoping to do the same in florida. this election, just so many different things are happening. there' s no way to really predict what' s going to happen.
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adrian: you nailed that bobby is one. a hunter' s creek middle school student. eric: tomorrow we have showers, maybe a thunderstorm by the afternoon, and then 87 on monday. 88 on tuesday. adrian: on this saturday night, boiling point. tensions soar in an already chaotic republican race. secret service surrounding trump on stage today. taking no chances the day after a violent protest forced trump to cancel an event. words from trump's rivals wavering on their support should he win the nomination. deadly floods. seven states on high alert. rising waters ravage the south. rescuers rescue ing to save families. captured. late word tonight a violent inmate is back


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