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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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marco rubio calling out his opponent while visiting orlando. campaigns in florida. control crashing into an i-4 construction zone in downtown orlando. >> he was 15.
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an emotional plea for answers. tonight detectives say they' re , not any closer to finding the person responsible. good evening. i' m adrian whitsett. the victim, 15-year-old antwan davis, was shot and killed late last night in ocoee. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live tonight with the search for the killer. reporter: this boy' s death is the third shooting they have investigated in a few days. they are hoping some of you know something well say something. >> please come forward. we need any information. reporter: first responders rushed to save him that he was
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flowers and candles have taken place on that crime scene. the pain bernstein. -- burns deep. >> he was a child. you had no business taking him from us . they say he had ongoing disputes with other members of the community. needlessly, when it culminates with a child 15-year-old then it is all the more appointment for all of us. >> anything you can provide for
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reporter: the voice family tells us they are hosting a candlelight vigil. and anyone with information in this case can call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. reporting live in orange county, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: a man arrives home only to be shot and killed. that person' s name has not been released. adrian: breaking news tonight on i-4 in downtown orlando, where police are investigating a bad crash that sent a pickup truck into a construction zone. you can see it facing the wrong way in this cell phone from near colonial drive, police tell us the driver was driving recklessly in the westbound lanes earlier tonight when he swerved head on into construction barriers and was thrown from the vehicle.
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here' s is a live look at that area right now. it was the eastbound lanes that were affected. -- westbound lanes. they are reopening right now. marco rubio sat down with wesh 2 tonight to talk about his campaign. he is crisscrossing the state determined to win the florida primary on tuesday. a new poll shows a wide gap a new poll shows a wide gap between him and donald trump. kay' s it is in fourth place. amanda : marco rubio told his supporters that he will win florida. the polls show rubio trailing trump by double digits. rubio said the polls are flawed and that the republican party is
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in florida, the only one who can stop donald trump is me. a vote for anyone else other than me is a vote for donald trump. >> will you continue on? >> we have events scheduled in utah. all week, he has been lamenting the nasty tone this election has taken. i asked him about his rule. you did join some of the other contenders in attacking. do you regret that all? >> i don' t regret attacking on policy. having a debate is important. reporter:
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hispanics. we have a large puerto rican population. many of them have it invested interest in statehood for puerto rico. >> puerto rico needs to have a referendum. if they do support it, congress should vote on it. reporter: rubio hopes to get the support of florida' s republicans to win 99 delegates. adrian: rubio visited the villages and his rally was interrupted by a heckler with a strange message. you' ll see how rubio responded to that, and who his campaign says is responsible, coming up
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adrian: a new fight is brewing sanders. >> our campaign will never encourage anyone to disrupt anything. trump called sanders a pathological liar. trump accuses sanders campaign of sending protesters into the trump rally. that is the one that is one had to be canceled due to safety concerns. >> my supporters have tremendous level of this country. adrian: trump was holding a rally earlier tonight. florida senator bill nelson campaign for hillary clinton. >> she'
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at these perilous times when there is so much at stake. when the world is right on the edge , you have to have somebody that is ready to be president. adrian: tonight, clinton' s campaign announced former president bill clinton will campaign for her tomorrow at rollins college. doors open to mckean gymnasium tomorrow night at 6:45. adrian: tonight, clinton' s -- are commitment 2016 coverage continues on now we go to brevard county where someone started shooting as an easter i can' t got underway. police received reports that shots were fired and a flashlight easter icons was being held there tonight. two people went to the hospital and are expected to be ok but
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time was hurt. is the focus of a death investigation. winter park police say he was found around 9:30 this morning. the people who lived there found the body. >> it probably came from the south side because the waves are coming this way. adrian: police say this investigation has been turned over to the orange county sheriff' s office. a man was hit and killed while crossing a road. the 61-year-old was on u.s. one when he was hit early this morning. no word yet if charges will be filed. tonight, an arrest affidavit gives us new information on an
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s companion, the judge said bond for carl la nge at $100,000. adrian: a suspect gets pinned under a fence as he' s trying to run from orlando police. officers say they got a call about someone firing a gun outside the greyhound station on john young parkway this afternoon. when police arrived they say pierre michael louis-jacques ran over a fence but an officer plowed through the chain link and pinned him underneath as he dropped a gun. no one was hurt in the shooting. the race for sheriff got a little more interesting.
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not join in but he joins an already crowded field of seven that includes sheriff dietrich and share brandon sheriff brandon. late news tonight, a maryland officer died. another person, not a police officer was also wounded. >> it is not just a crime, it is also that murder is the highest crime against humanity and that is how we will treat it. right now, the fbi is also investigating today shooting.
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new video tonight of the glass smashing crime and why it did not go exactly as land. -- plans. >> he tried to steal my girlfriend. adrian:
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>> new tonight, a college student falls to his death while on spring break. gilmore' s friends said he had been drinking all day saturday. he was seen and talked hated about two hours before his body was found. a man holds up a polk county cell phone store. he is still on the run. investigators say he raised his arm because his hand was covered. he was able to get away with
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investigators are also hoping people recognize this man. the surveillance video shows a man getting out of the car. he had to write for the cash register. the register was empty. the thieves left the store without taking anything. back here tomorrow, the heroine task force will make final recommendations on how to fix this growing problem. it is described as an epidemic. during tomorrow' s meeting, they will talk about what needs to be done in enforcement, and education and prevention. tonight, marco rubio' s campaign is laughing off a heckler who villages. he says the republicans stole his girlfriend. he said his right after the man
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ruby and also said he was looking for the hidden camera. the police told him that the heckler is a comedian who is trying to get a show with comedy central. now that you have reset your sprinklers. they' re telling him to water their landscape just two days a week. the watering has to take place between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m.. this will start to be a factor especially with the war but going to see this week. this is when the fire threat is huge. we do have some rain still in the forecast.
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everyone is settling in. eric: 75 degrees is the current temperature. we are in the middle 60' s here in ocala. it is warm. here' s the setup. we are ushering in moisture. it acts as a blanket. temperature wise clouds overhead. you will be waking up with some showers. take a look at futurecast. roadways.
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as a put this into motion, lunchtime there will still be showers on a map. by 3:00, we start to see the activity pushing further and further to the south. then we gradually clear things out. we' re going to heat things up big. with the west-southwest win, it will be warmer at the beaches. looking at your tuesday warm southwest win. same thing for your wednesday and thursday system gets here, it is all about the heat. monday at 87 degrees. just to let you know, some of the models are flirting on thursday. they'
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the good news is we' re not going to hit that. 90 is your record set. it will be very warm nonetheless. definitely beach weather. they fully, we have shifted those winds around. surf is running one to two feet. water temperatures are going to be at the middle 60' s. things are getting much better. mid 80' s for our high. our next chance of rain as our next storm system approaches. adrian: it is time to fill out your brackets. march madness has arrived. pat will have information next and sports. plus, it is tournament week in
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there is more parity in this year' s tournament than we have seen for some time. here is the top season in each reason. kansas will be the number one seed in the south. a little bit of a surprise with oregon. michigan state might have been a one. florida and miami will represent the hurricanes. they will travel to providence where there will be a three seat this coming thursday. the consolation prize which begins tuesday. jacksonville to meet north florida. both of these games will be played on tuesday night. it' s called orlando signature
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the arnold palmer invitational has been a great spectacle of golf. here we go with the 38th edition. it cannot be in better shape. it has made the end of clubs far and wide. more than $6 million up for grabs. round one begins on thursday on st. patrick' s day. as is the case each year, the best are here and on the field. >> i' m sitting here right now . marie is coming back. some familiar faces. as a run-up to the masters,
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bill haas with a one-shot lead. the final round begins, look at charles for its. it will push him to one-shot lead. he could not get it to go. he tapped in to win his third victory. high drama on the final lap. phoenix is afternoon. kevin harnick bumping twice on the final lap. in the end comment harnick would win by one 100th of a second. this is his eighth win.
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bears on the road completing a season sweep. 3-0 was the final. week. the action begins tomorrow. a week full of activity out
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