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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm dara brown along with jason: it' s 4:30, breaking news right now on sunrise, an orlando police officer is hurt after crashing into another police cruiser. the information just into our newsroom. >> cars, names. phone numbers, anything you can provide for us. please come forward. jason: it was a violent weekend in orange county with a string of deadly shootings hitting the area. and this morning one family is pleading for answers after the death of 15-year-old boy. plus, marco rubio' s final chance to get your vote before tomorrow' s primary. hear what he had to say about his campaign and lagging in polls.
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this is wesh 2 news sunrise. in high definition. jason: good monday morning, i' m jason guy. we are glad that you are waking up with wesh 2 new sunrise. it will be another warm day. it is 71 degrees in downtown orlando. our highs today are heading to the 80' s. amy: once again we have a little rain in our forecast as well. it' ll be much like saturday when we had a lot of clouds and just a little bit of rain. that is what i' m expecting on and off today. a few of us are getting rain now. sunrise is at 7:36. look at these temperatures, despite the clouds and a little bit of rain we are still headed into the mid and upper 80' s this afternoon, very much like
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air out of the south, southwest . our cool spot is ocala at 64 but most of us are in the 70' s right now. 73 in sanford, 70 in daytona beach and albert, and 71 in kissimmee and winter haven. the radar picking up on just a few little sprinkles. as we zoom in closer, not a whole lot of rain, but the pavement is a little damp and you may have to use your wipers during your morning commute. our temperatures this afternoon will climb, we are headed to 84 in salt springs and 85 in claremont. 86 in orlando and winter park, which is what we did yesterday. middle 80' s along the coast with southwest wind sending the heat all the way over to the beaches. let' s get a traffic update. ted: construction right now on
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also, there is a small portion by the 528 at universal boulevard that is blocked off so use i-drive. we do have construction on i-4 westbound right by the 528, the left lane taken out. jason: we want to get you to the breaking news we are following. an orlando police officer is hurt from this rollover crash, involving another police cruiser. it all went down on l.b. mcleod road, near surfside way just after 1:00 this morning. we' re told the officers were trying to stop a stolen car, and when the car sped away the officers were called off and ended up crashing into each other. one officer had minor injuries, the other was not hurt at all. now to a developing story in orange county this morning. as deputies are working tirelessly to find out who and why a teenager was killed. 15-year-old antwan davis, was shot and killed late saturday night in ocoee. wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports, the family is pleading for the
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forward. >> please come forward. we need every amount of information to bring justice to him. matt: an oak only family is looking for answers after a 15-year-old boy was gunned down, shot in the head. first responders from the orange county fire department rushed to save him but he was declared dead at the scene. along lakewood avenue, flowers and candles have taken the place of the crime scene and for his family, the pain burns deep. >> this is not even a portion of the family. you took him from us. he was a child. matt: now sheriff' s office investigators are investigating. they tell us family members reported the victim had ongoing disputes with other teenagers in the neighborhood. the family wants it made
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someone being killed. >> certainly when someone dies needlessly, that is an interest to all of us, but when it culminates with a child who was tragically killed, then it is all the more poignant for all of us, and it should be a polling for this community. >> cars, names, phone numbers, anything you can provide for us. please come forward. jason: that was matt lupoli reporting. the family is holding a candlelight vigil at lake starke in ocoee. anyone with information in this case can call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. less than an hour before antwan davis was killed, deputies responded to another shooting. they say they found 33-year-old latony jones shot and killed in the parking lot of silver hills apartments near pine hills. the killer is still out there. this weekend' s first homicide happened in apopka, where deputies say a woman confessed to shooting and killing her boyfriend. 34-year-old sean ware was shot
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still no word yet this morning on why she allegedly did it but she is cooperating with investigators. this morning, things are back to normal on i-4 after a bad crash forced the westbound lanes to shut down last night. take a look at your screen this , is cell phone video of the incident near colonial drive. you can see a pickup truck facing the wrong way. this is some d.o.t. camera footage. police tell us the driver was driving recklessly in the westbound lanes before swerving head-on into construction barriers. the driver was thrown from truck and is in critical condition. the lanes have since reopened. >> i don' t need no gun because i am in charge. jason: happening today, a hearing is set for this guy, in connection to a deputy-involved shooting outside a wwe facility. a judge is set to decide if armando montalvo is competent to stand trial. montalvo' ' s father told wesh 2 last year his son has a history
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montalvo was shot after charging at deputies. right now he is facing aggravated assault charges in the case. orange county sheriff' s deputies are looking for answers after a body was found in a winter park lake. wesh 2 was there as firefighter pulled a man' s body from lake -- a woman' s body from lake killarney yesterday. the body was found near the lake killarney condos, just off 17-92. those who live there made that gruesome discovery. >> they probably came from the southside because the waves are coming this way and it got caught in the weeds by our dock. jason: deputies are not looking for any suspects. an autopsy scheduled for today may help detectives figure out why a man walked along the train tracks when he was then hit by a train. police say a freight train hit that man friday morning just hill. the identity of the victim has not been released. holy hill police chief says it' s rare to see such accidents in
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a suspect who was trapped beneath a fence while running from police is behind bars and about to face police. orlando police say pierre michael lewis-shock fired a gun outside a greyhound station on john young parkway yesterday. he ran over a fence but an officer plowed through the chain link and pinned him underneath as he dropped a gun. no one was hurt in the shooting. in brevard count two people are recovering this morning after a shooting near an easter egg hunt. police say they received reports of shots fired into vehicles saturday at liberty park in palm bay. a flash light easter egg hunt was being held there at the time. police say the two people recovering are expected to be ok. it' s not clear if they were shot. today, a former lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student, will enter a plea. marshall jungreis was arrested last month. deputies say he met the 17-year-old online and had sex with her at east ridge high school.
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the student according to authorities, but denied any sexual activity. he resigned his teaching position within a few days of his arrest. turning to commitment 2016 and marco rubio' s final push before tomorrow' s florida primary. we sat down with the senator to talk about the state of his campaign. a new nbc news poll shows a wide gap between him and front-runner donald trump. ted cruz isn' t far behind in third place. wesh 2' s amanda ober interviewed marco rubio as he visited orlando yesterday. amanda: despite the latest polls marco rubio told his supporters here at his orlando campaign headquarters tonight he can win florida. while the polls show rubio trailing trout by double digits in a sit down interview with , wesh 2 news, rubio said the polls are flawed and that the republican party does not want
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>> in florida the only one who can stop donald trump is me,a vote for anyone elseother than me is a vote for donald trump. amanda: will you continue on if you lose tuesday? >> yes our plan is to continue , on irrespective of what happens. amanda: all weekend rubio has been lamenting the nasty tone this election has taken and he primarily blames trunk, but i asked him about his role. during one of the recent debates you did join some of the other contenders in attacking. do you regret that at all? >> no i don' t regret attacking , on policy. i mean having a debate about , policy, debating people' s record that' s a legitimate thing. amanda: rubio' s shot tuesday depends heavily on voters in central florida' s i-4 corridor who typically indicate how the , state will go. i asked him about an issue important to the area' s hispanics. we have a large puerto rican
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many of them would have a vested puerto rico. is that something you would support? >> i think it' s up to them, in essence puerto rico needs to have a referendum election on whether they support it or not . and if they do, congress should move forward on it. amanda: rubio hopes he gets the support of the state' s republicans to win the coveted 99 delegates. amanda ober, wesh two news. jason: governor rick scott will be coming to the city beautiful the reason of this celebratory visit, next. and, staying on top. who is just starting to lead, and who is in the top list to stay. let' s go outside on a more morning in central florida. amy is back with central
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s most accurate forecast amy: it is monday, 4:44, i' m amy sweezey. we are going to be warm today, much like yesterday. with our breezy selfless wind, we will still be warm even though the close will try to block out quite a bit of the sunshine. 86 in melbourne, 85 in daytona beach. our cool spots are to the east and when i say cool spots, we are at 64 in ocala.
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it is pretty warm when you step out this morning, but you may want the umbrella because we have a few light sprinkles falling. you can see just a little bit of green showing up on the radar. that is going to continue through the morning commute. look at futurecast, how it picks up on little pockets of rain, and isolated thunderstorms possible, especially to the south continuing through the afternoon and evening commute. a lot of moisture in the air, but as drier air starts to come in tomorrow, we will get rid of the rain a lot of the cloud cover so a lot more sunshine for us on tuesday. today we will be partly to mostly cloudy as we climbed into the middle 80' s. time for traffic. we are looking at an on-ramp that is blocked getting onto the 528 westbound --
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ramp. there' s a portion of universal boulevard that is closed by 528. use i-drive instead. we have i-4 westbound construction at 528 with the left lane blocked. it is moving good. today' s autopsy will reveal how county. officials say 57-year-old kathleen feiler suffered a seizure in the flagler county jail sunday morning. she was waiting for a hearing to be scheduled after she allegedly failed to comply with a drug treatment order. jail staff members said she seemed fine when she arrived then noticed her making loud saturday, noises yesterday. she died at the hospital. this morning, governor rick scott is making a stop in orlando. he is visiting orion technology services on south orange avenue at 10:30. it' s part of his state-wide million, billion jobs victory tour. it celebrates more than one million jobs created across the
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billion in tax cuts. hulk hogan' s sex tape trial will continue today in saint petersburg. today, the judge will hear from the editor of gawker who posted hogan' s tape. hogan is accusing the website of leaking a recording that shows him having sex with the wife of his friend. he is suing for $100 million. the trial is set to last two more weeks. look at some of the biggest moneymakers in the theater. let' s get started with disney ' s zootopia, which brought in 50 million bucks in just three days. overall, this animated flick made over 142 million in less than two weeks. 10 cloverfield lane, starring john goodman debuted in a second spot. this mystery john earned $25 million. marvel' s deadpool is holding strong in the top three. it made 11 million this weekend, rounding up the top three. time to get ready and fill out those brackets. march madness is upon us and the field of 68 teams is now set.
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hill, and some of the best in the game will converge on orlando this week.
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arnold palmer ld pat: many of you college basketball diehards have already filled out your ncaa bracket and for those who plan to, good luck. there appears to be more parity than we have seen and some time. here are the top seeds in each
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north carolina, kansas, and oregon tops in the west. many thought michigan state or villanova with a number one. no bids for the gators or seminoles. miami will represent hurricanes, have had a solid season and will travel to providence or they will be a three seed in the south region and will meet buffalo this coming thursday. the consolation prize for the seminoles and gators is the nit. the gators will travel to jacksonville to meet north florida. both of these games played on tuesday night. golf, little work to finish at the valspar before attention shifts to bay hill. the final round, watch this bomb off the potter. -- potter. 65 foot birdie pushed him in the
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a chance to win this thing with a birdie on the final hole, he could not get it going. shorts all, will win his first victory in his last six worldwide events. the sprint cup race in phoenix, kevin harvick and carl edwards bumping twice on the final lap. harvick would win by one 100th of a second. this year' s daytona 500, the guy eighth win. that is a quick look at sports, i am pat clarke. jason: still ahead, another check of the forecast, it is a warm one. 71 where you are looking live in the winter park area and
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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jason: right now we are working on new stories for our 5:00 hour. jazmin walker joins us from the newsroom with a preview, good morning. jazmin: good morning, jason. coming up at 5:00 a big announcement about a growing problem of homelessness in volusia county. we' ll tell you how officials plan to solve it as well as the protest already planned opposing the idea. in orange county another meeting , will take place, this one, about the heroin addiction problem. what officials are expected to announce to tackle that issue. and destination space. two new american astronauts are now training to take scott kelly' s spot on the iss. coming up at 5:00. jason: we will see you in just a let' s get back to the forecast, it is going to feel warm if you step outside. that rain. amy: we had some rain in the overnight and yesterday, and would we will do that again again today. 87 in
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we had clouds and a few showers yesterday we still had plenty of time for those temperatures to soar way above our average of today. our temperatures today very similar to where we talked out on sunday afternoon. we have this front that is kicking up the moisture. we have a lot of clouds, a few sprinkles here and there, not a lot of rain, that will continue to be the case with a few isolated showers. in the middle part of the atmosphere where you see the water vapor, the orange color, that means there is some dry air so there is not a lot of deep tropical moisture available to bring us down pours, but enough moisture down low that we are seeing cloud cover and if you low showers. 71 is hour temperature right now in orlando, wind out of the south. we have a little bit of reduced
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palm coast is at four miles and in ocala we are at five miles. beach. as we had through the day today, we will get just a few showers. it will stay breezy and warm as the wind comes in off the you can see just a couple of pockets of rain on and off throughout the day. be prepared for at least a few areas of showers. 84 in ocala and the villages today. we will hit 86 in longwood and oviedo. even mid 80' s expected at the coast with the southwest wind pushing all of that heat over to the beaches. seven-day forecast, we will have more sunshine tomorrow and hotter temperatures. in front by the end of the week will increase our chances for showers and storms. ted: we have construction completely blocking the on ramp
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going from universal boulevard. universal is blocked off near 520i-drive would be your alternate. heads up for construction on i-4 westbound by the 528, the left lane blocked. jason: next at 5:00, we are on top of breaking news in kansas. where an amtrak train derailed overnight, injuring several people. let' s get to some news at home. alex villareal is live. alex: many unanswered questions remain after a teenager was gunned down in ocoee, shot in the head. i will tell you everything we know about the investigation and what his family wants the community to do to bring him justice. jason: as rain starts falling today and moving quickly through parts of the area, you want to track it with our radar inside the wesh 2 news knows -- wesh 2 app.
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the time right now, 4:58, wesh 2 news sunrise continues right now. local. live. late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jazmin: right now on sunrise, a local family is devastated after their son is shot and killed over the weekend with no arrest. the plea they are making to the public. jason: the latest moves from the presidential candidate as they look to gain more delegates ahead of mega tuesday tomorrow. thank you so much for waking up with us. i' m jason guy. jazmin: and i' m jazmin walker. it is a warm start to this monday morning.
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orlando, all of those clouds, if you grab that sweater or jacket you will be begging to take it off. amy: you may want a rain jacket because we have showers falling right now in parts of central florida and that will continue through the day, very isolated and fairly light, however there are some pockets so you might need some windchill wipers. -- wind chill -- windshield wipers. we will be close to where we were yesterday for afternoon highs. 71 in orlando, 64 in ocala. we have clouds to give thanks for that warm air and also southwest wind. a couple showers, you can see the rain is fairly light but there are sprinkles falling along i-75 into volusia. you will be dealing with this on and off rain into the morning commute.


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