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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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orlando, all of those clouds, if you grab that sweater or jacket you will be begging to take it off. amy: you may want a rain jacket because we have showers falling right now in parts of central florida and that will continue through the day, very isolated and fairly light, however there are some pockets so you might need some windchill wipers. -- wind chill -- windshield wipers. we will be close to where we were yesterday for afternoon highs. 71 in orlando, 64 in ocala. we have clouds to give thanks for that warm air and also southwest wind. a couple showers, you can see the rain is fairly light but there are sprinkles falling along i-75 into volusia. you will be dealing with this on and off rain into the morning commute.
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villages, 85 in clermont , 86 in orlando and kissimmee, and along the coast, middle 80' s are expected. let' s see what is happening out on the roads now, ted noah is standing by. ted: looks like we have a disabled vehicle on i-4 westbound by the 528. see the barricades that are blocking the left lane? there is construction going on. you cannot get onto westbound via universal boulevard. universal boulevard is blocked off northbound so use i-drive as your backup plan. brett: i' m brett connolly in the breaking news center. an orlando police officer is hurt after two cruisers crashed into each other. it happened on l.b. mcleod road, near surfside way just after 1:00 this morning. at the time, they were on their way to a traffic stop involving a stolen car. but once it sped away, both of those officers were called off and then somehow, slammed into
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wesh 2 has learned the officer who was hurt has minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. police did not release whether a k-9 was in that suv at the time. there is also no word on what happened to the stolen car. we are going to follow up with police throughout the day and once we know more, we' ll pass it along to you here and inside the wesh 2 mobile app. jazmin: thank you, brett. this morning, a local family is pleading for information on the person they say killed their son. jason: 15-year-old antwan davis, was shot and killed late saturday night in ocoee. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live this morning at the student' s school. alex, what do we know so far? alex: it is now over 24 hours since he was killed and detectives say they are still no closer to finding out who did it. the search continues as students at ocoee middle school will come to class today.
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detectives say that antwan was gunned down late saturday night on north lakewood avenue, shot in the head. his family is asking for help to bring him justice. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. a candlelight vigil will be held for him tomorrow at 7:00 at stark lake in ocoee. >> certainly that is of interest to all of us, but what i call minutes with a child, a 15-year-old who is tragically killed, then it is all the more poignant for all of us, and it should be appalling to this community. alex: investigators are looking into what led to the murder. they tell us family members reported that he had ongoing disputes with other teenagers in the neighborhood. we will continue to follow this investigation and as soon as we
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online. news. jason: the clock is ticking. hundreds of delegates will be awarded on mega tuesday. jazmin: tracy potts tells us how the polls have the candidates. tracie: hundreds of delegates at stake tomorrow on both sides, florida and ohio the biggest prizes, winner take all. donald trump is winning florida by double digits. he is in tampa overnight. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. alex: hillary clinton said trump is inciting. >> he lit the fire and throws his hands up and claims he should not be held responsible. tracie: clinton says leaders are
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it is marco rubio who really needs the sunshine state. slamming trump as he continues. in ohio, john kasich is now leading in his home state. ted cruz is claiming a tie in north carolina despite the polls. >> is going to depend on turnout. tracie: in florida, nearly 2 million people have already voted. in ohio we will see mitt romney campaigning with john kasich. washington. jason: in this final stretch, marco rubio is making a mad dash for voters down i-95. this afternoon he stops in restaurant. s at 2:00. at the same time, donald trump will be campaigning in tampa. sarah palin will campaign for him at noon in the villages. and tonight former president bill clinton will be campaigning
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we have a look at just how many voters decided to go to the the supervisor of elections says nearly 54,000 people cast ballots. 52% of them were democrats. remember, only registered able to vote in tuesday' s primary. our commitment 2016 coverage continues inside and the wesh 2 mobile app. you can find the latest updates from the campaign trail and all those election results. jazmin: 5:06 and this morning, things are back to normal on i-4 after a bad crash forced the westbound lanes to shut down last night. this is cell phone video of the incident near colonial drive. you can see a pickup truck facing the wrong way. police say the driver was driving recklessly in the westbound lanes before swerving head-on into construction barriers. the driver was thrown from truck and is now in critical condition. the lanes reopened just after 11:00, several hours after that crash. jason: this morning, a gunman is on the loose following a deadly weekend shooting in pine hills.
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at the silver hills apartments, off silver star road. witnesses say they saw a silver car drive away from the area shortly after the gunshots rang out. if you have any information you' re asked to call the orange county sheriff' s office. jazmin: the man who was shot by deputies outside the wwe training facility is due in court today. a judge will decide whether armando montalvo is competent to stand trial. you might remember this video, of montalvo demanding to be let into that facility, near full sail university. he was later shot, and charged with aggravated assault. montalvo' s father tells wesh 2 his son has a history of mental problems. jason: we could learn more today about a man hit and killed by a train in volusia county. an autopsy is set to take place in the day ahead. the name of that victim has not yet been released. police aren' t sure why the man was walking on the tracks. this morning, there are new calls for reporting mental health concerns in pilots following a new report on last year' s deadly german wings plane crash.
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referred copilot andreas lubitz, weeks earlier and no one said a word to authorities. you might remember, lubitz deliberately crashed the plane into the alps according to , people on board. the gulf coast are on high alert record-breaking rain. the storms have now killed six people and forced thousands more homes were damaged in louisiana 4900 over the weekend and more than 800 were damaged in mississippi. the storms have since cleared out, but the flooding is expected to last for days. jason: you might notice a little wet pavement. these things are moving pretty quickly. jazmin: amy, where are using the rainfall? amy: expect some further morning commute and more for later this afternoon, but going away tomorrow. we will end up with sunshine and much drier air as we head into tuesday. we' re headed into the mid-80' s
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ocala, 67 palm coast, and 69 in melbourne. you can see the rain is falling very lightly and only in a couple of isolated spots, some in marion county, some along the turnpike, a little bit into orange, a couple of showers into volusia county. it and miss rain will continue throughout the day. we may see an isolated thunderstorm today to. that is not out of the question until we get rid of the moisture tomorrow. it is not going to ruin things out at the bay hill golf course today. the arnold palmer invitational is underway this week. we are headed to 86 today and
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part of the 528 -- ted: part of the 528 is blocked near universal boulevard so use i-drive as your backup. i-4 westbound going by the 528 ramp you will see a last line taken out going through that section, it is about half a mile. tackling jason: -- jason: tackling the homeless problem in
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breaking news. two police vehicles collided on l.b. mcleod road just after 1:00 a.m.. the crash happened after both officers were called off from responding to a traffic stop. jazmin: ocoee middle school students are returning to class today without one of their own. 15-year-old antwan davis was murdered late saturday night. his family is begging for his killer to come forward. deputies say davis had an
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jason: and the polls open in a s presidential primary. on his wife' s behalf in winter park. and marco rubio and donald trump are making their final pitch to sunshine state voters today. >> it is make or break for marco rubio. to keep his campaign going he' s got to win florida. if he doesn' t, he' s out. our last poll seems to indicate that donald trump has a commanding lead, 20 point lead over rubio with ted cruz right on his heels. if this holds, trump gets the delegates and rubio' s campaign struggles to go on. it' s making a last minute push. s a lot of ways this could be a lot closer s make or break moment. jason: happening today, daytona 5:14, beach leaders will announce a plan to help solve the city' s homeless problem.
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dozens of homeless people camped outside and administration building. they may soon have a new place to go, but not everyone is happy about it. with a preview of today' s announcement. brett: the plan for combating homelessness has become a controversial issue in daytona beach. case in today we' ve got various point, groups coming together to provide assistance and another group will be protesting. catholic charities, halifax urban ministries, and the organization faith are joining forces to offer assistance for a homeless assistance center. they' ll be promoting volusia safe harbor shelter a facility , designed to offer housing. but another group the florida , advocacy group, homeless and hungry plans to protest. they argue $12 million budgeted to build a 250 bed shelter doesn' t leave any money to get people out of homelessness for programs like mental health services and job training. the group endorsing safe harbor believes they have the right plan with the shelter. >> we need measurable outcomes
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and you need to know from your partners who is delivering the services to the target areas that are important to you. >> tracie: brett: the announcement from catholic charities, faith, and halifax urban ministries are holding a press conference at 5:45 tonight at bethune cookman university. they' ll be joined by the mayor of daytona beach. meanwhile the protesters are planning to organize right near the announcement. jason? jason: a robber is on the run this morning after deputies say he held up a cell phone store in polk county. check out these surveillance images showing the man barging into the e.z. wireless store in lakeland saturday night. investigators say he then raised his arm, covered with a cloth and implied he had a gun. he got away with some cash in a light colored dodge charger. if you know who this guy is call , the polk county sheriff' s office. jazmin: if you own a nissan leaf you might soon be contacted by the company for a recall. nissan says more than 47,000 of the 2013 to 2105 models could have potential brake problems. the national highway
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administration says cold weather can make the brakes harder to use. nissan will let any leaf owners know if they need the repair. dealers will reprogram the necessary software, for free. if you' re filling up before work, expect to continue paying more for gas. according to aaa, prices in florida rose seven cents on average in just the past week. the average for regular is hovering around $1.91 statewide. in the orlando area, expect to pay around $1.82. analysts say refinery maintenance and rising oil prices are to blame for the spike. jason: gas prices going up, so are the temperatures. creeping up throughout the week, we has had -- we have had mid 80' s. is humanity back with us? amy: -- humidity back with us?
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60' s and 70' so more than jackets at the bus stop. because we have now set our clocks ahead. a little bit of rain and a lot with this morning. the rain itself is very light, lake county through orange, marion county, just a few pockets. this will continue for the rest of the morning commute but higher in the atmosphere there is some drier air. that is the orange color you see so we do not have that deep tropical moisture that leads to big downpours and high humidity that we have in the summertime, but the dew point is in the upper 60' s. this will change tomorrow once the drier air starts to settle in but for one more day we will have more moisture with the
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some of the low clouds are reducing the visibility a little bit, blocking out the buildings in the distance. 70 in orlando, daytona beach, and leesburg, 69 in melbourne and ocala is at 64. the wind is already coming out desk in out of the southwest. it will be rather breezy, 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon , and that will send the showers over to the east coast but also send the heat as well. even now have clouds and on and off pockets of rain, we are still going to make it into the mid 80' s. there is futurecast, we continue with these on and off areas of rain that will be fairly brief. it should not be a total washout.
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take a break but all i am expecting is a shower from time to time. 85 in eustis and clermont , 86 in orlando and st. cloud. the temperatures way above our average of 78. we will climb to the mid 80' s on the coast as well. tomorrow we will get drier air in here so not as many clouds, the rain goes away, and our temperatures are going to be even warmer. tomorrow we will be in the upper 80' s across the area so no excuse if you are registered for getting out and voting tomorrow. toward the end of the week into the weekend we are going to see a better chance for showers and storms as our next front makes its approach. time for traffic, here is ted noah. i-4 eastbound -- ted: i-4 eastbound is looking great, no
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westbound taking out the left lane right by the 528. cannot get onto the 528 from westbound fire universal. get on at i-drive or john young parkway. universal boulevard that is blocked, i-drive is your alternate. jason: march madness is here. jazmin: we will have a look at the teams on the official bracket that will have everyone talking this morning. tonight is the final round of blind auditions on the voice. then the battlegrounds begin, malique heard will be among the
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jason: it is going to be something you hear about an awful lot of the office, march madness is here. brett connolly joins us. brett: we all have the one person in the office who is able to get this organized and make the collections and this is
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the pool could be open to anybody because there is no standout best team in the bracket. kansas, north carolina, virginia, and oregon are number one seeds. it is crazy every year but it could get wild with the upsets this time around. the ncaa also wants to know who leads a bracket before last night' s big announcement. the correct bracket hit twitter about 30 minutes before it came onto television. duke and unc wilmington, the first game on thursday. you have a chance to do some research, check out the team mascot, whatever you do to decide which team you want. people will be watching games at the office, streaming them, a be taking a next her long lunch. productivity tends to be going
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jason: just days before making the international space station the new home, does call american astronauts are doing training and kazakhstan. it is just a couple weeks after scott kelly' s return. he announced his retirement from nasa on friday. coming up, preparing for another primary. jazmin: what the candidates are doing to gain support ahead of another tuesday competition. alex: the person or people responsible for a teenager' s murder in ocoee, everything we know about the investigation. ted: we still have some road work that will affect getting onto 528 and i-4. amy: a little rain we are dealing with as well, isolated showers at this point.
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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michelle: we are live with the latest from detectives as a search for a suspect in a shooting. amy: temperatures will again make it into the mid-80' s in your first alert forecast. jason: florida' s primary is right around the corner, what candidates are doing today in the sunshine state to try and win florida' s delegates. through be a lot of campaigning in the next 24 hours all around our area. we will get that straight ahead for you. one thing you need to know, it is warm already at this hour. i am jason guy. jazmin: and i am jazmin walker. let' s take a live look outside at lake eola. most of us are waking up in the 60' s. amy, will any of us need an umbrella later on? amy: you will want to keep the umbrella and windshield wipers ready all day long. the rain will be very sporadic, isolated. it will be coming and going throughout central florida throughout the day. only about 20% of us will be
5:31 am
it will be moving around, very occasionally. off and on at spots. temperatures headed into the mid 80 this afternoon. we will be warm today. we will have a lot of clouds, like yesterday. there is volusia county. i 75, also the turnpike. we i' ve -- we have some cloud cover adding to the one as well. we are at 73 degrees right now. the wind is coming out of the south at five miles per hour. that is bringing in one air. we are at 69 degrees and melbourne. 70 degrees at daytona beach. we will make it into the mid-80' s this afternoon. high of 78 degrees. continue to bring in the warm let' s get a traffic update with
5:32 am
ted: westbound here, just before the 528, we are seeing them pick up some cones. of late able cleanup soon. -- hopefully, it will clean up soon. it is still blocking a left lane. on john young parkway, there is construction blocking and on-ramp. jason: this morning will be a somber return to class for students at ocoee middle school, following the death of one of their classmates, 15-year-old antwan davis. jazmin: he was shot and killed on saturday, at north lakewood and anderson place. alex villarreal is live this alex, do police have any leads in this case? alex: we are now over 24 hours since he was killed. detectives say they are no closer to finding out who did it. this comes as students are returning to school today at of their classmates. investigators say that he was
5:33 am
night on north lakewood avenue. the sheriff called the murder appalling for the community. the boy' s family is asking for help to find out who is responsible. >> if anyone knows anything about it happened, who was involved, who was around, please come forward. we need every amount of information to bring justice for him. he was a child. you had no business taking him from us. alex: investigators are looking into what led to the murder. that the boy had ongoing disputes with neighborhood. vigil will be held for him tomorrow night at 7:00 at start lake here in ocoee. we will continue to follow the investigation. as soon as we get more details,
5:34 am
following breaking news out of orlando. a police officer is hurt, after crashing into another patrol car. other on l.b. mcleod road, near surfside way just after 1:00 a.m. at the time, both cruisers were on their way to a traffic stop, involving a stolen car. but once it sped away, both of those officers were called off we' re told the officer who was hurt has minor injuries. more breaking news this morning from kansas. 11 people went to the hospital after this amtrak train derailed. this is footage from the scene. amtrak says all of those people are expected to survive. 142 people were on that train when it derailed. you can see, there are five cars on their sides. the train was headed from los angeles to chicago. stay with wesh 2 as this story develops throughout the morning. in commitment 2016, just about 24 hours to go until we go to the polls. jazmin: it'
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candidates to convince florida voters. our team coverage begins with brett connolly. brett: expect to get bombarded with all of the last-minute ads on air and online. the final day to influence voters in florida. ahead. starting with poll numbers. donald trump has a double-digit lead. many that if marco rubio not win tomorrow, he will drop out of the race. he is making multiple stops today. despite the big lead in the polls, donald trump continues to campaign. he will be in tampa, today. former president bill clinton will be in central florida today, on behalf of his wife. he will be at rollins college, supporting hillary clinton. we continue our coverage with nikole killion from our nations capital. nikole: at least two of the candidates are bring out their
5:36 am
john kasich joined forces mitt romney today. i cancel had to be rallied for one candidate. >> like a case of political arson. he has lit a fire, and then he throws his hands up. pathological liar. our campaign does not believe, and never will encourage anyone to disrupt anything. nikole: some protesters had been seen with bernie sanders signs at a donald trump rally. donald trump has told his supporters to protest at bernie sanders events. jazmin: we will be catching up with voters, talked about the big issues.
5:37 am
candidate, making their final push. jason: today, the race for sheriff in volusia county will get more crowded. wesh 2 has learned that daytona beach police chief mike chitwood will be announcing he' s running for the position today. you may remember, earlier this year, he said he wouldn' t run. the outspoken, crime-fighting chief joins an already crowded field of seven, including deputy sheriff eric dietrich, who retiring sheriff ben johnson has endorsed, and sheriff' s captain dave brannon, who has support from some of the rank and file. orange county sheriff' s deputies are looking for answers, after a body was found in a winter park lake. wesh 2 was there, as firefighter pulled a man' s body from lake killarney yesterday. the body was found near the lake killarney condos, just off 1792. residents who live nearby made that gruesome discovery. >> it probably came from the southside, because the waves are coming this way. it got caught in the weeds by our dock. jazmin: deputies are not looking
5:38 am
jason: police in brevard county are searching for a gunman, who they say opened fire on an easter egg hunt in palm bay. detectives say they received reports that shots were fired into vehicles last night at liberty park. at the time a flash light easter , a hunt was -- egg hunt was in hell there. police say two people later went to the hospital and are expected to be ok. officers aren' t saying whether those two people were shot. jazmin: a suspect, who got trapped beneath a fence while running from police, is now behind bars and about to face a judge. orlando police say pierre michael louis-jacques fired a gun outside the greyhound station on john young parkway, sunday. officers say louis-jacques jumped a fence, but a cruiser plowed through it and pinned him underneath. officers then moved in for the arrest, and he' s now facing a slew of charges. no one was hit in that shooting. today, a former lake county teacher, accused of having sex with a student, will enter a plea. marshall jungreis was arrested last month. deputies say he met the 17-year-old online, and had sex with her at east ridge high school. jungreis admitted he was with the student, but denied any
5:39 am
he resigned his teaching position within days of his arrest. jason: new information this in turkey' s capitol. police now believe kurdish militants may be responsible, and the country just carried out airstrikes against rebel targets. 37 people were killed and 125 were hurt, when the bomb exploded at a bus stop on sunday. nato allies, including the u.s., are condemning the attack. jazmin: now to maryland, where police and the fbi are searching for answers in the unprovoked killing of an officer. police say a suspect fired at the first officer he saw outside the prince george county station on sunday. officer jacai colson died just days before his 29th birthday. the accused gunman was hit in a shootout with officers, and is expected to survive. another suspect was arrested soon after. happening today, the first golfers will hit the course for an orlando tradition. jason: today is the arnold palmer pro-am tournament.
5:40 am
s also a clinic for kids this afternoon. the actual pga tour term it runs thursday through sunday. if the weather cooperates , it should be a great event. we will knock on wood for that. amy: tomorrow we will have lots of sunshine. today, we are dealing with isolated rain that will continue on and off through the afternoon. it will be just occasional. it will not be a huge washout. temperatures today will stay warm, heading into the mid-80' s in most spots. light rain falling out, along with some cloud cover overhead. as we zoom in closer, we can see volusia and seminole counties. it is very light showers there. you might need the window wipers for this morning commute. an isolated thunderstorm is possible today, as well.
5:41 am
central florida will be seeing any rain. the showers will make the way off the east coast as we' ve had into the overnight. as the drier air settles in, we will get more sunshine tomorrow. despite the rain, the temperatures are climbing today. we are heading into the mid-80' s. if you are in town for the golf tournament, throw be lots of sunshine tomorrow with a few clouds and warm temperatures on wednesday. ted: we are looking at a construction project here getting onto the 528 westbound. use i-drive to get onto the 528, or even john young parkway instead. universal boulevard has a portion close down as well. westbound i-4, just before the 528 , we are seeing construction taking out a left lane there. jazmin: fighting a deadly problem. jason: we will give you an
5:42 am
down on the growing heroin addiction. jazmin: then, >> marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend.
5:43 am
5:45 am
encounter, making rounds online jazmin: today, the orange county' s heroin task force will lay out their plan to fight what' s being called an epidemic. jason: they' ve been meeting for months now, studying the problem. brett connolly joins us. brett, the group is ready to tell us what they' ve found. brett: that' s right. this is a growing problem. now, finding a solution to this powerful and highly addictive drug has become a major focus. after six months of studying the problem, we will hear from the task force. they will discuss a recommendation on what needs to be done in law enforcement, education, and prevention. the numbers are down this year, but they are still some staggering figures. the orange county sheriff' s office
5:46 am
addicts also encapsulate a large number of inmates. they plan on in quipping deputies with an opiate antidote, in case they encounter someone overdosing. a cost anywhere between 25 thousand dollars and $56,000 a year. jason: senator marco rubio is laughing off a heckler, who interrupted his rally in the villages on sunday. >> marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend. they met in new hampshire, and she doesn' t see me the same way anymore. jason: rubio told wesh 2 that cops told him, the heckler is a comedian, who' s trying to get a show on comedy central. marco rubio is still wondering where the hidden camera was. jazmin: governor rick scott is paying a visit to orlando this he' ll be at orion technology services, on south orange it' s one of four stops he' ll be making throughout the state
5:47 am
billion jobs victory tour." the governor takes credit for creating more than one million jobs, created across the state over five years, and $1 billion in tax cuts. jason: federal investigators are working to find the cause of a deadly plane crash in clermont. the small plane went down saturday morning, in an empty field near south lake hospital. witnesses say the pilot was likely trying to land there in order to avoid nearby homes. dane sheahen, who lives in the spruce creek fly-in community, was at the controls. his passenger has been identified as james kos of oklahoma. both were killed. jazmin: there will be an autopsy today on a flagler county inmate , who died less than 24-hours ago. corrections officers say kathleen feiler had a seizure in jail, and died at the hospital. staff, who saw her arrive on saturday say, she seemed fine until then. feiler was about to go back to follow through with a drug treatment order. in panama city, police are investigating the death of a college student on spring break.
5:48 am
gilmore fell from a parking garage, early sunday morning. his friends say he had been drinking all day on saturday. police do not believe any foul gilmore was visiting from indiana. jason: we are looking ahead to end of the week. amy, it is always a good time to look for to the weekend. we are waking up to some key here, today. today. amy: we usually have some springlike weather for bike week and spring breakers. no 90' us this week. we are stealing -- we are dealing with some humidity, and some warm temperatures. there is somewhat pavement out there this morning.
5:49 am
temperatures are at 70 degrees right now in daytona beach. the air. winds are coming out of the south, bringing in the warm air. they will continue to do so, throughout the day, today. week, when we have some rain and clouds and our forecast, we will warmer than average. it has been overall, kind of a warm winter. it is fairly light. a lot of this is just a few rain. this is how the radar will look throughout the day, today. ocala. 69 in melbourne. the wind will really take up later. they south, southwest.
5:50 am
warm air, and send it all the way over to the coast. on futurecast, you can see if you pockets of rain, and in isolated thunderstorm is possible as well. anything that hits us will push off towards the east coast this afternoon. during the evening commute, we will get some drier air moving in, which will send the rain away. we should have more clear skies and sunshine tomorrow. we will climb to 86 and deltona today. 86 in windermere and ocoee. along the coast, we will be in the mid-80' s as well. 86 in palm bay. tomorrow will be even warmer than today. upper 80' s in a lot of the area, tomorrow.
5:51 am
tomorrow, along with some wind, coming out of the west. if you are registered to vote, no excuses for not getting out to the polls tomorrow. by the end of the week, we will get some more rain. it should also give us a few storms. let' s get a traffic update now with ted noah. ted: we have construction on the 528 westbound ramp. you are going to have to get on the i-drive instead, to get around that closure. the i-4 westbound construction, right around 528, has all cleared up now. i-4 is looking nice and quiet for your morning drive. jason: the world' s largest mcdonald' s is back. head on sunrise, when our favorite fast food store will
5:53 am
5:54 am
jazmin: jason: welcome back.
5:55 am
some cloud cover today. you will not need a coat or jacket though today, we will get an update on the showers from amy sweezey just ahead. just into the wesh 2 newsroom, you are looking at a rover heading to mars. it will arrive on the red planet in october. it will study the gases in the atmosphere of mars. happening today, we' ll get a look inside the new, world' s largest mcdonald' s. jazmin: the super-sized restaurant sits on the same site as the old record-breaker, at the intersection of sand lake and international drive. the old, fry-box shaped mcdonald' s closed its doors back in december. jason: happening today, the orlando pride will be warming up for their first season, as part of the national women' s soccer league. alex morgan and the rest of the team will begin preseason training at moores station in sanford. morgan is coming off a win with team usa, after they beat germany last week in the "she
5:56 am
the pride will play their first preseason match against eastern florida state college this saturday. getting excited about this. this morning, we have a look at the biggest money-makers in theaters over the weekend. jazmin: starting with disney' s "zootopia," which brought in $50 million in just three days. overall, this animated flick made over $142 million in less than two weeks. "10 cloverfield lane," starring john goodman, debuted in the second place spot. this mystery drama earned $25 million dollars. marvel' s "deadpool" is holding strong to the top three list. it made $11 million this weekend, rounding up the top three. jason: coming up, a local community is devastated after a teenager is shot and killed over the weekend. jazmin: alex villareal is live with what we are working on at 6:00.
5:57 am
what the teenagers family is asking of the community to bring about justice. jason: we will look at i-4 to see how traffic is flowing. amy: some isolated showers this morning. they are making their way across the area, and they will continue to do so today. we' ll talk more about the rain for your monday, coming up in your next hour. jason: you can track any of those showers with the wesh 2 mobile app. you can download
5:58 am
to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
6:00 am
>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: breaking overnight, cops collide. a police chase that led to a crash in orlando. how those officers are doing. >> please come forward. we need every amount of information to bring justice for him. jazmin: an emotional plea for answers. the family of a 15-year-old boy, grieving after he was shot and killed over the weekend. we' re live at his ocoee school. amy: a few more showers today, as the temperatures continue to climb. your first alert forecast,


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