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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he just wrapped up a rally, doing what he can to rally enough support to get more votes than the gop front-runner. meredith: former president bill capital today. he is rallying for hillary clinton and spoke to voters for half an hour and will be at evening. taking for watching, i am meredith mcdonough. summer: i am summer knowles. the final poll before tomorrow' s election is bad news for republican marco rubio and democrat bernie sanders. summer: these are the latest numbers from quinnipiac university. on the gop side, donald trump appears to have a commanding lead with 46%, to 22% for the florida senator who desperately needs a win to stay in this race. ted cruz has 14% and john kasich has 10%, but he' s running dead even with trump in ohio. on the democrat side, former secretary of state hillary clinton has 60% in this survey to 34% for sanders. wesh 2 political reporter greg fox breaks down the poll. >> tomorrow is the day we are
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greg: a bold pledge from republican florida senator marco rubio. all recent voter surveys indicate it would be a political shocker. and the newest polls says, don' t bet on it. not with rubio trailing billionaire donald trump by 24 points in the new quinnipiac poll. >> history is not replete with examples of candidates being able to make up that much ground, in so little time. greg: the poll further shows trump dominates in all categories, especially among voters with no college degree, men, and conservatives. rubio does best among those with degrees, women and also conservatives, but still runs second in those areas. >> the republican party is not going to allow itself to be hijacked by fake conservatives, and people who go around dividing us against each other -- each other. >> tomorrow. greg: among the democrats, the poll shows hillary clinton with nearly double the support for vermont senator bernie sanders.
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benefitted in florida as he has in some other states because of an electorate that is more friendly toward him. greg: clinton gets high marks from voters with college degrees and both men and women. sanders scores well with those who have no college degrees, in particular young voters and women. but the only category where he beats clinton is among very liberal voters. even if rubio out-performs the latest polls, anything short of a victory tomorrow night will put major pressure on him to drop out of the race. the winner takes all 99 gop delegates. the news is better for sanders because the democrats split their delegates, so even a blow-out victory by clinton will still mean sanders will increase his delegate count. summer? summer: and after canceling a rally in the villages, sarah palin made one more campaign stop in tampa for trump before heading home where her husband' s in the icu. >> my husband was out snow machinin'
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your prayers for my husband who is recovering right now in icu after a little wreck on a snow machine. so thank you. big wreck. summer: the former vice presidential candidate and alaska governor is planning to head home in the next few minutes to be with her husband, todd. we' ll update you on his condition on wesh 2 news. as the results come in, turn to wesh 2 for all your commitment 2016 coverage. tomorrow night we will be broadcasting live from 8:00 pm until 11:30 with all the latest from the election. you' ll hear from the winners, losers, and voters as well as get in depth analysis into what happens next. meredith: the heroin epidemic that is hitting the nation is coming home to central florida. and now city and county leaders have put together a heroin task force. this morning, the task force delivered its findings. wesh 2' s michelle meredith is live, and michelle, you are at one complex that first responders and law enforcement identified as having a heroin problem? michelle: we are across the street from a complex known as
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law enforcement officers responded to many heroin calls here. it is closed, and law enforcement tells us this is just a tip of a huge iceberg. the heroin task force has been meeting for the past six months. this morning, county and city leaders delivered the sobering news. >> one of the concerns we have, is people are playing russian roulette and they think it is with a water pistol but it is with a loaded gun and it they marry well go off. michelle: the increase in heroin deaths in orange county and the metro area is off the charts. in 2011, it was 19, in 2015, shot up to over 100. and while enforcement works on supply, the demand seems never ending. >> we are seeing more use of designer drugs, opioids as well as other things as a nation, so
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softening, if you will, with the millennials and the terms of the attraction to euphoria and this is something we are dealing with as a societal issue. michelle: what can the county do about it? the county is working on getting more treatment centers, detox beds. law enforcement is working dealers. in the meantime, officials are working to provide all their first responders with this. it' s a drug called naloxone. it blocks the effect of many drugs on the brain. >> so if someone has overdose on herion, it will wake them up. michelle:
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identifies many problems, so the next step is to come up with the money to solve them. summer: the week is starting off crews. fire crews and bomb -- palm bay experiencing deja vu. we will monitor the situation and let you know if it affects any homes or structures. meredith: we really did bypass spring and meant right into but there are some breezes. temperatures we are feeling are going to continue these next couple of days. take a look at the radar, watching a few showers pushing west into volusia county. in osceola county, a couple of brevard. decent rain at moving through melbourne, but those have all moved out.
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continues to be this sheet, --heat, 88 degrees right now. airport. we have hit a record at daytona close elsewhere. tomorrow is even hotter. can you believe that? i have the numbers when i see you inside with the air-conditioning in a couple minutes. meredith: we are following breaking news out of the syrian civil war. vladimir putin is withdrawing his troops starting tomorrow. this is coming after months of airstrikes in support of the regime. he is happy with what russia has achieved. though civil war has been going on for the last five years. summer: today, orlando police are telling us they' re investigating a crash involving two of their cruisers. apparently the officers were on their way to a traffic stop involving a stolen car when the vehicles smashed into each other on l.b. mcleod road, near surfside way around 1:00 this morning. we'
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k-9 in the suv at the time are all ok. as for the driver of the stolen car, they sped away and both officers were called off. meredith: a woman was killed in an orange county crash this morning. troopers say 55-year-old tracy blakeman died after the crash on east colonial drive and saint nicholas avenue around 7:30. troopers says blakeman was driving west on colonial when she struck a guardrail. she was airlifted to the hospital where she died. today, daytona beach police chief mike chitwood announced he' s running for volusia county sheriff. >> we want to increase technology. we want to encourage more community partnerships. we want to talk about change, innovation, change technology and transparency . meredith: today, chitwood laid out his vision for the sheriff' s office. his decision may have come as a surprise to some. earlier this year, chitwood said he would not run. the outspoken crime fighting chief joins an already crowded field of seven, including chief deputy sheriff eric dietrich, who retiring sheriff ben johnson has endorsed, and sheriff' s
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support from some deputies in the department. summer: we have another i-4 ultimate ramp closure coming this week which could affect your commute out of downtown orlando. there is a temporary ramp being built blocks away to take its place. here' s wesh 2' s bob kealing with more on the when and where. bob: for nearly 200,000 motorists who travel i-4 downtown day in and day out, an upcoming on-ramp closure could affect you. if you are used to dropping on the -- jumping on the 408 will be closed down, and this temporary on ramp will take it' s place four blocks away off division street. that' s the update orlando city council members heard today in a workshop on the status of the $2.3 billion project. another highlight, jobs. the dot says hundreds of hourly
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by summer of 2017. >> it' s more like 600 by next summer. we' ll need to hire and bring on board to be building roads, building bridges. bob: some 140 bridges by the time this five year project is complete. >> keep in mind, the interstate is being totally reconstructed, not just widened. the asphault you' re driving on today will not be there in the future. it will be brand new. bob: i-4 ultimate' s program manager says this project is the biggest of its kind in the southeast. along with i-4 ultimate, a new airport terminal, wekiva parkway and additions to sunrail mayor dyer says much of orlando' s transportation system will look different by 2021. >> i don' t think there' s any where in the country that has that much transportation infrastructure going in in the next five years. summer: thank you. again, that orange avenue on ramp to the 408 will close thursday night at 10:00 for ongoing i-4 ultimate work and a
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of division street. all new at 5:00, safety concerns raised by a rash of recent construction zone crashes. and one street in brevard county is now closed for much of the week. south robbins avenue between blanton street and orange avenue closed first thing this morning, and will continue to be that way until thursday at 5:00 in the afternoon. crews there will be replacing two failing stormwater pipes. meredith: the orlando pride were out training this morning as they get ready to start their first season with the national women' s soccer league. alex morgan and the rest of the team began preseason training at moores station in sanford. morgan is coming off a win with team usa after they beat germany last week in the " she believes cup" in south florida. the pride will play their first preseason match against eastern florida state college this saturday. summer: local elementary school classroom. meredith: flooded rooms were to blame. summer: the anniversary of bike
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meredith: severe weather hits if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make
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and democracy that works for all
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re watching wesh 2. school. 800 students at a cocoa elementary school were put in a scramble today when water flooded classrooms and air summer: wesh 2' s dan billow reports a burst water pipe forced the students to share six portable toilets. dan: the lines were long out behind saturn elementary school, as the students waited to share portable bathrooms, too long for one mom' s liking. >> it' s crazy for 800 students, so that' s why i picked up my son. because it' s just, that' s not enough. he' s only five. dan: out front, workers tried to restore at least some water service, with a long hose snaking all the way over the roof from the front to the back of the school. it was all because of a broken water pipe. >> we just saw the water all over there, but then the custodian came up and cleaned it. dan: the water affected 11 or 12 classrooms, along with hallways and the front office.
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not let us see it, saying that would disrupt things even further. when the water service went out, so did the air conditioning, temporarily. >> everything was hot. there were 40 kids in there, and we were really hot. dan: a crew of about 20 restored the ac by bringing in tanker trucks to fill the system' s chillers. the kids were also supplied with bottled water, and moved to dry classrooms to continue their lessons. there were six portable toilets according to parents for the 800 kids. district officials did not say why the water pipe burst or when it would be repaired. in cocoa, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: school officials sent a recorded call about the mishap to each parent, offering them the option to pick up their children at school. meredith: tomorrow, the late mother teresa will be given official approval to be declared a saint. pope francis signed off on the miracle needed on his birthday last december. the miracle involves the cure of a brazilian man suffering from multiple brain tumors in 2008. tomorrow, the date and venue for
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be announced at the vatican. summer: severe weather moved through some southern states. in arkansas, this tornado is one of five spotted in the state sunday afternoon. some trees were knocked down and some windows were broken, but most of the damage was minimal. a little further down the road from where this video was taken, there was some damage to docks. and in louisiana, some homeowners are cleaning up after record-setting floods. in some parishes, homes and cars were swallowed by the water. flood waters are expected to stick around through the end of the week. meredith: we are reaching record temperatures. eric is here with us. hard to believe it will be even warmer out tomorrow. eric: the setup is in place, just perfect to flirt with 90 degrees. you get just that right wind gust, the right sunshine angle and i think we will hit it. it looks pretty right now but it is hot. 85 degrees, feels-like
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s are 86. we are just not used to it. the only thing that makes this different than summertime is the relative humidity, the dew point is still in the 60' s, so that is the only little detail of us not being in summer. 88, sanford. 87, daytona beach. 85, the city and 84 in the villages. 87, cocoa. we have tied a in daytona beach, the previous record was 89 back in 1985. 20 want today. a weak boundary over the showers. tomorrow, beautiful sunshine, but of course that yields those very warm conditions. 6:00 tonight, tony will still be tracking very warm readings. 11:00,
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forecast, 73 will be the outdoor temperature. tonight, we make it into the 60' s widespread and upper 50' s in marion county, but 56 for us titusville, orlando. high pressure in florida, giving very warm a southwest wind, and because of the positioning of the high, we get compressed heating. without getting to profess early -- profess oriole, all it means is warmer forecast. clermont, same thing. 89, celebration and poinciana. even at the beach, we cannot escape the heat. 86, the cape. 87, st. john. it is primary day across central florida.
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you just have to use your air conditioner before you get out. 82 degrees at lunchtime for voting plans. last time we hit 90 degrees was in november, early november for central florida. tomorrow, just shy of that but we certainly could do it. same pattern in place for wednesday, 71 temperatures continue and by thursday we watch the first frontal boundary bringing us rain thursday, friday and saturday. we will have much more on rain chances in the next half hour. summer: thank you. emmy award winner amy schumer is coming to the ucf campus in may. meredith: she is bringing her spring comedy tour to cfe arena on monday, may 16. she wrote and starred in the movie " trainwreck," and won an emmy for inside amy schumer. not a lot of information about the tour has been released, but tickets go on sale this friday morning at 10:00. meredith: we are getting new
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summer: what could lead to
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meredith: the lingering issue if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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chicago until it went off the tracks last night in kansas. meredith: more than 140 were on board when five of the seven train cars tipped over. about 30 passengers were sent to the hospital, but no one died. passengers say the train was shaking before it derailed. >> basically just shook a lot, tipped over and it just slid. i basically slid on to my feet some how. >> it was bone chilling. i felt a bump and i thought at first it was hydraulics, but when i heard the screams, i knew something was wrong. meredith: officials say it could take a good amount of time before things are back on track. there' s still no reason as to why this happened. summer: three brothers are now in custody in connection to a deadly officer ambush in maryland. police say a suspect fired at the first officer he saw outside the prince george county station on sunday. officer jacai colson died just days before his 29th birthday. police say the alleged shooter was shot, but is expected to survive. there are reports the gunman was
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that the gunman intended to die. meredith: turkey is beginning its funeral services for people who died in sunday' s suicide bombing in ankara. a car bomb exploded next to a transportation hub, killing 40 people. most of the people who died were waiting to get on a bus. police say they think a young kurdish woman who died in the bombing helped plan the attack. they also say she' s tied to a kurdish militant group. the u.s. is strongly condemning the attack. summer: a maryland auction house is selling adolf hitler' s copy of his book outlining his plan for genocide. " mein kampf," or my struggle along with other world war ii items found by american soldiers just days before hitler reportedly killed himself, are up for auction in maryland. the soldiers who found it inscribed in it from adolph hitler' s apartment in munich, may 2, 1945. one of the soldiers left it with his daughter, and it' s now found its way to the auction house. meredith: about a third of cancer survivors say they have financial struggles. the information is based on a study of more than 19 million cancer patients. it showed 29% had at least one
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their diagnosis or treatment, 20% of them were worried about paying their medical bills, and the survivors with those financial issues had a lower physical and mental quality of life. half a million bikers have headed home. summer: the week is officially over, and the economic impact it had on daytona beach. boasting about jobs and tax
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are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: another bike week is in the books tonight in volusia county. summer: it' s been a solid 10 days of business in daytona beach as a record breaking half a million bikers likely attended. meredith: wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown recaps the 75th annual event. gail: the roar of bike week is one for the history books. the regional commerce says the 75th anniversary has been a fabulous year. >> we were expecting big things in the got bigger things. gail: while it is too early for the preliminary numbers, like
4:30 pm
than 500,000 people within the 10 days, $74 million shot in the economic arm. >> we only know what we heard from our missions, and most of them -- merchants, and most of them say they are up 30%. this they said, midweek held up really well and they had good crowds throughout the whole 10 days. gail: the anniversary is a special year. >> main street being the epicenter, they have had the history behind them and are well practiced at welcoming guests. gail: something elwell -- on welcomed was crime. police department and officials were well on it and immediately. gail: organizers expect a great report card for 2016. if you think the chambers is waiting around to get ready for the 76 bike week, forget about it, they have already been
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before the 75th bike week rolled out. meredith: if you cannot wait a whole year, the smaller cousin is just seven months away, biketober fest. summer: a middle school student is dead after police say he was gunned down saturday. investigators say antwan davis was shot in the head on north lakewood avenue. it happened less than a mile and a half from ocoee middle school. investigators tell us antwan' s family says he had ongoing fights with other teens in the >> seeing a child just pass away like that, it' s sickening, you know? it hurts a lot. >> i was telling them today. if you guys have an argument, you know words are just words, just walk away from it because you never know if that person brought a weapon to school. summer: the sheriff' s office says they they' re still looking for antwan' s killer. a spokeswoman for orange county public schools says grief counselors were on hand today. meredith: deputies are trying to find who killed a man in pine hills over the weekend.
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and killed on saturday night at the silver hills apartments, off silver star road. witnesses say they saw a silver car drive away from the area shortly after the gunshots rang out. if you have any information, you' re asked to call the orange county sheriff' s office. meredith: if you were stuck on i-4 last night it could be because of a crash that forced the westbound lanes to shutdown. this is cell phone video of the incident near colonial drive. you can see a pickup truck facing the wrong way. police say the driver was driving recklessly in the westbound lanes before swerving head-on into construction barriers. the driver was thrown from truck and is in critical condition. the lanes reopened just after 11:00, several hours after that crash. summer: police in brevard county are searching for a gunman they say opened fire on an easter egg hunt. palm bay detectives say they received reports that shots were fired into vehicles last night at liberty park. a flash light easter egg hunt was being held there at the time. police say two people later went to the hospital and are expected to be ok. officers aren' t saying whether those two people were shot. meredith: new information about a suspect accused of firing
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station. investigators now say pierre michael louis-jacques pointed that gun at an officer while he was being arrested. this all started about 3:00 sunday afternoon. police say the man tried to jump a fence to get away, but the officer was able to trap him summer: federal investigators are working to find the cause of a deadly plane crash in clermont. the small plane went down saturday morning in an empty field near south lake hospital. witnesses say the pilot was likely trying to land there in order to avoid nearby homes. dane sheahen, who lives in the spruce creek fly-in community, was at the controls. his passenger has been identified as james kos of oklahoma. both were killed. meredith: orange county s deputies are looking for answers after a body was found in a winter park lake. wesh 2 was there as firefighter s body from lake killarney yesterday. the body was found near the lake killarney condos, just off 1792. people who live in the condos found the body.
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southside because the waves are coming this way, and it got caught in the weeds by our dock. meredith: deputies are not looking for any suspects. summer: governor scott' s entire political mission has been focused on creating more jobs and job opportunities in florida. orlando was one of his stops on his job creation victory tour s dave mcdaniel was on hand as a georgia based technology company made a central florida commitment. >> this is our second city in our million-billion jobs victory tour. dave: a clearly pleased governor decided to make a five stop victory lap from one end of the state to the other. >> we' ve added a million jobs in five years. dave: more than a million jobs created he says, because taxes and other expenses facing business leaders have been cut to the tune of $1 billion. >> we are putting money back into family' s hands, back into companies' hands and it' s working. dave: we asked the governor if the jobs created the past five years still exist. critics have argued that jobs created don' t always have
4:35 pm
scott says the one million jobs are a net number, a total indicating people still working, still holding on to those created positions. >> we' re excited about all that orlando offers us. dave: orion technology is opening a new downtown orlando office. the tech support group, based in atlanta, will expand to 30 jobs here, rather than exercising options it had in other states. >> we' ve already hired 13 new jobs and we look to hire. we' re going to break that 30 job point pretty soon. >> very excited to be able to promote a tax cut that will ultimately benefit all of florida' s families, businesses and veterans. dave: a room packed with florida legislative leadership, all pledging the job creation efforts will continue forward, full steam. in orlando, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. summer: the governor says the state created 36,000 jobs in january alone, and more than 250,000 job openings exist statewide. the first golfers are hitting
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meredith: today is the champion' s for arnold kids pro-am tournament at bay hill. there was also a clinic for kids this afternoon. it' s the first official event of the week-long arnold palmer invitational. the actual pga tour tournament runs thursday through sunday at bay hill. summer: if you are planning on attending these events, it is going to be pretty warm. meredith: let' s had outside with eric. eric: it is very warm out there, meredith and summer. temperatures are in the middle 80' s, but it is gusty, so all of the folks out there today and tomorrow, the heat is going to be the big deal. look at the wind at 18 miles per hour out of the southwest. it is warmer in other locations, 88, sanford. 87, daytona beach. here are the wind gusts. 29 miles per hour gusting in sanford.
4:37 pm
for the folks out there practicing today or tomorrow, it is going to be a humpy setup. -- bumpy set up. wednesday, that is the actual pro am. a lot of sunshine for these events but the heat will be on. temperatures falling off, feels very summerlike the rest of the evening, 73 by 11:00. tomorrow, 89 degrees as a high. we will talk about hitting a records and take you to the next seven days when i see you in a couple minutes. summer: florida is one of five primary states voting tomorrow. the candidates and their supporters are fanned out across the state and other states. nbc' s steve handelsman is in miami to continue our commitment 2016 coverage. reporter: marco rubio must win florida, campaigning and his whole state -- home state. of the five mega tuesday states, florida and ohio are winner take
4:38 pm
>> we are going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. reporter: at the cafe in miami, the talk was of donald trump. you like rubio, kasich and crews, so why trump? >> i like it from the better. i think he will help make america great again. reporter: donald trump is in inside. trump was gentle after days of confrontation that critics charged trump and courage. >> there is no violence. there is love. reporter: in ohio, john kasich campaign with mitt romney. >> he has the kind of record you want to washington, and that is why i am convinced you will do the right thing tomorrow. reporter: john kasich vowed to beat donald trump. winning ohio and illinois is a bernie sanders' goal.
4:39 pm
will route -- defeat donald trump, you are looking at him right here. reporter: in total delegates, hillary kenton will -- hillary clinton favors to best him and all five states. >> love trumps hate. reporter: john kasich and marco rubio facing what could be the last eight in the race for them. both of the senator and governor are hinting they will drop out if they lose their home state tomorrow. that is ted cruz' s dream, one-on-one with trump. summer: remember that wesh 2 is the place to turn for all your commitment 2016 coverage. tomorrow night, we will be broadcasting live from 8:00 pm until 11:30 with all the latest from the election. you' ll hear from the winners, losers, and voters as well as get in depth analysis into what happens next. meredith: it was a photo finish in last night' s nascar race in phoenix. the race was actually decided by
4:40 pm
driver keven harvick nipped carl edwards at phoenix international raceway in the good sam 500. in the end, it was harvick for the win by a nose. take a look here. that was the closest finish in track history, and the second time this race season that a race was determined by such a slim margin. the other time was here at the daytona 500. chances are good u.s. grabbed a frozen dinner when things are hectic. summer: what is in that grab and go you need to watch out for and dinner. break down the things on sale this month, getting you the best deals on pricey purchases. summer: a cricket traffic check, slow going on i-4 this monday afternoon. not sure if there was an accident of some type, but you can see some flashing lights and it appears road rangers are dealing with the vehicle. a bit slow in this area on i-4
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. summer: i-75 is back open after a dump truck overturned and in pasco county this morning. it took crews a couple of hours to get things cleared up. he is expected to be ok. at its worse, traffic was backed up at least six miles. today, several local law agencies are remembering a hillsborough county deputy killed when his car was hit head-on by a wrong way driver. meredith: that driver also died in the accident. authorities say deputy john robert kotfila, junior had just left the hospital after working on an investigation, when his patrol car was hit head-on on
4:45 pm
he died at the hospital. authorities have not said if alcohol was a factor. summer: panama city police are investigating the death of a college student on spring break. they say 20-year-old tyler gilmore from indiana fell from a parking garage early sunday morning. a passerby found his body. police haven' t figured out how far he fell yet. his friends say he had been drinking all day on saturday, and that they saw gilmore two hours before. police do not believe foul play was involved, but are investigating. meredith: more people are headed to florida for spring break trips, and those who hit the road will be paying more. according to aaa, prices in florida rose $0.07 in the past week. the average for regular is $1.92 statewide. in the orlando area, expect to pay $1.82. and in daytona beach it' s more like $1.89. experts are blaming refinery maintenance and rising oil prices for the spike. summer: some compare prices online to get the best deal, others download or clip coupons. but for some products, deep discounts go by the calendar. wesh 2' s jazmin walker shows us five things you may want to splurge on in march. >> it' s the end of the season,
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jazmin: mandy walker at consumer reports says that march is on clothing you' ll need next winter. >> go to the racks in the back of the stores. you can get anywhere from 40% to 70% off clothing. jazmin: oddly enough, march is also the best time to a buy a new digital camera. she says manufacturers are making room for the newer models. >> so, it' s a good time to buy a digital camera for your upcoming summer vacation and graduations and weddings that you' ll be going to. jazmin: even more odd, heavy equipment, like a treadmill, is most affordable in march. since the weather is getting better, stores want to push indoor equipment out. >> keep in mind, these are really big pieces of equipment. you also want to make sure you got the room. a treadmill can be the size of a loveseat. jazmin: you can also find humidifiers for cheap this month. mandy says march sales are both in-store and online. the final thing you may want to buy now, chocolate. consumer reports says prices for boxed chocolates drop between valentine' s day and easter, and
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i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. meredith: pre-made meals make our lives a lot easier when we' re on the go, but some dieticians say they can be loaded with sodium. despite some pre-made meals that doesn' if you can' t find some of the food prepared listed in the you shouldn' t bother eating it. >> our goal for sodium for the day is less than 2000, close to 1500. this is 2/3 of our sodium for the full day. meredith: dietician catherine kuppa also says picking up sushi on the go isn' t bad either. each piece is about forty calories, making the whole meal around 400 calories. summer: if you want to burn some calories, go outside and sit in the sun. meredith: eric, it feels like be bypassed spring and said hello to summer.
4:48 pm
daytona beach, you are on the sand, 89 degrees. it does not get more summerlike than that at the beach. warm and temperatures are again tomorrow, believe it or not. at this hour, taking you to our wesh 2 studio tower camera, we are looking back toward downtown orlando, a mix of clouds and sunshine. we have come down to 85 degrees in orlando. it feels like 86. the big difference between summertime temperatures and rights now is the dew point and relative humidity. the moisture content is a little bit lower, which is why it does not feel soupy. it is darn warm. 86, the villages. 88, sanford. temperatures are running a warmer than yesterday. first alert doppler radar is showing a few showers. i want to show you this guy working over to western portions
4:49 pm
it moves to i-95 in about 33 minutes time, then it crosses the north side of the causeway. in orlando, 87 degrees today. the average high temperature, 78, well above that. a couple degrees high of the record set in 1917. drier air is in store. 7:00 , a few sprinkles here and there, pushing to 10:00, quiet and then through the overnight, we are watching things cloud over across central florida. plenty of clouds overhead but not much cooling. 59, ocala. 64, home coast. 65, daytona' s. warmer forecasts in many locations. 87, lady lake.
4:50 pm
89, poinciana. 89, celebration. 89, orlando. same thing to ponce inlet. 85, marlene lynn -- marineland. temperatures well above average. this high-pressure sits on top of us not just for tomorrow but also for wednesday. it sits on top of us in the temperatures go out, up and away. we afflict with records. temperatures in the upper range of the 80' s. we have had 86 today in orlando. that is the warmest so far. spring a training forecast for tomorrow, 85 if you are headed out to see the asterisk alchemy nationals to town. a very warm day. once we get into the first round of bay hill, temperatures coming down just a little bit friday and saturday. showers returning to central florida. heading out to the weekend, just
4:51 pm
-- deal with that. 89 for your primary voting. rain by the weekend. tony has your primary forecast rock and down in the next half hour. meredith: disney' s latest animation spend the second week on the top or was it knocked out.
4:52 pm
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
4:54 pm
summer: the european space agency has begun its mars mission. the exo-mars probe launched from kazakhstan this morning. the orbiter will analyze gases in the atmosphere, and a small lander will put a rover on the surface in 2018. nasa' s mars mission has been delayed until 2018. a father and son are being called heroes. meredith: this after the two saw a man trapped in a burning car and jumped in to help. >> just get him out and help him anyway i could really. >> we' d seen the fire, and definitely didn' t want someone to be caught in the fire. meredith: they saw a wrecked jeep after it flipped and landed in front of their arkansas home saturday. they were sitting in the front yard when they saw it. the son grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, while dad used a knife to
4:55 pm
the driver was taken to the hospital and is recovering. despite several new releases at theaters, movie-goers were wild zootopia" returned to the top spot, bringing in $50 million over the weekend. overall, this animated flick made over $142 million in less " 10 cloverfield lane," starring john goodman, debuted in a second spot. this mystery drama earned $25 million. s is holding strong to the top three list. it brought in $11 million this weekend. meredith: wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. summer: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: coming up, a messy monday for some local students. wesh 2 news is there as teachers at an elementary school scramble after a pipe bursts, flooding classrooms, hallways, and offices. gunned down at 15. what we' ve learned about the orange county teen killed over the weekend, and the search for the person who pulled the trigger. and, pushing for safety. we' re talking to the people behind the i-4 ultimate construction work and the new
4:56 pm
and drivers stay safe.
4:59 pm
>> right now at 5, the countdown is on. just 14-hours to go until the polls open on florida' s presidential primary election. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. perhaps no one is keeping a closer eye on that count-down clock than marco rubio. the senator is in an all-out spring for votes. many polls have him losing to donald trump. it' s a loss that may make him drop out of the race altogether. rubio brought his campaign to central florida today. he spoke in melbourne. wesh 2' s dan billow was there, he joins us live with more. dan? reporter: here in a parking lot , rubio spent all the blame on donald trump. marco rubio' s aides are telling supporters not to believe he' s more than 20 points behind in the polls. on the stump, the candidate seemed to acknowledge that his home state is a must-win, with a
5:00 pm
unelectable republican nominee. rubio:if we lose this election, that means hillary clinton will be president, and that' ll be a disaster for america. reporter: after a weekend in which violence at donald trump' s campaign rallies increasingly took center stage, rubio could not help acknowledging the issue. oh, look, a bernie sanders sign. don' t worry, you' re not gonna get beat up at my rally. he expanded on the theme while talking to reporters. if we become a country where everybody hates each other, we' re in a lot of trouble. me, do you think you' ve contributed to the tone of the campaign? name-calling, references to personal appearance? rubio: no. well, except for one day, because the guy makes fun of everybody, i thought he should get it back. with time growing short, rubio urged his supporters to the polls, adding a line to his stump speech that played well on the space coast. >> if we rebuild the united states military and the us space program . reporter: rubio says win or lose, he'


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