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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: we are following breaking news out of the boat, a deadly crash blocking i-4 through the tourist district. we will have the latest. to an half hours away from the floor open with donald trump leading. marco rubio is fighting until the bitter end. bind the publican party. jason: what i lost could mean. we' re also keeping tabs on your weather and traffic so you know what to expect, before heading out to vote. wesh 2 news sunrise starts right announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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jason: good tuesday morning, i' m jason guy. breaking traffic news in just a moment, first let' s talk about the forecast because we are expecting a hot day ahead. cloud cover and 71 in downtown orlando. amy, you mentioned yesterday. could someone see a 90 degree reading today? amy: it' s entirely possible. i don' t think we will let 90, but i think it will be a couple of spots. we hit 89 in a few places. we do have some classes morning once the sun gets to shining, we will see more of it as we had to the day. dryer keep settling in. we will be lower 80' s by noon 80' s, even 90 and most spots this afternoon. they will kick up later today. notice this morning we are already starting off warm, so we don' t really have to climb a whole lot to get to those upper 80'
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70 in ocala, 71 orlando and 70 in melbourne. in the places that don' t have a lot of clouds and you can see, some of us do, we will still see those temperatures drop it little bit to sunrise. but it is not going to be a cold start, it will be quite warm and well above average, kind of like yesterday morning. 86 in ocala and salt springs today, a little cooler to the north, but not by much. upper 80' s and most central florida. 88 in mount dora, 89 orlando in winter park. 90 degrees into simeon winter haven. we will also climb along the coast into the mid to upper 80' s. 87 will be our afternoon high today and palm bay. jason: but get back to that breaking traffic situation. a deadly rack on i-4 westbound shut down. alex villareal is live on the scene.
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alex: we are seeing a lot of activity and emergency vehicle still on the scene. as hp has confirmed this crash was fatal. they have not told us, they said they could not get tell us how many people died, whether it was just one person or more. you can see that emergency scene here playing out in the westbound lane of i-4 here. we are on i-drive by the holiday inn express and suites. no traffic is moving restaurant, we notice accident involved a dimon taxicab. we can see that cabinets logo. a witness reported seeing a minivan going to runway on i-4. report. this accident scene for you. how this will affect your commute this morning. ted: let' commute around this closure. here'
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cameras showing the live team with the deadly car crash on i-4 westbound. if you usually travel there, the crashes near sand lake. here' s what you do, take kirkman road south to sand lake, take sand lake westbound to get back onto i-4. at the moment because it is still so early, we are not seeing a huge backup with this. we will keep an eye on that. jason: thank you, ted. the clock is ticking until pulling places open and for some candidates, it could be counting down to the end of their campaign. 99 republican delegates are at stake and the winner gets all of them. here are those delegates and that count, donald trump is leading in the latest polls with double digits over senator marco rubio. there are 214 democrat delegates to be assigned today. hillary clinton is excited to claim the majority of those. reid binion looks at florida and the other battleground contest
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>> super tuesday may very well be survival tuesday for establishment of options, their last chance to impede donald trump spat to the nomination. their best chance appears to be in ohio where governor john kasich is in a tight race was trump. >> the wind will be blowing and at my back for the first time in this election. >> ohio' s importance not lost on the donald to spend more time in ohio than other state. >> your governor voted for nafta . ohio has never come back from that. >> mitt romney stumped for kasich on monday. >> unlike the other people running, he is a real track record. >> a kasich ohio win was one half of romney' s pitch. the other half, winning -- marco rubio winning in florida. ted cruz rejecting romney' s anti-trump strategy. saying he is the only one who could stop trump. >> there is only one campaign
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>> the nightmare scenario for the staff in robbins, a trump win in ohio and florida. on the democratic slide -- side, clinton hoping to deliver a knockout blow to sanders for the race shifts westward. jason: you may find some shorter lines if you are voting in orange county. 22% of voters have already cast ballots. that' s an even split between absentee and the now-closed early voting period. orange county' s elections supervisor is predicting a 45% primary turnout. wesh 2 is the place to turn with all your commitment 2016 coverage. our live coverage begins at 8:00 on c.w. 18 and continues until 11:00. catch our election special on wesh 2 starting at 10:00. you' ll hear from the winners, losers, and voters, as well as some in-depth analysis into what happens next. turning to seminole county, the
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that took out a power pole and send two people to the hospital. crews worked late into that night in longwood on state road 4-34 near grant -- 434 near grant street. the intersection was closed for hours. police say four cars were involved and a hummer slammed into a power pole. one of the drivers was seriously hurt and had to be airlifted to ormc. wesh 2 spoke with a driver, who says the power lines fell on his car. >> it was a pretty big impact. the hummer was an exciting the guy to dart in front of us. it ended up shorting out wires the neighborhood. this knocked out power to about 100 homes. overnight, volusia county deputies released the name of a man killed in a motorcycle crash. they say jose mariano of deltona lost control of his bike last night on fort smith boulevard near tradewinds drive. the road was closed for hours
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right now, they do not know what caused mariano to wipe out. new from overnight, three chicago police officers are hurt after a shootout with two suspects. a police spokesman says they' re expected to be o.k., but one of the suspects was killed. a woman was taken into custody shortly after the gunfire. the officers were investigating drug activity on the city' s west side, when they were shot. lookout for a fake cop. wesh 2' s summer knowles spoke with a woman who says he pulled her over and she thought he was the real deal. >> he was wearing a brown uniform. he said a whole bunch of stuff at the same time and had a big flashlight on his shoulders. >> that' s pretty much all this young woman can remember about a man she believed was a police officer pulling a rover on state road 50 in claremont. she believed she was speeding home which she saw lights flashing behind her, so she pulled into a nearby parking lot behind a restaurant.
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asked me a few questions. just mainly about what was the harry, where you going. >> you just it was a routine traffic stop? and he give you a ticket or anything? >> he didn' t ask for my drivers license. >> the guy looked really official, there was no denying that if you pulled me over, he would -- i would' ve stopped. >> ease is the only and the calling police because the woman who had been pulled over stayed in the same sparking spot -- parking spot a long time after being stopped and looked like something was wrong. it was when officers arrived he and the woman were told no officers have reported any stopped in this county and they believe it may been a fake officer. >> it' s just surprising. it' s just kind of scary to know that it' s possible that it could be a fake police officer.
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>> and he had a gun? >> gun, flashlight, lights, everything. >> i would love other women to know that they should be very careful. jason: your time right now, 4:40 and we are sorry -- staying on top of breaking news along i-4, a deadly crash shut down all westbound lanes near sand lake road. alex villareal is gathering fresh information. ted noah is also monitoring this
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ted: we are unseen of breaking news along i-4 westbound, a deadly car crash has slowed down westbound lanes of i-4 right by sand lake road. you can see the live team which is very active , we have one confirmed death of this crash. if you' re heading out this morning and taking the drive westbound near the kirkman area or sand lake, you will encounter the closures at kirkman road. f hp there at kirkman forcing the traffic off to the kirkman offramp. you will take that southbound and go to sand lake road westbound. his sand lake westbound will take you act i-4. since it' s so early, not seen a huge backup. this could surge in vector
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amy: we are going to have a warm day today, even warmer than yesterday. we are heading to the upper 80' s and most of the area and in fact, i think the could even hit 90 in some spots. live a little cloud cover this morning, we will end up with mostly sunny skies for your tuesday. between the sunshine and west wind, that will bring in warm air. starting off in the upper sixes and lower 70' s. 70 in ocala and the villages. 71 in sanford and orlando. we will have sunshine today, there is a little bit of cloud cover and even some low cloudiness, a little bit of reduced visibility in some spots. drier air will quickly move in, so unlike yesterday where we had a couple clouds around, we will get a lot more sun today. we will make it to 82 by noon if you' degrees. the arnold palmer invitational
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today, the march against children' s cancer this afternoon . it will be the warmest a of the year so far at bay hill. tomorrow will be warm and dry as well. temperatures in the upper 80' s. there is a little rain on the way is around one in to get underway later this week, we will talk more about that and the upcoming weekend in your few minutes. jason: thank you, amy. turning to commitment 2016 now, we want to look at the delegate count before the polls open up. donald trump leads here but looking candidates with 462 delegates, followed by ted cruz, senator marco rubio and governor john kasich is fourth with 63 delegates. 1200 37, that is the magic number of delegates needed to claim the nomination the republican party. hillary clinton has a commanding lead on the democrat side with 1,244 delegates. senator bernie sanders has 574.
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win the nomination. at noon, local muslim leaders have a strong message about donald trump. they plan to denounce his comments about islam. in a statement, they say, trump is intentionally drawing little distinction between the religion and radical terrorism. as tax-paying, law-abiding, patriotic citizens, american racist, but dangerous. the group is planning a protest -- just reaching the homeless issue. both sides of this debate. >> we would like to present this >> more money and now the religious community, backing the city of daytona beach to build a long talked about homeless shelter. on monday, faith, who represents 32 religious organizations, along with catholic charities of
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lead agency to get volusia safe harbor, the proposed homeless shelter, off the ground. >> they want to build a punitive jail shelter to hide the homeless. >> thomas rebman, ceo of homeless and hungry inc., and others, protested during the announcement outside the soon cookman university, arguing the money should be spent differently. >> we should be putting the majority of our money in job training, mental health services, medical services. >> the proposed shelter would include about 250 beds. but some homeless advocates believe it' s a waste of money, especially if other municipalities in the county aren' t on board. >> is the solution better than nothing? >> no, absolutely not. >> it is absolutely better than nothing. certainly for a large number of homeless people we' ve talked to. >> faith says the proposed facility will offer more than just beds, but resources to get the homeless population back on its feet. earlier this year, dozens camped outside this volusia county administrative building, until room opened up at the salvation
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some called it a quick fix. but so far, the entire county has yet to agree on a permanent one. >> we do not believe that volusia safe harbor is a method to cure homelessness. it is just a piece of the continuum to help our homeless brothers and sisters. >> we as a city have to decide what we will do in the meantime. that is not something we have concluded, but i will assure you that we will not return to business as usual. >> in volusia county, chris hush. jason: the orlando magic are hoping to turn things around at home. and the pride are just getting
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jason: we are covering breaking news on i-4, this is the scene of a deadly wreck that has shut down all westbound lanes at sand lake road. we have live team coverage all morning long. the orlando pride players are just a few days out wesh 2' s from the very first game. wesh 2' s stewart moore takes us onto the field with the city beautiful' s newest team. >> 2016 will be a year of first four orlando' s women' s soccer team, the pride' s are standard practice pitches monday. the team trained at more station in stanford. alex morgan and company prepared for a match against eastern florida state college on saturday. it'
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the pride and orlando city team, the pride will host university of florida in a closed scrimmage. a lot of florida teams will not neither dancing shoes in the ncaa tournament. just to will represent the sunshine state with dreams of big upsets and make me to the final four. miami will travel to providence after a solid season in the acc. florida gulf coast, the cinderella program from a few years back is also advancing to a play in game against at du. if they win that, they take on number one seed north carolina in a loaded east region. the orlando magic return home, hoping to get well after a dismal trip out west, losing four out of five games. scott skiles and companies are back in the amway center tonight, the nuggets come to town. magic lead the series one to nothing. they will travel to charlotte tomorrow and return to friday -- return home friday to face the cavaliers. tomorrow
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s cancer with rages money for ps2 wizard.
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jason: we are working breaking news for 5:00 hour. -- ted: live coverage of a deadly car crash in i-4. the scene is westbound by sand lake road, but the florida highway patrol is detouring traffic off kirkman road. you can see the active scene here. this is from the camera just before sand lake road heading westbound on i-4. java between de jure kirkman for this deadly car crash. here' s the backup plan the you. sand lake road westbound, back to i-4 and you can guess you are no major delays.
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started busier, take the john young parkway or 528. amy, has a look at your weather. amy: we were quite hot and central florida yesterday admitted into the upper 80' s and a lot of spots. daytona beach in sanford both at 89 degrees. that was a tied record for daytona beach. orlando is an 87, melbourne hit 84. another degree or two added today and you look at the highs for today. even more sunshine today, yesterday the drier air started filtering in. now since really taken hold, that means we are starting off with a little bit of cloud cover. you will end up with mostly sunny skies. 71 in orlando, so it is pretty warm. her wind coming out of the west southwest drawing in that warm air as well. that is why those temperatures will climb.
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coast, six in daytona beach and seven in orlando. we have this low cloudiness, a little bit of reduced visibility. it is not a lot of ground fog, but we may see some of that patchy haziness settling in through sunrise. sunrise doesn' t happen until after 7:00 today. 71 in orlando now, also sanford it is 69 in daytona beach. 68 in melbourne. all around the area it is quite warm. as we have through the day, we will continue to be warm. a ridge of high pressure to our west southwest. that will bring us lots of sunshine and it will be a bit breezy, especially at the coast. warm today. although just a little bit of a breeze coming off the water this afternoon will keep us maybe a degree or two shy of our inland spots. look at where we are headed in our inland areas, 87 in the villages, 89 in clermont. i don' t think we will all that
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will be some spots within 90 today because of all that sunshine. kissimmee and st. cloud are headed to 90. 80 nine winter park in orlando and 89 in longwood in a veto. along the coast, same deal. mid-to-upper 80' s, a little bit cooler but not by much. i think we will get a little bit of breeze coming off the ocean. once those wins cap -- pickup, desk . another warm and dry day tomorrow. on thursday, we are mainly dry as well. maybe a few late day showers because our next front starts moving in. as this front hangs out nearby towards the end of the week, it is going to bring more clouds and also some scattered showers and storms. it looks like that front will be in north florida friday and saturday, meandering. once that front comes through on
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we get a bit of cool down as we welcome spring this week. jason: our team coverage of what some are calling mega tuesday gets going all new at 5:00 and a commitment 2016 coverage and we are looking at all five of the states heading to the polls and hundreds of delegates on the line. breaking news, the latest on the interstate shutdown starting out 5:00. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: breaking news on sunrise, a deadly crash has forced i-4 close at sand lake road. we are live on the scene with the latest. jason: the polls open in just hours for today' s florida primary. what you need to know before heading out to vote. thank you for waking up with us, we have you covered for to make -- commitment 2016. i' m jason guy. michelle: i michelle imperato. let' s get you out the door with a breaking news.
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jason: all traffic is being forced off that sand lake road. alex villareal has been on the scene. water investigators telling you but because? -- the cause? alex: we can see when we look at the vehicles that they did hit each other head-on. we got this confirmation. fhp confirmed that both drivers of these vehicles did die in this crash. we can see that one of the vehicles is a diamond taxicab. you can see its logo from her vantage point. the other is a minivan and appears that one of these cars was going the wrong way here on i-4 westbound. we' re still working to get more information. we are off i-drive near the holiday inn express. we have been seeing this massive emergency response playing out


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