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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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jason: all traffic is being forced off that sand lake road. alex villareal has been on the scene. water investigators telling you but because? -- the cause? alex: we can see when we look at the vehicles that they did hit each other head-on. we got this confirmation. fhp confirmed that both drivers of these vehicles did die in this crash. we can see that one of the vehicles is a diamond taxicab. you can see its logo from her vantage point. the other is a minivan and appears that one of these cars was going the wrong way here on i-4 westbound. we' re still working to get more information. we are off i-drive near the holiday inn express. we have been seeing this massive emergency response playing out
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moving through. i want to get you over to ted now so you can will be getting around this this commute. ted: the big thing here is that the sand lake offramp there on i-4 westbound. however, fhp has a set of -- the tour set up at kirkman road. get off at kirkman and take that southbound to sand lake westbound you will be will to get back onto i-4. at this point, because it is so delays on i-4. pretty good. amy has a look at your weather. amy: we will be warm again today. yesterday. it than yesterday on our big primary day here in florida.
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this afternoon. by noon we will be in the lower 80' s. we believe in hit 90 in some spots today. it won' t be everywhere, but most of us will be in the upper 80' s near 90. sunrise happens at 7:35. once the sun begins to shine, that will help our temperatures rise. 71 in sanford, 70 in melbourne and 68 in ocala. we are starting warm and we have a little cloud cover this morning. those will break up and the next several hours. once those clouds do begin to you road, we will end up with plenty of sun and we won' t have hardly any clouds at all once we get into the afternoon. 86 is where we are headed in ocala and salt springs, 87 in the villages and 89 in clermont. 89 in longwood and a veto, 90 end -- into sammy. this will be the warmest day we have seen so far this year. we are officially welcoming spring next weekend and is feeling more like summertime. 87 are high and palm bay today.
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jason and michelle. jason: turning to commitment 2016. s encircled on the counter for months now. michelle: florida voters go to the polls to choose nominees for president. 7:00 this morning. they will stay open until 7:00 tonight. some polls in the panhandle close at 7:00 central, so we won' until 8:00 our time. nearly 2 million people cast their votes early in this election, so the lines manatt be as bad as they years past. keep in mind, several candidates who dropped out of the race are still on the ballot. votes for candidates like martin o' malley, jeb bush and ben carson will not count. brett connolly joins us now with a look at exactly what is at stake today.
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-- today. so much at stake as voters head to the polls in five states. we have florida, north carolina, well. here are two big numbers to keep in mind for total delegates up for grabs. side, 691 on the democrats. each party is a different system delegates. we hear it all the time during the presidential election, florida and ohio, these two are winner take all states in the gop race. florida with 99 delegates. ohio is worth 66. here' s a current look at the race before he had to the polls. nomination. donald trump in the lead and ted cruz and second. for the democrats, 2383 needed for the nomination. hillary clinton has doubled up on bernie sanders in the race so far leading 1295 cap 580. a bit of forecasting, donald trump is a double-digit lead in the polls in florida and polls have and the and that quick in
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if trump wins both, he would the nomination. it marco rubio does not win in florida today, he will drop out of the race. cnn reporting the packs that support rubio have not purchased any ads after today. michelle: presidential candidate sarah palin will not be with donald trump today to watch the results coming in from the primary. palin is instead spending time in alaska with her husband. snowmobile crash. she canceled her campaign stop for trump in the villages. recover. jason: as voters head to the polls, they will give voice to their opinion about some local issues. in winter park, voters are said public library. in the larger facility would martin luther king jr. park. voters will be asked about $30
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we are your source for them in 16 coverage. our coverage begins tonight at 8:00 and continues until 11:00. you will hear from the winners, losers, voters as well as in-depth analysis into what happens next. michelle: volusia county deputies released the name of a man killed in a motorcycle crash. they say hose a mariano of deltona lost control of his motorcycle near tradewinds drive in deltona. the roadway shut down for hours s investigated. right now, they do not know what cousin to wipe out. jason: police and clermont a looking for a man with a bogus badger they say is dressing as a cop. jazmin walker is joining us now. one woman pulled over says he was the real deal. jazmin: he seemed pretty legit to her. she said he would -- said he was wearing a brown uniform and had a big flashlight over his shoulder.
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over his light -- turn on his clermont sunday night. restaurant parking lot. >> he came up to my window and asked me a few questions. just mainly about what was the hurry, where you going. >> thought it was a routine traffic stop? and you can give you a ticket or ask her drivers license? >> not my drivers license. he did say the next and he saw me, he would give me a ticket. jazmin: a man just happened to be in the parking lot and watch this all traffic stop go down. he says the fake cop had a gun. he was also driving a crown victoria, that he thought something was odd and called police. when officers got to be seen, the woman and man were told no officers in lake or orange county had reported any stops. michelle: thank you. new on sunrise, north korea is threatening to test a nuclear warhead explosion and fire more nuclear capable rockets.
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announcement in response to recent military drills between south korea and the united states. just yesterday, the usn sent to destroy her strip to japan to help strengthen -- a destroyer ship to japan to help strengthen ties. authorities say iran has the ability to launch a rocket with a satellite on top at any minute. if successful, it would be iran' s first-ever launch of this kind. like north korea, it would give them a new understanding of long-range missile technology. jason: apple has now left than 24 hours to send a response to the justice department. this is the latest in the department' s case against apple to unlock the iphone for the san bernardino shooter. apple claims that this would preach their promise protection of privacy for all of its users. this morning, we are getting a look at footage here of a tornado touching down in western ohio.
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the severe weather was instills burke. it caused a barn to begin. -- to be damaged. we want to get you back to the traffic situation we have been following all morning. michelle: westbound of i-4 shut down at this hour. ted noah had tells you how to get around it. ted: we are live on the scene. the westbound closure is extra happening at kirkman road. the actual scene is just before the i-4 westbound on brent. let me show you another picture from the dot. let' s go to our maps, there we have it. westbound detoured kirkman road' s. you will take kirkman road south to sand lake road westbound. get back to -- use that to get back on i-4. as the morning gets on, maybe consider getting off i-4 at john young. you could also get off at
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into i-4. amy: it is going to be a warm day in central florida, the year. we are headed to the mid-to-upper 80' s, even a few 90 degree temperatures are not out of the question. we are going to have more sunshine than yesterday. we have went coming out of the west which will pick up a little bit this afternoon. well above average. many of us will be about 10 degrees warmer than average. we are starting off warm. upper cities and lower 70' s. 71 an, 67 palm coast. the morning clouds, a little bit of low cloudiness in some spots will work its way out of here and we wind up with plenty of sunshine this afternoon with 82 by noon and topping out in the upper 80' s near 90 in a lot of our inland areas today, which again makes it the warmest date of the year. the arnold palmer invitational underway this week. today, the march for kids with cancer at 3:00 this afternoon.
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be another warm and dry day. jason: we are staying at top of that deadly crash that had us -- has closed the westbound lanes of i-4. michelle: we will tight to get around this straight ahead. michelle: -- jason: + a new
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. michelle: following breaking news and i form the tourist district this morning. a deadly wreck has all westbound lanes shut down at kirkman. all lanes are closed until the beach line. ted noah will have an update in minutes. jason: it is primary day. the big when the sunshine state with donald trump in the lead. it could be a make or break day for senator marco rubio. for the democrats, bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton. today is also high stakes race for the presence candidates in ohio. michelle: the division will have an in-depth look at the
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as voters head to the polls. >> on peter alexander from here in battleground ohio, traveling with ohio governor john kasich. his approval rating among ohio republicans is nearly 80%. k transit that into victory today to stay alive and help slow donald trump trajectory towards the nomination? trump is in ohio as well. we will have all of that when we see you are in today. jason: also what' s at stake for the democrats as they campaign for delegates across five states. you can see chuck todd live on her newscast at 6:00 this morning and then cigarette for more analysis when the today show gets going at 7:00 on wesh 2. michelle: a jury will hear more testimony in hulk hogan sac state today. the founder of gawker media will expect to be cross examined.
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he claims the site lead the recording. jason: new information. the uber driver accused of going on a shooting spree in michigan is now blaming the app. according to newly released documents, these came out yesterday. he told investigators he was under the control of the uber app. six people were killed and two others were injured that night. he says he couldn' t describe the feeling, but the violence was coming from the phone. monday' s release also included dash cam footage of his arrest and witness accounts. he has been ordered to undergo a mental violation. michelle: russia has pulled its first warplanes out of syria. they announce -- the announcement came moments ago. obama applauds prudence decision. putin says he hopes the move will bring peace to syria. jason: happening today, rick
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to answer questions about the water crisis in flint. the u.s. house oversight committee will hear from the governor and other key decision-makers during a three-day long hearing. the first hearing was held in february. neither snyder nor epa officials were involved in a questioning. michelle: according to the miami herald, 20 8000, 400 cuban nationals were to serve their prison terms could be automatically determine -- deported. jason: let' s get you back to the breaking news we' ve been following, we have team coverage as we are live on the scene. alex villareal is expecting update. michelle: we wanted to over to ted noah who has the way to get around this. ted: you can see right now this is up live on the scene of the accident which is westbound i-4 just before the sand like offramp. even though that' s where the
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being detoured. let me show you another shot of the d.o.t. camera. occasionally we are seeing a little bit of traffic on the right side. that was just the traffic that was stuck at the scene at this time, all lanes are blocked. the crash scene before the sand like offramp. fhp is putting that off on kirkman road. take kirkman to sand lake road and taken sand lake back to i-4. amy: we were quite warm in central florida yesterday. if you are out and about at all, you know. we had 89 in sanford, 87 in orlando and 88 in melbourne. even daytona beach made it to 89 with that wind offers the coast. that was a high record for yesterday in daytona beach. today is going to be even similar, some of us will even be warmer. getting very close to the record highs just a few degrees shy. i wouldn' t be surprised if we
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it is going to be just that one. more sunshine today -- today compared to yesterday. the wind will be coming out of the west this afternoon. keep us from really soaring into s. sunrise happens at 7:35. some kids headed to school today, some of your on spring break enjoying your week off. s are temperatures. a warm start on this tuesday. a little bit of low cloudiness , but visibility not producing a big way. five miles of palm coast and six miles in daytona beach. our temperatures right now, upper 60' s and lower 70' s. a warm start again with some scattered clouds. wind will be out of the west today and the cloud that we have this morning is going to go away. we will end up mostly sunny this afternoon, it will be breezy and form. though southwest winds and west
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80 six in ocala and salt springs. 88 eustis and 89 clermont. a couple of the spots will easily hit 90, especially a farther south where we get a little bit more son. 89 in longwood and oviedo. 90 and kissimmee and st. cloud. at the coast, almost as warm, we will be in the mid-to-upper 80' s. i think near the sand we will get a little bit of a breeze coming off the ocean. especially early today. those winds will be fairly light this morning. that should allow a little bit of a breeze to come in off the ocean. tomorrow, similar setup with a ridge of high pressure in control. he will stay warm and dry, maybe a few more clouds building in. on thursday, there is an approaching front. this front is not come sweeping through quickly and coolest down, instead it hangs out for a while. thursday into friday as the front hangs out, it is going to increase our cloud cover and bring us some showers and a couple of isolated storms as well.
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through on sunday when we welcome spring and then, it will coolest down and try us out. early next week, we will see our highs into the lower 70' s. jason: amy, thank you. training hard and hopes of making a comeback. michelle: the ucf the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus
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jason: we are staying on top of breaking news along i-4. you are looking live at the scene of a deadly crash that shut down the westbound lanes of the interstate. you will have to get off i-4 at kirkman road. we have live team coverage on sunrise. turning to some video out of a south florida, look at the scene. one person died when he slammed his car right into this publix grocery store early monday morning according to investigators. the drivers passenger was hurt. michelle: the store was closed in md at the time, so no one else was hurt. police say they still don' t know what caused the crash. jason: the nfl is now at knowledge link between football related head trauma and brain disease, cte. michelle: executive jeff miller made the admission it is the first time a league official has said there is a connection.
5:25 am
linked blank football to cte directly. when appearing before a congressional committee on monday, miller answered serna -- certainly when asked about it. death. hit the field with a brand-new leader in charge. scott frost takes over for his first spring practice. s winless season. he is already famous rapper and now drake could be the toronto raptors favorite fan. jason: hotline playing it turned into the hotline staying the chicago bulls. drake taunted and serenaded a chicago star. the bulls beat the raptors in the end by two points. had he been doing us a little earlier in the game, it could' ve been a different story. time may be running out if you' re looking to book a quick
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half of florida residents are planning in non-holiday trip the next three months. analysts say that hotels are filling up and ticket prices are on the rise. aaa suggests booking that right away. they also reckon men hotels on social media to get some of those last-minute deals. good advice. next at 5:30, staying on top of breaking news. a deadly crash shutting down i-4 right now. michelle: this is happening in the westbound lanes at sand lake road. alex villareal is there this morning. alex: we have been watching as this massive emergency response plays out here on i-4. i would say everything we know coming up about the crash at says kill two people. ted: we' ve a couple backup plans around the crash that will impact her drive. amy: we are not dealing with any rain like yesterday, we have warm temperatures and a few scattered clouds. we will talk more about the
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: breaking news on sunrise, i-4 westbound' s close this morning after a deadly crash. we are live on the scene and ted noah will tell you how to get around this. amy: are warmest day of the year so far happens today. who could hit 90 in your first alert forecast red jason: the polls will open for the florida primary in a few hours. what you need to know and what is at stake for all the candidates. thank you for waking up with us, we want to tell you about the breaking news where there has been a deadly crash on i-4. it has the road closed in the sand lake area. michelle: alex villareal has been here all morning long. she is joining us live at the latest developments. alex: we just got an update from
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we have been telling you that two people were killed in the crash. the drivers of both vehicles involved. fhp says they were male drivers and that a honda minivan was driving the wrong way here on i-4 westbound and collided with a diamond cab. we have been watching this massive emergency scene on the highway at sand lake road. this happened around 3:20 this morning. the westbound lane of i-4 do remained blocked. a want to get you to ted noah
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ted: what we know is that fhp has set up a detour. you will get off at kirkman road and take that southbound to sand onto i-4. once again, the detours to get off kirkman road, kirkman to sand lake westbound and then sand lake westbound back to i-4. you can always get off at john young parkway and take that to sand lake westbound or even john young tilde 528. and we are talking about a warm day in central florida, even warmer than yesterday. quite a bit of humidity, although we will see more sunshine compared to yesterday. start off early. once we get to sunrise, we will start seeing more and more sun as the clouds coed and temperatures climb. even some 90 degree temperatures expected today. it is 73 degrees out at bay hill
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wind is coming out of the west southwest. when will be' s fairly light this morning. later today for the kids marched that goes on at 3:00, it will be quite warm at bay hill. 68 in ocala and the villages. it is 71 in sanford and orlando. 71 in melbourne. we will climb well above average, 78 is our normal high temperature for today and instead be added to 89 in sanford and orlando. 86 melbourne and even a few spots with a 90 degrees. michelle: all right amy, thank you so much. commitment, voters are heading to the polls today here in florida and four other states. jason: it is single or swim for several candidates as they fight to stay in the will race for the white house. nikole killion has the challenges all the candidates face. >> this tuesday is so super, many are calling it mega tuesday. none --are more critical than
5:34 am
-- ohio and florida. hillary clinton seeks to advance or lead well bernie sanders oath more upsets like the one he pulled off week go in michigan. >> we will learn tuesday whether michigan and bernie sanders surprise victory if it was now live. donald trump dominates -- if donald trump dominates on tuesday, he gets that much closer to being unstoppable. >> polls show clinton and trump leading in most of the states. brett: as many of you had to the polls today, some of the presidential candidates will be tracking the results from florida. senator marco rubio is hosting a watch party from his hometown of miami at florida international university. front-runner donald trump stationed in palm beach at morrow lago. for the democrats, hillary clinton will be in west palm beach. here' s a look at the west -- latest poll for the florida primary and the gop side, trump with a double-digit lead over
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for the democrats, former secretary of state hillary clinton nearly doubles up on bernie sanders in florida. she has got 60% of ms. paul compared to sanders at 34%. nbc expects to release a poll in about a half hour. we will bring that you once we have it. precincts open up in 90 minutes and stay open until 7:00 tonight. jason: brett, thank you. local muslim leaders have a strong message about donald trump. they plan to denounce his comments about islam and event this afternoon. in a statement, they say trump is intentionally drawing little tension between the religion and radical terrorism. these taxpayers -- as taxpaying, law-abiding citizens, american muslims found mr. trump not only racist, but dangerous. michelle: ocoee voters will cast their ballots for a new mayor. rusty johnson beat jim sills back in november during a runoff. johnson was only finishing out
5:36 am
s term. he is now looking to stay for three years. make wesh 2 your source for commitment 2016. our live coverage of the primary results begins at 8:00 on cw18 and continues through 11:00. you can catch our election special on wesh 2 at 10:00. hear from candidates, voters and analysts about what happens next. jason: the lights are back on it seminole county after a crash with a powerful sending people to the hospital. crews worked late into the night on state road 434 near grant street. the intersection was shut down for hours. police say four cars were involved in a hummer slammed into a power pole. one of the drivers was seriously hurt as he was airlifted to ormc. wesh 2 spoke with a driver who says the power lines fell on his car. >> it was a pretty big impact because the hummer wasn' t expecting to dart in front of it. he ended
5:37 am
wires in the neighborhood and the lines fell on. new for moke -- jason: three chicago police officers are heart after a shootout with two suspects. they are excited be a cable one of the suspect was killed. the other was taken into custody shortly after. the officers were investigating drug activity on the city' s west side when they were shot. in maryland, a police chief says friendly fire killed an undercover officer during an ambush. prince george county investigator say michael foreshadowed the police station and his two brothers recorded on the cell phones. an officer died in the shootout, hit by another officer' s bullet. ford was hurt, both he and his brothers are in police custody. michelle: and american allegedly fighting for isis has surrendered to kurdish militants. he is being a targeted by kurdish fighters. this is footage showing him giving himself up.
5:38 am
from alexandria, virginia. his family says they sought he was vacationing in europe. a kurdish news agency reports that he crossed the turkish border a few months ago to join isis. tonight, friends and family will gather to member a 15-year-old murdered over the weekend. investigators say antoine davis was shot in the head on north lakewood avenue late saturday night. so far there is no word on any suspects. his family told police that he had an ongoing feud with other teens in the neighborhood. tonight' s visual will be held at stark lake at 7:00. jason: we are pushing to find out when a burst pipe line will be fixed in cocoa. more than 10 classrooms were flooded along with front hallways and offices. 800 students had to share portable bathrooms and no students were moved to dry classrooms. some parents still decide to pick up their kids. >> it' s crazy for 800 students, so that'
5:39 am
jason: so far, no word on what caused this pipe to burst. michelle: we are getting it back to that breaking news we have been following all morning on a high for commute westbound. jason: let' s begin with ted noah, he is a look at how to avoid the mess. ted: right now on the screen, this is the scene where the accident is on i-4 westbound. a deadly crash with two confirmed dead. right before the area of sand like offramp. we will show you a d.o.t. shot that we have also, live for we are on scene taking the investigation in and also wrapping up the accident scene. florida highway patrol set up a detour westbound at kirkman road . what you will do is take kirkman road southbound to sand like westbound, sand like westbound to i-4 westbound, that will get you around the crash scene. there are not any major backups because it is still so early. as we get deeper into drive times, you might want to
5:40 am
westbound on john young parkway and take that to sand long -- sand like. or the 528. amy: if you are headed to the polls today, big florida primary underway, polls open at 7:00. a little bit of cloud cover, but no rain. temperatures in the upper sixes and lower 70' s. as we have to the day, whether you' re heading out on your lunch break or after work, we are a temperatures being quite warm, no rain if you are line is outside today. it will definitely be climbing into the upper 80' s well above the average for today' s date. 70 degrees in orlando right now, 70 in melbourne. we have dropped to 66 in ocala, a little scattered cloud cover. as the cloud clears , our temperatures will climb to the upper 80' s. i would not be surprised if we even hit 90 degrees in a few spots is afternoon because of our west wind and of sunshine
5:41 am
that will send us about a degree or two warmer in a lot of our inland spots. at the coast, we will be in the mid to upper 80' s as well. a little bit of the breeze off the ocean helps us out at 86 in melbourne and 87 in daytona beach. jason: amy, thank you. push back against a plan to help solve the homeless problem a daytona beach. michelle: we will hear from
5:42 am
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. jason: we are staying on top of breaking news this morning along i-4. here' s a live look at the scene right deadly crest shutting down westbound lanes at sand lake road. kirkman. we have a crew there with fresh information and ted noah is monitoring this. life team coverage ahead. michelle: a huge donation is going towards the homeless problem in daytona beach. jason: one group planning to protest today says is just not enough. jazmin walker joins us. explain the issue. jazmin: it is over have a donation should be spent. the organization faith gave a
5:45 am
building the long talk about volusia safe harbor. the ceo of homeless and hungry incorporated and others protested. >> they want to build a punitive jail shelter to hide the homeless. we should be putting the majority of the money into job training, mental health services, medical services rid --. jazmin: the shelter would have about 250 beds. but some homeless advocates believe it' s a waste of money, especially if other aren' t on board. faye says the shelter is not a than just a place to see -- sleep. the organization says that would also be resource to get the homeless publishing back on the -- back on their feet. jason: and orange county judges and the practice that convicted defendants without them even realizing it. michelle: chief judge frederick here'
5:46 am
officer at -- administers a misdemeanor and the defendant gets two choices, pay fine and not have to appear in court or to fight the notice. some people pay the fine, thinking that is the end of it. then a conviction ends up on the record. some lawyers call this practice unconstitutional. happening today, a lawsuit filed six years ago over school funding finally goes to trial. counties if you state lawmakers of shortchanging the school. they' re challenging the system set up on jeb bush was governor. attorneys for the state deny all the allegations. jason: golf will take a backseat at bay hill as the fight against childhood cancer takes to be green. today' s the annual armies march on bay hill. young cancer patients will raise money and awareness at 4:00 this afternoon. the one-mile walk begins of the ninth hole. tomorrow is the big pro-am day
5:47 am
the arnold palmer invitational gets going on thursday. huge weekend ahead and we know you want the forecast. we will get to that in just a moment. michelle: we have to get you back to breaking news on i-4. this is a live look at the scene happening at sand lake road. ted noah is telling you how to get around that. ted: fhp is detouring you at kirkman. this is a live look at the actual accident scene on i-4 westbound just before sand lake road offramp. we do know there are two confirmed death of the crash. an active investigation is happening. there is no estimate that it is possible that i-4 westbound could reopen at 6:30. only a possibility at the moment. florida highway patrol is the touring folks off to kirkman road southbound. take kirkman southbound to sand lake road westbound. sand lake road westbound back to i-4. now that that read as backup, there are a lot of people getting ready for the
5:48 am
also consider getting up at john young and taking that to sand even john young to the 528 westbound. are backup plans there. either way, added a few extra minutes because you have to deal with traffic. amy: it is going to be a warm day in central florida. many of us will even be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. s. we could even hit 90 in a few spots today. t think it will be super widespread, but it is not out of the question. it will be that one today and tomorrow. thursday, we get a little more cloud cover. friday and saturday have clouds and even rain. that pop temperatures come back a little bit to the average of 78 degrees. the last time we hit 90 degrees is back in november. even remember that really warm december we had were we had were be broke the record a christmas day? that was only in the 80' s. we have not hit 90 since november 2.
5:49 am
melbourne. today, upper 80' s. if we had 90, i would not be surprised. it it -- it will be our inland spots that have the best chance of doing that. i wind will be a little bit lighter coming out of the west. 66 in ocala, 68 in the villages. 69 daytona beach and 70 melbourne. we are starting warm. a bridge of high pressure -- ridge of high pressure still in control for the next few days. it is blocking out any rain and allowing that sunshine to bring this temperatures up. we will be breezy with west winds and that will help those numbers climb this afternoon. here is a couple of locations. 86 in dunnellon and ocala today. 87 in the villages, 88 in mount dora and 89 in clermont. i wouldn' t be surprised if we hit 90 like an winter haven or kissimmee and st. cloud. we will be and 88 in deland and deltona.
5:50 am
we hit etienne yesterday in daytona beach with a strong southwest wind sending the heat over. that was a tied record high for yesterday in daytona beach. today, a little shy of that only because i expect a little bit of a breeze to comment off the ocean. water temperatures are only in the 60' s right now. that will help just a bit, but still very warm at the coast. 87 are high in titusville. 86 in melbourne. we still have that ridge of high pressure, although it does move to these two little bit. we are warm and dry for one more day. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80' s. thursday is when our cold front makes its approach. this front will hang out north of us thursday and friday, but it is going to start allowing moisture to fill in. that is why we will see more cloud cover, slightly cooler temperatures and also scattered showers. that front to does not totally clear the area until sunday and of course that means we will welcome spring with some
5:51 am
early next week, our temperatures will drop and we will see temperatures in the lower 70' s. jason: quite a change from where we are today. the orlando magic might not be the top of, but orlando is. michelle: this city -- jason: and coming up today on alan --ellen , gallup the dough is stopping by to talk about her new role in batman versus
5:53 am
5:54 am
jason: we are staying on top of this breaking news. there' s been a deadly crash on i for this is westbound near sand lake road. traffic is getting off the interstate at kirkman road. we have live team coverage, stay with us on the latest information and ways to avoid this mess here on sunrise. the orlando magic are back home tonight where they will shoot to start a winning streak. they lost saturday' s game against the portland trail blazers. the team faces the denver nuggets tonight at the amway
5:55 am
michelle: orlando has made the list of best cities in the country for basketball fans. the city beautiful ranks number 10 on the list. a website while a tub basted off of 18 different criteria, including the number of nba and college teams in the area. ticket prices, attendance and fan experience. the list ranks the magic new the bottom for performance. the stars of the hit broadway show hamilton took their act to the white house. jason: these guys perform for the president and white house staff. this is the oval office, oh my gosh i can' t believe i' m there. jason: writer of the show linrdmen well miranda job just joined the -- linn manuel miranda joined the president.
5:56 am
t that you can get tickets to show for years now. a big hit on broadway. michelle: the world' s largest mid to comments -- mcdonald' s will serve gas along the -- along i-drive. as for the food, there will be all your original favorites, plus a creative sandwich feature and even pizzas and pastas. jason: parents look at that and see that all the arcade games are going to run you try it. michelle: she has made people laugh on the big screen and now comedian amy schumer is coming central florida. jason: she is performing on the ucf campus in may. she is bringing her -- bringing it here on may 16. not a lot of info has been released, but --
5:57 am
a breaking news crash -- a crash on i-4 westbound. michelle: jason: alex villareal has what we' re working on for 6:00. alex: a head on collision killed two drivers according to fhp. why witnesses believe this may have been a case of drunk driving. ted: i will tie you how fhp is detouring traffic. we of the backup plan as well. amy: it will be our warmest day of the year as we head into the upper 80'
5:58 am
re but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message
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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. jason: right now, make or break. this decision guy in florida. what is at stake when you go to the balls. -- polls. michelle: but first, we get right to breaking news on i-4 westbound in orange county, you' re looking live at kirkman road, where all lanes are blocked due to a deadly wrong-way crash. jason: there is an investigation by florida highway patrol. we are awaiting a news conference this morning that we will bring you on sunrise.


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