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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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michelle: on michelle imperato. here' s a look outside. this is daytona beach, we are written up warm again today. amy sweezey is joining us. anything to worry out -- worry about? amy: is a little bit of low cloudiness. it is a little gray and gloomy to start off just like yesterday. the fogginess and low cloudiness will work its way out of your. once we start seeing a little more keep this morning, we get through sunshine -- sunrise and we will see more sunshine today. that will help our temperatures climb into the upper 80' s near 90 degrees. it is going to be another warm day. visibility is reduced one in two miles in a note -- in a number of the areas. as far as our temperatures, we are in the mid to upper 60' s in the -- in most areas. 68 in orlando, 65 daytona beach.
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up and that will break apart as we get through sunrise. 86 is where we will head in ocala, 87 in the villages and 89 in clermont. much like yesterday, muslims will be in the upper 80' s and a couple spots believe in hit 90 degrees. these are a first 90' s since november. it has been a wild. 87 in new smyrna beach and 88 in palm bay. it is 5:01, let' s see what' s happening on the roads. ted: two big crashes right now. first in osceola county, u.s. 192 westbound by fairwinds boulevard. -- four winds boulevard. i would officials wearing this is a deadly crash. it has lanes blocking traffic to read poinciana boulevard is the backup plan. eastbound 50, car into woods at four -- four christmas road. we are getting reports that there are two people side -- inside and possibly not
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you can' t get onto the 528 westbound from universal boulevard. jason: in commitment 2016, while you were sleeping, donald trump and hillary clinton picked up two more wins as they fight tight races on both sides. michelle: clinton winning by 51% and donald trump i-39 percent in illinois. >> while it is clear we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. michelle: you heard it there, this morning it is over for florida senator marco rubio, he -- rubio. he needed a win in his home state, but this contest wasn' t even close. jason: and now the republican race is down to three. jazmin walker joins us in studio. where it rubio go from here? jazmin: yeah, that' s the big question this morning. could he seek get on the november ballot for his senate
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straight to our political experts overnight. >> if i were rubio strategist, i would hold off until the 2018 to run for governor, because for him to try to run for re-election as a senator when he' s been an absent senator for the past couple of years and his poor showing in florida, i don' t think that bodes well for him for this year. jazmin: the other big question, who do rubio supporters back now? we talked to voters and campaign workers were just starting to think it over. >> so to support from would be really difficult for me, and i' m a republican through and through. >> to allow a clown show let donald trump to be the nominee is something we can' t allow. i think it' s important for a public and to fight and make sure donald trump doesn' t represent us in a general election. he will lose to hillary and he will lose by a lot. jazmin: supporters told us they' ll wait to see who rubio endorses before making a decision. no comment on that yet from rubio. he tweeted out a thanks overnight, along with saying we have a special nation because where you come from doesn' t
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>> to win the stage that we won and to win by the margins and especially, look this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is incredible. jason: trump celebrated his knockout win in the sunshine state last night in palm beach. his delegate count is climbing. michelle: it was almost a clean sweep for the front-runner, putting him closer to the nomination, take a look at the latest -- a few states are still assigning the delegates at the last night' s vote. here' s the scoreboard. donald trump is more than halfway to the 1237 he needs. that lead grill over ted cruz. john kasich has 138 after his victory in ohio. jason: and on the other side, hillary clinton is about 800 short of her goal with nearly double of bernie sanders total. clinton' s focus on florida really paid off, she made the win over sanders look easy. michelle: wesh 2' s adrian
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speech. >> after winning big here in florida, hillary clinton took to the stage at her headquarters in west palm beach convention center with thomas no introduction. she first thanked florida than ohio and north carolina. she says this election may be the most important of our lifetime. she says the nation need someone who need -- who needs to bring good jobs rising incomes. she says she is that person. >> but every candidate does it to you to be clear and direct and how we are going to make them work. that is the difference between running for president and being president. [applause] also says that every candidate makes promises during up to all the candidates to how they will pay for those things.
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between just running for president and being president. in west palm beach, adrian whitsett. michelle: count on wesh 2 for complete florida primary coverage online. we have a county by county breakdown of the votes along with a delegate tracker, that' s on and inside the wesh 2 mobile app. jason: we' re following breaking news overnight from the conway area. two suspects on the run after pistol-whipping a man and killing his dog in a home invasion. orlando police say two robbers broke into an apartment at the park at cambridge around midnight on conway road. police are telling us they robbed a man inside at gunpoint, pistol whipped him, and then shot and killed his dog on the way out of there. they got away in the victim' s car. it' s a silver mercedes with the 479-mfe. florida plate 479-mfe. if you see it, call police. at first light, investors will try to figure out how it beloved brevard county landmark burned to the ground.
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through the cocoa beach mansion known as the pumpkin center. the 10,000 square-foot home was built by the founder of usa today and florida today and sold last year for $4 million. firefighters battled the flames, eight crowd gathered on the beach watching his ashes fell from the sky. >> it' s very sad, i used to walk by here every day. i used to walk the beach every day, walk right past year. >> it hurts the community, it hurts us, it hurts me in cocoa beach. jason: firefighters are promising a full investigation into the blaze. so far they don' t believe there' s anything suspicious. five home invasion suspects remain on the run after a kidnapping and two crashes. ocoee police say five people wearing pig masks, broke into a home early yesterday morning. the people inside say two of them were thrown into the bathroom and a third person was kidnapped. and the suspects caused a crash that critically hurt another
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hit an officer' s cruiser. police think they know why the victims are targeted. >> this particular couple of guys ran a tax business. apparently they were very free with their money, they flashed their money, everybody knew on media how much cash they had. >> they posted pictures? >> they posted pictures. jason: the suspects got away with guns and plenty of cash. michelle: this morning. a local apartment complex is working to fix the chlorine levels in it' s pool after it made several children sick. this happened yesterday at the waterford east apartments on island bay drive. that is just off of the 408. fire rescue crews say five children for me in the pool when they started vomiting. one child was rushed to the hospital. jason: president obama can announce his pick for the next cnn reports the vetting process bring court justices early as today. cnn reports the vetting process for potential nominees is now finished. it could be an uphill battle for the president pick to replace
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because some republicans say they will block the nominee no matter who it is. michelle: new this morning, police are working to determine if a man shot and killed in belgium had ties to last year' s terror attacks in paris. the man' s body was found after an anti-terror raid there on tuesday. these are photos from the scene. police say they were targeting a group of people connected to terrorists from the november 13 attack. several officers were injured in the operation, but are excited to recover. jason: an awesome and potentially dangerous display of mother nature was caught on camera in illinois. you have got to give a look at your tv now. this is a supercell produced several small tornados over the city of bushnell yesterday. they kicked up plenty of dust and debris. so far, there been no reports of injuries. michelle: that is frightening. we are talking but our local weather here. we are warm again today. yesterday was hot. jason: we all agree with you on that one. people were out and about and
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amy: it was really nice. we had some wind coming out of the west and that brees was awfully nice, today we will do it again. we have a lot of clout this morning, the fogginess and haziness area as we have through the day we will lift up his glad just clouds. i temperatures headed to the upper 80' s. i don' t expect a lot of 90' s, but if related like yesterday. but is a mild start with the cloud cover up there. once the fogginess goes away, we will get sunshine a few scattered clouds and we will hit 82 by noon today and later this afternoon we will make it into the upper 80' s, near 90. yesterday we did hit 90 in orlando. today, i think we can do that again. we will be warm and dry for the pay -- pro at bay hill. a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. we will talk about that in the -- in a few minutes. it'
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ted: breaking news on the on scene with two deadly car crashes. the first on your map is in osceola county, westbound u.s. 192 at the fairwinds boulevard. that is a little bit east of i-4 on u.s. 192. we know that westbound has a bit of a backup approaching fair wind -- four wins boulevard. might want to use poinciana boulevard. in christmas on state road 50 eastbound at christmas road. what we know so far there are reports of one of the vehicles into the woods along state road 50. this is another deadly car crash that at hp is on scene with. you' re ultimately sake state road 520. jason: florida wasn' t the only big primary race last night. michelle: an upset has a lot of we' ll head to washington for the jason: plus, more trouble for
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the staggering price they could soon have to pay in the wake of
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jason: hillary clinton is declaring victory on twitter, saying we did it and she is thanking supporters. she picked up all 5 states yesterday, seriously increasing her delegate lead. donald trump also took to twitter, thanking missouri, where he was declared the winner overnight. one of four states he won. michelle: and marco rubio, who is now out of the race after that crushing loss here, posted this message last night ours is a special nation because where you come from doesn' t determine where you get to go. this morning jason: the ohio , republican john kasich campaign lives on. governor beat trump in his home-state, taking all 66 delegates in the winner-take-all contest. nikole killion is in washington
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>> even though donald trump and hillary clinton lead in missouri, the races were too close to call. it was a solid night for both candidates as trump racked up more wins in illinois, north carolina and florida. java and -- governor john kasich pulled out a must win in his home state of ohio. hillary clinton was victorious in the buckeye state. she cleaned up across the board, winning at least four states. bernie sanders looks ahead to the next contest. arizona and utah will vote next week. in washington, nikole killion. jason: we will have continuing coverage all morning. and her next half hour, we will recap the overnight wins and the latest delegate count. plus, you can get the latest information inside and the wesh 2 mobile app. michelle: new on sunrise, the city of ferguson, missouri has voted to accept a plan to overhaul it' s police force. city leaders voted unanimously on a deal from the justice department last night.
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a last month over cost concerns and the justice department sued them the very next day. saul comes in the wake of the deadly police shooting of michael brown. jason: cuba just became the newest country to have the zika virus detected in mosquitoes. state media says a woman who did not travel outside the country tested positive on monday. cuba was one of the latest countries in the western hemisphere without a domestic case. president obama arrives for his historic visit on sunday. michelle: investors are suing volkswagen for billions of dollars over the emissions cheating scandal. a german court says hundreds of investors are included in a lawsuit filed monday. the company has suffered big losses since admitting it installed software into its cars to cheat emissions test. volkswagen is declining comment on this latest lawsuit. jason: it' s march, it' s still winter. we haven' t turned the page yet. kids were playing in the polls yesterday. it' s wild, amy.
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and when the morning is warm, too, that allows your pull water to not cool off significantly overnight. we will do that again today. we hit 90 in a few spots executive, and patrick air force base were the three spots that hit 90. everyone else is the s. 89 in sanford and daytona beach. that was a higher -- tied record again. second day in a row for daytona beach. 80' s. a few spots will hit 90. we probably want break the 94. the melbourne record is 90 degrees. so getting kids to school, it is a warm start again at the bus stop. little patchy fog. like yesterday. once we get going today and we start heating up a little bit and we get through sunrise and
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of this low cloudiness will work its way out. we will still have some clouds is afternoon, but we are going to get more sunshine as we get going. can see in our visibility map we have a lot of low clouds. melbourne is a quarter of a mile at the airport there. southern brevard county stop that fogginess. orlando eye two miles, palm coast at four. a little bit of haziness in those areas. another warm start, about 10 degrees or more warmer than our average low temperatures. as we had to the day we still have those ridge of high pressure to our south. that is in control for now, but there is a front to our north that will start creeping in closer over the next 24 to 48 hours. 86 today ocala and salt springs, 88 eustis and 89 clermont. it will be a warm afternoon, upper 80' s in 90 again.
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87 merritt island and 88 is where we' re headed in palm bay. headed to the beach, keep in mind we have that low risk for recurrent water temperatures come up a little bit especially at cocoa beach in the lower 70' s. tomorrow we have this approach in front that stays north of us for now. it will start increasing the moisture, so i do think we will have more clout coverage tomorrow. a few showers possible, mainly to the north. marion county and flagler counties may see some showers tomorrow. friday, we will see some more scattered showers. it will not be a total washout, it will be like last weekend. from time to time in a few embedded thunderstorms, overall it will and sunday. s get over to ted. to cover, a deadly car crash on u.s. 192 in osceola county in kissimmee.
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re going to be traveling on -- give yourself a couple extra minutes and use poinciana boulevard instead. that' s a little bit least -- east of i-4. the second one is on statement 50 at christmas road. re hearing reports that the vehicle went into the woods and they are on the scene investigating. you state road 520 as an alternate. 528 westbound from universal boulevard, construction has that wrap blocked. get onvia i-drive or john young parkway. jason: celebrities and pro golfers are preparing to tee off. michelle: a look at the
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ted: keeping an eye on breaking traffic news. florida highway patrol on the scene investigating to deadly crashes. 192 it fairwinds boulevard, the second is at east and on state road 50 at for christmas road.
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fans will flock to bay hill to see celebrities and golfers in action. michelle: it' s one step closer to this year' s take arnold palmer invitational. jazmin walker has a preview. jazmin: it is going to be a star-studded day on the green is the pro-am gets underway. rory mcilroy is the first to swing. there will be a long list of sports celebrities. this is video plasters tournament where we spotted and smith, justin verlander and johnny damon. one -- three amateurs and one pga tour pro take on the course. first tee time is at 7:20. round one is tomorrow and you can look for coverage this weekend here on wesh 2 of the third and fourth round. if you ever seen in, there are still tickets available. it starts at $50. michelle: covering volusia county, bike week may be over,
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motorcycle enthusiast is pleading for the return of his beloved that parrot. jason: he says he left his macaw named spike on his motorcycle. when he came back, spike was gone. witnesses say the charges chase after the thief but could not catch them. he put up posters that the city to find spike. >> she is my life. it' s really hard. she' s my family. jason: if you have any information you are asked to call daytona beach police. next at 5:30, wanted largest transportation systems in our nation' s sit that' s shutting down this morning. michelle: when official cdc metro will reopen. ted: f hp is dealing with two crashes. amy: a little bit of fog this morning. visibility is down to a quarter
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise,
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more winds overnight for donald trump at hillary clinton. we are wrapping up a very busy night as the campaign trail makes its way out of florida. jason: breaking overnight, criminals bused into a house and kill it had on the way out. the clues police are using this morning. amy: a few spots in 90 degrees yesterday for the first time since november, who it' s 90 today. michelle: an iconic local mansion reduced to rubble this morning. we are live on the scene of a fire that has all of brevard county talking today. thank you so much for joining us this morning, i michelle imperato. jason: i' m jason guy. we will get to this in the investigation into the fire straight ahead. let' s begin with the heat in central florida. it' s warm when you step outside and it' s going to continue through the day ahead. we' ve a little bit of cloud cover and hayes. amy sweezey has your first alert forecast. amy: it is going to be a lot like yesterday in that we start
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as we get through sunrise, we start to heat up a little bit and we start seeing the wind increase. that will hope the fog lift and we will have scattered clouds as it to the afternoon. that means sunshine and warm temperatures. we will climb into the upper 80' s and if you spot several hit 90. visibility a quarter of a mile in melbourne, a mile and a quarter in palm coast in daytona beach. little more like hayes in sanford and leesburg. it shouldn' t so you down the roads too much, but it is a little gray and gloomy, including at bay hill. 70 degrees as the pro-am gets underway this morning. it will be warm once we get that stuff out of here. he was your temperatures climb. 66 ocala and 68 in melbourne. high temperatures they will climb, 89 an orlando in sanford. 88 are high in melbourne.
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s get a traffic update, here is ted. ted: f hp is investigating to deadly crashes, the first one is in osceola county and u.s. 192. it is really slowing traffic down at fairwinds boulevard. if you' re heading westbound, a little bit for i for, you the use poinciana boulevard. the other one is much farther east on state road. we have reports early that the vehicle involved went into the woods. as hp is on scene investigating that at the moment. it you wanted a backup plan, you and a closer. commitment 2016, the trump and clinton campaigns are charging forward. michelle: the front-runners but in florida. you can see hillary is really starting to fill up. hours ago she was to clear the
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jason: same thing for donald trump. he pulled up victories in the states. -- big country. marco rubio is out of the race at some turf. jason: michelle: a met michelle: -- amanda ober at the big question now. what does rubio -- do next? >> rubio about that he would continue his bid for the white house. apparently after seeing the early returns on tuesday night, that decision changed. a little after 8:00 p.m., he told supporters in miami that he the white house. s plan that the president to 2016 or maybe ever. and may -- and while today my campaign may be suspended, the fact that i' ve even come this
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and all the reason more why we must do it all we can to ensure this nation remains a special place. >> as for what is next for senator rubio, at this point he is not indicating. there is speculation he may run for governor in florida in 2018 when rick scott turns out. marco rubio stopping any sort of commitment at this point about his political future. in miami, amanda ober. jason: both trump and clinton are seeing a boost in their delegate count rid --. michelle: jazmin walker joins us. the new numbers have been coming in all night long. jazmin: we start in florida, trouble take 99 delegates from his when. he is halfway to his win. as you can see, trumps lead over ted cruz group. the senator has 400 delegates after super tuesday. john kasich has 138 after his
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on the democratic side, hillary clinton won florida, securing 146 delegates. she is 800 short of her final goal. clinton' s delegate count is nearly doubled bernie sanders. even though kasich one ohio, the political math does not give them a chance of winning in a traditional way. jason: wesh 2 is your source of commitment 2016 coverage on air. michelle: we created a county by county breakdown of florida, plus you can cap tracked the candidates as they continue to rack up delegates. that is all inside and the wesh 2 mobile app. a massive fire reduces a forecaddie landmark to ashes. this is the pumped and center in cocoa. alex villareal is life there. do we know what our this? --
5:36 am
question around this fire. -- their full investigation this morning. you can see this area is blocked off. barricade ourselves. the cocoa beach fire chief is saying there securing this are and protect the investigation. he told our crew that the state fire marshal will begin the total investigation as soon as the sun comes up. this home known as the pocket said it an icon in cocoa beach. 10,000 square feet and 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. county records show it sold for $4 million. it was built by al newhart. the fire chief says they got the alarm around 7:00 last night. it took hours to knock out the fire. officials will take time to find out exactly what happened.
5:37 am
is a very large, iconic house. there' s a lot of flammable area. it burned very hot and we' hoping to find it was started. -- find out what did it. alex: the fire to a number of onlookers to watch the shock and sadness as the landmark they knew so well went up in flames. we of course will continue to follow this investigation for you and as soon as we get new information we will bring it to you hear on-air and online at a live in cocoa beach, alex villareal. michelle: we are following breaking news out of orlando. two suspects are on the run after pistol with the men and killing his dog in a home invasion. orlando police say two robbers busted into an apartment at the park at cambridge around midnight. that' s near conway wrote in michigan street.
5:38 am
robbed a man inside at gunpoint, pistol with him and then shot and killed his dog on the way out. they got away in the victim' s car. it is a silver sadie' s with a tag 479-msc. jason: new on sunrise, two local religions -- religious leaders are facing charges in a child sex scandal. giles chanel he -- they are accused of allowing priests to molest kids. police say they knew the fire was a threat still put them in positions to abuse children. they are both pastors of florida churches. both still a pastoral duties with the roman catholic church. there is charged with endangering the welfare of children and criminal conspiracy. michelle: millions of commuters who use the d.c. subway system will have to find other means of
5:39 am
official shut down the metro on tuesday night over safety concerns and is not excited to reopen until thursday. the decision came after a fire on a track close several subway lines and caused delays on monday. look at those people waiting. the same problem caused a problem in a metro tunnel last year. officials are expecting electrical components. >> while there is a low public risk, i cannot allow the potential life safety issue here. this is why we must take this action immediately. michelle: the metro will reopen at 5:00 tomorrow. orlando international airport could get the green light for a new billion-dollar terminal. the airport authorities set to vote on a contract to start building the due expansion. the board started designing the year. build. florida' going to be a reality.
5:40 am
date -- state budget. it gives $20 million to the project. another 20 million will come from private donors and the rest will be paid by the ucf school. the downtime campuses set to -- the downtown campus set to cost around $60 million. michelle: kazakhstan is rolling out the rocket about to take two astronauts to the international space station. exhibition 47 launches. they will pick up or astronaut scott kelly left off. jason: some local kids are going to start having spring break time. with this warm weather, it is going to be perfect for all that. michelle: especially if you have the day off. you could his head right to the beach. amy: you will have one temperatures for sure. the water so called by my standards, but i know a lot of folks are ok by that. we have a bit of low clouds and fog he dislike yesterday.
5:41 am
similar to yesterday. once we get more sun, the windsor a little lighter and we will easily climb to the upper 80' s. 66 in ocala, 67 daytona beach. how did they held today, the program is underway. there is a little bit of fogginess. as the temperature rise, -- we' ll have some scattered clouds. the rest of us is afternoon i headed to the upper 80' s there 90. 86 in ocala, 87 daytona beach and 88 is where we' re headed in melbourne. time for traffic, here instead. ted: breaking news on the roadway, deadly crashes with fhp on scene. the first is in osceola county. it is a u.s. 192. it is blocking lanes and eastbound and westbound. it is exit affecting the
5:42 am
if you' re going to be traveling to or from i-4, a couple miles away from that. the second when under investigation is the christmas area. it is eastbound state of the at for christmas road. not blocking -- the vehicle went into the woods, but they have to -- not 522 backup plan. five 28 westbound on ramp to universal boulevard is blocked off for construction. you' ll have to get on through i-drive or john young parkway. jason: voting didn' t go smoothly for everyone yesterday but in central florida. michelle: the big issue that for some people to be turned away in orange county and what'
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jason: welcome back, it is 5:45. more than 4 million florida voters cast a ballot in tuesday' s primary. about half voted early. that' s 46% of registered voters
5:46 am
presidential primary in since 19 michelle: and six. here are the numbers for local counties. brevard county had 52 percent turnout. 47% of seminole county voters cast their ballots. the number was over 40% in orange and volusia counties. orange county is promising to do better after it there were not enough ballots to -- revenue showed up. ballots available. state officials -- >> i think it is safe to say november for the presidential election we will print about 120% of the ballots needed to make sure everything covered. jason: they are calling this a great learning lesson.
5:47 am
voters approved the $30 million bond to pay for the construction. the new library will be built and martin luther king jr. park with children' s programs and more books. the building also include an event center. michelle: marion county sales taxes going up 1% 30 next year. more than half of voters approve the hike, with public safety, capital improvement and road projects. it expires on december 31 2020. political coverage continues on the today show. hear from john kasich about his home state victory last night and what he is planning next. that is at 7:00 on wesh 2. jason: do developments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. the owner of the website gawker has to defend the newsworthiness of that video. he did not consider -- he said he did not consider whether hogan would be affected if they posted the video. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million.
5:48 am
hogan claims that the website in beta his privacy when it leaked the video. michelle:' s ever police of religious and community leaders will help reduce crime. they are holding an open discussion at the second shiloh missionary church. police print to neighbor watch, gun safety. boulevard at 7:00. jason: with moderate fire danger the forecast, firefighters and the condition. a controlled burn a contraction site got out of hand and spread. firefighters able to contain the flames and plowed a line to give the fire with me nearby shopping still drive today. a little bit committee in the air, but still dry. that will bring rain, but even that of the where we get the scattered showers and forms. that will be a little but
5:49 am
but until that happens, we have another one day ahead. look at yesterday, we had 90 degrees in orlando. most of us were in the upper 80' s, but we had a couple of spots that hit it as anticipated. the last time we were at 90 degrees was only back in november. it' s been a while since we' ve been this hot and we are going to be very similar today. well above our averages which are mid to upper 70' s. we are climbing into the upper 80' s, we have a little bit more cloud cover. the wind will be lighter. we stay warm again tomorrow at the front makes approach once the front was in closer, we start getting more clouds. that is also going to translate to cooler temperatures as well. next we will get a more significant cooldown. here is the cloud cover that we' re dealing with this morning. most of it is low cloudiness and fog.
5:50 am
ve reduced visibility, three quarters of a mile in daytona beach, a quarter of a mile in melbourne and a half mile in the villages of it some spots say low cloudy -- temperatures meanwhile, mid to upper 60' s. it is a nine worse -- 9 -- nice warm start. not quite as breezy as yesterday. once we lift those clouds in the wind kicks up, the temperature climbs. we will be getting a little more sunshine as we had the afternoon. clermont. these highs are very close to fox. a couple of 90' question. lots of us in the mid to upper 80' s rid 89 in longwood and out months brings, ocoee and windermere. 88 in deltona.
5:51 am
88 melbourne. tomorrow, there is a front nearby that will start increasing a most are little more. we will get a lot more cloud cover and we may see a few showers tomorrow, especially to the north where that front is rid basically where this front meanders into friday and saturday is where we getting the showers and storms to set up. it will not be all rain every day. but i think we will have scattered showers. once that front pushes through on sunday, we will end up with much cooler and drier air for next week. lots of sunshine and highs will get back down to below average in the low to mid 70' s. time for traffic, here' s ted. ted: breaking news on the roadway, to deadly crashes. first one on your screen is in osceola county. u.s. 192 it fairwinds boulevard. that' s a couple miles with my four. it'
5:52 am
on u.s. 192. use poinciana boulevard to the showing -- . investigation having at fort -- for christmas road. we know there were -- a deadly crash is not blocking. much farther south here on state road 60, about nine miles away from yeehaw junction, bad crash with. jason: here led a magic of
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michelle: michelle: if you are following the primaries last night, you might have missed the orlando magic' s latest win at home. jason: they face the nuggets at the amway center. they and this 116-110. with this victory, the magic are within five games of the chicago bulls for the number eight spot in the eastern conference. they will be in charlotte and facing the hornets. michelle: check those brackets,
5:56 am
the first two games of the tournament were held in dayton. florida gulf coast and wichita state earned their way in. there are two more games tonight. holy cross in southern will play to get a 16 seed. jason: harrison ford will grab his whip and a satchel once again. michelle: indiana jones is coming back to the big screen. disney announced the legendary fedora wearing archaeologist will return to the big screen for a fifth film adventure. ford has played professor jones since raiders lost ark in 1981. he is going to be 77 years old when this film is released. the newest installment does not have a title yet, it does have an opening date and that is july 19, 2019. jason: i' m looking forward to it. a local mansion reduced to rubble after a massive overnight
5:57 am
with what we' 6:00. alex: fire crews are still here making sure the home known as the pumpkin center does not catch fire again. i would say that everything we know about the investigation. ted: does go deadly crashes fhp is investigating. one blocking the roadway. amy: we are dealing with fog reduced visibility in many locations rid i have that and who will hit 90 degrees today. is mold-breaking. its intelligent drive systems... its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. r
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: right now, donald trump and hillary clinton are adding to their delegate haul. the new primary results just into our newsroom. michelle: what is next for marco after voters turned their backs on him. jason: this is what $4 million looks like when it goes up in flames. we are live into the investigation into what started this mansion fire. good wednesday morning.


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