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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: after a massive fire gutted it. jason guy. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. this fire started in the 10,000 square foot home 17 hours ago. crews are still on the scene as the stream of people looking on has been nonstop today. alex villareal talked to some people seeing history up in flames. alex: fire crews spent the morning looking for and washing
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the iconic mansion is now just charred remains after it burned down last night. >> i was in the home in the 1980' s and i was thought of it s treehouse. a lot of wood, old wood. alex: something out of the didn' t want to shares last name, home. it was built in 1975 by his former boss, the late owl neuharth, 4 -- founder of usa today and florida today. >> i contacted an editor friend of mine at florida today and they say it appears it is al' s former home. alex: it was a site that shocked many in cocoa beach as the sun shone on the devastation, dozens of people gathered. some snapping photos and others just staring. one neighbor captured this drone footage showing smoke still
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>> i came out and i got in the air and i was able to see that it' it' s just rubble. it still smoldering. it' s a shame. alex: the big question now, how do this fire happened. >> it means a lot to me personally to all of us in cocoa beach, especially the residents to get some adequate information. alex: in cocoa beach, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. jason: we are learning that the man who will woman said was dressed like a cop and pulled roving clermont is actually a real fhp trooper. she says she was pulled over sunday night. a report says the number on the car used to pull the woman over matches the number on a trooper' s vehicle. the trooper says he pulled the woman over for speeding and only issued her a verbal warning. as a result the be on the , lookout issued for a fake cop is being cancelled. michelle: deputies say to crooks took off a woman' s car while her
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the carjacking was reported at county. the woman was able to jump out the ride. taken into custody. the dog is still missing. jason: senate republicans are saying no to president obama' pick for the supreme court nomination. michelle: but a new nbc poll finds that a small amount of public wants the president and the person who may the vacancy. the paul also shows they wouldn' t be interested in that person getting a hearing and a vote in the senate. tracy potts has more. >> president obama announced d.c. appeals court judge merrick garland garland as his scipio court -- supreme court judge. >> he has built a track record of being a thoughtful, fair-minded judge of all is the law. >> there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of united states supreme court. >> as a prosecutor, garland
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he has been considered for the supreme court twice before but not nominated. garland would replace justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly last month. leave in the court evenly split with four liberals and for conservatives. senate republicans say the next deciding vote. confirmation hearings. >> the american people deserve the opportunity, during this election year, to weigh in. s top democrat president' s nominee. morning. why don' t you did as. >> judge garland, a moderate clinton employee has a two over. 32 republican supported him. president obama said judge garland will be here on capitol hill meeting with lawmakers . in our latest poll, more
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want to see a vote this year and the majority, 55% said they would disapprove of republicans trying to block that. tracy potts, nbc news. jason: there is still plenty of talk about last night' s primary vote in five states, including florida. the focus was on to candidates who seemed primed to square off in november. jazmin walker joins us with our commitment 2016 update. jazmin: all night and through the morning, the numbers have been changing. here' now. at -- donald trump pickup 99 delegates with his win in florida. he is more than halfway to the s lead over ted cruz as you can see. 138 after his winner take all victory in ohio and rubio is holding onto his delegates with his campaign suspended. for the democrats, hillary clinton is about 800 short of her final goal.
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participate in the next gop debate on monday in utah there it saying we' debates. s committed to a speech instead. that means the only two on stage will be on john kasich and ted cruz. >> the fact is we have to bring our party together. >> this race moves west next week. voters go to the polls on tuesday in arizona, utah and idaho. coming up today, we are following up on the eight headlines of election day. s next for running -- marco rubio what happens to his delegates. look for that report first at 4. s talk in little afternoon. we are you heating things up. jason: we are talking about the 90 degree reading on their for let'
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amy: very similar to dave to what we had yesterday. starting off with a lot of august low cloudiness and now we temperatures are climbing. we are already in the lower 80' s in most of the area. 80 degrees in daytona beach. the wind is a little breezy, not quite as breezy as yesterday though. still anywhere from five to 10, up to 50 miles per hour from time to time as her had to the afternoon. between the wind in the sun, it will be another hot day. we will make it to the upper 80' s in most spots and we will even hit 90 in a couple locations. we will talk more about that when i come back inside. also talk about the rain on the way for the weekend that' s coming up in just a few minutes. jason: orlando police just released new information about a home invasion. it included the shooting death of a dog. we now know the man targeted in that attack has been arrested. michelle: this went down on a home on conway road around midnight. police say two men burst through the door, stole the victim' s
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they also shot and killed the dog in that home. they are still on the run. but the man who lives in at home michael magie was arrested after , investigators found cocaine, pot, and a stolen gun. jason: five home invasion suspects remain on the run after kidnapping and to crashes. ocoee police say five people wearing pig masks, broke into a home early yesterday morning. the people inside say two of them were thrown into the bathroom and a third person was kidnapped. that victim was eventually let go. critically hurt and other driver. officer' s cruiser. the officer was not hurt. police think they know why the victims were targeted. >> this particular couple of guys ran a tax business. apparently they were very free with their money they flashed their money. everybody knew hustle for media. >> they posted pictures? >> the suspects got away with -- they posted pictures. the suspects got away with guns and plenty of cash. two local religious leaders are
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sex-abuse scandal in pennsylvania. giles schinelli, robert d' aversa, and anthony criscitelli are all accused of enabling a friar to molest more than 100 children over several years. investigators say they knew the friar was a threat and still put him in positions to prey upon children. giles schinelli is pastoral administrator of the san pedro center in winter park. and robert d' aversa is pastor of st. patrick catholic community in mount dora. both still have pastoral duties with the roman catholic church. they are each charged with endangering the welfare of children and criminal conspiracy. michelle: a local apartment chlorine levels in it' s pool after it made several children sick. this happened yesterday at the waterford east apartments on island bay drive. that is off the floor await new waterford lakes. fire rescue crews say children were swimming in the pool when they started bombing. one child was rushed to the hospital. happening today, orlando international airport could get
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billion dollar terminal. the airport authority is set to vote on a contract to start building the new expansion. the board started designing the new terminal last year and if approved, it will take about three years to build. new at noon, the city beautiful is leading the nation in job growth. jason: 52,000 200 jobs were that' s the most since 2004. expanding faster than any of the 30 other region in the country. michelle: bike week is over but , one motorcycle enthusiast is still there, hoping to have his beloved pet parrot returned. mike mularz says he left the macaw, named spyke, on his motorcycle on saturday night while he went to listen to a band across the street. when he came back spyke was , gone. witnesses say they tried to chase after the thief but couldn' t catch him. now mularz says he feels lost. >> she is my life. it' s been really hard. she is like family.
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posters throughout the city describing spyke. if you have any information you' re asked to call daytona beach police. jason: most kids are in class, but they are not learning reading or math. michelle: why these kids are learning how to handle a gun. an incident inside a new mexico pot store. >> on ted noah in the wesh 2 traffic center. still seeing' s more construction on i-4 westbound from seminole and george. could affect your job into the area. between just about state road 436 and altamonte to maitland boulevard did this project happen sunday through friday night through march 31. we saw some time with it and while they are changing out the lanes.
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bada ba ba ba jason: apple is lashing out at the federal government over a forced hacking. michelle: the justice department and the fbi want apple to help them unlocking iphone used by the san bernardino shooter. attorneys argued that bypassing existing security measures could pose a long-term threat.
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the phone, saying the government' s overreaching its authority. the government says apple just tried to make the case bigger than a single iphone. the next court hearing is set for next tuesday. winter park is getting a newer and bigger library. voters approved a $30 million bond to pay for construction. the new library will be built in martin luther king jr. park. the building will also include an event center. marion county sales taxes going up once -- 1% starting next year. voters approve to the hike which improves -- the sales tax hike expires on december 31 of jason: volunteers 2020. aim to arm students with knowledge about firearms by bringing them into the classroom. colorado city middle schoolers learned about gun safety yesterday, handling and testing weapons with volunteers from a group called project appleseed and the nra. the goal is to replace fear with respect, with a little history mixed in.
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a gun, never, ever. around the gun. you should say, this is a gun, we have got to be careful this. even though we should never trust guns, we should always be careful with them. jason: the course includes a data gun range with loaded guns. the ohio supreme court says the state can try again to execute a condemned killer who survived a 2009 botched execution. the court ruled today to reject arguments by death row inmate romell broom that giving the desk gives the state prisons agency a check -- second chance what amount to cruel and unusual punishment along with double jeopardy. the state stopped broom' s 2009 execution after two hours when executioners failed to find a usable vein following 18 attempts to insert needles. broom still has federal appeals pending. michelle: north korea has sentenced an american student to 15 years of hard labor. the news was reported through china' s news agency. otto frederick warmbier was arrested as he was leaving the country in january. he says he tried to steal a
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from his hotel in pyongyang. the north korean government claims he was encouraged to commit the hostile act. isis hackers claim responsibility for releasing a so-called kill it includes the list of missing minnesota police officers. address and phone number for state. the fbi is now investigating how the hackers got the information and the motive behind releasing it. minnesota has been known as a hot-bed for terror recruitment. jason: a terrifying incident caught on camera. officials released this video of the explosion. it happened last year. workers were using butane to extract thc from marijuana to make cannabis oil. into flames. nearby door and escape, and another is seen seconds later running and jumping through the flames to get out. both men had third-degree burns from the explosion.
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dangerous display of mother illinois. that is a supercell that produce several small tornadoes bushnell near yesterday. and debris. so far there have been no reports of injuries. michelle: that video is scary to look at. let' s talk about our weather anything but scary. amy: you can complain a little bit, but just sit tight because next we are back in the 70' s. if you' re not been a fan of the 90' s, just wait. we will be hot again today. yesterday we made it to the upper 80' s, we did hit 90 and a couple spots. we are headed to the upper 80' s, well above averages which is our mid to upper 70' s. we have lots of sunshine there. couple of clouds there. you can see lake eola, a couple of scattered clouds. despite the clouds and that
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already at 81 degrees. the temperatures are climbing in the dew point, mid 60' s. that is a lot of moisture in the air. of year when we are usually pretty dry. at least by march standards. we would be begging and paying for 64 when july comes. for now that is kind of muggy. we have some clouds out there now, they will be scattered about to the afternoon. and a lot of that morning fogginess has been working its way out west -- for the last several hours. we are already at 82 and the villages, it is 81 and melbourne daytona beach. our wind is coming out of the west, a little breezy today. not quite as windy as we had yesterday, but still enough wind are going to climb. so the numbers like this, some s
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beach. 87 in the villages and 89 today in clermont. and then tomorrow, we will finally start to sleep -- see some changes in our weather pattern. the ridge of high pressure that is anchored in place is finally going to start moving away and then the front to our north will be able to creep and a little bit closer. tomorrow, i really do not expect a lot of rain. we will get a couple showers in the afternoon, especially north of orlando where that front will be a little closer. we will have a little more moisture building in. fridays when we really have a better chance for rain. even then, i really think it' s going to be like last weekend where it is going to be a lot of clouds, it will seem like it' s about to rain at any second and then there will be some showers and if you storms. but it will be scattered. i don' t expect all day rain all over the place. it' s really going to be focused your by where this front settles in. as it meanders back-and-forth we will see that coverage of rain switch up a little bit for
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sunday it looks like the front will finally get a push through so when we officially welcome spring on sunday, we will get some cooler air coming in behind it. for early next week, look at those temperatures. lower 70' s, mid 70' s which is even cooler than are averages and our morning lows are going to drop as well. i know it has been warm and muggy the last few days, but once again into early next week, those lows will drop back into the 40' s and 50' s. jason: amy, thank you. firefighters and steubenville, ohio are investigating five house fires that broke out overnight. michelle: the first call came in just before midnight. most of the homes were vacant. nobody was hurt me fires. investigators say these fires add to the list of several they can homes in the city that caught fire in recent months. jason: a large portion of a california highway has collapsed right in the middle. this is what it looks like. there are breaks and cracks causing concerns. the ground is so saturated with water and mud that officials expect more chunks of the highway to give out.
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out a plan to fix it. a colorado man says he was given a ticket for one of his a -- posts on facebook. michelle: michael dalton is accused of running a stop sign and driving reckless for a video that he posted, taking a shortcut through a park near his home. he was visited by police about a week after he posted the video. >> so you are writing me for the stop sign based on my video? >> yes. >> ok, perfect or it. michelle: officers say what you can post of you like, if you are breaking the law, they can do something about it. jason: the two kayakers in this incredible viral video are facing charges now. michelle: why they are being
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if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful than claritin because it starts working faster try zyrtec muddle no more . michelle: latebreaking this afternoon, rick scott is calling on republicans to get behind donald trump. jason: he made the announcement on his facebook page. the governor has been rumored to be a vice president of candidate on a truck ticket. we will have more of a statement floors primary. michelle: powerful video showing a multimillion dollar mansion in brevard county destroyed.
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amazing video showing to kayakers riding over a waterfall in kentucky has gone viral. jason: now those daredevils are being cited for trespassing. here' s the cell phone footage capturing the attention of social media. they go right over the falls. one of the sick professional kayaker. he takes a read over the waterfall. the other is wearing a grope up -- go-pro and shows you first -- from the vantage point of what it' s like to go over the falls. both men say it was a ride that was the result of hours of -- training and 15 years in the sport. it was a personal goal for both of them. it will cost me a few hundred bucks because of the trespassing violation. michelle: i guess it' s worth it. if it' s their lifelong dream for them, i' m sure it' s worth it. michelle: they could' ve -- jason: there' s always a fall somewhere.
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and wrong, they can get you. michelle: you learn something today. amy: it is beautiful, we' re in the lower 80' s right now. headed to the upper 80' s. it will be warm and muggy. st. patrick' s day, a little bit of rain possible. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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