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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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dave is joining us on the thursday morning. what' s happening? dave: warm and sticky conditions across central florida. temperatures in the 60' s and believe it or not as warm as the lower 70' s out there. with that we will ahead all the way into the middle and even some cases the upper 80' s. there is a bit of cloud cover this hour, starting at warmer than normal. six, eight degrees above normal. temperatures in the lower to s this afternoon. typically are high temperatures are about 70 degrees. certainly above normal. that humidity level , that will mean very warm and feeling even warmer than the actual thermometer reads. it will mean an increase in clouds today and that eventually will result in isolated showers. mainly in a northern counties, but the next couple of days with rain chances increasing, i will have that in a few minutes with your seven-day forecast.
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re looking at your roads on i-4, construction westbound left lane blocked in ivanhoe. making that drive to downtown happening there. right before osceola parkway on turned out -- on the turnpike. in the valencia college -- mile marker 33, a right lane blocked. michelle: overnight we learned one person died in a house jason: fire in lake county. jason:those flames broke out around 9:00 around ridgecrest loop in mineola. alex villareal is life there this morning. do we know what caused this fire? alex: as with any deadly fire, the state fire marshal' s office will be figuring that out. we do know from the fire chief year in mineola that firefighters made a heroic
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find anyone in the house. the one person they did find could not be saved. this happened around 9:00 last night at -- when the home went up in flames. officials say they will release it and he of the person who died as soon as families notified. others inside the home were able to escape with minor injuries. mineola city manager mark johnson is calling on the community to help the victims. he says now is the time for us to come together and pour out our love for his -- this family. he asked for prayers and donations. officials are planning to set up an official donation drop-off point. they are asking citizens to -- other residents to test their smoke alarms. we will continue to follow this investigation for you. we will bring you new information on air and online at live in mineola, alex villareal.
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a man about a deadly shooting in an orlando apartment complex. brett connolly joins us now with the investigation. brett: very limited details into this investigation so far. what we can confirm, a 26-year-old man was gunned down last night and authorities are interviewing at least one person in custody. police were called to the chowder bay apartments, responding to a aggravated battery complaint. that complex is south of downtown orlando just west of orange blossom trail near holden avenue. that call coming in just before 10 a clock last night. officials are questioning a hispanic man in his 40' s. so far he has not been identified. the orange county sheriff' s office is calling this an ongoing investigation and we could learn more details coming later this morning. jason: brett, thank you. officers arrested five teenagers they think could be behind a multicounty crime spree. the group was
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they say the car they were in were using a string of robberies. investigators from those agencies haven' t called in to see if these teens are connected to those crimes. michelle: the 15-year-old accused of running down in orange county sheriff deputy will be in court. jancarlos ortiz is being charged as an adult in the case. sergeant marcy pearce says ortiz hopped into a car and rammed right into her when she was trying to arrest him on burglary charges last month. he is facing several charges, including second-degree in -- attempted second-degree murder of a law-enforcement officer. jason: president obama' s supreme court nominee will be meeting with lawmakers. tracie potts is the latest development. >> a handful of republican senator senators have agreed to meet with the president supreme court nominee, judge merrick garland on have -- capitol hill.
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>> that' s a good thing. there is a constitutional responsibility that members united states senate have to consider the presence nominees to fill a vacancy in the screen court. it' s as simple as that. >> chuck grassley may meet with garland in april after the break. others are undecided. >> if i do meet with him, admin at not be a good use of this time because i' m not going to change my position because it' s based on the principle. >> the senate' s top republican spoke with garland by phone but won' t meet face-to-face. majority leader mitch mcconnell called waiting for the next president' s nominee a fair and reasonable copper mice. the house speaker agrees. >> the president has every right to nominate whoever he wants to. the senate, which is a co-equal branch of government has every right not to act on the nomination. >> senate democrats rally outside the supreme court, urging republicans to act. >> if merrick garland can' t buy it -- get bipartisan support, nobody can. >> have the guts to vote yes or
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>> republicans found no hearings, no votes. the nra is strongly opposing judge garland' s nomination. after examining his record on the second amendment. from washington, i' m tracy potts. michelle: new information today, the deputies that it failed to arrest the donald trump supporter who separate budget protester have been suspended. it shows 78-year-old john mcgraw posting -- punching a protester who was being removed from a rally in fayetteville. mcgraw was like to stay in the rally and was in charge to the next day. the sheriff says the failure to act by the deputies on scene won' t be tolerated. three of those deputies are of the job for a week and two others are suspended for three weeks. from this getting national attention again today for what many are calling a warning of what will happen if he doesn' t get the nomination. the frontrunner talked to cnn on wednesday about the possibility of a brokered convention. he says picking a candidate who
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>> i don' t think you can say that we don' t get it automatically. i think you have riot. i think you have arrived. i' m representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. michelle: next week' s republican debate was canceled and -- when donald trump and john kasich said they don' t plan to participate. jason: soccer' s governing body admitted in court documents wednesday to some leaders taking cash. the money that was exchanged taken into evidence by the fbi. fifa says even though some leaders committed crimes, the organization itself is not corrupt and they are demanding that the money is all given back. this morning, detectives in cocoa asking for your help. they need to find this robbery suspect was caught on camera breaking into a the emmys cafe. he stole cash from the register, along with a pair of shoes.
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a luggage inspection at orlando in a big drug bust. take a look at this. investigators say they found six pounds of heroin in the backpack of them men arrived from mexico city. the man was arrested. the drugs of a street value of about $170,000. just a few hours from now, pro golfers will be teeing off for this, the first day of the arnold palmer invitational. michelle: the annual event at bay hill benefits the arnold palmer medical center. matt avery is the first two-time defending champion of this tournament. you can watch the third and fourth round of action on wesh 2 this weekend. boy is it muggy out there. dave: they are going to be fanning themselves out there. weather-wise, today and sunday will be the best days of the tournament. we are talking about showers on writing and saturday. your forecast for today a few are heading out to bay hill, one
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warming up, but sticky. the forecast. there' your outlook. a bit as well. the temperatures and the dew point are very close, high humidity levels and some slight fog in a couple locations. slightly lower visibility and a couple locations as well. in the end, look at these morning lows in the low 70' s. systems run north, a chance for showers. watching temperatures climb into the middle to upper 80' let' s take a look at traffic. ted: looking at roadwork, lots of it in a variety of locations. a live picture of the 417 and this is southbound at mile marker 33. right lane blocked there. we' re seeing some roadwork on i-4 westbound at ivanhoe.
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not so bad with the travel times. no major disruptions, even from colonial to the turnpike, it is looking good. jason: a major change that could make your next car safer. michelle: the feature all cars will have required to have in the next few years.
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jason: breaking news we are following right now on sunrise. overnight we learned a person died in a house fire in lake county. these are some photos from the scene. flames broke out around 9:00 last night along ridge crest loop in mineola. other people were able to escape . the person he died in the fire has not been verified. michelle: orange county deputies are investigating murder it apartment, what. one person was shot and killed at the chowder bay apartments off south rio grande avenue. a man has been detained, but it is not clear be as been charged. jason: president obama supreme court nominee will meet with lawmakers on capitol hill. and handful of republican
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leaders insist he will knock a hearing. happening today, a major safety announcement. this is affecting all future vehicles. michelle: automatic emergency brakes only, and some cars, but as brett connolly' s or to tell us, that is about to change. brett: this is a major change for the auto industry and drivers, they will have to adjust to their car stopping when you don' t touch the brakes. officials believe this will cut down on accidents and saved some lives. it' s currently an option for some luxury vehicles, but beginning in 2022 technology will be standard for everyone. the official term for this is automatic emergency braking. that means if you' re about to hit or get hit, your vehicle is going to stop for you, specifically rear end crash in. technology uses cameras, lasers and radar detecting immigrant crashes.
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studies -- it will take suvs and pickups and little bit longer to get the technology implemented. if you think about the amount offender vendors alone that clog up the highways, not necessarily serious accident but problems. if that can get rid of those, this would be worth it. talking about safety and maybe a little less congestion on the highways. michelle: will take it. jason: things are back to normal long metro railway in washington dc. it opened up a few minutes ago at 5:00. it had been shut down since tuesday so crews could examine all the third rail power cables. the shutdown came response to a series of electrical fires on the tracks. the chairman of the railway system apologize for the inconvenience to the riders. michelle: army sergeant bowe bergdahl is shedding some light on his reasons for deserting. bergdahl says he left the post
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to leadership problems. his attorneys released a document from last year showing when he left opposed. officials to determine that bergdahl suffered from a personality disorder which can cause a person to develop significant mistrust of others. he is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. jason: police in brevard county are saying the woman making purchases with fake bills. police say this woman, take a good look at the security image gave the worker a $100 bill along fits boulevard. she ran away when he were questioned her about the bill. she was seen carrying a large gray purse with tassels and wearing sunglasses. michelle: there is a renewed effort in sanford to make the streets safer. this is in response to several recent killings which have not been solved. sanford police joined local pastors at second shiloh missionary baptist church last night. the police chief is looking towards the summer and keeping young people occupied. >> we have a couple different initiatives we are working with through our church and through
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it is important for the young people to get out there and understand it as well that we are looking to try and bring things to keep him occupied for the summer. michelle: they also talked of a neighborhood watch and gun safety. sanford police officers are organizing a gun buyback for april 17. jason: the woman who completed a record swim from cuba to florida will be speaking in florida. she' ll be attending a luncheon at the rosen center hotel at noon. back in 2013, she became the first woman to plead a swim from havana, cuba to key west without a shark cage. people think about getting on the water -- getting in the water on a day like this. dave: beaches already into the 70' s are ready. it' s very nice out there. we will cease and showers later in the forecast, not necessarily a big-time situation today, but tomorrow and saturday. we have foggy conditions in some
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not too bad, it is patchy and dense in a few spots. not having a major impact on the local roadways. there are your current temperatures, way warm, 72 in ocala, 71 cocoa beach. no minute 66, 68 in orlando. we are headed back up into the 80' s. many of you yesterday saw the upper 80' s, a couple spots touching 90 yesterday afternoon. we are looking at a very similar setup for today. heading to the bus stop, send the kids in short sleeves and maybe even short pants. patchy fog early on and some scattered clouds with a very small chance of clouds as the bus comes home today. you a chance mainly for a northern county. the frontal boundary to the north is trying to slip south. this high-pressure blocking it. eventually the highs will slide away tonight and into tomorrow. that will be a better situation for rain for friday and saturday. cloudy across northern parts of the points it -- peninsula. it will be scattered clouds in
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chance for rain later today. a 20 to 30% chance in the northern county. 20% chance along i-4. for friday, it will get a little bit developed out of the gulf of mexico. the boundaries right on top of us. showers will be in the forecast for friday and a better chance of thunderstorms as the front moves the run saturday. on sunday, the' s front slides to the south there it conditions clear on a nice afternoon on sunday. looking into monday and tuesday of next week, looking good as well. 85 paisely, 85 in claremont as well. that is the forecast for today. partly cloudy skies and most cloudy in the afternoon. a slight chance for rain and a northern counties. much lower in southern counties. palm bay at 85, 85 in merritt island. aching of the coastline , you want to get to bay hill today, it is the first round of the arnold palmer invitational.
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s. a sticky and warm day at bay hill. not a lot of swell, no big threat from the waves. a little bit threat for showers on friday and saturday. clearing up by sunday. ted: we are starting off a live shot of 417 southbound, mile marker 33, a right lane taken out. and mile worth of construction that could slow you down. i-95 northbound state road 44, lots of construction happening here. a mile worth of construction taking out a left lane in volusia county. turnpike southbound, construction before osceola parkway has a left lane blocked. jason: more trouble on the beach a spring breakers are flocking to daytona. michelle: more in the alcohol
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jason: investigators in the panhandle of trying to figure out what caused a crash between two school buses and a tractor-trailer. here is video footage of that wreck. it happened yesterday when this
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school bus which landed to another school bus. no one was seriously hurt. please to not believe drugs or alcohol play role in the rack. more trouble involving the spring break crowding daytona beach. michelle: a beach safety officer was injured while dealing with a spring breaker on an alcohol violation. the officer suffered a dislocated shoulder. alcohol is illegal on the beach and police say they' ve made more than 100 spring break related arrest this year. jason: here is a trending story, a pro baseball player has quit because he couldn' t have his kid in the clubhouse. the president of the chicago white sox told adam laroche on how locke -- to dial back on how much he should have his kid around the team. as a response, laroche retired. their reports he might reconsider his decision and rejoin the team. michelle: got in trouble at home.
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michelle: nike has finally released its first self lacing sneaker. the shoes now allow user to make the fit looser or snug or by pressing buttons on the side of issue. they' re excited to go on sale in time for the holidays. they will only be available for members of the nike+ app. jason: so not us. there' s some more trouble coming out of election day this past tuesday, but not for voters. michelle: what poll worker say about that check. we had outside to alex villareal. alex: minneola resident is dead
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i wa announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: breaking news on sunrise, we are live on the scene of a house fire that killed one person in lake county. what we' re learning from investigators. jason: gunfire or upset in orange county apartment complex leaving one person dead.
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investigators overnight. michelle: the president supreme court nominee pays a visit to capitol hill. why he is not exactly being welcomed with open arms. thank you for waking up with us, on thursday, st. patrick' s day. i' m michelle imperato. jason: we will also be talking about the happiest cities in the world. the u.s. doesn' t have the number one, or even the number top 10. we will get to that straight ahead. my would love to go anywhere when it' s nice and warm in the winter here in the city beautiful? let' s go to david the forecast. dave: i have issue with that as well. you have melbourne, daytona beach. winter park, eatonville down into sanford, down and kissimmee. all these places and happy places to be. 69 degrees in daytona and sanford. warm in the wintertime, exactly. way warmer than it should be for this time of year. low 70'
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talking about a sticky day today in central florida. visibility has been dropping in some locations going back and forth along the i-4 corridor. the concern is low visibility out there. patchy fog in the forecast over the next hour or two or three and that will left, leaving us partly cloudy skies and a warm day. captures back to the middle ages. 8788 on the i-4 corridor. we' re talking a long north of i-4 with 20 to 30% chance of showers. possibly even a rumble of thunder in the afternoon because it' s so hot, the eastern sea breeze will slide in. a little possibility for more energy in the atmosphere. we are talking but the threat her some showers and thunderstorms. first alert futurecast shows that as we work into the pm hours, the boundary heads to the south little bit. some spotty showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder in the forecast today. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80' s, so a lot warmer than it
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we will look for more randy forecast for friday and saturday. ted: we are looking at i-95 construction northbound going through state road 44. a mile worth of roadwork. flashing lights distract you. keep that in mind if you' re north of that area. turnpike southbound approaching osceola parkway, left lane blocked. overall things are pretty pleasant for the morning commute. especially on i-4 in the trouble spots. lake mary to lee looking good. jason: right now we are on the scene of breaking news in lake county. we know one person died in this house fire. here' s the photo from the scene. it all happened in minneola. michelle: fire fighters from a number of departments responded to this. alex villareal is live at the scene with the latest. alex: the big question this morning is how did this fire started.
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will be here today to investigate that. me, you can see that at this home. really would to see the building is very charge. this with the fire department took and it shows just how huge these flames were. if i achieve here in minneola says firefighters made a heroic effort to rescue anyone trapped inside the house. at that one person they found could not be saved. the home went up in flames went crew -- was up in flames when crews got here at 9:00. the two-story house was destroyed. officials say they will release it and give the person who died as soon as family is notified. others in the home are able to escape with minor injuries. minneola city manager mark johnson is now calling on the community to help the victims. he says now is the time for us to come together and pour out
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he asked for prayers and donations. we will let you know where the drop off point will be for those donations as soon as that is announced. the city also encouraged other residents to test their smoke alarms and install new batteries. officials to say it is not known whether this house had working smoke alarms at the time of the fire. but it is still an important reminder for everyone and we will continue to follow this investigation for you. as soon as we get new information, we will bring it to you on-air and online at michelle: new details this morning about a late-night shooting at an orange county apartment complex. we learned one person was killed from the gunfire the chowder bay apartments on south rio grande avenue. deputy city 26-year-old victim oh. a man has been taken into custody, but it is not clear he has been charged. the victim' s name is not been released and no reason for a motive. jason: some of the most important people are having
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thousands of local poll workers got bad checks. that connelly joins us. how is the supervisor of elections responding? brett: they are reacting quickly. officials even created a drive through to get this -- to get people through the process of getting paid as quickly as possible. more than 5000 -- 1500 orange county poll workers were paid to work the election and they got bad checks. some went to the board of auction -- board of elections, others from the bank. >> we were contacted from adp and told that they did not pull the funds from our checking account to cover the checks. brett: so some work is that of bitterness for year says -- year said it will not stop of the big in the future. one of them saying they won' t see -- have not seen a state
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one of the issue the florida primary, some polling station that have enough ballots. so a couple areas for improvement the next time around. michelle: this morning, we are waiting to learn if an alleged carjacker is out of the hospital. he allegedly stole a woman' s suv with her dog still inside before crashing it. we spoke to a man who ran to help them. >> i pulled the dashboard off and he was laying right there in the back behind the front desk behind the seat. i reached out and grabbed by the arms and baltimore in the car. fire just went right through the old carbon on fire. jason: deputies say andre michelle: -- deputies say andre pomerleau got into the car yesterday morning. several miles away. probably 20 foot flames can have a car. michelle: no word on his condition this morning. the golden retriever in the car ran to a nearby home and was
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jason: volusia county commissioners will talk about spending millions of dollars for body cameras. a public hearing is set for 9:20 this morning to go over the plan. the county would spend nearly $2.5 million for those cameras, plus four years of maintenance. that is enough cash traffic more than 200 deputies with his cameras. this morning, the president' s pick for the high court heads to capitol hill. but he is not exactly getting a warm welcome. nikole killion is in a washington bureau with who the new nominee meeting with today. >> judge merrick garland will meet with democratic senators today on capitol hill, but it' s republicans who need more convincing. fresh off his introduction at the white house, >> i am nominating judge merrick garland to judge -- join the spring court. >> president' s new supreme court nominee makes his rounds around capitol hill. >> if the senate sees fit
5:37 am
confirm he for the nomination today, i will follow that course. >> garland meet with top senate democrats, including patrick leahy and harry reid. democrats demand senate republicans consider the presidents pick, but so far the gop has refused, saying it should be up to the next commander-in-chief. >> president obama made his nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. >> mr. obama told senators to do their jobs. politics, it has to be. and it should stay that way. >> not all republicans are shoulder. he is due to meet with at least one key leader after congress returns from its break while several others say they are open to meeting. in washington, i' killion reporting. new follow-up for the
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also. senior defense official said more than a dozen people are being disciplined. the mistake last october killed 42 people at the doctors without borders facility. none of the personnel being punished face criminal charges. students are returning to a marion county school did -- school after a teen nearly mated school with a gun. police say a student try to leave his home with an ar-15 and ammo. a family member stopped him. campus and student reverend danger. jason: the cdc is updating about the fight against the zika virus. update after a sexual transmitted case was diagnosed in polk county last week. the cdc will host a conference call this afternoon with doctors from across our state. 59 cases of zika virus have been confirmed in florida.
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use the 408 are about to be impacted by the i-4 ultimate project. michelle: the orange avenue on-ramp is set to close tonight. the temporary rental take it' s place for blocks away off division street. we looking to ramp create some 408 interchange. jason: we are following some breaking news from seaworld. they are ending their killer whale program. the company has a press release moments ago that the orc is at the park are the last ones to be held in captivity. the orca breeding program is suspended as of today. we are going through this full announcement right now. look for more details in a report ahead at 6:00 on sunrise. michelle: let' s talk a little bit better weather. people have been hopefully enjoying the weather. it is a tad hot. jason: it' s heating up. we are talking at the mid and
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dave is in for amy, he has the forecast. dave: not a bad day for a marine mammal in central florida. it will be warm in the ocean and lake. the pool temperatures are up as well as it we have patchy fog around central florida, that is one issue we are watching. 68 right now, well above typical this time of year. afternoon highs, 10 degrees above normal. 72 in ocala, 69 sanford, 65 in the melbourne area. some patchy fog around. clouds in the outlook and later today this boundary way up north could mean a few showers, even a rumble of thunder in the forecast is the work into the afternoon. headed to the 60' s and 70' s run in a middle and even the upper 80' s again today. ted, what' s happening with traffic? ted: it' s actually pretty quite. good time to get onto i-4. we still of construction on the turnpike southbound right by osceola parkway. left lane blocked, not a huge impact.
5:41 am
s looking good here westbound in a knot of downtown orlando with ease, no delays john young to colonial. jason: a local millionaire and accused killer could soon be getting out of jail. jason: the son of a music legend
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michelle: welcome back, it is 5:40 four on thursday morning. a live look towards maitland. we will get a check of the traffic with ted noah in a few minutes. you will feel it is a bit warm out there. a little bit muggy as well. we will check in with dave coming up in a few minutes. jason: a local millionaire suspected of killing his wife could be getting out of prison for the first time in years. michelle: bob ward will be retried for that murder. in the meantime, he wants his freedom. brett connolly has the court hearing. brett: a big day in court for bob ward.
5:45 am
overturned his conviction, he believes that entitles him to a new bond while he awaits a new trial. ward won an appeal for ineffective counsel during his 2011 murder trial in which he was convicted of second-degree murder. one legal analyst telling us hitting a new trial is very rare and that ward stands a good chance of getting a pretrial release. >> it starting all over, the process is starting all over. like when you' re arrested on a charge. innocent until proven guilty. brett: after getting charge and thousand nine for killing his wife, ward was able to get on bond until his conviction two years later. that reliable track record of showing up at every hearing that legal analyst telling us could help this time around. his defense argues he has spent the last five years and florida state prison based on an invalid conviction. his bond motion is set for later today.
5:46 am
investigators are trying to track and a burglar who stole two dogs. police say the victim left her sanford has to go with a handyman last wednesday. english bulldogs, beauty and cara, had been taken. they' re trying to determine if theft. call crime line. michelle: we are looking into why a marion county church charity. dunnellon police say the 69-year-old confessed to transferring funds from the first united methodist church into her personal account. the money was supposed to be used by the michelle o graham charity. >> the whole community becomes a victim because you are affecting the ladies who need this money to have their exams and the
5:47 am
michelle:gane is charged with grand theft and forgery. >> the status of what you described earlier, which is a total fallacy. there is such thing. jason: the son of a music legend, frank sinatra jr. passes away in central florida. he became sick yesterday afternoon at his hotel in daytona beach. michelle: sinatra jr. was rushed to the hospital and officials say he died there. he was traveling with his ' sinatra sings sinatra tour' and was rehearsing in daytona beach for several days. he was set to perform at the peabody auditorium last night. he had followed his father into the music business at a young age. frank sinatra jr. was 72-years-old. jason: 5:47, let' s turn our attention to what is going to be another warm day in central florida. i think we' re getting used to the heat. dave: no more winter, no spring, going right into summer. happy st. patrick' s day to you. you all can wear green, i can' t. i would' ve.
5:48 am
michelle: i didn' t even know it was a thing. sticky again. it is one of those mornings where you say it is a little humid. if i go for a run will i be ok? you will be drenched. in the wintertime we start on a 60' s and we had into the 80' s and that' s exactly what happening out there. 72 in ocala, 66 degrees in melbourne. six to nine and palm coast and really it is going to feel very summerlike not just because temperatures will be in the 80' s. but the humidity levels are up in that late june early july range. upper 60' s, some of you seeing closer to 70 degrees. that sets the stage for the opportunity for thunderstorms today. heading out to the bus stop this morning, it' s not a huge concern, short sleeves, short pants. rain is not going out on the
5:49 am
rain chances north and west, 30%. this high pressure having this pressure move in. maybe six to 8 -- it' ll slide in and maybe 68 hours. with the heat of the day, showers and storms are a possibility. mainly those northern areas. also, you heat up into the 80' s, you get a very unstable atmosphere. see brees to that end initiated few storms along the i-4 corridor. tomorrow, the front continues to sort of hang around. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. we could see some stronger storms, by the end of the week we are talking midmorning on sunday, it all gets scoured out and we have a couple cooler days in the forecast. no cool weather in your outlook today, temperatures in the middle 80' s how there. 85 in eustis, 82 in ocala.
5:50 am
not so much in our southern counties. temperatures climb to the upper 80' s. may see a record or in -- or to fall today. it is the arnold palmer invitational. possible in afternoon. rain chance chances a little bit higher for bay hill for friday and saturday. swell in the water. an offshore wind. your seven-day forecast is not so great for the next few days, but it certainly gets nice as we start talking about sunday, monday and tuesday. ted: the road was not looking too bad either. we are seeing i-4 wide-open east and west been in the main shot. this is in the heart of the downtown orlando from the church street camera. we still have some construction in certain spots like 95 in volusia county, a mile worth of
5:51 am
turnpike southbound by osceola parkway, left lane blocked. jason: lost at sea and presumed dead. michelle: the incredible survival story of a puppy that fell off a boat. it took dozens of prototypes. hundreds of crash simulations. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like
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the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for.
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jason: welcome back to sunrise. here' s a look at lake eola in the downtown orlando area where 70 is the current temperature. it feels like a summer start to the day. and it' s only going to get warmer. dave has your forecast straight ahead on sunrise. the orlando magic are looking to rebound at home after their recent loss in north carolina. michelle: they faced off against the hornets where they started off strong. the magic ended the first quarter with an eight point lead. the hornets pulled ahead after that and ended one 07-90 nine. the magic host cleveland at the amway center.
5:55 am
fans love a chance to meet some of the magic stars today. there will be the chase bank at deep lake road today. the event starts at 4:30 and runs till six clock. jason: an incredible survival story. a german shepherd is safe after vanishing at sea nearly five weeks ago. the 18-month-old dog named luna was thought to be dead after going overboard from a fishing boat near san diego. the owner without searching for her for a week but was unable to locate her. on tuesday, a navy official founder on a nearby island. >> just really mind blowing. when i got the call that this happened, i never even thought this would be a possibility. that i would ever see her coming, ever see her again. we dissected think the navy. jason: luna was a little
5:56 am
michelle: tailwagging, good sign. jason: moving onto u.s. history does -- michelle: denmark was at the top of the list for the happiest places to live. the report has switzerland, iceland, our neighbors to north in the top 10. the usa was penned at number 13. syria and eight sub-saharan countries were at the bottom of the list. jason: it has been very active on the scene of a deadly house fire in lake county. michelle: alex villareal' s live what will work now for 6:00. alex: state fire investigators will be looking into the cause of this fire today. coming up, i am live as firefighters remain on scene and
5:57 am
ted: too busy highways of roadwork. i will to you where. dave: some thought that they' re across central florida, a very warm morning with temperatures in the 60' s and 70' s. we are headed all the way up to the middle and even upper 80' s. a couple showers in the forecast as well. more rain in your outlook. michelle: we are also going to talk about the arnold palmer invitational today.
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forecast ffo announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. the future of seaworld newsroom. how firefighters try to save a person trapped inside. michelle: donald trump prediction if he doesn' t become the nominee. thanks for waking up with us. jason: forget the months. it feels like summer. let'


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